Protecting Professor Miyagi - Sword of the Lightning God


Setsiro, Takeda, Hoiishime and Maia

Date: August 9, 2010


Proffessor Miyagi and the ninja sent to defend him are attacked by two unknown ninja.

"Protecting Professor Miyagi - Sword of the Lightning God"

Unknown location

Flash forward! After getting the various imprints on the first level, it was decided that further exploration should wait until the patterns inside were deciphered by Professor Miyagi. That means that Team 01 of Kumogakure had once again left the ruins and decided to stay at the camp site to serve as bodyguards, with Maia holding the various scrolls of the various imprints.

It was a few hours past sunset in the rocky mountains north of Kumogakure when the team had finally reached base camp where the Professor an dhis crew were. On the Raikage's orders, another team was sent to help Team 01 protect the campsite. As to who was coming, that was unknown to Maia, but the other should have been arriving soon.

"Good work, let's not try to set off so many booby traps next time, yeah? I'll speak with Miyagi-sensei and show him our findings. You guys go get some rest and some food and we'll explore that chamber with the spiral staircase in the morning, when there's more light."

Kenta trudges back with the team. Though honestly, he's about to drop. Having all the bumps and bruses from the traps, it's clear who was setting them off more thant he other sensor-nin in the team. Kenta really needs to develop some sensor skills. Maybe later. He says, "You got it, Maia-sensei, I'm ready to drop anyway."

Hoiishime would sweatdrop at the thought of his setting of the booby trap in the last mission. It started the calamity that ended up having Maia missing for practically most of the last mission. So many traps, probably was translated as none for the monk. He would look to the woman, and as she would give the order to rest, Hoiishime would nod and bow. They had been dismissed. Hoiishime waould look to Kenta, and when he had been seen moving away, he would accompany the boy, patting him on the back lightly. "You be havin any wounds need checking? Perhaps we be doin abit a treatment before we rest in for da night.", smiling at the boy as he would look to his teammate. Takeda had vanished a long time ago, in his usual way, and Hoiishime could attest to him being fine, bit Kenta, well, he had been the one out the group that had a limp.

Setsiro walked over the ridge that had hidden the campsite from view on the other side, brushing her hair out of her eyes as she looked at the encampment. She was the leader of the team who had been assigned to aid Team 01 in the protection of the camp. Whether the Rakage was simply cautious or she was expecting trouble was something the chuunin could not help but wonder.
No time for dallying, though. She moved down the other side of the hill, sending a glance back to Kazuki as she did so. The camp wasn't far away. It wasn't long until they reached the rendevois point, under cover of darkness.

Walking along at a normal pace, Kazuki was on his way to meet with Team 01. The walk was long but it wasn't anything he couldn't take, but it alread got dark. Catching a glance from Setsiro, straightens up. "I guess we're getting close." He wasn't sure why but his orders were to meet up with Maia "I heard there is some exploring to be done!" He chirps to the team, and greets the other ninja with a laugh.

The camp was full of laborers, people who were busy doing the excavations along with various students of Miyagi who were out there trying to translate the old imprints as well. They were all gathered around the campfires now just waiting for more shinobi to show up it seemed.

It seemed that Kent had been more tired than Hoiishime had thought… Hoii would leave the boy be until he was ready, merely to try and repair his own self, working on healing with some bandaging, and a bit of what the hospital had taught, as far as healing jutsu had been concerned. He would look to the body of his with care, bruise on his feet, and shoulders being tended to with relative care, without alot of effort. He would look to those at the campfire, not really thinking that they had been as expecting of more ninja as they had. But with some seeming to pace, while other seeming to just bide the time with relaxation, and conversation, it did Hoiishime well to just sit and listen, not really doing much beyond taking care of his own self.

It was a very small amount of time later that Setsiro led Kazuki and the others of her temporary team into the encampment. She frowned a little, at the number of labororers here. "There are many people," said the woman to the one's behind her. "If combat does break out, there will be a good deal of confusion. Prepare for it, just in case."

Kazuki notices all the students around the campsite "There are a lot of people here, but why would a battle happen?" He didn't seemed concerned, and shrugs "Hey, hey…" trying to get the attention of people near him to ask questions but the students were too busy to notice, making him feel crushed and insignificant. "geez…" Taking another look around "Hey!!!" He finally saw someone he knew calling them over with a wave.

And most likely, if they would look to the crowd enough, they would see Hoiishime amongst them. The boy would perk up, and smile as he would Setsiro, and Kazuki, not quite knowing that they had been the assistance they had Team 1 had been being sent. Hoiishime would see the waving Kazuki, and seem to think he had been recognized, and walk over to the boy saying, "Hey yourself, Kazu-kun!", would be said with a bow and wave of his own, a smile gracing his lips has he would the bow to Setsiro deeply before saying, " I be supposin ya two be who we be expecting? I be tinkin so since we be dis far out from da village."

Hoiishime would sigh as he would recieve the answer before saying, "Well, I be glad to know at least you too be roun' to help us out. Ken-kun, and Take-san be worn thin after the last roun of explorin. Looks like I be the only one up at dis point, mon."

Setsiro gave a lazy shrug, "I don't know why there's be a battle here. But, I can only think we were sent here for a reason, and the fact remains that unlikely or not, it is our duty to prepare for the event."
And then Hoiishime was here. The chuunin gave him a genuine smiled, close lipped, but outspoken. "Hello, Hoiishime-Kun. We are indeed the people you are expecting." She listens to the monk's explanation of where the others were and nodded. She looked behind her, speaking to the two that had accompanied her and Kazuki. "Would you mind examining the perimeter?" The two weren't exactly enthusiastic to be where they were, so they nodded and left to do as she asked.
Setsiro looked back to Hoiishime, "Where is your team leader, then?"

"She be seeking out Miyagi-ojii-san.. Probably a late night briefin of what we be findin in the tombs. Yeah, dat be the funny part. We be find murals of folks, showin em weldin strange weapons.." He would look to the others two as they would depart for recon, and then say, "I tink she be along soon. I could probably find her for ya, but da briefin be seemin fairly important." He would go to a seat nearby, and sigh before then working his shoulder into relaxation before saying, "I trust ya trip don't be to bad, eh Setsiro-sempai? Kazuki-san?"

Kazuki bows to Hoiishime and says "Kenta, and Takeda!?" He was irked at the thought of being taken out by the caves himself. He lets out a sigh, he would have to be prepared for that. "I hope so…" He replies to the monk.
It seemed he also had to be prepared for an attack, taking orders from his team leader Setsiro. He didn't want to use up all his energy at the start of the mission, but decided he could dig a little bit deeper searching for any threats. He kneels and makes a hand seal, projecting his sense of sound to the perimeters and listening for anyone that might be hiding nearby.

Setsiro inclined her head to Hoiishime, "No. Let Maia-sempai be. She will find us as soon as she is available. I would appreciate it if you could find someone to let her know we are here, though." She looked at Kazuki then and nodded, "A perimeter is always secured before any other act. I will go around and check after the other two to make sure all is well."

"Hai.", would be said, and within a moments time, Hoiishime would have let one of Miyagi's more close assistants, an older girl, know of their arrival. Of course where ever he had been, Maia had surely been as well. Hoiishime would look to Setsiro, and say, "I be tinkin about sending a mist out, but it be seemin a bit well, ova done. Besides, da technique be identifiable, even at this time of night. I be tinkin if we were any more visible, we'd be more a sittin duck den even now." He would look to the outside areas with a casual eye, before he would sigh and look to Kazuki, would had been extending his senses, and smile. To think. He had gotten that far in his clan's technique. Amazing. Hoiishime would smile at the thought of having senses like that, without having to prepare the field of battle with mist. It seemed far away to him.

But it would not pervay his thought to long, hearing Setsiro's words would have him wondering, "Ya tink ya be needin some assistance. I be still energetic. The extra scoutin might do me some good, mon." A smile coming across his face.

Kazuki could see why they needed to secure the perimeter on any mission such as this, so he concentrated on his ninjutsu technique. Opening his eyes to look around once more notices Hoiishime staring and does a double take. "I am listening for sounds of ninjas around the camp…" Making a note of Hoiishime's reaction to see if he understood "Using chakra I am able to extend my hearing to greater distances." The hand seal was also different than other commonly used seals, he had created it himself. His control of the jutsu was fantastic but he still came up with nothing. He nods to Hoiishime, and follows after Setsiro and the others. "We can cover more ground while we wait for Maia."

Setsiro nods, first to Hoiishime, "Yes. The mist would hinder us far more than it would help us, increasing confusion and reducing how effectively we could coordinate. Besides that, with all of the noise these people are making, any who would like to find us could do so, regardless. So we simply have to hope that none would like to."
And then to Kazuki, "Yes. It is not wise, however, for all of the camp's ready defenders to be in one spot, away from the main body of people. Scouting is not an effort for all, but for few. We shall leave it to the other two, and when they return, we will make sure things are fine, regardless."

As Kazuki would explain, Hoiishime would actually be seeming to mentally taking notes. He was that interested. He would nod his head, and say, "Hmmm. So dat be how it be workin. Nice." He would then look to the distances and ask, "Ya be knowin ya range of hearin? How far out you can get with it? I be imaginin dat you be hearin ova some distances." He would look out to the border of the camp, and then back to Kazuki a moment, before he would then listen to Setsiro's words, and nod. "I suppose so. I mean me senses in the mist, be hindered, with out it. I be developing a technique dat be usin da chakra dat makes up da mist, extendin me senses into it to sense motion. The downfall, be dat it be needin the mist, in order to use da sense. Ya can imagin I be workin on something else." He would look to the woman, and then smile, as he would then look to the people she talked of, and would say, "Right.", nodding and continuing to sit.

Kazuki gave Hoiishime a chuckle, he could hear things really far away. Listening to the monk explain his use of the hidden mist technique, he nods and says "I see, so you can send chakra into the mist, and pick up the chakra of someone else caught in the mist? It was surprising when I found out that you can use the Kirigakure-no-jutsu, Hoiishime-nii-chan." Giving him an impressed smirk. Listening to Setsiro's orders, he looks up and around in confusion, but thinks about it for a second to find that he was learning a lot fromt he chuunin. "I see, we can just stay here…" Drifting off into thought as he sits, the bonfire reflected in his eyes watching.

The older girl would nod at Hoiishime's request. She ran off towards the middle of the camp where Maia was indeed going over what she had found in the inner depths of the ruins along with going over the impressions that Team 01 had collected inside their brief exploration of the ruins themselves. And she would run off like asked.

Still, as Kazuki decided to concentrate his chakra to hear what else was going on just outside the camp, he would hear the usual sounds of the surrounding forests and fields. There were cicadas chirping. There were various animals on the prowl, growling even, sounding much like mountains lions that were known to prowl the area at night. And then there would be the sound of bells. There was a slight ringing of bells that would be heard fifty yards away and it was coming closer.

Meanwhile, Hoiishime would correct Kazuki. He had thought that the Revealing Mist Technique he spoke of, sensed chakra. "No mon.. Just motion. I not be in tuned to da flow of chakra within. Not at least yet. Though I tink I be havin a hunch about something." He would look to the campfire. Hoiishime, had been having his theories. But nothing yet, had seemed to help him with sensing of chakra other than what he felt in the building up of ninjutsu, and some of the taijutsu techniques he practiced. But he was trying, and perhaps it would be note worth for him to ask Maia. Probably. But at this point, the night sky, seemed so nice, his attention turning to it otherwise. as he woud momentarily look to the heavens.

"I agree," said Setsiro, looking to Hoiishime. "It had come as something of a surprise,seeing you call up the mist. I approve of using it. Efficient, being able to both hide and sense utilizing the same skill." She fell silent, though, as the others eventually did the same, and her own eyes turned to the area about her, avoiding bonfires to help preserve nightsight.

Kazuki sat thoughtfully observing the surroundings, some of the people around were louder than he wished them to be, but he heard the sounds of nature. The fire in front of him crackled with heat, the breeze blew swiftly, and the insects were loud, he could even hear the grumbling of lions. It wasn't long before he heard the bells coming towards them "Hm, could this be Maia? Or someone else?" He looked at Hoiishime and Setsiro "Someone's coming."

The bells themselves were not coming from the camp itself, and if anything, they knew that Maia was still in the camp with Professor Miyagi. So who would be arriving? The bells became louder, having an almost distracting sound to them as a wave of chakra would emanate through the sound of the bells to try to stun those in the area of the camp..

Hearing the warning from Kazuki, Hoiishime would say, "This time of night? And they be gettin passed the scouts? Some ting be up." Hoiishime would move from the bonfire slow, and head toward what had been the front entrance when all of a sudden, he would hear the sound loosely from where he had been. It would be something that would seem quiet, and yet it would echo over a distance. But then it would get louder, and louder, and then soon, Hoiishime would feel a really soft pre shock… And before he could respond.. He would freeze.. As he would struggle he would feel his body seem to resist movement even more. For those looking on the outside, they would notice his forward movement seem to halt, almost midstep, giving hint to something. Something was wrong.

"Someone's coming? Be more specific. What is the size of the force? From what direction are they coming? Is there —" Setsiro broke off suddenly, and swiveled her head in the direction the sound was coming from. Hoiishime dropped and the chuunin hissed, "Beware." Immediately, her body seemed to blur, the motion giving off its own wavelengths that interefered with the sound trying to harm her.

Kazuki heard the sound of the bells increase in volume fourfold, and he found they were being confonted with a sound jutsu. "Sorry I didn't notice sooner, watch out!" He makes a clone that poofs when the jutsu hits and dodges out of the way, already making his way towards the source to find the perpetrator. "Don't try to sneak up on us like that!" Jumping with Kunai in hand.

The movement, and sound caused Takeda to emerge from where he was. However the sound, also seems to be having an effect on him.. for now tries to fight past the sound, but it seems to be restricting his movements. As he isn't too far away from Hoiishime.

Seemingly the rest of the laborers and students are frozen. They aren't shinobi and have no real way to defend themselves from such a technique and they remain stunned, their muscles locked in place as they start to murmur with panic. Of course, there's no telling what happened to Maia and Miyagi at this point considering they're still in the main tent going over what they found inside the ruins.

Still a few shinobi, unmarked as they had no forehead protectors stepped out of the forest. The one with the bells was a young woman, her hair tied back, her skin dusky as her own crystal clear blue eyes had a one armed spiral. It seemed she too had activated the nejigan as she chuckled next to the taller and more muscular older nin who looked like nothing of the clans in Kumogakure.

"I told you my technique would work." she said with a wry grin curling onto her lips.

"Mmmm, I see that Niko." he replied as he looked around. He was almost six feet tall, his arms bulging with muscle as he didn't wear a shirt and just liked the loose hakama pants. His skin was porcelain and blemish free with the exception of a few scars here and there. "Getting the Professor shouldn't be too difficult. And oh look, it seems the Raikage sent out a weak team to protect the professor. Hiroko sama was correct."

Hoiishime's eyes would widen at this point, seeing that it had infact been shinobi that had been now intruding upon this camp. Being powerless at this point, was really aggravating. But at least he had one thing going for him. He wasn't a threat. He couldn't do nothing, and unless these folks were bent on killing him now, he would have a chance to listen in on what they had been about. He would relax himself, well at least his mind. His body remain more tense than stressed muscle in its frozen state, the burning of having to hold this position being enough to cause him a cold sweat. First He would see the woman who had been the cause of all this. A Yamayuki? What they hell? So one had been on the worst side ot things. This could get ugly, having someone around with this kind of skill. And with Takeda in the same boat as he, Hoiishime could only hope that this 'spell' they had been under would weaken.

A name for the leader. Niko. Hoiishime would look to thr man, who seemed to be rather tall, and muscular. Probably a taijutsuist. but then again, it seemed that He was after Miyagi. At least Maia was with the Professor. That would make things quite difficult. But even so, Hoiishime regretted not being a good first line of defense for this. But wait.. who was Hiroko? So they had someone else that was in charge. Apparently they hadn't been here. This situation was becoming quite clear

Setsiro swallowed a soft curse, looking to the two who came from the trees. A Yamayuki. There seemed to be a great amount of them around. And another — one with ninja talent, of course, but of a clan she could not immediately decipher. If he'd had a clan.
Immediately, she turned to the only fully functional genin left to her. "Kazuki. Go to the central tent and find Maia and Professor Miyagi. You're a Yamayuki — if she was taken unawares, you must find a way to free her body. And guard him. All of their actions will be centered on either killing or obtaining him, so we form our defense based on that fact." She stepped in front of him, silently drawing him blade. "Go."
She couldn't leave this spot — there were people to protect. The most tactically important of those being the two genin at her feet. Their aid may be the success of this mission, so she considered ways to get them free even as she drew her sword and put two fingers to her lips. She had undoubtedly been noticed with her movemets already, especially from the woman with the nejigan, so… A shrill wistle pierced the air and the reizei brandished her blade at the duo. "You two! Identify yourselves and your purpose." The whistle wasn't to get their attention, though. It was for the two she'd sent out scouting. She judged that the two groups should not have crossed paths, just yet. She hoped.

Watching the two, is all Takeda could do anyway. However the masked genin seems to make note of the Yamayuki, and will deal with that one personally. For now he doesn't try to do anything that, would constitute him being able to free himself, by trying to counter the sound..Still they will find out exactly how 'weak' the team is.. soon enough No breath, no exhale, only stillness, the shinobi almost resemebled a statue.

"Oh look Minoru! One of them actually thinks they can stop us. And a Reizei from the looks of it too.." the Yamayuki Niko replied with an impish squeal. She looked no older than Takeda and Hoiishime and they might have seen her wandering around the academy before. She nosescrunches as she stretches her arms in the air as she peers towards the older man. "Want me to take care of her?" she asks with an excited grin.

"Let her try to stop us." he replied with a nonchalant shrug. "They're not a threat, even if they nthink they are. Kumogakure is a weak village." he said firmly and resolutely. "And we don't need to tell you anything, little one." he said directly to Setsiro as he looked around once more as he spied Kazuki starting to head off. "Let us follow him. He seems to know where Miyagi is."

And boy were they going to find out they were wrong… Hoiishime, was finding something out. This paralysis technique. It was temporary, and thanks to Setsiro's distraction, it would allow Hoiishime just enough time to realize that it was wearing off. He would feel his muscles began to relax, only slightly. He was begining to feel himself again. But he wouldn't want to let them feel that. Not until it was too late. As they would began to walk pass he and Takeda, Hoiishime would maintain himself, letting them think that he had still been frozen. And all the time, Hoiishime had one hope. That if he had been able to move by now, then Takeda had probably been able to as well. As they would walk pass him, Hoiishime would gesture to Takeda, something like follow his lead, pointing with a little movement as possible to Niko. That would be their first target.

And once they had been passed. That is when it would happen. Hoiishime, would be the first to act. He would spin, a flick of his wrist sending out a throng of bandaging that would move to ensnare the Yamayuki withing his grasp, and within one strong pull, the girl would be sent upward, along with a scream to Takeda, saying, "Now mon!! Work on her!!", demanding that Takeda go as hard as possible on this one girl. After all, is the sensor of the group was taken down, perhaps that would leave the group with as much difficulty in finding Miyagi and the others as possible.

Setsiro's lips tightened a bit, and she her eyes flickered to the side, briefly, at the sight of Hoiishime's movement. Swiftly, he was attack, so she decided to help. Teamwork is key when multiple people fight. So, her hands flashed quickly through hand seals and she lashed her hand out. Lightning arced, but it didn't strike at the Yamayuki. It struck the earth and drags along it, shooting up a cloud of dust, grit, and dirt in her face, hopefully causing enough sound to blind the rudimentary nejigan as well as leaving a veil for the bandage to strike through and surprise.
She whipped her sheathe out, sending a shuriken through the same cloud at Niko and another for Minoru, though this one arced around the dust.

Since his response is to deal with the other Yamayuki, focusing while he moves towards her rather quickly. Seems for now Takeda won't show his 'Bloodline' just yet, and moves to strike at the woman, starting with a series of attacks, the first aimed at her ankles to take her off balance, while that happens, another kick towards her midsection to further knock her down, followed lastly by an open hand strike.

Now why is everyone focusing on the little one? There's a slight squeak as she's wrapped by the bandage and drawn in. As the hits are taken, the sharp, there's a cry of agony from the young girl until there's a white poof of smoke. All the attacks, they hit their mark, but the young Yamayuki genin wasn't a henchgirl of Hiroko because she was unskilled.

In the place of the battered Niko would be a mangled corpse, bloodied like some carcass that was butchered by all the slashing attacks and the kicks. At that point, she appeared with a wry grin curling onto her lips as she hrmmed for a few moments looking at those around her. "Oh! You know sound style taijutsu! Iiiiinnnnnnnteresting." she chirped with a soft chuckle escaping from her lips as she started running towards the two genin before going into a series of backflips, forward handsprings, cartwheels and kiai sounds, each sound sending a blast wave towards the pair each time. For those of Team 01, they would know this technique. It was one of Maia's afterall, the mini sound release, PING!

Meanwhile, there was no sound of agony from the taller man. The sword arc slashed over his chest, opening up one of his scars over his chest as the blood spilt onto the ground. He didn't even really look like he was in pain as he let out a soft chuckle escaping from his lips. Instead, he bowed towards the chuunin for a few moments as he formed several handseals. At the last handseal, the blood that spilled onto the ground moved up, forming with the blood that was still flowing from the cut on his chest. "Thank you for cutting me. It saved me the trouble." he said firmly and resolutely as a sword of solidified blood and gore formed in his right hand, grinning the entire time as his eyes took a more sinister quality, becoming bloodred. "You sure you can handle those two?" he asked the younger girl.

"Better believe it! Concentrate on the Reizei! They're fast!" She was knowledgeable about the clans of Kumogakure. That shouldn't be too surprising.

The manuever worked! And not only did barely work, thanks to a well placed distraction by Setsiro, but even Takeda managed what was a descent, damaging counter strike. But then the poof of a jutsu's release would fill the air, exposing… a corpse? It was the same size as Niko, and from the look of it, had seemed to absorb all the attacks launched upon it. But still nothing. Hoiishime wouldn't like this. Not one bit. It wasn't here. He would look up to where the girl had been, and grimace at her words. She had found out what Takeda had been capable of, but even though she knew that, it wasn't in detail. Hoiishime knew extremely well of what Takeda had been made of, and it was more than enough to take this girl down.

But gloating wasn't apart of his repertoire of attacks. He would say to Takeda. "Ninjutsu, Takeda san… Ya be keepin close to her, here me?", saying that with any hesitation, as before long, the attacks from Niko would come in hot. Small blast of sound? That was Ping!! "Maia's attack? But how? She be havin trainin back home!", being said as Hoiishime would duck, sliding across the ground, and weaving inbetween the sound blast, slowly making his way toward the girl. He was advancing his position, and then just when he had gotten close, feigning having no where the to go, he would seem to be struck, and hard, Hoiishime body curving inward, and contorting unusually. Then he would burst… into mist? Suiton Bunshin no Jutsu!! The bursting of the clone would release a large cloud of fog and mist, right into the girls face, and soon over the entire camp, Hoiishime real self, soon hiding deeply, and observing for a chance to hit in. Meanwhile he would hope that Takeda had heeded his words, taking a more, closed in approach to his own efforts.

Setsiro's hand rests on her unsheathed dagger's pommel, looking at the corpse left from their attacks. Then she disregarded it, looking to Niko. She'd seen worse. Much worse. She saw her begin her attack on the others and frowned. She would defend them, but she could not block sound, and to get them out of the way would leave her back to Minoru. The man… who was creating a sword of his own flesh. Setsiro's face blanched at the sight of it and she unsheathed her dagger, putting herself on guard. "Let the enemy dictate the rules of battle and your are lost! We work together — We defeat them together. The both of them. Team work is—" she broke off, stiffening at the coming of mist. "Hoiishime, No! Did you learn nothing of your fight with Kira?" She soon silenced herself, letting the mists come in. "Disperse it," she shouted, knowing that acoustics aided by mist would hide her voice's origins. And she dashed to the side, throwing shurikens at where she was sure both could be found. She still had limited sight, and not as limited as she had feared. Not nearly so.

Having been around Hoiishime many times, Takeda was sure he meant, for him to do soemthing area wide.. Still he didn't want to hurt anyone. the attacks are dodged, as of late its about speed and power.. During the process, does a quick seal, then claps his hands together twice..

Forming a handseal, the young kunoichi would easily make her way through the hidden mist. She just snickered and laughed at the attempt. "Team work indeed! With one of my clanmates as your teacher, I imagine you'd know better than to try to hide from one like me." she said, snickering the entire time. "And yes, it's her technique, don't think you're the first set of students Maia-sensei has trained?" Niko continued as she snickered as she raised her brows at Takeda flickering in and out of her attacks. "I'm going to have to raise it up! Minoru! I know you can see them too! Let's use their idiocy to our advantage, yes?"

"That is terribly mean, but I think it would be easiest to make our objectives accomplished quicker." the man said in a rough and gruff voice. There was some shifting going on as the pair did a series of handseals, biting their thumbs before they slammed their hands on a series of scrolls they had brought out.

"Summoning Technique: Blood Doll Parasites!" they shouted together before they both poofed immediately afterwards. These were definitely no ordinary ninja, as three rather large nightcrawlers, six feet in length were summoned and started slithering towards the ground. They weren't going for the ninja, but the various laborers. Is that how they collected corpses to use their techniques?

Minoru would then hide, merging into the ground as he hid amongst the rocks (rpstealth vs 35) before Niko soon did the same thing immediately afterwards (rpstealth vs 25). It seemed they were both earth users as well.

It hadn't been obvious to anyone what Hoiishime had been doing. But it was some of a plan that Hoiishime had been working on. It had been just to just distract. Hiding in a mist that from that small of a source, would be utterly fruitless. Especially with a Yamayuki that could probably find her in such a source. But that was just it. Something like this would cause the enemy to underestimate the group even further, a weakness of the enemy that produced an opening with the first attack. Niko, was obviously not the most strategic mind of the bunch. She was the talent. And when you take away the talent, it pretty much left the brain. It seemed pretty straight forward for Hoiishime.

But the plan, would seem to fall through, the moment summons came into play, that plan seemed to go out the window. And before long, it seem that the two others would make their escapes. Hoiishime wouldn't see Niko and Minoru. But those really large worms would be something that he did see. Well they were big. I suppose you couldn't help but see them. Hoiishime would shout, "They be going after Miyagi!", as she would look to Setsiro, thinking she would be the only one to probably be able to catch up and find Maia and Miyagi's tent. "Da tent be due south!" Hoiishime would then blaze through handseals, causing the mist to drop into puddles around them, before the water would then be reused. More handseals would pervay, just to try and entrap the summons, hopefully at least two of them. That would leave Takeda with one of the large worms… This was getting dumber by the second. They had to protect the people, other wise, it would not be a good thing!

Setsiro swears, "I'm on them! Hoiishime, Takeda, you take care of these nightcrawlers and report back to my side immediately afterwards." She was running through the mists, path direct. She could see where Niko was, where she lay. "Be quick about it!" She sheathed her dagger and leaped into the air, high above the mists. Taking sword in hand, she reversed her grip and raises it high overhead. A whistle was blown — High and lilting, piercing. The cue for those on her team to bear arms.
The swiftly flew down and tensed her thighs, allowing that tension to seep into her calves as well. And then she landed, stabbing the blade down into the ground, hoping to hit Niko's neck, where a nerve lay. Best case scenario, these people could be captured and returned to Kumogakure for question.
Immediately, her hands blazed through seals. Minoru was large and an obvious taijutsu major. From what she could tell of him, his thoughts were linear, direct. Chances were, he would head directly southwards, where Hoiishime had said. And chances were, person that Niko seemed to be, she would simply follow. She pointed at the ground that way, approximating where he could be, and let the lightning crash, dagging a line through the earth. She took up her sword once more and darted in that direction. If she missed and Minoru could get there before she might, she hoped Kazuki would take her queue and move the proffessor. "Where is Maia-sempai?" she asked herself.

Moving towards the one remaining worm, not trapped in Hoiishime's water prison, Takeda excutes a few strikes against it. three to be exact, trying to kill the damn thing, to open hand strikes, followed up with a kick.. his hands are glowing now.

The two blood doll parasite worms were trapped ready to be slashed apart. and slashed apart they were as Takeda destroyed the third with ease before it even got to the laborers.

Still, there was a bit of surprise as Niko wasn't as hidden as she had thought. The slash hit her good, spurting out blood that splattered onto the ground and Setsiro as she let out a cry of pain. She was mangled badly as the body itself was frozen, but the spirit was willing.

"Minoru! Back off! Tell the others to as well!" she cries out as suddenly her body goes limp slowly returning to what it was before. It was one of the ninja who had accompanied Setsiro and Kazuki. The body was somehow taken over and filled with the essence of the young Yamayuki and only presumably Minoru's body was the other.

Before he could respond, he got zapped. Earth techniques are weak to lightning afterall as he fells back, his own body mangled. It was only a certain amount of time they could keep the bodies as well before his spirit dissipated from the other ninja. There were two mangled bodies, two Kumogakure nin who had accompanied the others heavily injured from the fight, but perhaps some medi-nin could save them.

What the hell type of jutsu was that? That was sure, and eventually, there was a loud sonic scream that blew the tent off. Maia could be seen now, huffing and puffing as beads of sweat dripped down her brows as she was staying with the professor. One of the scrolls was missing, and bodies were blown back, but at least the professor was still intact. That's a good thing, right?

As head's would roll amongst the summons, Hoiishime, would be able to release his hold fairly easy and without care. He hadn't even seen Setsiro move, her speed being that fast. Takeda's own efforts would be noted as well, but even though the masses of laborers had been saved, that still left Hoiishime to worry about Miyagi, and Maia. He would look to the spattering of blood, as Setsiro's blade would sink into the ground, with seemingly pinpoint accuracy. Had she don't it? The obvious fountian blood seemed to dictate a fervent yes. And with the shock of her lightning seeming to enter the ground with a violent flash of light and chaos, it seemed that the chuunin had taken down the both of these with one go. Remarkable!

But it hadn't been over apparently, and along with the other mangled corpse that had been substituted for Niko's last evasion, two others would seem to be added as well. Hoiishime would peer in surprise as he would run to them, finally realizing who these two had been. "Oh, naw… Da scouts, from ya team!!", would be said, as he would handseal, and with two fingers held to each of their necks, Hoiishime, would look for signs of life. Emitting low frequency pulses of chakra, into their bodies, Hoiishime would check for internal damage and exterior. He would say, "Dey be fine, but I be havin to stay.", as he would began to work on the bodies, stripping whatever clothing was unnecessary, before the water, would once again be called forth, covering large portions of the two bodies, and begining its treatment. The water would glow blue with chakra, as it would began onsight healing of the more detrimental of wounds and burns.

Setsiro's blade was sheathed in an instant, and the small woman rushed to Hoiishime's side kneeling by the two he was helping. She examined them briefly, they were in better hands with Hoiishime and gave a crisp nod. She listened to the words of the monk and patted him on the arm, reassured. A quiet, "Thank you," was murmured to the two under her command who'd been injured, and she rose to her feet in a single supple motion, looking to where Maia was. She began walking in that direction, "Is all well?" was her call. Her voice was raised higher, meant to travel, "Kazuki, Takeda! Resecure the perimeter. Kazuki, use your sensory perception. Takeda is your accompanying guard."

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