Put a Hitai-ate On It


Eremi, Chiasa

Date: November 2, 2015


Eremi asks Chiasa to join Konohagakure as a genin.

"Put a Hitai-ate On It"

Toshiba Forest - Rocky Area [Konohagakure]


Coming into a strange path in Toshiba Forest, the essence of tall trees fall away and are replaced by a majority of large and small rocks scattered all about creating not only a maze but a beautiful sight to behold. These rocks are sharp and are stacked upon each other creating small caverns and caves big enough to wander through. Allot of spiders can be found here within the corners and edges of these rocks.

At first glance it is logical to assume that these rock formations had been here long before the forest was created but somehow doesn't seem to fit with the location. Reptile creatures scale upon the rocks often basking in the sun. There are no birds seen here flying about due to the lack of trees, animals and shade.


South - (S) [Toshiba Forest - Inside the Forest]

Well, this forest has just got to be her favorite place. She likes the bits of wildlife and scenery, though these forests are far less populated with animals that those outside the village walls. Likely due to noisy ninja running about and breaking stuff. It just scares things off.
Speaking of, a flock of birds leaps from the trees beyond in raucous protest which causes Chiasa to wake up. The woman blinks her sleepy eyes a few times, but doesn't move, not wanting to upset the lizard that decided to bask atop /her/ since she stole his rock. Thinking it's probably just a fire some genin caused, she closes her eyes again, thinking peaceful thoughts about ramen and eggs and rice and…
Her stomach emits a very loud noise of protest at being denied and Chiasa suddenly sits up, destroying every peaceful moment this spot had. The lizard jumps off her, hissing as it scurries under a rock. The woman grabs her bag and rummages, murmuring. She digs into one of her snack bags, crunching at some sort of crackers.

Perhaps not so surprisingly, Eremi would walk into the area. The familiar sounds of chains rattling against one another preceding his arrival. "Chiasa…" He'd offer a wave, the few chain links dangling from the shackles of his wrists as he does. "I'm glad I found you. You're not too hard to find though. You might spend more time in these forests than an actually shinobi of the village." Perhaps ironic or comical considering his reason for being here.
Approaching the rock, he'd stop just shy of it before turning about to rest against it. Full gourds sloushing about as they smack against the rock. "How has your day been treating you so far? Good I hope. It's been pretty interesting for me. 'Community Service' and all. It just never seems to stop around here."

Hearing Eremi approach, Chiasa rises to her feet, finishing off her crackers as she watches and listens to him. "I'm well. People don't bother me too much out here and it's quiet. I like being in the busier parts of the villages as well, but not all day." She smiles a bit sheepishly, admitting that little bit about herself. "Too many people can stress me out." Her hands lift to run her fingers through her hair, pushing it back out of her face so she appears slightly more presentable. "Community service? They say that is a reward in and of itself. You must feel blessed." There's a light joking tone to her voice. She doesn't know whether or not he would actually enjoy the stuff, but from his words, she assumes he might be a little tired of it.

Eremi offered a slight chuckle as his gaze fell from Chiasa to the forest in front of him. "I used to be that same way a while back. Probably still am. " Fingers tap against one of his gourds. "You'll grow out of it I'm sure." Though their situations for being such were incredibly different, still, every thing changes with time. "Yeah, yeah. That's what they tell me. Blessed…Pfft." If he didn't think it would get him to where he needed to be, he wouldn't do it at all. "Anyways, I've gotten the results back from your test already. If you're interested at all."

She knew it! So, it is a burden. Or well, sort of. As much of a burden as anything. You feel annoyed that your day is interrupted, and then you're happy because you took the time to fix some problem for another. It all averages out in the end.
At his mention of the test, Chiasa tips her head to the side, studying Eremi. "Oh? I was wondering about that." She seems a bit amused, but not at all angry about the whole situation. He put her in a place where she may have had to reveal her abilities to keep from getting hurt, and then.. didn't hurt her at all. Now that she thinks about it, he didn't once attack her. "Am I as terrible as I think I am, Eremi-san?"

"No, you did about as I expected you to." He offered though that probably didn't help much. "Anyways." Pushing himself off the rock to turn and face Chiasa, Eremi reached behind his back and began rummaging into a holster. "I'm sure you would have done much differently during the test if it was just you by yourself, but it was interesting to see how you react with others around and it is because of how you responded that with my own recommendation, the Hokage would like you to become an official Genin of the village." With that he'd produce a forehead protector, shiny metal with the symbol for Konohagakure on the front and long black strands for tying to any part of the body. "You can change the color of course, but don't mess with the metal…" One visible eye peered at Chiasa to see how she'd react.

Chiasa listens intently to Eremi and looks to the forehead protector when he produces it. She doesn't reach out for it at first. In fact, she looks slightly afraid of the thing, but something in her stance says that she isn't entirely unaccepting.
Her eyes lock onto his one, trapping him in her gaze as much as she can without physically holding his head still. "Tell me, Eremi. Do you want me to join Konohagakure? Would you want to see me here even though I remind you of her. See me every day and constantly be wondering when I will stop lying to you and tell you the truth about who I am. Or would you just be happy in that I would be bound to the village and unable to disappear again?" Her tone isn't threatening or accusing, but she wants honesty.

Smirking, Eremi could only shrug as his hands dropped slightly while still holding onto the hitai-ate tightly. "Yes, I would like that. I tried to get her…tried to get Renai to join the village as well. I didn't try as hard as I could have, as I should have and now she is gone from me." His emerald eye began to shimmer, he'd want to look away, but resisted the best he could. "Putting this on does bind you to the village, but you aren't forced into servitude for the rest of your life. If it doesn't work, you can retire, just don't go awol." The knuckles on his hands began to turn white as his grip tightened, "If you put this on, I can protect you. If you refuse it, then you leave me as well."

Chiasa's eyes become a little blurry as she listens to him speak. She can see the pain in the tightening of his hand and in his eyes. Whatever happened to her and to them must have been pretty bad. Instinct tells her to look away because she feels as though she's intruding on some sort of private moment between him and her, but she doesn't. Instead, the woman takes a step forward, placing her hand on his arm and pulling the hitai-ate gingerly from his grasp.
Her voice is low as she speaks to him, "I cannot go home, maybe never again unless I can stop the people that threaten my family. I have no where else to be and I have already seen all there is to see of the world. As long as you are honest with me, I will stay." She lays the metal piece against her forehead and leans forward, extending the bands attached so he can help her. "Help me with this, eh? I don't want to tie my hair into the knot…"

Feeling the arm touch his shoulder and the hitai-ate pulled free, Eremi would drop his hands and look off into the distance. The emptiness of the forest was calming, but not much of a distraction for what was happening before him. The emotions were overwhelming and a bit new to someone that's spent most of his life fighting or avoiding. He's always wanted to care for people and in exchange, be cared about. It was two things that never coincided.
"I've never been good at lying nor telling when I'm being lied to…" He'd look back to Chiasa in time to see that she needed help with the strands, "Sure." Grabbing the bands and tying them in a knot so the forehead protector would hold in place, "There. Now you'll have something new to talk about with Daichi. I don't think that kids Satonezu…"

Chiasa lifts her head up, tucking bits of golden strawberry blonde away here and there. She'll definitely need to make a better style for it later on. Chiasa smiles to him warmly. Perhaps she will care for him in time like Renai did. "I think Daichi looks up to you. So if you're Satonezu, he will be.. eventually." She reaches up to punch Eremi's arm playfully. "Come on! I'm starving!" With that, she scoops up her bag and tugs at him, urging the man to follow.

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