The Coalition Cleansing - Quest of the Kumo Kunoichi


Misaki, Nariko, Amani, Rise, Hiei (emitter)

Date: April 29, 2014


Kumo kunoichi take it upon themselves to take the pirate ship that has been docked off the coast of the Land of Lightning. They board the ship and chaos ensues.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Coalition Cleansing - Quest of the Kumo Kunoichi"

Pirate Ship off the coast of the Land of Lightning

It's been several weeks since the shinobi was forced to give back the Captain they had captured to his first mate for fear of them opening fire on the Lightning Docks. However, even though the pirates had kept their word, their ship is still a few miles off shore. Mostly keeping any other ships from reaching the docks, effectively cutting off any supply lines or trade. It would be up to the Kumo shinobi to figure out how they are going to get on board, and what kind of tactics they would employ to take this ship from it's current Captain. The lovely, but deadly Flame Haired femme fatale and her band of skilled, but loyal crew.

Misaki was sitting on top of a rock, picking her teeth with a kunai. She was eager to put some of that new practice to work. But also showed a form of temper which could only be attributed to Kasuya and her training. Seeming to calmly wait for instructions from higher ranked Shinobi. For now she calmly gazed off the side of the mountains. "What if we somehow light a spark in their gunpowder supply?" She asks, looking around to see if anyone else has any ideas. She then shuts up again to hear what others think. "Or wait.. That'd mean we can't exactly - take - the ship.." She hmnmm… While water didn't bother her, it wasn't exactly her forte either!

Walking down to the Lightning Docks, was the ever faithful Yotsuki heroine known as Nariko. She heard Misaki as she passed by her and shook her head. "You're not blowing up the gunpowder. That is that." She makes her way up the loading plank onto a boat. "Now, we need to capture this boat, with minimal casualties…on our side. Whatever you do, stay away from the gunpowder and do not destroy the boat. We need this." She spoke to everyone. As she set foot on the boat she turned. "Understood?" She smiles and puts her hands on her hips. "I should've bought a hat." She pouts a moment and then shrugs. "Onward!"

"Yes, we must keep the ship intact….but I disagree with this casualities thing. It's the pirates' fault if they just happen to be in the way when we launch our attack," Amani spoke as she pressed her fingers together in a mild steeple. "But first, we have some medical business to attend to. It shouldn't take long considering who I am and with a student under my belt, it should be even quicker," she grinned. "We can't afford to go into this mission with bodies in a particular condition. That is, unless we'll be using them tactically, but I haven't determined a way to utilize diseases as a function of—Anyway!" She cleared her throat. "We should probably focus on taking care of lingering wounds before we attack unless we find ourselves sucseptible to these pirates for that."

Rise sighed and simply shrugged or nodded absently to any suggestion given. She wasn't in much of a mood for planning or bonding, nor has been since the team was put together back in Kumogakure. Sure she was complaint 'n all, but that's been about it. Seeing their targets (or is it target?) out at sea seems to rekindle some of the old Rise again, prompting her even to speak up after stepping into the boat, only to catch herself over something Amani said. "There ain't no need for that Amani-chan. Remember what she said the last time we met? If at least either of us come aboard injuried, it'll look more convincing that our boss didn't take to kindly to us wanting to jump ship or somethin." She explained, then belatedly gave Nariko and Misaki the cliff notes of what happened last time and the subsequent offer before focusing her attention on Nariko specifically. "Unless we gotta do this without any of us being spotted outright or somethin."

As the Kumo kunoichi team disembarks from the lightning docks to head towards the pirate ship, they would be able to notice a person up in the crow's nest. So it's not like they don't know that there is a ship approaching their location. There goes the element of surprise. The ships slowly rotates so that it's cannons are facing the ship. However, they don't fire just yet, but figures move about on the deck as if in anticipation.

Misaki looks at Nariko and huffs abscent mindedly. "Fine." She grunts, giving her a bit of a squint-eyes peer. She then looks at Amani and nods. "Very wise, and I'm fine, thank you." She smiles and was happy now that she recovered so quickly. She didn't particularly like doctors. Though AMani seemed cool. "Okay so ehm.. How do we insert?" Misaki asks calmly. "And what do you want me to do? I think after so firmly telling me not to do certain things you don't want your instructions to be 'go nuts..' She giggles at the thought. "I'll try to stick to kunai and shuriken then." She calmly says. "I don't think they'll let us just walk on."

Nariko looks to Misaki and shrugs. "Fine, do whatever you want to do. But you must be willing to live with the consequences." She looks to Amani and Rise. "Alright, well, lets see if we can try to get over there first. Second, attack those who attack you back, if you have any abilities that can set things on fire or do something like that, refrain from doing so. If we're ready, let's go and get this ship!"

Amani waved a dismissive hand at Rise. "Yes, yes, I understand all that. Some injury can be left behind, but we don't want to be downright ineffective. That will defeat the purpose of what we're going for as well. Balance…" her voice softened on the word. Looking out over the waters to the other ship, she took note of the person in the crow's nest. Oh, how she wished to pierce that person with her arrows, but she couldn't afford to do that at the moment.
"Do whatever you want to do. Those words…can you imagine the philosophy behind them? Do what you want to do and…what I want to do is destroy these pirates, but what would be the wise thing to do? The wise thing to do would be…to destroy these pirates. It's like…it's like metapoetry. Tell me if I'm on the right track here, Nariko," she stated as she readied herself for battle. "But, I have a question… How or what does metapoetry mean…?" She seemed deeply puzzled by this for a few moments.

With her question answered (or not), Rise would take to the closest thing they had to a crows nest to keep a look out during their approach. For a few moments there, she thought might actually have to pull off the impossible to defend the ship from cannon fire. But as it turns out, they don't! Still, she keeps to her vigil and hope that if there is to be any fighting, it'll be with something naturally solid beneath her feet.
It does get a little hard to focus on just that however. Amani was rambling on about something that didn't quite make sense, but irritated her nonetheless. The feeling threatened to make her jump back down and shake some sense into the Yamayuki, though for now, she resists. Mostly.

As the kunoichi approach the ship, mooring lines are tossed overboard and ropes descend towards them. Apparently, they're being invited aboard. The crew on the deck have their weapons out and at the ready even though they don't attack. Standing in the center wearing loose flowing pants, a white flowing shirt and a leather duster on over that is the red haired pirate that Amani and Rise have already met once. The sash is tied around her waist with a wicked looking sword held there. "Well, if it isn't the kumogakure kunoichi. Are you here to take me up on my previous offer?" She moves back and forth as she speaks. "We didn't have a chance for introductions the last time we spoke. I'm Captain Miryaki of the Armageddon. This.." She motions to the man in the leather coat similar to hers and a wide brimmed at. He has blonde hair and a small beard to boot. Under the duster are two wooden guns in holsters. He tips his hat to the ladies as he is introduced. " my first mate." She smirks slightly. "Finally get tired of the shinobi life and want to actually make some money, eh?"

Misaki facepalms and looks at Nariko. "No, I'm asking you for instructions here." She looks a little annoyed now. Not the time to argue at all. "So what do you want me to do. If your instructions are go wild I'll do that. But that's on you." She waits calmly on said instructions. Staying keen on those cannons. Ready to defend if need be. She then slowly turns her head to look at Amani, smirking briefly and flicking her thumb up. "I like you!" She muses. Before peering back at the ships. She waits on Nariko to take charge here however, considering people are talking and not fighting, she puts her money on silence is gold!

Nariko looks to Amani and smirks. "I still haven't quite figured that out yet. Can I get back to you in a week?" She winks and then looks to the ropes as they're thrown over. She walks over, her head inclining to the others, signaling them to follow. Once on board the other ship she looks to the Captain. "Maybe. Whats it to you? Do we get an all you can eat buffet? If not then probably not." She crosses her arms on her chest. "It's a pleasure to meet you both, even if it is on terms of discussing the ship."

"Instructions, right. Well, here are your instructions. Don't go crazy. We can't afford craziness right now, but we might have use for it later. For now, you'll lay low and be mindful of your surroundings. Keep a keen eye out for activities taking place on the ship. I have a feeling we won't be able to keep up this ruse for long. We have to take account for everything," Amani instructed with seriousness. "That goes for all of us, of course. Is this all well understood?" She inquired as they drew closer to the ship they were to board. "Get ready."
As they finally were at the ship, she added "One does not simply grasp metapoetry in a week," she joked. "Miryaki and…First Mate," she nodded. "An all you can eat buffet would be nice, though," she added with a smile. "But yes, what she says. It's a pleasure."

'Now she makes sense' Rise sweatdrops.
Once the mooring lines are dropped, Rise returns her focus back to the ship and prepares to leap aboard. She reigns in her impulses in time to wait on a signal from the Nariko first. Granted, she's gritted her teeth just to do so, and taking that extra precaution of being the last to board the pirate ship. While Nariko went about actually speaking to the captain, Rise scanned the pirates gathered about. The first time through she doesn't bother much with minor details; only facial recognition of any particularily familiar heavy hitters from her time abroad. Then again, to see if their might be more to the crowd then even that. Like nets hidden behind bodies or some other potentially dangerous element.
Also, she looks about as subtly as possible, but with so many eyes upon their merry band, there was bound to be someone that took note of her actions.

The crew takes strategic positions around the group as the Captain addresses the shinobi. Anyone with even a halfway understanding of tactics would note that they're doing it. The Captain looks at Nariko and casually dismisses her. "I wasn't speaking to you, Yotsuki." She focuses on Rise and Amani. "I was talking to Rise and Amani here. The last time we met I made them an offer. If they are prepared to accept, I need to know they are sincere in their claim. Which means they will be killing their other two comrades." Her gaze moves to Misaki. "The jinchuuriki.." Then it moves to Nariko. "..and the diplomat." Apparently someone had been doing her homework. "Please proceed. One wrong move and not only will I give the order to kill you all…" Her gaze moves again as she looks over at the shore of Kumogakure. "My cannons are well within range.." A cold smirk plays on her lips. She was much more efficient than her predecessor.

Misaki grins while looking at Rise. "Pfft, she wished." She says, trying to fake some spunk while downing a slow nod at Amani to show she understood what she just said. She just stays keen on her surroundings. Calmly crossing her arms. Her eyes scanning upwards particularly. Her eyes focussing on a specific pulley for a moment, before she casually continues scanning. Still leaving the word to Nariko and the others. How these people knew she was a Jinchuuriki was slightly worrying. Especially considering they didn't seem to care. But she decided that worrying about that right now was moot.

Nariko looked to Amani and Rise when she learns about the offer. "See, the thing of it is, is these girls are my friends. Do you really think friends would hurt each other?" She looks at the Captain and blushes. "Awww, you know I'm a diplomat. That is just so sweet. Here I thought I was only known as a witch." She touches her chest with a hand, seeming to be touched. "However, this is going to be our ship. Not yours. And if I have to, I will pry it from your dead cold hands." She was dead serious. Her expression had gone from happy to serious almost immediately, but she did give the Captain a smile after telling her she would kill her if she had to.

"Oooooh," Amani began. "Cold, dead hands. I run across those often…and feet, and arms…dead bodies are intruiguing," she states. "Well, this turned out to be quite the predicament. So, does that offer still stand to join? I mean…I really don't get paid enough as a medic. Can you imagine? Just think, everyday I listen to people moan and complain, but get nothing in return but fussing for my services. It's outrageous! Like metapoetry!"
All channels have been gagged.

Rise perks up when her name gets mentioned, and regards the good captain. She tries to fight it at first, but a small smile begins to light up her features. It is an empty one at that directed solely upon the good captain. "Amani-chan does bring up a valid point… Mostly." Rise says, sweatdropping a little. "Little pay and just for complaints about a few minor things getting broken is just plain awful!" She exclaims, arms folded beneath her breast as she nods sagely manner. "The thing is… if our loyalty can be bought so cheapily, wouldn't that automatically make us pretty darn unuseable to you? I mean, what if, I dunno.. I feel like trying to snap your neck in your sleep for instance. Be kind of bad for business to have such easy turncoats on yer side now wouldn't it?" She asks sweetly.

The Captain smiles a cold smile towards Nariko. "I welcome you to try, Tempest Witch." She looks over at Amani and then Rise. "You mistake me for the previous Captain. I'm not as gullible as he is. I have a man inside your village and I have recieved no report of your desertion. You're lying and you're going to die for wasting my time." She backs away along with her fist mate but she yells over her shoulder. "Kill them all." Then it seems like all of the pirates act as one. They immediately attack the kunoichi with swords, staves, whips, chains, and of course, hand to hand.

Misaki ducks low immidiately when she notices the pirates start storming for her. Checking if her allies are safe before focussing on her defense. Right when the weapons come in she suddenly shines a bright shade of blue. The beast chakra flaring out as a simple bone armor curved around her body. Growing to take the blows as Misaki locks herself in taijutsu. Focussing on catching the weapons with her arms while she lashes out her nekote back at her assailants. She immidiately tosses a handfull of Shuriken at the pulley she noticed earlier. Before focussing on the taijutsu around her. Trying to shut out the back row of pirates from joining the fight by dropping a sail on their heads! She then decides to even the odds. Jumping off the side of the ship and using tree walking to run towards the very end. At least then she won't have to worry about pirates in her back. She jumps up, glowing bright blue of chakra! "Now let's see if you're ready to face a jinchuuriki!" She says, an everlasting eye remaining on her allies to check if they need help!

Nariko looks at Amani and Rise and facepalms, in her head. ~Thanks guys.~ She looks at the captain and smirks. "Oh good, you do know my other name. Which I prefer." She sighs and shakes her head. "Alright guys, lets do this. Remember, DO NOT destroy the ship." When the attacks come, Nariko tries to move out of the way, but doesn't move quick enough and gets hit in the gut. Thankfully he got close enough for her to try and lock eyes with him and a few others, to make them think they're blind by a bright light. "It isn't a train." But it might be a Yotsuki.

"Oh yes, of course you would. You would have someone in the village watching our every move, because why not? It's not as if they have anything better to do. Being a shinobi would be better. Funny how you still need to operate like some despite being the opposite of what they do. A waste of time, how about a waste of life. I think that sounds reasonable right now. We can't join pirates, but we can sure act like some. Alright, time to raid!" She states aloud.
She needs to do something about those cannons…

Rise sighs softly and shrugs to the others. Well, at least they tried negotiations. "Aye, aye, cap'n~" Rise sing songs. That's when one of the pirate's decided to lay in a good sucker punch to her face. She manages to turn with the force of the strike, softening the blow. Still, if looks can kill, the pirate that struck her would be dead ten times over. "Ya really should'nove done that." She growls out.
After that, she forms a single seal and sends out a pulse of chakra. Every pirate caught within range would see not the tiniest shinobi staring at them, but a giant oni version of the girl, staring them down with baleful eyes.

Because Misaki had the forethought to throw her shruiken at a series of ropes that control the sails, the sail falls down onto a small group of the pirates, rendering them unable to see for the moment. Nariko's genjutsu attempt does manage to blind a few of them as well, but the majority of the pirates shake off the effects in time to attack her again. When Amani activates her Nejigan and uses a blast of sound to block her attackers, they have no choice but to stagger back a little from the force of her defense. Rise's genjutsu technique forces the pirates around her to cower in fear. Some of them even drop their weapons from shaking so badly they can't hold them anymore. But there were still plenty of pirates to go around, and they rally back to attack the kunoichi again. The Captain states with a smirk. "I'm sure you've met Aimi. She doesn't care for shinobi at all. She works for me and has sampled your fighting styles. I know what she knows now." That was in no way the truth, but the kunoichi didn't know that. She says next with a sneer. "Fire on the inland!" The cannons are loaded up and are preparing to fire. The sound of cannon fire fills the air next.

Misaki looks at the cannons being fired, which caused a blade to sheer past her arm. "Oh-huuuunt'naw…" She says, suddenly there's a small explosion of chakra, Misaki getting in all fours before jumping off the ship to rush to the cannon-balls in mid air. Trying to pounce on as many as she can, using them to jump to the next as she pushes the firsto ne down. She wouldn't be able to get them all though. "Rise, help me out here!" She says. Trying to keep it going for as long as she can before running out of momentum. No problem though… She sets herself up in mid air as a mobile stepping platform for Rise to reach the furthest cannonballs!

Nariko gets hit in the gut once more. Thats when she brings up her palm, shooting lightning out of her hands to the people who are attacking. "Hope thats electric enough." She moves back a moment and brings up her defenses.

"Someone handle that cannon fire!" Amani called out as she drew her bow and prepared to fire off shots at the enemy crew. She wanted to get to the captain and first mate in particular, knowing it would be difficult, but she's determined. She can't let them get away with this. So mug and overconfident about themselves. She'll show them how worthless pirates actually are.

Rise almost tenses up at the sound of cannon fire. Almost. She manages to keep her cool long enough to ward off the pirates attack. Mostly. One lucky crusade manges to break through for a second, scoring another shot to her other cheek. In her anger, Rise all but forgets abaout the cannon fire for a brief second. Thankfully, Misaki's call snaps her out of sanpping necks, and instead, focus on assisting Misaki. Planks are crushed beneath her rapid transformation and movement from one spot to the next. In seconds, she's an airborn green and red comet headed straight for Misaki. Without hesitation or even an apology, Rise uses the Jinchuriki as a spring board and intercepts the last two cannons via a powerful step and cancellation of all momentum with a palm strike for the last one.

With the sound of cannon fire ringing in the air, the kunoichi move into action. Nariko manages to zap a group of previously stunned pirates and they fall to the deck unconcious. The string on Amani's bow sings as her arrows find their target. The group covered by the sail caused by Misaki leap out just in time to find either an arrow or lightning to greet them. With most of the crew down Amani and Nariko find themselves under attack again as their teammates successfully protect the Lightning Docks from a cannon barrage. The Captain calls out. "Reload and prepare to fire again!" She retreats to a safe distance with her first mate, allowing her crew to do most of the fighting for the moment. The pirate crew comes after Nariko and Amani with swords this time, stepping up their game a little.

The crew could hear Misaki whistle as she sails through the air at nearly supersonic speeds considering the power of Rises step. Her chakra cloak protecting her. She crashed into the water, causing a huge splash and waves in and of itself. She comes up though. Grinning while looking over her shoulder at Rise's success. She quickly flicks her thumb up, before lifting up both hands. She snaps her fingers, lighting two blue flames which slowly grow. "Let's see if all that practice paid off baby.." She says… Grinning while setting herself up like a baseball pitcher, tossing one after the other towards the holes the cannons are deployed in. Trying to hit the cannon operators or at least delay them. Considering the balls explode into smallers balls and track the heat signatures of her target she hoped she could hit them from this distance. She knew the blue flames probably wouldn't hurt the ship too much in these small proportions. But she was going to have to apologise later for making such a mess of the belly of the ship. No doubt the following explosions once the balls make it in are going to break a few things. She hoped it would loosen some cannons to render them useless temporarily without breaking them! After throwing them, she begins rushing back to the ship!

Nariko is able to move quickly out of the way. She appears just a few feet away and runs at the person. Her arm charges up and goes for the face and the gut. THe punch is pretty forceful if it connects. The balls hitting the belly of the ship make Nariko shake a moment. "Thanks for ruining the ship. After being told not to." Well, guess there goes taking the ship.

"Good work on those shells! Keep it together! More will be coming," Amani states as she locates the Captain and First Mate, firing off two shots at the both of them. "After those shells fire, concentrate on trying to destroy the cannons themselves! They can always be replaced!" She dashes after the Captain to keep her and the First Mate on their toes. She didn't want them to survive this ordeal, but she wanted to scatter their focus just as well.

The moment Rise touches down on the ocean (sea… whatever!), a column of water consumes her from the force of her landing. Luckily, she most of that burns dries pretty quickly due to one of the side-effects of opening the gate of pain. Another is that agonizing little muscle tearing, though that's easily shrugged off. For now, anyways. "Ugh… Mmph… Mis—" But the words don't leave her mouth fast enough to convey her message. She facepalms lightly, then takes off after her at a painfully slow pace by her standards. Even if Misaki managed weird fireball attack managed to knock them out or distract the firing crew for awhile, Rise didn't put it pass the crew to try and keep up even suicidal orders.

As the order for the cannons to be reloaded is given, Misaki's attack splits and goes into the holes where the cannons are. The attack strikes two of the four cannon operators as well as causes a small explosion, encompassing the other two as well. While the explosions don't cause the ship a lot of damage, there is some that would have to be prepared later. Amani's attack on the First Mate and Captain goes well, but not as she may have planned. The man with the hat draws his guns and attempts to shoot her arrow out of the air, but he misses and the arrow strikes him in the shoulder, making him drop one of his guns. Her second arrow misses it's mark as the Captain swiftly moves out of the way. Nariko's fists of fury do their job as she attacks one of the men she stunned earlier, the impact causing him to fly backwards and over the side of the railing of the ship. The Captain gives another order. "Turn the ship about to the port side. Prepare to fire on my mark!" Even though the cannons on one side were now inoperative, she still had four more on the other side and she was turning the ship towards her intended target. Meanwhile, the leftover pirates rally again to attack Nariko and Amani.

Misaki grinned and did a brief victory pump. Starting to rush forward which splits the water behind her. "Rise.." She says, hoping that Rise managed to catch up to her. "Help me out here." She says again…. As she crashes into the front of the ship, grabbing a tight hold while bracing. Trying to keep the ship from turning. She knew she would only be able to delay it a bit on her own at best. But with Rise? No way she didn't make it. Protecting the mainland was her first priority right now. Counting on the two nin above to take care of the crew. "Severe the head, the body will die." She shouts up. Hoping one of the two pick it up. She can't talk much more, teeth gritting as she tries to exert as much force as she can to hold the ship in place.

Nariko gets hit once more by the people, knocking herself on her feet. She stands back up and sends a few punches towards them.

Rise looks to Misaki briefly before focusing her attention back on the ship itself. Seeing it turn, her first instincts is to ram into it and hold it in place, but with Misaki already well ahead of her, she turns to circling the ship. If she can just get the right angle, the shuriken she launched ahead of her person SHOULD play havoc on any the gunning crew on standby long enough to get in close and punch herself an entrance through one of the slotted cannons.

As Misaki leaps into the water and attempts to hold the ship still, she is slightly successful in slowing it's progress, but not completely stopping it. However this causes her to become a target, and some of the crew take up bows and begin to fire arrows at her. Nariko manages to clean up the stragglers around her, and the Captain and her First Mate are the only ones left. The man in the hat manages to dodge her attack, but the Captain takes an arrow in her side. No longer staying on the sidelines, they both now get into the action as the First Mate draws his guns and begins to fire chakra bullets at both Amani and Rise. The Captain forms a handseal as a column of water rises from the sea to slam into the deck, aimed at Nariko. Rise manages to completely take out one of the gun crew, but the other one just barely evades her attack. When she punches the heavy cannon, it doesn't really move an inch. The gunners scramble inside, attempting to stay out of her line of sight.

Misaki grunts, noticing the people coming up to fire at her with bows. She looks at Rise sailing past. "Anytime now honey…" She grunts, gritting her teeth while her arms shake. This form allowed her tail to grow and cover her head. Swiping away the majority of the arrows. Actually grabbing one of the arrows with her tails. Tossing it right back at the archers. "Just let me know when you cleared the cannons and I can let go. My arms aren't build to hold this thing forever!" She grunts as she grows an extra tail to help holding the ship….

Nariko gets knocked to the ground when the water comes at her, drenching her clothes. She gets up and runs at the person who sent her the water and sends three punches at them.

Amani can feel the struggles of the ship as it's being held by Misaki. There's a great deal of activity going on and she thinks she has a mild solution to their problem. Assuming they're fighting a lot of grunts and this ship is sitting on top of water, it means bearings will be a bit difficult. She decides to concentrate her chakra to her throat so she can send a message to Misaki saying, "Put more of that bijuu chakra to use! I want you to give this ship a good push to throw off the attackers!" With a jerk that large, it should either cast people to the ground or overboard, sparing them a bit of time.
As chakra bullets were shot in her direction, she waved her hand in the air to generate a barrier of sound thick enough to stop them short of striking her. She isn't about to take that sitting down, so she returns her hail against the captain and first mate as she's been doing.

Rise shakes her hand. ~Note to self… Don't punch metally things~ Rise thinks. Her attention snaps up towards the deck railing at the sound of movement, then the first mate is leaning over it. Recalling what happened the last time the guy pointed those strange sticks at someone, Rise stood up and just narrowly deflected the chakra bullet with her wrist guards.
"Che! Misaki-chan! Hold out for a little while longer!", She yells before charging up the side of the ship and flinging a pair of shuriken the moment she had a decent shot at the gunslinger. The blades sail at curved angles, which hopefully — if nothing else — distracts him.

Misaki manages to deflect the first volley of arrows with her chakra but a second volley comes for her almost immediately. "Die you freak of nature.." Is yelled towards her by some of the archers. Amani's arrows strike the Captain again, this time in the other shoulder. She tears it out and rushes towards the Yamayuki. "I'm going to rip out your lungs, Yamayuki." She attacks her with a flurry of sword attacks worthy of Jounin level ability. The First Mate is impacted with an arrow, and then goes *poof* as the clone is destroyed. He uses acrobatic movements to dodge Rise's attacks before he turns his chakra pistols on her and fires a volley at her again. Nariko never shook off the water attack and was washed overboard into the boat that the kunoichi originally came in. As their team leader is out for the count, the kunoichi now rely on the experience of Amani to see this mission through.

Misaki blinks when she's asked to give… More!? Fetch… She suddenly get's an idea. Looking towards where the anchor is. The thing holding the anchor in place…. A plan emerges! Misaki nods slowly. "Okay, got to be fast.." She says. Using Matatabi's speed in this… She suddenly let's GO of the ship so it actually jerks, but because she suddenly removed her push. She then rushes up the side of the ship, on all fours. Using her specialized climbing gloves as well as tree climbing. Aiming a bone enforced kick at the lever that holds the anchor up to send it spinning wildly and hopefully send the anchor flying down. She considered that the water should be shallow here, hoping that the thing reaches the ground before the ship can complete it's turn and get it's sight on any valuable targets on the mainland. Right after that she emerged on the deck of the ship. Right next to Amani. "You're just full of good ideas." She muses. Then she acks… Dropping to one knee. Amani can see two painful looking arrows sticking into Misaki. One in her left shoulder, the other on her left thigh. "I think I'll need a little help here…" She says. As her chakra also dies down.

Amani looked back as she saw Nariko go overboard. She was momentarily distracted by this and thought to go and get her, but when she turned back just in time to respond to the flash of blades coming against her. She generated a shield of sound just as she did before to create enough cushion to make the sword ineffective before jumping back and launching a shield ahead of her to save Rise from a hail of arrows. "I can't afford to save you guys all the time," she laughed and joked as she landed against a mast and launched herself foward to disable the captain. She intends for her not to be using those arms for those blades for long.

Thanks to Misaki's crazy antics, Rise gets shaken to the point the bullets might've very well caught her off guard. "What the heck!? Misaki!?" She starts tomake her way over to the railing, only to see the afformentioned girl run on deck and move some kind of lever. She didn't know what the heck that was supposed to do, and didn't bother yelling any further. There was a first mate that needed taking care first!
"Yeah, yeah!" She replies to Amani. Then, She dashed forward, fading in and out of normal view during her approach before appearing him and deliver a merciless rising kick to the man's chin, sending him flying. Moments later, Rise would disappear and reappears in the man's shadow, coil her arms and legs about his neck and midsection, then squeeze for all she was worth, crushing bones and forcing the wind out of him.
If that wasn't enough to knock him uncouncious (or more preferably, kill), he'd break free before long…

As Amani attacks the Captain, she deftly dodges her attack and then spins, attacking with a swift three tiered attack aimed at putting some damage on the Yamayuki. Rise surprises the First Mate and manages to wrap him up into a fierce bear hug. He attempts to power out of it, but Rise has him completely in her grip for the moment. She can hear cracking as his bones begin to break under her strength. He screams as his arms break in several places. He was now rendered completely useless. The archers notice that Misaki has come onto the deck and change aim, firing on her again. Meanwhile, Misaki's quick thinking by dropping the anchor has the ship stalled out where it is. It is unable to turn anymore and therefore the cannons are now a moot point.

Misaki focusses her chakra. Taking another arrow to the back… But they break off naturally as her skin is covered in bijuu chakra and just repairs itself. "I got it.." She grunts, jumping off the boat to head after Nariko. Can't have her down now can we! She'll find a way to pin it on her even after she's dead! So down Misaki goes to find a hopefully floating Nariko!

Amani knew the shake to the boat was coming, so she was able to brace herself properly for what was to come and keep up with her battle. She's been doing well so far and hasn't met with a strike yet, but that doesn't mean that she wasn't wearing thin on her own end. She was beginning to grow tired and needed to end this fight with the Captain. So, once she was good and grounded after the boat held its place, she situated herself and clapped her hands together to make one large sphere around her to stop the attacks coming her way. She drew in closer to the Captain and moved forward with another chakra scalpel.

The sound of bones breaking was sweet music to Rise's ears; the gunmen's screams were even moreso. Being in an especially spiteful mood to boot, Rise even goes as far as to use the man as a spring-board to help evade the barrage of arrows and get to the crows nest quicker! She lands at the edge, smiling toothily as she forms a hand seal, sealing their movements by radiating a dominating aura! At least, so she tried, because if not, well, there was always option B…

With the First Mate already out of the fight, thanks to Rise, the Captain comes in at Amani again, only to be rebuffed by her sound defense. When Amani counter attacks, the Captain gasps as her arms are cut from her body thanks to the chakra scalpel technique from the Kumo doctor. She falls to the deck of the ship, staining the wood red from her blood. She will bleed out quickly if nothing is done for her. The archers see Rise make it up to their nest and even though they felt the fear of Rise's aura, and ignored it, they just watched their Captain get amputated by a medic. They throw down their bows and hold their hands up in surrender. Jail is preferable to dying. In the meantime, Misaki finds Nariko in the boat that they came in. With it being so close to the larger vessel, when Nariko went overboard that's pretty much where she landed. She looks to be safe and alive, just unconcious. With all of the crew dealt with, there is damage to the ship, but if they could find someone to repair it…the Kumo Kunoichi have just taken a full blown pirate ship as their own.

Mission complete

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