Queen of the Mountain


Kurohana, Maia, Rise, Takeda, Mami, Onimitsu

Date: July 5th, 2010



"Queen of the Mountain"

Mountain Peak - Land of Lightning

T-minus twenty four hours or so until it was time to head towards enemy territory. Maia, of course, was scared out of her mind, which is why she went out of the village to calm her nerves. There was something about climbing the rock face without the use of tree walking that let her release the tension she was feeling. So, once she finally pulled herself on top of the plateau, she took a deep breath and wiped the beads of sweat from her brow.

Of course, there was a much easier way to get to the same spot as there was a trail, but that would be cheating. And it wouldn't of gotten the stress out. So she dusted herself off and looked out over the scenery, pursing her lips as she lost herself to the beauty of her surroundings.

A soft 'poof' from a good distance away was followed by the crunching of sand. Yoshie slowly came up the path with a yawn. She was in the process of rewrapping a scroll, apparently having just put something away. Blinking as she noticed another person there, she hums thoughtfully before bowing her head. "Greetings, you can call me Yoshie. Sorry to disrupt you. I just wanted to get a better view of Kumo… so I can better figure out which way I'm going," she mumbled the last part and looked out over the horizon to see the village.

Wah! Maia usually wasn't this oblivious to people coming over, but she scrunched her nose as she looked towards the woman. She blinked for a few moments and pursed her lips as if sizing up the woman before her. "Um, hello, Yoshie. Might I ask what your business is with Kumogakure? I'm Maia of Kumogakure." she said, introducing herself.

A few weeks (or was just a few days *shrugs*) have passed since Hiroshi and his envoy has finally left. And during that time, with the exception of missions set forth by the raikage or any chuunin looking for a "bruiser" type genin, Rise had remained locked up in her home. Up until now…

She sighs tiredly at the mountainous task before her; jump starting her return to reality by climbing up the hard way to her favorite plateu. "….*slaps cheeks* Come on girl, just one foot at a time", She whispers with about as much enthusaism of 'Man given a single stick to building a skyscraper with'. Strange sounds can be heard in the distance as she scales higher. Was someone else in her favorite place again? Could it be…?

"No specific business," she responded and turned to face the other woman again. "Just visiting. It isn't my first time here, though I usually don't see a lot of people on my visits, anyway. I just like to make sure nothing's really changed. I understand your worry, but I have no desire to cross anyone. I even put my sword away when in the village so I don't upset people. I put it away already, actually… I had a feeling someone would be nearby." Yoshie paused, feeling as though she wasn't making a good first impression on the Kumo kunoichi.

Alas, no, it is not the lust of Rise's short life thus far. It's merely one of her former teachers being wistful on top of the mountain. Still Maia looked towards the other woman, unaware of her climb up the side. "Well, I'm sure you've heard there's a war going on between Kirigakure and us." she said firmly and resolutely. "Villagers have already been kidnapped once, and we had to deal with a couple missions to get them back, so do be careful." she warned the other woman. "And then of course, there's been multiple border attacks lately, so there's that added danger too." she explained.

Spurred on by the thoughts of reuniting with her "friend" she goes from a slug pace to a mountain ape in speed! One final pull with her hands clinging to the edge and her legs giving it everything they got would send her rocketing into the air before coming in for a crash course with Maia if she didn't move.

No matter what happens she still end up looking this way and that for Hiroshi. Her nose turned up in the air to try and scent him out as well…

Not sure the ryhme or the reason, but Takeda was asked too meet his team leader out here.. Probably some intenseive type training, or soemthing else she might have lined up.. Though when he arrives on the scene, notices climbing folks and considers that for a few moments..

Yoshie grinned at the warnings given and nodded. "Thank you for your concern. I will certainly keep a lookout for any trouble. I suppose a war is something I should take into more account when traveling," she mused and blinked at the girl joining them. "Eto… Greetings! What seems to be the rush?" Clearly, it wasn't either of the women that she was interested in. Didn't really matter, though. No one else was here, until Takeda comes into the area as well. The village protector-less woman just hadn't noticed him yet.

FLAIL FLAIL! Maia was rather oblivious when she wasn't focusing. Her mind was clearly elsewhere. How was this girl a sensor nin again? She meeped as Rise crashed into her from behind, causing her to stumble forward, though she caught herself at the last second and just swirled around.

"You okay there?" she asked her before she shook her head, clearly amused by the whole thing. "And do be careful, unlike me really. I should have been a bit more aware of my surroundings.." she said with a slight blush from embarassment at looking like a fool. "But do be careful, the Mist-nin are bastards, taking villagers in order to use them against us."

Takeda continues to watch, then walks closer.. yelling Maia-sama, I am here as requested.. Should I start mountain-climbing? Or do you wish me to wait here?" The shinobi, seems quite relaxed or at least appears that way.. however someone else is noticed.., so they are studied

Rise completely ignores everything else that goes on until she is completely assured that all that she scented away was the faint remains of Hiroshi prescence. Near the edge of the plateu she collapses to her knees and bites down hard on her bottom lip to try and ignore that other feeling of pain threating to make itself known in the form of tears. "Won't…keep it together…" She mutters.

Unable to resist, the woman chuckled a bit and shook her head. "Ah, no worries, Maia-san. Things like this happen. I was distracting you, too. At least it wasn't an enemy." Yoshie looked over to Takeda as he called to the other woman and blinked. "Koreha," she greeted mildly. Staring at his mask with a somewhat confused expression for a moment, she then turned her attention back to Maia.

"Oh, it's quite all right. I really should be more vigilant. I have border patrol duty again in a bit afterall." she said with a soft sigh escaping from her lips. There was so much for her to do! It was going to be a long night, that much she could tell. Still, she waited and peered towards Takeda. "Hurry your butt up! Don't make me reconsider your training your with Kawichi." she says threateningly.

A nod, and the young shinobi, starts running.. As Takeda does so.. momentarily he flickers from spot to spot.. Deciding not too climb, since he wanted to see this other stranger.. Still.. It will be a minute or too, before he gets all they way up there..

Rise takes in one deep breath before suddenly standing and turning back to Maia and takeda. "Maia-san…takeda-san, I'm sorry for disturbing whatever you guys had planned…uhm…the same to you miss", She says meekly before waving and flipping over the and slidding and climbing her way back down. There was a lot she had to think about now.

Yoshie nodded somewhat and glanced back to the boy when he was ordered to get in gear. Interesting… As he moves to approach, she watches before blinking at Rise and waving vaguely. "Ano… No problem! You didn't really interrupt anything for me. Hope you feel better!" Seems she was pretty empathetic, or at least tried. "Border patrol, huh? War seems to be so bothersome."

A mist begins to thicken in the area, fog clinging to the air as they move forward, advancing on the location of their mission. She draws up the water from the passing puddles and streams, forcing it into the humid air.

She moves expertly within the mist, making sure to stay near Onimitsu within the trees and keep his path clear in case he haves a bit of difficulty. She doesn't wish to lose her companion this early in their mission to faulty footing.

The stealth is exuded far before she reaches the top of the mountain. It envelopes the bridge and underlying treetops and seems quite natural except for the taint of chakra in it.

Onimitsu was in full battle gear as he follows after kurohana. His whole body put on absolute higher alert thanks to his signature technique in the medical arts. This same skill aids in him keeping up with his partner thus far as well. The only thing that haunts him now however is exactly the reason 'why' they were on the move in enemy territory now of all times.

Before she could explain what the plans were for the day, an unusually thick rolling fog into the area. Maia was suddenly on alert as she looked towards Takeda. "Kiri-nin are in the area. This is their special jutsu that's for sure." she said firmly and resolutely. With all the intel she had gathered along with her own fights with the Mist nin, she knew this technique. She scrunched her nose and looked back towards Yoshie.

"Remember what I was saying about these lands being dangerous? Well, they're here. Please do be careful and do not hesitate to run back to the protection of the village. If you do though, please call for reinforcements." she said firmly and resolutely. This was something she had seen multiple times before as she put her hands together in the form of a bird seal. Her mouth opened, letting out a subvocal signal that swept through the area and a wry grin curled onto her lips. Kurohana and Onimitsu could see the young kunoichi staring directly in their direction as she made a hand motion in that general area. Even if Takeda couldn't see them himself, he'd at least be warned by where they were.

"Takeda, I think your training today will be one of survival. Kiri-nin are here. Two of them. I don't know their capability, so just /be careful/." she emphasized as she sighed and closed her eyes for a few moments.

When her eyes opened once more, her jade green eyes had dilated with multiple spirals. Fortunately, the fog kept her bloodline limit hidden for now..

Well whatever she senses, he definitely missed, but nods his head, as he begins to focus energy.."Okay maia-sama, I am ready, however the mist is an issue for me, so I will do the best I can under the circumstances"..

Mist… fabulous. Maia's explanation received a nod and the woman peered through the fog. She could sense one of them, but there were apparently two. Damn… Try harder next time, she scolded herself. "I'll try to stay and help if possible. I'm not completely useless," she mumbled. Looking at Takeda briefly, she nodded her head to him. "I'm Yoshie, by the way… Don't go attacking me by accident in the mist, 'kay?" It sounded more teasing than anything, but she could be serious.

Looking directly at Kurohana was probably the worst thing she could have ever done. It lets the kunoichi know that she's talented among other things. Her body pauses as they reach the top of the mountain and Kurohana folds her hands into a focusing seal. It's obvious what is about to happen upon this pretty mountain top.

The mist begins to fade, collecting like dew onto the ground and thickening the puddles as she releases the technique.

The hooded kunoichi simply glares at Maia in wait, sizing her up in a way. Her lips curl into a demeaning smirk and she nods to Onimitsu as if to acknowledge a permission to attack.

Yoshimitsu begin to quiver in its sheath. Probably a sign that it was hungry again, or maybe something else. Onimitsu simply shrugs it off and puts his all focus on the mission at hand. Even if that meant given in to the taint again…

"The kid first then." He states as soon as he catches up with Kurohana. Then he dashes forward and only gives a single hand sign before drawing his weapon. Soon a small army of the armored man would swarm and attack Takeda first before following after Maia. The strikes hidden among the clones were all leg and arm shots at the kid to simply take the kid out of the fight quickly while the rest were very real for Maia. To throw them off more he strikes again with surprising speeding at the Takeda. "Better run Civi. This is not your battle", He manages to spit out to Mami after his last attack.

While she could keep track of the movements, she was still distracted from all the new sensory input of her bloodline limit. She winced and let out a cry of pain as the sword slashed in her arm and she winced a little, taken aback by the sudden attack. She let out a soft cry escape from her lips, chewing on her bottom lip as she curled a little, her focus on the other nin. While she didn't look in in Kurohana's direction, her sonar overlay gave her a full view of her surroundings.

"Takeda! He's going after you!" she cried out, hoping that her warning would be enough for her student. Sure, she could intercept the attack, but part of this was to see nhow he would handle true combat against someone else this time. If he couldn't handle it, then she knew what she had to do. With that, she waited and formed a seal with nher hands, the blue flame of chakra enveloping her body..

The attacks, both of them hurt like hell.. The blood, and pain, causes Takeda to clench his fist, with mist being peeled, back.. the masked nin, focuses his attack on the one who attacked him, shouting to maia=="Thanks for the warning.." So takeda then starts off attacking with two open-shanded strikes to the mid-section, followed by a leg sweep

Yoshie grinned at the armored nin. "Why don't you come over here and say that, ebisu-kun?" The woman was standing back, of course, and watched the two Kumo shinobi get sliced up before glancing at Kurohana. "What about you, awaikage? Just going to stand there and let your colleague do all the work? Psh." Vague insults to people that probably wouldn't let it affect them, but it would get attention! Narcissistic little thing.

Kurohana is still and silent, the seal of her hands eventually breaking and falling to her side. She watches Onimitsu take on the two, her attention briefly diverted to the 'civilian.'

The kunoichi reaches upward to press her finger against her lips, whispering a soft, hissing shh that. The finger curls slightly and her movements would become a bit mesmerizing. The wicked grin returns to her lips. Has she managed to entrance the girl? Time will tell, of course. Her eyes absently turn back to the fight at hand.

Onimitsu definetly didn't like the vibe comming off those hands of the kid and did his upmost to avoid his strikes. Success brought no amount of joy at all for him though. Infact, after evading the last strike he calls out for kurohana an apology and that he would be heading back early for the report.

With the other Kiri-nin heading out of her 'sight' so to speak, Maia took a deep breath and peered around. Her chest inflated as she took a deep breath and pursed her lips, holding it for a few moments while completing more than a few handseals. For her student to be more effective he needed to see, so what better way than for her to clear it out. At the last seal, yet another bird seal, she let out a soft cry..

Sound Release: Terrifying Battle Shriek! With that last word, a sudden blast of pure concussive force escaped from her lips as she tried to clear the area of the mist-nin and well, whatever else was in it…

Other kiri-nin was effective in staying out of the way.. Takeda noticed, not concerned about his injuries at the moment.. However His attention towards, the remaining one, and goes after her.., moving into try and do damage up close and person.., starting off by trying the same thing he did to the other nin..

The girl's strange actions were watched but Yoshie didn't find anything special about them. Watching at Takeda attempted another attack and Maia let off an attack of her own, though very different, the stranger in the group stayed silent. It was so very… bothersome. Wars, fighting, arguments. Shaking her head somewhat to herself, she simply stayed still and silent, thinking.

Kurohana is pleased in the silence that exudes from the civilian. It allows her time to think. A splash of useless water and the kunoichi recoils back, her hands lifting to press her cloak against her ears as they ring painfully. She dodges the next two and then attempts to reach forward to knock the littler one back with his own weight only to feel his hit connect firmly with her opposing arm. Alright now.

Her lips purse and the kunoichi straightens up, taking a slight step back as she begins to form handseals.

Water rips up from the small puddles and rushes toward the two Kumogakure ninja, aiming to draw their strong currents over their arms and legs to twist the muscles.

Ah-ha! An elementalist! A wry and almost predatory grin curled on Maia's lips as she reached into her back pockets and pulled out two sheets of chakra paper as she rushed towards the twisting ribbons of water headed towards her and her student. She gave him a quick look. "Takeda!" she said firmly and resolutely, "Behind me… NOW!"

She was definitely authoritative as she put out her palms open towards the two ribbons of water before she let her chakra flow into it. One, two, three, four, five elemental seals were formed, one each on her finger as the water ribbons suddenly diverted their path and was sucked up into the two sheets of paper before being sealed with a kanji for WATER.

"Thanks for that. I'll have to learn this technique." she quipped teasingly as she winked towards her opponent before she stood there and just started forming seals. Her hands were fast as she started performing seal after seal in a flurry. Oh dear, something was going to happen. "You okay over there, Yoshie? Takeda, protect the civilian. Kiri-nin like going for obvious weaknesses."

Takeda moving quickly behind Maia first, then goes over to protect the civilian.. However he too adds to the fray, no longer.. going upclose.. the young shinobi, does a few quick seals, and claps his ahnds together in the direction of the kiri-nin,

Civvie, civilian. Maybe it was better they thought this way. However, the woman shook her head. "I'll just get out of the way," she announced and reached out to ruffle the Genin's hair before turning and walking off rather calmly. "Jane, Maia-san, Ked-kun. Maybe I'll see you around the village." Waving behind her, Yoshie continued on her way, oblivious to the continued scuffle.
Kurohana's lips turn into a grin. Her ears are still ringing a tiny bit, but she can manage. She'll have herself checked for deafness when she gets home. The girl reaches briefly into her pack as she begins to walk toward the two of them, sifting something from her fingertips.

The kunoichi has begun to hum a soft little tune, not even missing a step as she sidesteps the boy's attack. They'd start to make out what it is she's dropping as she gets closer, black rose petals, each one begging to be watched as it lands upon the ground.

Meanwhile, she'd be eagerly attempting to wrap her chakra up into their nervous systems.

Whether Maia noticed that she was being caught in a link or not, she didn't really do anything. Instead, she was focused on forming the handseals, and with the last one, a seal over her throat had formed. It was glowing as she scrunched her nose up once more as she poured her chakra into her vocal chords. "It's time to finish this." she said firmly and resolutely.

Still oblivious to the genjutsu link, she began to sing. It was a foreboding melody, one in D-minor, as her dulcet tones of her mezzo-soprano voice resonated throughout the mountains. The echoing perhaps helped it more as she gathered her chakra in the attack before suddenly a wave of pure sonic fury escaped from her lips. It was fast and it was furious. If it would connect on the Kiri-Jounin, she would feel her nerves on fire. Each sound wave that emitted from Maia's voice would be attacking her very cells as her body would heat up from the ultrasonic frequency. Each cell would burst, paralyzing her due to the immense pain throughout her body..

It is during this time, with the civiy out of the way, Takeda, springs towards the other.. a quck seal is done, thenn the force of power is around his fist, as he moves to attack her.. His team leader is always doing some nice attack.. time to get this damn kiri-nin out of his lands..

Note to self. Rip out her vocal cords when time permits. It would be the best defense against her. She sidesteps the boy's attack again.

Kurohana forms her handseals, the water ripping up from the puddles around her, attempting to form a dampening wall again. It just sort of splashes about and the kunoichi grips her ears and takes a knee.

Not over. There will be hell to pay when she regains control.

The seal on her throat was still glowing brightly as she looked towards the woman with raised brows. She knew that she was caught in her technique and the little piddly splash of the wall being demolished by her attack. Her voice resonated with something powerful as her vocal chords still were charged with chakra as she stared towards the other kunoichi.

"Leave and we won't kill you. But do give this message to the Mizukage. We are Kumogakure. Don't." And there's a dramatic pause as she sets up another series of seals. "Fuck." and there's another series of seals. "With us."

With those last words, her chest rose once more as she took a deep breath. Surely for miles around, dogs, cats and other animals with better than normal hearing would hate Maia. Utterly hate her. But as she promised she wouldn't kill the woman, she didn't go with the normal follow up. Instead, she let out a pure focused concentrated beam of sound straight towards Kurohana's chest, intending to make her at least falloff the mountain to give her chance to run away. A kunoichi should be able to survive that, right? But either way, one thing was for sure, if it did work, there was a new queen of the mountain.

Working as a team, Takeda times his last attack in with Maia's.. Though not following, the young shinobi, doesn't get into the bloodlust..at least not now.. The time for that will come soon enough.. So after a simple attack, he stands near the other..

Kurohana falls off the cliff and disappears.

Maia was on a complete adrenaline high. It was yet another Kiri-ninja before she was even on patrol. After the kunoichi disappeared, or at least seemed to, she fell to her knees as she began to cough up blood. She looked like she was in pain herself as she was on her palms, hacking and coughing the entire time. She had pushed herself to the limit once more. "Ta… keda. We need to go. Now. Help me, please.."

Takeda moves over to help Maia.."Its no problem, good show, you saved me and the civiy" moves to almost carry her back to the village..

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