Iori, Kurohana

Date: December 13, 2010


Kurohana tests Iori and finds favor.


Mist Lake [Kirigakure]


A large crystal clear lake with a small yellow sanded island set in the middle. The lake is surrounded with large trees and lush green bushes. There are berry bushes, some poisonous and some not. The grass surrounding the lake displays patches of long and short grass with the odd stone set allowing for great seating. Villagers and ninja tend to wander towards this area for relaxation or training. Filled with an abundance of fish, here also tends to be a great spot for those interested in the fine sport of fishing.


Standing alone in the center of the great beautiful lake was Iori. Deep in meditation Iori was probing his own mind for to improve his abilities. A lighter mist was around the lake today, yet the sunshine still found itself rejected. Still the water had a shine to it as if it's own beauty provided an inner radiance. Iori let out to slow breaths before he would awaken from his meditation. Stepping off the lake and onto land he would take out a kunai and aimed it towards his palm. A bit of tension could be seen in his face.

"Well, that's a little drastic, isn't it?" Kurohana's navy and black clad shape wanders out from the line of trees. It's difficult to tell if she had been there for a while or if she was only just arriving.
Feet crunch softly through the thin icy-slush surface as she makes her way toward Iori. Distance is kept, the woman being fearful that he might start spurting blood at any given moment. "I suppose you aren't planning on killing yourself though.. You might aim higher if you were. Well, get on with it, Hesitance." The kunoichi studies him from the corner of her eye while smugly crossing her arms over her chest.

Iori looks up from his wrist in response to the voice heard from the tree line. His eye squints a bit at the girl before he would turn his head back to his wrist. He pressed the kunai against his skin, for the moment he looked as if he felt nothing. Pressing a little harder the kunai ventured deeper penetrating his skin and drawing blood. At first Iori didn't reacted, however as moments passed he winced and dropped the kunai. A displeased look appeared on his face rather than one in pain. Iori would pick up the kunai after a he stopped the bleeding and turned his eye towards the woman as if he was demanding an explanation as to why she was here.

Kurohana smirks faintly as he pierces his wrist and drops the kunai. "Not what you expected, is it? I imagine with that sort of weapon you might have cut a tendon. It depends on how deep the blade has gone.." There's a faint cling and her arm stretches, extending a standard needle out toward him. "At least with this.. you won't make yourself a gimp, useless ninja." Kurohana turns to look at him, "Perhaps." The last word is followed with a devilish grin.

"You abuse the privilege to speak in my presence," Iori comments. He would put the kunai away keeping his eye on the woman as he studied her features. "That little toy isn't sufficient for what I was planning," Iori refers to the needle extended to him. Iori would step back onto the lake "If you are going to be here, at least be quiet, I doubt you could help the situation," She was a bit of a distraction, and not only because of her criticism, the woman had beautiful features. Her pale yet healthy skin and the confidence in her soft voice did catch Iori's attention. He would try to ignore it though and return to his training.

She puts her weapon away. "Abuse.." She laughs softly, melodically. Kurohana's eyes return to the half-frozen lake, watching the patches of ice sloshing atop it and crinkling against the shore. She studies his feet briefly, watching as the water moves beneath them, hardly affected by his chakra-as should be the case with any properly trained ninja. She says nothing more for know, waiting to see what he will do.

Iori winced as she laughed "Is something funny to you?" he peeked back at her his voice was soft yet a little shaky as if he was bothered slightly. "If you're expecting something flashy or visually dazzling, you are going to be greatly disappointed," he returns to his training but something dwelled on his mind, it disrupted his concentration. Finally giving in Iori spoke "What do they call you miss?" Iori demands. He would like to put a name with the face.

She stands there still when he looks back, as unmoving as ever, her green eyes piercing his back like a senbon to the skin. "I expect nothing."
The word nothing loom ominously in the air for seconds that should have been ages before she speaks again to weaken the edge, "I am called many things. What shall be your name for me?" Wicked. And annoying, she can be. A finger taps her shoulder in wait.

Iori would let the word linger before he would smile slightly "Tone," he said as if he was advising "Well if I were to call you something, it would be Devilish or Plaguing," Iori turned to face her now "But my name for you shall be Iori, Lord Iori would work also" he admits. He looked at her finger tapping it would annoy him to a degree. "Well…out with it. Why are you here? Taking in the scenery?"

Lord? Oh he's arrogant and her mind swells with ways to taunt and tease him, just because she naturally malicious. "Iori-kun. Alright." Her hips shift, allowing her small frame to tilt to one side, her arms still resting as they were.
Kurohana challenges his question, "Should I have a reason to be anywhere? And what importance would my reason have to you other than to further distract your suicide attempts? You know you should really cut deeper if you want that to work."

Witchy woman this Kurohaha, her teasing did nothing but amuse Iori. "Suicide? Haha surely if someone like me can't find reason to live, what hopes do the rest of you have?" Iori looks away slightly to avoid looking directly at her frame in particular. "But I suppose I should enlighten you, I am forging a certain type of genjutsu technique. Have I lost you yet?" Iori smirked. It had been a while since he had had this kind of fun. "Oh and you still haven't given me a name, so I assume Devilish suit your fancy then?"

"It suits me just fine if that's how you would like to portray me… And equally how you would like for me to behave in regards to you." Kurohana unfolds her arms, her frame loosening.
She reaches up to tug her hood back, letting the chuunin see the brightness of her green eyes as she gazes toward him. "I will assume that this is a way to break a genjutsu from the stabbing… But perhaps you are practicing on yourself.." She giggles softly, "If it is an offensive technique I'm sure a living target would be more suiting, don't you think?"

"I call them as I see them," Iori answers in regards to her statement about her title. A bit stunned as she pulled back her hood, Iori would be silent for a few moments just barely hearing what she had said. "It's a genjutsu I place on myself. I use it to push the body past its limits and more," Iori explained briefly "So any target other than myself…dead or alive, would be utterly useless," he said as he folded is arms. "What you saw was me testing it…"

"Interesting." Her eyes narrow slightly at his description of the technique. "Are you an adept genjutsuist or is it merely a side-hobby?" For someone so unwilling to answer questions, she sure asks a lot.
"Of course, any proper ninja will have some decent skill in it and from the look of the way you carry yourself, I imagine you are no student or genin." She drew that mostly from the water walking ability. Most novices cannot master such a skill.

"Depends on what you call adept. If I were to rank my genjutsu abilites I would say 'Master of the Senses' certainly no side-hobby," His ego had no bounds. Iori would nod as she assumed correctly "Correct, I made chuunin at a surprisingly young age," Iori moves his hand to his hip and gestures to the woman "Well, I think I've said enough for now. Your turn, lets start with your proper name,"

Indeed. What an ego. "Ito." She gives him a name though it's hardly proper. With half the town calling her Ito and the other Kurohana, it's like some sick prank that she's just waiting to see played out. Most will probably express some disinterest or digust once two and two are put together. All for her amusement.
"Jounin of Kirigakure. That's the title they gave me anyway." Her lips curl into a light smile. She doesn't seem to be arrogant about it, just quite matter-of-factly.

"Ito? Sounds like a nickname, it'll do I suppose," Iori would raise an eyebrow to her as she gave her title. "A Jounin? You must be more competent than I thought," Iori mention "Keep going, I would like to know more about Ito: Jounin of Kirigakure," Iori smirked as he seems to have forgotten about his training for the moment.

The woman's arms lift to cross back over her chest in what could be considered defiance. She'll just let him absorb the motion however he wishes though. "There is not much to know. I teach and fight and train. What else should a jounin be capable of? Perhaps you should ask more specific questions." A finger taps on her arm as though she is impatiently expecting him to intrigue her somehow. "Keep in mind that we aren't to be open books. If you let an enemy know everything you have before a fight and hold nothing back, how will you defend yourself, hmm?" A good point, in her eyes.

Iori smiles "Indeed, well it seems you are a Jounin, and not dim either," Iori sighs and steps forward. "But your defiance, It can't go un answered for," Iori stepped forward. He crossed his arms mimicking her a bit. "Teach, fight and train right? Good I suppose you won't mind providing me with a lesson then?" Iori asked. He began to tap his shoulder with his finger waiting for her to respond. "I should be able to learn enough from you during this exercise,"

Kurohana keeps her pose despite his mocking, her finger stopping its tapping to calmly come to rest against her clothing. "Oh? Perhaps you will learn what I wish for you to know."
She finally lowers her arms, letting her hands come to rest upon her hips. "And I answer not to you, Iori-kun. What do you wish to learn? I'd hate to reiterate something you already /know/." She extends the last word with a mocking tone, picking at his arrogance.

"What I don't know? Oh now that is a tough one," Iori responds trying to play along with Ito's teasing. He placed his hand on his chin and stroked it gently. "What I don't know….hm how about what you know? Afterall we just met, so your abilities should be new to me," Iori smirks as he lowers his hand from his chin "Well how about it Ito-san?"

As she listens to the chuunin, Kurohana takes a deep breath, feeling her body tingle as she quietly focuses her chakra. Better to be prepared than to find oneself in a compromising position, regardless of the opponent. "Alright, then I suppose we shall start with a mild test of your abilities. How does that sound? Or should I put it… We should start with a test of mine…" The kunoichi giggles softly, waiting to see if he might inflict the first move or demonstration.

Iori nods "Sounds good, very well come at me then," Iori took out a kunai and held it with the blade pointing downward. He then began concentrating his chakra just as Ito did to avoid being caught off guard. He didn't have to focus as much so he was able to return to a defensive stance and await Ito's first move. Judging from her attire, Iori wasn't expecting her to be a Taijutsuist, as her clothing would slow her down or at least provide some resistance. That left genjutsu and ninjutsu, a jounin is trained well in all three however, so Iori didn't underestimate her.

She decides to start things out slow for now. Get his blood pumping and see how well he moves. Besides, a moving target is far better than a still, lifeless one.
The jounin lightly flicks her wrist, a senbon coming free and being directed toward his shoulder in one fluid movement.
While watching his movement and gauging his ability to defend, move, block.. whatever he will do, Kurohana performs a hand seal. Trickles of water from the lake break free of the ice and begin to rush along the ground, moving past him to gather in a small stream around her feet.

"So she is starting off slow and steady, no doubt evaluating my skills. " Iori reacts quickly and cancels out her senbon with shuriken launched at an equal velocity and arc. "That was neat, I didn't even see you motion for them, just a flick is all it takes?" Iori was impressed and made note of this. He then responded with his own volley, not as impressive at Ito's Iori would launch shuriken with a vicious curve aimed at her waist, it was there he would also see how her body moves in response to attacks. His kunai was still in hand.

The kunoichi's body spins out of the way, the shuriken ripping lightly into the tattered edges of her cloak. A couple more rips won't hurt anything. Once she faces Iori again, the water about the kunoichi's feet lurches upward, rushing toward the chuunin in ribbon-like bands. They aim to grab and twist, the force of the water alone enough to bruise skin or tear muscles itself should it hit in the right spot. Kurohana falls still again, a hand resting on her pack as she watches his movements.

The twisting thin strands of water were difficult to anticipate and thus Iori felt thier burn against his skin. Jerking out of the last few he slid back and performed a series of handseals "Fuuton!" He started only to give an convincing act as nothing occured. However Iori had began to set up a link just as he performed a fake jutsu. To keep Ito from noticing the link, a series of kuani came at her aimed at vital spots.

Kurohana smiles as her jutsu hit, having slightly wished it hadn't. It's hard to really grasp a person's abilities when they're being hit with things. That just confirms a measure of failure. "Surely, you can do better than that…" The woman urges him, wanting to see his best, even if he manages to prove being stronger than her. Rank is only a title after all, not a true measure of ability.
The link is either not noticed or welcomed. Either way, Kurohana offers no resistance to it. The kunai are dodged coolly though, her body stepping out of their path as he attacks her again.
Then she simply smiles, her green eyes focused on him, waiting…

Iori smirks "Oh I can, just wait," Iori takes that kunai in hand from earlier and tossed it at Ito, however that kunai soon became many and appeared to be infinite in number. The swarmed on Ito and Iori would watch to see how she'd fair against the illusion. He stepped back afterwards and began using more hand signs to start his second jutsu. "I'm just getting started," he said not that she could hear it anyway.

Kurohana is quite still in the face of the kunai coming for her. Her head tips slightly down as she gazes at them, her only defense being to see past the illusion. She successfully breaks the genjutsu, but that only accounts for half of the attack. The weapon slices across her arm, causing blood to drip off her skin, soaking through her clothing and splattering upon the ground.
"Better." The kunoichi lifts a hand upward, looking as if she's about to perform a hand seal. Instead, she simply flicks a black rose petal. Or it looks like she does at the very least. The petal changes shape, morphing from a flower part to a flower itself, to a bird, to a tattered scroll. Then finally a black cloaked figure with a very long sword that seems quite intent on stabbing his gut.

Iori winces as it seems she has experience with genjutsu indeed. Iori winces as she has damaged his link, but only enough to dispel the first illusion of the kunai. Iori's eye catches a petal falling and is mezmerized. Iori would look away from it and back at Ito, but soon after he did he felt a stabbing pain in his gut. Iori winced as he stepped back "A genjutsu?" steps back and finishes his hand signs from earlier. With that Iori established another genjutsu illusion, a specialty of his clan. It made him cringe, having to use this jutsu reminded him of his hateful father and the rest of the idiotic clan elders. His eye burned with anger, but only briefly.

Kurohana watches Iori as he performs his technique, her will strong yet her mind still susceptible. The jounin watches the "clones" briefly before a grin plays upon her lips. "So this is how it will be.. You're going to hide?"
The kunoichi's body seems to flicker from view, like a malfunctioning film reel. She finally pops out of existence and can be neither seen, heard, felt, or smelt.. Not even the scent of her blood lingers in the air anymore. She attempts to use his link against him and entirely mask her presence by afflicting his senses.

"What the hell?" Iori says as Kurohaha disappears. Iori realizes the situation now, she was a very skilled genjutsuist too. With both of them hidden, this fight would be going no where. Iori had been bested at his own specialty, this angered him but also gave him a bit of insight as to what he needs to improve on next. Still he didn't want to admit his being bested here, he had to defend his pride. He waited for Ito to make a move, surely she had something planned.

"Kai!" comes the resounding voice. She knew this would get them no where so it's best to end it now. Just as the genjutsu link is dropped, their sheathed bodies would instantly be revealed.
Kurohana can be seen with her hand lifted beside her head, gathering water into what looks to be a lance. Spotting Iori, the jounin practically throws the water lance at him, aiming to hit his chest. Should it hit, the pressure of the racing water alone could very well have the ability to break a bone or two.

With minimal movement Iori would lean away from the lance. "Genjutsu Kai…" Iori growled as his illusion was gone. The only comfort in this is that Ito's was gone too. Iori took out another Kunai and pointed it at her, his purple iris would shine a bit reflecting the light from the lake. "You…." Iori said angrily "I see what I will have to do for you…" Iori commented, he focused a bit more chakra before he would make a move.

Kurohana stands upright as she watches the chuunin, her hand gently shaking the water off it. Hearing his angry outrage, she smiles. "Oh, really?" The woman snaps a finger as if she's disappointed, using the sudden cracking sound to distract his mind and allow her to attempt forming a new link. "Well, bring it on then. I haven't shown you everything I've got just yet. I hope you're getting all the answers you needed, Iori-kun."

Iori cringes "Hmph, more than you know," He says too angry to notice the link she set up. Iori circled half way before throwing the kunai at her hidden in his first motion he tossed a second kunai at Ito, he banked the kunai against each other to have them hit in different spots. As they did Iori would try to set up a link of his own. Once he tried he realized that a link was already established. "When did she? Damn it," Iori cursed as he moved to get into position.

His kunai flip through a flickering image of the woman. It doesn't seem to hit her or cause any pain. The weapons simply clink to the ground. When did she move and where did she go?
The kunochi's body reappears a few feet away, her hood tugged over her head to hide her pretty green eyes.
When he sees her is when he might start to feel the sensation of vines creeping and crawling their way up his legs. Could he do nothing to stop the illusion, he would quickly feel trapped, all limbs tangled in the dying plant.

Iori would peer at Ito, the attacks appeared to his but she was unaffected. "SO she has already started it, where is the next attack coming from?" Iori watches for anything abnormal, he has noticed that her attacks seemed flower based, so he check for anything fitting the them. Iori feels something on his legs and looks down. Failing to break out through force of will Iori is paralyzed. Grunting he glares at Ito he breaks into a smile "What? Is that all?" Iori taunts as he smirks.

"It is enough. Your defenses are lacking. There are many shinobi more powerful than I. Should I be them, I could kill you so easily right now." The kunoichi walks slowly toward him, taking a senbon from her bracer and gently pressing it to his chest, right against his heart. "Is this what you would accept as your glorious death?"
Kurohana moves the senbon and stabs it quickly into his armpit. The amount of physical damage would be minimal, but the pain excruciating. It's not everyday a person gets stabbed in the underarm..
"If this is all you are, it is pathetic…" She immediately afflicts the chuunin with another genjutsu, letting it spread from the senbon wound. The scent of death and decay would erupt from his flesh should he not resist the illusion. His skin would crinkle and fall, pus-ridden and soaked in dead, black blood, plopping to the ground and making sickening noises as muscle detaches from bone.

Ito's words cut deep and only angered Iori but he was too ashamed to speak. Iori just responded with a glare at her. "Fine, you win…" Iori said as he fell back to the ground he winces as the pain set in, it was almost to much and broke Iori into a cold sweat. he panted heavily and was almost too weak to attack again, but he did a bit of a sneak attack even though he had appeared to have given up. Chain would sprout forth and dig into the skin of her inflicting pain also making it harder to break the illusion.

She senses the attack upon her mind and she watches it play through, but there is no pain and it simply fades, leaving just the two of them standing there with no jutsu between them. "Who is your sensei?" Her voice is cold and icy. She means business. Kurohana isn't typically a 'sweet' person.
"I do not find your training to be adequate for a chuunin, which I assume you are, and will seek to investigate the matter." And maybe even perhaps there is more to it than that, but she will not say to much for now. Even the Mizukage has a right to deny her intentions.

Iori squints at her as she asked for his sensei's name "Don't worry about my sensei, he's gone, I teach myself everything now," Iori said with pride. He stood up, the thought of defeat was fresh on his mind, he was incredibly displeased with himself, he wasn't good enough to pass for an average Chuunin apparently. "I need more training," He murmurs to himself "That was utterly pathetic, you've proven your point…no just go," Iori said as he turned his back, pulling the senbon out of his armpit. His expression was more depressed yet he was struggling to remain prideful "Next time I wont be defeated, just you wait,"

Kurohana can't help but smile as she watches his disdainful reaction. Yet her grin is more of understanding than smug arrogance. Life hasn't completely hardened her heart. "Iori-kun.." Kurohana speaks softly and reaches forward to gently press a hand to his back. "Go rest. The fight has worn us both out. I will help you find your direction." Whether he needs it or not. She wouldn't be there to hear rebuttal or argument. No, her hand is already gone before the last word leaves her lips and soon after, so is she.

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