Kaguya Tsun, Sinoe, Hyuuga Yuzuna, Kaguya Yasushi, Fukuzawa Koudo

Date: Feburary 10th, 2010


Satoru, Sinoe and Yuzuna are held as Kirigakure's prisoners after a failed mission.


Harbor Path

A bright sunny day in the Land of Fire, Koudo was pleased at the weather in the land away from his home. He walks along the harbor path at a strolling pace. Though most of his duties had been in the village hidden in the sand, the truth was he was on a mission to go to the land of Water and gather information about Kirigakure, and the best way to do this was to ask the source, the Mizukage. The hair atop his head blows all to one side with a gust of wind from the shore and he takes a look across the waters. It was not the first time he would be traveling to the Land of Water, or by boat nonetheless.

Yasushi would have been most of his day where he normally would, along Konoha's small piece of the Land of Waves that is their wharf. However, occasionally he would be checking on the prisoners that were rotated every now and then to different locations. He had them tied up in two chairs back to back, with razor wire around their necks and explosive tags hanging near the back of their skulls. There wasn't even enough room to sneeze at the moment. "An old man and his mutts came by. Asked me to spare you as a sign of good faith. Can you believe that? You attack my fortifications and kill my people… and it's in our best interest to give you up. Pathetic…"

"YASUSHIIIIII!" Tsun would come running in full speed! Which was… very slow, she almost seemed as if she was walking very awkwardly instead of running. The red liquid in her container causing her to sway left and right even more as the child tries to keep herself upright. She would stumble up next to him waving her arms, "You were the closest person so I gotta tell you!" She then realizes she hadn't really taken in any air and she doubles over, gasping for air. Whatever it was it seemed rather important. Though the information would have to wait, unless Tsun wanted to pass out giving it.

Watching Yasushi with just her eyes she smirks, "Not exactly. I personally had arrived to get people out." Sinoe grins, "Your people started attacking me first." She chuckles and then ponders, "I'm not even sure I was actually in your land at the time." She looks over toward Tsun and then swallows, "Anyway." She states, "I was defending myself and my friends. Sorry to burst your bubble of you being totally the victim."

Yuzuna doesn't even struggle against the ropes that bind them to the chairs, having already analyzed and calculated that unless one of the factored inside the room itself changed, there was little hope with escaping. Not in one piece anyways. So instead she simply resigns herself to sitting perfectly still and ladylike, not even giving Yasushi a sideways glance as he enters, listening though making no effort or urge to answer in reply. Only when Sinoe speaks up in her own form of rebellion does Yuzuna release a slow sigh, wanting to shake her head though thinking that such a gesture would be a bit foolish at the moment. What with the tag and all. "And you talk too much." the Hyuuga says pointedly to the woman behind her. Their supposed rescuer. When Tsun, however, runs in with her arms full of a liquid-filled container, her pale lavender eyes give a sideways glance towards her, narrowing slightly in thought. Wondering what the chances would be that Tsun would be the type of person that is clumsy enough to tumble into one of the traps that was set around herself and Sinoe.

"I see… so you were /innocently/, infiltrating another country when the shinobi guarding it randomly attacked you as you awaited to extract your murdering friends. Well in that case let me just untie you and you can be on your way." Yasushi would say with the utmost sarcasm. "This is why I despise you Leafers. You can't even be honest with yourselves. You and yours came to forcibly take what was not yours, end of story. The least you could do is not try to excuse your failed actions. You were defending yourself and your friends from the actions of yourself and your friends."

'What have we here?' Koudo thinks as he enters the harbor wharf. His first reaction is obviously surprised and interested in what he saw. He did not like the sight of prisoners though, and he would have gotten angry and demanded them to be released on the spot but he did not know the situation. Looking at each of the ninja present he notices the prisoners are in a tight situation, and who was the large Kaguya. His look lands on Yasushi, with a firm expression. Introductions would have to suffice for now. Koudo places his fists together and bows "I am Fukuzawa Koudo, Suna council." He could not provoke a conflict on a massive scale. "Forgive me, but these young ninjas do not look like they pose such a threat that you have said…"

"Haa… haa… haa." Tsun would plop down on the ground, her heavy mouth breathing soon fading away as she shifts to using her nostrils. Swallowing, she looks back up to Yasushi and clears her throat. "I caught one of those loud seagulls! The lid of the coffin would lift a bit and some of the red liquid would spill out, along with a crushed sea bird. "Hah! I don't miss everything anymore with that… crushy technique thingy. Er, not sure what to call it y-Hey!" Tsun glares at Yasushi when she realized she was talking while he casually continued his conversation with the prisoners, "Pay attention to me! I'm bored!" Tsun then glares at the two prisoners, "You'd rather talk with them than me huh? I thought we /had/ something!" Tsun would pick up on the sideways glance from Yuzuna. "Don't gimme that look freaky eyes, I didn't put you in here."

A glance over her shoulder as best she can, given her situation. Sinoe glances forward than and swallows, "Just saying, I didn't attack first." She nods her head before looking then at Koudo. Her eyes go to him and then she looks forward, keeping quiet for the moment.

As Tsun speaks to her, Yuzuna quirks a dark brow, her stoic expression holding a slight smirk as the corner of her lips tugs slightly. Amused it seems. "Forgive me if it seems that I gave you a 'look'…" she murmurs, sounding perfectly polite. "But I can not exactly turn my head, what with the explosive tag behind me…" she breathes evenly as her vividly pale eyes blink slowly, though the light smirk fades into nothing, turning to briefly glance at the approaching Suna council member speculatively.

"I'd rather they not be here at all." Yasushi would say to Tsun. "But… they are. And very good at taking out the flying animal. That is a bit tricky to do." He'd then look to the bird before ruffling her, though he still had to deal with Sunagakure it seemed. "I'm not sure what sort of enemies you face in the Land of Wind, but our shinobi are taught not to judge other shinobi by their appearances. Experience is worth far more than assumption. Now, beyond commenting on a situation you are unaware of, what are you here for, Councilman?"

Tsun grins, finally getting recognized for her catch, that was all she needed really. So now her focus would go to that freaky eyed girl, head tilted to the side. "Oh ouch, an explosive tag behind your head?" Tsun would frown and sliiiide over to the side, peeking behind of Yuzuna's head. "I'd erm, take it off but, I might make it go boom and I don't want my clothes getting dirty." Tsun then takes a few steps away from Yuzuna, "I mean have you ever tried getting out loads of blood?…" Tsun would pause for a moment, though not really giving much space for Yuzuna to respond as she quickly chimes in, "Me neither but, I heard it sucks." Tsun would be pretty much ignoring the council member's appearance to hold this one-sided conversation with Yuzuna.

Koudo takes a moment to look over the Konoha prisoners really trying to observe their behavior. He nods respectively to Yasushi "Please, excuse me, I am not one to make presumptions, but at this point, would it hurt to send them back to their village so they may be informed of the consequences of dealing with suna?…" He puts his hand to his chin, looking at Yasushi with a knowing expression, what a smart guy. "I am on my way to Kirigakure." He adds as a side note.

A look over at Koudo again, Sinoe than glances over toward Tsun. She hmms and then looks forward, "Well, this has been fun." She states, "I mean, honestly." Sinoe nods a little and then curls her toes, "I've not been training in two days." She states, "And that's really an issue." She swallows as she glances toward Yasushi as he speaks. "Hey, Yuzuna." She speaks, "Are you making new friends?"

Yuzuna blinks at Tsun a few times, as if she were actually expected to answer at all, anyways. "Well, besides my head being blown off…" she murmurs, when Tsun has the time to take a breath, "I am not bothered by blood, for the most part." Her pale eyes shift towards Yasushi, though she speaks still to the girl. "Injuries are common, so my clan has formulated a special ointment that heals quite a bit." With a slow exhale, she resists the urge to shake her head. "If blood is something of an introduction, I suppose so…" the Hyuuga murmurs to Sinoe.

"This is their consequence for dealing with Kirigakure in the manner that they chose. They are lucky they were allowed to live long enough to be captured." Yasushi states with a glance towards them. "As far as your trip to Kirigakure, I will have some shinobi escort you through the Land of waves to our dock on the other side. That is not an issue. If you lose your escort, it will be reported." He would state the end part as a promise, not merely information. "Are you transporting anything? And Tsun… no need to tease the prisoners of war."

Tsun starts to giggle when Yuzuna responds, "Yeah. I guess you wont be worried about blood on your clothes if your head is gone." Tsun would then slowly lose focus as Yuzuna continues to talk, interest wavering rapidly. "Ah… okay." Would be Tsun's bland response as she finally notices the other Shinobi that had been speaking with Yasushi. "Huh… when'd he get there… erm…" A slight shrug would be given, figuring he's more boring than the tied up girls and Tsun was just about to talk to the Konoha nin again just for Yasushi to tell her not to tease them and she sighs. "Yeah yeah, was just talking Sushi-breath." Rolling her eyes, she would kick the ground, pacing about as she pondered the next thing to do, given she probably can't go steal a boat again… there were probably people watching her now.

Koudo would have accepted passage and been on his way, but some of his personal goals got in the way. He had already attempted to convince the swordsman to release the prisoners. "I can see that you have captured them, but how can you keep them as prisoners like this, when there must be a fair trial. You must bring this to the attention of the Kages… I do not doubt they will get proper punishment from the Hokage." Watching Yasushi, the guy's nature showed he would not change his mind. Koudo frowns, and says "Suna wishes to keep our relations peaceful for all sides."

"I am wondering how long we'll be prisoners." Sinoe states and then looks forward, "I mean, this is certainly an uncomfortable position and I have a lot of training to do." She hmms before pondering, "What is your goal exactly?" She hmms, eyes looking to Yasushi.

Yuzuna blinks first at Koudo, then at Sinoe, before releases a long sigh, closing her eyes and wishing that she could rub at the bridge of her nose. Both seemed to be on the same side as her, though she is the only one smart enough to remain silent, watch, and listen. Observation is always a crucial key, though difficult when one is constantly using their mouth. Without Tsun's attention now, the Hyuuga girl keeps her focus on listening to Yasushi, pale eyes forward.

"Fair trial? I'll never understand how when people do wrong in your countries and there is no denying it, why you have to reprove that it happened to a bunch of people that are completely uninvolved. What kind of shinobi are you training? The Mizukage decided their fate when they crossed the line and began killing Kirigakure shinobi and stealing our property. Until there is a real reason to do other wise, they will remain prisoners of the war they started between Konoha and Kirigakure." he would state firmly, answering both Koudo and Sinoe's questions. Glancing towards Sinoe slightly, he'd simply state, "To keep your people from doing exactly what you did any way." Tsun would get his attention soon though as he'd state, "Speaking of training… you will receive some shortly, for now, practice your hand seals and your breathing techniques for releasing chakra."

"Hrm…" Tsun looks between the two, finally listening in on their conversation, a bit confused on why the idea of a trial came up. "Weird. Anyways!" Tsun would start to wobble away conveniently after Yasushi mentioned training. "I'm gonna look for Owatsumi! Because, I was… supposed to bring something to him or, something." Tsun nods slowly and runs off the same way she came him, slowly hobbling away in a not so graceful fashion. She knew that running would only delay training for a few more minutes but, it was definitely worth it.

Koudo listens to Yasushi remark about fair trials and finds his answer to have some weight, but still cant stand the sight of young ninja with potential to be prisoners of war. "Well, do you need those exploding tags, how about you take them off, or would you rather use them and be considered a war criminal by the other nations?"

Looking at Koudo carefully, she hmms and then watches Tsun move off. With a sigh, Sinoe closes up her eyes and tries to focus herself inward as she sits there, quietly holding herself still.

Yasushi looked Koudo dead in the eye before he'd twirl a kunai into his grip and slashed down through the razor wire that held them together. Yet… the tags didn't go off. "As if I’d trust these foolish children not to kill themselves boasting about their Will of Fire too vigorously." he'd say towards Koudo. "If they behave, since I can't kill them, I might let them stretch their legs at some point. I don't really care either way however how well they are treated."

Koudo nods to Yasushi, it seems he had won some respect from Koudo to have cut the tags off the prisoners, though he still knew he wouldn't let them go. "I do not wish to step in the middle of your war, but please Yashushi-sama, I beg of you. Let these ninja go back to their home. They will be punished by the Hokage himself, /I will see to it."

Yasushi seemed to just get up and walk away with that, entering a building with a key he had and sliding the large steel door easily open. He would then move in to it and produce one Satoru complete with a tag sealed over his eyes and a heavy set of chains wrapped around his form. Yasushi would be wielding him in one hand, unconscious, before grabbing up the other two by the back of the chair. "In the interest of Sunagakure's continued neutrality…" Yasushi would toss them on to the bridge roughly. "…you will do just that, Koudo of the Sunagakure Council."

Koudo was surprised to see Yasushi suddenly get up and get a ninja and it seemed to Koudo that he absentmindedly threw the weight of the Konoha ninjas body on the ground. He nods again, understanding that Yasushi was giving him a chance to personally bring these Konoha ninja back to their village. An inquisitive look with the eyebrow arched, this would drive him away from Kiri and they would now be able to make preparations for his arrival, but it was a sacrifice he had to make to keep the peace on all sides. He would lift the Satoru and untie the other ninjas. "My deepest thanks, Yasushi-sama. In that case, I am off for this will put me behind schedule, and I will have to hustle." It seemed he was strong enough the weight of Satoru wouldn't slow him down but he takes a look at Yuzuna, she didn't seem injured and probably wouldn't slow him down either. A bow to the swordsman and he is off with a waves "…'Till next time Yasushi-sama."

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