Raining Scrolls!


Canis (emitter), Yasuo, Tsuna, Daichi, Tsuchiri

Date: December 9, 2015


Yasuo leads a team of Genin to pick up a few scrolls, one of which holds a true secret that the Konoha Administration is waiting for. But things can never be so easy and someone else wants them as well…

"Raining Scrolls!"

Land of Fire

A mission a mission, naught but a simple mission. The shinobi were to go out and pick up a passage from a village a good hour away. Whatever the package contained was not explained in the mission directive. In fact, besides the location that they'd be meeting for the exchange there seems to be very few details. Even on /who/ they were to meet. The only thing it says was 'from shinobi'. That meant someone had to go who could detect shinobi level chakra…and then fill in the rest. Yasuo would be leading the team, but to send them off at the gates was a strange sight: a Hige and a Konsho, just…waiting. Perhaps they had more details!

Put in charge of a mission, Yasuo has had to clean his look up a bit. In addition to his normal black pants, he wears a long-sleeve black shirt and a Chuunin Vest, along with wearing his Hitai-ate on his shoulder. They may've gotten him in a shirt, but he's still letting his hair do its thing, hiding his pupil-less eyes. As he arrives at the gate where Hige and Konsho are waiting, the Hyuuga offers a nod in greeting and waits for the rest of the time to arrive so that they may receive the rest of the information for this mission and head off.

Daichi heads towards the gate quickly enough ready to do his thing. Though he was hoping for a mission with Kenta or Eremi that was something he could try that new thing on. He didn't think it was something he should do with just random people. Though Yasuo who was leading could heal some injuries at least. "Hey Hige. Konsho… Yasuo."

Tsuna is..both nervous and extremely giddy at the moment. It was his first ever mission! The Inuzuka youngster arrives at the gate along with a black german shepard pup by the name of Onyx. After getting there, he's slightly surprised to see that his sensei is there waiting for him. "Hige-sensei, Konsho. Hi." Onyx barks a couple of times in greeting to two other two before running over to lick Konsho on the leg..mostly because he's too short to reach his face.

A pair of violet, glittery chakra wings fan to either side of an approaching person as they glide over to the village gate. A certain Chiri makes her presence known as she touches down and stretches her arms up to crick along her back. "I'm not late am I?" she asks, seeing the gathering present.

As the others arrive Hige would give them each a nod of greeting, a faint grin showing on his features. "Yasuo, good to see you. Take care of my cousin today will you? It's his first official mission." Hige gives Tsuna a wink before looking over the group. "Hey all. We got a little more information from the client so I wanted to give you a heads up before you leave. You'll be meeting two Amegakure shinobi and then take custody of a very important set of scrolls. Only one is real, the others are decoy's. Your job is to ensure they all get here regardless since there won't be any way to tell which is which until they arrive. You're not to view the scrolls, only bring them back. I don't expect any trouble along the way but always be mindful of your surroundings." With that done Hige and Konsho step aside, motioning out the gate. "Now get out of here."

As Daichi approaches, Yasuo nods to him in greeting. Well, that's at least one person he knows is formidable. Then two others approach, a pair he's not familiar with, though one seems to like wasting her chakra for showmanship in the village proper. Still, he'd nod to each, saying, "I'm Hyuuga Yasuo, your Chuunin leader for this mission." He then looks back to Hige, smirking slightly and nodding as he casts a glance toward Tsuna then back toward him as he listens to the details of the mission.
So a simple enough mission, escort two packages, one real and one fake, and make sure both get back to Konohagaure. Of course, if they can't look at the contents, that means they're top secret, but his Byakugan will automatically see through both sets anyway since this probably means they're in for a fight. Maybe it's good he came dressed for the occasion if he's going to wind up serving as a combat commander for this if things go south.
Once he's taken in all the information, Yasuo nods in thanks to Hige and Konsho then turns to the other, saying, "Let's move." With that he turns toward the gates and starts moving hurriedly toward their destination at a steady pace. No time to lose with missions like these. Being late by seconds can cost lives.

Good thing Daichi was a much better shinobi now. He remembered his first few missions where he had to ride on Konsho when he went out. Now he was able to keep up with most just with his normal speed. Though he does wave to everyone and say his greetings before they took off. As they begin moving he looks to Yasuo with a slight frown. "Anything we should know? Or any formation you want us to be in?" He unlike Yasuo knew everyone here somewhat, and that helped him think on what everyone would be useful for.

Tsuna turns to Yasuo and offers him a bow. "Glad to meet you, Yasuo-sama." He's a brand spanking new Genin, so after a last wave to Hige and Konsho, he and Onyx would move out behind the others. He knew Daichi, but the girl with the pretty wings, he didn't know. So he offers her a smile and a wave before dropping to all fours and running along behind the team leader. He was faster on four legs than he was on two, afterall.

Tsuchiri blinks.. another inuzuka? She peers to Tsuna briefly, and notes that there's a companion there and nods. "I'll see to it if I can, Hige-sama." she states, her wings breaking off and returning to her usual spread and fading away as she follows after the teamleader. "I agree with Daichi, what strategy are you going to have us employ, if any?" she inquires.

"For now just keep to my flanks. I'll give you a more structured positioning on the way back. We're not likely to encounter any opposition until after we've retrieved the scrolls since the value in attacking us only materializes then since the Amegakure shinobi likely know what we look like," Yasuo points out as they move along toward the rendezvous point. "When we get there, stay within flank. I want to be able to throw up a shield to cover all of us just in case this winds up being more than we're bargaining for."

Daichi nods slowly to Yasuo before backing off to the side. Slightly behind him as well for that shielding purposes. "Alright well. I guess until we get there I will just casually look around then." Which he does and by casually he means not spotting anything. He has terrible perceptive abilities. Maybe he should see if Yasuo can help with that another time.

Tsuna follows along behind Yasuo and Daichi. He keeps his nose towards the ground as he runs, sniffing the air and such while looking for trouble. He's young, and his nose hasn't developed yet, but he's doing his best. He and Onyx stay quiet for now, content to follow.

Chiri hears the command.. stay to flanks and wait for further orders. She keeps pace with the others and quietly sweeps the areas they pass. Trying to be alert and not bored.

The trip to the meetup was indeed free and clear. They passed a few merchants along the way but nothing that would raise any flags in their travels. There was a few animals they came across and even a squirrel high in a tree who chittered angrily down at Onyx like the pup had insulted his great grand squirrel. In the end the team would arrive at a small inn that was on the side of the road by itself. It wasn't heavily populated at the moment being the middle of the day and all, but waiting outside around the back were a pair of high energy chakra signatures. Definitely shinobi level.

Arriving at the inn with the team, Yasuo looks around. Through his activated Byakugan he spots the two shinobi around the back of the inn and motions for the team to come with him. He walks casually from here around to where they stand, using his Byakugan to carefully study them as he approaches, though he doesn't say anything yet until he's studied them over to be sure they are who they are actually supposed to be and not a henged enemy.

Daichi follows along simply looking around as if someone might be hiding nearby. Surely these Amegakure people would have seen something if they were though so he might not try to hard. He looks back to the others here. Surely if they noticed something they would speak up so he doesn't say anything to them.

Tsuna nods at the motion from Yasuo as he follows the group around to the back of the inn. He's continuing to sniff the air and commit any foreign smells to memory. So they were going to get these scrolls and then just go back home. How exciting. He watches the exchange carefully, noting how Yasuo acts all cool like he does this everyday. Which..apparently, he probably does. He glances back at Chiri a few times, before turning away, his cheeks reddening slightly. Onyx is standing between Tsuna's feet, the pup's tail moving side to side slowly as he probably pays more attention that Tsuna does.

Tsuchiri follows the group into the inn and keeps to Yasuo's lead. She's quiet. Or atleast, not saying anything, letting the leader handle the mission, listening and keeping her eyes open, trying to make sure nobody moves towards them in a way deemed threatening.

The shinobi wear the hitai-ate of Amegakure but as the others approach they say nothing, only watch the group with an air of suspicion. Apparently they don't intend to speak first as they just watch the Konoha shinobi. And then…Yasuo would see some other people approaching. They aren't high ranking shinobi, but there's a half dozen Genin to Chuunin level shinobi coming in fast. Tsuchiri would likely notice the group approaching as well across the open area around the inn. The Amegakure shinobi curse. "You led them here! Should've known bettere than to trust Konoha shinobi!" A rain of kunai comes from the encroaching shinobi while the two from Amegakure retreat inside the inn. "Take care of this and come find us. If you survive."

"On your guard!" Yasuo calls out as he spins a foot, causing a shield of chakra to come up around them. That heading at him are easily deflected. "Well, at least we know, maybe, that our allies in Amegakure haven't betrayed us." As he continues to spin, the rotating chakra begins to spark up with lightning to fire off a shockwave aimed to attack and stun as many of the enemy shinobi as possible at once. Yasuo doesn't screw around.

Daichi quickly moves to take a few off these people off of their feet so that both of the other two here have a better chance of hitting ones. Though Tsuchiri surely doesn't need it. Once he does that he flips back into the area closer to the rest of his group. "Yasuo… What do we do. Just knock them all out?" He pulls a kunai from his pack and places his hands near his weights just in case he will need em off.

Tsuna gets nervous and kind of shakes a little in place when they come after him. This wasn't training, these guys were out to kill him. He takes the first hit and slides along the ground a little. Onyx runs over to him and barks before biting him on the leg. Tsuna winces. "Ow. Okay, okay. Head in the game. Let's do it." He rolls out of the way of the second attack and comes up on all fours. He rushes his attackers with Onyx by his side as they leap into the air and begin to spin over and over, attacking multiple times before landing on the ground. Tsuna's eyes are feral as a growl comes from his throat. "Bring it on!" He growls as he bares his fangs.

Remember not to use clones when dealing with a sky full of kunai, right. Tsuchiri avoids most of the pointy things, managing to get away with some minor cuts. But now the kiddie gloves are off. She had a look at who'd attacked, her feathers sparking back to presence and writhing through the air behind her menacingly, flicking and lashing through the air. "Yasuo-sama, let's not have this drag on too long." she says. Her feathers flick violently towards the assailing shinobi, sending projectiles in a large spread to them all, resembling rather simple arrows through the air to retort.

Apparently whoever these intruders were they weren't quite as in the same class as they thought they would be. Sadly they're quite outclassed. A number of them get smacked around, knocked around by the shockwaves, then tripped up by the crazy shrimp. On top of that a number of other attacks break into the group including a whirling Inuzuka pair and some weird little feather thingies that hurt. In the end the half dozen are down and out and are instead replaced by two others who had been following behind them. "Hmm, they killed our followers," one says to the other. "I guess we should repay the favor." A few hand seals later and lightning shoots out of one of the mans hands, formed into small needles and spraying at the Konoha nin.

As the two stronger shinobi appear, Yasuo narrows his eyes. This is why he told them all to keep his flank. Spinning his foot, he throws up a shield of chakra that grows and encompasses them all. After raising it high enough to protect them all, it grows to blast their targets back, and he literally charges them with it as he leaps forward, intending to smash them to bits.

Daichi did not know what he could do to attack since he is up close and personal kind of fighter. Yasuo was already there with a dangerous attack for him as well so Daichi just threw three kunai towards the folks who entered now. Then he glanced at his weights again. Didn't seem like he needed to take them off at all.

As soon as Yasuo completes his defense and then counter-attack, Tsuna and Onyx are on the move. Both boy and pup growl as they launch themselves at their opponents while spinning rapidly. Tsuna snarls. "Get away from here!" Just before the duo bounce off their attackers and then go back in, attacking in tandem.

Tsuchiri is.. surprised, to say the least, of the Hyuuga's defending them all and leaping into the fray. She relents, there's 2 allies in a brawl and she doesn't want to get personal in it. She aims an open palm towards a stray. A spray of chakra pellets bursts from her palm, taking on the shape of shuriken in the air as they aim to seperate him from his companions, her feathers whipping out their own accessory in the form of a volley of chakra kunai just behind them to capitalize on the opening.

Those poor people. They obviously underestimated the shinobi from the Leaf. While one of them managed to escape the blast from the Hyuga he simply fell victim to the Inuzuka attacks and then both were filled with chakra bullets and a stray Daichi kunai. In the end there's a lot of dead little thieves laying there. When the last one falls the Amegakure shinobi step back out, looking over the group suspiciously. "You're definitely the Hyuuga they mentioned. Here." Without any preamble he dumps four scrolls on the ground. "We've done our part. We're leaving. This place sucks."

With the men taken care of, Yasuo turns back to the Amegakure shinobi as the come back. He nods as the offer the scrolls, picking them up and then hands two of them off to Daichi. "You take those two… Let's move." He would inspect them with his Byakugan before turning to head back off to Konohagakure so they can deliver them.

Daichi grabs the two that were given to him and nods slowly. "Alright." He then puts both in the place where he keeps his tools and runs off following behind Yasuo. "You expect more people attacking us on the way back Yasuo?" If a yes is answered then a kunai would be pulled up into his hand.

Tsuna snarls after he and Onyx claws through the guys. He calms down for the most part though when the scrolls are passed over to Yasuo. When Daichi asks his question, he also looks interested in the answer. He's found that he kind of likes fighting. He looks at the blood on his claws for a moment before looking back to the group. He wipes them off on his pants and then begins to follow the group back to Konoha.

Tsuchiri follows Yasuo's lead, but she still hasn't dropped her guard, feathers remaining out and glowing while she gives a final sweep of the area.. not wanting to walk into any traps before she heads off and maintains her active vantage.

All the scrolls are well guarded, even against that chakra prying. And luckily for the team the return trip is easy peasy with no one bothering to try and stop them on the way. Upon return the scrolls would be taken by the Administration and the shinobi would be given a gold star for a job well done.

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