Protect the Cake!


Akechi, Kanbei, Nakaken

Date: October 3, 2012


Akechi, Kanbei and Nakaken go on a mission to pick up and deliver a cake.

Poster's note: Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Protect the Cake!"

Outskirts of Kumogakure

Beach [Land of Lightning]
At the foot of the mountain, travellers converge on the warm beaches. There are those that aim to travel up the mountain, to the village at the peak. Others have just come down that trail, and are resting on the sandy white beaches. The mountains look very forboding from here, with storm clouds almost always present. The peaks of the tallest mountain can not even be seen, and it is there that Kumogakure is rumored to be located.
Although the white beaches proceeds in both directions, there is a large wooden dock to the southeast, which is where most of the foot-traffic is heading. It is through that dock that people travel to and from the Land of Water, to these mountains. Further north lays the mountain trail, leading skywards up a now dry riverbed.
After another long day out in the fields a tired and rather worn out Akechi would be tossed a rather simple and relaxing mission. The mission was to get the last Fluffy White Rice cake from Mitrusexus the bakers; the only bad part was that he was located all the way on the outskirts of the village. A round about team is given to him as they started to set out towards his bake shop. Rumor has it this is the last Rice cake he is making for the next five years and the person who really wants it is Akechi sister friend Keokai. Akechi would be moving rather sluggishly as they traveled and his head would be draped as he walked rather slowly with no type of happiness or nothing.
This was Kanbei's first official mission. He knew neither of the people that he was actually travelling with though he was still slightly excited. That is until he found out he had been an overpaid cake delivery boy. Then when he found out that the pay was being split and he got less than a third of it, the job turned into an underpaid cake delivery boy.
Kanbei walked even more sluggishly than Akechi, whom was incharge. His face was less than impressed. Yep, the boy had an attitude. Even his shoulders were slouched. "Are we there yet?" the fourteen year old asked. He had asked the question a couple of times. He knew they werent there but it seemed like something to pass the time without appearing to be too happy about the mission.
Nakaken was told to go along with Akechi. A formal salute to the one giving him the order and off he went. That blade was sealed into the scroll and he'd meet up with Akechi after just a bit. Kanbei was studied for a moment as he'd fall in rank. Looking between them, he'd raise a brow, before giving a shrug of his shoulders. He'd start jogging in place, indeed, he started to do laps around them while Akechi lead them off towards where the mission was at. He didn't really care what it was about, in the end, this was a mission, so he was going to do his level best.

As the group walked Akechi would start to speak to Kanbei question, until he kept asking it. Akechi narrowed his gaze as he spoke "ask that again and I'm gonna punch you in the face." Akechi voice was rather toneless and his threat was nothing to take to heart to be honest. Akechi was just tired from the entire back to back mission before he spoke softly to Nakaken "all your energy is making me even sleepier oddly enough." After a moment of two the group would approach a small hurt coming into the clear, the only problem was that a powerful river would be blocking the group. Akechi would step onto the water and walk half way before speaking again "oh yeah do you guys know how to water walk? That's kind of important to note I guess." Akechi would have feint smile on his face before another sigh escaped his lips "this is a rather stupid mission, why couldn't I just stayed at home and slept today away." Akechi start to slowly closed his eyes before he got back focus "oh yeah you both know water walking right? Or did you already answer that question?
Kanbei gripped the hilt of his sword a little harder as Akechi made his empty threat. "Yeah well if you punch me in the face, I'll kick you in the junk." Of course Kanbei's threat was really as empty as Akechi's. Not because Kanbei would not try. No he would try. He would fail though. There was little chance of a lowly genin, kicking some Chuunin in the junk and the Chuunin just allowing it to happen.
Then the attention turns towards the young man jogging circles around them. "You are making me dizzy. Cant you just walk like the rest of us? This is not one of those things where we get credit for over achieving."
As they approached the river, Kanbei looked for a bridge but came up empty. "Nope. Not able to walk across water. Seriously, they do not teach that to students at the Academy. Cant you just… carry us across?" the boy asks.
Nakaken would just shrug in response. "No. It's good training to keep fit. A fit body makes a fit mind. A fit mind has more control. More control means more chakra. More chakra means stronger ninjutsu. So good training gives good ninjutsu." As they got to the water, Nakaken didn't slow down in his loop around them, running out onto the water and back onto land without a seeming delay in his actions. He didn't even seem to notice that it was water, at least until Akechi asked. Looking over at Kanbei, Nakaken would shrug and take him up on the request. Attempting to put him in a fireman hold and jog him, as roughly as possible, across the river. He'd return for Akechi then. "want me to carry you too, Akechi-sensei?"

Akechi found his new group to be rather funny as they brought something new to the group, before shifting his gazed narrowed "what the cream do I look like carrying a kid and a teen a strawberry of a lot bigger than me across water? I'm the Akechi and don't do heavy lifting." Once again his tone was rather comical as he was starting to be more himself around them before speaking again this time to Nakaken only. "I kinda wished you asked me that before I got halfway across however you can carry the brat over if you like." Akechi hands would slip into his pockets before walking towards the hunt knocking twice the door would swing open before the group stepped inside there they found Mitrusexus sitting there with the last piece rice cake sitting on the counter. Standing up he spoke "You're the idoits that came to get the last of my rice cake? If so take it and be on your way and tell the girl it's for that its rather special. I added a little of everything to it to make it taste even better." A smile creped across his face before he coughed he would shift and place the cake in a bag and sent the trio on their way. Once back outside sounds of movement in their area could be heard, "drop the cake and die!"
"Akechi doesnt do heavy lifting? What are you a princess? Hey! If I could walk across the water I would…" Kanbei states as he is carried over the river. As he is set down he looks at Nakaken and whispers. "We never speak of this right? Good." He then turns around and walks right towards the door after Akechi. He's suprised by the baker's words. "I always thought people who baked were doughy and fluffy. Why does everyone have to be a critic?" he asks. He then looks towards Akechi to make sure he grabs the cake. "OoOoO Part B of the mission. Protect the cake." The sarcasm dripped off his comment like water off a kid who just went swimming.
Nakaken would just shake his head towards Kanbei, a small chuckle given as he'd walk after them. "Akechi-sensei is.. Akechi-sensei." He'd shrug slightly as they recovered the pastery, he just stared at the man who had made it. Eyes narrowed for a moment before he'd don his helm. Considering that it was recovered, now they had to return it. As the command came out, he pulled that scroll with his blade. If they wanted a fight, they were going to regret it.

"Wait, don't you mean drop the cake or die?" Akechi tone was rather puffy as he shifted and placed most of his weight on his back left foot. "We know what we said!" Just then a kunai storm would rain down from all sides as they started to strike without stopping. Lucky for the group that Akechi was there as he slammed his palms onto the group a huge barrier would form around the group and the hut itself as they seemed to stop Akechi eyes started to open slightly as he started to scan the area. "Okay there are twenty three of ya, based on wind resistance and the angles of attack you're located there, there, there and there am I correct? Good…attack team and make it quick cause I'm ready to go home and an added bonus Kanbei you will be holding on to the rice cake while you fight." Akechi would hand the cake over to Kanbei with a rather carefree smile on his face as he sent the pair on their way.
So the attacks came as a surprise for Kanbei. "Are you serious? Its a freaking cake!" the boy yells as the kunai fly and are blocked by Akechi. For a moment Kanbei was greatful until he was handed the cake. Then the boy worked at forming his earth signs and sent a mass of earth flying into the air. It really was not easy balancing a cake and using both hands for the seals.
Nakaken watched where Akechi pointed, a small nod given as he'd form his own seals. Once he was told to go, he did, that scroll unfurled with the chakra charging across it, that blade launched out of the seal to smash into and through the first target. Nakaken kept moving, his armor absorbing any shots they might do as Nakaken did what he was trained to do from very young as a samurai. That massive blade hewed through people without much slow down, or even what could look to be a lag at all. In the end, 6 of the men they had attacked would be down, while that blade got lined up on the rest. "Give up, lay down, hands on your head. Or die. Your choice." Nakaken was entirely serious. Pirates, bandits, they were the same to him and both deserved to die.

The bandits didn't really do much they were rather shocked with the great skills the trio was displaying. Akechi would hold onto three kunai before tossing them towards one of the target areas once the tossed them over there he would sigh before waving a sigh causing three explosions to trigger rather simultaneously. Akechi would rack up 9 wounded before the bandits started to speak "hey we just want the cake! Frost it die!" Akechi would slip his hands into his pocket before a tired sigh escaped his lips before he waved them to keep going. For the most part the bandits were going down left and right with reckless abandon the group was rather powerful that's for sure their number rapidly decreased from 23 to 8 rather quickly. "Hey Kanbei you're falling behind there, might wanna get your butt in gear or else you're going to have to swim back.
Now Kanbei was being made fun of. "I am the protector of the cake. Layer you Akechi." The boy fiddled around with his hands once more and places the palm against the ground making more earth fly up in the air. No one was actually getting hurt by it, but he does toss a kunai with his free hand taking out one bandit. "Happy now?" he asks. He really did not seem to be keeping up with the others at all.
Eyes narrowed, blade set low and to the side, a nod was given towards Kanbei. "The help is appreciated. Thank you Kanbei-san." That flick of a wrist, the tensing of his body and with a blur of motion, Nakaken rushed in. One slash swept one way, the other slash would finish the job, making sure that if not dead, the bandits were truly wounded and on their way towards death's final touch.

Akechi was rather shocked that the Nakaken was out for so much blood but either case its clear with one more bandit left. Akechi would slip his hands into his pockets as the pair watched the new genin take on the last one while protecting the rice cake from harm. For the most part he was impressed and now rather happy that he brought him along, Akechi arms crossed and eyes low as he just stood there watching them stare each other down neither one of them making a move. "By the way Kanbei you're swimming across since you defeated the least amount of bandits." Akechi would be teasing him all the while watching his progress before his very eyes.

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