First Promotion Exams - Promised Rematch: Sora vs. Daisuke


Sora, Daisuke

Date: February 18, 2012


The final match of the Jounin Exams is finally here. Daisuke v. Sora!

"First Promotion Exams - Promised Rematch: Sora vs. Daisuke"

Sunadome Arena

The final match of the Jounin Tournament is underway and the stands are packed. Enthusiasts, friends, and interested political parties jam the benches shoulder

to shoulder. This match means a lot of different things after all. Sora v. Daisuke. Sunagakure v. Konohagakure. Hayato v. Senju. The damage reduction barrier around

the arena is especially reinforced today. The arena is changed, and has a mild geography, just a crop of tall rocks, a few trees, and a pool of water scattered in an

otherwise wide circle of earth. Already standing in the center is the proctor. He's a thin man with a long nose, receding hair and watchful eyes. He'd wait for the two

combatants to reach him and then say, "When you two are ready I will announce this match."
Sora has come in with a slightly nervous glance at the barrier. That density isn't for her, she's not specialized in the types of attacks meant to shatter rock

and chakra. Then again, she doesn't need such force. Her gaze turns upwards to see the profile of Megami circling overhead. They hadn't closed off the barrier from

above. Sora smiles and rubs her hands, this match'll be different than their last one, with her falcon watching over her. At the center Sora takes in the arena and

rubs her hands together. "Good to go," she says, with a wide smile. "We've been waiting for this…for quite awhile."

Since Daisuke heard the results of the other Jounin match and who was to be his partner in the last round, the chuunin had been full of energy. Hoping at least

some of what was exchanged between the two in the caves had spurred Sora on to these finals, Daisuke couldn't wait to see her again. Finally it was time for their

match and Daisuke was eager to go out into the arena where he had fought a week ago in such a close match to meet one of his new friends.
Entering the ring Daisuke immediately notices some of the changes, the terrain rockier than before, with trees, rocks, and water to choose from. He enters with

a big smile on his face, that only grows as he spots Sora, lifting his hand in a wave. As he heads to the middle he looks up in the sky, following Sora's gaze, before

returning his gaze to Sora and the proctor as he approaches, still all smiles. "I told you we would meet again." he says to Sora, a boyish 'hehe' escaping as he rubs

the back of his neck. "No need to hold back either, we both have been here before and I'd like to see your tricks in the open air."

Sora gives a wave as if signalling, and Megami plummets down, but low overhead just starts circling out of reach. Up close Megami is easily two or three times

as large as a normal falcon. Her plumage is white and black and the exact blue of Sora's hair. Rather than look nervous for her bird, both of Sora's eyes are locked on

Daisuke and a smile of intensity stretches across her face. "Fine," she says. "I have no reason to hold back. I'll defeat you at your best as well, so bring it. But

remember this is a good fight, even friends can beat one another to a pulp now and then, yeah?" She nods to the proctor, and once Daisuke would confirm he's ready, the

proctor turns to the stands. For such a thin man he can really belt it out.
"The match between Senju Daisuke and Hayato Sora will commence on my signal. The winner will be decided when one contestant is unable to battle, or one

forfeits the match." He gives a final nod to the two and barks, "Begin!"
Sora doesn't waste time in rapidly gathering her chakra. She was known for her straightforward taijutsu, but there are a few techniques that require something

more than diving and punching. "Are you ready…Daisuke-kun?" she asks.

Daisuke smiles as he sees the falcon circle down just out of reach, though of course Daisuke had a little longer reach than most people when getting into it.

For now the chuunin is still all smiles as Sora states her claim. "We are friends, and this is a tournament where our attacks are hindered by terrific seals, so feel

free to let loose, Sora-san, this isn't the cramped tunnels from before. This is our rematch." he says to her. He listens to the proctor announce the match and the

commencement of it, focusing a large amount of his stamina into chakra in preparation for what is to come next.

Sora closes her eyes when Megami comes even lower and when she opens them they're paler, sharper, almost golden. Fighting spirit is radiating recklessly from

her, but with a tight control underneath it. Sora doesn't attack however. She'll wait until Daisuke is ready with any transformations she'll undergo. But she doesn't

waste time in making the first move, and it's in the form of a flurry of painful projectiles aimed at Daisuke. Senbon, kunai, shuriken, they seem to be thrown

hapharzardly all at once, but Daisuke would find them dead on if he stuck around. "That's true, I have no fears after fighting in that last match," Sora says. "Just

don't disappoint me, I'm not the same as in the cave."

Daisuke and his companion are ready to go all out and leave nothing to regret. He dives into the hidden chakra pool of Son Goku and envelops himself in that

familiar orange chakra, swirling around him and up into the sky in a high pillar of flame-like chakra. Once the flame disperses Sora is up against that 'glowing man'

from the tunnels again, though in the open air he looks a little less intimidating. It's not just the openness that is less intimidation about Daisuke, for as anyone

who knows him would know, once he makes friends with someone, no matter what the situation, he never harbours malice or even anger towards them. This was a test for

Daisuke to see how far he could stretch his bond and to see just how hard Sora would be at full strength. As the projectiles hit, two are able to break through the

cloak, nicking Daisuke who grins, understanding that this will be a completely different level of fight. "I can see that, and I will do my best to keep up." he says to

Sora as he stretches his arms forward towards the young woman and hawk, multiple appendages of the orange chakra covering his body shooting out towards the duo.

Sora doesn't hesitate when that orange chakra comes towards hre. She leaps in the air to sail over it and land beside Daisuke. But as soon as she lands the

next one is hitting her. For something that looks like liquid, it has some brutal force behind it. She manages to keep her footing however. "Ugh," she says, but she's

already using the close proximity to skillfully wield the kunai, sending lightning fast slashes at his knees, but it'd be only a feint before Megami comes sailing in

from behind to rake at his back, and soar back up. And Sora aims a hard stab at Daisuke's shoulder, to drive the kunai in all the way blade up. "These damaging

barriers…don't reduce the dizziness that can come from blood loss," she says.

Daisuke manages to snag Sora with his chakra but no sooner than that was Sora up and attacking. He had experienced her attacks and her speed previously in the

caves but now, out in the open, he can appreciate them more. That speed was able to break the chakra cloak momentarily as Daisuke is distracted by the bird, drawing

some blood from a wound on his arm.
"Yeah, but they are great overall, especially for moves that you wouldn't normally use in an enclosed space." he says with a chuckle as the blood drawn by Sora

is already coagulating into a red ball in front of Daisuke. Blue chakra balls also mix in with the red, causing the color of the ball to blacken as it condenses. Sora

should know what was coming, and over half the crowd would probably know from the previous match. As Daisuke swallows the ball his stomach expands almost comically

before he opens his mouth and literally throws up a giant blast of chakra that spans the entire area in front of him, smashing against the barriers hard, though this

time the seal masters were ready for it.

Sora doesn't move when that huge mass of power comes. She plants her feet and crosses her arms. Wind is swirling around her and at the last second she spins,

deflecting the attack away…partly. The force is too much and she's sent sprawling backwards. Instead of laying there, Sora springs to her feet at once. "I really

need to work on that technique a bit more," she admits. "Standing still just doesn't feel right." Megami is even quicker than the recovering Sora. Almost the second

Daisuke has released his technique she's descending like a black shadow. Sora doesn't give him a chance to retaliate as she lunges forward with a slash, and Megami

would come in again in a tight turn to hit him once again. It becomes an alternating tag team of slashes so fast most would see it as a multitude of afterimages.

"Though nothing as flashy as those moves of yours," Sora says with a grin. Thanks to the damage reduction barriers she's still alive and kicking, but she can sense

there's a limit to both of them.

Daisuke wipes at his mouth, secretly despising the way that move makes him feel. He stands back up and, almost impressively fast, Sora is there with a very

familiar move that he had felt in the tunnels. Daisuke winces as the attack breaks his cloak, knowing that even if the barriers are there it will still sting. As

Sora's attacks finish from all directions, Daisuke uses the element of surprise that not many ninja have, using his demonic chakra to attack both the bird and Sora

from the front and back, branching his extensions out from his back. "Your combination is deadly, I knew it would be." he says with a smile as he attacks. Through the

mass frenzy of flying chakra appendages Daisuke slips one of his four tails along the ground to attempt to wrap up Sora tightly.

Sora ducks slightly below each attacks. But she hadn't counted on how malleable that second one would be, and she's wrapped up. She stretches her arms out to

break the stuff, to not avail. Is Megami going to help her? At least take a swipe at Daisuke? Nope. Instead, she flaps hard to get some more altitude as if fleeing for

her life. A few in the stands watch the cowardly bird with disdainful expressions, which makes Sora frown. "Idiots," she mutters under her breath. Rather than sweating

from her predicament, Sora is already reaching down to draw another kunai with quite a bit effort. The feel of holding some steel makes her feel a little better, but

really the most she can do is slightly avert her head to keep her eyes from taking damage from some huge blasty Jinchu blast thing.

With Sora all wrapped up nicely, Daisuke takes a moment to admire her squirming against his chakra cloak. "You know, this is how our last fight started, though

it was the other way around, I believe." says the red-headed chuunin with a grin. "I don't bring this out too often because I still have yet to become too adept with

it but I think this will be impressive. It's at least not something you see every day." With that being said Daisuke claps his hands together, moving through numerous

hand seals. "There is a reason the room heats up a bit at my presence, and it's not just my level of attractiveness, you know." he says as he stomps a foot on the

ground. His hands continue to move through numerous seals as the ground beneath Sora begins to crack and groan. Suddenly a burst of hot air spits up out right next to

Sora, and another one behind her. A few moments later the whole area around her erupts into a massive geyser of lava as if a volcano had just awakened in the ring.

Meanwhile Daisuke is already focused on his next move, lifting his right hand to his mouth before spitting out a large molten fireball towards Sora.

"Ahh!" Sora yelps as she manages to kind of hop away. "Hot hot hot!" She hardly notices what Daisuke is saying as she kind of does a little dance to avoid

being consumed by fire. She is jarred badly by that initial upheaval, but she manages to break apart the last bits of the cloak and wince away from that ball of lava.

"Jeez! Okay, that's enough!" She's genuinely alarmed, that wasn't just fire. It was molten. She could really get messed up even with this barrier. These thoughts flash

across her face in alarm. Then, as quickly as it's come, her composure snaps back to a calmer state. Although she's wincingly keeping her distance. "Daisuke-kun," she

says. "…you're hot." Then she'd make a reckless but fast charge at him. Megami dives as well this time from the side, but it's just a feint, she pulls up before ever

committing to any attack. As Sora gets in the last legs of her assault the air seems to blur and she vanishes. Only to appear behind him, already aiming a gouging

slash at his back.

"I'm…wha-?" Daisuke says, blinking and confused, a little red under the cloak as well, though hidden thankfully. 'Was that a trick? A play on words?' Daisuke

thinks before Son slaps him mentally, telling him 'Get back in the game, we can think of girls later.' That confusion was enough for Sora and her hawk to get a hit in,

nicely cutting through the cloak to strike Daisuke in the back. Daisuke winces as he takes a knee, the chakra on his back bubbling ferociously as multiple appendages

shoot out towards Sora from his back at such a close range, something not everyone could do when facing away from their opponent.

Sora is knocked back but manages to turn it into a spring to avoid the other arm of the bijuu cloak. She knows what's coming, she can see it, but small moves

don't work in dodging it. Still, Sora is tired, too tired. She looks Daisuke up and down. He doesn't seem to harmed. Too tired either. Sora lets out a slow, long

breath. Exhaling and inhaling, as if gathering herself. "I can't get hit by another one of those," Sora tells Daisuke grimly. She steps forward in a move that Daisuke

would understand. But this time she doesn't bother to gather speed. There's simply a step before Sora is behind him, aiming to slash both his legs. Seems she's gone

for the hard and fast approach, rather than wearing him down. "You're…strong," she says quietly. "Is this the strength of a bijuu…or your own spirit?"

"That is a silly question, Sora. You wouldn't be able to even lay eyes on this type of a transformation if it was the strength of the bijuu alone, right?"

Daisuke says with a small smile. "We are a tag team duo." he adds as he gets pumped up again, raising his hands in the air. Sora's attack is particularly effective

this time, cutting through his cloak again and causing him to wince as it draws enough blood that it was already moving up his cloak to his mouth. He couldn't take too

many more of these attacks and needed to end this.
"And I wouldn't call it my spirit. This is my pride and the secret technique of the Konohagakure ninja. This is my will of Fire!" he says almost in a roar as

he absorbs the technique and spits it back out in a massive wave to attempt to end the match.

Sora dodges the attack quite easily…is what she'd like to say. The scope of the attack is just too staggering, she should've tried that spinny technique of

hers she recently learned. But afterwards she gets up and stares down at her arms in wonder. "Usually… hmm. This barrier does work. But I feel my limit, it's a few

moments away." She flings out her arm then to wrap Daisuke up in a swath of bandages. Nothing so grand as his cloak. But it'd be followed up by a lunge as Sora blows

past him, slashing at his side with a kunai. But by the time he turns around she'd be gone. Or seemingly so, as she's hiding behind a tree right now with a do-or-die

determination. She /really/ doesn't want to give Daisuke a chance to hit her.

Daisuke is wrapped up in bandages like in the tunnel and squirms around, detained long enough to get hit by Sora's attack and hit backwards. When he picks

himself up Sora is gone, causing Daisuke to look around the area. "Stealth is definitely a weakness of mine." Daisuke mutters. This time Daisuke wasn't going to wait

around and attempts to sink into the ground and move underneath the earth and rock within the arena.

It's not hard for Sora to see the lump forming under the ground. She almost laughs, which would give away her location. She frowns. She doesn't really have any

taijutsu made for smashing through the dense earth. And he might hear her approach. Seems she'll have to try /that/. She presses her fingers together and starts making

hand seals. It's barely the tiniest of breeze, but above Daisuke a whirlwind forms and smashes through the ground, aiming to contain him in violently swirling winds.

It's followed by Sora flopping down on him, seemingly. Near Daisuke her body breaks apart in a howl of cutting wind. Sora is out from her hiding place, she needed to

get a better line of sight. But she's still standing near the trees, ready to duck back in them or use them as some type of blockade. "I…need to work on my

ninjutsu," Sora says with a frown.

Daisuke's earth gets upheaved by the wind vortex Sora causes, lifting him up from the earth but unable to affect his cloak of chakra. He looks briefly confused

as Sora tries to bellyflop on him, wondering if she was just playing around. When she 'pop's with a brief wind, flickering the flames of his cloak briefly, Daisuke

grins. "Sneaky. But your wind is pretty neat. I mean, it did help against the Massive Puke attack, right?" he says to Sora as his cloak of chakra begins to grow again,

pulling more chakra from the seemingly limitless pool.

Sora winces as her wind has almost no effect on Daisuke. "I think I'll stick with hand to hand…" she admits. It seems to take her awhile to gather herself

however, as if she were waiting for something to turn. But then she blinks when Daisuke focuses rather than attacks. Apparently, she was making him waste a little

stamina, but not nearly enough. She closes the distance between them rapidly and aims a fluid, rippling slash at him. But her next attack is a punch to Daisuke. He

wouldn't feel it externally, but it'd be as if his insides her being jarred. Then Sora leaps up, dealing a swift, spiralling kick at him to knock him back. Seems she's

trying to lay it on fast and light. By the time she lands she's twirling the kunai around and around her finger.

Daisuke chuckles at the disappointment of Sora, feeling for her often when his moves just don't seem to measure up like they usually do. "Well either way lets

end this and the loser buys the winner dinner!" he says as his grin widens and his eyes sparkle in anticipation. He thrusts one of his arms towards Sora as the chakra

cloak extends it, shooting out towards Sora. In mid-attack more appendages branch out to attack Sora in an attempt to surround the young woman with attacks and leave

her no where to run.

"What!?" Sora says, when Daisuke makes some unreasonable terms. Buying dinner? And right when he's winning. She'd like to say that shock was what made that

blow land, but in truth she just wasn't ever able to get used to the fluid movements of the bijuu cloak. She's hit and knocked back. Miraculously, she manages to keep

her feet in a low crouch. One hand is against the ground to support herself. Of all things Megami glides in to land on a tree branch. Hardly an ideal place to strike

swiftly. But it seems she knows her partner's limits better than Sora. The Hayato says, "Just…more…a little…" Then she'd slump forward in a dead faint. The

proctor would flicker down to be beside her, and check her over carefully. Then he gives a nod and turns to the stands. "Hayato Sora is defeated. The winner of this

match and the Jounin Exams is Senju Daisuke!"
Naturally there's mostly disappointed sighs, since the majority of people there are Sunagakure nin. But Daisuke has earned their respect so many are clapping,

and others are shouting in approval. Well, Sora doesn't get to see much of it as she's rushed off by a team of medic nin for recovery. But Daisuke can tell her later,

maybe during the dinner he'll buy for her. Megami spreads her wings and rises into the air, to follow her partner from above.

Daisuke frowns as Sora collapses, eyeing the barrier and wondering if they had somehow broken since no one should be wounded enough to faint. After the Jounin

announces the winner Daisuke waves to the crowd in appreciation and bows, thanking them all. After he tugs on the Jounin's sleeve and asks, "Why did she faint? Is she

ok? I thought the barriers were in place to stop that kind of thing." His brow is furrowed and he seems worried enough to follow them out of the ring.

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