Prisoner Transport: Locked Up.


Hiroshi, Tosai, Natsuki, Tsukiko

Date: April 28th, 2010



"Prisoner Transport: Locked Up."


Another day another mission welcome to the life of a Konoha Shinobi. Once again Hiroshi would find himself as a mission squad leader, but unlike his last two missions this was in an entirely different league. The previous day the chuunin hyuuga would have been given the chance to lead a squad of 3+ on a B rank Mission. Though he was hesitant at first this faded as he realized who he would be leading. A member of his own cell, a good friend, and a fellow Konoha ninja. Hiroshi would receive a small green and red scroll labeled MISSION and the list and names of those who would be joining him. Konoha;s own lady Kage would be before the chuunin hyuuga hands folded together as she peers our at the teen and speaks.

"This mission is rather simple but will require that you and your squad are alert at all times. Big Boss Man bandit also known as Weezy was a former crime boss who terrorized many small villages in the land of fire A few days ago he was captured and is now being held in a neighboring village. It has been decided to keep the village from being a target by bandits and other rouges that the bandit king will be trialed and held here in Konoha until his sentence is up. You will be transporting him VIA wooden cart. Our intelligence believes his former men will be trying to get in contact with their boss and break him out, but this is where you and your team comes in. Protect the drivers of the cart until they are safely back in Konoha's walls."

That same day Tosai, Natsuki, and Tsukiko would have all received a letter of summons informing them of their assignment. The summons would also read for them to meet their chuunin squad leader at the gates of Konoha, by 2 o clock and leave the village by 3. It would now be 1:45 and there Hiroshi would find himself awaiting the other members of his squad. The teen hyuuga would be garbed in his green and black battle suit as always with a single black shoulder duffle bag. TOdays forcast would be partly cloudy with high's in the upper 70's with a pollen count of 10.

Since Natsuki was new to the village and to the life of a shinobi, she was under the guidance of Nakamura Ataru, one of the Kage's most trusted jounin assistants. It was with a smile that the jounin handed Natsuki her first mission assignment since becoming a ninja about 10 days prior. "A mission? Already Ataru-sama?" she asked, her eyes wide and bright with excitement as she began reading the scroll. "B rank? Bu bu bu but, bu bu b but, I'm not ready" she started to say but hardly got the ready out before Ataru shrugged, "Don't sweat it, you'll do fine. You're already very talented in Taijutsu from your training at the monastery. Not to mention, you figured out the replacement technique about the quickest of anyone I've ever seen. Just listen to your mission leader, follow his direction, and most likely you'll live." Gee, that was really encouraging. Natsuki smirked, "Okay then Ataru-sama. Thank you for the advice as always." She said calmly and respectfully, holding her hands together formally and bowing slightly. She then turned quickly and started rushing through the small one room apartment, "But what am I going to wear and do I have everything I need?" the girl sounded slightly panicked about not being ready for the mission. Ataru facepalmed and turned walking out of the girl's apartment and heading back to the office.
Meanwhile, Natsuki had managed to piece together some sort of strange kit of simple supplies in her knapsack, a coil of rope, some hand claws for climbing, and some field rations. She wrapped her bedroll around it, not sure if they would sleep on the mission or what. As she left the apartment building at 1:50 she stopped, "Damn, forgot my staff!" she swore as she turned and ran back up through the stairs and to her apartment. Of course, she'd have the room that was the hardest and most time consuming to get to. She grabbed her weapon and ran as fast as she could to the gate. She arrived, hunched over, her hands on her knees panting at 1:59:59 (1 second to spare). "Sassahara Natsuki." She said, gasping "Reporting sir."

Tsukiko, as usual, hurries to arrive early to the appointed meeting place. She has her pack over one shoulder and her scroll bag over the other. She smiles and stands at attention to her squad leader, "HIroshi-san. Hello." She looks around to see where the others are, who else is going on the mission with her. She nervously double checks her hip pouches again, then her scroll bag. making sure everything is within reach and packed correctly. She seems antsy, anxious for her first B-rank mission.

Tosai had been accustomed to escort missions. But this was had took the cake. Someone had finally caught Weezy, aka, Cousin Weezy of the Fuuma Alley Bad Lungs. Tosai had known this guy well, even in his days during the Great War, when Big Boss Man Bandit, used to send out bandit mercenaries as help to fight along with ninja. The guys had his hands in everything, and Tosai, had been known even to have skirmishes with the brute. But the man had not been seen in the three long years surrounded the unions of the 5 great nations. It seemed that this was just a way for him to be fizzled out the future.

Tosai could care less. As far as he was concerned, his connection with this man had been far from valid now, the young ninja having changed over a new leaf. He would have been glad to take the man into the hands of those that judged him, and do it successfully. His contribution to the peace that now was Konohagakure. Tosai would meet with the group, not taking lightly that this mission was B Ranked. He would say to hello to those he knew, and introduce himself to those he did not, keeping in mind the occasion, and waiting for what would be further brieffing from Hiroshi, standing well geared, and ready.

Hiroshi would simply be peering up in the sky as he stares blankly into those big white clouds. "How I envy your freeness. Immortal and can go anywhere you wish." He would say. A moment later Hiroshi would hear the patter of Tsukikos feet as she makes way towards his teachers side. "Greetings little Tsukiko, Bright and early as always it seems I hope you are ready for your first B rank mission." He would say smiling down at the girl. Hiroshi can only chuckle as he notices how Tsukiko seems somewhat jumpy. And with Tosai's arrival Hiroshi would give the large nin a friendly wave, "Hey there Tosai! Looks like we can finally get to watch each others backs on a mission. This will indeed be an honor." He would say smirking at the Akamichi before turning to Tsukiko, "Tsukiko This is Tosai a good friend of mine and the only guy I know who can beat me in a ramen eating contest."

After a moment of introductions Hiroshi would return to peering up at the sky. It would seem like the last moment of the cell would be late which in this case would not be good, luckily they did not leave the village until 3:00. BUT it would seem that Natsuki is the queen of last second arrivals. "Wow, you made it here in record time." Hiroshi would joke as he waves at the girl, "Hiroshi hyuuga, pleased to meet you. Guys introduce yourself to each other before I give out some information on the mission ok?" he would request and with that he was once again peering up at the sky.

Hiroshi would wait until their done making introductions before he finally speaks. "Well I'm sure you guys got the Memo but I will fill you in on a bit more info. Tsukiko I am sure you remember the big boss bandit we beat down on our last mission, well it seems like he did some other staff he shouldn't have and now he is locked up they wont let him out." Hiroshi would clear his through and lean back against the gates, "Well our job is to guide the cart drivers safely to Konoha. Rumor has it his henchman will try to bust him out, that's where we come in. Any questions so far?" He would ask curiously.
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Natsuki nodded to Hiroshi as he introduced himself, "Hai, sorry I'm late. I got out of my apartment and it dawned on me, I forgot my staff." She said calmly. She then nodded to Tsukiko and Tosai, "Sassahara Natsuki, from the Monastary of the White Rocks in the Land of Earth and new genin of the Village Hidden in the Leaves." She stated. "My pleasure to meet you." She said then clasped her hands in the ceremonious position of a respected greeting and nodded her head.

As she heard Hiroshi explain the mission, a somewhat puzzled look crossed Natsuki's face, "Why would a cart driver have henchmen?" she asked, apparently something didn't always click in the genin or perhaps, her grey hair was a sham and she was really blond!

Tsukiko would nod to Hiroshi, "Hai, Hiroshi-sama. I hope I can carry my weight. I will do my best." She turns and bows to each Tosai and Natsuki in turn, "Hello. I am Abe Tsukiko. I look forward to being your teammate." She looks back to Hiroshi, "I.. do we have a plan yet.. or.. uhm.. where are we going to meet the prisoner?

Waving, then bowing to Hiroshi, Tosai would laugh, and smile, saying, "I bet so. Its a nice change of pace from kicking the living snot out each other, don't you thing, Hiro-kun?", this said as a large hand would pat the smaller Hyuuga on the back twice. Hearing his on introduction to Tsukiko, he would bow, and say, "Hehe, its not that big of a deal. Besides, we all know that Hiro should have been born an Akimichi. He does better with a right hook than he does with a Gentle Fist anyway!" He would let of a jovial loud laugh. When Natsukie would introduce herself, Tosai would bow, and say, "Aahhh.. A genin from a long ways off. Welcome to Konoha. Akimichi Tosai. Chuunin." He would make a bow to her as well.
Of course when the introductions would be done, the Akimichi would have a question saying, "I suppose too that knowing Weezy, if I remember him well enough, these guys will be in mass. I am familiar with the coalition he deals with. Alot of guys, not experienced but with alot of numbers. Only thing I would like to know is will there be steak afterwards? I haven't had hot pot in weeks, and I am getting hungry even now." The Akimichi thought more with his stomach even now than anything else. Hearing Natsuki's comment, the Akimichi would sweatdrop before laughing nervously and saying, "No, Natsuki-san. It will be Henchmen of the man being escorted. Not the cart driver."

"Yes Tosai is correct the Henchman will be attempting to break their boss out. Our job is to prevent that while the cart makes its two day journey to Konoha. Now we are all Ninja and can move at a fast pace, it may take us around 12-15 hours to make it there if we run and rest regularly. Which is still good time for us. But for two days we will have to walk and watch after the cart. And yes Tosai there will be food. I don't know about stake but the village we are heading to is famous for its BBQ. So I am sure even that could fill your stomach my friend." The teen would chuckle before turning his attention to tsukiko the hyuuga would just smile casting his pale eyes over to peer curiously at Tsukiko.

"There are four of us and each of us will guard a wall. I will have my byakugan on constantly and will be able to tell if any enemies comes withen range of us. But there is a small 4 degree spot I may need some assistance with. In that case Tosai will cover my blind spot in the rear wall and keep a look out. Tsukiko you are very strategic when fighting, So your will be in the left side of the northern wall. You are also good at Ninjutsu and this will help in taking down long range attackers. Tosai's jutsu are taijutsu but his bloodline expansion is something that can help bridge any gap. And as for Miss Natsuki. Why don't you give us a small run down on your fighting abilities before we head off?" he would request as he turns to peer at the girl.

A light bulb would go off in Natsuki's head when Tosai and Hiroshi cleared up her slight misunderstanding. "Ah, so the prisoner's henchmen. That makes much more sense. I hope they are nice and we can settle things peacefully." She said, completely serious about the issue being settled peacefully! Wow, where did this girl come from? "You're hungry? Here, have some Mochi! I made it last night." She said, reaching into her knapsack and pulling out a bag full of mochi. "It's not steak, but it's the best I can do at the moment."
After tossing the mocha to Tosai, she looked over to Hiroshi, "Well, I was trained in the gung fu of the Monks of the White Rocks in the Land of Earth. I have mastered many of their hand to hand combat techniques. I, really, am pretty new in most of your arts, though Ataru-sama has been helping me and I have mastered the Replacement Technique." She stated calmly. "I know, I am most likely the weakest link in this team, and for that, I apologize. I pray I do not bring you dishonor in this mission. I promise, to do my best." She stated calmly and honestly.

Tsukiko nods carefully listening to the mission briefing. "Will we be keeping the same formation during the travel too, you ahead, tosai behind, me on the left and Natsuki-san to the right?" She looks to Natsuki and thinks a moment. She reaches into her pouch and takes a spare bangle out and offers it to the girl. "wear this on you. I'll be able to help watch out for you through it… Though my eyesight is nothing compared to Hiroshi-sama's.. its really just a trick.. but it will help." She ohs, "will we be taking the same route back that we take there?"

"Mmmmmm…..barbecue…*drooollll*.." would be Tosai's thought to the whole thing, as he would here those last words and began to daze off into dreamland. He would feel himself running across an open field of daisies, a love song playing in the air, as time would seem to slow down passionately. He felt himself looking into the distance, running toward something that made himself smile, and drool. What had it been, but a hopping rack of barbecue ribs, frolicing toward him as if they had been long lost pals. Tosai would extends his arms, crying out, "Ribs!!", cheerfully, as the ribs themselves would run to him, shining with a heavenly glow of caramelized sauce, the hickory smell lifting him off his own feet with every step he made. The closer they got, the stronger the smell, the more heightened the anticipation. It would seem they would finally touch!!
Then talk of strategy, along with a small bag of Mochi, would bring the large man out of Dreamland, just in time for the large oaf to hear of the origins of Natsuki, as well as his and Tsukiko's involvements with the strategy. He would say, "Hmmm…Gung Fu, eh? I think that you may be familiar then with roaming Monk Ki Kokezaru of the Temple of Fire (Famous Monk Fighter…would be known even out in the Land of Earth). I would hope you see me after this mission, Natsuki san. He is my teacher. Oh, and thanks for the snack.", said with a light bow. "As for you being the weakest, Natsuki-san, do not sell yourself short. Gung Fu is an exceptionally powerful form of fighting."
Hearing and nodding approvingly to Tsukiko's actions, Tosai would smile, and say, "That seems like a good plan to me, Tsukiko. Hiroshi-kun, I would think it proper to go with Tsu-san's strategy, as long as we are sure to keep watch of each other's placement."

Hiroshi would nod his head several times in understanding as Natsuki speaks. As she brings about the words dishonor Hiroshi would simply chuckle. "There is no dishonor in running, none in being weak, and none in admitting you are not as strong as other. Knowing your weaknesses is the first step to achieving a new power. You will bring us no dishonor, but my mission and Tosai's mission not only revolves on keeping that bandit in the cage, but keeping you and Tsukiko out of harms way. And I'm sure just by sharing lunch with Tosai he will become your guardian in this life and the next." Hiroshi would comment chuckling lightly as he smiles at the group.

" Don't be so modest Tsukiko, your techniques are unique and no one else seems to be able to do such things with mirrors as you can. Everyone in my clan has the byakugan, but you are the only mirror ninja I know so far and Even Tosai thinks it's a good plan to go around with your ability." He would say in a polite tone. After clearing his throat and straightening his duffle over his shoulder Hiroshi would give the group a thumbs up, "If there are no more questions, shall we all head to out destination. The little rock village is a small settlement and may not be able to defend themselves properly if attacked, so shall we make haste to prevent such a thing?" He would ask peering out at the group to make sure they had no more questions before disembarking."Oh and to answer your question little Tsukiko, yes we will take the same path for about half way, and at that point we will be changing coarse just to make sure we don't run into any unwanted company."

"Ah, The Honorable Kokezaru. Yes, he is probably as famed in the Land of Earth as he is in the Land of Fire. A few years ago, he and Yao Zhu of a neighboring monastery sparred." Natsuki said, "I happened to be there learning the art of weaving and saw the match. It was a most phenomenal display of chi enhanced techniques that I had ever seen. You should feel blessed to have such a talented Master to teach you. I would be much appreciative of a chance to see what he has taught you. Perhaps we can have a picnic sometime." She chuckled, having heard tales of the Akimichi only to have the legends reinforced by Hiroshi's teasing.
Natsuki then took the bangle from Tsukiko and attached it to the laces that held her sleeves securely against her arms. "Thank you, Tsukiko-san. And thank all of you for your kind words. I look forward to getting this started, if anything, so you can make your own opinion of me and my skills."

Tsukiko nods and smiles to Natsuki, "its ok. You and I would probably be a good pairing. I'm not very good hand to hand. Most of my abilities are ranged. I would be good support while you dealt damage." She looks to hiroshi, "Let me know what parts we'll be recrossing. I'll plant a mirror or two on the way in places that can watch ambush points. I don't have enough for the whole path though. I can't afford that many bangles…" She checks her bags again and nods, "I am ready Hiroshi-sama"
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Nodding to the words of Hiroshi, Tosai would smile, and flex a bicep, saying, "He is right! Its amazing how easily it is to have me as a friend. All I need is a snack and a handshake.", laughing heartily at his own words. He would look to the three, and when Natsuki would say of her own master, his jaw would drop. "Ya-yao Z-hu?? The~ Yao Zhu? As in the Conquering Chi of Gung Fu, Yao Zhu? I knew he and that old monk had been familiar with each other, but wow…. They actually sparred? Damn monk!! When I get his hands on him, I swear its going to be hell to pay. Damn roaming, practicaly joke of a co-…" Of course Tosai could have went on to insult is master further, but he had been one to keep his calm, and with him going on, they would be wasting time. He would just conclude things with the acceptance of Natsushi's invite with a soft nod, and a smile, saying, "I may have to bring my clan's desserts. Perhaps we can talk more after the mission." With that he would, if the group had been ready to move, began to follow along in formation. "I am sure as well, Natsuki-san that your skills will have a story to tell when the time comes."
Meanwhile with everything being set up, it seemed like everyone was ready to go. Tosai would take his position as rear guard pretty seriously.

And with that the Shinobi were off. The large green gates of Konoha would be behind them and the bright green forest tree's ahead. The squad of Tosai, Tsukiko, Natsuki, and Hiroshi were off to the small village which is a two days walk from Konoha, but moving at shinobi speed the team would make it there in record time. "By the time we get to the village we will rest at the guard house. We will take turns watching over the prisoner and sleeping. And I am sure we can grab some boar or pig for dinner Tosai. But you may have to end up hunting it yourself, but if you are lucky they may have some already cooked for us. If not we will have to just wait." Hiroshi would say as the shinobi take to the forest tree's jumping from branch to branch. "Natsuki, you said this is your first mission, well then I don't want you to feel nervous. And Tsukiko this is your first B rank mission so I don't want you to feel nervous either ok?"

Hiroshi would simply chuckling peering back at the two before facing forward again to speak. "Do you know why geese fly in a V shape? The reason is so that the ones in the front help left up the ones in the back. The air currents that flow from the front of the v helps push up the back Geese maneuvering abilities. We are all like Geese when it comes to missions. We lift each other up" He would say chuckling lightly. Evening was setting in and the sun was starting to descend while the crescent moon ascends.

"Bah, who said I was nervous about the mission? I'm excited actually. I just don't want you to expect me to be something I'm not." She said. "And no, Yao Zhu was not my teacher. He just happened to be at a that monastery that I visited to learn to weave as we had no weavers at the monastery where I resided. Most of my time there, was spent pursuing the best of my ability with weaving." She stated. "My master, Jhang Yi, is rather humdrum as far as fame for martial arts goes. He focuses more on the internal arts and walks the path of non violence as much as he can. However, when the need arises, he can take care of what needs to be taken care of." She said, running along with the group and despite her training at the monastery, she could just barely keep up with the faster ninja as they raced to the village.

Smiling, Tosai hardly seemed to look toward the foward path as they moved. Being the big guy, he often had been rear guard in the many missions and four man plattoons he had been part of. He would litterally be running backwards most of the trip, still keeping up, while maintaining his view of behind them. "Heh, hopefully. If not, then I think I have something in one of these scrolls of mine that I could whip up once we get there. Ain't no reason for us to go hungry once we get there." Tosai would be hitting his steps with expert agility, even for one of his size, all the while listening to Hiroshi and his comrades. "Aww, Hiroshi. Don't get all philosophical on us yet… Besides, you know I am just to heavy for any amount of air to keep me afloat.", saying this with a light chuckle.
When Natsuki would make the correction of who her master had been, Tosai would say, "I see. Still, I have heard of the many teaching of Jhang Yi as well. A great man in the temple world. His teachings provide a greater philosophy on warriors conduct, as well as how man should treat man.

When Natsuki would make the correction of who her master had been, Tosai would say, "I see. Still, I have heard of the many teaching of Jhang Yi as well. A great man in the temple world. His teachings provide a greater philosophy on warriors conduct, as well as how man should treat man." Tosai would have been rembering his time at the Fire Temple at this point. Most of his lessons there were not on the part of Taijutsu or any combat for that matter, but rather on how to live a sober, humble life, not constrained with the problems and attachments which make life hard. He learned the qualities which now help him remain morally upright, not in search of vain glory, and revenge. Tosai's life had been turned around only because of the things that Kokezaru didn't teach, and the philosophy that men like Jhang Yi lived by. He would smile in thought before asking Hiroshi.. "How far are we now, Hiro-kun?"

Tsukiko watches the pathways on the way there. When she passes a spot that would make a good ambush point, she throws one of her bangled senbon, planting it behind the ambush point where, hopefully, it would be overlooked. She tries to keep up with group, playing catch up for a few jumps after planting her mirrored pin.

"If we keep at our current pace we will make it there before night fall and head back to konoha by morning, but if we speed up we will make it there in 3 more hours or so, and be able to leave before night. Then we would have to worry about the cart being attacked during the night. I would think a small rest would be good for us all though. So I plan to have us leave at dawn and head out." He would say as he moves to brush his long ebony hair over his shoulders and tucking it down his shirt. The squad would travel for a good hour as they swiftly move down the path with the villages gates being seen in the far distance.

"We are almost there. Oh, before I forget, just in case you guys wanted to relax a bit. I hear this village is small but they have some of the best eats in the area next to Konoha Tosai. Maybe we can grab a few hundred plates of food before we go. And Oh! If your interested Natsuki I here this place has an old time shrine which is dedicated to peace and harmony of fighting. Think of it as a true art of the gentle fist, unlike how the hyuuga use it. Oh and Tsukiko I hear this place is famous for its glass works, maybe you can find something to assist you in your jutsu." He would note and before long they were at the village gates.

"Right on time as planned." Hiroshi would say as he moves to approach one of the guards. "I am here for prisoner transport one one three four." He would say. The large heavy set guard would nod as he beckons hiroshi to follow. "Ok guys I will be at the jail. Tosai how about you go make some dinner reservations for us. And Tsukiko and Natsuki you could you both go check in to our hotel room. IF you guys want to explore the town or come over to the jail with me its up to you. Just make sure you are all back at the hotel for dinner by 7 ok?"

Had Natsuki been any other person ICly, she may begin to wonder if Hiroshi was taking them on a quick little vacation trip or a real mission! However, she was Natsuki and the thought never really crossed her mind. "Sounds good, with your permission, after we arrive I will visit the shrine and pray to the ancestors for a safe mission." She stated calmly and struggled just slightly to keep up the pace, having not fully mastered the chakra control that allowed the elite running nonstop for hours and hours on in. She would probably be slightly winded when they arrive.

A while later, before being dismissed to go to the shrine if it would be allowed, Natsuki and the group arrived into the heart of the village. As they walked around the rather small and poor village (nothing too fancy in the way of merchants or lodgings or buildings in general) Natsuki would notice something kinda unique. "Wow, red scarves must be all the rage. I must totally spend a little ryo and purchase one now that I'm not required to dress in accordance with the standards of the monastery."

Tsukiko had always wondered if the quality of the mirror would would change the power of her jutsus. She nods to Hiroshi, "I will be back shortly." She hurries to the market when the group splits up, wanting to get to the shops before they closed. She searches for the glassworks shop and stops when she sees the red scarfed thugs. She ducks around a corner taking more care to spy on them. trying to get a count of them. She focuses in one store window, using the reflection for her jutsu. From her hidden position she searches from every mirror, reflective store front, and shined metal she can spread her mirror sight to, counting the gang members.

Listening to Hiroshi as thet made it there, Tosai would nod, his mouth salivating slightly at the thought of food, though he wished he could slap Hiroshi for exaggerating. A few hundred plates? Tosai was an eater, but even he had some form of trouble stomaching that much. His current limit was about 60. Hearing about the places, perhaps they would have more time to sight see, if Hiroshi had planned things right. /If/…. But Tosai wasn't much about being a tourist. They had a mission, and he had as much of a reason to put Weezy behind bars as anyone had. The guy had been running Fuuma Alley for years… nearly an entire decade. Many lives had been lost from this guy.
Being told the sites would come in handy, as Tosai, would hear of the command to go for…reservations? "Hiroshi.. Now you now how I am about fancy places. Aren't we on-.. Nevermind.", a hand be waved dismissively at the sort of request he had been issued. The place he would find that was at least 4 star's, was a place called Le' Physique.. A large restaurant about as large and as foreign as the name it pictured on the sign outside. Inside? Chandeliers, and fine pieces of art from all over the place. Tosai was not surprised or amazed, but hey they wanted reservations so.. It would be at a table nearby, as Tosai would have been confirming the seating and what have you, that two large men, at a table, fancily dressed, yet with haggard scarred faces would have been laughing at a table nearby, drunk from the champagne they poured. They seemed to brag something about, a break out… Tosai's ears would perk up. "So dey sayin dat the boss gonna be along High Road and Sakura when da bombs go off right??" Thwap!!, would be the sound made by the smaller man, with shades and a spoon, who say, "Naw, ya mook!! And be quiet!! I'm saying dat once he gets to the fork over on Yakasaki, and Chukata, we got the boys dere, ready to spring him out." A sip of wine would be put down before he would chuckle again, saying, "Dem ninja ain't gonna know what hit em!!"
Tosai, who would hear this, had half a mind to beat both of the brutes down his self, but the damage it would cause this restaurant was more than he could pay for on a chuunin's salary. His choice? Run tell Hiroshi.

The large guard would lead Hiroshi towards the jail house. This giant stone structure would be guarded by three also over weight bald head jailers. "now, der where did I put meh keys?" he would ask himself. They were clearly attached to the strap of his belt resting against he large butt. "Uhhhh, I don't know, maybe you should take a seat and see if you feel them." Hiroshi would say in a calm tone, but he sure as hell was not touching those keys. It would take the large jailer a few moments but he would find them. "Ok erh, we will be releasing him into your hands as planned tomorrow afternoon right?" Hiroshi would answer but pull out a small notepad holding it up to the jailers view. "Yes as said on this pad we will escort him out at the said time." The jailer would peer at Hiroshi scratching his head in a confused manner but simply nods.

Hiroshi would then quietly explain to the jailer their current situation and it would seem as the two were in good standings. Night would soon fall and Hiroshi would be leaving the jail in route towards the hotel where he would seemingly beat everyone back to, but they were all planned to be there by 7 so he thought he would lounge around a bit. An open scroll in one hand his black and green vest would be discarded to the side revealing his tan skinned body. "Well all is on plan I would guess." He would say checking off a few things on his scrolls as his pale eyes dart towards the door.

The large guard would lead Hiroshi towards the jail house. This giant stone structure would be guarded by three also over weight bald head jailers. "now, der where did I put meh keys?" he would ask himself. They were clearly attached to the strap of his belt resting against he large butt. "Uhhhh, I don't know, maybe you should take a seat and see if you feel them." Hiroshi would say in a calm tone, but he sure as hell was not touching those keys. It would take the large jailer a few moments but he would find them. "Ok erh, we will be releasing him into your hands as planned tomorrow afternoon right?" Hiroshi would answer but pull out a small notepad holding it up to the jailers view. "Yes as said on this pad we will escort him out at the said time." The jailer would peer at Hiroshi scratching his head in a confused manner but simply nods.

Hiroshi would then quietly explain to the jailer their current situation and it would seem as the two were in good standings. Night would soon fall and Hiroshi would be leaving the jail in route towards the hotel where he would seemingly beat everyone back to, but they were all planned to be there by 7 so he thought he would lounge around a bit. An open scroll in one hand his black and green vest would be discarded to the side revealing his tan skinned body. "Well all is on plan I would guess." He would say checking off a few things on his scrolls as his pale eyes dart towards the door.

As Tosai bust through the door Hiroshi would only blink curiously as he seems to be back sooner than he thought. The large nin would explain what was over heard and Hiroshi would simply nod. "Yep that was expected, which is why I have made certain procedures about our stay here. And with your intel this will make things go a lot easier than I expected. I will explain the full jest of what I mean once everyone returns here. Also it is good to know you placed that reservation but sadly we wont be using it. We will take our food to the jail house and eat." Hiro would explain.

After the hotel had been acquired and before Hiroshi got back, the young kunoichi ventured out to the merchant area and spotted a small cart with a sign "Small Time Rags." Proudly displayed though, was a nice bright red scarf. She smiled and looked to the merchant, who with little conversation sold the girl a scarf that she happily tied around her neck. She then ventured towards the Shrine to pay her respects and pray for success on this mission. She lit a few sticks of incense at the shrine, clapped her hands and prayed as was customary. After she was done she then turned from the shrine and began to head back to the hotel to wait for the group to go to dinner.

As Natsuki enters the hotel room Hiroshi would simply smirk at her as she sports her red bandana. "Interesting colors you have." Hiroshi would say chuckling lightly as he peers to Tosai. "Well now all we need do is wait for Tsukiko and I can explain everything in full." He would say. The hyuuga teen would roll up the scroll as Tsukiko comes in. "Hmmm, 20 of them you say? You are trailing them? Alright that should do well, but if we are lucky they are as dumb as I planned." Hiroshi would say clearing his throat. "Alrighty time to explain my actions. On our way here I spoke out loud our plan to stay over night until dawn. The reason of this being if any robbers were in the area this is what they would expect for us to do which we will. I also had each of you to go our and search the town. The way you were acting neither of you were expecting to find anything but to simply have fun. For one in Tosai's case."

" He went to the restraunt expecting to make reservations but in turn came back with valuable information that these bandits are planning an ambush near the fork we passed on our way here. You Natsuki have come back wearing believe it or not the exact colorful bandana as the same bandits we took down a week ago. And tsukiko you basically were able to analyze how many bandits are remaining in town vs how many are attempting to break him out. Does everyone see what I mean? Basically a little fun and relaxation leads to a lot of information." The hyuuga would say chuckling lightly. "But first things first. We will not be staying here. Instead we will sleep in the jail house. Tosai will bring us some food to the house and the rest of us will board the place down and we are not leaving until dawn. Restrooms and showers are in there so no need to leave. And come the first sign of dawn we load the prisoner up and move out. Any questions?"

Tsukiko nods. "I'll need to get some rest and some food. I spent alot of chakra searching the town and on my clone." She yawns a little. "If everything goes well, the clone will come back and report.. if not.. i know where I'll be leaving the notes.. so.. we are still leaving in the morning?"

Natsuki looked over at the overly plush luxurious bed that would have been hers for the night and frowned. "Oh well, we're not on vacation, just hope the jail has hot water to make some tea." She said with a bit of a sigh. "Important thing is that we get this prisoner transported successfully." She added, a little too chipperly. "I still like my bandanna though, it's pretty! These bandits must have good taste."

Tosai would nod towards his given orders and the large nin would then make way towards the one of the many dining restruants and stock up on nothing but food food and more food. Hiroshi can only chuckle as he bends down to take his vest in hand. "Alright then Tosai will bring us some food to the jail house. And Tsukiko you and Natsuki can take the first shifts. I can handle myself longer on the long trip back home so I will get the less amount of sleep giving you both enough time to recharge." Hiroshi would say. As the three headed towards the jail house Hiroshi would keep a sharp eye out for any bandits trailing them, and luckily enough for them none were. As the group made it to the jail house they would find it was well stocked with a kitchen, completely bathroom and a small rest area for the guards. "You two can do as you wish for now. Tosai will be here any moment with some food, and if you're still hungry raid their pantry."

Hiroshi would say as he sits and waits for Tosai. The large nin would be well on his way as he comes rushing in towards the jail house knocking only a few times before the door is opened for him by Hiroshi. "Feeding time come and get it." Hiroshi would say closing the door behind TOsai and sealing it shut with a big latch. TOsai would have brought 6 very large bags containing anything from shrimp fried rice, egg rolls,crawfish, ham, turkey, butter rolls and biscuits, noodles, steaming hot bowl of ramen with a proper lid, and one bag containing nothing but snacks and junk food. "I will just have Ramen and tea you guys can have the rest." Hiroshi would say taking the bowl from the bag as Tosai set them down, "Would anyone else like some before we start the shifts? I will sleep for 3 hours and you guys can take the rest of the night." He would say. It is currently 8 PM and they were stationed to leave the jail house at 6AM.

Tsukiko's eyes bug out from the sacks of food, completely floored by it. She can't even figure out where to start, but finally sticks with shrimp fried rice and an egg roll. She munches with her back to a wall so she can eat while she stands guard. She eats heavily for her.. which is still only a moderate meal for most people.

It didn't take long for Natsuki to dive almost head first into the food that Tosai brought, especially the shrimp. MMMM Shrimp and fried rice, it may have been sweet ambrosia nectar flowing down from the gods on Mount Olympus from the way the girl reacted to the food. "Wow Tosai, you know how to order don't ya?" she asked, talking a little with her mouth full. "It's sooooo good." She stated. "I'm still a little stuck on the sleeping cycle from the monastery. So, I think it would be best if I take the first watch." She stated casually as she ate her dinner.

"Fair enough." Hiroshi would say finishing his food and heading to sleep. Hiroshi and Tosai would sleep for 3 hours each before waking up at 12 and switching with Natsuki and Tsukiko. "Ok Tosai you get some more sleep till 3 and I will sleep till five. Let the others sleep, we have a long road ahead of us." And the two did just that each of them switching off once until morning finally came. Hiroshi would be awakened by Tosai and the two would then start to wake up Tsukiko and Natsuki. "Ok guys remember the enemy is planning an ambush around the fork which leads to this town and the great river. We are going to take a different path that deals with us going over the fork rather than through it. IT will be a rough path going up the large hills but its just about the safest route. Lucky for us Tosai ate a lot and his expansion jutsu will come in handy during our travel." He would say winking up at the large ninja.

As the meeting came to a climax Hiroshi would have headed into the dungeon half of the jail house and peered at the keys. "No way in hell I am touching those. Oh Tosai Come help me with these keys will ya?" And Tosai would do just that. As the bandit looked at the ninja he would attempt to rush them but was caught in hand by Tosai. "Cant have him running away on us. Spine strike!" And with that the Bandit was paralyzed by the hyuugas juuken spine strike. It would take the ninja a few moments but finally the bandit was all loaded up and they were off and out of the village, but instead of going through the northern gates then went on the south side.

Natsuki wasn't completely sure what the new route was, but wasn't surprised at the slight change in plans there. So far, everything seemed to be going as well as can be expected. Sure, the prisoner tried to rush past them, but eh, yeah, that wouldn't work very well. "Ready to go when you are Sempai." She said casually, to pretty much all the shinobi she was with but mostly to Hiroshi since he was in charge.

Tsukiko takes her place at the left hand side of the formation. She looks at the wagon and the prisoner. She looks at them wagon then the road ahead, "I'm too far to check on the mirrors i places still. but I'll check them when we get closer.

The prisoner transport would be going smooth as could be, well minus the damn loud prisoner. "Let me the feth out of here. I have my rights You hear me? I got my damn right, let me out of here." Hiroshi can only sigh and mutter, "You have the right to remain silent, you have the right to not drop the soap, and you do not have the right to have an attorney, now would you please shut up!" The hyuuga would scream. The prisoner would go silent for only a moment before he is pushing and shaking the cart once more. "Damnit." Tosai would be the one pushing it and he would not be to happy about it. "I am going to take you out of this box and rip you in half if you don't shut your ass up!" Tosai would shout.

Meanwhile the bandits would be sitting at the fork road, "Where the hell are they? They were supposed to be here by now!" One larger bandit would shout as he knocks down one of the signs. "Alright you 10 scan the hills in the back if you find anything, report back now!" The other bandits would be sent towards the borders of Konoha, some to scan the village again. Many of the bandits heading towards the hills would pass by and come into contact with Tsukikos mirrors and boy did they look tough.

Tsukiko spends time watching her mirror sentries as soon as she is in range again. "they're sending scouts out to the north now. Big and slow, but on an intercept course. they figured it out.

As the prisoner escalated the emotions of her team, Natsuki would sigh and shake her head. "You know, the more you guys get frustrated and react to this prisoner's shouting, the more he will do it. Focus on your mission, not on him. Keep your cool and he'll find that he cannot shake you." She said, reciting from her memory one of the many lessons taught to her by Jhang Yi during her years at the monastery. Hearing the report from Tsukiko, she frowned. "I'm not surprised, there are only so many roads to Konohagakure." She said.

Tsukiko really hit the nail on the head. The bandits were coming and in large numbers. "They are huh? I was hoping we could have covered a bit more ground. But ohwell. Tosai you will be on guard duty. Your Jutsu and power can keep any and everyone away. And if they manage to get past you, sit on em." He would say before turning to the entire team now. "If the cart gets damaged to badly it will break and he will be free. Our objective now is to beat these guards and prevent them from damaging the cart. By all means do not let that guy get out. He may not seem like it but he is no push-" And at that moment a horde of arrows would be heard and seen filling the sky each aimed at the shinobi. "Incoming!" Hiroshi would take a single kunai from his pouch as an amount of veins bulge and protrude from his eyes to ear. (hiroshi-(25-20-30) Tsukiko(10-15-14) Natsuki(15-17-20).

Hiroshi would quickly move into action knocking away the incoming arrows from reaching the large wagon. "Remember protect the transport!" He would shout once more as he gathers a amount of chakra. "Come on, Come on, come over that hill." He would say to himself as he scans the area. "Tsukiko left side protection Natsuki right, Tosai watch your back." And Tosai did just that the large nin would expand his weight in order to swallow the incoming arrows into his fat rolls.

Tsukiko was ready for an attack already. When the rain of arrows arrives, Tsukiko gathers the wind and the loose leaves from from the ground. The leaves and debris spin in a chakra fueled miniature storm which she releases towards the arrows. The chakra sharpened debris slices the arrows to pieces and adds them to the storm's debris before the chakra runs out, leaving the pieces to drop. She draws a kunai in one hand and a glitter pellet in the other and waist for the attackers to near

Natsuki moved to the right flank of the cart, her staff in her hand, her eyes staring out into the trees that bordered the road. Arrows, crap, she took a deep breath as she lifted her staff. A quick spin, wrap around her body and smack the arrows were being beat down before they hit her or the cart. "Be ready." She said, mostly to herself, she had done caravan guarding missions before with the monks from time to time as they traveled, however, usually it wasn't an organized affair and the attacker was usually an animal seeking food from one of the merchants.

The earth would seem to shake as the battle cry of the bandits can be heard swarming from all four sides. "Get them!" would be the only words one would hear coming from the bandits. Inside of the transport the bandit king would be cackling devilishly as he chants get them over and over. "My warriors have come for me!" He would scream as he begins to bang against the walls. Both Natsuki and Tsukiko would find themselves on the wrong side at 5 bandits quickly head for them. 5 more with tosai and another 5 in front of Hiroshi. The glitter bomb would have protected the cart and managed to slow down the archers as their eyes are now filled with glitter, they wont be in commission for long. The bandits who come after Natsuki seem to specialize in taijutsu as they all attempt to double team her (20-25-20 to defend) And as for Tsukikos side this fighter would come up with picks and shovels attempting to bash at the little girl (15-20-23)

Hiroshi on the other hand would be faced with a large heavy set crowd. "Let me guess you guys are all here for my autograph right?" He would ask curiously but get his answer at the long end of a big club (30). One of the larger ninja would come forward in attempts to stomp Hiroshi (20) while the others would try to restrain (25+stun)

Tsukiko takes a half step back motioning with her hand. A sudden wind gust catches the first thug's shover, causing him to over-swing into the second thug. The other two attacks seem yo land solidly on her.. into the image shimmers and shatters leaving a pile of broken mirror glass in her stead. Suddenly from the trees and rain of wind sharpened senbon streak out towards the thugs backs before Tsukiko steps out. "Seven years bad luck. give up now, maybe you'll survive to see the end of that."

The bandits swarmed in around Natsuki, her staff spinning quickly as she attempted strike the offending baddies as they rushed around her. It was a flurry of wood and fists and god knows what else and there was little the girl could do to fight them off. They beat on Natsuki hard. The girl's skin quickly turned red and swollen from the injuries she was beginning to sustain, but they wouldn't stop her yet. She reached her hand out, her fingers curled into a tiger's claw and attempted to rip at one of the attackers faces before grabbing her weapon and in a flurry of spins and strikes attempted to strike again with the staff.

Hiroshi would have accepted the wrong half of the blunt weapon knocking him back into the transporter wiggling it a bit. "Nice swing." He would dash forward evading the stomp and countering with his own strike. "Nice try." And with that Hiroshi would slam an open fist into the other guys face. " Ouch talk about bloody nose." He would say. For Tsukikos attackers they would come to find that the little genin was hard to hit. "OWW!!! My hand that little monster." They would complain as a number of them would have shards of glass stuck in their fist. The bandits who were beating on Natsuki seemingly found her easy prey, but there attitude would soon change as she slices into their skin filling her claws with a thick crimson blood. And it would not stop their, the striking attack from her staff beat them down even more. Seems Natsuki wasn't the only one doing some slicing, Tsukikos wind sharps manage to slice the arms, legs, and chest of her enemies causing them to fall to the ground, but that was only the first wave.

"I think that-" Hiroshi would not get to finish that sentence as the ground before them rembles and an even larger and I do mean larger bandit finds his way up the mountain. "Uh-oh. Um TOsai, ummm, I think its your turn to shine." He would say as a wave of smaller ninja run from behind the big guy and start the second wave on the shinobi. The Archers would have recovered from there injuries and move into firing and attack distance firing a rain of arrows at the group. (20 for all)

Ross… the little brother of Big Dog Weezy…. Someone who Tosai had never imagined he would ever see. To encounter him here, was nostalgic. Ross, you see, had been defeated by Tosai once, during the invasion of the house of Dorian, during the Great Ninja War. The Akimichi, had meerly been assigned to take the base back. Tosai, back in the days of his own confusion, and misguided way as Chou Battosai of 1000 kills, had been wanting meerly more than just the conquering of the base. He wanted the slaughter and embarrassment of those who he had deemed unfit as ninja. He was mad with rage, the berzerker who would annihilate everyone….except one. This "Piss Ant", had been a mercenary from Fuuma Alley, a small little feather weight kid, who because of his successful brother, had been put in charge of the entire hour of Dorian, including all the clan's who made up the organization. Cho Battosai, who had been deciding on saving the boss for last, would find this kid, and after an embarrasing laugh, simply leave the kid, unscaved, deeming him, "unworthy of even death."
Years would pass since that day, only for Tosai to find what had been a 4'5, 80 pound kid, to be an 8'0 feet, 525 pound Behemoth. The battle would began only after the words "Rosss…. you've gotten…big.", before Tosai would find himself fighting for his life against someone who wanted his head!!" We would come at the point in which the two had tested each others points, muscle versus muscle in what had been almost akin to Power Sumo. Despite the obvious size advantage on the part of Ross, Tosai, though outpowered at some points, would not be taken down. "You've gained the muscle but have you gained the brain, Ross?", as the fight would only truly began when Tosai, after being flickering out of the way of a charge, would position himself under the guard of the little brother of the prisoner they fought to keep imprisoned, setting up for what would be a two hit combo, starting upward with an uppercut to the sternum, then another to the chin.

Ross could only stare at the Akamichi as the other bandits were to busy fighting Hiroshi, Natsuki, and Tsukiko. The bandits had their hands full and this was not a good thing. "Ehehehe, you" he would say in a low tone growl. Ross could only stomp forward as he climbs the hill leaving large foot prints in the ground. As Tosai Threw the punches his large foe would move to clock one, but the second would deliver a powerful uppercut to the chin. Ross seemed to simply brush it off as he would bring some distance between himself and Tosai. "Mah Turn!" He would scream out followed by a powerful. The large bandit would charge forward throwing both palms forward(35) Before falling up with a headbutt. He would cock back and throw his large head forward at the akamichi (45) Before jumping back to stomp his foot causing the ground before them to shake (30 +stun)

Something had been different about Ross indeed. Not just the size, not just the look. Ross was about as calm as Tosai was, if not calmer. Tosai would raise an eyebrow and smile when it would seem that the punches he threw at the larger man, strangely had no effect. He would feel his hand throb a second and say, "Hmph.. like granite.. this should be f-.." his comment cut off as he would side the double palm charge, his foot stretching and bringing him backward and out of the way of the charge, right before the behemoth of a man would soon find himself missing Tosai, would stretch once again, his hand being used to pull him out of harms way once more. But the large man had strategy as well, which was something Tosai had not expected at all. The ground would shake, causing Tosai to loose his footing, with a grunt. "What..power!!"
Had Tosai bitten off more than he can chew? Of course he would not agree with this, but karma has a funny way of working sometimes. Tosai would pray that today, penance would not be paid.

The large behemoth would chuckle as he peers at the large konoha nin. "vyou villl dah!" would be shouter as the large beast slams his fist upon his chest. The shockwave seemed to throw TOsai off his A game, and Ross would take this chance to lay the ninja out. Taking a large palm and rearing it back. At that moment Ross would slam his heavy palm forward on Tosais just. As it connects with the akamichi it would most likely be filled with enough force to take down an elephant, but Tosai was no ordinary elephant, eh, ehm Akamichi. "Smash smash!" Would be repeated by the large behemoth as he moves in for another head butt directed towards TOsai (35) It would be at that moment that Ross being a large sneaky ninja he was would release a rather pungent odor, and not a good one either. The green released gas would begin to engulf the akamichi (30) And boy was it deadly.

Worst fears seeming to come to reality, Tosai would be connected two with the large palm, which would hit his chest so hard, that the back of his clothing would seem to burst into shreds from the transferring force, enough for Tosai's breathe to be taken away just from what had been a single palm strike. The air gone from his lungs would prompt Tosai to make a strong inhalation, which in itself would give the large man enough time to get the head butt in, which would both rock the Akimichi, and make a nice gash on his noggin, causing Tosai mouth to widen, just intime for the poisonous gas to move right on in. Ewww..
"Uwwaaahhhh…*gaghurlspit*". The sounds of Tosai's lunch lost. The young Akimichi would rise up from having hurled over, and when he had been up right, he would smile, and then shout, "Hey!! Good Job!!! You really had me going there!! But this ends now!!", the Akimichi saying this as he would soon seem to have nothing else in mind but to do something not so planned. Tosai knew that going head to head with Ross was not going to fair well in his own predicament. He had not been in the condition to meerly hit him pound for pound. But Tosai knew he could become much faster. "I suppose you should be flattered. The last time I had to use one of these, I had to fight against time to save what had been my best friends son. It made fast… giving me both time I needed, and the strength to do what I must.
A small green pill, about the size of a golf ball, would be crunched on, and swallowed. Tosai's muscles would rip, and his arms would flex as steam would rise from his body but alittle. Hiroshi's eyes would see Tosai's chakra network explode.. chakra accelerating through out him at a speed double than what had been previous. Then… the nin would vanish, only to appear in front of Ross, saying "Peek-a-boo!!", his round belly exploding, launching him upward, then an enhanced foot, kicking him even higher!!

As the large Bandit Ross landed both a headbutt and a very poisonus, but more sticky gas on Tosai it would seem like the Konoha Akamachi was in deep trouble. "Poww powww owww oww uhah uhah uahah." The large behemoth would grunt. As he stood there Ross would be taking deep breaths as if he just got done running a marathon. Then huge bandit was mostly all weight and little action, but Karma seemed to be on his side today. He would take one more large deep breath before he opens his large filthy mouth to speak.

"Powww huhuh kill juuu veh veh kill juu ahahah." Ross would cackle. TOsai decided enough was enough. He has had it with the mother *beep* Bandit and his mother *beep* friends. Ross would only watch in disbelief as Tosai dug into his pocket taking out a strange pill and devouring it in a single gulp. As Tosai became more ripped and built you would think he just took a major dose of super steroids. The large konoha nin was faster and stronger in a matter of seconds and he used this new power towards his advantage. With a peek a boo her and a foot there Ross was sent flying. The large behemoth would take to the sky and suddenly vanish into the distance.

For now it will seem that Tosai has won, and just as his fight came to a Climax, both Hiroshi, natsuki, and Tsukiko would have finished fighting their opponents and it would seem the Konoha ninja can almost call this mission complete.

Tsukiko dodges to the side, avoiding one arrow, but getting nicked by a second. She stands and spins, gathering the wind chakra. She releases it forward, sending it through the piles of shattered glass she left behind her from her replaceent technique. two of the small spirals of shards race towards the archers, the last envelopes the stronges of the attackers facing Natsuki. Tsukiko hurries to the other genin's side to face off against her foes.

A few quick shifts of her staff, deflected the continued incoming blows, though a hook kick did manage to connect to her thigh as the staff moved quickly to deflect a punch to her face. She released one hand from the staff, it still poised to quickly block incoming strikes as she focused chakra into her hand. She looked carefully around her then in a series of quick strikes from a spear hand technique, she attempted to plant the chi strengthened blows into the chest of her enemies.

Once again with the Kunai in hand Hiroshi would began to knock away the arrows but only barely. One did however manage to scratch and scar him on his side cheek. "Darnit they are coming in large numbers! Pace yourself!" Hiroshi would shout as he moves in delivering an open palm strike towards one of the larger ninja he was up against and a juuken strike to a smaller one finally taking him down. Even though a swarm of arrows managed to get past Tsukiko placing holes in the transport. The bandit would push them out and peer through one of the hole, "I See you Hahahahaah Get them my Warriors Get them! Show no mercy understand!" The bandit king would shout. But his shouts would soon fade as the swarm of glitter, dirt, blades of grass, hell anything withen its reach are gathered and sent on an onslaught against the bandits. Some would even feel the pain of a million tiny pieces of glass shards shredding their skin. And to make matters worse for them Natsukis Shaolin strike would bring the bass and lay the waste as the bodies pile up.

The second wave was over, but the third wave has reached its way uphill and they were in even greater numbers. "Ok! No more holding back put everything into taking out this wave it's the last of their back up!" and they came in Rushing. TOsai had his hands full with the largest member od the bandit team and the others were being surrounded by atleast 30 bandits ten on each side. Each of the bandits had a different weapon whether it was brass knuckles, swords, spears, even more big sticks. "Defend the transport and strike hard!" Hiroshi would shout out.

As Hiroshi gives orders one of the archers would take this opportunity and fire several arrows at the hyuuga all but three missing. Two pierced each of his hands and one in his shoulder. Hiroshi would simply sigh as he gets into a weird form. "8 Trigrams The Bleeding Palms." The crimson red blood would flow from his fingers as he awaits the bandits to get in distance.

sukiko draws two foll length mirror from her scroll and perfofms a series of seals in front of them. When the final seal is made the reflection is posed differently than the real one and everything that is not tsukiko's reflection shatters away. The three Tsukiko's wrap themselves in whind chakra and leap into the air, flying high up. Instead of falling straight back down the three drift back to the ground slowly. All three reach into their tool back and draw two handfulls of senbon forth. The three spiral down throwing senbon forth in a rain of needled pain on the forest floor.

When she lands finally, the extras dispers in a shatter of mirror glass and Tsukiko collapses to one knee, trying to catch her breath

Natsuki knew it would be a long hard fight. Her staff and strikes constantly moving defensively and offensively. She didn't have Tsukiko's neat little mirror and glass tricks. She didn't have Tosai's bulk. She was just cute little Natsuki, getting beaten black and blue but fighting back as hard as she could. Finally, with a little help from her friends, the girl would emerge, a little dazed with a black eye that would probably swell shut on the road home and numerous scrapes and cuts from the blows she had endured. However, it may be interesting for the team to see, as they traveled home, the girl's bruising and cuts appeared to be healed. In fact, by the time two hours would have passed, she looked almost fine.

The battles climax has finally been reached. As the bandits come forth Hiroshi came into contact with the bandits the hyuuga would enter a multiple striking palms assault. "8 Trigrams 2 palms." And he would go on striking each of the bandits once in the heart a deadly position, but that's not all that happened Tsukiko would bust out her signature jutsu and leave the shattering Mirror shards to pierces and slice through her attackers leaving them helpless and beaten. And Leave it to Natsuki to once again lay the waste on her opponents this swift Taijutsuest has given the bandits a true run for their money. And now a Tribute to Tosai the slayer of big ross, proving once again that an Akamichis bullet tanks is the most deadliest force known to man.

As the team returns to the village the once perfect transport cart would be in shambles but hey atleast it wasn't broken. "You idiots you fething Idiots how could you lose to a bunch of children, Pathetic dumbasses!" The bandit king would simply be swearing as his plan to escape was foiled. " Darnit Darnit darnit I would have gotten out of here to, if it wasn't for those meddling shinobi and there jutsu!" Hiroshi could only sigh shaking his head from left to right, "Well atleast he didn't call us kids."

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