Proving a Point


Kefka (emitter), Ei, Eremi, Daichi, Kurome

Date: November 25, 2015


Ei is allowed to guard a shipment for her father! With some unexpected results…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Proving a Point"

Land of Fire/Earth

Right at 7:30 in the morning, a team would be called for to the gates of Konoha with information about a mission. Oddly enough the patron for this mission is none other than the soon-to-be-Iga Ei rather than her father. During a time of apparent illness, he's asked her to setup a mission to escort some rather expensive goods to a wealthy client in the Land of Earth. This, of course, means they'll be passing through at least one other country on the way, and it could be quite dangerous, thus a team of an Uchiha Clan Head, an up and coming Taijutsuist, and a Tokubetsu Taijsuist have been chosen for this mission.

Ei was… confused, to say the least, that her father had specifically asked her to do this for him. He hated the idea of her being a shinobi or doing shinobi-related things at all… so to run a mission was something incredible. She thought that maybe, just maybe, he was beginning to forgive her and accept her choices. Plus, it had to do with the business! He hadn't wanted her to even vaguely touch upon how the business worked before it being, in his eyes, "a man's job". So she stood, tired, but with an attentive expression on her face, at the gates.
Today, she wore something she hadn't in a long time: one of her shorter kimonos, specifically hemmed to not get in her way but still cover her thighs. Beneath was spandex and her hair was tied tightly atop her head. She wore a longer sleeved shirt beneath, to protect from the autumn chill, but still shivered just slightly. She'd become too used to the desert weather, it would seem.

Perhaps a little earlier than what was expected of the group, Eremi arrived at the gates, his presence heralded by the sounds of rattling chains that dangled off the shackles attached to his wrists. A typical adornment to his attire no matter the circumstances. Especially considering what he was tasked too. Accompanying an escort to the Land of Wind or was it Earth? He was sure someone knew the way.
Fingers on one hand idly tapped at the gourds hanging from his waist as he approached Ei, a woman he had not seen some time, but a girl from his past that always resurfaces. "Hello, princess." He'd offer with a light bow of his head as he took up a stance near her and turned away. An uncorking of his gourd followed as he took a swig from the contents.

Daichi had another mission to report to, and was heading that way now. He was always as quick as he could be to get to the gates, and it showed as he was there not too long after Eremi was. He arrived right as Eremi was bowing, and landed a little nearby before walking towards him and Ei. "Hey Eremi. And hello my name is Daichi." He offered a small wave to Ei before sitting on a nearby post.

So, to go to the Land of Earth. Kurome was at least familiar with this route, so perhaps that's why she was selected to go? Well, regardless, she's one of the last to arrive, by the look of it. "Daichi-kun," The clan head would greet, nodding lightly to Eremi as well before her dark eyes are on Ei. "So then, we're to escort you to the Land of Earth?" Kurome inquires of the Iga-to-be. When that is confirmed, Kurome would nod and offer a light bow. "I'm Uchiha Kurome. Pleasure to meet you." Kurome would glance between Daichi and Eremi. "Hmm… Daichi-kun, when we reach the spot, I need you to keep to the cart and keep an eye on things from there."

Despite Ei's confusion, the wagon would pull up at the right time just as it should. The driver would nod to her and then to the shinobi that will be accompanying her. He is silent otherwise, as Ei is in charge. He'll merely be driving and navigating, though he does seem a bit nervous about all the scary shinobi on the mission. Atop the wagon, he would simply await the order to move forward.

Ei raises her brows at Eremi and smirks at him taking a swig from his gourd. "Do you ever stop drinking or do you set up something to pour a certain amount in your mouth at intervals while you sleep?" As the other two arrive, she offers nods and small bows in greeting. "I am Fujiwara Ei. Technically, you are helping me escort that wagon," she gestures to it as it shows up. "You may or may not recognize the name Fujiwara as my father is a very successful businessman in Konohagakure. These are his wares. We are delivering them to the Land of Earth, yes. It's quite a ways, leading us through another country as I understand it. So we have to make sure to keep a watchful eye. There is not much more to this mission. I don't expect us to be attacked since there are no groups that would wish this to not happen in particular. Nor do I think information leaked in regards to what, precisely, we are delivering… Let's head out." She moves toward the cart, nodding to the man atop it.

Eremi practically chokes from Ei's comment, doing the best he can to not show such in his outward appearance. He had stopped drinking from the gourd, but it was still pressed to his lips while he tried to regain his composure. As Daichi and Kurome arrived, he offered each a bow of his head, but no words were given. His focus was else where for the time being as he corked the gourd and let it slip free from his fingers to once again hang from his side. "Ahem." Eremi coughed into a hand, "I think you have the better eyes for such thing, Kurome." He knew that wasn't the reason the Uchiha Clan Head was having Daichi stick near the cart, but he didn't want the younger Satonezu to miss all the fun. The kid liked to fight. "Let's." Adding to Ei's comment and following behind her.

Daichi nods when the name is given from Ei, and then waves his own sign of greeting at Kurome. Having both Eremi and Kurome here gave him memories of that B-Rank he went on, and he began to wonder if it is going to be similar in difficulty. So when Kurome asked him to stick the cart he nodded pretty quickly. "No problem Kurome, but don't worry too much. I should be fine if no one attacks like Ei said, and even if they did I am stronger then before." He does move on to the cart, and stays there.

"Ah, I see. Well, that works just as well. A pleasure to meet you, Ei-san." Then Kurome would glance over to Eremi, hearing him almost-choke. There was definitely a pause there… Well, it was gone. "I'll be keeping an eye out for trouble as well, of course, Eremi-san." She pauses for a moment and considers. "If he thinks he can handle the enemy, then I am fine if he ends up in a small fight." She just doesn't want him ded…. Kurome would move into a spot that would offer her the best visibility.

COMBAT: Shifty focuses 8387 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!

Faaaaast foooorrrwaaaaaard!!! »»> »»> »»>
The team makes it all the way through the Land of Fire and most of the Land of Grass unimpeded. Of course, things just CAN'T go that well, can they? Almost out of nowhere, men adorned in black begin leaping down out of the trees toward the wagon with blades drawn. "Fujiwara Ei, you will come with us, or your friends will die," one of them calls out as they attack, attempting to take down the shinobi with kunai strikes at their guts.

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COMBAT: Eremi focuses 410 stamina to turn it into 500 usable chakra!
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COMBAT: Kurome focuses 6264 stamina to turn it into 8000 usable chakra!

Ei listens to them converse as they head off, but does not insert her own words. Instead, she focuses her attention on the road ahead. If this was a test from her father… she would pass it. She had to…
Such a long trip and no big problems along the way… what more could she ask for? However, she is soon enough faced with something she hadn't expected… The woman blinks her golden eyes in surprise and confusion. They were targeting… her. What? She furrows her brows, murmuring, "You will do no such thing." She actually takes a step /away/ from her 'friends', gulping a little and hoping they can evade the blades before she forms seals, the air suddenly gets heavier around the group of attackers, though she is careful to try and avoid the Konoha shinobi.

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During the travels Eremi remained rather silent, offering little to the conversation except a quip every now and again. Other than that he stayed to himself, enjoying one of the three gourds hanging from his hip or 'resting his eyes' with a brief nap on the cart as they traveled their long distance.
When the sudden appearance of sharply dressed men (black is sharp btw) Eremi was inclined to simply let them take Ei. They were contracted to simply escort the cart after all, not make sure the princess remained safe. However when kunai appeared, poised for his other Konohagakurian's, Eremi didn't hesitate to retaliate.
One of the two that were on him received a kick at the blade that quickly followed a kick to the head. The second man was ignored as Eremi suddenly vanished, the only marking of his whereabouts would be the clinging of chains as he moved from one individual to the next. A series of kicks following each strike, first at the kunai, then to the head.
"Oi, you said you only wanted Ei. Why you attacking us?" It was a question he didn't care whether it was to be answered and possibly wasn't going to be as he noticed a shift in the air pressure around the nearest black dressed individual that forced Eremi to jump backwards before he was caught in it as well.

Daichi was silent most of the trip as well sticking by the cart the whole time. Though he does keep an eye out, and notifies them of anything he sees that may be important. Though he had noticed the men until they showed themselves, and he had even reacted to dodge. Though Eremi was much quicker then he was, and moved in front of and countered every attack. Daichi had no idea what to do as he felt he would be getting in Eremi's way, but as he went from person to person he decided to throw a kunai at the first three Eremi attacked. Then he quickly moved onto the top of the cart to hopefully stay in a position to avoid anything.

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Kurome was keeping an eye out for anything suspicious, largely silent except for the occasional question to Ei about her abilities and what she felt most comfortable with in terms of combat. In the end, though, she had to get interrupted by some folk that want to kidnap Ei… Fun… Kurome's eyes shift from dark to a faint red as she watches the attacks flow in, but Eremi stops most of them, and she would simply nod lightly when Eremi was forced to move back before making a few handseals. Genjutsu would be weaved to try and trap the six in an illusion of their own deaths.

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A rather harsh flurry from the shinobi winds up with a good number of the men damaged and some even trapped by Ei's wind. In the process, some might notice something a bit odd. Despite the hard blows, while there's some damage, there's not a single visible drop of blood or bruising. Though, her eyes aren't fully activated, Kurome was notice that there was definitely something off about these men's chakra signatures, though how much time she has to think on that as the three that aren't entrapped by wind begin to attack a bit more harshly as they start weaving through a pattern of deadly slices at the team.

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Ei swiftly drew the wind to her, using it to move herself completely out of the way. She fidgets slightly as she glances at the shinobi and then to the cart… She hoped they could handle themselves… They were doing well so far, at least. The woman kept her distance, though, trying to keep herself as far back from the potentially injured as she could without abandoning them altogether. She frowns a little before trying to force the remaining attackers to the ground as well.

COMBAT: Eremi defends against NPC-B-TAI-ATTACK(46) attack from Shifty with a IMPROVED-EVASION…53

With only three of the six currently attacking, Eremi figured the others would be able to handle the attackers themselves without the need for him to intervene. Though he was slightly worried for Daichi, of all people, he figured the little clone of himself could manage these simpletons. If not…
A quick flip backwards as one of the assailants approached him would keep Eremi out of distance as the kunai tried to spill his entrails once again. Within that brief moment where the two were close enough, Eremi caught sight of something odd. Though his blows had connected on some, he'd noticed that there wasn't much visible damage for his efforts. "A tougher lot than normal?"
Catching sight of Ei's actions, a smile passed Eremi's face, "No worries. There are other ways." Figuring the princess had a plan to trap the others, Eremi bided his time for as long as he could before jumping into the air and delivering a powerful spin-kick with such force a miniature whirlwind suddenly kicked up and raced ahead toward the attackers.

Daichi was once again being saved by someone else, but at least this time he might have actually needed it. Then while he looks at the enemies here he noticed just what Eremi did. He was sure he cut at least one of them, but there was no blood in sight. "But I cut one of them I was sure, but there isn't even any blood." He looks over to Eremi with a slight frown knowing he might not agree to pulling off the weights as it isn't visibly needed yet. "Eremi. Is this something where the weights should be allowed off?" Then he once again throws kunai, and he aims at the ones downed on the ground. If they didn't bleed this time then something was up for sure.

RP: Kurome transforms into SHARINGAN-III.
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Kurome's eyes shift… The pale red becomes darker and richer in color, only interrupted by three tomoe. It is then that she notices… "They're puppets..?" The woman notices some of their attacks aimed at Daichi and avoids the puppet trying to attack her as she rushes to grab Daichi and drag him away from harm's reach. "Eremi-san! They're puppets!" she yells. "We need to find the mastermind!" Kurome looks around at the different figures attacking, trying to pinpoint which one might be the real person… As she does, she lets go of Daichi in favor of making a huge fireball for the couple she was sure were puppets. And hopefully her teammates weren't going to be burned. She does attempt to not burn down the cart, too!

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The combined tactic of the stuns and it being figured out that most of the fighters are puppets winds up rather devastating. Through strikes and stabs and finally lots of fire, moving parts are suddenly flying everywhere, except for one guy that slams into a tree and lays on the ground bleeding. "… Thesis… Old man Fujiwara… this ain't worth the pay," he grumbles before passing out. If someone searches him, they'd find a letter with Ei's father's seal on it detailing out how he was supposed to kidnap Ei while she was escorting a fake shipment to the Land of Earth. Ei might have some questions for this man when he wakes up, but probably more for her supposedly sick father.

The attacker(s) are taken out without too much difficulty, it would seem. This group was… something. Ei takes a piece of cloth that was tucked in her obi and covers her face before approaching the fallen puppeteer. She had not heard his mutter, since she had kept her distance intentionally, but as she searches the body while trying not to gag, she finds a letter… What she notices is the broken seal of wax on the outside… and just gazes at it a moment before tucking it in her obi. "Good job," she says through the cloth. "Will you please… put him on the wagon? We'll take him back to question him. I can't lift him…" She gulps and, if asked about the letter, would simply claim "family business" and refuse to say more.

One by one as each of the 'attackers' succomb to their wounds, Eremi relaxes from his stance and simply takes in the scene as it quickly unraveles before the group. "A puppeteer controlling puppets. If the puppeteer were stronger physically, they wouldn't need all that help." A shrug would be given as he moves toward Ei after her request was given, perhaps seeing the letter and not caring as he doesn't bring it up, simply grabbing the man by an ankle to drag the unconscious victim to the cart and toss him with the rest of the goods. "Are we continuing to the Land of Earth or heading back to Konoha. Either way it's a long trip." A swig of one of the gourds would be taken before Eremi hops aboard the cart and begins to doze off. "I'm just resting my eyelids, I'm not actually sleeping…" Though the rest of the trip he would remain rather silent.

Daichi doesn't really care to much about the letter, so he simply moved back to his spot next to the cart for the rest of the mission. "Yeah. I think we should obviously continue on. Just because that happened doesn't mean the mission is over does it? We still have to get this cart where it is supposed to go?" He eyes Eremi as he climbs on the cart, and frowns. Was he really going to doze off up there while Daichi was still walking along the ground.

Kurome’s eyes fade from red to black again when the fight seems to be over. She would glance to Ei when the woman picks up the letter, even inquiring about it. But she would accept the vague response with a simple nod and wait for Ei’s decision. To go to the Land of Earth or return home… It was a decision left to the Fujiwara. Kurome would follow along and continue to escort the cart all the same.

Ei was glad to have the other woman just take her answer at face value. However, she shakes her head to Daichi, suddenly looking drained. "This was… a fake, I think. I do not know yet if my father knew that or not… but it is best we just head back to Konohagakure." She wasn't exactly pleased with /how/ Eremi moved the body of the puppeteer… but she decides not to harass him about it. Instead, she peers at the drive of the cart, wondering if he too knew what was going to happen or was truly just hired to drive the wagon. Either way, she finds a place to sit on the cart, looking thoughtful as she occasionally touches the edge of the letter.

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