Ramen, Fans, and Love


Daisuke, Hinotori, Hashiramako

Date: August 10, 2012


Two Senju and an Uchiha meet up for some ramen at the most popular restuarant. Daisuke, Hashiramako, and Hinotori all share a bit of family time as they discuss ramen, endure smacks by paper fans and talk of love. Unable to meet up often, it's moments like these that are both remembered and cherished.

"Ramen, Fans, and Love"

Ramen Shop

When Hashi was on the move, everyone knew it. Some tried to put on their best and make her proud while others were masking and making themselves appear the part. It wasn't necessary, really. Hashi always felt awkward in these situations and all she wants is some ramen. Something simple. Great and simple. She eventually made her way into the shop and looked around, taking note of the expressions of awe and nervousness.
She looked stern and seemingly judgemental until she smiled and waved to the shop saying, "Hello, people! How's it going? Enjoying the food? I hope I will be soon," she nodded.

Hinotori was already in the shop when the Lady Hokage entered, he was already looking over the menu and why is he doing that? The Ramen shop owner had some new ramen he was trying out to see what people thought of it. Looking up as it grown quiet, Hintoroi chuckles, "Hokage-sama over here!" he waves to her. And yes this gets some really odd looks. An Uchiha calling a Senju over to his table, the Hokage no doubt and he is being very casual. Such disrepect from an Uchiha, but the smile on his face is genuine and he pushes out a chair for her to sit down with him.

"Hi, Hino-san~," Hashi greeted him with a smile while taking the seat offered to her. "So, you're eating here and I'm eating here. I realize this is a popular spot in Konoha and I want to get in on all the action! So, I'll probably eat something light…chicken ramen. That sounds good. Am I up next? No? I can wait," she chuckles. "So, how is everyone in here?" She wondered. There was some collective silence before a kid chimed out saying, "I'm great, Hokage-sama! Are you going to be around here more? Do you like the food here?" He asks. "Excellent! I don't know if I'll be around much, but I definitely like the food when I get a chance to eat it."

Hinotori smiles and watches as the Hokage sits down. It's good being able to have some time with her, even in a ramen shop. Looking around when she speaks to everyone, "Well I'm getting this new white chicken ramen, he is using diffeernt noodles and everything, I hope it's good." he laughs.

A few counters down amidst a stack of at least 10 large, but empty, ramen bowls, sat Daisuke, slurping down his 11th bowl with expertise. With an expert swirl of the noodles within the broth, the red-headed chuunin lifts the drenched noodles to his mouth, inhaling them as if that bowl was his first. The only thing noticeably different about the young Senju for those that knew him was that both of his hands and arms were taped up, one of the negative results of his training he was undergoing. So far the young Senju hadn't heard his aunt and Hino yet as his slurping was rather impressively loud, so much so that a few people just watched in horror and amazement.

"White chicken ramen…sounds like it has potential. I should try it, but then again, I think I'll just stick to chicken ramen," Hashi chuckles. "Not sure I want to dive into something new when I'm just barely coming back to eating at this place." She flipped around toward the counter where she'd be greeted with a host ready to take her order. That so? Well, she might as well go ahead and give her order of chicken ramen. Once it was taken care of, she focuses on the obnoxious slurping just down the way, taking note of the red hair first followed by the face afterward. "…Could you eat any louder, Daisuke?" She laughs.

Laughing, "Well alright, we will take it slow with you for now, but next time, me and Daisuke-kun will have you eating ramen like a champ!" he exclaims. Grinning a bit and calling over a server so that the Hokage could order, he too looks over at all the slurping and chuckles, "Hey BAKA get over here. " he calls to Daisuke.

Daisuke turns, noodles hanging from his mouth, at the sound of his aunt's voice. "Ish gud" he says with a shrug and a smile, full of noodles. He turns to his bowl again and finishes up the noodles, a satisfying 'smacking' sound as the tails of the noodles smack against his lips before disappearing. Not done yet, Daisuke grabs the large ramen bowl with both hands and lifts the bowl up to his mouth, to drain the broth like a CHAMP. Finally finished, he tosses the bowl into the air to a sharp inhale from the crowd watching. The bowl lands gracefully atop of the other 10 of them as Daisuke stands and bows to the audience. After a few autographs from the younger kids, Daisuke saunters over to where Hino and Hashi are. "What are you two up to?" he asks as he rubs one of his taped up arms with his other one.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about me. I've got an unrivaled appetite, but I'd like to stick to the classics right now," Hashi laughed. She'd return her attention to the counter, seeing her ramen was just barely delivered. She was impressed, but hoped that the expedience didn't change the taste. She took up her chopsticks and proceeded to pick the ramen up and place it into her mouth. Slurping them up and taking all the flavor in. Fantastic. "I'm up to eating. Y'know, ramen." She gestured with her sticks to her bowl. "I'd challenge you both to a contest, but Daisuke has a head start. I can't do that, though. Not now, but later."

Along with Hashis Ramen is Hinotori ramen, Hinotori laughs at Daisuke as he shows off for the crowd. Looking back to the Hokage, "Well thats good to know and sticking with the classics aren't bad. I still like the original chicken ramen but I wanted to try some of the new stuff. Daisuke and me are normally the test subjects for the ramen shop." he grins. As the bowls are delivered, Hinotori says a silent prayer, then loking to Daisuke, "Sit down, family time." he says to his little brother.

"Mako-ba would probably get heartburn or something if she tried eating like she did when she was younger." Daisuke says, ducking a bit for any incoming smacks. Finally after feeling it was safe to sit, he slides in next to Hashi and watches them eat their bowls in peace. "The chef likes to test new ideas out and we often come here during or after training time. Nothing like a good bowl or ten to get your energy back." he says with a mischievous chuckle. "Especially training involving chakra amounts that I'm working with." he says as he rubs his bandaged hand with his other.

Hashi pffts. "Heartburn? Nonsense. I've got a stomach of iron!" She tapped on her stomach. "I'm sure I could meet you or beat you at the game of eating ramen. I'm a legend in the sport." Not really, but she can eat a lot. She finally took this opportunity to unleash a paper fan across Daisuke's head. Surprise! "You guys can do all that testing if you want. If I'm convinced, I might try the things you guys eat later, but I'm still keeping with the classics."

Hinotori is too busy eating now, the Chef already knowing how a pig Hinotori is, one of the waiters is already coming over with another bowl for him. As Hashi and Daisuke continue speaking, Hinotori is already finishing up his first bowl, and the murmurs can be heard already, "Damn thats the other one." the waiter puts down the bowl and Hinotori is already taking a few bites when he looks up to Hashi, "Umm…Mako-ba, your not eating?" he asks.

Daisuke's head leans forward as he gets smacked with the fan, wincing a bit. She had waited his wariness out in order to deliver that blow and it had worked. "Ow." he says as he rubs the back of his head. He looks over at Hinotori and says, "Hino-kun, women like to take their time and talk while eating, gossiping and catching up while savoring their food." Not that he nor Hino would ever know about what 'savoring' meant, basically inhaling everything put in front of them. "Maybe I should go for one more, all this eating at this table is making me hungry again." he adds as he looks over towards the menu pensively.

Hashi's strike with the paper fan would now come more immediately, no sooner than Daisuke finished his statement about girls. "The rule is not to say that while the girl is around. Let's remember this for next time," she grins and continues with her ramen. She glanced to Hinotori to which she pointed out that she was eating with her chopsticks. She could talk and eat and /still/ get the job done. Her food was still just as hot as it was when it left the pot. "Go for one more and keep those comments tightened up. I've got a lot more fans where these came from."

Blinking as he stops when Daisuke makes his comment about girls, laughing little and snorting up a bit of broth which makes him cough. He has to turn his head quickly to avoid spitting on anyone. "I know that, you baka." he says to Daisuke. Shaking his head again and now getting himself under control and now that they are on the subject of girls, Hinotori sighs a little bit, "Well the one I'm seeing hasn't been around in a while, but also it seems…" he stops and lets it drop. Oh yeah, he hasn't forgotten at all and he starts eating his ramen.

"Ow." Daisuke says, this time more out of automatic reaction that the fan whacked him. "Alright then…Seconds! Seafood ramen deluxe please!" he calls out with his hand in the air, making eye contact with the chef, who smiles and shakes his head lightly at the hunger of this boy. Daisuke settles down for now to wait for his ramen. As Hino brings up Haruka, Daisuke looks a little uncomfortable, shifting in his seat. "So you are officially 'seeing' her then?" he asks, interested in any developments since last time they had 'spoke' about her. Girl problems, oh they grow up so fast.

Hashi gives Hinotori a smack with the paper fan for good measure…and also agreeing with Daisuke's comments. As things begin to calm down and she has a bit of time to finish up her ramen, she slurps it up and clears the bowl in no time, leaving the chopsticks inside. "Alright, so uh, what's all this relationship stuff I'm hearing about? Sounds interesting." She pauses. "Who is this girl you're seeing, hm?" She nudges Hinotori and winks.

Hinotori looks up and as Hashi nudges him and Daisuke asks if they are seeing one another Hinotori only shakes his head. "I'm serious about her, though I've not gotten to speak to her since our last time together which was very nice." he says. He doesn't go into details, but from his and Daisukes talk, Hinotori eyes doesn't lie, he isn't backing down. "I am, when I see her will talk to her about this and see if she is as serious as I am because if so, I know she is the one I've been looking for." Allowing his true feelings to show now.

Daisuke feels a little more satisfied as Hino gets smacked with the fan as well, a sly grin on his lips as he looks over to the counter to see his bowl being prepared. He smacks his lips together, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. As the bowl comes over, Daisuke blows on it for a bit, really listening to the topic that Hashi has now become interested in. He was somewhat amused to think how Hino would explain it to Hashi and so he blows softly on his ramen to let it cool a bit and keeps his ears open. As Hino gets all sappy Daisuke loses his appetite, staring at the bowl of ramen in silence for awhile before he pushes the ramen away into the middle of the table.

Hashi crept her hand across the counter and gripped the bowl softly, obnoxiously dragging it across the counter in front of her while using her free hand to pick up her abandoned chopsticks to use in his ramen he ordered. "I hope this all works out for you. Take it easy, though. Pursuing relationships can be a little tricky. Seeing that you're serious is enough for me to glean that this is something important to you, so I won't tease you about it…today." She smirked. "You know you have us to talk to if you need to get something off your chest."

Noticing Daisuke waiting on his food, Hinotori now doesn't really have all that much of an appetite now, also. Can you say brothers? Yes you can. But he then looks to Hashi as she speaks, he nods his head. "Yeah I know." he tells her simply and looks to his brother and smirks a little, "Eat, you know we both aren't going to let any ramen go uneaten." he says. Daisuke would not the meaning better than anyone, granted he doesn't say it a lot, he loves his brother and thats what they are. Hinotori begins eating his ramen.

Daisuke stands up and puts some money on the table, one of his wide smiles plastered to his face. "I'll let Hashi eat it, I should get back to my training." he says in response to Hino. He had a whole bunch of things swirling around in his head that he didn't know a single thing about and needed some time to sort through everything. "We should all make this more of a regular thing, though." he says as he heads for the door with a wave back to them both, reaching the door before leaping up onto the rooftops, heading for the Forest Training Facility.

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