Punishment and Counseling


Daisuke, Akinori

Date: May 9, 2014


Akinori is summoned to the Hokage's office to get both some advice on his future and a reprimand for events in Fuuma Alley.

"Punishment and Counseling "

Hokage's Lookout

Sunlight would be seen here and there in the Land of Fire, as white clouds fill up the air on several occasions. It's a normal summer day, not that hot but not cold either. The afternoon has allot of people moving about in the village, one of these people is Akinori. Appearantly, he recieved an invitation from the Hokage himself. Not knowing why, but he knew one day. Get there on time, and wear your best attire. So, instead of his usual clothing which consisted of a jacket, cargo pants and a cigarette in his mouth he'd wear something neat. A white kimono with a black silk belt around his waist, the Sarutobi logo being both on his back and on the belt. His feet would contain the traditional wooden sandals which clank on the stone steps as he approaches the Hokage's office. Five past half three, he had to be on time.
At the door the guards would glance towards Akinori as he'd approach. "Name." they'd commanded. He'd raise an eyebrow as he stutters for a brief moment. "S-sarutobi Akinori, here to see the Hokage. I — .. I have an appointment." One of the guards is holding a list, as he crosses out something on his paper. They'd nod to Akinori as he slowly proceeds to the door. Okay, one more breath. He'd knock on the door three times, awaiting the Hokage's permission to enter.
When the permission has been given, he would enter the room slowly and make a bow in front of the Hokage."I'm honored to be invited, Hokage. Sarutobi Akinori, at your service." His blond hair is a bit spiked, but his face doesn't show playfulness. A strict stare is given to the man, as he awaits his response.

Having just finished another appointment 20 minutes ago, Daisuke had been catching up on some scrollwork in his offtime inbetween meetings. As the knock came on the door, he glances up at the clock and lets out a small sigh. Seems the days were flying by lately, despite having all this work to do. "Come in." he says as he gives permission to enter, greeting Akinori with a smile and, after the Sarutobi's introduction, motioning him to have a seat in a chair in front of his desk.
"I've called you here today for two reasons. One is good, one is …less than good. The first one is to get to know a little more about your goals, kind of a 'where do you see yourself in 10 years' question." he explains, waiving a page with Akinori's picture on it. "A registration page can only give you so much information, after all."
After a brief pause to let that sink in, the 'less than good news' comes up. "And for the other bit. It has come to my attention via the International Affairs Head of Kumogakure that you were involved in a dispute in Fuuma Alley that resulted in some property damage." he says as he leans forward a bit. "Just so you know, I've blown up a few buildings in my time. In fact, I was known as the one to bring along if delicacy was not needed. Unfortunately, Fuuma Alley representatives for the man who's bar you burnt to the ground have contacted both Kumogakure and Konohagakure and payment for the bar was given by our coffers."
Pausing again, he looks at Akinori for the duration of the silence, waiting to see if he would stumble out some excuse.

He'd slowly take the chair, returning the smile as he places down. He'd listen closely to the Hokage's words and grins with shyness behind it as he mentions the Fuuma Alley incident. "Eh… I apologize for this inconvenience, I had hoped I solved that there already with the locals. It is true that I blew it up, but only for the sake of the companions who were sitting there… I'd — .. normally wouldn't show such behaviour, surely." He'd gulp, hopefully dodging the bullet this time… what's done is done though, so he doesn't care all too much. He'd scratch on the back of his head, glancing towards Daisuke. "And for the part of the time lapse — …" he'd place his hand onto his chin, slowly rubbing over it as he emits a soft grunt." .. — I'd hope to see myself be alive, aswell as being a diplomat and perhaps even ANBU.. hopefully I'd have a beautiful wife and perhaps a kid coming on the way or have a kid. Even a team of Genin who I can give my future accumulated experience and wisdom to if I'm lucky. Maybe even the Sarutobi Clan head if Kazuo decides to step down for whatever reason, perhaps illness or boredom. Who can tell…"
He'd halt, snorting and sniffing as he closes his eyes for a brief moment. He'd remove the hand from his chin as he glances towards Daisuke. "But, my utmost important goal in life is to protect the future generation of people. Shinobi, children, the society. I want to make the future a better place, for my future kin to live in. To sit in retirement smoking a pipe and hopefully giving advice to future Shinobi, future Legends. I'm far off now, being just a Chuunin fresh from the Exams. But I want to be known for my Heart and love for the people of the Land of Fire, being there for the people in need and the friends in tough times… This is my ultimatum, and I hope to achieve it." He'd nod, closing his eyes with it as he eyes the Hokage yet again. "I hope this gives you a somewhat insight of me, I don't know if it suits you or that I might be a threat to you. I hope not, at least." He'd smile softly, not because of him but because of his toughts.

Daisuke listens to Akinori explain his vision, smiling as he continues on and on into all these dreams that he had for himself. Once he finishes, Daisuke clears his throat. "Well, you certainly have a widespread list of goals and achievements planned out." he says with a chuckle, "Unfortunately not all of them work well with one another, which is sort of why I ask this question to our new Chuunin. While it may not seem important at your age, it becomes increasingly so as you advance in strength and rank." He pauses for a moment before continuing, "While ANBU is a glorified, respected, and high caliber position, not many within it even think about settling or starting families. The job just doesn't mesh with that kind of lifestyle. But teaching Genin, having a team to grow and nurture yourself, now that is something that sits well with your Will of Fire that you just described to me. Narrowing down all those achievements, ranks, and goals into a visible path that you can walk down towards that ultimate goal will make it much easier for you."
"Basically, I'm not asking you to tell me your life plan here and now, but get you thinking of it, so that I, and the administration, can help you on your path. And the first step in whatever direction you decide to go in is patrol duty for a week to make up the cost of the missing bar in Fuuma. I trust that seems fair enough for you?" he says as he sits back in his chair and folds his hands.

"I thank you for the offer of assisting me in my goals.. and I agree with the compensation." Not like he's doing anything else, so 'eh! Atleast he's not getting latrine duty. "I just… I — …" He'd struggle with his words, slowly standing up as he'd pace from the left hand of the desk to the right as he speaks. "On one hand… I want to be in ANBU, because I -know- I can do it and I will be a good addition to it." He'd move to the other side. "On the other hand, I want to have childeren one day.. I don't know how strict ANBU is on getting out of the organization, like retirement wise and stuff… I just — .. I don't know." He'd slowly place himself down after, placing his elbows onto his knees as he folds his hands together infront of his chin. Distraction is in his mind, the man infront of him brought him to think. He'd basically thought everything was possible and nobody would crush it, but surely…there has to be a snake in the grass. "I'd… like some guidance with this, Hokage. If you can provide me with it that is, I know that it's allot to ask but I want to be the best for the village." He'd glance back from his toughts to Daisuke, seemingly a mix of irritation and desperation in his eyes as he does so.

"It takes a certain type of person to be considered for ANBU. It's not just skill and power. You seem like a pretty realistic and friendly guy, just from our first official meeting here today, so as of right now, I wouldn't suggest you pursuing such a route, just out of my experience. I can't go into too much detail but I will play up the other side of the coin a bit." Daisuke explains to Akinori. "A jounin leader is not only a rewarding position with the power to affect the lives of our next generation of shinobi, it also gives you new growth opportunities and experiencces as a shinobi and a guy. It would also be the best route for those looking to have children of their own one day, as fresh Genin out of the academy are a good crash course in kids." he says, chuckling after the last bit. "What I am saying is, my suggestion to be all you can be for this village, is to pursue a Jounin leader position with a team of your own. Not only does this help our village in the present, but in the future as well. Remember, though, this isn't a command or anything, merely a suggestion of direction for you. If you still see ANBU in your head, then by all means hone your skills, shut off your emotions, and one day I may be summoning you to my office for a different reason."

Akinori nods, the irritation resides from his eyes but the desperation lingers around just a bit. " Thank you, Hokage." He'd grin, glancing around the office. "There are… two more things, one short thing which is part of my goal now and the other is a uh… personal thing."
"You see, I've currently started to train two genin. Sarutobi Mikoto and Hyuga Hitomi.. Mikoto is a clear case, crystal clear. But I'd like to get a file on Hyuga Hitomi… if allowed and availible ofcourse.." He'd smile, slowly setting himself straight. "The other is about you, Hokage. I have a question about you." He'd halt, scratching over the back of his head. "You'd see, I'm curious on what type of person -you- are. I'm honored with the kind words you are giving me, but I'd like to know more about the person giving me these. I'm aware that you are a Senju, one of the strongest clan in the world. But I'd like to know more about your persona… if you'd please that is. This is just purely intrest of my side."
He'd cast a slow nod, his eyes closing a bit before it spreads wide apart. "Oh, and one last point! I — .. want to be more politically involved in the world we live in… I however have no open position nor have a clue on how I could achieve it, but I think that I would like doing it. Could you perhaps tell me more about the political or diplomatical part of the world we live in?" he certainly isn't shy of questions, that should be clear for Daisuke by now. His gaze is now filled with lust and a hunger, not for food but for knowledge it seems.

"I will give you the registration files on each once you have officially created a team to train them, as we do with all chuunin and jounin leaders. Not sure if that will help or not, though, as I am unaware of Hyuuga Hitomi's specific circumstances. Sometimes a girl just likes to be secretive." Daisuke says with a slight smile at the end. "About me, well it's hard to say things about yourself, asking others would be the better option. Someone like Inuzuka Atsuro or Nara Satomi would know me the best. Though to try to answer your question, I consider myself friendly and fair-minded. I have also inherited a lot of my views on the village and the way we do things from my aunt, the Shodai Hokage, including helping our shinobi grow and mature along the right path. Um.." he says, trying to think of other things. "Often you can catch me out in town, at the bar, the hotsprings, or just shopping like anyone else. I'm pretty down to earth and I always try to stick up for the little guy."

"Right." He'd nod, clamping all details in one piece as he snorts aswell as a soft chuckle after. "So I might have the chance to outdrink you in the Sake Bar?" He'd rub underneath his nose,sniffing a bit after." I'm aware of Miss Nara and Atsuro… I've spoken with Satomi once or twice , same for Atsuro… Anywhoo — .." He'd gulp down, emitting a small grunt after." Do you have any leads, possibilities or tasks for me so I can get to know a bit more about Politics or Diplomatics? In my opinion a Great shinobi knows how to fight, but also how to use his tongue and words to help him out when neccesary…" He'd place his hands together, glancing towards Daisuke with the same eagerness as usual.

"An aspiring diplomat?" Daisuke says with mild surprise, pleasant surprise that is. "Well I just hired Atsuro as the internal clan affairs head, so maybe you could get some practice shadowing him as he goes out on the job? Both for your learning and to keep an eye on him, which is a win win for both of us." he says with a chuckle. "Politics is something I had to learn rather quickly with the sudden leave of my aunt and her appointment of me. I'm not quite at the stage where I can teach it just yet, I'm still constantly learning with every foreign or local emissary or diplomat that steps into my office."

"I will be following in Atsuro's footsteps then, do I tell him that I was assigned by you in order to learn or should I ask him for it?" He'd scratch over the back of his head, a bit of sweat reveales from behind his ear… ~Akinori, you still got some cigarettes left you should definetly smoke one!~ he clenches his fist with the tought crossing through his mind. His tongue moves swiftly over his lips as he taps onto his leg, still glancing towards Daisuke. Hopefully he doesn't have any more questions afterwards so he can find Atsuro for the diplomatic training."Anything else you'd like to ask me, Hokage?"

"Yes, let him know I told you it would be a good idea to shadow him, just don't get in his way and listen to what he has to say." Daisuke says with a nod, settling back in his chair as Akinori asks him if there was anything else. "Not from me. I hope I at least helped you get some kind of idea of what you want yourself to be doing in 10 years, but then I suppose we will see in the years to come, won't we? Who knows, maybe you will follow Kazuo's footsteps, not in clan head, but in being a diplomat for Konohagakure." he says with a smile.

Akinori downs a nod, slowly standing up as he bows down once again. "I thank you, yet again for this audience. And for the assistance you provided me. I will be taking my leave, Hokage." He'd rise, slowly walking towards the door as he heads out of it. He'd quickly run down the stairs as he reaches the open grounds again, swiftly placing a cigarette in his mouth and lighting it up with his Chakra. He'd drag heavily from it as he returns to a slow pace of movement. A smile is slowly visible again, as he continues to get to the bar.. perhaps getting wasted.

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