Thieves of Torture - Pyochi Family Destroyed (Team A)


Michiko, Yori, Sakuya, Hiei

Date: November 27, 2015


Kumo shinobi go out to destroy another branch of the ‘thieves of torture’.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Thieves of Torture - Pyochi Family Destroyed (Team A)"

Raiun City - Land of Lightning

Not too long ago, Yori would have been sent out to investigate the Pyochi family. It turns out? The whole family was, as Michiko and Yori suspected, guilty. They were part of the mysterious group that has been stealing away minor criminals and torturing them to the point of … Well, almost-death. Death would have been a blessing, even, by the time all was said and done… As such, Michiko and Yori worked together with the latest information (granted with the courtesy of Amani and Arashi's investigation) to make a plan.
It was a simple plan, really. The Pyochi family was supposed to be traveling to a meeting, but only the most important would be going. The ones that were not-so-important were going on vacation… So Michiko and her team of shinobi were to go after the ones that were going to the meeting! Michiko told her team two days ago to meet at the capital so they could move out from there, and now they were to meet half a mile outside the city gates…

Yori arrives! Yep he's totally there right on time because, well, it's Yori. He's arrived in the pre-ordained location and there he waits, looking over his notebook silently as he reviews the information they have. It was a good thing and a bad thing. It was a good thing they'd gotten the information but it was a very bad thing that it was this rather horrible family involved.

Sakuya is a part of Michiko's team. Team Shield, that is. This she would have likely been there a few seconds after Yori, because… well… they traveled together. She knows little about the investigation, other than knowing the name 'Pyochi'. "I've… never been to Raiun…" She tells Yori. "So this is where the Daimyo lives." The capitol is bigger than Kumo! Even from a mile away she can see it clearly, attributing the fact that it isn't a hidden village and doesn't try to hide…

Hiei is here in Raiun City, but not in any official capacity. He's dressed casually, like he would be if he was just hanging around the village. Ever since his twin sister had been trasferred from the Kumo prison to the one here, he had come to visit her at least once a month. Mostly to give her progress reports on Akira. As far as the public is concerned, she is no longer alive. This was done for her safety, since the Ox King is still at large and her life is in danger. The only person who knows outside of his parents is Michiko, and that's only because she has access to Hiei's personal books. So as Hiei moves about Raiun City, it wouldn't be hard for him to run into a certain team from Kumo as they go on about their mission.

Michiko smiles faintly to Yori and Sakuya. "Well… You both should know the mission details. The Pyochi family is heading to a meeting soon, so we need to make sure they run into a small… accident… before they make it. Either way, they need to be taken out. We'll need to travel to the eastern gate to intercept them, and going through the city is the fastest way. And also an easy way to get them off our trail, if they are on it at all…" Michiko pauses to glance between the two. "Hmm… We'll go in separately, too… The Pyochi family is already a bit suspicious, sadly… Remember, there are four targets. And they might have body guards with them." then Michiko would slip into the city, nodding to the guards before just disappearing into the crowds. Maybe she would end up running into Hiei… She dunno!

Yori slips his notebook away when Michiko starts talking and he nods in understanding to what she says, understanding the mission details in full. "Hai Michiko-san, we'll take care of it." And then Michiko is gone. Yori looks to Sakuya and tilts his head slightly before he gives her a bit of a shy smile. "Are you ready to go Sakuya-chan?" If she is he would reach out to hold her hand before turning to walk into the capital.

COMBAT: Yori focuses 2465 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

Four targets? »Four Targets. There seems to be four of us here, but it doesn't seem like the Raikage is prepared for battle, Zuzu. In fact… What in the world is the RAIKAGE doing here!?« «Calm down, wench. We're in the middle of a mission. You needn't start sweating bullets before there is any danger… Now find your center of focus before I do it for you.» The snake would be coiled around Sakuya's waist, and she would be scratching the side of her face nervously. Nevertheless, this was her first assassination mission. She should have prepared a Genjutsu for stealthy movement…

COMBAT: Sakuya focuses 2569 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

Hiei is coming out of the capitol building with his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants. Wearing a t-shirt underneath a jacket, his hair is unbound and falling down to the middle of his back. He pauses at a stand to get some food and then moves away, munching on it until he comes to a bench and sits down. If Michiko didn't find him first, he'd be right in the path of Yori and Sakuya as they walk in. He seems to be sightseeing as he just sits there while watching the people go by.

Michiko continues to go through the crowds before she pauses near Hiei. "Hiei-san… Would you like to help us kill a few torturers?" she asks lightly. He should know about this mission! It perhaps crossed his desk, after all… Right? The one about the evil family that likes torturing minor prisoners? Yeah, that one! "We're meeting at the east gate." And then she disappears again.

Yori is a bit surprised to see Hiei up ahead and, in an effort to blend in and not meet back up with Michiko before the time was right, he would turn with Sakuya to look inside whatever shop was there. Was it his fault that the shop turned out to be one with wedding dresses? No! It just happened! It was like fate or something! Fate…just many years too early! "Um…"

Sakuya would finally realize that her hand was being held, as she trapped herself in a strange internal monologue about focusing on the mission. When she looked at Yori for orders, that is when she noticed. "W-wha-!?" She would say with surprise as she blushed a little. "Y-yori… W-we're on a mission. We can't be… T-the Raikage is over there!" She says as her blush deepens. "I… I'm ready…" She says meekly. "Baka… I… I didn't expect this during an important mission! I… I didn't think affection was allowed…"

Hiei was just relaxing when Michiko showed up. He was indeed aware of the mission, he just didn't realize that it was happening today. White brows raise slightly as a small smile comes to his lips. "Sure, why not." He stands up and stretches, looking over where Yori and Sakuya are, he gives both of them a knowing smile and a wink before he pulls up the hood of his hoodie and walks into the crowd, disappearing from sight as he blends in as just another tourist. He's making his way to the gate just like Michiko suggested.

COMBAT: Hiei focuses 2840 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Michiko focuses 6646 stamina to turn it into 8888 usable chakra!

Michiko continues through the crowds, gradually gathering chakra until she was standing near the eastern gate. She would keep above peoples' heads for the time being, crouching behind a random statue that might be hopefully nearby while she awaits the presence of her teammates. The wagon of the Pyochi family, clearly marked with the family's crest, was being boarded and about to set off…

Yori flushes a bright red. "N-no Sakuya-chan, I was just…we didn't want to…um…we….we can talk about this later," he finally says in a rush at the end as Hiei and Michiko move off. He turns, giving Sakuya's hand a tug as he tries to pull her away from the storefront and in the direction they're supposed to be going in. Once they get near he turns to another shop. This one held…cakes?!

Sakuya absolutely loves cakes! They're like a treat that shouldn't exist in Japan at this time, but do! Rather impressive. "L-later is good…" Her tongue flicks out as she blinks, violet eyes looking over towards the cakes. She wasn't sure why the stores they passed seem to hint at something, but as her tongue flicked out briefly, she was tasting the air for specifics… No! She wasn't just trying to taste the cake! She was doing ninja work. "This… this doesn't feel like a mission at this rate…" What was next? She would make sure that she stood off to the side inconspicuously. "Maybe we should find an alley to wait in…"

RPCOMBAT: Sakuya defends against with a HEBISUUHAI-SENSES…31

Hiei strolls up all casual like to lean against the statue that Michiko is hiding behind. He pulls the hood off his head as he chews a piece of gum. By his demeanor and his posture, he's nothing more than a teen loitering about. He pops his gum loudly as he murmurs under his breath so Michiko can hear him. "I see the target. Waiting for further orders." Even though he's not even looking in their direction. Hiei has functioned as an assassin multiple times before, just like Michiko has during their time as Kamen agents. This kind of thing is like second nature to them. He smirks a bit as he watches Yori and Sakuya looking like a young timid couple in love. He's having a hard time determining if that's be design, or if they're really that awkward around each other.

"Yes, they are like that normally," Michiko tells Hiei as she follows his line of sight to her teammates. "I suppose it could be worse, though." She smirks faintly, watching as the targets move out of the city. "We're moving once they're a mile out… I doubt anyone would miss them if they're attacked, but I don't want a commotion in the middle of the city…" Michiko murmurs. The horses jingle a bit because of the bells strapped to their harnesses, making it easy to follow the faimly. By the looks of it, there are a number of guards surrounding the carriage, though… A grand total of eight.

"Um, that would look suspicious Sakuya-chan. Let's just…" Yori looks around and spots a vendor nearby just selling food. Perfect! "Over here." He goes over to the vendor which gives them a nice line of sight to the carriage and the guards. "Um, we'll take two…um, three dango sticks please." Yep, there we go, perfect! Just look like two kids who are getting a snack at the vendor. It's just…one happens to have a snake around her waist. After paying and receiving the sticks he'd offer one to Sakuya and…hold one out for Zuzu to pull the food off.

"And here I thought you didn't care, Yorishiro." Zuzu would say. He doesn't linger long. He would envelop the Dango-stick (Taking the stick too) and turn his head back towards the carriage, as he slowly undulated the tasty morsels inside of his body. "I'm… really conspicuous…" Sakuya would state as she takes the Dango and eats it herself. Why is this so strange? They're on a mission, but this is closer to a date than a mission so far!

Hiei replies to Michiko. "Makes sense. We don't want to draw attention to ourselves. I count about eight guards, plus the four inside the carriage. This shouldn't be too difficult." He pushes away from the statue and yawns while stretching. "Yori and I can take the guards if you and Sakuya take care of the carriage. Sound good?" He looks over at Yori and Sakuya and just shakes his head slowly before motioning with his head for them to walk over to where he is.

"Excellent. I'll wait for your attack," Michiko says simply before disappearing with only a hint of a breeze to indicate she even disappeared. The girl was traveling through the ground now, sensing vibrations to make sure she knew where her targets were and when to attack. The eight guards formed a protective square around the cart, so it wasn't difficult to find them at all…

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a MASTERED-EARTHEN-SENSE…70
COMBAT: Michiko attacks target 1 with UNDERGROUND-FISH-PROJECTION with a roll of: 59

"It's okay Sakuya-san. There's a lot of different kinds of people here. You're not as conspicous as you might think." Yori catches the movement from Hiei without looking at him before reaching for Sakuya's hand again, tugging her lightly along while he nibbles on his own snack. Hey, have to save up that energy, right? When he nears Hiei he doesn't bow…that would be very conspicuous. "Um…sensei?" he says after a moments thought. Seemed safest around here.

Sakuya was tugged over, having nearly finished the stick she was eating. Zuzu was regurgitating the stick he had taken, which would clink upon the floor a few moments later. "Excssselent." The snake would say, "It had meat inside." Sakuya would blink a few times, trying to fight the feeling of being on a date as she notices… Well, that there was no Michiko. Wierd. "Raika…. Hiei-sama. Where did my Sensei go?"

Hiei tosses his arms around Yori and Sakuya like he hasn't seen them in an age. He's all smiles and everything as he makes his way towards the outskirts of the city, in the same direction the carriage went. "Wow, I am so lucky to have run into you two? Are you on a date? That's awesome. I always said that you two made a cute couple…" He lowers his voice significantly. "Michiko is tracking the target. There are eight guards in addition to the four inside the carriage. Yori and I will take out the guards, Sakuya you will assist Michiko in taking care of the carriage. She is waiting on our attack…" He pauses and glances at Yori. "I'm carrying two short-swords concealed on my person. If you need one, you can have one of those. Yori, we need to coordinate our movements. We can't let the guards call for help. Let's wait a little longer, to allow the carriage to get a little further out. Then we'll strike."

None of the guards suspect a thing… Yet. Of course, who looks underground? And none of them are sensors. So Michiko goes along unhindered. Up ahead, a few 'pebbles' would form so that the cart would experience a rather bumpy ride soon… Just a small distraction for the enemy, of course!

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a EARTH-TRIP…27
RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a EARTH-TRIP…43
RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a EARTH-TRIP…34

Yori blinks as Hiei turns the acting up a twelve and he just…goes along with it. "Ah, hai, so…long…" he mutters. He hears what Hiei has to say but he just shakes his head slightly. He has his own sword. Sure, it was peace bound to not cause any trouble but he still had it. And as they started exiting the gates he'd work to remove the binding with a practiced hand that only takes a handfull of seconds. Then he looks to Sakuya and smiles. "Stay safe Sakuya-chan." And then he glances up to Hiei before he nods. "Left" he says simply, indicating his targets before he vanishes in a burst of speed.

RP: Yori transforms into BATTLE-MIND.
COMBAT: Yori attacks target 1 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 74
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COMBAT: Yori attacks target 4 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 55

… Then Yori was gone, leaving Sakuya and Michiko to take the carriage. "Okay, Zuzu. Staff and coil. We're going to replace the driver." She says as Zuzu launches from around her waist, allowing Sakuya to grab him mid flight in a straightened form. He soon takes the image of a staff, and for all intents and purposes, hardens himself as one. Using Zuzu like a pole-vault, she would dash towards the cart as Yori and Hiei likely do plenty of killing. Once on the carriage, she woul land lightly, using chakra to keep her firmly planted gently as she whips Zuzu out to wrap around the neck of the driver, making a seal and causing the driver enough pain to knock a horse out.

RP: Sakuya transforms into STAVE-OF-SERPENTS.
COMBAT: Sakuya attacks target 1 with SNAKE-TRIP with a roll of: 35
COMBAT: Sakuya attacks target 1 with VIOLENT-VENOM-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 32
RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-AURA.

Hiei's body vanished at the exact same time Yori's did. As master and student struck at the same time, Hiei employs the exact technique that his student does. As he reaches underneath the hoodie, the sword was sheathed with the hilt pointing down into the small of his back as he withdrew on the run. With his arms trailed out behind him and his torso leaned forwards, his feet barely leave footprints as he was moving so fast. He goes to the right, since Yori already has the left covered. He strikes at high speed, sliding to a stop several feet away from the carriage itself. He sheathes his sword..and that's when they might figure out that they've just been attacked at all.

COMBAT: Hiei attacks target 1 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 70
COMBAT: Hiei attacks target 2 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 80
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COMBAT: Hiei attacks target 4 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 96
COMBAT: Michiko attacks target 1 with WIND-SLICE with a roll of: 43
COMBAT: Michiko attacks target 1 with WIND-SLICE with a roll of: 50
COMBAT: Michiko attacks target 1 with WIND-SLICE with a roll of: 46
COMBAT: Michiko attacks target 1 with WIND-SLICE with a roll of: 54

Michiko feels the briefest virbration in the earth that tells her Yori and Hiei struck. And then she disappears into the cart and slices a few throats. Messy work, yes, but it did the job perfectly. Michiko glances into the driver's seat and sees Sakuya taking over for the time being. "Sakuya-san, if you could drive the cart over a cliff, that would be lovely." Then she disappears, standing a few feet outside the cart and watching it continue. The bodies of the guards were all there, now sliced in half. Well, they didn't know they were attacked, so… No pain? "Heh… A bit too brutal, Hiei-san…" She murmurs, forming the handseals to let the earth swallow them with no sign of the mission remaining. "Good work you two. That made things quite easy."

Yori was already next to Hiei as they'd stopped at the same time and was watching as Michiko reappeared and Sakuya took care of the driver. All in all not a bad job, and some really dirty people are now good and dead. He bows to Michiko, then finally gives a bow to Hiei since there's no one else around. Whew! IT was hard to hold that in. "Thank you for your help Raikage-dono." And hey, Yori had killed some fools!

Sakuya would nod her head to Michiko as the unconscious body of the driver is thrown off to the side. He didn't need to die, after all. "Very well, Sensei! I'll find you afterwards." Lets see if she remembers how this was done… «The reigns. Snap the reigns and they will go faster. There is a cliff southwest of here, if you were actually observant enough to remember.» »Hai, hai… Let's do this then…«

Hiei flicks the blood off his blade and sheathes it underneath his hoodie again. He rolls a shoulder at Michiko with a half-smile. "I got overzealous. Sometimes I just don't know my own strength." That was a lie, but he was kind of joking anyway. He socks Yori in the arm. "Sensei. Call me sensei from now on. I like it better." He watches Sakuya as she drives the carriage away and he leans towards Michiko. "You sure she knows what she's doing?"

"Well, if I hold her hand, she won't learn… Maybe I should learn genjutsu to put some people through simulations, though… That might be best after all is said and done," Michiko says with a faint sigh. She glances to Yori and Hiei, noting that they were uninjured. "When Sakuya-san is done, we can do what we like for a few hours. Raiun City is a nice place to spend time in. Just don't do anything bad." She smiles just a bit. "The Torture ring still exists, sadly.. We still have a few more branches left."

Yori blinks in surprise before rubbing his arm where Hiei socked him. "Hai hai sensei…" he says a little under his breath. Seems that Yori is slowly…very slowly…changing. To be more normal, perhaps? He waits for Sakuya to finish what she has to do but is prepared to help if something happens. If not, then they can return to the city and look at many non-wedding related items…

Sakuya would whistle, or… attempt to whistle as the cart moved off road. Zuzu had returned to his position around her waist as she sees the cliff ahead. "There we are… Just a little more… Ne, Zuzu, do we spare the horses?" She would ask. "Are you an Umahito?" Zuzu would ask with a resounding hiss. "… What is an Umahito?" Sakuya would ask. "Just make them all go off of the cliff, you fool. You and your tribal consciousness. Snap the reins, and jump off. I want to go to sleep."
Suffice to say, a few moments later a carriage would launch off the side of the cliff, horses struggling to get a foothold in the air and whinnying. So far above, Sakuya would look over the edge warily as the carriage shatters against the rocks below, spreading the corpses of the four members of the Pyochi family across the rocks to decompose and bleach. Sakuya places her hands on her hips as she turns around. "Alright… Let's go tell Yori what cake I want, ne?" …

Hiei yawns. "I'm gonna go take in a show at the theater. Then get some food. And then a good long soak in the hot spring before turning in for the evening." He waves as he begins to walk off. "I was here already you know…because of personal business." He places his hands behind his head as the strolls back towards the city proper. "See you guys when I get back to Kumo."

RP: Hiei reverts to his normal state.

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