Steel Soul Tourney - Quick Decision: Kiji vs. Shiryou


Rockpath, Kiji, Ayame (as Shiryou)

Date: June 12, 2015


In the final round of the second bracket, the newly minted Chuunin of Kirigakure, Kiji, takes on the mysterious ghost from parts unknown.

"Steel Soul Tourney - Quick Decision: Kiji vs. Shiryou"

Land of Water

Kaguya Mai is happy for once! It's probably because the tournament is wrapping up and she no longer needs to proctor as many matches. Of course, that's what's happening right now. The woman steps forward, looking around at the crowd that's bustling with excitement. "Shimizu Kiji, Chuunin of Kirigakure. Please step forward." Applause and cheers are allowed while Kiji enters the arena before Mai calls out the next name. "Shiryou, please step forward." No title for the unknown entity, but cheers will ring out regardless. Both get a look from the Kaguya, then. "You know the rules. I'll step in if someone is close to death. You two fight with all you've got." Then she disappears, calling out, "Let the match begin!"

Kiji heard her name and stepped forward. Long white hair braided down her backa s usual, silk skirt and tank with shorts underneath as her usual outfit. She nodded to Mai then tilted her head oddly at Shiryou. No title, no affiliation… Interesting.. Then her eyes shifted, going from purple to crimson. She was getting better at controlling the emotions that had originally brought on the change in eye color. Sensors would sense her chakra rising as well. The vines about her wrists and ankles came loose, falling about her as she took up a less than martial stance…

COMBAT: Kiji focuses 6397 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!
RP: Kiji transforms into BLOOD-POTENCE.

A per normal, Shiryou practically floats into the arena, with a gliding step, her legs hidden beneath the many many layers of her entirely impractical dress. She stops after a moment, staring curiously toward Kiji, and tilting her head to one side… then another, as if sizing her up. Finally, she stops, though she doesn't say anything, she just looks away, and toward the stands, almost disinterestedly.
Meanwhile, the cloud of invisible, freefloating chakra around her began to spin into motion, ready to be concentrated into an attack at any moment. Finally, she looked toward Kiji once more, looking at her eyes, "Ah… transforming already?" She says curiously, "My my, you ARE serious, aren't you?"
Shiryou takes no stance at all, simply standing there, with her hands folded in front of her in a ladylike fashion. "…Unfortunately, I haven't seen any of your fights thus far… Hopefully you're not TOO big a pushover."

COMBAT: Shiryou focuses 6520 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!

Kiji narrowed her crimson eyes at Shiryou… and for just a second…. just a second… they went bright purple. "A..are you going to fight in that?" A second later she flushed and her eyes were once again crimson. "Right. Of course…." If she was going to fight in smething else she would have.. wor that? Kiji supposed…. *COUGH* right then.
Kiji lifted her hands, whips swirling around her in a display of delicate control and a brutal elegance of her own. the whips grew thorns which then became needles shaped from her own blood. "Perhaps I should help you with your dress…." The two groups of nedles shot off then suddenly switched directions, coming at her from four different directions making it harder to track and avoid….

RP: Shiryou transforms into MALEVOLENCE.
COMBAT: Shiryou defends against BLOOD-RAIN-II(60) attack from Kiji with a GHOST-FLICKER-II…55
COMBAT: Shiryou loses the roll and sustains 382 damage.
COMBAT: Shiryou defends against BLOOD-RAIN-II(52) attack from Kiji with a GHOST-FLICKER-II…37
COMBAT: Shiryou loses the roll and sustains 426 damage.

Shiryou arches a brow, "I don't see why not…" comes the offhanded reply, "Would you prefer I wear something else?" Suddenly, as she seems to notice the whips, her own eyes change… the black of her pupils rapidly draining into the whites of her eyes, leaving her with white pupils and black sclera. However, she doesn't seem to respond to the flailing, thorny whips, and they whip across her form, thorns shredding skin and flesh… and leaving deep black gashes that didn't even so much as offer up a drop of blood of their own… just a dark blue mist that quickly vanishes as it gets too far from the wounds.
"Interesting…" Shiryou looked down at the gashes, though again… she didn't actually seem all that interested, "Using blood as a weapon… First I've seen that little trick."
Finally, she seems to be tired of watching the wounds, and looks back up at Kiji, openning her mouth as if to say something else — but instead of words, the only thing to come from her mouth was an ear-rending screech, too loud and too inhuman to belong to a person — except maybe a Yamiyuki… they had similar abilities.

COMBAT: Kiji defends against BANSHEE-SCREAM(61) attack from Shiryou with a BLOOD-CLONE…62
COMBAT: Kiji defends against BANSHEE-SCREAM(44) attack from Shiryou with a BLOOD-CLONE…56

Kiji didn't move when the woman sudenly shrieked at her. In fact there seemed to be more than one Kiji at different locations that sudenly shattered, splattering blood in a good amount at each location. The real Kiji, however, was on the arena wall behind Shiryou, upside down like a spider, crimson eyes watching the atack and the woman's demeanor. She was an interesting creature, indeed… Kiji could sese the oness of Shiryou's chakra but not pinpoint why it felt so strange.
The whips curled around her, forming something more akin to the tails of a bijuu.. waving like a snake before striking out, trying to bind her target, immobilize her, even cover her mouth with soliified blood….

COMBAT: Shiryou defends against TAILS-OF-BLOOD(74) attack from Kiji with a IMPERFECT-INCORPORIETY…64
COMBAT: Shiryou loses the roll and sustains 362 damage.

Shiryou's lips curl downward slightly in a small frown when Kiji's clone — scratch that; clones — exploded into a shall puddle of blood. She didn't seem to notice the snakelike tendrils, and so wasn't able to protect herself in time to really stop herself from getting caught.

Kiji watched her blood ecircle te woman, pining her, holdig her in place. Immediately, those tails gathered and wove together, forming a thick heavy 'tail' that waved inthe air a few times before slamming down to strike at the well dressed woman. Kiji wore a very serious expression on her face. She knew little of this opponent and so she was not givng much quarter. This was the final fight in this bracket. Kiji had made it this far and could be proud of that but if she lost to Shiryou… would it be shame she felt? Like when she lost to Kaidan? She did not wish to test that theor …

COMBAT: Shiryou defends against CRIMSON-TAILS(56) attack from Kiji with a TENSE…16
COMBAT: Shiryou loses the roll and sustains 1200 damage.

Shiryou didn't move from the blood binding, apparently caught, and so she was there when the tail of blood slammed down… Though as soon as that tail was gone, and the bloody bindings broken, she stood back up. "…Irritating." She frowned, eying Kiji… Her body was split in a few places, spewing blackish blue mist, though she didn't seem to be in any pain… Instead, her form began to waver slightly, her wounds beginning to close up in rapid succession, as she concentrated on rebuilding the damage to her body thus far.

COMBAT: Shiryou heals Shiryou for 480 with LESSER REGENERATION.

Kiji tilted her head again as she watched the odd mist that was apparently Shiryou's bloo. She could tell that the woman was not like most opponents, but she wasn't sure how.. Or why… Her blood was of course reinforced and shaped by chakra so that might eplain having such an effect on the woman's less than physical form…. Of course no blood meantKiji couldn't exactly infiltrate and explode a vital organ… Not that she would have permission to do so in a tournamet match >.>
The Simizu turned and the tail came dwn again, splitting into three and striking from those directions at once…. She could see the woman healing her wounds… But Kiji mrely had to hurt her more than she could heal right? Here goes.

RP: Shiryou transforms into MALEVOLENCE-II.
COMBAT: Shiryou counters against a CRIMSON-TAILS(68) attack from Kiji with a POLTERGEIST-GRAPPLE…55
COMBAT: Shiryou loses the roll and sustains 1424 damage.

Shiryou was once again struck by the gaint tail, unable to put up her poltergeist defenses in time to stop it from smashing into her, tearing one of her arms away, as well as half of her face, revealing only the inky blackness and dark blue mist behind it…
Shiryou waves over to the proctor, "The blood user wins. I'm clearly out of sorts today." She concentrates her chakra on rebuilding her face so it's not quite so… unsettling, then sets to work on her arm, her body occasionally flickering with the effort to rebuild so much at a time. "Not to worry about the wounds… I'll handle them myself.

COMBAT: Shiryou heals Shiryou for 520 with LESSER REGENERATION.

Mai sees Shiryou wave for the match to end, nodding and suddenly appearing between the two. "Winner: Shimizu Kiji of Kirigakure." The woman turns to Kiji, looking over her figure and raising an eyebrow. "I guess you don't need healing, then. And neither does the other, since she doesn't want it." The medics aren't called over, so Shiryou doesn't have to wave them away. The two are just left to their own devices.

Kiji blinked as the woman called out 'enough'. The way she ended up looking and the way she 'healed' herself made Kiji even more curious than before. Her eyes losing that crimson look and gaining a purple color instead. She spiderwalked her way down the wall before nodding her head to both Shiryou and Mai.. She couldn't really believe it.. She'd won? A glance up to the Kage box and the a small smile touched her lips.

Shiryou stops healing after she gets a rough fascimile of an arm built up… It's thin… Skeletal even, and seems to be… almost transparent. But it works for now. She gives a short curtsey toward Kiji, "Excellent work. I am perhaps a bit disappointed, but you're quite good, so I don't feel too bad." She yawns a little as she rises, raising a hand to her mouth, "For the best anyway, I should have left Kirigakure DAYS ago… So many things I've been putting off, I had no time for celebrations and whatnot."

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