Pursuing Kiri-nin


Michiko, Akane, Naoya, Eremi

Date: June 18, 2016


Michiko was sent to follow Akane while ANBU sought out Naoya.

"Pursuing Kiri-nin"

Konohagakure - Near the Uchiha Police Station

Akane (in the guise of Kyoujin…) Had been at the same place as Yoichi. In fact she had stolen some of the Swordsman's ramen bowl, clearly well aquainted with him, definitely comfortable around him. Hige and Shugo and Nichiko had all been there as well. Along with several ANBU assigned to be 'watching' the Kiri shinobi while they were Konoha's guests.
And then all hell broke loose. Yoichi had transformed into Hatsu and signaled the Storm Brigade to attack. They in turn nailed the Uchiha Police station and prison with thier storm jutsu. Then they had withdrawn. However, in the chaos, the ABU had tried (and failed) to capture Hatsu. And while they were distracted, managed to lose track of Akane. Hige had the asked Michiko to follow the woman when Akane had disappeared, only really able to be tracked by sharingan or Byakugan users. That was her speed…
Hige had ordered ANBU to arrest Okumo Naoya, one of the visiting shinobi and the only one Hige had not really heard of. Akane bolted past them, speeding at her top speed toward where she had sensed Naoya's chakra. She wasn't a sensor but she had a rudimentory way of locating him. And that combined with her intimate knowledge of Konoha's layout got her to him a bit faster than the ANBU after him. Only just, hwever.
She came to a sliding halt, her eyes deep emerald and an aura of violence practicly pouring off her. Kyoujin spoke as she came in , sliding to a stop beside Naoya. "You have to get out of here. They're coming to arrest you."

Seemingly on his own, Naoya was rather out of place in part that he wore no protector stating where he was from but also that ivory hair was an oddity. The only thing somewhat common were his dark golden eyes though they looked distant and faintly dulled as if partially blind. Those sensitive to chakra would be able to tell two things, chakra within him was moving unnaturally as the creatures under his skin repositioned themselves. Beyond that, his chakra influence expanded for several kilometers beyond himself but weakly, focusing onto arachnid creatures, not assaulting them but establishing links to them and maintaining them.
When Akane appears close by, Naoya turns his head slightly to look at her but as he dips his head he pauses for a fleeting moment, listening to her words. "Yes yes.. They are so careful of where my chakra reaches they want to start a conflict.. here?" Arching a brow, he turns and looks the way she had come in such a hurry. "Unless what we saw was what they feared, it was a possibility, the scent was similar but unreliable." Without showing much anxiety or worry his eyes shift back to Akane, "How many?" Shifting his right hand back, he rests his palm along the end of the straight sword's hilt but not yet gripping it.

Michiko, under Hige's suggestion, had followed Akane/Kyoujin to the best of her abilities. While the Kiri-nin had stuck to the rooftops, that didn't necessarily help mask her presence. A building is still connected to the ground, after all… and among the crowds, Michiko is not using only her tremor sense. The girl would skid to a halt a few moments after Akane warned Naoya, her eyes holding neither anger nor fear. Simply calm. "Akane-san, you do realize that running away probably isn't the best scenario in this case…" she would note, likely stalling a bit. She wasn't sure if the ANBU were here yet or not, admittedly. She also wasn't sure if they would act while she was speaking. She really hoped they wouldn't, though. That would be very rude if they did, and they have other issues to worry about.

Trailing after or perhaps hunting for the unknown shinobi of Kirigakure, the ANBU consisting of not one, but two ANBU were hot on the heels of their mark. Using the shadows to not arise suspicion from any bystanders on the street, the pair of ANBU made what they felt was the quickest way toward the shinobi, but something caught their attention. A short, yet noticeable whistle. A quick gust that came and went. Had someone past them? They weren't sure and continued ahead regardless until coming upon their target…s?
At least one was known, yes? A Kumogakure shinobi, Michiko. The other, perhaps? Kyoujin… Then finally, an ivory haired enigma. "Yes!" One of the ANBU would call out, having heard the tail end of Michiko's statement. "Running makes you look guilty. Now why don't you come back with us peacefully, simply for questioning so we can get this all settled out properly.

Akane turned as well, watching the opposite drection from where Naoya was looking. Her answer was unfortunately vague. "At least two. Both ANBU. Yoichi.. now Hatsu, she is with the Storm Brigade." The same group that had hurt Kiji so badly. "Hatsu claims Kiri is connected to them." She glanced behind her, tose dark eyes glittering with anger and awareness. "If Kirigaure's /leadership/ is with the Storm Brigade we need to take them out. But that means you have to get out of here."
She turned as Michiko approached, peering up at the Kumo nin from behind that mask of hers, inscrutable as always.
However, when the ANBU did arrive she lifted her head, stepping deliberately in between the ANBU and Naoya. "This One will not allow Naoya-san to be taken. This One will be blamed for a time anyway. As will Koi and Naoya-san. But This One will not allow Kiri's leaders to fall or be taken here. This One does not want to kill but This One will if you do not allow Naoya-san passage. Then the medic will attend to your fallen at the police station."
Akane was coiled, prepared to defend not only herself but Naoya as well. Her chakra was rsing as she spoke, prepared to act but waiting to give them one last chance to back off. What slim possibility that was anyway….

"It means that we need to retreat, though I will not be leaving without Ishino-san.. I can move faster than you or he can when I need to. I will simply, guarantee that.." Moving his left hand down to a hip pouch, Naoya slips free a clear vial and moves it to his lips as his fingers uncorked it. "They will likely try to stop you for 'several' reasons.. As she said, it will make you seem guilted." Closing his eyes, he breaths out slowly and blinks, his eyes focusing and brightening while his chakra signature rapidly withers.
Tilting back his head, Naoya quickly drinks down the solution that had been sealed away and the results were immediate. His pale skin seems to loose even more color while the veins within his neck, near his eyes and under his jaw line become a dark tone. "Good.. good.. This batch was rather promising after all." Lowering the vial back into the pouch, he turns his head slightly to look towards Michiko saying, "Make sure she actually travels there and then leaves, not getting caught twice. If a distraction is needed, I can begin leveling part of this village's apartments." While it was subtle at first, extended glances at his eyes would let it be known that they were constantly twitching, and almost hyper focusing on fixed points be it a location or a piece of a face.

Michiko would glance to the ANBU that arrived, offering them sympathetic looks. She didn't envy them this task. Then her gaze would be on Naoya and Kyoujin. "I hate to overstep any bounds here, as this is not my village. However, I do not believe that anyone is accusing anyone of anything. If you two could please answer a few questions after this chaos is over, I'm sure the most that would have happened is a slight delay on your return to Kirigakure. While I cannot vouch for …" Michiko hesitates a bit before finally continuing. "Yoichi-san, as … She is apparently a member of the Storm Brigade, I can at least say that the best course of action here is to cooperate. Especially if neither of you are a part of whatever happened today."

There was a brief hesitation between the pair of ANBU as they listened and waited. Both nodding in agreement as Michiko spoke. "We are not looking to take any one. Merely asking for your cooperation and to come along with us peacefully." One of the ANBU stated calmly. They were within Konohagakure's walls, so using the least amount of force was required. The police station had already been hit, there was no need for more collateral damage. That was the thought of one of the ANBU at least. The other however, was already forming seals, preparing himself for the most likely inevitable combat.
More time had passed than one would like for Eremi to realize the explosion he had heard was more than just a training accident gone wrong. Though, having just been startled awake from what felt like a several month coma… Who could blame the guy? Adorning his ANBU attire, Eremi made haste toward the sounds of destruction only to stop short of his intended destination as something catches his attention. His own underlings heading off in a different direction, racing at full speed as if to catch something. Someone.
Changing direction, Eremi followed after until coming upon a quite unusual scene. Not knowing the situation he remained silent, but let his presence known as he appeared from the shadows just a few yards from his own ANBU. His eyes observing the situation from behind his cermaic rabbit like mask.
The pair of ANBU would catch sight of Eremi and straighten up a bit before their attention shifted back to the kiri shinobi? "You can fight your way out, but there's no need for needless deaths."

Kyoujin glanced back at Naoya then turned to peer back at Michiko. Of course her eyes were covered so it was hard to tell where she was actually looking…. The two ANBU were the main focus right now. Chaos was expanding throughout the village, however. Fire brigades heading to the police station, some cutting ear to the confrontation… But Kyoujin volitile as she was, was also a part of Akane and Akane had rules. Much to Kyoujin's annoyance. "Naoya-san, the Medic can stay. It is /you/ who must leave. Get Koi out aswell. If This One cannot free the Medic within a week's time, come for her."
Turning she slipped a hand into Naoya's in a gesture tht would suggest a deep connection between them….. "'You' must be kept safe."
Finally she was facing the ANBU again and as such she lifted her head. Eremi's arrival only got tension from her… Without thinking she lifted her hand, pointing at the sky, shooting a charge above her head and into the storm clouds. She quite unintentionally was mirroring Hatsu's earlier actions which both ANBU had seen. But then she looked at them, all three of them. "Naoya-san is not connected. Let him go and the Medic will help with the police station. She has already sensed some still alive within. This One only wishes for Kirigakure to have one of it's leaders. He has nothing to do with Hatsu. Allow him to pass."

"An agent of the Storm or an agent of a Squall, if you hold issue then state it directly. Force is met with force in any event.. questions can be asked in the open, not within cages" is said as Naoya flicks his gaze towards one ANBU agent to the next, though the hand seals quickly catch his attention. "Ninjutsu.. likely partnered with Taijutsu. ..Yes, removing those two fingers would make seals very limited."
Wrapping his fingers snuggly around the end of the hilt, he doesn't move a centimeter when Akane approaches him. It wouldn't be until his hand was taken that he shifts his gaze to milt glare at Akane. Furling his brow, he opens his mouth to say something but then something seems to click in his mind. 'So, you are the one here.. odd. Calmer than before.' Looking down at their hands, Naoya takes two steps away, curling his once held hand into a tight grip. "A week's time.. You will be permitted one-hundred seventy hours, if she is 'you' aren't released within that time, other measures will be made. Some evaluations were already progressing. I doubt even your 'Koi' would wait to have words flow this time, action.. minimal chance at interruption or distraction the following time."
Loosening his grasp onto his sheathed blade, Naoya moves his hand to his belt sash, hooking his thumb into the fabric. Shifting his poise subtly further, he attempts to make it clear he wasn't moving to reach for a blade nor prepare himself to perform ninjutsu, though he also didn't appear to be surrendering. "You value yourself too little.. I drank the toxin to make sure I would be able to silence them before others were alerted. We'll settle things as you wish this time though 'Sensei'."

"The questions that need to be asked… Can be asked in the open, yes. But the one with the questions is not present, and he will not be free until this chaos is resolved. If you, Kyoujin-san, insist on Konoha letting Naoya-san go, I doubt they would agree… So easily. I cannot speak for Konoha in this instance, nor can I speak for them in the future… But can we allow for some sort of compromise that will allow the questions to be asked? Specifically, the questions meant for Naoya-san." Michiko glanced back toward the ANBU to double check that they were okay with her doing the talking. A brow would raise when she saw a third, but she did not comment aloud on it.

Not knowing the situation, Eremi was mere back up more than anything at this point. He could put the pieces that were presented before him together, but still, important components were missing. Who were these people? Why were the ANBU after them? Why is the Head Ninja of Kumogakure here as well? Questions that needed answers before he could take any appropriate measures. The lack of information was frustrating and would show clearly on his face if not for the ceramic mask that hid all except the slits where his eyes met.
Despite having their Captain present, the pair of ANBU grew anxious. Impatient. Their village was just attacked by some weird storm and while the damage was perhaps minimal in comparison to what could have happened, they could not simply stand by and do nothing. Especially not after witnessing a similar jutsu that had just leveled their villages police station and managed to push them further to the edge of their own restraints. "No one that displays such an attack can make requests. To us it seems like you both are working with the brigade. We have no intention of caging you, but our superior has questions that need to be asked before you are permitted to leave."
Kirigakure? Did that woman just mention that man. That Naoya, was one of Kirigakure's leaders? What once were seemingly lifeless hands that dangled next to Eremi's sides quickly clenched into fists ready to strike. The mans hate for the village hidden in the mists knew no bounds, but it was his own misfortune that he would find a pair within his own village. The casualities would be too great were he to try to attack either of them in the open. He could only curse his own luck at this moment and simply wish one of them would make a move. Giving him a reason to attack and an excuse on which he could apologize to his own superiors for any collateral damage he may cause.

Kyoujin nodded to Naoya's response. While he made clear movements to show he was not acting agressively, that he was going to stand down, Kyoujin turned back toward the ANBU. Now three of them were here. At least Naoya was showing signs that he was willing to retreat. She turned to peer at thethw edgy ANBU and then spared a glance toward Eremi. This was not going to be well taken… She took a breath, reading the extra tension in Eremi's muscles.
Behind that mask she smiled faintly. That one was irritated suddenly. It was not hard to guess why. But she could use that… She stepped forward,puttng even more distance between her and Naoya who was behind her… And then a slash of her arm and a huge lightning bolt came down between them, dividing the Kiri nin from the ANBU and Michiko. It was a fast attack, but so close, even with those masks the ANBU would need to shield their eyes from the light. So close that the CRACK might feel like their eardrums had burst… Yet when it cleared and they were able to look again, Akane was the only one there. She had not moved and had not harmed anyone, despite the high level jutsu and it's usually destructive force.. Not even a roof shingle was scorched. A precise strike with one reason…

A reason that would quickly become obvious, a brief distraction. In an instant, the young Okumo didn't appear to have ever been there save for the impression on the ground. Only needing a moment to act, Naoya managed to accelerate himself more quickly than what Akane has just displayed, he didn't offer a spike of chakra or even a signal flared for others to follow. Clinching his left hand, he moves it quickly into his pouch before his movements begin to slow down, pausing a few kilometers away before looking behind himself. 'Medical center.. the market.. the settlement.. Where would he be located.' Bringing a hand up to his throat, Naoya pressed deeply for a moment before moving his hand to cover his lips while forcing a cough, sprinkling his hand with droplets of blood. "We don't have much time, we need to start looking for him quickly and fall back. We gave her the time.. Then we'll keep moving until we see him." Shifting onto his heels, he brings to look around briefly only to accelerate again but with much shorter strides at an erratic pattern, trying to reconnect with the Doihara before leaving the village. (Current Spd 12, S-Range mobility technique, followed by B-Range stealthy mobility technique :: Notes for those wanting to contest if need be)

The bolt appeared, crackling in the air as it raced from the sky downward with a flash of light so bright that the pair of ANBU were forced to shield the slits in their mask with hands and arms. A vain attempt for when they recovered from the flash and the bang of the lightning, only Akane remained. "Hey!..What…" Confused and infuriated they leaped toward Akane without hesitation in an attempt to surround her, careful to not touch her. "You're not getting away." As if they could stop her or something. "You're coming with us for questioning."
When the lightning hit, Eremi had made little to no movement to avert his gaze, only just barely tilting his head in one direction as if that might have been enough to shield his eyes from blinding light. He kept his gaze focused however. As if he was following something. As if he might have seen where Naoya had slipped off to. Was it worth the chase? A lone Kiri shinobi loose in the village was easier to deal with than two, but the damage…and how did they get into the village anyways? So many unanswered questions…

Akane did not move as the ANBU realized what had happened. She did not mve when they surrounded her. She did carefully reach up to remove tht mask and let it sit canted to one side of her head, exposing her face, a scarred face Eremi would recognise from years past. "Relax. I'm not going anywhere." Back to normal it seemed, even her aura had settled down. She sent an appologetic look toward Mihciko. Then looked at the ANBU again. "Takemy weapons if you want but I /am/ a medic. I have aided Taiki-san recently and I am not interested i a war. So disarm me if you must but lets go save those people int he police station. Lives come before questioning me."

Eyes would linger for a few moments longer in the direction Naoya had slipped off to as Eremi debated whether or not now was the appropriate time to give pursuit, but as he continued to contemplate the possibilities, he had lost all sight of Naoya completely. Hesitation did not favor him. Sighing slightly, he had turned to face the now unmasked Akane and for a moment thought nothing of it. Just another individual reflecting on the outside how badly they have been hurt on the inside.
But then it hit him. A memory of the past years ago through the tears and booze. Of a girl on her own, looking for a place to belong. He had been confronted with this before with others. Twice, but more recently. It still weighed heavily on him then, with the others, much as it did now. Was it even real or was it in alcohol induced dream that created those feelings many years ago.
Vanishing from his spot, he'd appear before the woman as a hand at his side would twitch as if to reach out and touch her face. Wanting to take her head in his hand to make sure what stood before him was real, but it didn't. Kept in check by his own will and the fear of what may happen, it was the only thing he could control in this moment. Unlike the tears that rolled down his cheek, thankfully hidden by his mask.
For the first time Eremi would speak, "Take her to the injured." And with that, he was gone again.

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