Rain's Rebirth - Affairs of the Living


Rain, Inpa

Date: February 1, 2016


With the appointment with Death underway, Rain must make sure that his legacy remains intact and that the future is able to continue forward without him. Inpa, groomed from a young age, has been charged with this task, though not everything has been left to him. The people of the Land of Rivers are being relied upon as well.

"Rain's Rebirth - Affairs of the Living"

Hanpa HQ, Suisei, Land of RIvers

Preparations were necessary before Rain could simply leave the country for an indefinite amount of time, however there was very little time to get it done. Just after the morning meeting with Haruna when the events occurred, Rain would finally be motivated to do something, though it may be his literal last will and testament. To Haruna, who had made it clear that she would be joining him regardless of his own wishes, he told her to see to the preparation of their things for traveling and to assume that the journey would be long and possibly hazardous. It was still early in the morning, around 9 am at this point, and the clock was ticking. 24 hours remained.

Rain would make his way to the Hanpa HQ, primarily because since he had decided to suffer in silence so to speak, those he needed to contact were not as closely available as usual. He would dismiss the twins, who would not even question him on the matter before they would gather their personal things that were not simply decorative and give the Daimyo his space to do whatever he was planning to do with the building. Rain would utilize the seals upon the desk to make sure that Inpa was summoned with the proper urgency of the situation. "Inpa, meet me within the HQ. Immediately. Time is of the essence." He would say no more, knowing that he would need not say anything else to get Inpa to respond as quickly as shinobi-ly possible. Rain would then take a seat, resting himself as he considered what needed to happen now.

Inpa was at a meeting with some merchants when the glow from the seal came. Odd. It's been quite a while for Rain to call. Drawing it out, the urgency of the matter hit him. Inpa gave a small nod, looked to the men and smiled. "He gets it. You both share profits, 50/50 split. It'll be lucrative all the way to the end." The men mused about it as Inpa would stand. "The Daimyo is summoning me. If there's any follow up questions, make an appointment." With that done, Inpa would head out. It didn't take him more than a couple of minutes to make it across the town and to the HQ. The twins were absent. Interesting. He'd head for Rain's office, figuring the summon meant come in, with its urgency.

Rain wasted no time. It was evident to see the sort of man he should be in what he was able to display when he was certainly not that at this time. His complexion and his eyes seemed weary and beaten by some invisible, soul crushing force, but he did not allow for it to stop him at this moment. "I have been summoned to meet with the Ravens, Inpa. I have been asked to answer for my death that had led to new life. More to the point, it has been demanded of me to settle my cheating of death. I could refuse, but I do not know the consequences of such an action, and I do not take lightly Shie's urgency with this matter." Rain would explain. "I have less than 24 hours to set my affairs in order, and that is why you are here. This may be the last day we meet."

Inpa was taken aback by how Rain looked. The weight that had been on the man showing openly. Shaking his head slightly, Inpa walked closer to Rain, watching him. "No. I don't think it will be. I suspect that this is what you need to enable you to grow… This, is just my own opinion, of course." Inpa would wave a hand idly, then pull out a paper and a pencil. "I know you have plenty you wish to get handled, let's begin, I will see to it done."

"Your optimism is noted, but I have met The End before. While I do not believe this will end that same way, I am not inclined to ignore the possibility. And the last time I faced such an event, it did not enable me. It crippled me." Rain would explain his wariness to Inpa while still noting his understanding. At this point, Rain would sit up and begin to dictate things to Inpa. "As you are well aware, I have created a system of government here that does not require direct authoritative supervision. This is because I have taken the needs and desires of a beaten populace and created an incentivized system of stability that is largely maintained by their desire not to return to the instability and abuse that they have endured. I also realize that within a very few generations, the past will be swallowed up by the present and they will know little of the suffering of their grandparents and the world that was before Suisei. This is why infrastructural changes and expansion are necessary moving forward. We need more than one city… more than one place for this country to thrive in the future. We need to still allow for the balance of both freedom and responsibility that has allowed Suisei to grow and become what it is, but with the added ingredient of an independent-interdependent spirit. They need to know that they can pursue what they desire as long as it adds to the health of the whole, and the culture needs to strongly reject anything, any position of power or lordship or business practice, that harms the whole. They need to keep the vision… of the long haul."

Rain would explain his grand vision for times in which he will not even be alive, more than likely. Obviously he was taking this whole deal very seriously. "In the meantime… Hanpa needs to find purchase and adapt to the new world. I do not have…. a plan for this yet. I may have to leave it to you. But we can no longer be so selfish as to merely pursue our hearts desires without consideration of the ramifications. We need a uniting goal that can be carried forward regardless of who is allowed to lead."

Inpa listened attentively. That short hand of a secretary used as he'd take down all of what Rain was saying. He was silent for most of the process, only as Rain trailed off, did his own pause occur. "M'lord Rain. This is a good idea to follow and helping the city expand is proper. However, the critical part is a strength in leadership, without that leadership being corrupt. No leadership leads to lawlessness.. There are always those who will take what they wish. That is partly how we have survived. By enforcing that ruling. I'm not sure there's a way to truly grow as you see. Not without more and longer guidance."

"It will have to do. There will be new leaders in the future, and hopefully the culture births people who are up to the task. But my even greater hope is that if they are not, they will be struck down before true harm can occur. I do not want the people of this country to feel helpless in the face of a title and a flag. I do not want its forces to be blinded and made dumb by a will they clearly do not wish to serve. I do not want greed and desire to rule this country. Because at the end of it all, to take more than you earn is the gravest sin. It is the root of what cascades in to the anarchy you speak of. I do not care so much if there is fighting, or killing or looting… as long as it is in the minority because those responsible are paid what they are owed. Peace is not what I am trying to build. Equilibrium is." Rain explained as he would inhale deeply and stand up. "No matter who I would choose to be my successor, the truth is that they should only accept that person if they are worthy, not because I told them to. If they do simply what they are told, I have utterly failed as the leader of this country."

Inpa nods lightly and adds his own information onto the page. "That's a good point. Everyone here is rather independent. It makes allocating resources.. interesting. However, it's possible to work with. It's just a matter of time, placement. I agree, we can get this done. With, or without you. Just.. easier with you." Inpa sighed softly. "Even if you recognize this might be the end. Even if logically I can see it, M'lord Rain.. I refuse to accept it. I know better. I just.. have this sense."

"It is fine to trust your gut too, Inpa. If I have taught you anything… I hope that I have taught you that there are infinite shades between black and white that need to be accounted for. And well… I have survived worse than the literal call of death." Rain would smirk just a bit. "I have people like you however, because I know the value of others. While I have always lived a life where I make sure I can do things on my own… I have never once doubted that others can be just as capable, and even if they are not, they can help even someone who can do everything alone, do everything better." With that, is seemed as if Rain was about done with this meeting. "Do not inform the others of this situation unless I do not return for… 3 months. Allow for some time to pass so that we can see that this is resolved. Keep things running smoothly until I return, as you always do."

Inpa would nod solemnly. A few more notes jotted down. "I will M'lord. You know I will. I'll always have my scroll on me as well. If you manage.. When you manage, to begin your return. I will be waiting and I will make sure the city does not burn down, physically or otherwise."

Rain would pat Inpa on the shoulder heavily. "Then I leave it to you." is all that he would say in reply. The business of handling things he'd trust to Inpa and the rest, and hope that what little he has been able to lead and create will endure regardless of his coming fate. He would then take his leave and call back the twins to both meet with Inpa about what they were to do, and to get back to their jobs which was more than simply being dummies for those trying to find Hanpa in a physical location. Rain himself… had to use the rest of his time wisely.

23 hours remained.

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