Quest for Salamander Senjutsu Part 7


Goh, Fulgur (emitter)

Date: November 27, 2012


After Goh masters the salamander kata, Nomi leads him to the foundry where she explains how senjutsu will be able to be maintained.

"Quest for Salamander Senjutsu Part 7"

Salamander Sanctuary

The days have been long, hard and draining. At first light Goh and Nomi were up and about, already going through the basic motions and warming up. Then, until light had dissapeared over the horizon, the pair were constantly training. Slogging away, in hope that the blonde pickler would perfect the salamander kata.
Not until mid afternoon on the sixth day will Nomi recognise Goh ahieving what she had hoped to see. Perfect form and motion regarding the salamander form. Fluid like water, yet with strength behind each strike, Goh pivots and flips, leaping up into the air to perform a series of stikes. His fist swings near a tree trunk, missing it by inches. Yet a hard dent in the trunk can be seen — a physical representation of the nature chakra that surrounds Goh in his form. Landing upon the ground, he goes through a few more motions, before finishing up. He sort of blinks a bit, the red hair that he currently has swaying in the wind just a bit. The grey pupils look about, the hard skin creasing a little. There was a realization that had come over him, as if a light bulb had suddenly turned on. It was clicking, he had nailed it. He looks at his hand, the natural chakra surrounding him like an aura. "Finally." He murmurs, sounding exhausted. "Got it."

Nomi would clap, but well, she's a salamander. Instead, she nods and smiles. "Well done. I'm still not impressed, but that's what I'd have to expect from a human," she chuckled. That'd was her highest compliment. "So, now that you've learned and have mastered this form, I think we're ready for those pots you mentioned. The rocks have already been harvested and cleaned of mud. Now, they're ready to be grinded down and worked into the clay and baked," she pointed out with her tail. "The foundry is this way. Come along…"

Goh would grimace a little, before rolling his head back onto his shoulders. "Aaagh! There's just no pleasing you salamander. I hit it perfectly and you're still not happy." Soon after he stops speaking, he lets the natural chakra escape his body, his form reverting to that of normal. The red hair changes back to blonde, the skin and pupils both go back to normal. Lifting a hand to rub his face, perhaps trying to spark some energy back, he falls into step behind Nomi. It didn't need to be said, but he was exhausted. To be honest, he was looking forward to finishing up and having a good long rest.
Regardless, he seems to have a happy grin on his face. "Sounds great, Nomi! I'm looking forward to seeing how you guys plan on grinding them up. Going to be pretty special, I reckon."

"You'll come to know that I'm never impressed…" Nomi grins, "So you'll have to learn when I'm actually happy," she stated simply enough. "Doesn't take much to grind them. You'll come to see how it all works soon enough…" So they leave the forested area and make their way up to a foundry. Immediately, the heat of the place would come into contact with the duo, but otherwise, it had a nice view of the area they just left. "This is the foundry," she started, "Here we'll be grinding up the rocks. But first, they'll need to be broken down into smaller pieces…" She offered. "Trying to crack the stones as they are will only damage the equipment we use." She points over to a large chamber. There's lava inside and with it, huge racks to rest objects on. The stones they've collected would be in here for a short while. "The stones will go in here where they'll receive heat from the outside in…" She pointed next to a basin of water flowing with supercooled water. "They will be placed in here to be cooled down and weaken their structure. This process will repeat until the rocks have suffered enough stress to be broken. From there, they will be continually stricken until small enough to fit into a mill to be ground into powder. There, they'll be mixed with clay and baked in a kiln to be made into pots. Sounds simple enough, yes?"

Goh follows, bracing himself as the sheer amount of heat hits his body as they enter the foundry. He squints a little, looking about at the processes. The very sight of magma is enough to make him quiver a little, though he seems to at least understand how it all works. "Yeah, now that I can see it all happening, it all seems to make sense. I mean, so long as heating the rocks up and cooling them over and over again won't hurt their ability to absorb the chakra, then go for it. But I'm sure you know what you're doing." He quickly follows up, not really wanting to question whether or not Nomi was on the right course. It's obvious she knew what she was doing.
"How long are we look at?" Despite the question, Goh doesn't sound impatient. He sounds genuinely curious about how long it would take the rocks to break down. "I'm happy that I have you here to help mix it with clay. Too much clay, and they probably won't absorb. Not enough, and they won't stay stored within the pot. It's a careful balancing act."

"It won't hurt their ability. The rocks still maintain the nature chakra within them. That's nothing you have to worry about," Nomi grins. "We have a number of them to ensure you get enough to work with." There are salamanders in here already that specialize in making things in the foundry, so she watches them get to work as she gives them the go ahead to process the rocks. The large stones are placed into the magma chamber to heat up until the time they are to be cooled. "I think this process will take upwards of at least two days, maybe three…" She admits, "But it's all to ensure that everything is just right. That's just for processing the rocks alone. Trying to do the baking will take longer."

"Fair enough. Well, in the mean time… I might get some rest." Goh intones in a tired fashion, before laughing sort of awkwardly. "I can even start crafting the scrolls needed to summon them. Before I head off, can you explain to me exactly how it will work?" Arms fold loosely across his chest, peering at the salamander working hard. "I summon the pot to the field. It's sealed. What process will I have to do in order to gain the chakra stored within? Do I have to be standing over it? Holding it? I imagine that if just anyone opens the pot, they'll be washed over with natural chakra and turn to stone! Which isn't bad. Could deter the bad guys from opening it themselves. Though they could still destroy them from a range." He rubs his chin.

Nomi smirks, "You summon the pot and jump inside. They'll be large enough for this to happen," she chuckles. "All the chakra you need right at your finger tips. Additionally, they should be strong enough to take hits, but I wouldn't advise using them defensively all the time. The can break under enough pressure," she explains. "I assume you'll be summoning the pots close enough for you to have access to them. At the cost of looking somewhat silly, you'll have nature's power to your advantage."

"Jump in them?" Goh frowns a little, thinking. That would take a bit of time no doubt, but it's something he would have to do. "I'll have to try and speed the process up as quick as possible. If a battle is so titanic that I have to use sage mode, odds are that I'll have Wanryo or someone helping me. Worst case scenario, he can take some of the battle for a bit." He chuckles, before tipping his head to Nomi.
"I guess that's it. Thanks for everything, Nomi. I really appreciate the help you've given me. Please let me know when all the pots and stuff are done! Even if you send a messenger or something." He beams a little, waving a bit to the hard workers too. "I suppose it must be nice for you too now, hey Nomi? Get to relax again." He muses, before lifting a hand to wave. "Cya."
And just like this, he turns and begins to make his leave. Not just of the foundry, but of the entire sanctuary.

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