Race for Tea!


Ishino, Renai, Yuuka, Berii, Eremi

Date: September 22, 2013


The Tea Village hosts a race!

"Race for Tea!"

Tea Village

Tea village was holding a major race! While there was rumors of war and the like, the main focus was aiming for peace. As such, there were plenty of villages there to vie for that goal! Kirigakure has sent two reps to try and cover their side, Renai and Yuuka were sent out there. Ishino went along because he wasn't letting his disciple be gone that long. Konoha decided that Berii would work well for getting ahead of the game. Thus she was sent along. There were others from different villages as well, some Iwa, some Suna. There were also some random people who wanted to see if they could match the shinobi of the world!

The goal for this was a race along a length of terrain. It had been modified via jutsu to give the different climents. Water, sand, rock, mud. It was all there. The one who won would get a major tea shop added to their village, one of the first foreign tea village places. It was quite the rage and the prestige of winning that race would include bragging rights for the one who won. If it was someone not of a village? Well.. they would get to figure out what to do from then.

Ishino stood near where the starting line was at. Everyone else was warming up, getting ready for what was going to be a grueling, no holds bar race. He watched the others, then looked to Yuuka and Renai. "Don't die Renai-san. I would be highly displeased if you do."

A green-haired girl stands near her Sensei, studying the other runners that are visible as they warm up and get ready. Renai looks up to him when he tells her not to die, determination in her eyes. "Hai, Ishino-sensei," she responds with a calm, assertive voice and moves toward the starting line to take her spot. Her eyes look ahead and her hands close into fists. She must win. No excuses for failure. For the Touketsu! For Kirigakure!

She performs a focusing seal, her hands folding quickly. Then she moves into a widened stance to prepare for running. For now, she is only aware of the other runners, but not locked in on them. The finish is her goal.

This was… an unusual task. But Yuuka isn't one to say no to the Mizukage.

Besides. This almost seems like fun.

Standing at the starting line, the massive sword is nowhere to be found as the Kaguya woman reaches up to lightly tug at the collar of her kimono, sliding it from her slender shoulders to soon free her arms from the long sleeves. Her chest rises and falls beneath the ivory wrappings that cover her pale skin. Hearing the words exchanged between Ishino and the green-haired girl beside her, Yuuka lifts a pale brow, watching with some curiosity. Renai was enthusiastic.

A small smile tugs at her lips, and she exhales a small breath as she looks forward, rolling her slender shoulders as she concentrates energy at the pit of her stomach and feels the sudden surge of her bloodline through her veins. Shikotsumyaku awakening deep inside her bones.

Berii hates the Hokage… so much. Maybe it wasn't Hashiramako, maybe it was her parents convincing the Hokage to sign Berii up for a string of really awful missions. Yes, Berii will sit here and hate her parents instead, it's probably their fault. Not interested in stealing running techniques or prestige, all Berii had going for her right now was parent-hate. So she just stood off on the side with her arms crossed.

"Hnn…" Berii scans the crowd quietly from behind some shades, shades that looked a bit too big for her face… obviously shame shades. Though now it looked like things would be starting so she approaches the starting line. "Hnn… if I'm going to be here." Berii activates a lazy Sharingan, giving it enough chakra to steal something if it catches her interest.

Despite no longer being part of a major village, hearing current events of the world was as simple as having a chat with any travelers willing to have a conversation before reaching their destination. It was probably the most reliable and safest source of intel gathering without putting oneself in harms way. Which for the time being, Eremi wanted to avoid. With this style of 'reconnaissance', he had learned many things about the world, but what stood out the most was hearing about a 'race' open to all willing to take the challenge and a prize that included a beneficial shop to the winning village, possibly increasing revenue for the treasury. However, it was the bragging rights Eremi was after. It couldn't have fit more perfectly for the Satonezu.

Still, being a 'missing-nin' Eremi had to be on guard from possibly being singled out from any shinobi sent from Konoha. Sure, compared to this competition he was a low priority, but he couldn't take any chances. So as he approached the village, he made sure to remove his forehead protector and place it within his backpack. The rest of his appearance still looked the same as he was hoping his features weren't yet recognizable to those that didn't know him well enough as the 'missing-nin'. It was a gamble he would have to take once the race started, but until then he was going to stay a decent distance away from the rest of the crowd to not draw attention to himself for what he was going to do next.

Though, it was unlikely as Eremi slid the strap of his backpack from his shoulder to allow it to fall to the ground with a thud, cracking the earth beneath it and kicking up some dust. Arms now free, he brought them up to his face in an x-fashion and began to focus deep within himself with plans of opening up as many of the Chakra Gates as he could. Starting with the first, there wasn't much of a difference of appearance, but as he opened the second the veins on his forehead and even on his neck began to bulge. He'd then move to the third and the fourth, opening them up as well. Doing so causing his skin to turn a shade of red and chakra to pour through his system in such an overwhelming rush it would seem to pour out his body.

Not stopping there though, he'd keep pushing, opening up the fifth and finally sixth chakra gate. This caused enough chakra to course through the boy’s body that his muscles began to clench and even without moving had already begun to tear. The chakra that was pouring out had intensified and even began to cause a type of vortex or whirlwind around the boy that pushed out the rocks and dust that were near the boy. He definitely wasn't holding back.

Ishino nodded to Renai, he'd stand off to the side, with an older man that any who paid attention would swear wasn't there a moment ago, holding an umbrella over him and Ishino. The 'thud' was something of an interest for a few, many more took much more interest in the resulting explosion of strength. Well.. that was interesting. Ishino would study Eremi as well, staying silent from the side.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the great Tea Village race! The rule is, get to the finish line! We look forward to an exciting race!" The announcer was loud, standing up on a podeum off to the side. "There are watchers along the path. You have to make each watcher. The one who makes each watcher and the end, will win! If you take out a watcher, you are disqualified! Now.. take your places.. ready… begin!!!"

Renai does turn her eyes briefly to the others, especially to Eremi, as he uses his ability to get himself ready. What is that power? Maybe she'll be able to grab him for a convers- Focus! Maybe she can talk to the Kagu- Focus! Her eyes widen a bit and she looks back ahead of herself. Finish. Be ready for anything. Get to the end. Don't die!

When the command is given, she takes off into a sprint, her green hair lifting behind her as she runs. For now she makes no move to attack anyone, not wanting to single herself out by seeming overtly aggressive.

At the word 'begin', Yuuka faintly shifts her feet before she takes off in a sudden blur of speed. No thought is needed, only speed, only the wind against her face as she takes off alongside all the other racers.

"Jeez." Berii's shades go askew from the chakra being flung about. "Want to make it any more obvious, neh?" The comment probably not audible enough for Eremi to hear. People seemed to be getting really into this, she figured some chakra should be gathered before she ends up losing a limb in a race. Her hands come together in a seal for a quick burst of chakra. Now all that was left to do was wait for the signal to go. When it does come she sort of leans forward, letting gravity send her ahead for a bit before breaking into a run, trying to avoid sprinting for now as she gets an idea on everyone elses speed.

The signal to begin was given and the crowd raced forward, many wasted no time in attacking each other before even getting past the starting line, while others simply focused on making it to the end with no plans of attacking as of yet.. The latter was Eremi's goal as well, but with this being no ordinary race it was absolutely anyone's match. What worried the boy the most was the possibility of traps being laid out ahead of time by other villages wanting the leg up for their shinobi. For now it was something he'd have to wait and see if it happened or not as he shifted forward in his stance, pushed his feet into the dirt and then raced forward, vanishing from his spot as he did so. The only sign of him even moving forward was the trail of dirt and earth kicking up behind him as he raced ahead.

In moments he made it to the mass of people pushing against each other to get ahead of the pact and without stopping, he shoulder charged through many of them, knocking them out of the way. Still, after all that, he was still a bit behind those in the lead. He couldn't just leave it to his speed to win this, so he started unraveling the bandages that wrapped around each arm, allowing them to trail behind him in considerable lengths before snapping them forward at those ahead of him in an attempt to wind them up and send them spinning in place as he yanked the bandages back toward himself.

"Aaaaand.. they're off!! Taking right off in the front looks to be a genin from Kiri, ooo right behind her coming up fast is a chuunin of Iwagakure. Don't count Konoha out yet folks as it looks to be shame shades hot tailing it right behind the Iwa nin! Coming around the first corner there already looks to be some hustle from one of the dark horse entries! This is going to be a hot race folks so hang on to your seats we're in for a wild ride!"

The Touketsu kunoichi glances to the side as she feels something touch her. What is that? Renai's hands start to form seals and the ground rumbles behind her as it cracks and chunks start to lift out to attempt "covering" her run. But she's too distracted by the running and finds herself trapped in Eremi's bandages. She's wound up and sent spinning. The suddenly, she's sitting on her bottom with a thud, all her forward momentum gone.

She lifts up into a kneeling position and starts to form hand seals, reaching for the dirt ahead of everyone else. It starts to crack and break up, small chunks lifting up and exploding in the air close to the runners as they come near.

Others seem to take off ahead of her right from the get go, but Yuuka also suspects that they would run out of energy quicker. Still, this was fun. She couldn't help the small smirk that tugs at her lips.

The Swordsman catches the clump of dirt flying towards her out of the corner of her aquamarine eye, and with a small pivot she dances out of the way, smoothly avoiding the attack and using the added momentum from the maneuver to add to her speed.

Uchiha "Shame Shades" Berii couldn't help but giggle when she was referred to as shame shades. It seemed like a lot of the people were so caught up in powering up and doing impressive starts they sort of fell off for a bit and of course that means she's already getting stabbed in the back. With a sigh she slaps the bandage away and keeps on running, disappointed in him really. Especially when she noticed her wrapped another girl up in the process. Someone who also starts to toss around attacks, Berii keeps her composure though and just shifts right through the clumps, this was getting a wee bit dangerous now. Perhaps it was time to pick up the pace?

Thanks to Eremi, the leader of the pact was taken down a peg, but he was still not in the position he wanted to be in. First. As the bandages came back his way after tying up one and being slapped away by another, he ripped them from his arms allowing them to fall behind him. He then set his eyes on the new leader, Berii. Which to him looked as if she wasn't even trying and that only made him a little frustrated as he was giving it his all. Quickly hunching down, he'd nearly avoid the clumps of dirt exploding around him which he hadn't even really noticed as he was only focused on taking Berii out. Pushing against the ground, he'd jump forward to make up some of the gap and once touching the ground he'd vanish from his spot in hopes of appearing beneath the Uchiha and send her flying with a kick aimed at her chin.

"Would you look at that folks? Coming out of the corner it looks like the lead Kiri nin got taken down with some floating thing from the dark horse! The iwa nin passed her up but the Konoha nin just jetted right on past! It's an amazingly tight run right here folks! Looks like the two kiri nin are neck and neck now, with the shame shades taking on the lead but hot on her heels is the dark horse! Don't put the Iwa nin out yet though, he could come in for that big break! It's still anyone's race!!"

Renai gets quickly to her feet as soon as she is able. Her eyes narrow on the backs of the others as she attempts to push herself ahead again. For now, she decides to not attack and tries, instead, to just be on her guard. She is very outmatched in combat by the others. That much she can tell. So maybe there's a way she can be smart about it.

Yuuka merely keeps her head down, eyes forward as she focuses on the path ahead. Pushing her strength through her legs so that she moves faster, blurring with color. Everything else is secondary. People, things, they're kept in mind. Her surroundings, she keeps tabs but concentrates more of her attention on just running.

Well this seemed fairly easy, that Kiri nin was catching back up but, that didn't really matter to the Uchiha she could easily keep ahead at this pa-WTF CHIN KICK. Berii goes soaring into the air from the unexpected attack, though managed to see who it was just as she took flight. 'Man if you have time to do that run past me.' This didn't really hurt, oddly enough though he seriously got some lift.

"Oh the finish line is right there?" Berii comments to herself, as she rubs her sore chin, adjusting her shades as she floats through the air, so that she looked just the same when she landed as she did before taking flight. "That's too much work to get there in time." Berii just turns and leaves the race path, she needed some ice cream or something to cool off after a run like that.

"Nothing personal Berii." Eremi would say after sending the Uchiha into the air and began running again toward the finish line. He really hoped she wasn't going to take that as an attack and come after him once this is all said and over. He really needed to win this, which is why he decided to no longer try and take out the competition around him and simply kicked it into high gear, racing toward the end.

"What a mix up it is!! The dark horse struck out the shame shades! But.. what's this? She just left the running area! Is she going for something? yes.. yes she is.. that would be ice cream folks!! Back at the race the Kiri genin is hot tailing it towards the end, already over the halfway mark and running fast! But the Kiri jounin isn't giving up much on her at all, passing up the Iwa nin to really pound that ground right behind the lead! Seems the dark horse has some work cut out for him, that's for sure! The brawl at the front line looks to be finally clearing up, some of those runners are actually running! They're getting close, but the potential is there for anyone to win!!"

Renai's eyes zone in on the finish and she starts giving her run everything she's got. Have to win! For Kirigakure! For Touketsu! She clenches her fists and kicks up dirt in her mad dash toward the end. Not to just hope no one tries to attack her again. Highly unlikely, but she can dream!

Herself and Renai, they were both in the lead. Either way Kirigakure was going to win, but it was nearly neck in neck between them. Still, Yuuka exhales a hard breath as she tries to push for speed.

Despite his best efforts, the gates were taking a toll on Eremi's body, making it harder and harder for him to keep up his pace. At one point he even stumbled as the muscles tearing in one of his legs was too much to handle, but he didn't give up, he kept pushing ahead running through the pain with the goal of making the finish line first his only thoughts.

"The race is coming down to the wire folks! The kiri nin are neck and neck, but this is one heck of a race! The little genin that could is trying to out pace the chuunin from Kiri while shame shades is.. still eating her ice cream.. What an odd twist folks! Dark Horse is coming up fast, but it looks like he may of tore something in his leg! Oh no! Maybe they'll have to put him down later.. here's rooting for the dark horse!! We're coming to that home stretch and everyone is on their feet, watching that finish line!!!"

Renai's face lights up as she crosses the finish line. She made it to the finish! The girl slows and turns about to look at the other runners as they come it. Did she win? Did someone else cross before her? "I didn't.. die.. Sensei.." She whispers quietly while trying to catch her breath. He's probably not in hearing range, but she says it to herself as if to make sure.

Crossing over the line barely second, Yuuka digs in her feet to steadily slow herself down, chuckling breathlessly as she reaches out to pat Renai on the back in congratulations. "It was an honest victory. You should be proud." she murmurs. Next time she'll have to try harder. In either case, they will have the business of the Land of Tea. A true victory for Kirigakure.

Seeing someone else cross the line first, Eremi doesn't bother continuing ahead anymore. Instead, he turns right back around and heads toward the way he came, pushing through the crowds of people still running ahead, picking up his backpack and heading back to the Land of Fire. Not even crossing the finish line he ends up in last place like Berii. Would have saved him some trouble if he went off for ice cream as well. Next time, he'll definitely take Berii's lead. Assuming she's not all mad about the chin kick…

"And there you have it! Against all odds it looks like the kiri genin is the winner!! Following right on her tail is the Kiri chuunin.. it looks like the dark horse just rode off into the sunset people! Following up with the kiri nin are the Iwa shinobi and tailing him was a suna nin! We have our winner!!! Congradulations and celebrations will be held in the central tea shop! This ends the first annual Tea Village race!!"

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