Hanami's Sensor Training: Pushing Past the Limits...to Dinner?



Date: August 11, 2015


Hanami climbs the mountain to work on some solo sensor training using her chakra senses and wind jutsu sensory skill(Chakra Sensitivity and Air Currents). Also starting to work on combing the two together so she can learn to sense chakra through her wind sense.

"Hanami's Sensor Training: Pushing Past the Limits…to Dinner?"

Mountain Peak [Land of Lightning]

The long, long climb from the plains below have come to an end, or a beginning, depending on which way the traveller is facing. The peak of this mountain is flat, with only two obvious exits. One, to the south, leads down the mountains, and to the distant plains far far below, difficult to see from this vantage point because of the other peaks blocking the view.
To the northeast lies the walls of Kumogakure, the large stone buttresses built into the mountain itself, somehow expertly molded to almost mesh with the crannies and crags already in place along the mountains.
To the northwest, a long and dangerous looking bridge leads to a plateau at a nearby mountain.

Tenrai Bridge - (TB) [Tenrai Plateau]
North East - (NE) [Outside Kumogakure]
South - (S) [Jagged Narrow Path]

Hanami makes the long climb up the mountain outside of Kumo. Though maybe it would've been better to stay where there was more people. Maybe not though, she didn't really know. So here she was, climbing a mountain. Roaming around her was her recent acquirement, a mutant wolf she has yet to name, or seriously tame. Another thing on her to-do list, see he gets checked out by Michiko or another med-nin. His wounds weren't that many from their encounter and seemed to be just about healed which was good. That didn't mean all was well with the mutant, but at the very least he seemed pretty stuck on her. Next time she confronts an abused, mutant animal she'll think twice before trying to show her dominance over them. One mutant animal was probably enough for her!

Reaching the peak, Hanami pauses in the middle of the open space, looking around. It was nice up here, she still preferred the mountains. Glancing around she spotted her wolf, clambering around. Maybe it was part mountain goat? She shakes her head, enough distractions. She was here to train. She needed to work on her sensing skills. With everything going on she hadn't had the chance, but she needed her skills. And needed them better. She wanted to hone her skills, knew this was something she could do. Even before becoming a shinobi she had a sense of the wind. And ever since…since the loss of her village and taking up her ninja training it was even more so. She had some skill but it wasn't enough. And with their team missing Raion who probably was their main sensing member, she really wanted to step up.

So here she was. Though it might've been better to try and find someone in the village that could help with her training. But at least today she thought she could handle this. Hanami breathes in and out slowly, relaxing herself as she finds a spot to sit in the open area of the peak. The wolf still roams around, eyeing her curiously but seems to enjoy the new environment. For now she works on her breathing, getting herself to a kind of meditative state. From there she opens up her senses, taking in the immediate area without a problem. There really isn't much in the way of chakra through, aside from herself. She does get the sense of her new pet wolf, keeping fairly close.

COMBAT: You cannot move.
RP: Hanami joins the roleplay.
COMBAT: It is now Hanami's turn.
COMBAT: Hanami focuses 1611 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…39
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…22

Once she gets the sense of the immediate area she draws on more chakra, using her control for her next skill. Releasing it slowly upon the wind to drift out and get another lay of the land. The wind picks up the blades of sparse grass, scrub bushes and the few wind twisted trees. Also flowing through the rocks, cracks, and crevices. It does go too far before becoming too indistinct to be of any use. Which was the point of this training.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…30
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…34

Hanami opens her eyes, focusing her chakra and trying again. As she does she gives a shout to the wolf who looks up after a few moments, curious. She wasn't sure he would understand, but figured this might help her training. "Hey! Go hunt!" She points off down the other trail, "Go hunt!" She repeats herself a couple times and then it seems the wolf picks up a sense of her direction and sniffs the air before taking off with powerful bounds. She can't help be impressed, then turns back to her training. She was familiar enough with the wolf's chakra sense after the last several days so she should be able to 'keep and eye' on it so to speak. Now time to push herself. She opens her senses again as she releases her chakra upon the wind. Not only was she training working out how to use her own wind specialty to enhance her senses even more. When the wind sense starts becoming indistinct she turns to focusing, concentrating. She can still just sense the wolf's chakra though even that is starting to feel a bit…'fuzzy'. Her wind sense hasn't gotten that far but she keeps going. Concentrating on the small details, moving a small distance at a time. She can still pick up the scent of the wolf on the wind, strange though since the smell comes from a kind of third party instead of directly from her sense of smell but comes in on the wind. The delay would be a problem, but something she'd work on.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…21
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…21

Pushing her will and skills she grits her teeth. It was hard, keeping all her senses so alert. She was losing track of the wolf, going beyond her range as her strength ebbs some. But there was a bonus, a silver lining. She gets a brief moment when her her chakra sense and wind sense meld just as she wanted. It didn't last long, but she got it! The taste, the scent, of chakra on the wind. Blurry, faded to almost nonexistence but it was there! The surprise of the melding causes her to lose her focus entirely, leaving her gasping as she comes back to herself more.

Hanami shakes her head, trying to keep that sense of the chakra alive her memory and body. "That was it…blending the two skills. Being able to use my chakra on the wind to sense chakra itself and not just the physical properties I normally get from it." She lays back, taking a few minutes to catch her breath. She had pushed her senses farther this time. Not real far, but it was something. Progress. So after the break, she tries again. Plus she had to try and get a sense of where her wolf went. A lot of trouble could probably happen from him running loose.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…23
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…26

Pushing her senses out again she tries to get the perfect melding and can't quite reach it again but close. The senses seem to intertwine as she pushes farther than she did before. It was hard, she was was sweating but she would do it! She picks up the indistinct chakra of her wolf, and some other chakra signatures as well though she can't quite get them. The scents and awareness from her wind sense don't help too much, then again she isn't a tracker and doesn't know the scents of animals very well. Maybe she should consider learning that as well… But her focus faltered with the mental distraction and the sense faded. The wolf was roaming out, and she got the sense of blood so likely his hunting went well. She'd have to reign him in soon though.

RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…37
RPCOMBAT: Hanami defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…37

With the distractions aside Hanami shakes her head and draws on her chakra once more. Okay, lets find that wolf of mine and reign him in. Clearing her mind she casts her chakra and wind sense outward far, farther. The taste and scent of the rocks, the hills, the plants, traces of animals, water, blood, she could sense it all. It was a lot to take it, but she was managing. Over that she got traces of chakra. Mostly very low, some animals and faint traces of her wolf as he had scoured the mountain for prey. Extending more she tries to use the faint trail of her wolf as a focal point and it seems to help. She does find some of the details fading around the peripheral but that's okay. As she does she tries to use her chakra sense to hone in with her wind sense and read what she can from the chakra signatures. Animals, lots of animals but also just some areas of chakra. Maybe left over from old battles or just natural chakra around. Not real important. And then, the melding. It just clicked, suddenly she had that taste, scent of chakra on the wind again. She didn't know enough to try and read anything from it but it was there. Nice and clear, the only thing she could get is from her wolf's chakra which she picked up down the mountain quite a ways. She couldn't read much else so well, but that was no surprise. Still it was there, strange tastes and scents from the wind as it got the sense of bodies of chakra as well as the mundane senses and sounds.

With the melding of her senses she gets up going to the head of the trail the wolf took. It was then that she sensed something weird from the wolf. Like a recognition. Suddenly the wolf is moving back this way, leaving Hanami puzzled. It doesn't take long for him to come loping up the trail with what she sensed before. Goat. A dead goat, carried in his jaws which he drops at her feet looking pleased. Awkwardly she pets him, "Uh…good boy? Thank you, I did tell you to hunt. Well…never had goat before. Not to my knowledge at least." She also doesn't know much about outdoor cooking. She does get a fire going though, finding herself tired with the effort she put into her training. Once that was going she manages to cut a few chunks and put them on scrounged up sticks to roast on the fire. She lets the wolf have the rest, which he seems pleased to do taking it a short distance away to lay down and finish it off. Once the meat seems cooked enough she grabs a stick and nibbles. It's okay…but outdoorswoman she is not. The food does help restore some of her strength though and after the first nibble her sense of hunger only grows. Before long she's polished off the rest while the wolf snaps cleaned bones. Getting up she gestures, "Okay, come on now lets go." She turns back to the path home to Kumo. In the evening gloom she uses her wind sense to help compensate for her vision. That and the wolf, eventually making it back to the village safe and sound and to bed.

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