Puppets gone Wild


Moriko, Tosai

Date: March 28th, 2010



"Puppets gone Wild"


You would think that the incoming snow would have stopped the day time patrons passing along this side of Konoha. Not today. It was amazingly populated buy many of places, as the approaching of the Winter Solstice was begining to make its round once again this year. Along with the more famous customs of Konoha that had been present around this time, like food in front of an open fire, or shopping for new winter clothing, had been the most infamous ritual of all-…one so basic that every other custom around this time of year seemed to be involving the same thing: staying warm. No better place to get warm than the Momochita Geothermal Hot Springs.
This privately operated family springs hosted a variety of features which had been said to be high tech even in this day in time. Puppet made servants, wooden, and seemingly autonomous roomed pool side, serving patrons all manner of beverages, including hot cocoa, eggnog, both alchoholic and none alchoholic, as well as the same which had been around, offering complementary massages for those who chose to stay at the Momochita Inns. This place had been utter paradise for many who had seeming forgotten that outside the walls of this co-ed hot spring, had been snow almost several feet deep. Even our own neighborhood Tosai, found himself emersed in a savory delight of endless cookies, and a tub of sake style eggnog, his cheeks about as rosey as ol' Saint Nick himself, and his beard dewed, and steamy from the clear water springs. The springs had been a water reservoir, clear, only heated by the molten lava almost 60 feet beneath. If it had not been for the thick layer of coal and iron ore separating the lava from the portions of soil, this pool would be completely unsafe.
This went above Tosai's head however, as it seemed that the place he now soak, was paradise, making him thankful he decided to wear the black fundoshi, instead of the pink one.

Enter Mo, the odd Jounin wandering with hands behind her head. On her back is a backpack and she's even got a shoulder bag on too as she wanders through the snow. At the springs, Mo gives brief pause, the girl wandering toward it before pausing just inside as she glances around curiously.

"Man..this is the life. I guess this is how it feels to finally relax.", would be said by Tosai, moments before a large gulp of his brew was sipped, and then a sigh was added, before he would sink in. Moments later, another large pot, of the same, would be pured into his own, accompanied by the computerized words, "Egg-nog replenished. Thank you, humble guest of the Momochita Hot Springs. Enjoy!!", before the wheeled contraption would spin, and head toward another guest. Now thats what I call service. Meanwhile, Moriko, would soon find herself greeted by another of the puppet made servants, as he would bow jointedly and slowly, and say, "Welcome, oh guest!! Would you like a beverage? Perhaps a fine spot to soak.", just before a small set of buttons would unfold and show her choices. One each for what ever option she chose, whether it had been a seat at the bar, or a place to soak by the pool.
"Please be mindful of pool side safety rules, and abide within courtesy. Thank you, Oh patron." The wood servant would then wait for a moment for her choice. Meanwhile, a nice loud group of screams would be heard from the other side of the pool, before the words, "HEHEHE!! Nice hooters!!", would be shouted. A small young man, would then be seen chasing after one of the girls, drooling, and nose bleeding wildly. No doubt a peeping tom. It wouldn't be a hot springs without one.

Mo stares at the wood man curiously, blinking. She then notices the wierdo chasing the woman and shouting out nice hooters. She frowns a bit, and the girl idly pulls a bit of sand stone with some iron oxide in it. She looks at it, grins and holds it in her hand, thumb ready to launch it as seemingly a bit of lightning starts flickering around her finger. She then flicks the thing with rather suprising velocity at the fellow, it's not thrown hard enough to be deadly or anything like that, but definately hard enough to get one's attention. All this is done rather smoothly and hidden as the girl brings her hand up and rubs at the back of her head, mussing her hair. "Ummm guess ish a good thing I brough my swimsuit, yus?" She says and grins. "Amma thinking I'll enjoy some milk and a goo ddip in the pool."

*Conk*…."Aaaayyyeeeee!!!!"*splash*…. Its needless to say how accurate Moriko's stond throw would be as in seemingly slow motion, the boys head seems to rock upon impact, before his body would fly backwards, tumbling twice in mid air, before his white hair would rattle and hit the pool, the impending splash seeming like an eruption. The water would come to reveal the boy, squigly eyed, and sprawled across the water's surface, as the girls he had so victimized seemed to erupt equally in applause of the Moriko's actions. Meanwhile, the puppet servant, hearing the Jounin's words, would need no button to be pushed before sayin in a computerized voice, "Wise decision~!! If you will follow me this, a spot will be secured. In the meantime, you requested beverage shall be provided.", as a glass would be immediatly produced in a small compartment in its "abdomen", as milk would be poured into it, nice and cold.
Soon Moriko would be led to where a slightly buzzed, and jolly Tosai would be sitting, not to close to him, but rather in a small spot adjacent to where he had been sitting. Tosai, despite his slight inibreation(?), would do the gentlemenly and come to a stand, and bow, saying, "Hello. Pardon me." as he would allow the women to pass. Moriko would notice him immediately to be an Akimichi. He would sit down, and say, "I think your going to enjoy this place. Its amazing. They say that a talented puppet make from the Land of Wind owns it." Tosai had been making nice, but had not known the women had been superior in rank to him. He was however a very cordial guy, as he would say his words, and then seat himself within the warm waters again.

Moriko umms "NOticed the puppets." She responds and shrugs slowly. The girl makes her way tot he changing room and returns, dressed in a two piece, sonsisting of a haltar type top, and a 'western' cut bikini bottom. She also wears a sarong around her hips as she settles near the water and bussies her self just by setting her legs into the warm water for now before she begins sipping on her milk. "Umm, hiya." Greets the Medic Kirryu. She then umms.. "Careful with alchohol and hot water springs, can get your self really dehydrated if you're not careful."

Hearing the woman, Tosai would laugh jollily, and say, "Hah..indeed. You sound like the doc's at the Akimichi Clinic. Med nin, if I am guessing right?" He would say this and take an even larger swig. Moriko was quite beautiful but with her comment seeming a bit on the serious side, the Akimichi youth wasn't about to take the chance of actually striking out talking to her. He would instead relax a bit more as he would say, in regards to the puppets. "The puppets seemed to be able to work indepedantly. Never saw anything like this in the Great War. If I had been still the paranoid type, I would probably not trust drinking in a place like this." The large Akimichi youth would look around a while longer, as he would then see someone enjoying a massage from one of the wooden autotomatons, and say, "All though right now that massage is looking pretty good.
Meanwhile the same kid, who had been knocked senseless, would wiggling and whining, as two of the same puppets had been holding him, one on each shoulder, escorting him out of the springs. The kid, not sporting a cartoonish lump on his forehead, would be saying, "Awww, come on!! Lemme go!! This is such a drag!! I was only doing research!! Is this how you look upon youthful pursuits of education?!" as he would rocked twice and tossed out the door. After landing face first, the lad, dust faced would say, "You will not see the last of me!! For I am Jiraiya!! The greatest ninja lover of my generation!!"

Moriko glances backward, a small sandstone pebble in her finger again. There's the sudden brief buildup of chakra in her thumb and another rock is sent flying in the youth's direction, this one aimed at his forehead again as well. Mo then glances back to Tosai "Yus, that's me, a Medic nin. Not a great one, just a regular every day Medic. Mostly work at the hospital." She says and gives a thumbs up and a wink.

*Conk…*tumbletumble**Craaaassshh!!!* Tosai would wince as the poor kid would have no chance at dodging another stone to the kid's forehead, which this time would send into a nearby cabbage stand, as he would horrify the owner. "Yeesh….you got really good aim don't ya. >_>;" would be said by Tosai, before he would listen to the woman state her occupation. "Aaah…I was right then. Modest too! Hey, being a med nin is no small feat. I don't know how many times my life was spared by one during the war. You guys are what keep nin like me alive." Tosai would approach the woman, and in a slight kneel in the pool, hold out a hand and bow slightly as he would introduce himself. "Akimichi Tosai…chuunin." smiling and then sittng back in his own spot.

Moriko oh's and nods, then blinks and gives a nod-type bow. "Kirryu Kaelyn, Jounin." She says, mouth drawing into a slight tight-lipped smile before she adds. "So long as the rock has some ferrous content, I can do a lot with it." She says and then winks cheerfully. "High amount of chakra control and what-not."

"Ferrous? As in…iron? Sounds complica-…","EeeeeeeeeKKK!!","Their going nuts!!". Just as it seemed the two ninja had been getting to be a bit friendly, then it would happen. A crowd of folks would be seen running toward the opposite direction, patrons who had been seemingly frightened, all running toward the exit. If the two had decided to find out what had been going on, they would shock to see the puppets, docile, and kind, had now seemed to be going on the fritz!! They weren't completely deadly, many of those who her being attacked seeming to be only shot at with hot egg nog, or being trapped under the clutches of a massage gone wrong.
"I wonder what is going on? Shall we take a look…sempai?", Tosai being mindful of rank, now that he knew that the woman he had been talking to was over him. He would, despite her reaction, be on the way around, as he would spot all that had been going on, and upon entry find that the normally independent working puppets were now seeming to group together, reacting as he approached. Though many of them had let loosed the patrons who they tormented, all 12 of the wooden puppet servants, were now begining to set in a formation, and if not careful would seek to surround anyone who got close.

Mo blinks and hops to her feet, the girl sighing as she picks up a small bag full of what appears to be bal bearrings. "Oy… I gotta go disable puppets, be right back." She states matter of factly as she turns and heads toward them, the girl sashaying as she tosses the small hip pouch onto a shoulder. In her hand is a pair of ball bearrings she swivels between fingers for now.

It seemed that both of the ninja would have been soon encounter by the puppets, the carved eyes of the creations seeming to now glow red. It would be soon that the puppets, would then began to segment, and after a moment, go from a group of twelve small, liquid dispensing robots, to four, very large liquid dispensing robots, who after moments combining, would all seem to began to trudge and approach the duo. In a coordinated efforted, the robots would simultaneously, launch wooden fist at the pair, seeming to make quick attacks and subdue them immediatly? Was this a trap, or meerly coincidence that these two were being attacked? Not sure, Tosai would not let Moriko or himself be attacked, as he would say to the woman, "Duck, sempai.", before large hands, would enhance to even larged size, becoming truck-sized walls for the wooden fist to smash against.
Tosai, before long would say, "You guys can't attack customers!! Its bad for business." Before long, he would launched a fist each at two of the puppets, only managing to smash one to bit, and lightly scuffing the other, while the other two puppets would seek to close in on Moriko, attacking her high and low with wooden punches.

Kae slides past a pair of attacks rather easily, just a brief afterimage of her self showing up shortly before she raises two hands, tossing a pair of metal marbles into the air. She then smiles and then well there's a buildup of lightning down her arm which spirals forward, then suddenly the snap of her fingers. The two marbles are accelerated, each giving off a dull boom as they break the soundbarrier toward her intended targets. "GO 'way." She mutters. "Want relaxation!" she calls out.

Akimichi Tosai hadn't paid much attention to the balls the young woman had twirled. He still was boggled by the use of the word ferrous. He knew that it meant iron, just from the fact his father was a miner but, he didn't know in what way this med nin worked. He would not have much to think about however, as he would see the jounin being attacked, or at least think she was being attacked, before moments smoke would appear inbetween the two puppets, causing them to comically smack into each other. Then Tosai would be amazed, as the woman, with the snap of her fingers and a charge if lightnining, would cause both the wooden bots to explode simultaneously. "How in the hell?"
Of course would not have time to answer that as he would then find himself encountering something he had never seen. The last bot, in a last ditch attack, would began to all of a sudden, began draining the water around him, by sucking it into his form!! And after a few second, a large hydro pump like blast, would be shot at the young man, causing a tidal wave. Tosai, would shout, "Whoa!!", was he would enlarge his right hand, and push down on the earth, launching himself above the blast to avoid it. Enlarging his torso, Tosai would then began to absorb his joints and head in seconds….Boomm!!! The puppet would have been splinters as he would drop into the bot, spinning as the Akimichi Human Bullet Tank.

Mo glances around, the girl all but humming with electricity as she holds a few small bearings between her fingers. She then shrugs slowly as she looks around the place and then beams "All gone I think." She states and begins heading back toward the hot spring. "Nice bullet tank, saw some before the whole village started up." She adds and the girl starts soaking her feet again, kicking her legs a bit as she does.

"Yep….but that attack of yours…I could hardly see it!!! It was like you snapped you fingers and Boomm!!!", the hand gestures for such a statement following suit as he would look around to make sure there were none. "I guess this needs to be reported." He would look around and after a moment, the Akimichi chuunin, at a large height thanks to the Multi-Size technique of his clan, would shrink. He would look to the jounin, and say, "I think I will go and do that report, but first, I think I will….lay…down..", a slow finger going upward, as the young man would slowly fall back, and in an earth shattering thud, fall back into the water, causing a large splash? Was Tosai hurt? It had seemed that he had no physical injuries, but Moriko would notice just exactly what the problem was. Tosai had managed to dehydrate himself in the fight. Too much alcohol @_@;……. Looks like he won't be doing that report after all.

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