Rainos Escape



Date: September 08, 2010

"Rainos Escape"

A pulsating aura would be felt intermitantly and barely at all as the
unconcious form of Uchiha Rainos was suspended in the middle of a room by
a variety of seals. The inner chamber of the room was designed to be a in
a semi chakra state thus it would not react as normal matter when
interacted with. The seal beneath him was one that cause him to be spread
eagle and suspended in mid air. His eyes were covered tightly and even if
his own chakra was not surpressed by the roms inner workings, he would
experience extreme pain if he activated the Sharigan. This was the
solitary confinement unit for S Ranked Criminals designed by the Uchiha
clan and constructed by the Senju primarily. It allowed for no movement
aside from words, let alone the possability of escape. The only visitor
that Uchiha Rainos had been allowed was the guard that would serve him
meals. The guard sent would be rotated nearly randomly so that there was
no sense of familiarity between the prisoner and the one charged with
their welfair. The system was near perfect, though it took much power to
keep it running and much discipline to keep it as tightly wound and
effecient as it was.

It had only been a day or so since he was imprisoned when he woke up,
slowly shaking off the effects of the poison or drugs used on him that
facilitated his capture. He inhaled deeply and used his senses beyond
sight in order to try to understand his situation. He couldn't tell much,
but he could tell enough. He was indeed captured. "Guard." he would state
in a low tone before coughing dryly. "Guard…" he would repeat himself a
bit lighter before the windowless door was opened up. "Food and water."
Rainos would state, almost as if demanding it, but from how he sounded, it
seemed he was more saving his strength instead. The door would close again
as Rainos deeply inhaled. By the scent, the guard was female, though no
words had been spoken yet. The time of day was unknown to Rainos, as were
the shifting schedules, however he did realize he would need to identify a
few things prior to formulating any sort of plans or conclusions. Several
moments later, food would be brought in, a squeaking wheel, a cart. The
serving size was likely to be generous given the constnat strain on the
body considering the position and the humane treatment that Konoha was
likely to exude atleast until their Hokage returned. After all, Rainos did
not kill anyone no matter the crimes that he is being confined for. This
cell and security is likely more out of fear than it is out of necessity.
"If only they would serve you so well." Rainos would say smoothly with a
confident huskiness to his voice. Silence. A spoon would touch his bottom
lip, almost too hot to bare which would cause him to open his mouth. He
was literally being spoon fed in relative silence. "You blew on it for
me…" he stated, certain of this given the temperature that was just
under too hot. "You must be a very attentive mother." The scraping of the
spoon would suddenly silence before it would be heard again. He struck a
cord some where. Water was lifted to him, though there was no container.
He neither needed to angle his head nor did he feel anything resembling a
cap. A water manipulator. He would exhale his contentment. "Thank you,
lady." Rainos would say as a calculated risk. Her decent from the area was
heard as she would state, "It is rude to call a woman lady." Her voice was
young, the attempt at her vanity was successful enough. "My apologies,
Miss…?" Rainos would say to a quick, "Mrs. None of Your Business." in
reply. Rainos would smirk slightly, "Filling out paper work must be a true
chore…" She would suddenly make the briefest of coughing noises, biting
her lip to stifle her amusement, she was not as cold as when she entered.
"More water… please." Rainos would ask and he would recieve before she
left once again.

Having been served his meal and liquids, Rainos kept a bit of that water
in his mouth as he waited. He had been stripped down to a kimono and
undergarnments before being placed in the room as well as thoroughly
searched. He was unarmed and helpless, presumedly. Biding his time, he
would control the build up of his saliva as he remained stationary, having
cleansed his pallet and keeping his mind and body focused else were. Some
water was lost over time, but enough remained. Eventually, the pulsating
of the room stopped. The seals powering its functions waned and ceased.
Rainos would drop to the ground, landing easily on his feet. The Darkness
Mark of the Eye would emerge on to his tongue and utilize the latent
chakra that remained from the carefully served water. The seal would
activate as he slowly removed the bindings around his eyes, the sheer
intensity of his Sharingan almost lighting the area around him in the
darkness as the chakra flowed through him from a source well outside of
his body… the country even. He would take a quick note of his immediate
front. The seals were glowing faintly, still keeping any of his true
chakra from being usable, but no longer restraining him. There was a short
set of stairs built up from the floor. It seemed to be made of wood.
Hashiramako's kindness. Retying his blind fold, he would inhale before
fiercely ramming his forehead against the wooden stair case and falling to
the floor. Only a few moments would pass before the door was opened and
the guard that looked after him this shift was aiding him, wrapping his
head so that he would not bleed much more. "Thank you…" he would say to
her and she would hesitantly say, "You are welcome." However, soon enough
she would notice… there was no wooden set of stairs as there should be
in front of Rainos.

Gasping, she would turn around just as the door would close and lock
down tightly. Mere seconds afterwards as she turned her attention to the
body of uchiha Rainos smiling softly, the seals would reactivate,
dispersing the Shadow Clone as well as the genjutsu that approximated the
conditions. The glow of his sharingan was burned in to her memory as the
clone displayed it's true self as the genjutsu faded. "No!" She would
scream before heading straight for the door which she couldn't quite touch
due to the way the material reacted to having chakra flowing through it.

Gathering an enormous amount of chakra, Rainos would blast the door with
a large torrent of flame for approximately three second, melting the
metalic exterior beyond recognition as he would move to gather his
belongings. Multiple Senju guards would come to investigate, only to find
that their weapons would pull them off balance or stab themselves or their
back up quite suddenly. Rainos would manuver through them without touching
them as lightning crackled over his form briefly before the wailing of
multiple men could be heard through the underground coridoors. The
remaining guards would arm and prepare themselves before moving in, and
Rainos would be no where to be found as the charred remains of the corpses
littered the room. "Spread out and find him!" the captain of the squad
would command and they would operate with precision. Hidden amongst the
shadows that gathered near the air intact for this underground area, the
gleam of the Sharingan would meet the eyes of the captain before he would
even realize it. "I found him!" he would shout as he began to perform a
wind jutsu rapidly. "Wind Release: Driving Shredder!" he would say with
battle hardened ferocity. As a tightly knit vortex of wind would blast up
towards the cieling. Rainos would be penetrated and the winds would then
explode outwards to tear him assunder. However… his body remained

Standing, Rainos would walk, diagonally on the very air itself towards
the captain. The men were blinded by the light shining down from the sky
outside. "I had not intended to kill any of your people." Rainos would say
as the team formed around their leader who growled in utter disbelief.
"But i have changed my mind." Rainos would swiftly fly down towards them
as he drew a kunai, A variety of powerful jutsu would be summoned to
destroy him, but none were effective. The kunai would be thrown to Rainos
right side towards no one at all as the Captain tried to regroup his
confused subordinates. One of them was striken by a kunai to the throat
and fell to the ground. "Captain! What are you attacking??!" the veteran
Senju would growl fiercely as he'd state, "Genjutsu! Men, i need your
help… that bastard has me!" They would face in all directions, one about
to announce his location before he yelled out in pain. "Take cover!"
another would say as a barrage of flames would bombard them. They stumbled
slightly over their previously fallen allies and fell back behind an over
turned cabinet. Rainos would appear in a flash to stand on the cabinet
above them. "Got you!" The captain would say as he'd thrust a long kunai
up at Rainos, only to stop short and become wide eyed. All of his men and
himself were unable to move, bits of metal and weapons were lodged in to
their flesh as Rainos looked down upon them with his cursed Sharingan.

Glancing up slightly, he would state, "Ah… there are my belongings."
as he moved past them to open up the heavy chest that held his gear. All
that they could do was watch him get dressed swiftly and bide their time.
"You'll never esca…!" the captain begain to say as Rainos would sharply
say, "Shhh…" to cut him off, closing his eyes for a moment. "Do not be
so stereotypical with your last breaths. Say something worth while.
Comfort your men, pray to your god or gods, spare your desire for mercy,
think of your family members." Rainos would say just as he slipped on his
last glove. "Think of how they will suffer after your demise. Think of
what your loyalty has cost you and them." The captain would be unfazed
other than to roar at Rainos. Rainos would smirk slightly. "Yes… that's
about right. I can see your hate. It is too bad the Senju know nothing
about using hate to change their circumstances.

A single seal would be all that was needed for their fates, but Rainos
had a message to deliver. A compact ball of flame would plow through the
captains men before exploding, giving them very little time to protest
with shrieks of pain. He was covered in their gore and burned a bit on one
side, but alive. "YOU BASTARD!!!" Rainos would walk up to the captain now
as the wounded man's body began to shake violently. "Do not worry… it is
not fear that grips you. It is only I. Consider their sacrifice for you
and this village. Simply to keep me locked away because of fear and
misunderstanding, not because of any true action. Consider the fact that
your government is now in the hands of a man you know nothing about,
instead of one who tried to speak with you." The captain would be forced
down to the ground harshly by his own body's force controlled by the
powers of Uchiha Rainos through genjutsu. His long kunai had been forced
back in to his stomache, and now it appeared as if he was commiting
seppuku. "Will you be remembered with honor, or shamed with cowardace
because of appearances? Hope that your compatriots are more preceptive of
their allies than they are of strangers or perhaps you will be
misunderstood as well." Pulling at the metal itself through his lightning
jutsu, the blade would burst from the man's back, fully imbedding itself
in to his gut then. Glancing up towards the new sky light, Rainos knew
soon enough more would come to investigate. "I have one more bit of
business to attend to before i leave. If only you had more patience… you
would all be alive." And with a flickering of movement, Rainos was no
where to be found.

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