UnNatural Disasters - Konoha: Raining on their Parade pt 2


Jerle (emitter), Satsukiyami, Onimitsu

Date: May 7, 2012


Finally finding the location where the supposed arsonists are suspected of hiding. Satsukiyami and Onimitsu make quick work of hiding their presence before bringing down a swift and painful end to the group.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"UnNatural Disasters - Konoha: Raining on their Parade pt 2"

Northwest of Konoha, near the border of Takigakure and Kusagakure

Despite the sensor nins ability to pick up the chakra through the mist, the user, Balsu was still completely blinded and only just barely better off then those in the rest of the group. "Keep your eyes open and your bodies alert. They'll be striking soon. I can sense it." And just at that moment, he was correct.
One man from his group went down and then another. Each one being skewered through the chest or whipped and bashed around as several pointed water tendrils come diving through the mists. "We're at their mercy, but don't let them win without a fight. Get out there and fight to the death. Run as hard and fast as you can, swing your swords and cast your ninjutsu's as great and powerful as you can. Know where your companions are fight these puddles back!"
A vain attempt to inspire the men that were slowly being picked off one by one, while he himself was having to defend. Quickly made the target, chosen among the rest for his sensor ability. The water tendril tries to wrap around him, but when it squeezes against Balsu's ribs, the man disappears in a cloud of smoke that quickly dissipates into the mist.
The real Balsu wasn't too far away, focused on the area of chakra he's picking up that sent out the water tendril. His hands flashed through the signs then a finger went up to his mouth as he enhaled a deep breath before exhaling a giant fire ball into the mist. The rest of the men would follow suit, each one using their own abilities, but were still mostly fire related or taijutsu in nature. The mist would start to evaporate, mix with the rain that was still falling. Soon, with these attacks kept up, the mist would thin out if not kept up.

The one among the many, the Kyoumen himself, is engulfed with the rest. A whole regiment of the clones are wiped out by the resulting explosion. Satsukiyami himself had swapped bodies quickly with another nearby clone, quickly enough to avoid the assault. As the splashed bodies go flying, from the puddles they form would it happen. They'd draw together, reforming the second body of Satsukiyami with the wreathed tendrils on his back.
From the back line, the meditating Satsukiyami would furrow his face a bit. That took a bit of chakra, and he doesn't like wasting it when using this many clones. He could audibly click his tongue once, forming two handseals as if to solidify his state of thought. "Onimitsu, prepare yourself, I'm going to try this one more time."
As Satsukiyami says this, he is already sending himself in deep into the camp the one way he can. He vaults in, and in one loud slam the wreathed body lands right almost on top of where the fireball originated. He tried to land near where he assumed the shouting one was, as he knew it was possibly the sensor or leader…
As his mist-covered shape stands, immediately he swings his body around in a circle to swipe at all in the area in a feint before he zones in on the nearest one. Two tendrils slam forward, trying to literally maim the first one in sight…

Onimitsu dared not speak or make a move despite the urge slowly becoming all consuming with every second that passed. Not to mention the flicker of light, faint heat, and the sound of explosions going off in just about every direction ahead of him. Even so, he remained patient, observant, and — "Those form… its.." His words along with his line of thinking is derailed by the Kyoumen's statement.
A mere nod is all he gave in answer, but despite the agreement there was still one nagging thought that would not ease until its wish was carried out.


Onimitsu closed his eye, gave up his hold of Yoshimitsu hilt, then formed a single focusing seal with the intent to thicken the mist further while compacting its range on his side further.

Even with all the fire techniques being used, the mist only seemed to continue its consistency of pea soup. Leaving the men blinded as they kept up their onslaught of attacks against foes they could not see. "Their numbers are dwindling men, I can feel it." He couldn't, in all honesty. When one chakra source faded, it seemed like another would reappear and while trying to stay on his toes with defending and attacking, he failed to focus more on his sensing, leaving him open for attack.


The water tendril came piercing into his shoulder from above with enough force to send him straight into the wet ground that was pooling up with the continual rain. The pain was immense and the hole in his shoulder wouldn't heal any time soon. Still, Balsu wasn't going to give up.
Coughing up blood, "Fight…To the DEATH!" Shouting it out while bringing his fingers together, replacing himself with the fire that the rest of the men were using. A triumphant roar from the rest of the men filled the air only to quickly be stopped by the sounds of their forms being split in half, cut down from the mans water tendril attack.
Now standing, Balsu clenched his shoulder, one arm now mostly useless. He could feel the rest of the men's chakra fading away before being reduced to nothing. "Sir! The enemy…He's too strong!"


A thunderous roar came from one of the tents before a bright yellow, orange and red shot through the mist. A heat so intense the mist and rain itself sizzled from the force of the giant flamethrower that now shot through the area spraying left and right, catching the rest of the tents on fire.
The tent where the attack came from was reduced to ashes, leaving a tall, muscular man with a dark complexion. His eyes were piercing, staring into the mist as if he could see all those that dare disturb him. There was a cracking noise as the man clenched his fists, popping his knuckles.

The sudden flamethrower would engulf Satsukiyami's entire upper half…steam shooting in all directions. It was the same effect as if it had hit a water clone, but the legs don't liquify. They stagger, then almost fall…
The second the fire impacts the body, the Satsukiyami in meditation's eyes shoot straight open in shock. Burns appear along his flesh, but only in his way, as in the form of bubbling and burning water. He let's a loud scream of pain out before throwing his upper body forward, grabbing the ground in agony before all the water clones dissipate into puddles in the rain. Those dark eyes glare forward towards the source…and then just a hiss escapes from his mouth as in an instant he is no longer there. His body literally liquifies into a pillar of water that launches with amazing speed towards the dismembered lower half…
The lower half is impacted with the oncoming surge of water…two bodies become one for a brief moment before they suddenly swirl inward on each other. The water from the clones surge towards the formless mass before the water rises and then falls…coating the entire area in a three inch deep pool.
Onimitsu's never seen this.
"Make your move, now."
A disembodied voice is what Onimitsu'd hear…and he'd see it happen, a sudden side of the pool lurches upward and then spikes immediately form and slam downward on the man and the remains of the tent all in one go…as the water begins to coil upward around the feet of the sensor at the same time. That Sensor would be the one flaw in this, he'd be able to tell that the -whole mass- is actually alive.

It was not intended but nevertheless Onimitsu lost touch with reality inorder to focus purely on containing the mist. But the heat…

'Wake up you accursed fool!'
On instinct Onimitsu cracked an eye open. However, he did not waste time in trying to 'see' what the problem was. He simply trusted that 'retreat' was the best option, with chakra and rotation being added as a safety measure. Within moments the armored toting swordsman had spiraled his way back and up into the tree canopy just behind one of the few trunks thick enough to help shield him from any excess.
"…. Whew~… Very well then.. Yoshimitsu.." Upon hearing those words whispered the aura from the blade shifted and spread along up his arm and further. Consuming, shading, and overall protecting while exuding only one thing…. viciouness.
"Grrk… gugh… Bitter… always a bitter taste… with you.." He mumured before shifting around to peer around the tree. All the while his chakra the blade drew devoured his stamina without prompting to help fuel it..

Balsu was no fool and when he heard the booming voice of his superior, followed by the bright glow and heat, he knew to get out of there and fast or he would end up just like the tent. Even still, he was too injured to do much else. Limp arm held to his side with his good remaining one, while blood trickled down and dripped into the puddles below. The man would turn around, peering through the slowly thinning mist at Kotaa who simply looked pissed.
For now, Balsu planned to wait it out, allowing the others to fight, while he recovered as best he could. Eventually, with his own continual pressure against the wound, the blood would clot and he could help out again. That is, until the water tendril sprung up, coiling around his legs and restricting him tightly. He wobbled back and forth, trying to get free, only to topple over and smack his head against the ground, barely cushioned by the pooling water.

As for Kotaa, he hadn't moved a muscle since burning his own tent down and the rest of the area with it. The fires he created slowly being put out by the continuous rain. When Satsukiyami began to form together and pool up, Kotaa's eyes followed, squinting some in wonderment of what was about to happen next. Though he didn't have to wait long.

The several tendrils shooting forward at his body, piercing through his clothing and into his flesh, but only going so deep as his own muscles allowed. A smile formed on the mans face as he took a breath, brought a finger to his mouth and shot out flames that danced upon the top of the waters that pierced into him and raced into the form as a whole.

The fact was simple, either it visibly was not doing anything to the waters or Satsukiyami's essence had properly maneuvered free of the now boiling liquid. For a brief moment, nothing happens despite the tendrils still buried in Kotaa's skin. Nothing happens at all…until Balsu's body is immediately yanked upward into the sky by the water that had coiled around his ankles. The gigantic tendril swings him in an ever growing circle before literally slamming him right down on top of his superior…
The gigantic pool of water would lurch afterwards, a single mound of it though begins to build inward on itself and slowly grow upwards. A translucent face would form on this mound, but when the eyes open they are solid black. Satsukiyami was baiting them…making it appear as if he had exposed himself yet the fact was he was the most exposed at all times.
The translucent face would simply smile at the aftermath of the brutal slam before from above…debris from the tent would fall down on them in the intent to literally crush them.

They would not be held back for long. That much Onimitsu knew from experience. Even so, he stayed half hidden, watchful, and as patient as his spirit would allow. At first all he could see was still lingering remnants of the mist, bright flashes of light, and shades of movement dancing amongst the mist. But not for long…


Onimitsu closed his eye as desire warred with need within. The sight of the water logged corpses… a giant pool of red and grey from ashes and blood… and the water itself rising up to lacerate, slam — it was a massacre in short. And in the end the 'need' to participate won out. Thus without hesitance except to make sure the results of his sensei's strikes were seen along with their enemies, Onimitsu dropped down then burst forward into a clean leap straight over the water. Then another leap from the pool with the intent to grab Balsu in passing and chuck him far enough out of Satsu's attack wave (hopefully) before following up to try and strike a pressure point. A knock out with his free hand a well placed poke..

While on the ground, Balsu would struggle against his bondings, wanting to get free. Needing to get free. For a second, it seemed as if his feet were about to slip free of the restraints, but in actuality it was the jerking motion of the tendrils yanking against him and whipping him up and into the air. His arms would flail behind him and a loud pop would be heard followed by Balsu screaming in pain. The already limp arm coming out of his socket. It was beginning to be too much to bear and the man was about to pass out from it all.
A crack from the water tendril and Balsu went careening with his superior. He closed his eyes instinctively expecting and waiting for the impact. At the moment where he figured the two would collide, a warm sensation washed over him as instead, he bursted through the fire clone Kotaa created and then bounced off the ground.
Kotaa appeared next to the dissipating clone, reaching for his underling on the second bounce, grabbing Balsu by the scruff of his shirt and tossing the man out of the way. "You're useless!" His eyes then directed toward the tin can that was rushing toward him, fingers primed to stick him. "Bring it on!!!!" Clenching his fist he reared back and snapped his hand forward to knock Onimitsu over only to come up short as a series of pressure points lock him up, preventing his movement and like his underling, he went tumbling over.

"Kotaa….Fight to the DEATH!" Were Balsu's last words as he ran at Onimitsu, inhaling a deep breath, but holding onto it. His cheeks only increasing in size as he made up the distance as quickly as he could. He had to after all, he was a ticking time bomb.


Balsu exploded, in a fiery death of guts and body parts that went flying ever where with a burst of flame that spanned much of the vicinity.

It's that explosion that causes something to occur…
The water itself suddenly blasts outward with it as to be expected. But since when does water bleed? Since when does water suddenly rip apart? Does water wound? In this case…each drop of water suddenly liquifies to blood. The floating face of the Kyoumen suddenly becomes real, howling in complete agony. In a brilliant flash of literal red…the rain itself pours down in one gigantic wave of blood.
Wounded. Satsukiyami had just been wounded, a true wound. As the pool that he was rushes inward to form his actual solid body, the paler than normal figure is immediately on his knees…coughing blood as the entire right side of his body appears burned, blistered, bleeding, and cracked.
He looks up in complete shock, complete terror for a brief moment.
"You touched me…"
In an instant, his whole body goes pale and translucent again…the chakra in the air rises to the point that it is almost tangible, almost painful. His mouth splits open from ear to ear, his teeth go into points, his eyes crack apart to show glowing white mist leaking from them.
Oh, he's mad.
"You burned ME!"
In an instant…Satsukiyami's whole body is again water and flying with force never before seen towards Kotaa and where Balsu was previously. He literally tears apart any shred of flesh remaining of Balsu….as hundreds of pointed tendrils dive down to impale Kotaa where he stands into oblivion much to Onimitsu's horror.

Even injuried his pray was still pretty quick, but not so much as to avoid — a wall of a man stepping in to save him..


There was no time to stop, to think, to speak, to beg… there was only to keep up the momenteum of what he intended without missing a beat and strike him down (in a matter of speaking) until command of Kotaa's body was overwritten by his own conflicted nerves.


Onimitsu… really needed to get his ears checked since that was not at /all/ what Balsu had cried out, and out of confusion Onimitsu had enhanced his own senses. Nearly a second to late but not a moment too soon since he 'heard' the first sound of bone cracking, flesh burning thick in his nose and lept with as much force as he could away from EVERYONE general direction.

What happened next he couldn't fully understand except the following:
Balsu was dead.
Satsukiyami was enraged.
And Kotaa was in for a world of hurt.

"…. Crud." He muttered darkly as he watched the tendrils descend upon Kotaa. Then as soon as he saw the faintest flicker of life from the downed man…

He lept back into the fray with the intent to behead the man before Satsu could do worse. Just like a certainbee-man.

Stunned. Unable to move. Eyes staring up at the sky as rain splatters onto his face. He's forced to close his eyes, the rain beginning to annoy him. Balsu was already dead. Doing what those of his group were trained to do. Brainwashed to do. If you live your life for nothing, then you are nothing and deserve death. The least you can do, is take some one out with you and yet, Balsu failed to do even that. Only managing to splatter his remains across the battle field.
The sound of the water screaming about being burned forces Kotaa's eyes to snap open, just in time to see several water tendrils coming down on his tensed form. It wouldn't be like the last time, where he was able to act appropriately, clenching his muscles at the right time to prevent serious damage. This time, it would be much worse. If he couldn't escape in time, he'd be dead.
On the outside, Kotaa was completely still, but on the inside he was yelling at himself to move. Get up and get out of the way before it's too late and rain fire down upon these two. However, it was all to no avail. His head jerked forward, not on his own accord, but from the first of the tendrils piercing into his stomach and lurching his body up before falling back down. Then the next one struck and the next one. Each one piercing deeper and harder then the last as the frustration and anger from Satsukiyami only powered each of his strikes, turning Kotaa into a pin cushion.
The attacks were relentless, seeming to never stop and just when it seemed Kotaa was about to regain himself when a twitch in his finger responded to his movements, letting the man know he was no longer stunned, his eyes shot wide opened. There was a sharp pain against his throat, it was quick, but he felt it. He couldn't describe what it was, but whatever it was it was enough to send the world spinning before his eyes until everything went dark.
The feeling was that of Onimitsu's blade making its mark, cutting the mans head clean off. Even after all that, Satsukiyami was still attacking the body. Striking until there was no recognizable feature left to the man and whatever blood poured out and into the water.

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