Rain, Lightning, and Fire (Part Two)


Miyo, Akinori, Hiei

Date: May 11, 2014


Sarutobi Akinori of Konohagakure and Yotsuki Hiei of Kumogakure continue their mission to protect the Ame-envoy named Emmi from a band of talented and deadly shinobi. Their origin is unknown, but they have managed to eliminate plenty of people from all three delegations. Will they have the skills to survive in time for help? Or will they take care of it all on their own!?

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Rain, Lightning, and Fire (Part Two)"

Somewhere in the Land of Rain

The strange ambush had taken a turn for the worse for the small, rag-tag group of shinobi pieced together from various villages. While Hiei and Akinori, as well as their Ame-nin companion, Emmi, had not taken any losses thusfar, and had done well enough to not sustain any serious injuries, the overall battle had clearly been in the opponent’s favor. There had been plenty of people gathered before the initial attack, and as far as Emmi could tell, they were the only ones left. The only good thing is they had managed to eliminate one of the assailants. Hopefully they could survive.

Still examining the corpse of the deceased Ame-nin in the ruined building, Emmi listened to the two men with her discuss potential plans. After sating her need to know how the shinobi had died, she turns her attention to them, tears welling in her eyes at the thought of possibly joining the shinobi at her feet, or maybe it was because she had found the corpse of a comrade. “Reinforcements? There… there should be some in the area… We’re not too far from the village.”

She looks from Hiei to Akinori. “Blow the building up? How do you plan on doing that?” She looks around. “Sure, someone will likely see us… so… uhm, if you think you can do it, you probably could. Let’s just… uhm… one of you will need to help me get his body out of here.” The Ame-envoy gestures to the shinobi on the ground and frowns. “I think I should return his body to his family, if possible…”

After checking out Akinori's wounds, Hiei offers to bandage some of them up, but the Sarutobi waved him off. After Emmi asks for help with the corpse, Hiei turns to her. "I understand that you might want to do that. But we're going to have several assassins knocking down this door..and I use that term figuratively, any minute now. We should take this time to strategize and find a way to get ourselves out of this mess." He pauses and looks at Emmi again. He sighs. "Alright, I'll take the body outside for the moment.." And he grabs the corpse with one hand and picks it up, taking it somewhere it won't be in the way.

Akinori places his fingers infront of his eyes, rubbing with his index finger over his temple. "Allright, I say we have a… minute tops, to say the least. We can burn this joint down, I can ignite some wood with my fire manipulation… or we can use this in order to create kill zones. I think Hiei has some sort of lightning jutsu's, and you Emmi got some nice water jutsu going on… I'll just use my Chakra Taijutsu to keep them off bay I figure… But they're with ALLOT, so I don't know how our odds are." He'd scratch the back of his head, grabbing a cigarette from his pocket as he swiftly ignites it… a drag is taken from it as he glances around the area with some sweat on his forehead. This is not a situation Akinori likes to be in.

Emmi frowns at Hiei when he informs her that the assassins would be coming soon, as she figured that it meant he was going to disagree with her about her comrade, so when he changes his mind, the Ame-nin lets out a little sigh of relief. “Thank you…” She whispers as Hiei takes the body outside of the building. One he was gone, Emmi turns to Akinori

“I see, so… you should probably get started making this place go up in flame, then.” Emmi scoots over to a window and peeks out, searching for their adversaries, but she looks back to Akinori and shakes her head. “I don’t see anyone. Maybe we lost them?” She shakes her head again, mostly at herself. “No, it’s best to assume they know where we are. Being in here isn’t going to do us any good. I’ll go join Yotsuki-san outside.” She then gets up and makes her way out the back to where Hiei had taken the body, leaving Akinori to light the place up or whatever he had in mind.

Hiei props the body up against a tree. Emmi could retrieve it when this was all over. He continues to stand outside, but close enough to hear Emmi and Akinori talking. He agreed with the Konoha nin. Light the place up. It would bring help their way, but it'll also let the enemy know where they are. Course, the enemy probably already knows where they are, so that's a moot point. He does take the opportunity to rest though… because their night was only just beginning.

Akinori downs a nod. Slowly taking another drag form the cigarette as he examines the ash piles and several remains of wooden furniture. He places his hand onto a somewhat surviving chair as he slams it against the wall, breaking it into several pieces.

He'd bend down towards the other part as he places it together next to a pile of ash in the corner next to the wall made of wood. He started to manipulate the ash as he heats it up, whiffing it around the chair as the heat causes the wood to burn. He'd throw his cigarette within the pile as well as he slowly heads outside… a small whiff of smoke rising from the top of the building. "We got a bonfire coming up, it's best we move to the woods or somewhere out of the open." He'd place himself next to Hiei near the tree as he extends his hand in order to help him up. "I guess it's time to go, Hiei." He'd snort, glancing around the area as he expects the enemy shinobi to move in on their location.

Having got outside, Emmi has joined with Hiei to find the body of her fallen comrade resting against a tree. She gives the Kumo-nin a soft smile of thanks before looking back to the building which had begun to smoke somewhat, only to see Akinori come out. She gives him a nod, acknowledging his work before preparing to run off with the others. However, before they have time to do so, Emmi points back behind Akinori to a building across the muddy road. “Might be a bit late for that…”

Atop the building was one of their foes from before, the woman that had harassed Akinori and Emmi for some time before her comrade had finally been defeated. She was injured somewhat, but still more than capable of fighting. Her abnormal beauty was marred by mud, blood, and a few bruises, and Emmi hoped that it would be much worse for her. However, before anything else can be done, a vortex of swirling wind rushed towards them, ripping up debris and flinging it around as deadly shrapnel. “Watch out!”

Hiei takes Akinori's hand, nodding a thank you to him before he stretches a little. As he turns to prepare to run with Emmi, his attention is drawn to the woman on top of the building. Hiei sighs. "Why can't these guys just give it a rest?" When the wind vortex comes for them, Hiei dives out of the way. "Move!" He says to those with him, as he rolls along the ground, also dodging the shrapnel from the wind vortex. Hopping up to a kneeling position, he forms hand seals before lightning crackles around his fingertips. He flings them towards the woman. "Lightning Release: Lightning Arc." A bolt of lightning zig-zags towards his opponent.

Akinori's sight flickers from Hiei to the women ontop of the building, noticing the assault has begun he'd immediately remove himself from the vortex and quite a distance from the shrapnel. "It's because they need an elementwooping Hiei! Let's give it to em!" He'd grin, preparing a small amount of Chakra as he sends himself gunning for the woman on top. He'd send his right foot against the knee of the Woman as he takes out his Trench knife from his pocket, which he engulfs with a hefty amount of Chakra as he'd slice towards the arm of the woman. He'd immediatley dash back towards the group, glancing towards the two as he gazes around the area for the others to arrive.

Emmi, having seen the attacks coming, had time to put together a barrier of water from the atmosphere around her, however, the vortex rips through it, splashing water all over around her as the girl is taken off her feet and dropped onto her back. Thankfully the attack had been reduced in impact by her barrier, and none of the shrapnel had been able to strike her either. She pushes herself back to her feet and weaves a set of hand seals, launching water bullets at their target in order to assist Hiei and Akinori on the offensive.

Their opponent had been fairly lucky in her defenses thus far throughout the fight, but things seemed to be changing for her. In an attempt to dodge Hiei’s lightning attack, she slips, losing her footing on the slat shingles of the roof and is struck by the attack, singeing her quite nicely. By the time she has recuperated from the attack, Akinori was there, and even though she whipped up some wind around herself to try and repulse him, she takes his knee with a grunt, sending her reeling backwards before her arm is cut. She lets out a scream and stumbles backwards, nearly falling over while Akinori retreats.

However, Akinori would not make it back to the others, not easily, at least, as he would be intercepted by a tall, lanky man who seemed overly paranoid about everything around him. The man was flying through the air, and as he approached Akinori he began to spin wildly, leg outstretched, ready to clobber the leaf-ninja senseless.

Akinori was not the only one to be receiving some extra company. From out of the now-burning building, the succubus-like woman Hiei had seen back in the woodsy copse rushed, full-forced towards the Yotsuki. A spear of lightning burst from one hand, while her long, serrated whip lashed out towards him, threatening a devastating attack if It managed to land effectively.

Hiei flips over the blast of lightning only to be caught by the whip. It tears a chunk of flesh from his back, but he bites through the pain to continue. He now had to deal with a new opponent, one who was a mid-ranged fighter. He reaches behind him to retrieve his katana and whips it through the air towards the succubus looking woman, swinging in an upwards arc as a shockwave moves towards her. He then takes another step towards her as his blade glows neon blue, before striking out towards her again.

Akinori got caught by surprise. "Wai—..what?!" He'd get hit in the chest, as he's sent flying away from the group as he grunts. He'd land on his feet as his gaze falls onto the tall man… He'd rip open his lips. "You want to go brother?! I suggest you get away right now before I stick my knife down that throat of yours!" He'd say that, but he's feeling miserable. Might just need a bit of extra juice here! He'd slam his hands together, focusing another wave of Chakra into himself as his sight falls onto the lanky man. He'd better not try anything now, otherwise he'll shank this guy in the neck!

Emmi’s waterbullets never strike the badly wounded woman atop the building in the distance. Wind whipped up, violently, and threw her attacks wide. Apparently figuring that she could not continue fighting, the suspiciously attractive (but now less-so) woman drops off the back of the building in order to get away. Emmi growls about it, but it wasn’t worth getting drawn up in it, instead she turns to help Hiei who was near her, weaving more handseals in order to coax the water around the succubus woman’s feet up her legs in an attempt to hold her in place.

Prior to Emmi’s disruptive attacks, however, Hiei and the Succubus-like woman were going at it. She cooed as the Yotsuki flipped over her lightning blast and cackles wickedly when he is struck by the whip. “Aww, and here I thought you were going to get away…” She muses before there is suddenly a sword flying at her. The woman’s eyes go wide and she attempts to dodge, only to be thwapped by the weapon and left dazed and open for his next strike, and unfortunately, it hurt quite bad as the weapon bit into her torso, slicing a big gash in her shirt below her exceptional bust and drawing a line of blood across her belly. “Ooo! And I liked that shirt!” She scowls and retaliates with another lash of her whip.

Akinori was less fortunate than Hiei. The lanky man delivered a rather powerful blow and then landed, preparing for yet another strike. “N-no! B-but I sh-shall!” She stammers, spinning like a ballerina, one leg out-stretched at a perfect ninety degree angle from the rest of him before he rockets forward, threatening to clobber Akinori senseless with a series of blows that from an awkward attack.

From the woman's point of view, her whip strikes Hiei, but it passes straight through him. Hiei waited until the last possible moment to dodge and left an afterimage in his place to disorient his opponent. Seeking to take advantage of the situation, he rolls behind her and spins, drawing his second blade as he does so, striking out with both blades in an attempt to end this woman. He doesn't taunt her, there are no quips from him. Only cold calm.

Akinori'd get hit yet again by the … female? He couldn't care less, as he grabs his stomach as his face turns cold. He'd use this close window to send his knee towards the man's stomach, forcing Chakra behind it to ensure the powerfull blow to stagger. He'd send his trench knife down into the man's back with a layer of Chakra yet again behind it as he rips it up to his neck if connected, with the intent of performing a lethal blow against him. He'd snort either way afterwards, glancing towards Hiei for a short moment as he notes the same expression from Hiei.. Finish this, and go back home. Shouldn't reinforcements come here anyway soon?!

Emmi frown’s when her waterleash is rendered useless by the succubus’s suspiciously agile movement. The Succubus herself seemed uninterested in Emmi and was focused entirely on the much manlier Hiei. As her whip passes through him, she seems amused. “Oh?” She is a bit too slow, apparently, to react to Hiei as he turns out to be behind her. The woman starts to turn just in time to find two blades lashing out at her. Her eyes widen in surprise, and she attempts to get out of the way. She is barely able to stop herself from being disemboweled as the blades slash through her clothing, drawing blood from beneath.

“Oh, you’re good…” She coos, stepping back and crooking a finger at him. Her whip lashes out again, but as it does, it lights up, surging with electricity which bursts forth from the whip, bouncing around the area, threatening not only Hiei, but Emmi as well.

Akinori’s fight was not going in his favor, not yet, at least. The kick he’d received earlier had been a bad one, and he had just received another powerful blow from the extremely awkward male’s leg. Akinori’s attempt to knee the man in the stomach ends up just sort of wobbling the weirdo backwards as if he was made out of rubber – how odd! Either way, he continues moving back, ducking out of the way of Akinori’s follow-up attacks but as he does so, he flips backwards, foot lashing out for Akinori’s chin.

Hiei leans back, the whip cracking over his face as he leans back so far his upper body almost touches the ground. Using his flexibility to turn his defense into offense, he sticks his swords in the ground before he pops back up, kneeling and slamming his fist into the ground. Flames spread over his forearm as he growls. "Fire Release: Faaalcon Punch!" Springing forwards, he shoots his fist towards the succubus before immediately turning around while forming seals. "Ninja Art: Lightning Needles." Slivers of lightning form and swirl around his body before he releases them towards the tall and timid guy that Akinori is fighting, looking to give the leaf nin a little backup.

Akinori'd get hit yet again. His face turning red as he faces the lanky man. "I'M GOING TO RIP YOU APART, LIMB FROM BLOODY LIMB." He'd shout, dashing towards the man with the strength in his legs as he sends his leg towards the lanky man his knee again with the force of Chakra behind it. He'd send the blade towards the man his throat as he'd engulf it with a deep and rich amount of Chakra behind it, roaring as he'd do so. He'd hope to hit it, his anger instills his fight or flight… and you can bet that he will fight.

The Succubus may have missed the Yotsuki, but she did not miss Emmi. The girl was zapped good, leaving her twitching for a few moments before the Ame-nin recovers. By now, the Succubus woman had learned that Hiei was not to be trifled with, and as he attempts to punch her, she deftly moves out of his path, letting him fly past her. Being in motion, already, the succubus was able to continue moving, getting out of the way of the lightning needles before she lashes out with her whip yet again. “Haha! This is so fun!” She cackles.

Akinori and the suspiciously proficient weirdo were going at it, still. When he is yelled at, the lanky fellow recoils slightly, as if startled. “D-d-don’t y-y-yell at m-me!” He stammers in response. When Akinori dashes towards him and tries to knee him, the freak leans so far backwards that his head practically touches the ground behind him, letting the Konoha-nin’s leg soar over him. When the blade is released for him, he somehow manages to swivel to the side, performing a strange semi-circle with his body, displaying an impossible degree of balance and body strength. He then lashes out with his leg again, aiming towards his abdomen.

The Ame-nin was about to leap back in to assist Hiei when the rest of the enemy group shows up. They were perched atop a nearby building. The woman they had practically beaten to death was there, most of her wounds had been bandaged up, but she did not seem like she would be getting back into the fray. With her was a short, overly evil looking girl twirling needles between her slim fingers. Standing between his two comrades was the apparent leader of their group, the eerily gaunt man who wielded two swords – among other yet-to-be-discovered techniques, to be sure.

“Are you two not done yet?” He chides. The short girl next to him giggles in a really creepy manner. The comment from the man causes the succubus to smirk at Hiei, but no verbal reply comes from her. The one that had been thrashing Akinori for the last few minutes seems to gulp nervously, but it was not something one should read into since he had been trembling like a leaf since he showed his face. Definitely did not seem like Shinobi material.

“We’ve got more company!” Emmi shouts, letting her friends know what they probably already knew. Things were definitely getting worse for them. So far the trio was having enough trouble fighting them one at a time, or by splitting up evenly, or even unevenly. How were they expected to survive!

Hiei spins out of the way of another whip strike headed for him. He glances over at Akinori to see that his opponent was getting the best of him. Hiei grits his teeth and makes a decision. The only way they'd get out of this, is if he used a technique that he was loathe to use because of the physical tax on his body. He forms a handseal. "Release: Lightning Dynamic." An aura of lightning forms around his body as his muscles expand to twice their size. Picking up his swords he spins them around his body rapidly before his body vanishes. To the casual observer, Hiei seems to be everywhere and nowhere all at once. He attacks both the Succubus and the Tall and Timid Guy seemingly all at once as his swords flash from the degree of power and speed he puts into his attacks.

Yet again, that vile…demon hits him with that kick. He'd notice Hiei spazzing out, as he just barely can make notice of Hiei's movements. Himself throw his fists against each other, slamming them together as a white hue forms around his persona. His muscles expand and his chakra flows faster than before. His stare is cold… dead cold. Yet again he feels that he's powerless. He'd circulate his oxygen stream heavily, as blood runs from his mouth. He'd spit it onto the lanky man's shirt as he'd pop his shoulders.

Despite her declarations of having fun, the Succubus does not appear to be doing so… at least not that much. She has missed the Yotsuki more times than she cares to and it appears to be frustrating her, and the fact that she was forced to try and dodge again didn’t help, especially since it was unsuccessful. There was no way out of it for her, and she again sustains cuts, though she still seems functional, albeit far less-so than before.

The tall, lanky weirdo seems pleased with himself post-kick but he soon finds himself being shredded by Hiei. The attack had come out of nowhere and there had been no hope for the guy to get out of there without sustaining a tremendous bit of damage at one time. When Hiei had finished, the freak limped off to the side, apparently hoping to get to safety before the Yotsuki went all-out on him again.

“Hmph. It looks like I’ll have to deal with this myself.” Their leader states as he steps forward and falls from the top of the building to land on the ground. However, mid-fall his eyes avert from Hiei and the others to something off to the side and his lips curl into a snarl. Another figure appears in combat directly in front of him and smashes him with a blow that powers him backwards through the building behind him with enough force that it collapses. The enemy, however, was apparently safe as he had rocketed out the other side and skidded back up the hill.

The women with the enemy leader were forced to evacuate the area. The badly injured wind-manipulator followed their leader, hoping to stay safe while the horribly evil girl leapt into the air, raining senbon down upon the new ally. However, her target vanishes and she lands where he once stood. A moment later she is being peppered by kunai and shuriken from several more allies who had just arrived. She was forced to retreat a moment later or be overwhelmed by the four Ame-nin that showed up.

The Succubus took a moment to slink back out of sight, or at least did her best, and that left the freak standing out in the open by himself, shaking and trembling with fear. More Ame-nin moved in to assist Akinori and Hiei, and Emmi seemed quite relieved. “We’re saved! Reinforcements!”

Hiei watches as reinforcements arrive and closes his eyes, his body reverting back to normal as he sheathes both swords onto his back. He takes a few cleansing breaths before turning to Emmi and Akinori. Without even asking the Konoha nin, he withdraws some bandages from his belt and wraps up some of his worst wounds. He was no medic nin, but he'd at least stabilize the guy until he can get to one. "Are you two alright?" He asks them both.

As Akinori's glance falls onto the allies moving towards them, he glances towards the enemy shinobi which are now running away. He'd lose his hue, falling onto his triumverate as his stomach has several cuts and bruises… most likely the edges of the lanky man were rough or sharp. He'd glance to Hiei, downing a nod in silence as he'd get patched up bit by bit by Hiei. "I wanted that guy's head… but I'll guess it'll have to wait." he'd grunt fierce, it really haunts him now… next time he will return with that guy's ribcage to mount it up to his wall.

As the last of their foes are routed, the Ame-nin begin to close in around them, gathering up. They wore dark robes or kimono and hakama marked below the waist with light blue rain-like patterns. They accented their uniforms with various items common to feudal samurai, such as overcoats and armor, but it was clear they were all from the same group. All-in-all there were roughly fifteen of them that had come to save the trio and had been led by the one who punched the leader through the building before.

He had a rather ambiguous appearance, as he wore the dark hakama and kimono of the others, as well as a white haori with rain-patterns dripping down the back. Around his neck he wore a scarf that was used to obscure the parts of his face that were not hidden by the round, wide-brimmed straw hat he wore. As he approached, Emmi rushed over and gave him a salute. “Aomine-sama! You saved us.” The Ame-nin’s leader waved a hand to her, which was enough for the girl to be happy.

After another wave from their leader, a shinobi duo closed in on Hiei and Akinori, ready to assist with healing operations. Emmi, however, shows up again. “Thank you guys for keeping me safe. We will make it up to you some day, I promise!” She smiles at them before she is dragged away by another medic-shinobi intent on patching her up. “H-hey! Wait! I’m fine! I’m fiiine!”

Hiei was never one to turn down healing, so when the medi-nin came to patch him up, he let them. He inclines his head to Emmi. "All that matters to me is that you're safe, Emmi-san. Soon, I'll be gathering my fallen comrades and taking their bodies back to Kumogakure. I will return however, anytime that you and your shinobi need my help." He flashes the girl a smile and then sighs as the warm healing glow surrounds him and his cuts and bruises are washed away. He looks over at Akinori and gives him a thumbs-up. "Good job, man. I hope to work together with you again in the future. You make a good tag team partner."

"I got a feeling we'll be working together allot, Hiei." He'd stay unmoved, slowly standin up after the mednin."I'll have to retrieve my comrades then…Their—.. parents, would like them to return." He'd stay indiffrent, slowly placing a cigarette between his lips as he lights it up with chakra."Emmi, just make sure that these nin get hunted down and delivered at my doorstep.. if you please." With that, he'd slowly walk off. His hoodie torn to shreds as he sighs. Maan what a mission, he gotta get back home and tell his kin about this!

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