Fourth Promotion Exams - Protect the Scrolls, Team Katonari!


Ryouji, Sado, Michiko (emitter)

Date: July 15, 2014


While Michiko is out checking traps, Ryouji and Sado are attacked by two genin after their scrolls.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Fourth Promotion Exams - Protect the Scrolls, Team Katonari!"

Tenrai Mountain

Finally, team Katonari has three scrolls, one apiece. With that, they can take it easy in regards to /finding/ more scrolls. Now they just have to survive until the final day, which means a beefed up security around camp in case any genin get ideas. The time right now is the late morning. Rainy, sadly, so it's difficult to get a fire started and going. Fortunately, the trio has some meat they cooked in past days.

Michiko is currently making sure that everything is set up correctly and no one is getting any funny ideas about stealing the scrolls from her and the team. She told Yotsuki and Reizei where she would be, and they were free to do what they liked, so long as there was a watch over the scrolls.

"You know, we could just get Michiko to continuously fire her Fire ninjutsu to cook the meat if we can't start a fire." Sado says as he walks over the sad excuse for a fire pit in this rain. Thankfully they had the original idea to put their sleeping quarters under an earth barrier, so nothing else would get wet, but in the rain the traps, snares, etc might get wrecked or at least become faulty. Michiko was out checking them out for now, so holding down the 'fort' was Sado's job.

Ryouji is sitting in the rain, covered by an all weather cloak. He's in meditation, stretching out his senses to pick up anything while attacking his one leap point, his genjutsu. His chakra system could use some fine tuning and that's what he's doing at the moment while he has his hair stretched out in a large circle around the camp by a single hair, just in case they're visited again.

From the trees, a pair of eyes were watching the camp. They had been watching for a long time, actually, essentially stalking the trio up until now. These eyes had seen everything in the past day or so, meaning the genin knew some of Katonari's techniques, as well as their scroll-status. A bird overhead screeches out, and there's a bit of shuffling around the area, but that may or may not attract attention since it's a bit far away.

 The bird's screech wasn't enough to get the attention from the young Yotsuki genin as he walks over to a stump he had created as a seat near the fire. He stares at it a bit, wishing it were up and roaring for some heat. "Times like these, knowing how to spit fire come in handy." he says as he turns to Ryouji, his weird hair jutsu spread out all over the place. The shuffling does turn Sado's head, though, scanning the area for anything out of sorts.

 Maybe his genjutsu is paying off, Ryouji opens his eyes, looking at Sado, he thought he felt something. "Yes, but the rain is only temporary. Nothing we haven't dealt with before, right Sado-kun?" He's still got that feeling something isn't quite right. Maybe it's nerves though, so he pushes it aside for now. "Too bad we can't get out now though, it would make things easier." He picks out a form up in the trees and tilts his head, looking up at it, not really sure what he sees.

 Another screech from the bird, slightly different than the last, might alert the genin below. It certainly means something to the two that are stalking Katonari, though. At the end of the cry, the falcon above swoops down at Sado, attempting to get his face with the nasty-sharp talons. Ryouji would face a similar onslaughts of sharp things in the form of Kunai, coming from the direction he was looking. No sound of attackers other than the falcon, though.

 Sado looks up at the bird circling above, finding its pattern of flight curious, like it was hunting or even spying. "I think something is off." he says as he stands up, scanning the trees. "You still have your hair out there?" he asks Ryouji, getting a bit paranoid now after the last attack with the mist. His eyes fall on the bird as it suddenly breaks pattern, preparing himself for a confrontation.

As the falcon dives towards Sado, the genin moves out of the way, or so he thinks as the birds claws scratch him. He retaliates with a fist of lightning, "Fried chicken, I'll show you."

 Ryouji explodes into movement, but his hair, now all over the place, slows his chakra down just enough that a kuani slices him across the shoulder. He growls and his hair pulls up into the air. Ryouji clenches his fists, drawing chakra around them and forming disks of blue. He points one at the bird and one at the guy in tree. Each stabs outward, forming spears of chakra energy as his hair snakes out in both directions as well. The chakra energy explodes outward, sending splintering blue shards of chakra out of the main shaft of energy, threatening to impale everything in its way. He sends death in both directions as he shouts out, "Aaaaahrugh!" He squints one eye and chuckles, sounding tired for a breif moment, "Take…that.."

 The poor bird didn't expect for Sado to hit it! That lightning punch knocked it clean out of the air and onto the ground, the falcon skidding a bit before coming to a painful stop. The only good news is that the attack threw it off the flight path enough that Ryouji's attacks missed! It screeches weakly, trying to pick itself up before another attack comes at it. Sado would realize the bird isn't alone, though. Those types of animals always have a companion, and it isn't the one attacking Ryouji. An attack from above is aimed at Sado's midsection, two arrows to be precise.

The one in the trees is able to avoid all but one of the chakra lances at him, the lance cutting into his arm. He growls under his breath, but the good news is he was hit in the weaker arm. The boy moves around to catch Ryouji by surprise, sending two poison-dipped Kunai at Ryouji. The poison itself is only paralysis inducing, but it is still effective in this type of situation if it hits!

The chicken was smacked around by Sado, and rightly so, attacking him out of the air like that. It seems to not want to fight Sado anymore, and goes for Ryouji, which leaves Sado a chance to focus on the genin in the trees trying to snipe him. His body begins to crackle in the rain as he channels his lightning nintaijutsu technique, having a good idea of where the boy was now thanks to his potshots that Sado was able to avoid. He charges towards the boy, leaping up and again channeling his lightning chakra into his fists to smack the guy from the tree.

Ryouji feels the numbness spreading across his arm where the kunai just sliced into. He pulls out the blade and flexes his arm, "Great, poison." He pulls his the sword he can, lightning cutter, and holds it in his good arm. "Just what I needed…" he says, sounding a little frustrated. He's got no good defense against that or genjutsu. He rushes at the genin throwing kunai, moving fast, but not as fast as he should as he strikes out with one flash strike, then reversing his movement and hitting from behind with another half a second later.

Poor bird… His partner in crime since he could remember! Joe was furious at Sado for knocking his companion away. As such, he wasn't thinking very clearly when he tried to avoid the first lightning-charged fist, ending up knocked out of the branches and into Sado's next attack. That's gotta hurt… But he isn't in the exams for nothing! Joe twists his body slightly, sending a chakra-powered kick at Sado.

Bob was also being careless, apparently. He knew Ryouji was fast, but to experience it for himself? Well, it wasn't pleasant to say the least. Two cuts appear on him, both rather severe. Much like Joe, Bob isn't willing to give up. The paralysis should be setting in, slowing the Reizei. To be cautious, he sends more poisonous Kunai at Ryouji.

Sado and his crackling body move out of the way of the attacks while able to maintain his close quarters with Joe. And with close quarters comes the infamous move of the mighty Yotsuki clan. "You picked the wrong people to try to steal from." he says as he lowers his shoulder like he was the opposing linebacker, charging forward to attempt to knock the footing from Joe, following up with a, "SADO…. LARIAT."

Ryouji feels the poison burning through his arm, disabling the nerves and slowing his reflexes. He grits his teeth though and pushes past it, ramping up his chakra and pushing his body farther, but not at its limit just yet. He slides his lightning cutter sword back, rushes at Bob, and pulls out the sword hilt first to aim at any soft spots that are open. With that, he follows up with his good arm, slicing across with nothing but a flash of blue arcing light. "Reizei kenjutsu: Snap Slash!"

 Joe is, really, a more ranged fighter than close combat. So he both picked the wrong people to steal from… And he chose the worst opponent. The shoulder check knocks him away and leaves the boy gasping for air while the lariat takes him down. As a last ditch effort, he tries to blind his opponent in an attempt to escape, throwing down several smoke bombs to get away.
 Ryouji, though he's poisoned, is somehow still able to move rather well. Bob isn't ready for that. No, not at all. "Retreat!" he calls out, trying to block Ryouji's attack with a Kunai, only to be thwarted… His leg is cut up badly, now, and he has no choice but to blind Ryouji with a dirt bomb after a few hand seals.

 Sado is in close quarters with Joe, which allows the smoke bomb to go off to maximum effect, being right in the way of the initial bomb. He begins to cough, waving his hand in front of his face to try to clear the smoke as he walks in a single direction to get out of the smoke. "That's right, run away and don't come back." he shouts out, attempting to open his eyes after his breathing becomes easier, thinking he was out of the smoke, which he finally was, or it had dissipated enough, anyway.

Ryouji gets a clod of dirt in his face from that last attack. He's slightly injured but the clod will allow Bob to get away. He reverts back, shivering as a bit of the pain and more of the poison affects his system. He shakes his head and tends to the few wounds he has. "Well, that could have gone worse."

 Michiko was a bit too far to hear all the commotion, and she was trying to finish her job of checking the traps. Seeing the smoke bomb go off just as she was checking the last trap made Michiko dash all the way back to camp, the girl not passing the two genin that escaped the scene. She skids to a halt when she arrives, blinking slowly as she takes stock of the situation. "Attackers? Do we know from where, and did they escape?" she asks, getting right down to business. "And are either of you hurt?" she adds, getting out some bandages from a first-aid kit she tends to keep on her person.

"Welcome home, Michiko-chan." Sado says as he shows her his cut from the falcon's claw so she could patch it up, turning his head to look over at Ryouji. "I think he took the brunt of it, some kind of tipped kunai?" he says and asks Ryouji to confirm. "If they keep slowly picking at us like this… well thankfully the survival portion should only have a few more days."

 Ryouji pokes at a few of his wounds and winces, "It's not so bad. It's not like Sado-kun and I went all out during the attack." He tries to wiggle his poisoned arm and says, "It's some kind of numbing poison most likely. Don't know if it'll do anything else, but I can't move as fast and my chakra system is compromised. The sooner this is over, the better we'll be."

Michiko nods and bandages up Sado first, making sure the wounds are clean before she puts a few bandages on him. The same is done to Ryouji, though she isn't sure what to do about the poison. "That's good. I'm sorry I wasn't around to assist you two, though…" She hmms. "Ryouji-kun, get some rest. If it's not better soon, we'll have to worry. But right now, we'll just take it easy. I'll keep watch for the next couple hours so you two can rest, as well."

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