Price for Persistence


Kiyoshi (as Yoshi), Isura

Date: April 14, 2016


The hunt continues for Isura, though the task becomes muddled by unspoken truths.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Price for Persistence"

Countryside [Land of Fire]


Within the Rice Country it provides a path to the Land of Lightning, this path rather than the winding road is vast containing trees, flora fauna and even predators such as large jackals and the odd mountain lion. There is a small crisp lake set privately in the distance hidden among reeds. There are edible and poisonous fruits seen here, this area is kept away from development, the sights of huts are not noted here. The odd windmill to generate wind is however noted. Many a few people can be seen here walking the pastures discussing a topic or holding hands on a blanket. Further up the road to the north easterly border lies the border between the Rice Country and the Land of Fire.


Aside from the gust generated from any high speed movements, the winds are still and the sky cloudless on this evening in Rice Country. Through perseverance and fortune, the one known as Uchiha Isura has managed to find a trail that would hopefully lead to the rescue of a girl kidnapped on his watch. Although her father declared that he would use other means to secure her safety, the Konohagakure shinobi remained determined to see to the matter personally. The fact that a few days have passed since he has last seen her serves only to further embolden the young man.
Inevitably, Isura finds himself on the edge of a rice patty field. The full moon's radiance provides ample enough light to spy the scattered homes throughout the area. More importantly, it reveals barely the seated form of the man responsible for his target's disappearance, seated for the time being next to the door of one of the far off homes. A stealthy approach is all but impossible. Fortunately, it seems at least that the kidnapper was asleep. But where was the girl? Could she be in the house nearby? Or perhaps elsewhere? Regardless of what the answer may be, the mummified swordsman /had/ to be dealt with… one way, or another.

Isura finally had the element of surprise and he wasn't going to let it slip from his grip. He was angry and frustrated that it came to this and to makes matters worest a rouge Nobu was now on his hands as well and he personal owe him a savage beating. Isura would try to focusing his chakra as he slipped into the shadows as he slowly approached his sharingan was already flared and he was going to try and strike hard and fast.

What few shadows can be clung to out in the open required walking on what amounted to a knife's edge between soaked fields and low banks. Still, everything goes according to plan. So far, at least, but every experienced soldier knows all too well just how quickly things can go awry. Tension could only grow as it became more apparent that Yoshi still bore his weapon of choice on his person. Yet, it never shifts except to accompany the movements of his breathing as it laid sheathed against his chest.

Once close enough Isura took in a deep breath and released a powerful heatwave of pure chakra towards Yoshi. Sad part about using this technique was everyone else around is caught into is inculding the girl if she's around either way he was getting her and answers. Isura waited to see if the stealthy smooth moving attacked worked if so he would swiftly follow up if not he would simply stand infront pointing at Yoshi. No grin no words to exchange just peering out at him.

There! For just once moment, Isura would catch a glimpse of the giant's grip tightening far too much to pass for some dream enduced reaction. However, by then it is too late to stop the jutsu, which is in fact to the Uchiha's advantage. Dark brown eyes spring open as Yoshi pushes himself into position for a surprise attack, only to be forced closed by the wave of heat.
As Yoshi struggled to reorient himself after the attack, the faintest sound of people struggling to breathe from inside can just be heard coming from inside the nearby house.

Isura dashed forward and waved through twelve seals before stopping short of Yoshi, Isura pulled back and released a powerful flamethrower like attack that would have great devestaged the landscape if he didn't practice control. Isura eyea cold abd focus as he bust through the now burning building even if Yoshi took the attack or not he would be scanning for the girl. "Where is she?" Is all that is said as he swelled up with more chakra.

Through narrowed eyes, Yoshi caught a glimpse of the approaching shinobi and raised his arm as if to ward off an attack. But no basic defense of the sort could withstand the torrent of flames unleashed in a matter of seconds. Bandages and flesh is seared beneath the blaze. Yet, there are no outcries of pain that can be heard over the blaze.
A nuance that may go unnoticed as Isura bursts through the building, spreading the burning wreckage through an all too easily consumable home. It is towards the back end of the home he would see the girl huddle together with a middle aged man in a bed to the far back corner of the small home. Shock and fear are present in both of their visage. Unfortunately for Isura, any further questions or thought of taking away the girl would have to be put on hold trying to evade an enflamed hand grabbing him from behind, then tossing him bodily down one of the few paths arranged about the rice field.

Isura sighed as he looked at her and smiled softly "I'm here to rescue you," Isura words cut short as he is grabbed and flung from the house at break neck speed as he is slammed through the burning wall his body wod roll across the ground it seems the clone technique failed as he makes it back unto his feet and flashes towards the house gasping for air as he closed the distance. "This guy going to be a pain in my tag the best option would be to avoid a fight and make a clean escape with the girl.

While still wreathed in flame Yoshi glares at the Uchiha with teeth gritted behind close lips. Not a single word passes through those charred bits of flesh before the man turns back to step into the building, peeling off most of what remains of his top and bandages using a free hand. The other held a still sheathed o-katana. Between the weapons, the fire light, and the sheer size of the man, it is no wonder the sound of a little girl letting out a frightful shriek can be heard briefly.
"Out." A curt word swiftly followed by another crash towards the back of the building. If Isura is quick enough, he would see the middle aged man from before — a farmer by what few indicators there are — holding the passed out girl in his arms, and trying to escape out a newly created hole. Meanwhile, Yoshi tried to usher him on.

Isura eyes burned a bright red colour as he focused it on the targets trying to make an escape using all his speed he managed to get between the man running with the girl and Yoshi. A brief thought is ran trying to figure out if the farmer can be trusted or not…based on the situation he is the lesser of the two evils. A heavy sigh escapes his lips as he attack with a dual knuckle strike one to the neck and the other dead center of the chest. The swift attack was meant to stun the man as he flipped back and spat out many tiny orbs of fire. "Get her out of here now!?" Isura shouted as his goak now was to keep him here as they escaped.

Now that most of the bandages have been removed, Isura would have clearer look at the swordsman. A man clearly not unused to hellish flames, for there is hardly an inch worth of flesh that hasn't been warped in the past by its touch. A brief glimmer of surprise, and then recognition registers in Yoshi's eyes at the abrupt appearance of the Uchiha. While 'crude' to some minute degree, he recognized the subtleties behind it being similar to his own. Movement the man spent years honing, only to have it copied and replicated in a matter of days.

There is a briefly guilty look in the farmer's eyes that becomes quickly smothered after a quick glance at the girl in his arms. Without further hesitation, he takes off, leaving Isura to deal with resentful eyes. Seething anger fueled the block block from the sheathe, and every swing of it that followed meant to displace the orbs of fire.
Without missing a beat, Yoshi rushes after Isura and hopefully out of the building, striking the solar plexus hard with the sheathe in one hand, then following up with a heavy handed cut across the torso.

Isura swiftly dodged the charge and when the cross slash came he twisted around and counter with a well timed twisting palm to the expose shoulder. Isura quickly followed up with another wave of blinding hot swift strikes to locked him in place he swiftly followed it up with another huge fireball this time more controlled unlike the last inferno that swept over the place. "Boy you're one ugly son of a fee you know that," Isura squared off as he ready himself to defend.

Sluggish. Sloppy. Disgraceful.
Every word echoed in his mind as the Uchiha turned his offense either against him, or nimbly evaded them outright. The only saving grace Yoshi could rely on were honed reflexes. In a proverbial blink of an eye, the scarred giant through his remaining momentum into a high speed sash around his opponent, escaping the counter. Everything else afterwards is again warded by sheathe, or displaced by gusts and vacuums created by powerful strokes with the blade. As for the insult, Yoshi does not rise to the bait. A more… analytical look took root instead, studying both the past and present engagement. Even once satisfied on a plan of attack, the look never truly fades. Rather, it takes a back seat as the giant prodded for openings with slashes of his sword with a sweeping blow with the sheathe. All of it done with a visage bordering on eerie calm.

Isura dodged the first narrowly and although his eyes tracked it his body couldn't keep up as he was sliced open across the chest flipping back he landed softly onto the ground below and wrapped his chest swiftly before panting and peering at the big man. "What's the matter have a face even your mother wouldn't love eh?" Isura taunted but its clear to him a long draw out battle wouldn't be in his favor as he motion to leave and find the girl and return her home for the most part phase one was going smoothly.

"… Tell me, Uchiha-san. Are you a blind fool, or a wretched one?" Yoshi spoke harshly, sweeping his weapon off to the side to displace the blood on it. There is but only a brief pause in which Isura is given the chance to answer openly before the giant pressed on. "Either way, I will suffer you no more should you choose — " He rushes in, blade held in one hand, yet brought down once in range with enough force to sunder a boulder. " — to stay this course!"

Isura touched his hand to his chin as he did this the giant attack hit its marker or so it seemed as Isura jacket is left behind as he posted up behind the huge man. "Naw can't say I am…however you must be if you believe that you'll be taking her again." Isura bounced back a couple of steps as he resumed a fighting stance and this time he would try and vanish into the trees and woodlines by now the farmer should be a nice distance away.

Yoshi sighs heavily as he withdrew the blade, then turned his sights upon Isura's new location. Hints of irritation were now reflected in his gaze. But he does not give into it. Not yet. "The former then, for only — " The rest dies in his throat as the Uchiha tried to disappear into the trees. With a guttural growl, Yoshi takes off after the Uchiha, and tracks him down with surprising ease.
As much as he wished to keep up the facade, the scarred man did not have the luxury or ability to deforest an entire area. Isura would see the giant's shadow overtake his own as one powerful leap carried Yoshi within arms length. Again, the mercernary would try to stun the Uchiha by grabbing whatever parts were close, then throwing him heavily into earth.

Isura thought he was safe, escaped and hidden. However, he was wrong. The giant man loomed over head in the tree, and it is there Isura were struck down as he placed his huge hands on the real one. Isura winced in pain as he was tossed about and slammed into a nearby tree. Isura was in serious pain as he laid there and for the moment a counter strike just couldn't happen for now he waited and thought it out so far the girl was safe but he wasn't out of the wood works yet.

Despite knowing what he had to do — /should/ do, Yoshi found himself almost hesitating for an instance. The Uchiha had been earnest, if albeit grating about his efforts to "rescue" the girl, so corruption had little to do with the young man's motivation. Nevertheless, the scarred man found the will to draw close to the target, and cleave deeply into bone and flesh.. Even if he failed to severe a limb completely, pursuit would be far less his concern afterwards. Not when his shinobi career might be finished without seeking the aid of a medical shinobi…

"I had warned you, Uchiha-san… Hate me, if you wish, but know that your own blindness is to blame." He states calmly, then turned away as if to move on. "If you survive this night, and pursue us again, know no tender mercy at my hands the next time." And with that, Yoshi would take off into the darkness, walking first then… simply vanishing almost into the darkness.

Once again defeat is what he tasted by the hands of Yoshi. The huge man cut him deeply from the right eye all the way down the dead center of his chest even down his left leg. Seeing that giving chase wasn't his option, he would try first aid. He pulled out bandages to cover his eye, and then he would try to stop the bleeding elsewhere as well. It seems his limited power has reached the peak as he laid in pool of his own blood. Further frustration raged with as well as hate. He was so close and yet so far away. Why? Is thought as the clouds rolled in and poured down rain upon him he cursed his weakness yet again as he just laid there utterly defeated and once more unable to stop anyone or anything.

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