Prison Break


Fuyu, Taji, Natsuki, Yuzuna

Date: October 2, 2010


The same secret prison that temporarily held Uchiha Rainos has just suffered a partial shut down of its containment measures for other prisoners. In order to regain control of the situation, Fuyu assembles a team she feels can solve the problems… Assuming the Rank-B prisoners do not get loose. That would be bad.

"Prison Break"

Uchiha Enclave - Konohagakure

The situation has been explained to those selected for this mission. The consequences if they fail to achieve their objective are dire, but hopefully it will be resolved with as few casualties on the side of Konohagakure as possible. Assembled at the secret entrance into the Uchiha Enclave's underground prison, Uchiha Fuyu and three ninja specifically selected by her stand ready to halt a 'jail break'. How the break even happened at all is unknown. The cells are very advanced and difficult to escape from. However, not just one prisoner but DOZENS are free and roaming the underground passages, trying to find the way to the surface.
Fuyu is not happy about this. She was informed of the situation only a few days after leaving the hospital. Mushi had repaired her shoulder properly, but she still felt she should have had time off. Oh, well. Loyalty to the Clan. "As far as we know the B Cells are still secure, so we won't be looking at any Jounin-level opponents if we go down there." She indicates the open closet doors in a random house. The wall inside the closet has folded upwards to reveal a ramp leading down into a well-lit tunnel.
"But I want to know if any of you have any ideas on how to resolve this problem without entering combat." The room has multiple ninja in it, many of them Uchiha but there are others from other Clans or non-Clans. "Close-quarters combat will be rough if we have to engage in it. What do you think would be best for stopping the escaped prisoners before they can get up here?"

Taji arrived with the others and seems a tad nervous when he sees the company he's in. He eyes the ramp leading down then glances to Fuyu, "Well, is there any way to flood the place with gas to knock out the escaped people?" He ventures, "I don't know how extensive the catacombs are or if they are all below ground level, or below this level, but something like that might help with the masses of them, even if it might not take care of all of them. Also, is there any way to repair the failed mechanisms externally?" He ventures, hopefully, "To make sure no one else escapes? Seems like the two priorites are make sure no one else gets free, and then recapture the rest before they can get out, since the worst are still captive seems like that's the order to worry about things in too." He notes softly.
Taji frowns, "Don't suppose there is a map of this place we could use either? To find good places to box people in? Finally, how is the place lit down below? If we could cut off their light sources it might slow them down. Might slow us down too but we could carry light in with ourselves, and they are unlikely to have handy ready to go lights, are they?" He asks, glancing at the others here.

Natsuki peered down into the jail, her hand in her pockets casually as she listened to the reports. "Hmmm, total avoidance of combat is going to be near impossible. Strategy is our best option here. Barrier jutsu, if anyone can do such a thing. Putting up a wall here could help, but that would mean our people inside were trapped and outnumbered. Genjutsu could be highly effective, especially against those who are not so skilled in the art. A massive pit that they cannot cross is easy enough to put in their minds." The young chuunin then looked to Taji and nodded, "Oh, aye, that gas could be a useful thing. You don't happen to just have some on ye do ya? As for the light, too bad my genjutsu isn't strong enough to put out the lights on everyone."

Yuzuna merely quirks a thin, dark brow as she listens, though her otherwise stoic expression remains unchanged when Fuyu inquires on how to resolve the issue of the prisoners without combat. She turns her head just slightly to glance towards the ramp that leads downwards into a lit tunnel where she assumes the jail is. The Hyuuga kunoichi remains silent, its unclear whether or not she is listening to the conversation or the ideas that may be presented. She does, though it doesn't seem to matter. "Their chakra must be restricted enough so that they can not perform jutsu and thus, become a threat." Yuzuna murmurs. "I would have assumed, being in a prison, each prisoner would wear such a device to keep their chakra low enough to be harmless. But if that is not the case… we can either drain their chakra instead, or throw in a sleeping smoke bomb before we enter."

Fuyu listens, arms crossed over her chest, in her combat-gear. Maybe she won't be fighting, or maybe she will. Either way, best to be prepared. Once everyone has had his or her say, she nods as though in agreement. Then she speaks. "We do have measures in place incase something like this happens, but the Seals and the guards that can resolve things peacefully are either non-functional or already down there — in unknown condition. The cells are all below ground, aside from the hidden entrances. There are three entrances including this one and all of them are covered. We do not know what is broken yet. We would need someone who knows the security systems to accompany us or just follow once we have cleared the way. There are ways to control the systems without going down there, but they show that everything is working normally when they obviously aren't. The generators are powering the machines just fine. Meaning that this may be an issue with the Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu that are employed — and those can only be altered or fixed on-site. It's an intentional limitation of the specific Jutsu and Seals used. If they could be controlled remotely, then it would only take one person taking over the control center to release all the prisoners. Each cell is different and has a different set of Jutsu. Meaning that those that escaped were probably freed by someone with knowledge of the system, or there was some other problem that may impact an element intrinsic to each cell's containment abilities."
Perhaps a bit more explanation than was strictly necessary, but this is Naruto so it doesn't actually take very long somehow. "So if we are to get to the on-site control centers we'll have to go down there… Or find some other way to reach them. And yes, we have maps." She snaps her fingers and points at Taji. A teenage Yamanaka girl, looking to be no more than a Genin, walks briskly over from where she was practically hidden by all the larger, meaner-looking ninja in the room, and holds out a scroll to Taji. On it is the map of the underground prison. It looks to be about three levels deep, and is composed of an orderly collection of hallways with circular 'cells' branching off of them.
Each floor is devoted to different cell-types. First floor is D and C, second floor (the one below the first) is B and A, and the third floor is set aside entirely for the single S cell. Oddly, all the cells are the same size. Large. So even the D cells are going to be big enough for multiple people and the number of cells overall is not sufficient to hold dozens of prisoners. There isn't even ONE dozen D cells. More like four. Same for the C cells.
The others are free to look over the map also, or to obtain one of their own from the Yamanaka girl. Otherwise, Fuyu says, "That's all, Mimi." Then the girl, Mimi, says, "Hai, shishou!" and retreats back to the far wall, away from the entrance to the prison. "Cutting the lights would be a good idea. I don't think we have anyone down there that can see in the dark… That is free at least. There is ONE in the B Cells — those are the ones for Jounin-level prisoners — but he is thankfully still contained. So cutting the lights can only aid us." She turns to one of the Uchiha present and says, "Head to the control center. Tell them that I expect the lights to be cut down there in ten minutes." He bows and flickers out of sight. She turns to another person, an Akimichi, and says, "Bring us some portable light sources." The Akimichi seems a bit annoyed that his considerable strength is being used to haul around flashlights, but aside from grumbling he just nods and leaps out the nearest window with surprising agility for one with his girth.
Fuyu then addresses Natsuki next. "Kekkaijutsu are already in place. The problem is that they are not fully functional. Luckily MOST of them are still working or else those scum would already be rushing the entrances. See this?" She pulls out a ryo after rooting around in her ninja tool pouch. She holds it in hand, showing everyone what she has, and then sways back and THROWS the coin overhand. It streaks across the room, right towards the entrance into the prison and—freezes. No, it does not freeze.
Instead it seems to flip end over end, like it's still flying through the air, but it's doing it locked in place. And with each flip, the coin seems to GROW in size… Or perhaps stretch? Yes, it seems to be getting 'stretched out' until it becomes so thin that it seperates into individual pieces of metal and tears apart. The metal gathers around the edges of the entrance, right on the line between the closet and where the ramp begins. "Barrier Technique: All-Parts Weakening Expansion. Things that touch the barrier are stretched outwards until they become too weak on the molecular level to support their existing structure. Then they tear apart. Works on living things too."
Fuyu considers Genjutsu. Then she slowly nods. "Genjutsu would be best if we want to keep them alive. I agree. We have no gas to use at the moment, though we can obtain some from the Nara." Yuzuna's comments make Fuyu turn to face her. Her expression is guarded, but her tone betrays suspicion. "Yes, they have tags and various other things on them to keep them from using Jutsu… But if multiple built-in systems are off-line, then so might be those. We have to go in there assuming they have full access to their abilities — if any. Disabling them swiftly is our best bet… But the real issue is this:"
The Uchiha woman pauses dramatically, and then says, "We do not necessarily want these people alive." Silence. "Recapturing them might be possible, but that is not out objective. We want any living guards or technicians down there recovered, and for no further casualties to take place on our side. The prisoners are expendable. They are, infact, an inconvenience to keep around. So we will shut off the lights, use Genjutsu, and disable their Chakra all we can. But we are looking for surviving Uchiha. When we have rescued any survivors, the prison can simply be destroyed."

Taji examines the map that has been provided, while listening to Fuyu continue with the explaination and answer to various questions. His frown slowly deepens as he studies the layout then hears the rest of Fuyu-san's explaination. He slowly rolls the map back up, tucking it into a belt pouch so he'll have it on the fly if needed. "Wait, not all the prisoners down there can deserve death… I mean, there are a lot of people down there… surely not all of them should… just die once we get the Uchiha out?" He ventures, sounding a bit, well, horrified at the idea of just destroying the prison and of course everyone inside. He glances at Yuzuna and Natsuki, trying to get the feeling if they are more on the 'just let them die' side or not, then looks back to Fuyu.
"With the lights off, it should slow down groups, so we can work our way to each command area and hopefully meet up with the people we're trying to get out. If we can get gas from the Nara while we get those people out, then you could flood the place with the gas, once we rescue those people, and then you could go through and recapture each person as needed, or turn them over to the Village prison?" Taji suggests. "Mostly we need to get in, get to the control centers, find out what went wrong, fix it if possible, get the non-prisoners out in one piece, then get ourselves out in one peice? That sound about right?" He finally asks, looking to the others, looking clearly for confirmation of his take on things.

Natsuki grinned, seeing the reaction to the coin. At first, it looked like one of the souvenir penny presses that you find at some museums. However, it didn't stay that way long and finally it blew up slightly. "Ooh, it's like overblowing a balloon, but it works with any molecular structure." She said with a nod. "Interesting indeed, I have moderate genjutsu ability. I have found, in my training I really don't seem to excel at anything in particular. I am decent in taijutsu, ninjutsu, and genjutsu skills." She said casually, letting her superior have an idea of her skills as they best determine their plan of action. She would then look solidly at Fuyu for a moment, attempting to create a link with her through genjutsu. If allowed, Natsuki would put a question from her into Fuyu's mind.

The Uchiha's suspicion is unsurprising to Yuzuna, though it does give her a small amount of satisfaction as the lightest tug lifts the corner of her lips with a faint smug smile that only the Hyuuga are able to achieve so well. Not that the Uchiha and Hyuuga have ever gotten along. "Eliminating the lights only to then also carry light sources will places bull's-eyes upon us." Yuzuna points out, almost idly with an arching brow. "However, if we find alternate ways of navigating through the darkness, I believe I can lead us through the shortest routes to the surviving Uchiha, guards, and technicians with minimal interference."

Fuyu is focused on the newly-arrived light sources being carried by the Akimichi sent out before, and is busy informing him of what kinds of anesthetic gases she needs from the medics of the Nara — to knock them out, of course. But she turns her attention on Taji at his protests. She looks at him really hard. "If they were the type of people that could be processed normally in the normal justice system of Konohagakure, they would have been sent there in the first place." She doesn't want to alienate anyone present, however, or give them the idea she is reckless or does not value life… So she says, "However, that is correct about our objectives. And if we can do what you just said and accomplish our mission without killing them all, then I have no objection to leaving them alive." 'For now,' she thinks silently.
When Natsuki mentions Genjutsu, Fuyu is about to demonstrate that they don't need to rely solely on Natsuki in that department. But then she gets a message. Words spoken that go unheard. Because the sound is not actually real. She narrows her eyes a bit, unhappy with being subjected to Genjutsu against her will. She then responds with one of her own. It appears as though Fuyu has just lifted up a sign in one hand — a scroll with words upon it. She gives plenty of time for Natsuki to read. Then the scroll bursts into flames and vanishes. And no one else would seem to react…
Fuyu then turns to Yuzuna. "That would be true if it was US who are carrying in the light sources. But we won't be." She then ties a flashlight to each of her forearms via some leather straps on her arm protectors. Another, a head-worn light like miners use, is placed atop her ebony tresses via a headband with a lantern set in it. Then she puts her hands together and says, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! <Shadow Clone Technique!>" *Poof* Two more of Fuyu appear, one on each side of her. "Show them," she says simply. Each of the Shadow Clones nods briefly, and then turn on all three lights they are wearing — duplicated due to being present on the original. They then hold their arms out to the sides in an odd position, so that the forearm lights are facing forward, but are at a distance from the body.
"Now imagine what these six lights will look like in a completely dark underground complex at a distance. It will look like we have six people with us, each bearing a light. And guess who will then be targetted?" Each Shadow Fuyu says, "Me." at the same time. The Akimichi comes back with some canisters of sleeping gas. He looks very annoyed having to run back and forth on errands. Just then, the lights in the underground tunnels shut off.
Fuyu turns to face the entrance, while both of her Shadow Clones makes sure the lights are secured such that they won't fall off accidentally or break in a fight. "Beside that, I believe you can see in the dark just fine, Yuzuna." She then turns her focus on the two ninja on either side of the closet-entrance. "Deactivate the barrier. We're going in."

Taji takes a deep breath, as he gets the answer to his question about the prisoners life and all. He seems placated for now, as he watches the 'light bearers' prepare. Taji can't help but eye Yuzuna because of her words and attitude. He's left silent at this point, simply watching the prep work be accomplished and the lights go out. He gives a nod to Fuyu, as he stretches once then seems ready to go. His normal 'pack' is abscent in his current setup, apparently not wanting to risk taking his backpack down into such a confined space. He waits for the others, not wanting to rush the portal, especially if it hasn't been fully deactivated yet after all.

Natsuki received the answer to her question and then some. She turned slightly red in her face and bit her bottom lip. A small bit childish, she forces the image from her mind and regains her composure. Licking her lips she nodded to Fuyu and grinned at the shadow clones. "Lets just hope they don't bump into something hard." She muttered, "Apart from that, excellent idea. Let's get this rolling, the longer we tarry up here, the more risk the personnel below are in."

Yuzuna did notice Taji eye her some, though her pale opal eyes remain on Fuyu for the time being as the Uchiha confirms what she had just said. The coner of her lips tugs for a ghost of a moment before fading completely, her gaze narrowing sharply with acute percision as the usual smooth skin along the outside corner of her pale eyes suddenly intensifies with pulsing veins, spiderwebbing from her eyes over her temples and partly long the tops of her cheeks. The Byakugan. The world opens up to her in odd, alternate coloring while the blue light of chakra stands out vividly against the background. Each flickering with beating hearts, some fast and excited, others normal without a sign of anxiety.

The two ninja standing on each side of the closet entrance toss up a Seal tag tied to a kunai and then flash through hand seals. By the time each tag is starting to descend thanks to gravity, they have finished their seals. "Barrier Technique: All-Parts Weakening Expansion… Unfold!" Each of the ninja says so in-synch with each other that despite their different voices, it sounds almost like stereo.
Then each man grabs the tag before the kunai tips can touch their hands, and throw the kunai + tag at the barrier. The moment the kunai touch the barrier, electricity crackles over the ninja tools instead of the effect from before. Instead of the kunai and tags being torn apart, they visibly disrupt the Kekkaijutsu such that it shuts down the previously-invisible field.
It then collapses utterly. The kunai and tags fall to the floor of the closet. Fuyu says, "We're moving NOW." The two Shadow Fuyus rush forward down the ramp into the underground prison. Fuyu is about five seconds behind them, just to give some room to maneuver incase something bad happens to the two Shadow Clones. She seems to be expecting that Taji, Natsuki, and Yuzuna are right behind her as they head into the darkness.

Taji moves along behind Fuyu, foot falls soft as he slips along nervously. He's stopped asking questions for the moment, he just watched the unsealing and now is left tagging along. He seems to bow to the other nin on where he should be, letting them sort of pick the order and falling in what ever spot he's allowed, not wanting to over step his bounds as the lowest ranked ninja in the group. He squints to see in the darker areas, glad for the light provided by the shadow clones as he moves along. He's on guard, trying his best to not be caught off guard by anything, but this leaves him looking a tad jumpy to be honest.

Natsuki follows behind Fuyu, slightly to the right and rear of the Clan Head as they descend into the darkness of the underground prison. "Not to be redundant or sound stupid, those two will be setting back up after we enter right? I'd hate for somehow some to slip behind us and exit." She said casually, as she keeps her eyes alert for potential problems ahead. "Just realized something, this is my first mission as a chuunin, and somehow, Kage-sama promoted me without making sure I had tree and water walking. Hope it won't be needed here today." She said as her fingertips stroked the simple staff she carried with her.

Yuzuna narrows her pale, intense gaze as she begins to smoothly follow Taji and Natsuki with silent footsteps, her eyes sweeping slowly as the Byakugan stretches her vision many yards around her. The walls are made out of something she has never encounted before, weakening her vision it seems, as she can see through them, but only so far. The Hyuuga only narrows her eyes in thought and concentration as she murmurs, "Beyond the next barrier straight ahead, there are others. I am attempting to estimate how many there are at the moment."

Fuyu's eyebrows come down at an aggressive slant beyond even the squinting that everyone but Yuzuna is likely doing here in the near-darkness. "They shouldn't be this far yet… We haven't gotten any reports of the third barrier system being down…" This whole situation stinks. This system was VERY thoroughly designed. It has lots of redundant back-up systems and there is ALWAYS at LEAST two different fully-rested teams of Jutsu Technicians and more conventional mechanical technicians on alert at any given hour of the day. Their shifts are specifically designed to overlap so that a replacement team is coming in for one team while the other remains on alert. There is no 'down-time' between 'changings of the guard'. And since everyone is watching everyone else, there should have been no way for this current situation to happen.
But it did happen. It IS happening. She'll fix it and worry about hunting down those responsible later. But she'll also be keeping an eye out for any clues as to the perpetrator… "Yes, they're putting the Barrier back up. Especially since the third one is down without any warning to those above. Silence from here on out unless I signal it's safe." She holds up one arm so that it is silhouetted against the light of the Shadow Clones ahead, and indicated the flashlight on her own forearm. She can flick it on and off to give signals. Then only the sound of running is audible, and even that is muted slightly due to the tabi that most or all of them are wearing (or SHOULD be wearing for those wearing non-regulation ninja footwear).
The Shadow Fuyus stop in front of a seemingly empty patch of air. But Yuzuna at least would be able to see that there is a lot of Chakra concentrated there. Fuyu sneaks forward quietly and stands behind the left-most Shadow Clone. She then puts her left hand on the wall and points with her right to Taji, and then the opposite wall. A hidden switch? A secret panel? Something to shut off the Barrier most likely.
Though the Kage Bunshin scan the area ahead with their flashlights there is no sign of the prisoners that may be just around the next corner…

Taji eyes the actions of Fuyu then peers at the other side of the hall. He moves over to the wall, running his hand over it as if looking for something, then… resting his hand in place he concentrates, frowning slightly as he does so. He tries to be absolutely silent, but he's not a master of stealth. He keeps his eyes focused forward, watching for possible attacks from the prisoners. He pauses, even glancing up and down, as if he thinks they might come through the very walls. The boy is clearly nervous and a tad paranoid down in this darkened hall, even with the lights from the shadow clones and all. He's doing his best to hide his worry, but anyone watching can see it. Still he does what is needed, helping deactivate the barrier with Fuyu.

And the soft pitter pat of tabi running would be heard from Natsuki anyway. She held her staff firmly in one hand, flexed slightly so it laid across her back. As the clones and group slowed, she slipped between the two clones, and settled into a low crouch waiting and watching down into the darkness of the passage. From her posture, she was ready to spring to action, or just return the run when the time came.

The group falling silent, Yuzuna smoothly presses herself against the closest wall in the shadows, waiting perfectly still as she watches Taji follow orders and deactivate the barrier containing the prisoners within the underground prison. When he does, her Byakugan's strength increases sharply, allowing her to see further into the passages, and discover what is laying in wait for them just around the bend. "Five." Yuzuna murmurs low, near whisper and monotone to avoid her s's from drawing attention. "All healthy, three below average chakra and two average. Three to the left and two on the right." She allows her gaze to flicker to where Fuyu is, "None are preparing jutsu."

Fuyu had not indicated it was safe to speak. But in this instance, even with the quiet in these passages, and only the sound of breathing being audible, she knows that the accoustics of this place will not carry the warning ahead. Not because of any special ability to calculate things. She is not a 'genius'. She just knows the materials the prison was made out of and the way it was built are intended to keep any prisoners with heightened hearing or sound manipulation from overhearing or 'feeling' a guard talking when he or she should not be, or a password being given, and potentially using that somehow. So sound does not travel that well in these passages.
Still, she'll have to talk to the Hyuuga princess at some point about following orders, or at least picking up some hand-signal skills for when silent communication is needed. As if to demonstrate right now, however, that talking is not okay, she uses hand-signals of her own. Nice, simple ones, for those who do not know anything complex. She points at Natsuki with her index finger, then holds up the index finger, then points at Yuzuna with both index and middle finger, and then holds up both of those. Natsuki and Yuzuna together, then. Fuyu then points with both fingers to the right. She wants the two of them to take the right-hand prisoners. She then does the same for Taji and herself, and indicates they go after the left-hand prisoners. By this point, the prisoners have to be worried they've been spotted, and the Shadow Clones seem to realize this because one turns to see what the hold up is, while the other keeps facing forward, keeping an eye out.
Fuyu uses more complex hand-signals, because the Shadow Fuyu knows what she knows. The Clone nods and then faces forward. She communicates the message silently to the second Shadow Clone. They both begin moving forward at a walk. Not casual, but not sneaking either. Cautious, but still able to be caught unawares… Fuyu holds up two fingers again this time holding them steady as she watches her Shadow Clones and their retreating backs, and the gradually diminishing light. Once they're out of sight around the corner, and it is almost too dark to see, she jerks both fingers forward suddenly and starts running after the Clones.
A few seconds later, the sounds of male shouts and the sounds of combat are heard by the ninja team. The sounds are muffled, thanks to all the sound-proofing, but it is still obvious a fight has broken out. Time to break some skulls.

The 'goon' attacking Taji is probably lucky about the target he's ended up with, as Taji is probably the one of the least likely to go for the 'throat' as it were here. He gracefully avoids each attack, his body blurring slightly, leaving a small bit of after image, like mist behind his motions. He moves just enough to avoid each attack, his feet barely moving on the second dodge. He eyes the prisoner and moves in for a hard strike, or so it seems, his fist wrapping in a bit of mist as he attempts to strike the gut of the inmate, although at first it seems the attack was only a glancing blow, mis-aimed perhaps, even if it hits. He follows it up with the same attempted strike at the genin level foe, trying to incapacitate both foes so that they can't attempt so much harm on him, trying to effectively reduce the number of foes the group has to deal with at the moment.

Natsuki nodded towards Fuyu as she signaled the group what to do. Of course, it would quickly become obvious as a bit of shrapnel is shot towards the chuunin. The metal struck the chuunin, but something was odd, as Natsuki poofed the sound of metal striking metal was heard as the object struck a small metal plate that was on a small cart that is normally used to deliver food to those within the prison. Meanwhile, Natsuki would be moving quickly to the shinobi on the right that were attacking Yuzuna, aiming a quick jab to one of the goon's chest. With luck the paw strike that would be done would be enough to compress the chest and force a fair amount of wind out of the opponent. Natsuki would then pull a short length of rope and attempt to tie his hands while the assailant was momentary incapacitated.

The flicker of a glance lingers on Fuyu for a moment before she glances back in the direction of the open way, leaning back away from the wall as Yuzuna slips in the direction of Natsuki, coming closer to the right wall as she presses herself close to it. Narrowing her sharp, pale gaze, she waits in silence as the shadow clones are sent ahead of them, the lights fading steadily the farther the clones proceed ahead of them. Its only when Fuyu dashes out ahead of them that Yuzuna also pushes off in a sudden burst of speed, shadowing the Uchiha, though sharply turns to the right at the very end as two other prisoners start to assail her. Natsuki is quick to attack and immobilize one, leaving Yuzuna with the remainder as she focuses chakra through her fingertips. She idly sidesteps a swinging fist, giving her and opening as Yuzuna reaches out to almost casually grip the side of the prisoner's neck at a certain point, releasing chakra there in order to paralyze him.

The two Shadow Clones do their best to defend against the close-quarter combat moves that are apparently enhanced with Chakra. The prisoners should be restricted from Chakra use by the seals on their bracers, chokers, anklets, and more. They should be ABLE to use Chakra at ALL. But they are. Thankfully, they do not seem to have enough control to use Jutsu. So it seems that maybe they are still functioning part way…
Everyone does a great job of avoiding attacks or fooling enemies into thinking they are attacking someone when they are not or making these escapees look like totally amateurish fools. They though they had the element of surprise. And then when they discovered they had more enemies than expected, they tried to push through, confident in their abilities — even with Seals on them to contain those abilities. And now look at them.
Taji has knocked one foe on his rear, and knocked a second one into the nearest wall. Not hard, but the combination of Chakra-enhanced non-lethal blow and banging one's head into the wall is enough at least. The Genin-level foe is dazed. Natsuki seals the deal by slamming him in the chest, hurling him down the hall on his back. It was likewise a non-lethal blow, but he was completely off-balance and now he's just lying there, too stunned to do anything, as the kunoichi ties his hands. Yuzuna makes mincemeat of her unskilled opponents. They have their fists and their feet and nothing else. No scavenged weapons, no hand-crafted shivs. They just charged in and hoped to pummel their target. And she shuts them off as simply as light-switches.
And all of this is in a dark hallway with the only light source swinging their limbs and dodging around, resulting in a crazy, barely-visible collection of bodies moving in a semi-organized but mostly-chaotic fashion. Which leaves only one foe. The Chuunin-level prisoner who is attacking Fuyu now that he has made it past the Shadow Clones. The Clones wisely avoided getting hit or engaging in combat, in order to not risk the light sources for the group. So that means there's just this one guy charging at her with a shiv enhanced with Chakra. What will she do? She just steps back out of range. Her opponent stumbles and then she attempts to subdue this foe in a manner similar to the others. Only not.
The Uchiha woman brings her hands up and forms three hand seals. Tiger, Ox, Serpent. Then she breathes out an intense wave of heated air, right in the prisoner's face. But will he react reflexively to shield his eyes or wait for an incoming fireball that is not actually incoming? Or will he be able to push through and deal with the follow-up attack? Fuyu vanishes from sight temporarily (not hard with the lights pointed all different directions at random) and then attempts to drive her elbow into the back of the Chuunin-level prisoner's neck. With any luck, he'll be too pained to cause any more trouble.

Taji eyes the situation, trying to be as quiet as he can even as combat goes on. Seeing his two opponents are still a bit out of it, he takes a quick chance to try to restrain them, pulling some rope from one of his many pouches, trying to quickly hog tie the two foes, wrists and ankles all together if he can. He does this as smoothly and carefully as possible, trying to make sure the knots hold but trying to hurry so that there will be less risk of being caught off guard by another group of prisoners while this one is still active. As he ties up the two, he watches to see what else is going on, glancing around to see how the fight is going, his attention slipping to the Chuunin level foe while he works.

As Natsuki finishes tying up the escaped prisoner, binding his hands and feet and shackling them together. She then moved over the chuunin level prisoner that Fuyu was fighting, forming her hands together sending over a link to the chuunin. Following the link, he'd feel the ground under his feet begin to part as hot jets of air would fly up towards him, allowing him to feel the fires of hell as his equilibrium changed slightly because his feet would feel like they were on the crumbling edge of the pit, about to fall in. That is, of course, if the link held and the prisoner didn't see through it. Perhaps, it would distract him just long enough for Fuyu to move in and immobilize him.

With the shock of the chakra through her fingertips, Yuzuna relaxes her hand as the paralyzed, rigid prisoner crumples as he sinks to his knees and falls over onto the floor. She merely quirks a brow at him for a moment before she idly reaches into her hip pouch and pulls out some cord, kneeling down to skillfully wrap the man's arms and feet together to immobilize him. As she does, Yuzuna glances over to Natsuki, seeing her doing the same as she binds another prisoner's hands and feet together. With those two, and the two that Taji ties up, it only leaves the one remainder with Fuyu. So the Hyuuga rises to her feet in silence, keeping herself further excluded from the remaining disarming to instead turn her head, already in the process of extending the Byakugan around them and make sure that they aren't ambushed.

Natsuki's assistance is not necessarily NEEDED per se… Or would not have been if Fuyu had used a more potent technique on her foe. But instead she used her slightly-above Genin-level physical strength on a Chuunin-level foe. Sure it's a vital point, but after the prisoner realized there was no fire coming he stopped shielding his face and recovered from the vital-point strike quickly enough to try to whip around and slash Fuyu!
But he never gets that far, because that's when the floor begins to crumble beneath him, and hot air begins to blast up at him, and he can see the light of flames below. He is surprised and scared by whatever this technique is, and mistakenly looks at Fuyu as though she were responsible.
When he falls over, and tries to scramble away from the 'edge of the pit', he finally realizes that he is outnumbered and outmatched. Four opponents, two Shadow Clones, and all his buddies are either unconscious and tied up, or just tied up. He begins to show some common sense (or perhaps just survival instincts) and holds his hands up. "I surrender!" he calls out.
Fuyu does not trust him, but she isn't going to kill a surrendering foe. This time, at least. "Taji, tie him up. If he tries anything then hit him the same way you did his friends. Make sure he CAN'T try anything." Then her two Shadow Clones shine their lights down different tunnels, to assist Yuzuna in searching for ambushers, or perhaps just to see for themselves. Fuyu checks over all the bonds on the prisoners, just to make sure they're secure, while casting glances in the direction of the Chuunin. Moments later, there is the crackle of energy in the air and — perhaps to Yuzuna's dismay — a very large amount of Chakra suddenly surges through the entire prison complex. Various Seals, machines, and Barriers come up in various parts of the facility. The lights turn on a moment after, very harsh on the eyes after the darkness.
Squinting Fuyu looks around, seeming to gauge some unseen factor other than the lights turning on. "It seems that they got everything working again… Meaning the on-site control center is back under our control. But what I want to know is how they got this far in the first place. There was a third barrier between the entrance we used and where the prisoners were coming from. So how did they get through?"
No answer is provided, except the sound of reinforcements charging through the hallways to start cleaning up this mess.

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