Pushing through the Limit


Hiei, Sado

Date: January 3, 2015


Hiei calls young Sado to his personal training area to impart the secret of the Yotsuki clan upon the young body, which he will have to learn through rigorous training.

"Pushing through the Limit"

Raikage's Training Area - Kumogakure

After lunch, Hiei is waiting for Sado in his personal training area. He's changed from his robes into his shinobi gear and he's sitting on one of the large boulders in the area. He had taken the time to warm up while waiting for him. Hiei was prepared to teach Sado the technique taught to him by his own grandfather. He didn't even know of it's existence until after he became Clan Head. Now as Raikage, he was still very interested in the development of the members of his clan. Whether it be Sado or Suzume.

Sado arrives on time after a quick lunch, dressed up (for Sado) in his training gear. He was eager to see what the Raikage had for him, and any kind of secret to a kid was something they must know. He arrives in the building and is shown to the personal training area, where he spots Hiei and waves, jogging over. "Hello, sensei. Sorry if I am late." he says as he jogs up next to his sensei with a smile. "I am eager and ready to learn."

Hiei rises to his feet and grins when Sado arrives. "No, you're on time. I got here a little early so I could warm up first. Anytime I train with you, I have to prepare myself. But let's get started. First I'll explain what we're going to be doing today."
Hiei takes a breath, "Even at such a young age, you've already mastered our clan's nintaijutsu. Lightning Dynamic is the pinnacle of those techniques, but what I'm going to teach you today is our hidenjutsu. It's kept a secret even from our own clan members, only to be taught to those who have reached a level of understanding….to those who have trained their bodies beyond the limits of typcial shinobi. It's called Lightning Release Armor." He pauses and then continues. "If it's not performed correctly it can be extremely dangerous. The first few times will be painful. You will be essentially punishing your own body with your lightning element. In exchange your speed, strength, and stamina will increase. Your muscles will expand to three times their normal size. All of this will vastly improve your fighting effectiveness. You understand so far?"

Sado seems glad and lightens up when Hiei tells him he is right on time, though his mood turns serious as he listens to Hiei explain what they will be doing intently. He tries to apply such incredible training to something he has experienced before, looking down at his left hand and remembering his father's training.
"I understand, though I do not think I will truly get the gravity of the training until we start." he says to the Raikage with a nod. "I only have personal experiences with my prior training to go on, but I will certainly give it 100 percent and listen every step of the way."

Hiei nods and then the area around him explodes as an aura filled with lightning surrounds his body. The aura flickers like static on a television as the muscles in his body expand to three times their normal size. The ground beneath his feet cracks from violent output of chakra. His eyes glow neon blue. "This is what it looks like from the outside, Sado." He explains. "Instead of releasing your lightning in the form of a jutsu, channel it internally. You can do this."

Sado blinks and takes a step back as Hiei suddenly explodes into an aura of lightning, similar to the Aura of the Yotsuki but oh so much more powerful. 'Woah' Sado thinks, his eyes wide in amazement like a child getting that one toy they wanted on Christmas. Once he had calmed a bit and listened to Hiei, he nods his head, it was his turn now. He recognized the aura as similar to his dad's technique, but where should he start. He decides, for now, to start from the previous step of lightning transformation, activating it and doing what any kid would do upon seeing all that chakra around his sensei, pushes more and more chakra out, quickly destabilizing the transformation itself and feeling a little drained. "I guess that wasn't the road to go.." he says.

Hiei smiles. "It's okay. I didn't get it right the first few times I tried it either. That's why we're training." Hiei hmms softly. "Okay, let's try it again. This time feel it out. It's going to feel alien to your body at first, but don't shy away from the pain. Embrace it, let it become part of you." With his aura still crackling around his body, he crosses his arms over his chest and watches expectantly.

Sado nods his head, this time letting his technique flow through his body naturally before he would begin to increase the speed and amount of electricity in his body. He lifts his hand this time, releasing the Hell Stab technique for focus as a similar amount of lightning aura surrounds his hand. His attempt this time was to branch out from his hand and let his entire body slowly be taken over, but as things were progressing well, it eventually fizzled due to taking too long and using up too much chakra at a time. Try two was more successful but not there. "Hiei-sensei. When you learned your armor, did you start from any particular point? Some point to focus and expand on? I have just been trying to use everything I know for some kind of start line, but perhaps if you had something you used or thought of, I could go off that."

Hiei nods. "I did. Grandfather told me to use Lightning Dynamic as a focus point, and then continue to push myself until I broke the limit of the transformation into something stronger. It took me four days. By the end of it, I was so exhausted that I passed out while still on my feet. There is a reason why we have to train our bodies the way we do." He watches Sado's fist glow and blinks. "What..was that? I've never seen a technique like that before?"

Right, so Sado wasn't being stupid and was at least getting a good start on the technique. "Right, that sounds like a good starting point." he says with a grin. As Hiei spots his technique, Sado looks proud, his father having taught him the start of the technique only recently. "My father's family technique, the Hell Stab. It is a technique that focuses all your lightning chakra into solid form within one hand." he explains, holding up his hand again so that it glows with a similar aura to the Lightning Release Armor. "Then, when you do this…" he says as he peels down his pinky finger, the aura glowing brighter and sharpening. "..it amplifies the power behind the technique. Unfortunately.." he says as he tries to peel down the second finger to make a Two Fingered Cross-beam attack, the aura explodes in light and dissapated. "I'm only on stage one. The single finger is said to be able to cut through diamond-strengthened barriers and anything else in the way. It is quite the technique."

Hiei looks extremely impressed. "No wonder your father had a reputation as being a 'problem solver' back in his day. Did you know that he worked with my Dad on a few missions before they both retired? I didn't know about it until I was talking to Dad about him one night while having dinner at my parent's house. But that is a very impressive technique. I may ask you to teach it to me someday. For now, I can only achieve something like that with my blades. My steel sword technique allows me to cut through almost anything. So does my high frequency technique…though it burns chakra like nobody's business. But it looks a lot like the armor when you use it. If you can produce that not just in your fist, but all over your body, you'll be in business, kiddo." He grins.

Sado smiles, eyes wide, not knowing that their father's had worked so close together in the past, feeling a swell of pride for his father. "I will do my best to finish it, then, so that I will not be showing you an incomplete technique when you are ready and shame my father's teachings." he says with a nod, a bit of excitement in his voice. "I'm glad to have two starting points, at least. To me, that means I have double the chance of being able to complete the technique." he explains to Hiei with that child-like excitement before he starts focusing again on the Dynamic and push of chakra, this time getting a small result as the internal lightning of the dynamic begins to flow out, though only for a brief time.

Hiei smiles. "I have every confidence that you will master the technique and carry on your family's traditions. I know that you've been taking on a lot of solo missions, Sado, and it's been for the good of the village that you do so. Just continue as you have and make our clan proud." He claps his hands. "Now, try it again at least three more times. Even if you're not successful, you know how to do it, you just have to figure out how to make it happen. Begin."

Sado looks up at Hiei as he mentions that he had noticed Sado's 'lone wolf' style of missions, though he didn't scold the boy for his anti-social behaviour whereas someone like Michiko would most likely chew his ear off. The truth was, the missions were important, and that meant completion offered more money, so that he and his father could get back into good standing financially, though he would never admit it.
"Three more, ok." he says as he nods his head, starting this time from the Hell Stab, letting the chakra flow up his arm from his hand, this time covering his shoulder before it fizzes. It was an improvement at least.
After a moment's rest to think and strategize, he starts from the Dynamic and is able to push out more chakra, this time feeling that definite burn that Hiei was talking about earlier, even if Yotsuki are taught young to push through all pain.

It's Hiei's turn to get excited now. "Yes. That's it. Keep going. Push through the pain, Sado." Just like most Yotsuki, Hiei was taught from a young age to compartmentalize the pain. It's why he can take hits that would incapacitate most shinobi and keep on fighting. Though after his adrenaline leaves his system, it takes him a significant amount of time to recover. "Keep pushing. You're almost there."

Sado clenches his fists together across his chest as if he were trying to Hulk out or something, letting out a loud roar as he pushes the lightning from his body, briefly erupting in an entire lightning cloak of chakra like Hiei, though it was for but a brief spark of time compared to him before he loses it and is left to take a knee and catch his breath.

Hiei raises a fist into the air. "YES!" He moves over to Sado to help him back up to his feet. He sits him down on one of the large boulders. "That was it. Remember how that felt and continue to practice. Haha..I knew that you would be able to handle this technique." He ruffles Sado's hair. "I've got a meeting with a couple of shinobi in my office, but we'll have to set aside some time to train together some more. I'm also training myself for the coming war, so my time is kind of limited, but I will set aside some time soon just for us. That sound good?"

Sado looks up at Hiei with a tired but happy face, still catching his breath before he stands again. "I think I can do that." he says to Hiei's advice on training from here on out. "That sounds great." Sado says to Hiei's talk about setting some training time aside for them. "I will try to get as prepared as possible to not take up too much of your time while you are busy in meetings, sensei." he adds with a bow and that boyish grin of pride.

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