Raccoon Ruckus


Rockpath (emitter), Hige, Kyuketsuki

Date: February 5, 2015


Some Raccoons are troubling a small village in the Land of Fire, so some more genin are sent to take care of the whole business. Fortunately, it’s an easy task that goes over well.

"Raccoon Ruckus"

Land of Fire

A small village that was far too tiny to be considered a town or anything like that was asking for help from Konoha: apparently there was a very recent infestation of raccoons! They wanted at least two alive (make and female) so that they could remake a nest elsewhere, and /all/ of them gone from their village. Directions and a map were provided to those called upon, and the Village elder was to meet with them to answer any questions.

Kyuketsuki goes to where he was to wait for the Village elder and stands there, his arms crossed, he looks around, waiting.

Hige and Konsho had traveled with the others selected for the mission, both boy and his ninken keeping pace with whatever had been decided. When they arrive in the village the boy goes to the designated meeting place and looks around. His eyes slide over those that travel with him a moment before they look beyond to the small village. He can't help but feel he was going to be doing a lot of sniffing today.

When the two boys appear, the Village elder comes to greet them with a small bow of thanks. "The infestation of raccoons is … off near the rocks, for some reason… I would like for you two to scare off any raccoons and get them to leave us. They steal a lot of our food, so it's been troublesome having them here."

When the two boys appear, the Village elder comes to greet them with a small bow of thanks. "The infestation of raccoons is … off near the rocks, for some reason… I would like for you two to scare off any raccoons and get them to leave us. They steal a lot of our food, so it's been troublesome having them here." (re)

Kyu bows to the elder as soon as he appears, his new cat who had been sleeping in his hood rolls out and Kyu struggles to catch it and then puts it back. "Uhm…"

Hige looks to his companion and sighs when he sees the other boy isn't talking. Not his strong suit. The Inuzuka boy bows to the Elder in greeting. "We are happy to help. We'll make sure they leave. You wanted us to keep two of them also?" He asks, just to verify the mission information. He and Konsho have noticed the cat but neither seem to mind it so much. In fact Konsho seems somewhat conscienscence of it and stays on the opposite side of Hige from Kyu.

"Well, at least two of them should live. If you have to kill them, I mean… I don't want to kill a whole colony or anything," the elder replies. "But otherwise I'll let you get to it." The man shuffles off once all the questions are asked and answered. Of course, he sends them off in the right direction before departing.

Kyu's kitten seems, at least for now, both awake and content with sitting in his hood, it simply looks around curiously as Kyu walks the direction he was told to, he thinks for a moment before speaking "Hige, was it? I remember you from the hospital."

"Yeah." Hige replies as he glances over at the other boy. "Kyu something yeah?" Go go name remembering! "How have you been? And what's that." He'd wanted to ask for a while but, you know, they'd been in a hurry. With the last question he points at cat in the hood. "New friend?"

RPCOMBAT: Hige defends against with a INUZUKA-SENSES…25
RPCOMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against with a PERCEPTION…18

Kyu looks at Hige "Oh, thats Nona, I bought her with the money I earned on the last mission I did. It was a bit of an… impulse buy." Kyu reaches back and takes it out of his hood, petting Nona. "shes surprisingly calm and seems to like staying in my hood."

"Huh," is the well thought out response to the introduction of Nona. "For a second I was thinking you'd got your name wrong when we met and you were really a Maneshi." Hige chuckles softly at his own words as they walk. "So how many missions you done?" The boy asks before raising his nose to the air and giving a few sniffs. Konsho is sniffing along the ground.

When the two boys reached the rocks, they would see nothing. At least, not right away. If they stood still, they might notice that there were some raccoons about, just hiding. A flash of fur, a scent of the animal they were looking for… Now how were they going to draw the furry creatures out?

Kyu stops for a moment and looks around. "Did you see something move?" He then realizes this must be what they were looking for, he turns to Hige. "it must be the racoons, got any ideas on how to get them out here? I don't think any of my methods will work. Unless you want me to try to burn them.."

Hige scratches his chin thoughtfully as they arrive and he looks around the rocks. "Let's see if we can scare them out the old fashioned way." He motions to Konsho who puts on his big boy bark. "If not might have to smoke them out." With that Hige looks down to the nin pup who starts barking loudly and running towards the raccoon area. Benefit of being a pup is he can probably still fit into most the hiding spots.

Sadly, a lot of the raccoons don't have a backup escape plan for when a dog comes barking at them. They were used to big dogs! Of course, being a pup, Konsho is less fierce than those big dogs, so he gets a nice swipe or two for being within easy reach.

COMBAT: Rockpath used GM attack on Hige with SHARP-II with a roll of: 23

Kyu has no idea whats happening and stares blankely at the pup, not quite ready to attack yet, nor having a target to attack.

COMBAT: Hige defends against SHARP-II(23) attack from Rockpath with a EVASION…29

Deft little Konsho backsteps away from the swipes before giving a few more barks close up and dancing away to gove the coons a chance to escape. Hige just watches with his arms crossed to see how it works. "Think you could smoke them out or maybe just scare them with your fire?"

Kyuketsuki Charges up and readies himself to use Fire Dart if necessary but otherwise does nothing.

Konsho continues his yipping, backing further off to the side to give the critters room to get out. Hige sighs and rubs the back of his neck as he watches the failed attempt and then glances over at Kyu with a half-grin. "Alright, I guess it's your turn. Try not to hurt them too much if you can. That'll have to be kind of our last ditch effort." The Inuzuka boy says with another sigh. Stupid raccoons.

Kyu picks up a stick and puts it in the hole before bringing his hands up to his lips making an O with his index finger and thumb "Fire Style: Fire Dart" with that he exhales quickly, a dart of fire about the size of a senbon fires out from the middle of the O and onto the Stick.

When the tick alighted and then starts to smoke, raccoons notice the smell right away and start to stream out of their hole. There is about… 10? 20? No more than 25, but it's still a lot of full-grown raccoons. A few of them are holding their young, so it would bump the total to 30. No wonder the village wanted people to help them!

While they wait for Kyu to find his stick and start his smoke bomb Hige and Konsho step back just to observe. When it's done at the coons start moving out he nods a bit in appreciation, "Good job. We got them out. Now it's time to drive them away." He glances over to Kyu and grins, "You ready?"

Kyu nods in response. Ready, wait, dont we have to capture two?" We need to figure out a way to do that…"

The raccoons scatter all over the place. Those with young flee the humans, traveling towards the forest and leaving one another. The ones behind seem to think that Hige, Konsho, and Kyu are enemies (and technically they are), and they begin trying to scratch and bite them!

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against SHARP(23) attack from Rockpath with a CLONE-MIRAGE…30
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against SHARP(21) attack from Rockpath with a CLONE-MIRAGE…33
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against SHARP(9) attack from Rockpath with a CLONE-MIRAGE…20

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki attacks target 1 with FIRE-DART with a roll of: 7
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki attacks target 1 with FIRE-DART with a roll of: 15
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki attacks target 1 with SPAR with a roll of: 12

Kyu sees the raccoon rush him and instinctively creates three clones, tricking them into attack the fakes, which poof into smoke on contact, "Fire Style: Fire Dart!" he uses the confusion to fire two darts at one and runs up to it to try and kick it as well, trying to not kill it but knock it unconscious.

COMBAT: Hige defends against SHARP(13) attack from Rockpath with a DODGE…24
COMBAT: Hige defends against SHARP(22) attack from Rockpath with a EVASION…35
COMBAT: Hige defends against SHARP(23) attack from Rockpath with a EVASION…35

"Enough of them are leaving that we don't need to capture any. It was only if we had to kill them all." Hige tells Kyu before jumping out of the way of one wily coon. Konsho sidesteps the other a few times before growling loudly and letting out a full forced yip-bark before trying to headbutt one to scare it off. Hige considers a moment before he follows Kyu's example and aims to punt one away. Except he's really trying to punt it.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against PHYSICAL(27) attack from Hige with a DODGE…19
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against PHYSICAL(21) attack from Hige with a DODGE…18
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a DODGE…25
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a DODGE…14
RPCOMBAT: Rockpath defends against with a DODGE…15

Most of the raccoons get injured, which makes them give some kind of hissy noise before scampering away to find a new home that isn't filled with mean people attacking them.

Kyu sees them start to run and watches "… I suppose we did it."

"Yep, I think we did." Hige agrees with Kyu, reaching over to give the other boy a pat on the back with a grin. Afterwards Hige goes over to the rock hiding places and looks in to make sure everything is clear. Another sniff of the air to be sure before he nods. "We should go inform the village Elder. I would close these holes but I don't want to do it without their permission." He starts walking back towards the village center then, motioning for Konsho and Kyu to follow.

When they come back to the village, a few hours have passed. The elder is standing there with a table of food laid out, as it's lunch time. "I trust you two took care of the raccoons? Thank you very much for your services. We have some food for you, and your pay will be waiting in Konoha." He offers a smile, then leaves once the two boys go to eat. As for the question of the holes, he would say that his own people could take care of that.

Kyu happily eats his food, slipping some to Nona as well, well, the bits she'll accept anyways

Hige and Konsho chow down in an appropriate amount after informing the man about the rocks and what they should do to keep the 'coons from returning. Once that's done and they're finished eating the boy returns them home with another mission well done.

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