Prison Unbreak


Hiroto, Shinta, Malik, Itami

Date: December 8, 2015


The Suna team needs to spy on a prisoner, but the only way to do it is to become prisoners. That sounded simple enough, but it turns out that this mission was taking on deeper levels of trouble as more began to unfold about the problems surrounding the facility they were in.

"Prison Unbreak"

Prison Facility, Land of Wind

"Welcome, welcome!" A guard greets the crew of this particular mission. "I am the head of security here. Not that you didn't already know that. I put it in the request I had, after all," the man spoke while fiddling with his moustache. "So, the request is pretty simple. I need you and your shinobi to help me spy on a problematic inmate here. He's got connections to the outside world and still manages to cause chaos despite being locked away. If you can figure him out and his connections, we can put an end to his terror and restore order here, again," the Security Lead speaks while walking them through the jail. Just looking at the place, it appears to be pretty secure. There's layers of protection here to defend against a number of conditions, but shinobi doesn't appear to be one of them.
"Understood. I believe we can help with this issue. There's just one thing, what was with the additional distress in the request you sent us?" Itami inquired. The Security Lead rubbed his neck. "Well, the Warden here is trying to drum up support for his lacklustre career of holding criminals. There's even some talk that he's getting paid off by them, but I don't really look into those things for good reason. Additionally…" His voice trailed off and he shook his head. "I just want to do the right thing. I want to see the criminals pay and after this place was built, not a single one that causes us the most problems has been caught here except for one. I'm sort of suspicious." Itami nodded and waved her hand to keep him from saying more. "I see what you mean. We'll do the best we can." The Security Lead looked relieved to hear those words.
"Alright, well, the first part of this is that you guys will need to be relieved of all your artifacts. We have to make you look like new prisoners for this to work. Anything you can do helps, but just to let you know, the place where your belongings is kept is towards the back of this facility…" He muttered to the group.

This mission was a little outside of his comfort zone, but orders were orders. Malik is wearing the bottom parts of his normal attire, though the vest, hood, and mask are missing as he's in a plain white shirt. All of his gear was packaged up and stored so that he would look like a normal prisoner. However, Sinbad was perched high up towards the ceiling, silently moving along with the group. Malik was trying his best not to look up towards the falcon in order to not give away his position, but the expression on his face does indicate that he feels more than just a little out of his element. "Hai. I'm starting to feel like a prisoner, too." He comments off-handedly.

Shinta was following along with the Kazekage's plan and was even showing a fair amount of interest in being beyond the village walls for once. Aside from that time he went to the caves but that wasn't important right now. What was, was that he was in a mission with the Kazekage and no doubt would be fairly safe. Did he say artifacts? Shinta began paying more attention after that and then, slowly began paling a bit as he listened to what the man had to say about all of this. They were going to look like what? As they were lead deeper into the prison Shinta was beginning to look a fair bit more nervous about having chosen to tag along because some things that happen in prison can't be fixed with a dab of medicine on the boo-boo. Still, he had to have faith that they'd not be in too much danger with the Kazekage so near by, right? As he prepared to turn everything over, the medic started with his gloves that worked to reign in razor wire as well as his pouch of tooks and medicines.

Hiroto was sadly the same as Malik missing all of his things. Tenshi was also following Sinbad's lead above the room. Hiroto was more fine though as he and Tenshi had enough of an understanding where Hiroto could still communicate with Tenshi even if not getting that same communication back. He was a little iffy with not having his weapons, but all in all he figured he would be fine with all of this. "Malik who knows. Maybe we are real prisoners and they tricked us. Though surely we can get our things and get out." He grinned some before moving alone further.

"That's the idea," the Security Leader admitted to the random grumblings going on in the group. "Not that I want you to, but feeling like prisoners is a good start, but for you guys, I don't think this should be all this hard." He doesn't really know that for sure, but he's making assumptions. Vast assumptions. Itami had just performed a henge technique to change her appearance. She'd become much paler and lean, obscured only by a cloth covering her face with a vest and thick pants over her body. Bright, yellow eyes peered out at her surorundings while a mop of blue locs covered her face. "I think this will be more fitting," she lowered the bandana to her neck. Any belongings she had would have been turned in and packaged away.
"We've already been made aware of our belongings and where they are. The trouble will be getting to them," Itami admitted. "For now, let's focus on our mission. We have a criminal that needs watching and we are fast approaching the heart of the prison."
The prison itself opened up into a large, open air yard. The prison walls and rooms surrounded the yard, but it was not visible from the rooms. No, seeing the yard was a privilege, not a right. Within the walls, the prison was closely guarded. 'Was'. The place actually looks like its fairly lax. None of the guards look vested in their work. Is this what the Warden has done? Hm. "Now to show you all to your cell." The Security Lead guides them through, drawing eyes towards them as they move about the halls until they're finally brought into a larger cell together. "This is about what I can manage for now. Hopefully, you guys can take care of the rest. The guy you're looking for is entirely shaven aside from a beard. He also has a piercing in his ear. Can't miss him. Good luck."

Malik nods to Hiroto once. "Maybe. Though I can't figure what I've done to get this treatment." He comments as they walk into the yard. Already, he can tell that things aren't as they seem. The security is indeed lax, and it looks like the prisoners aren't even being watched all that much. And this was supposed to be their idea of maximum security? What a joke. However, he changes his gaze to a hard one as he eyes people as they walk past. His body language takes on the air of that of someone who thinks they're dangerous. If he was going to play the part, might as well go all in. He already begins to look for the guy that the head of security describes too.

Shinta watched as the Kazekage shifted into a different form and committed it to memory as he fell into step with the two members of the Hatayo clan. Looking over the prison, the boy would do his best to keep in line with the others of the group while he tried taking in their new surroundings, a slight narrowing of his eyes each time he committed something of interest to memory along the way. As Malik took on that more dangerous and intimidating posture, Shinta took the low road of simply being the small henchman that stayed close to the muscle and no doubt could talk a bit game from being a bigger person. Once they had reached their cell, the child gave a bit of a smile, as nervous as it might seem to be. After the guard had wished them luck, Shinta could only think of one thing to so and so, asked a question to try relieving a bit of the tension. "Is now too late to say I have a stomach ache?"

Hiroto looks between everyone here. "Well this shouldn't be too hard really. We got this, and I think this is a good challenge for our skills Malik." He grows quiet as they enter the heart of the prison and being how overall small he is probably looks like fresh meat to most. Lets see some of them try anything, and they would get was coming to them. Tenshi obviously just stares from wherever he is hiding with Sinbad while Hiroto finds a spot to sit and watch like a bird on their perch. From his position he would look at everyone closely and try to make sure he doesn't get the wrong person. While Malik the physically tougher of the two Hiroto seemed to search for the man Hiroto looked around to search for exits and the best route to get their things if they so needed them.

"No one did anything to get this, but when you think about how that's framed, so many other criminals have said the same," Itami snickered to herself. "Now, let's see about getting out of this place. At the moment, we have the use of two Hayato and an Akakawa medic. I believe the odds are in our favor at he moment." She walks to the cell door and looks around to seek out the falcons. Tenshi has taken note of the pathway that leads to the back of the facility. It may take some work to get through as the entire block, save for a blind corner, is lined with prison cells with view slots. Anyone that sees them may just draw attention to them. Sinbad can see alarm bells are surrounding the block in hard to reach places. The only ones capable of ringing them are the guards. If the bells are disarmed, it may make their progress harder to detect as they go further into the facility.
Naturally, there are some guards making chat around their work stations. Though the view is limited from within the cell, just enough can be made out to see that one of these guards has keys to their level of the facility. They could come in handy later.
At the moment, a guard approaches as he makes his rounds, but once he passes, the time would be ripe to push forward.

Though Malik does feel a little better because the Kazekage is with them, he seeks to find a way to do this mission without leaning on her skills. Because there will come a time where she's not around and he'll have to fend for himself. He reaches down and grabs a handful of rocks and puts them in his pocket. He begins to grind them together in his pocket while looking around, trying to give them a sharp edge. He didn't have his bow, but he was just as accurate with any thrown weapon, no matter how improvised. "Sinbad saw some alarm bells surrounding the whole block. Looks like only guards can trigger them." He looks completely nonchalant while the guard makes his rounds as he speaks to the others in a low voice.

Shinta listened closely to what Itami said and didn't quite think of how his being a medic mattered much… Without his medicines he was about as useful as any average child would be. That thought changed however as he watched what Malik was doing by arming himself with a set of stones. That gave the boy an idea and soon enough, he was lowering down to sit on the floor of their cell so he could begin focusing chakra and gatheirng up what he could into his control for use as needed. That was right, he wasn't useless as long as he was willing to get close to the enemy.

Tenshi told Hiroto what was up about these pathways. "Alright. Lets see.." Hiroto got up pretty quickly now and started walking over towards where he felt he could get the best view point. From their he would now begin eyeing all the people and the cell rooms. What if they could start some sort of riot…. He after looking would walk back to Malik. "So… How do you want to go about it. The path to our things is lined with cell rooms, and people may be fussy with us walking by. Though I suspect if there was a riot here, and we got out that them being fussy wouldn't be looked at." He would wait for a reply before saying much more.

"Alarm bells…riot?" Itami questioned as she turned away from the bars of the cell. "Hmm," she thought to herself. "I think that may be able to accomplish all that we need to do, but first, we need to draw attention to ourselves." She looked over her shoulder at the guard that passed by. "How do you all suppose we go about doing that, hm?" She wondered. "We'll need a true reason to have the guard visit us and allow us to cause a commotion. Who wishes to volunteer?" She looked between the group.
"We should think quickly. We have to make enough noise to draw that attention."

Malik nods to Hiroto. "Agreed. That sounds like an excellent exit strategy." He pulls a rock out of his pocket and glances around before smirking to himself. He nods at Itami. "One reason for a guard to come down to visit us, coming right up." He flicks his arm towards one of the guards, aiming for the back of his head with the rock. Should the guard turn around, he will grin large at him and then wink. Should completely clink him off.

Shinta was going to offer something but Malik seemed to have things covered which caused Shinta to gulp a bit strongly as he swallowed down the large pill of medicine to maintain it in his stomach until it was needed. Wincing a bit for the guard's sake, Shinta stifled a little laugh and quickly looked over the room. Instead, Shinta stepped back toward the far wall just a few steps, enough to make sure that it was the cocky looking Hyato that would catch the blame for that rock assault. That was certainly one way to make a scene for yourself. No doubt about that. The only question was what they would do to slip about the guard

Hiroto looked at Malik as did his thing with a rock. "Looks like that is decided. Now we should be ready to rush to get our things. I guess I get to lead the way since Tenshi knows the layout already somewhat." He would wait for it to start becoming chaotic and when Itami gave a signal he would lead the way to their things, and possibly get this one dude depending on how things go….prisons…

"Excellent. I look forward to seeing how this plays out. Just realize, once we move out of here and cause this riot, we will have to sift through the prisoners to find our target." Itami explained simply enough. She didn't want to have much to share for this mission as she needed to see how their skills would become a factor here.
The rock took flight through the air and struck the guard in the head. When he turned around and saw Malik's face, he approached the cell and brandished his baton. "Did you just assault me with a weapon? That's a high offense around here," he points out. "Everyone else aside. I won't be nice on you just because this is your first day. You're going to learn the hard way." Itami glanced between the group and then backed away from the door while watching the guard retrieve his keys. When he opened the cell and gestured for Malik to come forward. "I don't have all day. Get out here!" He called out to him. If there was any time to strike, it'd be now.

Malik puts on that cocky expresson as he says to the guard. "Actually, I don't have any weapons. I just beaned you in the head with a rock." Semantics..but he also knows that it'll lock the guard off by him being a smart mouth. When the cell opens and Malik moves to step out, he suddenly slides a step to the side and attempts to smash his elbow in the guy's face, while at the same time, snatch the keys off his belt and toss them into the cell towards Shinta. He's hoping he's making enough of a distraction so that the little sleight of hand isn't noticed immediately.

The Kazekage's comment on finding the right person was something that had Shinta thinking. How many people could there be that liked to be bald but grow out their beards? It should be easy to pick out from all of the people inside though he'd be much happier to do it with all of his, and everyone else's gear back in hand. Shinta was a bit surprised at the quick action taken by Malik though this did prove Hiroto right on the other Hyato being more of a hunter than a scout. When the keys came his way the boy nearly fumbled with those keys but managed to somehow get them to soar over his shoulder and down the back of his shirt so that his other hand could catch the keys discretely when they dropped out of the bottom. With his left hand just barely behind his back, it looked more like it was in his pocket but made the keys an easy grab for Itami or Hiroto to take them and put them to effective use. No doubt they were more swift than a student was and more able to get past the guard so that they could put the keys to good use.

Hiroto watches the next scene take place in slow motion. Everything from Malik hitting the guard to the keys being tossed over to Shinta. Hiroto for his part looked around, and pondered the next move. Maybe scream riot and have Tenshi hit the alarm bells. Malik was distracting the guard with a convenient elbow and that was the chance to escape some. Hiroto got the keys and charged outwards before he began to look around the area. Once he got the area that looked like it would be the quickest route he began to move. Those keys would surely be needed to get to their things. Hopefully all of them doing their thing would be enough to cause the riot to start. If not surely Malik would scream something while he Hiroto is on his way to the gate. He would need it to start before hand. Though if it doesn't happen soon he would wait to possibly convince these people that fighting should happen.

"Well that rock is about to put you in a hard place," the guard spoke against Malik. He gestured for him to come out of the cell, but he didn't expect that gesture to be followed up with an elbow to the face. The pain was just enough to distract him from the removal of the keys from his belt and with a shout, he managed to gain the attention of other guards in the area. Two more gathered together to provide aid to the first one, unaware that his keys had been stolen and tossed to his cell mates.
Hiroto would burst through the two of them and being distracted by his attempted escape, they wouldn't see Itami coming from behind to drive their heads together and knock them out. The commotion doesn't escape the other cells, some of who have their ears pressed to the doors and faces against bars to hear and see what's happening. The word begins to spread that some guards have been put down and whispers quickly turn to murmuring. The footfalls and blur of Hiroto running off gains enough attention for some prisoners to begin talking. Talking soon turns to shouting as they argue back and forth with one another in support and opposition to his escape. It was enough to draw the attention of the rest of the guards on this floor, some of who beging to pursue Hiroto. "Don't let him escape!"
Itami stepped forward and peered outside the cell, seeing that the prisoners aren't quite stirred yet. They need more…"We need to set the prisoners free," she remarked. "Stir up more confusion."

At the order of stir up more confusion, Malik gives a hidden signal to Sinbad who dives from the sky towards the face of another guard. In fact, if someone else has keys on them, the falcon will attempt to snatch them off their waist, since Hiroto is long gone with the keys he snatched from the first guard. "Riot! Riot!" Malik yells as he aims a kick towards the groin of another guard. "You'll never take me down!"

Shinta would follow Itami's orders of more chaos to be made and took to running along the pathways while joining in on Malik's rallying cry of "Riot! Riot!" It was a good way to get some people going even if he was small and he wasn't without his own method of handling a few guards himself. Small as he was, Shinta would jump toward one of the guards as they closed in to try giving the guard one bearhug he'd never forget. Medics were skilled at aleviating pain so of course going along with that, the opposite was just as well known. A simple touch was all he needed to give the guard a body full of torn muscles and subdermal bleeding wounds. He did however dial it back enough to not cause damage that would last more than a day or two. They weren't here to kill anyone, right? Besides, this guard jingled like holiday bells with all of the keys on his belt..

Hiroto looks around and if Sinbad did not get his own set of keys he would throw his up the keys into the sky as Tenshi swooped down to grab them. Tenshi would if Sinbad didn't have his own set of keys now, Tenshi would bring those keys to Itami so she could let people free. Then he would wait for the guards that were comin for him, and quickly spin to trip the first one. Then he would punch the second one twice before backing away.

One set of keys on the guards receiving a face full of bird! It was enough for them to signal a call for an alarm. Guards with hooks would soon leave their posts and approach the bells with hooks at the ready. Bells ring and calls for a riot move like wildfire through the facility. It's quickly turning into a mess. Prisoners are banging on their doors and shouting, others are clanging against the bars, leaving ample opportunity for the gathered team to cause as much of a commotion as possible.
Two sets of keys between Malik and Shinta! A grand total of three given what Hiroto had on him. More than enough to set prisoners free and with the third pair coming to Itami, she made quick work of unlocking the cells of prisoners and letting them out, evading guards as she did so. The combined might of the four of them would prove difficult on these guards as they weren't trained for this level of fighting. Still, they had numbers and those numbers were quickly gathering. The criminal intended for spying waited patiently in his cell, waiting for the opportunity to be let out. This wasn't in his plans, in fact, he had no clue this was going to happen, but it was certainly a boon and one he expected to take advantage of.
Soon, enough cells would be unlocked and prisoners would begin to rush out, assaulting the guards and taking whatever keys and weapons they had for themselves to continue this break out. Those allied with the criminal quickly found his cell and freed him. Factions begin to build quickly as prisoners that favor one another are joining into groups and aggressions are turned from the guards to one another and the turmoil is soon to spill out into the yard and eventually the yard area. Itami goes around to summon Shinta and Malik to follow after her so they can pursue Hiroto and escape this place all as one, but first, they need their tools.

Malik sends Sinbad a signal to find and then track the crimminal that they came for. Leaving the falcon to do that, he focuses on following Hiroto as he leaps, ducks, and dodges to avoid the random attacks from guards. "I think it's time we got our gear, bro." He comments to the other Hayato as he takes another rock from his pocket and whips it towards the head of another guard. It'll hurt, but it won't kill him. "I've got Sinbad tracking our target, but he'll probably need some help."

Shinta let out a bit of an off as he landed on the screaming guard only to make off with the man's keys in hand and a smile on his face. Maybe he could swipe something from Jiro one day and teach the little looter a think or two even. When Itami sent out her summons for him, the small boy would finish unlocking the last cell and toss the keys to the criminal as he ran off after the other Sunagakure Ninja. Once he was close enough to Itami the boy would slip past a step to try getting just that much closer to his equipment for the time being.

Hiroto looks over at at Malik and nods slowly. Then as if on cue Tenshi would join Sinbad in their mission to keep track of their target. Next thing you know Hiroto was kicking a few more people that decided they were to stop him from escaping. Still he figured to unlock the door that surely kept their equpiment away they would need keys again. Luckily Itami should still have his. For now he would wait for the others to join him as he kept folks away.

Sinbad's sharp eye is enough to keep a lock on the guy they're looking for and while it may be difficult to hear, he'd certainly pick up gestures of the man talking and making arrangements with those around him. It's enough that the falcon could tell that the tide of this riot was beginning to turn in his favor as more and more factions were being assimilated under him. The shinobi here weren't the only ones hoping to take advantage of the situation, after all.
"Glad you all have made it here. The room should be just beyond here." She pointed ahead, watching untrained guards go flying left and right at Hiroto's advance. Before long, they're at the holding rooms for prisoner belongings and a quick search reveals where theirs are being held. Itami makes quick work of getting hers back, but they're not alone. There were goons that followed them inside, hoping to reap spoils for themselves and further, collect some items for the criminal mastermind.
"Hope you all have got your belongs back. We've got company," Itami remarked as the goons pushed past one another to try and attack the Suna shinobi.

Malik slides to a stop as they finally make to the room that holds their gear. As everyone gears up again, Malik throws on his vest, quiver, and picks up his bow. Pulling up the hood and then attaching the mask into place, he rotates his shoulders before nodding to Itami. "Yeah. It appears that we do." Since these guys weren't guards, Malik had no problems putting them down…however he did go for non-lethal parts of the body. He aims two arrows towards the upper thighs of the first goon to make it into the room. "By the way, I think Sinbad and Tenshi have found our guy." He glances over at Hiroto to check with him to see if he's right on that.

Shinta was just getting his poncho on and finishing the messy tying of his headband around his head so he could tug the funnel neck up over his head. As he tugged those special-Itami order gloves into place, Shinta would tug loose the wires a bit and charge them with his chakra before lashing them out toward the second inmate trying to get into the room. Working his fingers and shifting his hand to guide the lengths of razor wire around the inmate's neck, Shinta would jump toward the man. He was too small to pull the man down so why not go to him and give the man a cruel tap to the chest? A little breathing problem would keep him from being too much of a bother later on anyway.

Hiroto grabbed his own things and put his own mask on. The mask something he wears for nearly every mission of his. "Yes. Tenshi and Sinbad have for sure found him. He seems to be amassing power as it is." He pulled his own bow up and over himself with the quiver on his back. Then quickly he fired two arrows at more people who were approaching. "Alright. We know where to go, but we can move when you say we are ready." Another arrow was loaded and ready.

The goons that enter the room are picked off one by one with arrows launched into their bodies, razor wire wrapped around their necks and debilitating strikes to the chest. No one said they had to be powerful, but they were definitely effective. Goons fell to the side and on top of each other in piles, leaving the way clear for the shinobi to find their way back out and into the mess that is still this prison.
Out in the yard, the star prisoner is rallying the troops to band together and break out of the prison and in his clutches is none other than the Security Lead that guided the Suna shinobi into the prison earlier. He's attempting to use him as a bargain for the Warden to release him. Only now has the guy decided to make his entrance and it seems like he's not willing to let the prisoners go, no matter how bad the situation. Behind him is a more sophisticated force of guards, ready to take on the lesser sophisticated, but much greater number of prisoners. At this rate, it looks like a war might break out.

Malik rushes out of the door after the guards are put down. He pauses while he gets the lay of the situation back where the prisoners and guards are. His emerald green eyes shift to yellow with black pupils as he takes on the exact eye color of Sinbad. "This is going to be tricky. Gonna try to separate the criminal from the security head." Not having a direct line of sight to the arm holding the security head, Malik has to make an adjustment. He fires one arrow, and then quickly fires another right behind it. The second arrow overcomes the first, tipping it off kilter so that it richochets off one of the bars to strike the hand of the main criminal. Malik then fires another shot, seeking to ensnare the man inside of a net that pops out of the arrow just before it would impact.

Shinta would work his wires free from the inmate's throat the way he'd been taught and controlled the wires to reel themselves back into place before clenching his fist and following after the others on his way from inside of the room. After taking in the situation below, Shinta would back away from the railing and give the two Hayato clan members all the room they would need to do the long range that they excelled at. The best Shinta could do was tug loose his blow pipe and fire off a brief barrage of darts at the pressure points of those inmates below to give them a fairly painful strike.. He'd need to craft poisons for those darts later.

Hiroto follows along with Malik as he would be the better archer between the two of them, but for his part he would make sure they are going in the right direction to find that man, and going through the least amount of people to get their. Take out the head and the rest fall with it. As he runs he does fire two arrows at a few people that were forked. The attempts would hopefully stick them into walls making them slow down to free themselves.

The sound of an arrow ping echoes through the area, making it difficult to place where it was at. It became apparent once it made its way through the boss criminal's hand. Before he could even figure out who shot it, a net covered him and sent him tumbling. Prisoners soon tried to make up for the gap between the boss and the Security Lead, but found themselves tumbling as their bodies felt a pinch and fell to the ground. Others found themselves bound between forked arrows, granting the Security Lead the time he needed to free himself from the mob and escape. The Warden, witnessing the attacks on the inmates, called for his guards to lead an assault against the prisoners in order to beat them down and teach them a lesson. They weren't going to break out of here. Likewise, the boss criminal called for his forces to advance and meet the Warden's guards in the middle of the yard to retaliate. He used this final distraction to try and slip out to a blind spot of the prison to make his true escape.
Tenshi, while flying above can see the boss criminal quickly making his way away, arrow-hand and all, to a secluded portion of the prison where he arranged for his gang to break him free. It was a small blind spot, but significant enough that he'd be well hidden in making his escape. The Suna team may not have been able to spy as they wished to, but this could be their final act to secure the boss and top agents of his gang.

Malik grunts as the Boss finds a way out of his net. He shuffles a few steps to the side. He didn't have line of sight on the boss, but he's sure Hiroto did. So he would make sure to give Hiroto his shot by eliminating some of the competition. "Hide your eyes." He states to the group before firing and arrow into the mass of prisoners. The arrow then explodes with a blinding light, hopefully stunning some of them along with the boss.

Shinta was watching the goings on but a dart from a blow gun wasn't going to cut it and when Malik said to cover his eyes, the child did just that. Hiding his eyes away and listening to the explosion with only a slight flinch, Shinta would hear the booming sound of that explosion and then peek. With wide sandy tone eyes, Shinta began blinking slowly as he thought over what must be like to control so much destructive power at the flick of a wrist.

Hiroto was covering his eyes as he ran past ending up on the other side of the group. Then as he followed the target over there that he luckily had Tenshi keeping an eye on he raised his bow ready to do damage. First arrow fired would be a forked one that would be bounced off a wall to hopefully both trip and stick him into the ground. If an ankle was broke because of it then all the better since they needed to capture them. Then he would fire another one at any other top members nearby to hopefully stick them to the wall or ground as well.

The blinding flash of the explosion disorients enough prisoners to clear a path for Hiroto and grant him an exit to get to the boss. Some in the direct path of the explosion suffered some harm, but nothing lethal. Itami helped with crowd control by keeping prisoners and guards alike subdued under forceful winds and grounding them from anymore attack. The prison facility still had to stand, after all and they were not here to destroy it. Thankfully, the place only suffered minor damage. For shinobi and perhaps, for a mind like the boss, it could be escaped. However, boss's escape would come to a close as he's forked off by Hiroto. Guards that were lined up along the walls were able to gather up a ragtag team of and capture the gang waiting on the other side for him to escape to. This ought to hamper the boss's crime and further, provide evidence against his deeds with the Warden of this facility.

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