Rain and Cloud Comes Together!


Maia, Kenta, Seiji, Cameos

Date: July 2, 2010



"Rain and Cloud Comes Together!"


It's been a rather difficult journey. Maia has handpicked a few genin to join her on this rather important mission. With the Land of Waves now under the control of Kumogakure, the empire is wanting to be expanded by the Daimyo. Of course, that means that they'll need more firepower considering their losses in the first war. As such, the young kunoichi has left with her small little cadre of genin as they make their way towards the Hidden village of the Rain.

"Keep your eyes peeled for anything. I don't exactly know if Kiri knows of our plans, but we're going to be making our way through neutral territory as well. Anything can happen once we cross the borders of our lands, so you have to be particularly vigilant." she says matter of factly, pursing her lips together.

Kenta gives a small two fingered salute, "No worries Maia-sensei, we can handle it." He plods along, dodging any puddles in his way. While Kenta walks along, he's focusing his chakra on a small rock cupped in his hands. Every once in a while, a drop of water can be seen slipping between his fings. Kenta shakes off the water and refocuses his chakra in an attempt to NOT produce water. He's having a lousy time at it." to Seiji.

The journey to the Land of Rain was largely uneventful for the Cloud team. Oh sure, there was that one time their camp was attacked by a trio of bandits, but a few punks with knives and no clue between themselves couldn't compete. The team also encountered some trouble crossing the borders of the various lands they traversed, but this amounted to little more than dealing with a few jerks in uniforms who had either had a bad day or enjoyed giving people trouble. The odd time, someone had approached the group wanting Maia's autograph, and lodging was cheap if the celebrity nin felt like singing a few tunes in an inn's common room.

All in all, the Cloud team hadn't encountered anything particularly risky until they drew closer to the Hidden Rain Village. Less than a day's journey from the shinobi village, they encounter another shinobi team at a cross in the roads. A shinobi team from the Hidden Mist, with a fancy looking horse-drawn cart in tow. The team seemed to be led by a young man in his late teens to early twenties, wearing nothing but a pair of worn blue jeans, plain sandals, and a stick of long grass in his mouth. His features were rugged but handsome, giving off the distinct impression that he had been a country boy before being a shinobi. Propped up on his shoulder was a gigantic butcher's knife that the young man seemed to have no problem handling. The rest of his group seemed strong, but certainly no more gifted than those of Maia's team.

As the two teams come into view of one another, the cleaver-wielding ninja looks over at them and grins. A few words are passed over his shoulder to the rest of his team, who suddenly look much more alert and on guard, and especially protective of the cart accompanying them.

What is it with Maia meeting hunky shirtless swordbearing taijutsu users from Kirigakure. Really, that war set a bad precedent for the young kunoichi as she scrunches her nose and purses her lips.

"We've been spotted, guys." she says matter of factly, taking in a deep breath as she purses her lips, already starting to focus her own chakra to be ready for anything. They were recognizable as the enemy afterall.

"Just be careful. Don't do anything to antagonize them. We're in neutral territory. Maybe we can just pass on by and they can pass on by and none of us will get hurt." she says, taking a deep breath as she wonders to herself what the odds of that are. Probably close to zero, but a girl can hope, right?

"Uh, hello! We're just passnig through! We don't want any trouble." she calls out, trying to give a friendly wave towards the group.

Kenta nods and tugs the hood of his duster coat farther over his features. "My thoughts too. Everything calm here." he mumbles just loud enough for those close to him can hear. He rests his hand on a kunai blade tucked under the sleeve of his coat however, keeping it close but hidden in case he needs it. He'd reach behind and grab his small blade sticking out of his coat, but that small thing wouldn't do much against that huge butcher knife on the back of that shirtless nin. Kenta gives a long slow nod to the group, not saying anything to them yet.

Having been asked at the last minute, the Yotsuki genin didn't need a whole lot to prepare. His sword strapped to his back as well as other various ninja tools which were in pouches. Traveling with the group, Seiji kept a bit behind the others, his eyes watching for anything that may come up from behind or the sides. As she calls back for them to keep their eyes peeled, he smiles, "Will do Maia-sama." he says to her.

When Maia calls out to the Mist team, three of them crack grins and one says something just low enough for the rest to hear. The others laugh and make a comment or two before the shirtless ninja says something to them. They stiffen up and not another word is said amongst them.

"Howdy!", the cleaver-wielding young man calls back to Maia, "We're passin' through too, so I reckon we ain't lookin' for trouble either". As the two teams draw closer to one another, it becomes apparent that both are headed in the same direction: The Hidden Rain Village.

Her eyes widen once she realizes where the other group is heading. She lets out a soft chuckle under her breath before she whispers to the others. "Looks like we're having company the entire way there." she mutters under her breath while motioning for them to get closer to the other team. "Try to find out what's in the cart."

Who she says that to is up to debate. Either of the genin can take the order and accomplish that objective in anyway they see fit. But what is she going to do? Get her flirt on to distract nthe seeming leader of the group.

"So it looks like we're heading the same way. Mind if we keep you company? I know there's a war and all, but it's really bad form to just start fighting when we're both just trying to go to the same place." she says softly with a bright and cheery smile on her lips.

Noticing the group of mist ninja, Seijis eyes narrow slightly as he looks to them. He looks to Kenta, "Better keep an eye on them." he whispers to the other genin as he moves to flank the Maia. He didn't want her to be near the group fo mist nin even if they were all going the same way. Seiji keeps an eye on the Mist group, though glancing at the other members of their team, just checking to see how everyone was doing. The trip has been long and knowing they still had a ways to go, Seiji sees that everyone is keeping up, he turns his attention ahead to watch where he was going.

Kenta says nothing but drops back from the middle of the pack. He kneels down on the side of the road to casually look at the plants running a hand over them. Kenta even picks a small flower he knows that signifies good luck to people in these lands. At least that's what his horticultural training has taught him. Lavender, with it's purple flowers and long stem, might give Kenta what he needs. The young genin trots forward and picks out the single female in the group. "Excuse me…" he says in a shy voice and pulling back his hood letting his blond hair wave, "…I found this back a bit. I thought you might like it." He hops up, balancing precarously on the step up to the driver seat on the wagon, maybe giving him a good look inside for a second. He holds out the small bunch of lavender flowers and smiles an innocent smile. "I've heard it brings good luck to those who are given it." Or good luck to those who pick it.

"I don't mind", the country boy turned shinobi replied with a shrug of his broad shoulders. Though the butcher knife wielding leader didn't seem to mind walking along with a pretty young woman, he was deceptively focused. It would make some real effort to get past his guard.

Meanwhile, Kenta manages to get a blush from the female genin of the Mist team. Her smile, however, reveals a set of sharp, shark-like teeth. Whether or not that was a bonus for Kenta is for him. "Heh, thanks!~", the kunoichi replies in a sweet voice, taking the flowers and taking in their fragrance. "What's your name?", she asks as the two teams walk on.

"So…", the Mist leader drawls non-chalantly, "What brings you and your team out this far? Lightning's a long ways away".

"Well, we're both heading in the same direction it seems. What's in the cart?" she asks curiously, her brows furrowed as she gives the leader her most charming smile. "And of course, you know, maybe I'm looking for a date?" Maia quips with a wry waggle of her brows towards the swordsman.

Meanwhile she looks towards the rest of her team, grinning as Kenta tries to bring sexy back. Hopefully Seiji will do the same.

Seiji sees both members of his team talking with one another, shrugging and placing his hands into his pockets. There was no need of rushing now. Looking to the other members of the Mist team he nods to each in turn, his golden cat-like eyes gaze at each person taking them in. He then begins just looking around, he wasn't expecting them to have any traveling company, but things seem to be ok. Smiling as Kenta starts hitting on one of the Mist genin, Seiji just continues to walk.

Kenta forces a blush on his face. He's not thinking of the shark girl, instead he's thinking of something very embarrassing that's happened to him in the past. It works wonders when he wants a physical reaction to happen at the right moment. Kenta smiles at the female genin and gives a small nod while holding onto the side of the wagon. "Tenjin Kenta, a pleasure." His eyes turn to glance down at the wagon's back and what it might be carrying for a second before looking back at the girl. "I hope you'll give your name as well?" he asks.

"Bugs", the Mist leader states bluntly, moving the stick of grass around in his mouth, "Lots and lots of bugs". Whether or not he was telling the truth was hard to say - He certainly said it with a straight face. When Maia tries to lay the sugar on, the man laughs a little and gives her a shark-toothed grin. "Aw now, you didn't come this far just for a date did ya? Gotta be some men back in Lightning!", he says as the two groups walk along, "What really brings ye out this way?".

As Seiji turns his attention to nod to the other Mist genin, he catches sight of one of them eyeing the other Cloud ninja up. Fortunately, the kid's expression didn't hold any malice, but rather, curiosity. Unlike them, the Cloud team didn't have any carts in tow, and that made the kid wonder just what was up…

Before Kenta can really get a good look at the back of the cart, the girl he's hitting on gently swings his face around back to her. "My name is Natsumi Ayame~", she says with a little sugar in her voice now too. Her eyelashes flutter sweetly as she gives Kenta a big, toothy grin.

"Well, a lot of them are younger than me, or older than me." Maia admits ruefully, her lips pursed as she hears bugs are in the cart. Now why would they be sending bugs to Rain? She furrows her brows, mulling over the thought as she goes on over and tries to hook her arms around one of his own, copping a feel on his bicep if he lets her.

"But seriously, it's been a while. We could always take a break and pause and share a campfire, share some stories and maybe get a little private time?" Oh yes, maia. Slut it up to get the man to reveal his secrets!

Oh, Kenta isn't as good as Maia is to play with the opposite sex. But this one seems to be attracted to him, that's scary and makes his job easier. Common Kenta, don't look at the teeth. He's heard of a rumor that Kiri-nin girls eat their mates. Kenta says, "Ayame..k..kun." he says shyly but it could be because he looked at the teeth. Common, they're freaky all sharp and pointy like that. "…I like the name." he smiles at Ayame and runs a hand through his hair to adjust it. Then he overhears Maia talking about stopping. Now he's worried. But maybe it won't be so bad?

Seiji notices that he isn't being watched too much, but as the conversations that the other members of his team are having with the Mist nin. He allows himself to fall just a bit behind. Noting the fancy looking cart, Seiji rolls his neck a little trying to relax the muscles in his neck but at the same time trying to get a good look at the back of the cart to possibly see whats in it.

Glancing at the hand slipping over his bicep, the Mist Leader looks back to Maia with an indifferent expression. "Rain's not that far now, might as well keep going", he adds, "Though, you're welcome to camp out for another night". Seems this nin knows what's going on, and while Maia is hot, he isn't having any of it.

Meanwhile, Kenta continues to chat it up with Mist's sharky kunoichi, who just loves to smile it seems! While stopping might mean a better shot at finding what's in the cart, it might mean he risks getting a love bite with Ayame's teeth.

However, some progress is made! Maia and Kenta have the Mist nin on edge, thinking that they're going to get a kunai in the ribs or a poisoned senbon in the bicep. With a little sneakiness, Seiji manages to get a good look at the back of the cart. Sure enough, there seems to be a lot of bizarre, bug-like sealife preserved in the cart - Probably imported seafood by the looks of it. But looks are deceiving. One of the ugly creatures closer to the back, where Seiji is, as a bit of cotton poking out underneath the god-awful critter's spiny shell…

"No, we'll keep going as well. I mean, it's always nice to have traveling partners afterall." she smiles rather cheerily, flashing her own non-sharklike teeth in his direction. Her fingers run up and down his bicep as she continues to cop a feel. Hey, she might as well get away with it as long as she can even though she has no intention of poisoning him with any senbon, at least not yet. That isn't her style afterall.

"Maybe we can hang out once we're both at the village? you know, maybe get a bite to eat together or whatever." she offers, waggling her brows rather scandalously before she makes a furtive glance in Seiji's direction. Hopefully all this flirting is good and he's finding out more info than she is.

Kenta looks back towards Maia, "Good, I thought I'd have to eat without some frendly company." He looks back to Ayame and says, "I'm sure you know of some nice out of the way places to eat. That is, after you drop off whatever it is you've got in there." He smiles and coughs, "I don't suppose there's room on the seat for me, is there? You know, hanging from the cart isn't the most comfortable spots I could think of." He steps up, hoping she agrees, because yes, he's been hanging off the edge of the cart for a while and it's starting to get to him.

Upon seeing whats in the cart, Seiji takes quick stock of what he sees, and continues walking. Shaking his head a little bit, making it seem as he was a little tired if seen. There was something going on with the group, and as he looks ahead he catches Maias glance and just gives a brief nod, though anyone seeing him would notice him stumble just a bit. He then rubs his face and widens his eyes trying to stay awake. He's seen what he needed, but now was to let the others know when he got a chance, just in case things went south.

Unfortunately, the giant butcher's knife wielding Mist ninja continues to play hard-to-get with Maia, knowing what was going on. Kenta doesn't seem to get any further, as Ayame actually hops off of her seat and walks along beside him. She even gets the brass to make an attempt to hold his hand. It seems that she might also have an idea of what was going on, and was playing along just to keep Kenta's attention on her and off of the cart. Yet, even if Team Sexy doesn't get their mack on, their attempts keep the Mist ninja on edge enough that they don't notice Seiji until after he's had a look at their shipment. In a clever stroke, the boy makes on like he's tired just when a Mist genin looks his way. The look he gets is suspicious, but it seems as though the Kiri ninja thinks that Seiji was close to his goal rather than achieving it. After some sneaky social manuevering, the Mist team makes every subtle effort to collectively clam up on the Cloud group. Perhaps, however, they are a little too late.

After some time, the teams arrive in the Hidden Rain Village and each goes their separate way. Having arrived in the late afternoon, it takes Cloud ninja until around supper time to get in to see Rain's leader, a man in his mid-thirties named Fuji Shin.

Shin's office is cramped, but passable in terms of comfort. Taking a puff from his long-stem filtered cigarette, Shin holds the smoke in for a few seconds before breathing it up into the air over their heads. "You must be the diplomats that the Raikage told me she was sending", he says, stating the obvious with a business-like manner, "I understand you want to enter into an alliance or something with us". Something in the man's weary body language suggests that he's already made up his mind, but he seems willing to let Maia and her teammates make their pitch.

Damnit! Maybe Maia was serious about having dinner with Mist nin, but at least they all arrive there safely. At least they know what's in the cart now, and when they finally arrive in front of the leader of the village, there's a soft, and almost despondent sigh escaping from Maia's lips. Still, she has to think positive.

Upon arriving in front of the leader, she places her hands together and bows low at a perfect ninty degrees, holding her position for a few moments before easing back up. She purses her lips and nods. "That would be correct. We were hoping that perhaps your village and ours would have some common goals that we can achieve together."

Kenta wipes his hand before hopping down and holding the mist ninja's hand, at least for a brief time until they reach the village. As they walk away Kenta mumbles aloud, "I hope I wiped my poison off enough." Kenta shrugs and will worry about it later, should it or she come back to bite him. Once at the rain leader's office, he bows politely, and low, then looks at Maia before nodding to the elder. She is the leader and should be the one who does the negoiations in this. But he does listen intently so he can learn a thing or two.

Having gotten what he needed, Seiji just continues to walk along until they enter the Rain Village. He noticed the other Rain genin now paying attention to him, but their distraction allowed for him to see what was being transported to the village. And this was something that needed to be told soon. With not having a whole lot of time before needing to speak with the leader of the Rain village. Seiji would keep what he knew until then. At the time of the meeting, Seiji would bow respectfully to Shin, and once the plesantries are made, "Shin-sama, thank you for allowing us here, but I found that there may be problems with a group of nin who arrived with us from Kirigakure. They were traveling with a cart, and supposedly imported seafood, but what I saw wasn't just food, but possibly poisoned food. One of the fish had cotton sticking from under it's shell." he states. Seiji bows his head, knowing that he spoke out of turn, but this needed to be said and acted upon.

"Hmmm…", Shin hums thoughtful as Maia makes her opening line. Taking another drag of his long-filter cigarette, the man seems to weigh his words before speaking. "I'm a man concerned with safety, first and foremost, Maia-San", he says while settling into his old, squeaky chair. "As you know, the Land of Rain is situated in a very dangerous place. Historically, we've been caught in the crossfire of nearly every major war for the last two centuries - At least", he goes on, versed in his history but not enough to know much beyond half of the previous age, "We've had to fight our battles against people who want to make war on us just as much as they want to make war on each other". Getting to his decisive point, presumably, Shin leans forward onto his elbows. "Now, your Daimyo, Hamada Yoichi, wants to build an empire. That makes not only me worried, but us worried. We don't want another big war that we might get dragged into - Hell, things are bad enough as it is withou-", he says before he is cut off by Seiji.

Blinking in surprise at the genin's abrupt interruption, Fuji Shin nevertheless hears the boy out. The mention of Mist ninja making a delivery to the village causes the man's brows to furrow. It's plain for the Cloud ninja to see that while he seems unsure of what to make of a bit of cotton on a lobster, the fact that it's being delivered by Mist ninja is what really puts him on edge. It was hard to find a leader of a country or shinobi village who hadn't heard of how Kirigakure was formed, and of its mass-murdering commander-in-chief, Kaguya Mitsuo.

"Goro-San!", he calls out, patiently waiting a second for another Rain shinobi to enter the tiny room before adding, "Get a few of our chuunin still left in the offices to go through the restaurants. Make sure none of them have served any imported seafood tonight, and if you get the chance, bring back a sample for our poison specialists to look over".

Blink. Blink. Blink! Oh, so that's what was in the in the cart! Maia purses her lips for a few moments, remaining silent as Shin delivers hi orders towards the various chuunin in the area. She looks towards Kenta, one of her fellow poison specialists and orders him to go follow.

"I am going to lend you my student, Tenjin Kenta. He is of the Tenjin clan and is rather knowledgeable about herbs and poisons and he may help out your nin, if you would let him. He is at your service." she says with a bow, just trying her best to be as helpful as possible. It's then that she coughs into her hand, for a few moments, to try to get back on the topic.

"And I do understand your concerns with Hamada-sama. His ambitions are strong, and the Raikage is very loyal. We, shinobi, are his tools to achieve his ambitions. But, with that said, I would not have been asked by Raiko-sama herself to come ask for the aid and support of the Hidden Village of the Rain if we had any intention of trying to conquer your lands. An alliance with Kumogakure would indeed protect you from the Daimyo's ambitions." she says rather matter of factly.

"I have faced many Kiri-shinobi the past several months. They are a brutal, bloody people. Their children, as young as seven, already go out on missions to assassinate other shinobi and would die trying. I know because I had one try to kill me on multiple occasions. And with this case, I am sure that the food they delivered was poisoned so that Kumogakure could not gain a powerful ally in the war against them." she says with a soft sigh while running her fingers through her hair.

"As for the Land of Lightning's occupation of the Land of Waves, I am sure that you know they are a very poor country. This war has cost many lives already, and I would not want to see any more blood shed. That is why I seek your aid. Kirigakure is bloodthirsty and would love to spread more of their brutal ways if you can. In their occupation of the Land of Waves, it has remained poor. Under our help, we have brought not just our own medical services to the people of the Land of Waves, but that of Konoha's as well through an alliance that I initiated with the Leaf-nin as well. Forming an alliance with us, would also, indirectly be forming an alliance with Konoha."

Kenta looks surprised he's being offered. But, he can pick out some poisons, provided he had the right equipment. So he might be of some use afterall. Kenta thinks about it for a second and gives a short bow, "I am at your disposal." Kenta looks over at Maia, then sighs figuring that sooner or later he'd have to actually use what knowledge he's gleamed off of his clan.

"Goro-San!", Shin bellows, and when the other shinobi scrambles back into the doorway, he points his long-stem cigarette at Kenta. "This young man here is being offered to help your search. He's a poison and herb specialist", the leader of the Hidden Rain tells his chuunin, who waits for Kenta to get ready. Before the two ninja can head out, Shin says in an appreciative tone, "Thank you for the help".

Having listened quietly to Maia's words, Fuji Shin pauses to collect his thoughts again. A long drag from his cigarette is taken, and the smoke slowly blown up into the light hanging from the ceiling. "You've got a point - Several actually. It would be nice to use an alliance with Cloud as a stepping stone to a similar treaty with the Leaf. Our country can't handle having so many wars fought on its soil, Maia-San…", he admits, looking back down to the kunoichi, "But doing so might make us a target of Kirigakure. If those Mist nin that came here today were really out to do us harm and prevent this alliance discussion, I don't like the thought of what they would do if we agreed to it… We may need your help in protecting ourselves from them". Bringing his hands together with his elbows on the desk, Shin frowns, "All that I want is for my people and my country to be safe. I don't relish sending my neighbors, friends, and family into battle; but I do so because there is no other way". There seemed to be a pain in Shin's eyes that betrayed the depth of the situation in this country, something else going on that he didn't seem to want to tell Maia.

Meanwhile, Kenta is leaping from rooftop to rooftop with a group of Rain chuunin as they rush from restaurant to restaurant. A little drizzle begins to fall from the sky, and a rumble of thunder promises even more to come. The first two establishments yielded nothing, but a place called the 'Jack of Diamonds' had recently received a shipment of seafood. The chuunin with Kenta seemed particularly suspicious of this restaurant, and cautious too. Yet, they never told Kenta why…

Goro of the Rain's chuunin spoke with the restaurant's defensive owner while the others took it upon themselves to head for the kitchen and storage areas with Kenta in tow.

"Kumogakure has a large army that can protect the people of the Hidden Village of the Rain. If you would like, we can also station some higher level ninja here to protect the villagers. Kirigakure is a ruthless enemy and one without honor. In an honor bound duel between the Raiko-sama and the Mizukage, it was agreed that they would fight one on one as a means to handle the war. The Champion of Lightning versus the Champion of Mist. However, what instead happened was a trap, the Mist nin having several of their elite ninja ready to strike down the Raikage. If our own Jounin were not paranoid about the situation, our Raikage might have died that day. And we had them on the run, until they showed their trump card: They kidnapped helpless villagers of Lightning to make us stay back. That shows they do not have honor. That shows that any alliance with them can be immediately be betrayed and they can easily turn on you in an instant."

Maia definitely seems annoyed at what happened. She was there afterall, and she sighs softly as she purses her lips, putting her hands together as she bows at a low ninety degree angle, holding it for a few moments before easing on up.

"What I can assure you is this. Raiko-sama is a woman of her word. Our clans are people of their word. If we weren't, then the Jinrai monks themselves would not support us in our endeavors. If you enter a treaty with us, I can guarantee that we will do our best to protect you should the need arise. We do not want to see the innocent suffer. That is why the Land of Waves now has Konoha medical aid, which I asked for as well."

Kenta reaches into his duster jacket and pulls out a small baggie along with a small scraping blade used to collect or cut samples off. He already has suspicious on what the poison might be and it's best to collect samples before destroying the sea food if any are tainted. As Kenta reaches the kitchen, he watches the defensive owner out in the main serving area and says, "I wonder if he's always like this?" Then looks at the lobsters that were most recently delivered. Should be easy to find unless the place has a reputation of not rotating their food delivery. He sniffs a few and catches the tell tale whiff of something off with these. "Not quite a poison, but something shouldn't be there." he mumbles mostly to himself. Taking his blade, he opens one of the lobster shells carefully, ever so slowly so as not to disturb or bump it. He stops mid way and looks over at one of the rain ninja, "Tell the chuunin I found them, and it's not poison. It's an explosive material."

Listening to Maia nurtures a pensive expression on Fuji Shin's face. The man taps his cigarette, dropping ash into a plain looking ashtray. From the way that he drags on his cigarette, Shin seems to have developed a habit during his contemplations. "If Hamada-Sama and Raikage-Sama agree with your offer, then…", Fuji Shin speaks up after an especially long pause for a smoke. He seems hesitant to continue, likely thinking about the consequences of whatever decision he makes here this evening.

"Then… I accept your offer, Maia-San. I'll have to speak with my country's leader, my little brother, about this… But I think that this will work", he finally tells Maia, looking almost relieved to have gotten past the tension of making his choice.

Back at the restaurant, things get even more dicey. When Kenta tells the Rain ninja what the substance in the lobsters actually was, they shout out in shock.

"What!? Explosive material!"

"No way… T-Those bastards!!"

The shouting reaches the ears of Goro, who was still talking down the Jack of Diamonds' owner. Looking to the kitchen and then glaring back at the owner, Goro hauls off and punches the man square in the face. Snatching the man up in mid-fall, Goro shakes him at the collar and shouts, "You idiot! Do you really hate the way we run this village that much!? Can't you see what fighting each other would do!?". It takes the other chuunin to pull goro off of the man, who takes a few moments of cursing and knocking over tables to regain a sliver of his composure.

"Arrest him! And collect all of those lobster!", Goro orders. Turning to Kenta, the man makes great pain to speak much more calmly - The Cloud ninja was a guest afterall, and a man who was offering them his help. "Kenta-San, I'd like you to please check the rest of the food here as well as the kitchen and storage areas. Even if this shipment didn't have any poison, there might be some of it area from previous shipments, or more explosive material. We've got to make there isn't anymore here", he says, looking both worried and worn.

A bright smile curls onto her lips upon hearing the news. Maia already knew how to spin it to the Land of Lightning's Daimyo. The Hidden Village of the Rain should and would be considered a protectorate, an unofficial part of the empire so to speak while Kumogakure provdes more military support. Take one from US history folks!

"I think they will agree to the terms. But if your little brother, the leader of the country, would like to speak to me as well, I would be more than happy to oblige him." she replies with a cheery and her most charming smile. Once more, she bows deeply, holding it for a few moments before easing back up. "I do hope that this will become a fruitful and profitable relationship for our two countries." she says, completely oblivious to what's going on at the restaurant…

Kenta gives a nod and sighs, sad that people are so twisted that they put other innocents in harms way. Still, it's the nature of the best and Kenta opens the shell of the lobster the rest of the way to see the gunk inside. He sets the small tool down and pulls out a small container made of a blast absorbant material about the size of a fist. He pops open the top with his thumb and says, "It think it would be best if the whole invatory is destroyed. Makes things easier and less of a chance the chemicals somehow leached into other supplies. Boxes, containers, wrappings, things like that." He carefully scrapes the explosive herb mixture into the container for analysis later. Then pulls out another container and fills that with some more of the scrapped off gunk. He caps both, stashes one in his coat, and hands the other to the chuunin. "It's unreactive for several more hours, so you do not need to worry about blowing off your hand." He does however, start searching more of the lobsters for the reactive mixture.

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