Quest for Salamander Senjutsu Part 6


Goh, Fulgur (emitter)

Date: November 22, 2012


Going through the kata for salamander senjutsu, Goh and Nomi discuss the merits of restoring senjutsu with pickling pots.

"Quest for Salamander Senjutsu Part 6"

Salamander Sanctuary

Deep between mountain ranges in the deep valley is a place known as the Sanctuary. This place, heavily forested and not touched by humans for centuries at least, is the home for the most revered slamander. The 'elder' of them sits in a temple on his own, while the only 'mobile' salamander, Wanino, acts as the protector. Body guard. Capable of flight, this salamander can occasionally be seen zipping through the clouds high above, ensuring that no-one enters who is not supposed to.
Of course, there have been humans enter recently, which has sort of ruined the reputation. Goh, the blonde pickler, accompanied by the legendary healer known as Mushi. The pair had been granted access in order for Goh to learn senjutsu. It was Mushi's role to ensure that the pickler did not turn to stone when practicing. And now, having learnt enough to balance everything, Mushi opted to head back to Konoha. Leaving Goh to take on the final challenge, learning the kata.
Which is what he's been doing for the past few days. Headed by the third and final salamander, Goh had been receiving pivotal instructions on how to mould senjutsu into a weapon. Using it in combat, using his increased senses, speed and strength to get around obstacles.

Nomi wandered around Goh, watching him intently as he he performed the kata. She was a slender type of salamander, long tail and sharp claws, eyes always settled with a glare. Though despite the way she looked, her personality didn't quite match. She could be tough, but she was a nice sort. They've been here for a while watching him perform and so far, not much has happened. Such is the nature of senjutsu. Everything so slow.
"You're still having trouble. Maybe we should start from the beginning…" She winked. "Need to go over the basics again? Deep breathing, motion with arms spread and legs stable…" She paused. "Not that it doesn't help much where you're standing…" A board of needles. Great for balance and distributing weight evenly. If you don't want the foot pricked, perform the kata right~.
"It's hard." Goh replies in an almost frustrated tone. Long had he been a teacher of others, but it had been equally long since he was a student. Almost too long, really. He had forgotten how frustrating it was to learn new things.
In sage mode, he, like other sages before him, undertake some physical changes. In Goh's case, his hair turns into a fiery red colour. His puipils turn a dull grey, and his skin becomes far more tough. Some scales can even be seen under his eyes, though just in patches. His vision had lessened from that of a regular human. His sense of smell and hearing however, had gone through the roof.
Going through all the motions as best he can, the red haired male seems to be slowly getting better. At first he was way off, the motions completely different to anything he was used to. But as the hours, and yes, even days progressed, he was slowly making inroads. Sucking in a deep breath, he sweeps his foot around and performs the styles as best he can.
"This is going to be so wild." He comments. "In a fight, I mean. I imagine this will also help me better feel out genjutsu. One of my big weaknesses."

Nomi whips Goh with her tail lightly. "No complaining," she chuckled. "It takes time for these things to come to you. You've already connected with nature well enough to perform senjutsu. Now, you must translate that into physical energy. Look…" She lifted her head to the trees and spoke. "See how tall they stand. Breathe deeply, taking in the air much like they reach into the sky. Allow the flow of energy in your body to circulate like a river. Work your muscles to be tough as my hide," she cackled softly. "Enduring. Flexible, like my tail," she stated to him. "Maintain all of this as you perform your techniques. I believe it will be wild. Genjutsu…you must strengthen your mind, much like you would with ordinary jutsu."

"Ow!" Goh cries, whipped with the tail. His body sort of coils around the whip as if he'd been stung, before he grimaces a bit. Listening to what Nomi says, he seems to frown, looking up into the sky. Of course, what she was saying wasn't entirely new. It was mostly the same thing she had started saying when he arrived here, but that's really the only thing she can say. Eventually the pickler was starting to get it, but he's a far cry from the genius types who nail everything the first go.
"I would have thought that being able to see natural energy and chakra in sage mode, it would help me better see genjutsu or illusions. Help pierce reality or something. I hate strengthening my mind." He gets out in a dull tone, going through the motions.
With a big step he bends down, slowly going through a kata. He will do a little jump, before throwing out another strike. Of course, what isn't shown is that his strikes, fuelled by senjutsu, pack some serious punch behind them! But that's not what is the priority. The priority is for Goh to be far more crisp with his movements. More gentle and fluid. Indeed, like a salamander. He prances about a bit more in a combination of flips, jumps and various acrobatics, before exhaling slowly.
"I was thinking of a way to maintain senjutsu, too. With pickling pots. Did you want to hear the idea?"

"Never neglect your mind in these things. Senjutsu can help you see through these things, but it's better to give strength to your mind as well. Use them together," Nomi winked. "Don't allow yourself to rely too heavily on senjutsu. Despite its usefulness, it still has its weaknesses," she admits.
She sat still at this time and listened to Goh regarding maintaining his senjutsu. "Hmmmmm," the salamander hummed deeply. "With pickling pots? Unusual… I don't think I've heard of it, but you are free to share."

"I guess." Goh replies, sounding a little down at that. With a heavy sigh, the pickler falls onto his rear in a heap, exhaling as he does so. Not long after that, the senjutsu escapes his body and his physical changes return to normal. The hair transitions from a flaming red to its typical blonde. The skin becomes softer, and his eyes regain their usual blue hue. It seems he was keen for a break. And why not? He had been at this for days!
"Maybe you can tell me if this is even possible." He admits. "The rocks in the river near here have some unique properties, in that they absorb natural chakra constantly. I thought about collecting a whole bunch of them, grinding them up, and then creating brand new pickling pots with the ground up rocks woven in with the ceramic. The pots will act like a green house does, so it absorbs the natural energy, but does not let much escape. I'll make a few, and keep them in the sancturary at all times. Then I can summon them when I'm out of senjutsu and don't have time to focus and gather more. I can pop open the seal, and fwoosh! Out it rushes to me. Then, the pot returns back here, where it begins recharging once more."
He rubs his head. "Something like that anyway."

Nomi chuckled as Goh plopped on the ground. He was understandably tired, but rest was very important. As he explained his plan, she considered it, rubbing the underside of her maw with her tail thoughtfully. "I believe it is plausible. Something to maintain your senjutsu while you're in battle. A wise choice," she nods. "I'll see if the rocks can be harvested from the riverbed and ground up to your liking, but in exchange you're going to have to master the kata before the process is done," she grins deviously. "That is, harvested, cleaned and then ground up to be mixed in with the ceramic."

"Fortunately for me, and you maybe, I already found the rocks." He grins widely, in almost a cheeky way. "I've put them into one of my spare pots that I keep in the basements of Jump. With that said, I haven't done anything else. I wasn't entirely sure how I should best ground them up." He rubs his chin, before nodding. "I think that could be a sweet deal. Extending senjutsu while in battle is an after-thought. Right now, I guess it's best to just learn how to do it all in the first place."
Taking a few deep breaths, he appears to try and just gather some stamina. He was more tired than he thought. Senjutsu required a lot of concentration, after all.
"The exact specifics of making up the pot is going to be tricky. Natural chakra is wicked potent. I have a friend at Jump actually, Ariya, who specializes in weapon and armor chakra. Fusing chakra into items, as it were. I was going to ask her for some pointers or tips, but if you guys have any ideas, I'd be super keen to hear them too!"

"The rocks can be ground up here…" Nomi offered. "Why you took them to them there is beyond me, but if you want them prepared, that can be handled here. Just finish your kata and everything else will be available to you," she grinned. "Doesn't that sound promising?" She wondered. "This Ariya you speak of can probably fashion the pots themselves, but the grinding can take place here, especially if you want maximum potency. Taking these things to people who don't understand them all that well may not grant you the effects you desire."

"Mmm, that's true. To be honest, I hadn't considered any special means to grind them up." Goh admits with a sheepish grin. "You're right though. Since they're special and all. And they're still here. I just put them in a pot for safe keeping right now, in a pot that I usually store back in the guild." He points a finger in a certain direction, narrowing his brow a bit. "Over there, where I was doing the basic training before. Anyways, you're right."
Standing up, he stretches out a bit. His eyes close as he stands very still, before his hair slowly shifts to its different colour. When his eyes open, they are dull and grey. And just like this, he begins to go through the kata once more, the motions and everything. He will stay here until it's second nature, that's for sure!

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