Fuuta, Suterusu, Satoru, Chitose

Date: March 24, 2013


In the dead of night a chakra spike is felt in Sunagakure. The silence is soon broken when a unearthly cry screeches throughout the village.



For those visiting or those in Sunagakure, the night is rather quiet. It would seem anyway. Those with particularly good senses might notice something very amiss. There's an odd sort of chakra seeming to literally be going off in spurts in Sunagakure near the residential area. It is abnormal as it isn't like someone is using a jutsu or something. It's literally like some well of chakra is attempting to burst open, releasing in terrible gouts from moment to moment.
Meanwhile, inside of Chitose's home, in her room, a girl sleeps restlessly. Shaking back and forth in her bed, screaming out from time to time even as sweat begins to bead on her forehead. As those spurts of chakra can be felt, a pulse of visible chakra glows over her form for a brief moment and then fades.

That figure was alerted as per his senses. It took him a few moments. He was home, resting and the well of chakra nearby was definitely enough to shock the already light sleeper awake. Blade out, he'd look about. Frowning, he'd carefully disengage himself from the twins before donning his gear. Thus set up, he'd leave his home, removing, and then restoring the metal grid work that was buried in the front door. Once more clothed within the black wrap, he'd head for where he was sensing the source from, clones put out to gather others, just in case there was something big going down.Whatever it was, needed to be dealt with quickly.

Satoru moves above the main streets this evening, his falcon Baizo flying even further overhead. The boy quietly leaps from building to building as he patrols. He stops short upon hearing the sound of a scream muffled by distance and walls. He motions to Baizo to inspect the area, spinning about as he tries to find the sound. Baizo circles above cautiously. But to the eye, the area seems peaceful enough. But then he hears another scream.
Baizo begins to climb to the source at once. The bird takes a peek inside the window, and suddenly dives, landing on the boy's shoulder. Baizo caws into the boy's ear. "Chitose?" Satoru asks in alarm. The bird continues. "Oh, then it's just a nightmare-" The bird makes on last sound, and Satoru's eyes widen. "What do you mean you can /see/ it?"
With no further hesitation, Satoru starts to dash up the wall leading to the girl's room.

Awake in the apartments Fuuta sits on his bed deciding if he wants to investigate this chakra fluctuation or not. Now Fuuta couldn't sense chakra but he didn't have to when there is an odd light coming from a room in another building not too far from his. Originally he was here in Suna, much to his disliking, to discuss the matter of Meruin. But he couldn't sleep this night partly because the bed wasn't to his normal specifications or likings. "Great…not only am I back in Sunagakure but I can't sleep so I'll have to experience it fully." Fuuta moves towards the window of his room. "Oh and there's some weird chakra spikes going on in the dead of night." He sighs and stares out the window just a while longer. That when he notices Suterusu looking way more prepared that he should be this night…unless of course he's on patrol. Speaking of patrol a falcon appears by the window next. As far as falcons go this one was normal looking save for the eyes. One black one white….all creepy though.
"Fine…I guess I'll go check it out." Fuuta states getting his equipment. Within minute Fuuta is outside of the building. "Oi….remember me?" Fuuta strolls up behind Suterusu. "Of course you do. Dumb question. Here's a better one. Is there the world's most intense nightlight up there or is something slightly less amazing going on?"

It is as Suterusu is heading that direction, as Satoru scales the wall. As Baizo flies that that chakra finally overtakes the girl's form. A scream turns into a guttural roar that likely wakes a great deal of Sunagakure's sleeping residents as suddenly the window of Chitose's room bursts open and out bursts a blur of chakra that lands on a nearby building. The girl's form is encased in chakra, a single tentacle like tail sticking out of her lower back, waving back and forth while her arms and legs are encased in chakra as well. Her body on all fours, her head with glowing white eyes turns to face Suterusu with a pair of horns coming up off the top of her head and pointing forward. The mouth opens up to scream out in two voices, one deep and loud and one more like Chitose's, higher and human. The whole of her body turning to face him and roar again. The tail slamming down against the rooftop to crack it.

That figure would stare at Fuuta for a moment, a final nod given in his direction. He'd head up there as well, same basic route as Satoru, only to have the beast come out, framing around Chitose. Eyes narrowed, the only reaction that could actually be seen from that figure. Staring at Chitose, those clones would gather from where they had been searching for others. It was obvious they would be needed to detain as plenty were woken up. As they'd approach, that figure roared at would go through a sign, three fast movements and the start of detainment began. Those wires within the night all but invisible as they'd arch out. The twisting manipulation of that figure causing them to wrap about the massive beast, attempting to lock down on it and pin it down before further damage was done. He was going to have to stall and wait for backup. Use those he could here. This was definitely something he didn't know how to handle.

Satoru dodges to one side, away from the glass shower that suddenly rains from above. His head rips around, tracking the girl… Chakra beast… Whatever it is as it flies from the room and out onto another rooftop. At first, he stares, struck dumb with disbelief.
Then Baizo cries out from above. Satoru at once adjusts his eyes, and they land on the figure in black before the girl. In an instant, disbelief turns to panic and haste as he rushes as fast as he possibly can toward Chitose.
And even as he rushes toward her, Satoru believes he can't possibly make it fast enough. Not before the figure does what he does best, what Satoru can only assume he is going to do his friend. Kill.

Fuuta whistles watching Satoru narrowly dodge the shards of glass as chakra erupts from the window. His eyes follow whatever leaps from the window and lands on a building top. He nods "Alright…so definitely not a nightlight. Kinda disappointed now." He jokes. Fuuta blinks as Suterusu just stares at him and then takes off. He would look to the young Hayato next but he too took off after the creature. Fuuta sighs and rubs his head "Can't just go back to sleep." Revealing jagged canines Fuuta presses one to his thumb and punctures the flesh drawing blood. He performs a few handseals and summons Genki. Fuuta reaches into his pouch and hands to Genki some seals. "Set up a perimeter. Then once you're finished get some back up. Also alert any civilians you see to remain in their homes. Got it?" Genki silently affirms and takes the seals before nimbly darting off. The two tailed kitsune scales buildings and branches out setting the seals. Fuuta groans and looks back towards the beast "If I had to guess I'd say we're dealing with a bijuu. Greeeeeaaaat." he now follows after it but doesn't engage it. For now he'd let Suterusu and Satoru handle it. Unless it turned one-sided against them he need not provide any further assistance.

The creature attempts to dodge through the strings, flipping and spinning only causing it to get caught by several. The thing growls out in frustration as the strings wrap around it, its body lifted slightly but then set back down due to the weight of the chakra and the beast itself. It stares at Suterusu with murderous intent and, for now, can't move…though it is struggling and reeling against the wires that hold it.
The figure ignored the others, focused entirely on what was happening between him and the beast. She had always struck him as odd, right from the start. That this was the reason was…probably actually not that surprising. Of course, that means that she's one of Suna's treasures. That makes this complicated. "Chitose-san." That soft tenor would hiss out, still that neutral tone, although notably louder to be heard. "It is time to wake up. It is time to regain control." The clones would swarm in then, each one coming in with a rapid strike at the chakra beast's head. It'd be obvious, for anyone who knew that figure, he was trying not to hurt her…but…something had to be done. The wires weren't going to hold much longer.

As he stops short, just behind Suterusu attacking the strange creature that Chitose has become, Satoru's breath is shuddering. The initial panic that the figure might kill Chitose at once has faded, to be replaced by the uncertainty of what to do now. Or even what was happening now. The others might have seen such a thing before, but for Satoru, this is entirely new. "What do I-" He looks up to the sky, but Baizo only cries back in uncertainty and alarm.
Finally, Satoru makes a few handsigns. He hopes he is doing the right thing. That what he is doing won't make the situation worse.
Whatever is remaining of Chitose's consciousness would feel first a warm twinge, that swiftly threatened to break into a wave of debilitating hyperthermia.

Fuuta watches the two Sunagakure shinobi handle the beast Chitose has become. He wasn't an expert on things like this so he took what he knew to formulate a few theories. Looking at the care they were handling it with and the familiarity Satoru was showing towards it, it is safe to say this thing belongs to Suna or is affiliated with Sunagakure in one way. Which makes sense. Kirigakure has one too…not as charming as Chitose though. The host must've proved capable of containing the beast elseways she wouldn't be living alone. So something must've occurred in her slumber that upset her enough to allow the chakra to slip through the seal yet…leave her unconscious…or something like that. Seeing Suterusu hit it Fuuta winced "Oh…careful there not. The head is tender." He comments. Suterusu must be trying to wake her up which is what Fuuta would've suggested. "Hmmm…" Fuuta looks at Chitose "Looks like you're just pissing her off." Fuuta chuckles. "Shock her. You can devise something to do that right Stringy-gami?" Fuuta looks to Suterusu.

Screeching out at Suterusu and then at Satoru, the beast gets smacked once and then jumps up above the clones, screeching as it is forced to scratch at its own face and body in order to break free of the oddball thing that is happening to it. As it lands it launches out with a series of long armed punches at Suterusu, screeching and roaring the whole way as it punches.

The shadow clones would move, intercepting immediately those long arms, each one yanked on as it'd get hit, pulling them out wide. He'd start the seals, The first figure starting up, then the others would start on their own seals, letting go of those arms as each one followed up on it. As the beast got surrounded, those seals were completed, each one planting a hand on that building's surface. The wires would coil under the surface, shattering the roof as those wires would spiral outward, the razor blades assisting with digging into the beast, pulling hard on the beast, pinning it down rapidly, the wires tangling about it like living vines to tie her up while those shinobi that might be able to reseal the beast would show up.

Satoru screams out in frustration as the razor wire bursts forth, Baizo's cry from above synchronized with the boy's. He has seen this trick before, and it alone is the stuff of nightmares, but never has he seen it preformed on one of the select few people he actually cares about. But all he can do for now is watch helplessly.

The battle seems to be going in Suterusu's favor. The beast hasn't seemed to cause too much collateral so Fuuta wasn't worried about the razor pinning. It would hurt though but it would keep the beast pinned long enough for back up to arrive perhaps. "Or that…that could work too. Leave some nice cuts but meh she'll live." Fuuta nods. The young jounin then turns his attention to the Hayato and shakes his head "Poor guy. You know any genjutsu? Might be a good idea to try some after his attack. Just a suggestion."

The creature would screech out in pain as it is lifted into the air, pinned by the terrible attack and cut into pretty deeply. She screeches and struggles a little, the pain being terrible and sudden. The girl inside is now most assuredly bleeding as the blood mixes with the chakra for a pretty macabre look. She shudders and shakes a little in the pinning wires but movement is nearly impossible.

Satoru looks up to Fuuta, for the first time really paying any attention to the foreign nin. He looks back at Chitose and shudders. "I don't… Understand." His voice cracks on the last word. His face is all confusion now. All he knows is the one thing he can do, on the word of a stranger that it is the right thing after all. He nods his head, and begins to make handsigns again, chakra flowing as he attempts to invade Chitose's mind once again and wear her out.

"Try to invoke something that registers on a subconscious level. Ya know to bring her back in control. Just relax. She's not going to die." Fuuta assures the boy. "Remain calm and just focus." Fuuta looks back to Chitose. "Seems she's in a lot of pain right now though. That does look like it hurts." Fuuta waits to see what kind of effect the boy's genjutsu will have on her before making a move, finally.

And then with two moves, Chitose shudders and shakes in the bonds that she is in. The chakra suddenly seems to sink back into her quickly. Her body falling limp in the wires as the chakra all but vanishes from her person, her body exhausted as she goes limp. It seems, that whatever had taken Chitose, is as exhausted as she was.

Satoru rushes up to Chitose's fallen form, falling to his knees next to her. "Are you-" he starts to ask, before realizing that the girl can certainly not hear him. He looks back to Fuuta shaking his head. "She needs to go to the hospital- you look strong. Can you help? Please?" For Satoru, pleading for help from a stranger is hardly normal behavior. He looks back to Chitose as Baizo dives from sky, landing on Satoru's shoulder with a sad, soft cry. "I'm sorry," he murmurs to her unconscious form. "It was the only thing I knew to do…"

Fuuta walks up next to Satoru and Chitose "Actually whe shouldn't really move her. Relax. I already sent out for help. They'll be on their way shortly. I mean it would be kinda shameful if no one noticed all that." Fuuta chuckles before folding his arm. Fuuta can easily see this boy cares for her way more than an average friend or acquaintance would. "That's why we train my friend. Now give her some air. When the medics get here they're going to need some room too." Fuuta looks out for Genki awaiting his return.

Satoru does not move at first, but medics are indeed swiftly rushing up, and Satoru backs up as they move in. He looks up to Fuuta. "I never trained for that," he insists, shaking his head. "What happened to her?"

Fuuta nods as the medics show up and Genki arrives along with them. "Thanks Genki-kun." Fuuta says with a smile. The fox is dismissed in a puff of smoke and Fuuta looks back to Satoru. "Oh uh…let's just say she has night terror issues." Fuuta states. He wasn't sure if it was his place to tell Satoru about bijuu and their hosts. If he didn't know that could indicate that he isn't supposed to know. "She'll be fine though." Fuuta looks back to her "And by prepare I mean acquire a few more nonlethal tactics. Not every problem can be solved by killing as you've just seen. A great shinobi decides, when, how, and where to kill and not to kill." Fuuta yawns after that brief little piece of advice. "Well all that excitement has put in the mood for a nap. Good thing too because I couldn't sleep. You can handle the reporting part. Let the jounin know what happened, you saw it all after all. Just explain as best you can." Fuuta walks off now back to his room to catch some rest.

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