Princess of Light


Tsukino (emitter), Michiko, Arashi, Reza, Kyuketsuki, Toshio, Suzu, Zori, Hiei, Shuuren (as Riku)

Date: January 12, 2016


Teams from Konoha and Kumo are sent out to the Land of Whirlpools and Land of Hot Water to find Uzumaki Tsukino.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Princess of Light"

Land of Hot Water

Michiko is on a ship. The girl had heard from Uzushiogakure that Tsukino-hime had disappeared without them knowing what happened. Last time Michiko saw Daisuke's fiance, the Uzumaki was … in less than stellar condition. Arashi and Reza were brought along for their knowledge of boats, and they'd be traveling to the Land of Hot Water/Land of Hot Springs. "Remember, this isn't a pleasure trip," she would tell her teammates. "This is a search and possibly rescue mission should Uzumaki Tsukino be in danger. One toe out of line and you'll both be sent back to Kumogakure in boxes. Understand?"
On the other side of things, Konoha was apparently worried. Kyuketsuki was selected to try and track down Tsukino. She may not be the Hokage's girlfriend anymore, but she did need to be found. Uzushiogakure was the Land of Fire's ally! He was in charge of Toshio for this mission, and the duo would be sent to the Land of Hot Water as well since the Land of Whirlpools was thoroughly searched with no trace of the princess.

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COMBAT: Arashi focuses 5625 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!
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Arashi sat on the boat letting the older Hizumu take the helm. He had more experience then he did at least. "No worries Michiko. I understand the difference between buisness and pleasure." He looked at her with a raised eyebrow as if asking her if she did. "Anyways. You are the leader here. I won't step out of line any." He looked over to Reza. "We nearing the place yet?"

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Helm in hand, Reza guides the ship through the waters. "Won't be much longer at all." Reza would start whistling a short tune before pondering for a moment. "Okay, I think i got the jist of things. Princess is missing. But I'm a bit lost on the full story. Anyone care to give me the abridged story." He'd call out as he kept the boat steady.

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Kyuketsuki was put in charge of his first official Chuunin assignment. He had already briefed Toshio and got permission to use two horses as it seems a bit time sensitive. They were already on their way. Kyu's cloak whips in the wind as the horse trots along quickly, he seems pretty focused on the road ahead. Worried a bit. 'This was is my first official Chuunin assignment and it's a search and rescue?..'

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"So we are rescuing someone? I hope we are rescuing a princess cause I would love to earn the gratitude of a princess or female royalty type." Toshio says on his horse as he looks about. "So Kyuketsuki-san, your first mission and it is a rescue mission. What do you think? Going to succeed your first mission?" He asks, unaware that he may be making the man nervous.

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Michiko would nod to Reza, and they would disembark once they hit the shore. "Spread out," she would order the two Hizumu. "Look for signs that Tsukino-san was here. You should all know what she looks like since you were given her description back in the Land of Whirlpools." Michiko would then start moving along on a path towards the woods after sending her senses through the earth. She couldn't sense anything, but she was able to map the area within her range. Then she'd notice a few strands of long red hair that may be from Tsukino. "Reza-san, Arashi-san!" she calls out, trying to get them back from their own search. "I think I found something." She would show them the red hair and all three of them would get to try and start looking in the woods since that's where the hair was found!
Kyu would notice ahead of him that there was a strange glowing sphere of chakra! It looks quite strange compared to the natural landscape… Was this what he was looking for?

RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a REVEALING-MIST…35

Arashi stepped off and began looking around. Of course that was until Michiko called him over. He moved on over rather quickly to check what was up and upon seeing the hair nodded understandingly. "Alright time to look around in the woods I suppose." He sighed a bit and walked off through the trees with his mist moving with him. Though he figured it might make it harder for others to see he knew Michiko wouldn't have trouble. FOr that reason he figured it could still be used. "Anything else we should look for? Besides just her?"

RPCOMBAT: Reza defends against with a DETECTION-SEAL…34

Stepping forth. Reza would periodically fling a kunai into various trees each with tags tied to their ends. Should these kunai detect a decent amount of motion they'd ignite in a relatively bright light. Having fallen prey to the hidden mist technique before Reza's eyes adjusted to Arashi's mist decently. "Probably any personal items of hers or things that could belong to her. That would also point us in a better direction." Reza would say shrugging.

Kyuketsuki listened to Toshio. He purposely distanced himself to not let himself be bothered by Toshio's words. "I hope it is successful. We should start keeping a close eye out." Kyu's eyes turn red, and two tomoe fade in. He looks around carefully, trying to spot something, anything, to hint at Tsukino's whereabouts. When he spots the chakra, he spurs his horse and calls out to Toshio. "I see chakra ahead."

Toshio nods as his eyes go red as well, single tomoe appearing as he looks about. "I dont see anything." He says and when he says he see's something he nods. "Lead the way then and I will back you up." He offers to Kyuketsuki.

Michiko and Arashi had indeed found bits of easily identifiable hair that had caught on bits of underbrush apparently as the princess had rushed by. And it all led into the woods. One of Reza's kunai would tink-tink and drop to the ground, having bounced off a surface rather than embedded in a tree or ground. About the same time Kyuketsuki would have spotted that weird sphere.
As the party members entered the area it became clear that it wasn't a true clearing in the woods. Rather a good diameter of trees had been obliterated by a chakra shield as it spread out and around.
Now it sat there like a child's overgrown ball. But inside was a heartbeat. It was faint but Michiko's senses would pick up a heartbeat. It was slow, definitely not alarmed or aware. The closer one got to the sphere the easier it was to see that though the seals providing it were different than the average, it was a seal wall simply shaped into a sphere. Granted it was a good inch thicker than the average shield… Anyone with experience with Uzumaki might recognise the look of it. Those who have seen Tsukino use it would know it easier still.
When everyone was up close to the ball they found tht they could see inside… and as soon as one would lean at it or touch it, there was a sudden tink from inside as a …weighted chain? tried to punch through the barrier from the inside. Further inspection would make it known that inside the ball was multiple glowing golden chains made entirely of chakra. It was like the chains were trying to attack them and the barrier stopped the chains from reching them. At the very center hung Tsukino. The Uzumaki Princess' har was roughed up but still long, surrounding her in an odd way thanks to the chakra around her. She looked to have her eyes closed, her knees pulled up to her chest, arms wrapped around her legs.. The chains came straight from her body.
Michiko had seen this ability before but it was rare enough in the Uzumaki lines that the majority of those present would not know hwat it was or perhaps if they were learned they might have heard of the chakra chains.

Michiko shakes her head a bit to Arashi. All she knew was that she needed to find Tsukino. The girl wasn't sure about the circumstances of her disappearance. "Just keep searching," is all she would tell Arashi before she paused. She thought she picked up something faint. Very faint. Like 'person maybe possibly touching the ground but the medium is hard to read through' faint. "Let's try this way," she suggests, especially after hearing Reza's kunai seem to clatter against something. She'd press her team deeper into the woods, and eventually (hopefully) they would all stumble across the golden chains that Tsukino's body seemed to emit.
"Well, that's not something I see everyday," Michiko comments dryly, the Iwata moving to try and step towards the out reaching chains… Might be a bad idea…

Arashi blinks a few times as they stumble across this sphere of chakra. The chains seemingly trying to attack them when they got close seemed weird to him. "Michiko. What do we do?" He looked over to her as she reached towards the chains some and he frowned unsure. "Reza…..get ready. Just in case." He looked back into the sphere and paused a moment. "Hey… Michiko. Reza. I think that is our girl we are trying to save, and ummm… It feels like she is the one keeping us out. Maybe I could try to send a clone in there to see what happens when something gets close?" He had no real knowledge of these chains or of the seals sphere surrounding the area.

Reza smirks. "I'm always ready." He then steps forward and sees exactly what they were speaking off and what blocked his kunai. "Oh…well…that's pretty fancy." As Michiko moves closer to investigate, Reza keeps his eyes open to watch for any additional people in the area. "What is that? And is it what we're here for?" He'd say scanning the tree line.

Kyuketsuki stared at the chakra sphere, the chains, all of it, and just didn't know in the slightest what to make of it. He also notes the cloud Ninja are here. Though, he doesn't really seem like he cares much. "Hey, kumo-nin! Do you know what's going on with this?" Kyu hops off his horse, staring up at the girl within the chakra…"What… Is this."

Toshio just looks to all of it and looks confused. "Okay…This looks weird." He says as he turns to see the kumo-nin and waves. "OY! What the bright did you guys do?!" He calls out. Stealthy ninja is not stealthy

Michiko would hmm and examine the odd barrier. It was strange, and she wasn't entirely certain that it wasn't dangerous. "Well, no," she would call back to Kyuketsuki. "We just found Tsukino-san like this," she says. The girl doesn't really like the looks of it, and she decides to try and … well… weaken whatever energy source is powering it! Maybe that would help her figure out what was going on. "Stand back," she tells Arashi and Reza. "And go talk to Kyuketsuki-san and Toshio-san," she adds, recalling the voices of both Konoha shinobi. The girl would make a few handseals, then a number of metal bindings would slip from the ground, spiked, and they would attack a singular spot on the barrier before her. This was enough pressure to weaken the barrier, apparently, but something managed to shoot out and cut a part of her upper arm. She winces and stares at the barrier to check if the weakened spot persists.

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RPCOMBAT: Michiko took 300 damage.

Arashi just blinked a few times at Michiko before nodding and walking over to where the Konoha shinobi were. Seemed both were Uchiha then? Then he looked at the one that seemed to be yelling. "Would you calm down already. We didn't do anything. I am guessing we are here for the same reason you are. Which happens to be getting her back to safety." He threw a thumb over his shoulder at the girl inside the sphere. "Now if you two would like to help with that you can do so." Considering Kyuketsuki was the one to not loudly speak out he looked at him. "This barrier seems to be a set of seals. Our leader over there is trying a way to get in." He looked over as she got cut. "Oh… Well… Trying I did say."He looked back at Kyuketsuki. "You got any ideas to help with this?"

Reza walked towards the new comers his hands visible to alleviate any suspicion. "Not quite sure what's going on. Was actually hoping you could enlighten us. But. Seems we're all pretty blind." Reza would observe Michiko's attempts at breaching the barrier. "Some sort of higher level sealing technique being my initial idea. Never encountered the likes of it before so my opinion counts for diddly at the moment."

Kyu sighs as Toshio has a loud outburst, but doesn't say anything about it. Kyu listens to the others explain the situation and nods slowly. "I… See.. I really have no clue what I'm looking at right now. I have never seen anything even remotely like this. I don't think I've encountered many sealing technique of any kind before…"

Michiko sighs. Nothing. the barrier was still up, even if it had been semi-cracked by her skill. "We'll sleep on this," she mutters with a small frown. She didn't like how Tsukino was just hanging in the air with golden chains of chakra escaping her body and maybe even defending her. "We're sending word for some assistance," Michiko tells Arashi before she would go and write to Hiei about how Uzumaki Tsukino disappeared and she, Reza, and Arashi were investigating the red head's last location. Currently, they're in the Land of Hot Water, which is between Lightning and Fire.
Michiko would wait for Hiei to arrive to the scene, analyzing the strange gold-colored chakra chains to pass the time. Toshio was sent back to Konoha to get reinforcements as well, by the looks of it. "It's a really advanced seal," Michiko notes, only now recalling that it was one of the Uzumaki's specialty seals. Which meant that she didn't have much a way to disrupt it except through shattering the shield.

Arashi just sat down silently for a moment and was reading a book. He didn't know what else he could do yet, and was only doing so until he felt tired enough to fall asleep. When he fell asleep though he would wake up not too long later and just…walk around the barrier. His eyes looking at it closely to see if there were any weaknesses, and he kept walking more around it. His eyes shifted to Tsukino in the middle and frowned a moment in thought before just sighing and walking back to the others to wait on Hiei.

Reza would have spent his time analyzing both the barrier jotting down notes. Back pressed to a tree while sitting, he would log what's worked(nothing), what hasn't worked(all of the things), and what options seem to be available at the moment for further trial and error. "I wonder would this be any easier if we were actually here to kill them. Shattering this thing would take a lot of power…but that same amount of power could kill the prize inside." He'd snicker at the conundrum. He'd continue his musings silently as he continue scribbling notes. Occasionally getting bored and doodling along the side of these notes.

One of the reinforcements that comes to the Land of Hot Water is Uchiha Suzu. She hasn't had a ton of interaction with Uzumaki Tsukino, aside from that one mission, but she is definitely concerned for her well-being. She doesn't need to know people well to care about them. Rushing up to the scene, the Genin in her recently-acquired uniform upgrade already has her Sharingan active to help her locate the others. The two tomoe in each crimson eye grant her increased sharpness of vision, 'seeing' everything her eyes pass over, even if reacting is not quite as quick. Even so, locating people by their Chakra should be fairly easy in this forest, as long as she follows the directions given before she left Konohagakure. So that she isn't travelling along, her father, Uchiha Ken, is coming too.
This is the first time that Suzu has ever been on a mission with one of her parents. It's exciting and frightening, and she wants to make him proud… But she's more concerned with the mission objective. Saving someone's life. Ken has had little to say during the trip, though what he has said has been mostly supportive. If overly enthusiastic about how cute she is jumping through the trees.
So when the two finally arrive, it is something of a welcome relief. "We're here! Reinforcements from the Hidden Leaf!" Suzu calls out quickly as she lands following a leap from a tree branch. Her father lands beside her but is a bit more cautious about just running up. He does raise a hand to wave to everyone cheerfully. But he is mentally already evaluating the situation and thinking along more serious lines.
The thundering sound of hooves striking the ground rapidly can be heard before he's actually seen. Riding into the area on top of his warhorse Snake Eyes, Hiei slips from the horse's saddle as he walks towards Tsukino. "Got your message. Hmm. It's pretty much how you described it. unfortunately, I know next to nothing about seals, so I'm not sure how much help I'm going to be." He looks around at the mixture of Kumo and Konoha shinobi before turning back to the seal itself. "Tried brute force, yet?"

Kyuketsuki didn't neccessarily want to stay overnight, but really didn't have much of a choice in the matter. He also didn't want to let Toshio go back on his own, but he also didn't want to abandon Tsukino, should something happen while he was gone. He couldn't do anything about this seal stuff. He barely understands whats going on at all. No, he doesn't know what this is. This is something he really can't do anything about. Simply watch and stare blankly. As Suzu arrives she earns a look from Kyu. And her father. He looks at Hiei as he arrives as well. He really doesn't have anything to say. Nor anything he can do, so he just stays out of everyone's way.

Zori was up on the horses saddle with Hiei, a few spaces behind Hiei giving him plenty of space apart from Hiei. Zori remains on the horse as he stares at everyone not saying anything at the moment. Zori wonders if he would be any use now especially since Hiei's not sure how much help he would be. Zori doesnt know anything about seals either. Zori looks over at Hiei staring at him.

"Perhaps we just need a surgeon's hand to break through the barrier and cause it to disperse without causing further harm to the patient," another voice rings out as a man that should be familiar to Hiei and some of the others come as a black-cloaked, masked man with green flowing hair approaches the area, Tenjin Riku. He's helped on a few rather dangerous missions and shown some rather impressive strength. Looking up at the barriers, he frowns slightly beneath his mask while he sends out a pulse of chakra to try and detect Tsukino's medical condition.

Michiko looks up as people begin to show up. "Hiei-san. Suzu-san. Zori-san…" She would frown a bit as the last name rolls off her list for people to greet, but nod to him regardless. "And Riku-san, too? Interesting. Well, I'll let you know what we've attempted thus far." She motions for Reza to come forward with his notes so that he can mention what she may have forgotten. "Thus far, we've studied the seal array and attempted to pierce it with ninjutsu. I used an A ranked skill and absorbed some of the barrier's energy, and the only thing that happened was a slight weakening, though after a bit of waiting, the spot is no longer weak."
"From what I've been able to tell, the seal array is of Uzumaki quality. I have a hunch that it is solely from Tsukino-san. If not, then someone else trapped her here. But I'm not sure if that's correct. When I attempted to pierce the barrier, those inner chains lashed out at me. I'd show you the injury, but I healed it shortly after. The chains have a sharp quality to them, by the way." Michiko would glance to Reza so he could describe any of the more… interesting attempts to break down the barrier and otherwise destroy it.

Arashi simply followed Michiko and Reza at first before the explanation happened. He first greeted his Kage for obvious reasons before waving over to Suzu. He made his way over eventually to speak to her since the last time they had spoke was in Konoha a good few weeks ago. He made sure he was quiet enough to not interuppt the others. "Hey Suzu. Guessing you don't have any knowledge on seals either huh?" He looked towards Ken as well and greeted him a bit before looking on ahead to let the others finish speaking. It was still an important mission afterall.

Reza would stand and offer a bow towards the Raikage and a simple nod to the others. "List of things that haven't worked in chronological order of attempt. Cutting, scraping, smashing, thrashing, bashing, kicking, punching, stabbing, slapping, patting, kicking AND screaming, That high level ninjutsu Michiko previously mentioned, rocks both jutsu and hand thrown, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and pleas of frustration. But I do think we're close." He'd sound off with a completely straight face before snickering, hopefully joking about a few of those. "I'm thinking brute force would work but only with proper application. As Michiko's said it weakens when attacked but restores it's strength after a short time." With that Reza would place his notepad into his backpocket before raising a hand towards the other new arrivals. "I am Reza, perhaps you've heard of me."

Suzu spots some familiar faces beyond Tsukino's once she stops panicking and takes the time to look around. "Kyuketsuki-san… Michiko-dono… And Arashi-kun~! <3" Then Hiei comes charging up on a horse, and Suzu turns towards him. Wide-eyed, she starts bowing furiously. "Raikage-sama! Good to see you again!"
Uchiha Ken flinches at Suzu's greeting to Arashi, turning his attention off of the Uzumaki Egg and onto his daughter. "Oi! What's with that greeting? You're familiar with this boy already?" Suzu's dad seems to loom up before Arashi, as he looks him over judgingly. "That's a bit too friendly of a greeting for a ninja from another Village who I haven't even met before, don't you think, Suzu-chaaaaaaan?"
But then Ken notices that, indeed, the Raikage has arrived. He pauses in his over-protective dadness to acknowledge the Raikage with a brief lowering of his head. He recognizes that Hiei is a Kage, but the Raikage is not HIS Kage. Then he spots Zori on the horse as well, and frowns slightly. "Aren't you that boy I found by the lake? I remember taking you to the hospital to be treated. Why are you with Raikaga-sama?"
That IS rather peculiar, and no one bothered to explain to Ken why a Genin of Konoha was handed off to a Kage of another Village. SUSPICIOUS. But the mission comes first. So he turns his attention on Michiko as she explains the situation. He's all done up in his Chuunin outfit, and considers th situation carefully. He isn't a Seals expert… Fire is his specialty. And it sounds like Fire's already been attempted. "If only my wife were here… Well, perhaps we can make do." Ken steps forward and says, "Does anyone here have skill with Genjutsu? I can't tell how much of what this man said was serious, but if people have tried talking to her and there hasn't been a response, it appears that she A) Can't hear us, B) Can hear us but is unable to respond, or C) Can hear us but is choosing not to respond. Is anyone here skilled with Genjutsu? Her eyes are closed, so using the Sharingan to force her to cancel her jutsu isn't viable. If she can't hear us, then using sound-based Genjutsu to convince her to lower it may not be viable either. But there are many forms of Genjutsu. And Genjutsu that can be used without the target hearing or seeing the jutsu caster certainly exists. If possible, convincing her to safely undo her jutsu on her own through suggestion would be the best we could hope for. Forcing her to do it could also work, but obtaining the knowledge of what the hand seals are to make that happen would probably require physical contact."
Ken looks around at everyone, for some sign that SOMEBODY here knows how to use one of the three major jutsu categories. He may not be very skilled in it himself, but he has plenty of experience and knowledge, as he has just shown. He turns to Riku and says, "You are attempting to monitor her vital signs, right? Perhaps you can determine if she can actually hear us or not by reading her physiological responses."
Suzu is glad her dad took his attention off of Arashi, and sidles up to him when he comes over to her. "No, sorry." she says quietly. "That's an area I haven't studied much beyond the basics in the academy. I'm starting to see how important it is to be well-rounded though. My dad is kind of amazing, isn't he? He's only been here a few moments, but he's already evaluated this much…!" She always thought her dad was just kind of a goof who was too busy fussing over their family to advance to Jounin. Which is true. But she's also seeing him in action for the first time as well.
"Michiko-dono, was it? Are you in charge here?" Yes, there's a Raikage right here now, but the one running the mission might not be him. "Can you tell me how you found her? Was she already here?"

Hiei frowns slightly. "Uzumaki seals aren't /that/ powerful. My gut tells me that something else is at play here. I have a technique I could try, but I can't guarantee that it won't hurt the girl on the inside." He glances over at Riku. "I'm not the guy for that. I'm confident I could blow it to rainbow and back, but the ramifications of that action is unknown to me. And it would be defeating the purpose if I killed her by accident. So.." He shrugs and moves to sit down. "I'm not equipped for this."

Kyu listens to everyone, still not seeing how he could be useful. When Uchiha Ken begins his speech, Kyu listens closely, and as soon as he mentions using Genjutsu to 'talk' to her, he has a look of realization, and pulls out a notebook, beginning to flip through it. He looks through the various Genjutsu notes. After he is completely done, he looks at Ken, "Hai, I can do it. I can't believe it never crossed my mind to learn a jutsu so simple." Kyu does handseals, and watches Tsukino, eyes turning red and gaining two tomoe. If the Genjutsu worked, she'd hear Kyuketsuki's voice in her head. Speaking in a soft tone. «"Tsukino-dono? Can you hear me? If you can, please, give us some sign you can. Drop this barrier so we can help you."» Kyu continues staring, watching her chakra with his Sharingan to see if it was working or not. "I've attempted the Genjutsu the best I can. I've never actually used this before so… It, might not work."

Zori watches as everyone begin to greet each other, but then Michiko had greeted him as well. Zori looks over at Michiko with a grin. "Hello Michiko.." He remains on the horse, bringing his arms over to his upper torso as he crosses them over his chest. Zori looked around and noticed Kyu was here as well. Zori didnt know Kyu was here earlier. His eyes focus on Kyu giving him a stare. "Kyu..hehe" His grin remains. But then when Reza speaks, Zori replies "Never, heard of you" as he snickers. His eyes still remain on Kyu though, that is until Suzu spoke to him. Zori turns his head over to Suzu "Found me by the lake? ..Oh yeah i remember that now. Shinobu, Kyu and Daichi did a number on me and i barely got away. So it was you who took me to the hospital that day, i probaly wouldnt be here right now if not." Zori pauses "Im with Hiei because …" Zori stops as he looks over towards Hiei.

COMBAT: Riku focuses 6763 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!
RP: Riku transforms into COMBAT-MEDIC-PILL-III-A.

Riku glances around at the others as they interact before looking directly to Hiei and Michiko. "I have some experience with seals… I've got something I can try, but I can't guarantee its results against seals of this magnitude or that the hole made will be large enough to get all of us through if it DOES work… But let's see." With that he reaches into his coat, grabbing a few things. He slips something under his mask, and a huge spike is felt in his chakra before he reaches into his coat and grabs a pair of tags. He eyes the barrier for a moment before placing them on it in spot large enough to make a fair-sized hole but smalll enough to be effective and leaping back. He gives the others a moment to move back before bringing his hands into a seal to activate the tags. The tags glow as they try to suck some of the barrier's own chakra out and explode to make a hole in it.

COMBAT: Riku attacks target 1 with CHAKRA-DRAIN-BOMB with a roll of: 49
COMBAT: Riku attacks target 1 with CHAKRA-DRAIN-BOMB with a roll of: 50
COMBAT: Tsukino defends against AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS(38) attack from Kyuketsuki with a SELF-INFLICT…29
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RPCOMBAT: Tsukino defends against with a UZUMAKI-SEAL-WALL…38
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RPCOMBAT: Tsukino defends against with a UZUMAKI-SEAL-WALL…41

Kyuketsuki would feel the genjutsu conect, though weakly. Anyone monitoring her vitals would know tht she had at least realized someone was talking. But she did not move. In fact the chains inside the sphere lashed out where Kyuketski was standing, trying to get at him but ultimately failing.
Riku's bombs.. well one seemed to do nothing, the energy swept in like a wave. But the second one opened a bit of a hole n the outer sphere. However, immediately there was a surge of chakra and those chains lashed out through the hole, striking at anything nearby, ripping trees apart where they could. The shield automatically tried to seal again, tried to stop the chains and some strain showed on Tsukino's pale face….

[NPC System]: Tsukino roll(s) Chains(All) from 40 to 60 and get(s) a 48. - Rolled by: Tsukino
[NPC System]: Tsukino roll(s) Chains (Suzu) from 30 to 50 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Tsukino
RP: Michiko transforms into BURN.
RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a METAL-DOME…77

Michiko might have raised a brow at Suzu's greeting of Arashi, but otherwise her attention was on Uchiha Ken. "Mm… Technically. I led the Kumogakure forces more than the Leaf's." Then she glances over at Kyu when the older Uchiha mentions Genjutsu, as she recalled Kyu's skillset easily… Dream Style. "Well, it's something," she tells Kyu, focusing her attention on Tsukino to see if there was any change when *BOOM*. "Ah, Riku-san… I don't think that's a good idea…" she would note calmly, even as she flashed through handseals. The moment she saw the hole in the seal wall, metal sprung up and wrapped around Tsukino as a sort of dome around the Uzumaki, blocking the attacking chains. "I have a feeling that Tsukino-san made that barrier to try and keep those chains in… But I'm not sure what the chains are from. There's some obvious strain, though, when we attack the barrier…" The dome would lower once Michiko didn't feel anymore strikes.

Arashi looked at Suzu a moment at her greeting and just smiled a bit…until the dad started talking. Well that explained the resemblance. "Oh uhh.. Nice to meet you sir." He of course couldn't do any other gretting because Ken moved on to talk about the mission. So for that reason Arashi would simply listen to Suzu for a moment and nodded a bit. "Yeah. I suppose he is. And don't worry I don't know much about seals either." Then the little explosion happened and a dome of metal stopped any chance of the chains attacking. "Uhhh… Well then." He glanced at Suzu. "Good to see you though. Even if just for this mission." He looked back at the barrier and sighed a bit before walking over more so. "Do you think….if enough drain happens that the barrier would drop… and maybe those chains too?" He looked about…his only way to drain anything would be his lightning and it wasn't exactly built to absorb chakra.

Reza watches the attempt towards cracking the barrier before shaking his head as Michiko blocks the chain's thrashing with metal. "Ok. So as I was saying. Here's my idea. If the barrier seems layered and self restoring then we need to do the same with our attack. Time multiple jutsu back to back each layer of the assault to tear a layer of the barrier. Starting with bigger ninjutsu and ending with a fast taijutsu attack, preferably something with less…collateral order to break the last barrier layer in such a way that we don't harm the person we're here to retrieve." He'd stretch before continuing. "So with that said. Who's up for it?"

RP: Suzu transforms into SHARINGAN-II.

Suzu doesn't get much of a chance to answer Arashi or anyone else. She might want to, but things happen too quickly.
Ken nods approvingly of Kyuketsuki's efforts, but when he notes that Riku is attacking the barrier, he holds up a hand and says, "Wait—" Too late! Ken immediately jumps back to defend his daughter when the chains start lashing out, his Sharingan blazing red. Suzu was too surprised to do more than ready herself as her Sharingan lets her easily see the immense amount of Chakra contained in the constructs, but she probably had little chance of actually avoiding the attacks if they'd come at her given her body's inability to keep up with her eyes.
Thankfully, Michiko surrounds Tsukino's barrier egg with some kind of metal dome, sparing everyone from harm. It looks like the barrier had a hole in it, and she didn't miss the visible look of… Strain on Tsukino's face. Suzu feels concerned immediately for Tsukino's well-being. "Is there any way we can rescue her without breaking the barrier? If she's controlling this, maybe she'll eventually run out of chakra? Those chains seemed to have a lot of the stuff. I don't see how she could keep them active forever… Unless it isn't her who is controlling them. And even then, that would mean someone else has to use Chakra to sustain it."
Suzu chews her lower lip a bit, trying to think in her limited experience and abilities.
Ken says, "If we were to break open this barrier, disable the chains, and get to the girl at the center, how could we be certain we wouldn't kill her in the process?" Basically what was on Suzu's mind, but he asked it out loud. "Is this a rescue mission or are we just trying to get through at all costs? If, as my daughter says, Chakra volume is a concern, if she doesn't control the chains but they are draining from her regardless, or if she is using them intentionally, or anything else… One way or another, either breaking the barrier or letting it continue is going to have an effect upon her.
The Uchiha turns to look at everyone and says, "How far are we willing to go, and what are we prepared to risk?" He looks directly at the guy who got them all attacked with his tags, looking him over carefully. "Are you a Sensor-Nin of some kind, or a Medic? I had assumed the latter. If you can evaluate the condition that Uzumaki-san is in and determine if she has suffered ill effects from your attempt just now, we can better determine if it's safe to proceed with brute forcing it open. If we have to… I think with those assembled, attacking full force might be enough. But the danger to the one at the center would be considerable."
Suzu points at her dad and says, "What he said." Yep, totally her thoughts. She definitely considered all of that. Really.
Reza's suggestions seem feasible, but only if they ignore what it's doing to Tsukino to just break through by force. This isn't Ken's area of expertise. He signs and says, "I'm not the leader here. Whatever is decided for this joint mission, I'll lend my support." Fire isn't the most controlled of weapons, so shooting giant fireballs probably isn't the best idea if they're trying to avoid collateral damage. But whatever is in his arsenal, he'll provide it.

COMBAT: Hiei focuses 3380 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-RELEASE-ARMOR.

Hiei stands up after watching people fail repeatedly. It seems that any attack is immediately retaliated against. He gathers his chakra as he looks around. "Clear out." He forms handseals as another version of him poofs into existence. The two versions of Hiei move apart, each one taking an angle on the seal. "We've tried ninjutsu, and genjutsu. What we haven't tried is overwhelming force. Medics stand by in case this does work. Everyone else, get ready to move if it doesn't. Sometimes you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs." With a roar both Hiei's bodies are infused with a lightning infused aura, the explosion of chakra cracks the ground at their feet as their muscles expand to three times their normal size.
Hiei and his clone both draw the swords on their backs and begins shoving chakra along the blades. The air becomes supercharged with electricity as he speaks to his clone. "You strike first, I'll strike right after. If we're lucky we can penetrate both levels of his seal." After that, the clone attacks first, there is a large explosion right before Hiei attacks himself, creating another large explosion.

COMBAT: Hiei attacks target 1 with THUNDER-SLASH with a roll of: 119
COMBAT: Hiei attacks target 2 with THUNDER-SLASH with a roll of: 121

Kyu keeps watching Tsukino, finding no response to his Genjutsu. Great. And then there's an explosion! Followed briefly by her getting covered by a metal dome. "Well I saw her chakra flow become irregular for a moment, so the Genjutsu did something. But it looked ineffective." Then Kyu goes back to just standing by and listening, having no clue what to do now. Then Hiei has his idea… Kyu makes way for Hiei, but seems very worried about this idea… Isn't there a better way?… Too late now.

Zori had just arrived shortly after Kyu was in the middle of establishing his genjutsu link with her. Zori was hiding while the others were getting attacked, just long enough for him to get a read on the situation and what he missed. Zori noticed that a barrier had formed and this might his chance to attack. Zori jumped out of hiding into the battlefield, his grin slightly stretched out as his wires lashed out from up underneath his sleeves at the barrier slicing and slashing at it.

RP: Zori transforms into CRAZED-FRENZY.
COMBAT: Zori focuses 6155 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Zori attacks target 1 with RAZOR-WIRE with a roll of: 45
COMBAT: Zori attacks target 1 with RAZOR-WIRE with a roll of: 37
[NPC System]: Tsukino? roll(s) Uzumaki Seal Wall (45) from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 37. - Rolled by: Michiko
[NPC System]: Tsukino? roll(s) Uzumaki Seal Wall (37) from 35 to 70 and get(s) a 66. - Rolled by: Michiko
[NPC System]: Tsukino roll(s) Chains (Riku) from 50 to 75 and get(s) a 75. - Rolled by: Tsukino
RPCOMBAT: Riku defends against with a NOT-EVEN-A-SCRATCH…80
COMBAT: Riku attacks target 1 with CLOAKING-SEAL with a roll of: 69
[NPC System]: Tsukino roll(s) Perception vs. Riku (69) from 10 to 30 and get(s) a 22. - Rolled by: Michiko

Rather than letting Michiko defend him against the chains as she does everyone, Riku literally leaps INTO the hole in the barrier that they're trying to stab everyone through while spinning his body mid-air to avoid the striking of the chains. As he flies, he withdraws a tag from his cloak and slaps it on his cloak before bringing his hands into a seal, causing light to bend around him and render him invisible as he enters the barrier.
That's one part down, and without overexerting himself or causing any damage to Tsukino. Since the chains are from her, consciously or not, he figures they won't be able to detect him either as long as she can't due to this seal-caused invisibility…. Well, if Hiei's brute force method doesn't screw it up for him. In the hope that it doesn't, he starts to move toward Tsukin, calculating methods of neutralizing the situation.

When Hiei strikes, the Lightning slash would hit the shield, making the loud boom that could only come from a bolt of lightning (or something similar). As the smoke clears, people would be able to see the large hole that was made from Hiei's skill. It was quickly defended, though, by the chains that surrounded Tsukino. The chains lash out at Hiei, tearing along his arms and leaving long lacerations that are likely painful. The shadow clone got the worst of the hits, of course, but even Hiei was by the crazy chains.
Riku's opportunity? Well, he managed to time that well. After the smoke and dust cleared from Hiei's attack, the medic was… well, in a sense he was permitted through the barrier. Nothing seemed to attack him! Then again, the strange golden chains could just be busy with mauling Zori. The crazy wire-user's weapon of choice slam against the barrier, and a few tendrils manage to snake inside before the chains try to pierce the genin.
Michiko would stand back as Hiei ordered, watching the Raikage crackle with lightning before he gathered it into a single blade. As he and his clone rushed the challenge, she notices Zori move in. "Baka… He was told to stay back…" she mutters, trying to put up a barrier between him and the assaulting chakra. Not that she could. In the time it took for her to form the handseals, the chains were already retreating back into their shell, and the hole in the barrier seemed to start closing.

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a MASTERED-EARTHEN-SENSE…68

Arashi frowned at everything that happened and waited right until Hiei was done and Zori was distracting the chains. Right then a chakra became visible around him and he used that mist from before that suddenly reappeared to try and see where Riku was. Mostly just so he didn't accidentally hit him with these clones. The clones that were formed from his own chakra and using water creation. Four of him moved to follow the dissapearing Shuuren mostly to see if the chains were reacting to humans or the chakra inside. If the clones were attacked he wouldn't try to make his clones dodge. They were just there to test the chains and make sure Shuuren wasn't attacked any. THough it seemed like he wasn't spotted.

RP: Arashi transforms into STORMY-EDGE.
RPCOMBAT: Arashi defends against with a REVEALING-MIST…55
COMBAT: Arashi attacks target 1 with WATER-CLONE with a roll of: 53

Reza shrugs as the Raikage followed by Zori assault the barrier shell. Smirking with a shurg, he'd simply cackle. "Such enthusiasm." He'd cross his arms watching the display. "It works…sometimes." He'd remark towards Zori. With that he'd resign himself to watching how things evolve. With so many people gung ho about things there's no point to add to the chaos.

Suzu stays back with her dad, prepared to attack the barrier if that's what's decided… But it appears that after the Raikage's actions, one of their number is missing! Did he…!? Well, she doesn't see him around now… And it would logically make sense that if he was trying to avoid being attacked by the chains while getting close enough to investigate the interior, he'd want to prevent them from detecting him. Well, it's even MORE dangerous to just bombard Tsukino now! Her Sharingan-bearing eyes observe carefully, trying to measure the Chakra levels they're dealing with, and see if she can determine if any of this is hurting Tsukino. That's her primary concern.
Though seeing others utilize various techniques to try to figure out what's going on or protect everyone is also a beneficial use. She knows she still needs a lot of experience, no matter how quickly she and her skills have been developing. Arashis producing Water Clones inspires her to prepare a little something of her own incase it becomes necessary.
For now, she builds up Chakra, and then stands ready. Uchiha Ken also observing for now.

[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Uzumaki Chains vs Zori from 40 to 80 and get(s) a 62. - Rolled by: Michiko
[NPC System]: ??? roll(s) Uzumaki Chains vs Zori from 40 to 80 and get(s) a 54. - Rolled by: Michiko
RPCOMBAT: Zori defends against with a STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE-III…56
RPCOMBAT: Zori defends against with a STRING-STEERING-TECHNIQUE-III…42
RPCOMBAT: Zori took 1200 damage.

Zori saw that his wires slammed against the barrier and some of the wires managed to get inside but then suddenly Zori was faced with some super fast moving chains heading towards his way. But then Michiko made a barrier of her own and to what seemed like to Zori the chains had stopped. Zori shouts "Dumb chains, back up". Zori had noticed someone was inside so he doesnt attack. He turns his head over to Reza "Heh it worked" Turning his head slightly over to Michiko "Stay back? pfft" Zori crosses his arms over his chest, grin still on his face as he looks at Michiko. Suddenly the chains went back to attacking Zori but he did not know this, as the chains pierce through his back and out the front of his body, the chains then start slashing his arms and legs as Zori's favorite and only hoodie gets ripped up creating gashes all over. Zori jumps back as the blood from his wounds bleed freely pouring down to the ground. "It happened so fast.." Zori is looking at gaping hole in his chest, the hole so big you can see through it. Zori is looking in awe as if he couldnt believe that just happened. Zori comes to his senses as a few chuckles comes from him. Zori reaches into his pocket with his left arm.

The hand of a surgeon, just as Riku. What he does is not flashy. It doesn't even look that impressive, but it is as kind a rescue as one could expect from such bonds in an effective way. Unless she somehow detects him and the chains come after him, Tsukino would feel a needle from a syringe stick into her hip to inject a rather nasty form of medicine into her that, while hopefully sedating her, would also have some unpleasant effects that could range. His arms quickly move around her to catch her. "I'm going to get her to Tea Country, to someone a bit better than myself to help her," he says and, unless otherwise impeded, would quickly vanish with a flicker.

COMBAT: Tsukino defends against BAD-MEDICINE(64) attack from Riku with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Tsukino loses the roll and sustains 1030 damage.

Tsukino was not a sensor. She could not match Riku's level of jutsu either. So when he'd managed to get inside and remained invisible, the chains basicly left him alone. He was able to get close to her, long crimson hair mussed and floatng, a lookof pain ow on her face. When the needle pierced her skin a chai lashed out against Riku, Twice it struck at him. But they were relatively light attacks and as the chemicals in tht injection entered her system it broke the delicate balance iside the sphere. She slowly began opening her eyes even as the chakra chains began to dissolve. For a moment Riku and Tsukino were surrounded by a blinding light as the chais burst apart making them look kind of like a snow globe… But Rku caught a seriously njured woman in his arms when the chains dsappeared. She went limp in his arms. Then the barrier sphere around them shattered, the energy burstig into a shower of gentle glowing glitter before fading. When the shinobi got a look at the princess in Riku's arms once they were free… there was blood comming from one of her eyes ad the corner of her mouth. She was unconscious.

COMBAT: Michiko heals target 1 with RAPID-HEALING with a roll of: 55

Michiko blinks a bit when Riku would suddenly appear and grab Tsukino. So that was why everything happened… Well, that was easier than she thought… Maybe she should look into that invisibility technique that the Tenjin used… Michiko would step in front of Riku, though, before he tried to leave. "Send updates to the Hokage, Daisuke, and her village," she would tell him. "I think the Hokage might want to learn about what we found, as well as those within her homeland. At the very least, whoever is supposed to care for the Princess…" She wasn't sure if Daisuke and Tsukino were still together since the princess moved back to her homeland, but he may still care about her, right? And the Uzumaki would for sure… Right? "I'd also like status updates on her, if possible," she adds. Once given a response, Michiko's gaze would shift over to Zori, and she'd step over to him because he didn't move fast enough to avoid the chains. "Stay still," she orders him, healing his injuries so that they quit bleeding.

Arashi frowned a bit from the side and all but one clone dissapeared. That clone looked down at the princess for a moment before looking at Michiko. "I would keep tabs on her for sure… Since she did get out somehow." He frowned as that clone dissapeared. The real Arashi looked back at Suzu. "Well that was simple enough." Even though it really wasn't. Just Riku seemingly made it look easy. The chakra around him didn't fade yet, but it was starting to some enough.

Reza sighs a bit of relief as things seem to be done. "Good, good. Noone dead right?" He'd say looking around the area before nodding. "So we got what we wanted?" He'd say walking around a bit to get a better view on the target. Taking a deep breath he'd let his guard down a bit, but never being quite comfortable until he was in his own bed he'd focus a bit of chakra just to be sure.

COMBAT: Reza focuses 2338 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

Oh, hey! It's this guy! Suzu relaxes when she sees that Riku has reappeared (even if he got attacked a bit), and has the unconscious Tsukino safe and sound! All's well that end's well! Now to take her back to Konoha, she assumes, or to her home Village, or something, and everything will be just fi—Wait, what? Medic dude is taking her somewhere? "Ummm…" Suzu says in response to Arashi as she squints. The reasoning sounds… Kiiiiiiind of okay? But not really. She moves forward, despite being only a Genin, to stand beside Michiko. "Actually, I'm pretty sure that the Hidden Leaf and the Hidden Eddy villages have qualified medics as well! Thank you very much for helping her, but she'll probably want to be taken home!"
Suzu smiles brightly at Riku, and hopes she isn't about to get stabbed with a needle or something. Not that she has any reason to think Riku would. After all, he was so helpful in saving Tsukino from that awful barrier trap thing!
Uchiha Ken remains where Arashi is for a moment, rubbing his forehead as his teenage daughter goes and tries to get involved in something she shouldn't. "She takes after me too much in certain ways…" he mutters. He glances to the Hizumu Chuunin, and then starts striding forward as well. "Oi! Suzu! Michiko-san can handle this just fine!"
Suzu turns and looks aghast. "Eeehhhh!? But rescuing is what we did all this for, right?" It doesn't seem okay for her to just be carted off somewhere! Suzu turns to look back at Tsukino, evaluating her Chakra, and making sure she doesn't see it weakening… To lose her now after all this would just be…
She remembers how Uzumaki Tsukino was after that mission to confront the smugglers and thieves. She remembers wrapping a blanket around her when she was distraught over hurting people. And she feels the same way about injuring others. She doesn't like the idea of Tsukino being taken somewhere by a stranger, but she likes the idea of Tsukino finding out people got hurt trying to help her even less.
Suzu can imagine how that would impact her. "We can all travel together, ne?" she suggests, somewhat pleadingly, as her father stops several feet away. But close enough to act. She's glad that Michiko appears to also be a medic, based upon the healing Chakra she can see being applied to Zori. Those wounds he took seemed nasty… She doesn't doubt that with healers of this caliber, and all the skilled ninja here, Tsukino will easily make it to the Land of Whirlpools.
Because they worked together to save her. And there's no way those efforts could be for nothing.

Zori notices that Michiko had walked up to him. Zori's eyes move over to her slowly. His grin still on his face. When Michiko told him to stay still Zori, does just that. Afterall he has a gaping hole in his chest back area, he wants that repaired and thanks to Michiko it can be done. Zori replies "Very well.." His left hand remains in his pocket as he stares at Michiko as she works her magic with her hands. Zori notices that his wounds are closing up and the bleeding is begging to stop.

COMBAT: Riku defends against LESSER-STRIKING-CHAINS(53) attack from Tsukino with a UNTOUCHABLE…70
COMBAT: Riku defends against LESSER-STRIKING-CHAINS(53) attack from Tsukino with a UNTOUCHABLE…78

"I wasn't asking permission. We don't know exactly what's wrong with her at this point that caused her chakra to start lashing out this way, and there's no guarantee it won't happen again, so I'd rather have her in the care of the best rather than just the qualified," Riku points out with a glance at Suzu. It's not that he wants to be rude, but it's better for him to speak the truth at this point than coddle a Genin that thinks she knows best.
He looks back over to Michiko and nods in response to her request. "I'll be certain to let the Daimyo know to keep you all updated of her condition, as I'm sure he'd have done anyway… Now, if you'll all excuse me." Hopefully unimpeded this time, he turns to flicker off in the direction of Tea Country to head down to the Port City that serves as its capital.

Michiko nods lightly to Riku and would let him go. Because she trusted him despite the few encounters she had. "Zori-san, go with Arashi-san and Reza-san and return to Kumo. Kyuketsuki-san, I need you to return to Konoha and tell the Hokage what happened. Or tell Hige-kun. And be sure to see that the message is in the Hokage's hands." If anyone tried to stop Riku, she'd immediately attempt to halt their attempts.

Arashi looks at Michiko and frowns for a moment. He personally didn't know Riku or Shuuren or them so he felt like it would be better for them to complete their mission and bring Tsukino back. But if Michiko did that there then…well he can't really argue with her and he wouldn't. "Alright Michiko. We will go back to Kumo." He sighed and gestured for everyone from Kumo to follow him as he started off waving to everyone here.

Zori looks at Michiko with a blank face. Then he looks over to Riku and Shuuren with a grin. "Fine by me.. have your way with her" Zori doesnt care what happens to her. He only joined the mission for bloodshed but couldnt get his fill since there was none to shed. Zori looks back over to Michiko "Let them take her.. hehe we'll hear about it on the news" Zori snickers. His arms crossed over his chest.

Reza would watch things occur before only offering a shrug. "Not how I'd have handled things but…such is life." He'd take the time to glance over his surroundings and the faces present. As Riku makes his statement and Michiko seems to go along with it. "Eh you…nevermind." He'd start asking towards Michiko before simply turning back and moving back towards the shore. "I'll begin prepping our ride home. Don't take too long saying goodbyes the crew gets antsy when they don't have something to do." He'd offer a wave towards those from the other village taking a moment to stop and study the form of the one carrying Tsukino, and Tsukino herself before committing it to memeory and continuing his walk.

Well, if a completely different Village decides okay, it must be so! Suzu can't really stop Riku, so she just stays where she is and watches him go, her Sharingan tracking the movements and that enormous Chakra until it's out of even her visual range. Her dad stands by, Uchiha Ken not wanting to cause problems in a situation like this. It seems like a good idea to report back to the Hokage and await further instruction. He wasn't given the mission to bring Tsukino back, just to find her and see to her safety.
"Well, as least for the time being, she seems to be safe." Ken offers lightly before turning to go find Arashi and interrogate him about his relationship with Suzu.
Now the true battle begins.

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