Rare Scroll Robbery


Rockpath (emitter), Naru, Hige, Kyuketsuki, Isura, Yoshomaru

Date: March 29, 2015


Konoha shinobi are sent to retrieve a rare and valuable scroll that is in the hands of an ‘evil’ organization in the Land of Fire. Said organization falls into disarray after the shinobi are done with it…

"Rare Scroll Robbery"

Land of Fire

The Land of Fire rarely needs large teams to take out anything. However, there's a compound that needs to be infiltrated, and it's said to be extremely guarded. At least twenty of Chuunin/High-genin rank, and maybe a Jounin or two in the mix. Regardless of all that, Konoha's forces was to all gather to assault the compound that's to the southwest.

Narusegawa's return to Konohagakure wasn't entirely eventful. In actuality she was sent to put her expertise to the test after such a long haitus…for reasons she couldn't speak about publicly. infiltrating a compound filled with baddies was one of those things that put a smile along her lips. It was a good opportunity for not just herself, but others to see how well they do in situations were careful planning and easy steps were kind over straight assaults. Adorned in a black leathered getup, she looked over the compound from a distance, the pale glimmer of her sharingan observing the area before looking back to assess the group.
"We will need to infilitrate this compound and find a special scroll that has valuable information on it. It is likely this scroll is at the heart of this compound. This place is also crawling with shinobi of measuring degrees of strength. Fighting all of them head on while not impossible… is highly unfavorable." Narusegawa monlogies for a moment, shifting her stance and gesturing out towards the open area.
"Anyone with good detection skills… we need to scout out the area in order to find the best way to enter the compound. Once we have our mark, we will proceed. If there are any battles we need to keep them contained. Too much noise and that scroll will probably be out of the compound before we can get in… If for some reason we need to split up, we will pair in groups of two, no more than three. We can cover more ground that way… Any questions?" Narusegawa ends, hoping others would speak up about their strengths. After all they needed some scouts before running into the compound blind.

Hige and Konsho had been called along on this mission in large part because of their improved senses and being part of the Delta Clan. He listens to the instructions on what they're going to be doing at the compound before nodding a bit. He raises a hand from behind his head before saying, "Konsho and I can scout ahead." The hand drops back to meet the other one and they both clasp lazily behind his head. The tiny and young Inuzuka is raring and ready to go.

Kyu isn't quite sure why he was called on this mission, he never is quite sure when he's called on any missions. "What should I do? My genjutsu is non-lethal and based on putting the opponent to sleep. I suppose I could try and put down anyone who's too in our way quickly, cleanly, and quietly. I suppose I could just be the second-to-last resort. And if neccessary I can make it so they are open to everyone else's attacks."

Isura was selected largely because of his speed to enter and exit almost undetected; as well for the fact he was so well rounded in most fields of combat except for genjutsu. He also have proven his visual prowless as well. He listen to the orders of the elder Uchiha to the letter he would focus as well as ready to strike if need be. He took in a deep breath and released a slight and faint deep breath. Isura was now ready to start this thing he dug into the dirty as he scanned the local area for a spot to enter the compound.

In the back he stood,
He was quiet for now.
He didn't want to approach her despite his assignment.
A face turned down,
His grin was gone,
As he didn't speak up about his talent.
A moment passes, he makes a low murmur,
"I can get close without being seen…"
A whisper of hope by far.
Yoshomaru reveals his technique,
Lifting his chin up, he faces his brother's friend.
"I can go beneathe."

"So there was Hige who could pick out the best path, and Yosho who could travel beneath the earth. Narusegawa took personal note of those skills as she nods to Hige. "Very well, go ahead and scout out the area. it looks like we will be depending on you if we can actually get in or not…" She then pauses and nods to Yosho, a slight smile about her lips. "We will have an advantage if you can stay hidden under the earth, even more so if you can use that to found out where our enemies are located." Narusegawa muses quietly, thumning a finger through her long locks of raven while she gestures for the Uchiha to follow suit. "Such a fighting style is necessary, we don't need to kill everyone we see. We just need to remove their presence. Non lethal is better as it makes the less amount of noise… Let's follow along closely with Hige-san's movements. Make sure he comes to no harm as we find the best way to enter into the compound…" It seemed simple enough. Narusegawa followed closely with Hige and Konsho, shadowing his movements as they would procced. Hopefully at the best location for a safe entry.

Hige glances over to Kyu and smirks at the other boy. "Calm down Kyu. You are good at what you do and it's always useful. You don't have to ask what you do." After explaining that to his friend the boy turns his semi-feral eyes back to Naru and he nods. "Got it." He says simply, then waits for everyone to be ready for taking the lead with Konsho. The pair stay low as they scout, moving to any cover they can find and keeping their eyes, nose, and ears open to any type of danger that may crop up. He wants to get the jump on any guards or anything, after all.

Kyu nods at Narugesawa when she finishes her instruction and gives a brief, "Hai." and looks at Hige, listening to him as well, "Thank you Hige." is all he says before shadowing Narugesawa while she shadow's Hige, trying his best not to make them too obvious. He doesn't want to ruin this!

A slightest of nods,
One of nervousness,
He was not used to this yet.
A quick handseal,
A sudden swooshing sound,
Away the small shinobi went into the ground.
He would shift about underneath,
Approaching with the silence of a mole,
He waits, knowing sound will come from above.
He waits for their move.

"It was finally time to move and it seem like it was never gonna happen. He shifted in his stance and poofed into a total cloud of smoke leaving nothing behind not even his sound. For now his attention was paved outward making sure that he could keep his stealthness up and his awareness as well, with chakra on the ready he moved with the others like a swift unit. So far so good to say the least, with acute levels of scotting he was more then sure of everything that was in his sector and the others as well.

The compound, Hige would discover, is heavily guarded. All around the perimeter is twenty people total, though none of them notice the stealthy Inuzuka pair. They all look formidable to a point, though a Chuunin or Jounin could probably defeat them with ease. Some had weapons, some did not. All of them were in their late teens or early twenties, though. Others would notice various other things, with Naru able to analyze a bit more, likely. The compound was impenetrable, for one. At least it seemed like it. Large locks covered the doors, and they all took multiple keys to open… Overall, a tricky challenge.

As they were lead to a door, Naru couldn't help but to sigh lightly. "Locked doors are evil. It's better to go through them or break the door down… Unless we have a skilled lock pick we will be at it for hours trying to get it open…" Narusegawa states as she shakes her head. "We can't cause a big explosion. At least not yet…" Narusegawa states as she looks over the area a bit more. " This is likely our only way inside unless we make our own…path way." With that she pats the ground beneath her feet with the sore of her heel. "If you have fine precision with your hands… See if you can break the locks freely. You will need to becareful, there appears to be some explosive tags wedged along them. Remove them before trying to lock…. Everyone else can cover our /lockpicker/ I will head through the door and make sure no one comes on the opposite side," Narusegawa informs. "Yoshomaru-san? If you can hear me, I can meet you on the opposite side too. Right through the door," With that she slips down into the earth, her body melting like puddy until she disappears under the earth. She attempts to go through on the opposite side of the door, not coming out completely, but just peering just enough in order to make sure no one would be alarmed on the opposite side.

A lockpicker? That Hige is not. He does, however, have claws that can shear through armor when he imbues them with his lightning. The boy looks over the door silently for a few moments, then looks behind him to the others, "You guys work on the paper tags yeah?" He half asks, half tells, before turning back to work on the only padlock without a paper tag, shifting his body so the others can reach the door easily.

Kyu nods at Hige and looks at the tags, examining nervously before reaching forward and starting to try peel them off, he was trying his best to not set off any traps that may be attached to them, he remembers the time he accidently blew up a town because of a trap. Hopefully that wouldn't happen twice! He still tenses up and prepares for whatever may result from what he's doing, in case he needs to jump back or something.

He does hear,
He also moves,
Sensing the foundations above him, the density doesn't stop him.
As he twists about within the ground,
He slides closer to the surface towards the center of the room,
Near a support he feels.
He's silent, listening now for any footfall.

The word was given, Isura would increase his defensive efforts outward even to go as to prepair wire to trap anyone that came into his range. Isura eyes flashed bright red as he scotted the local area. "No worries Kyu you have me giving you cover fom the rear and thus you shouldn't fear the outcome as much you know…just try not to blow up another town this time." Snickering he shifted back to guard duty, "all jokes aside though try to relax bro cause if your tense it just make everything worst." Winking Isura sharingan was flared outward towards the other logical entrence point to this area besides going above or below who know what these guys can do?

As luck would have it, Kyuketsuki does not set off any explosion with the first tag he removes. No one on the outside is alerted to the antics of the shinobi, and the guards of the compound are extremely stationary unless otherwise commanded. It's the inside that's an issue, likely, as guards are regularly passing through pathways and scanning up down left right forward back like no one's business. Because whatever it is that they have in here was no one's but their own! Dang nabbit!
It must be that the shinobi used up all their luck on Kyu, as Naru ends up getting seen. Not because she lacked in skill, but because the guards just happened to look at the spot where her head appeared at the right moment. Not that they did anything. They just yelled at seeing a head in the ground and called for help. But it's enough to get the alarms blaring.

And just like that she was discovered… A terrible experience but not the end of the world. As soon as they caught her attention she would instantly attempt to entrance them in a powerful genjutsu. "There isn't any problem here. We are allies, not enemies." Narusegawa speaks softly as she waited for the others behind her to being unlocking the door. If they fell into her genjutsu they would feel pacified, unthreatened. "Any time now…" Naru whispers under her breath while gesturing forward. " Yosho… Make sure that last one doesn't pull the alarm," Naru requests, not applying any sort of aggression just yet. That would be bad.

Hige can hear the activity inside and for a moment he freezes, holding his breath. When things seem to be under control, however, he continues doing what he was doing. "Let me know if you guys see anything coming. I don't want to be caught off guard." He mutters. OF course Konsho is helping keep watch as well, so there is that. Hige continues to shear through the first padlock, moving onto the second, then the third. Stupid things, who really needs this many locks?

Kyu would seem a bit more confident about the fact a massive explosion didn't engulf him and his allies and start picking them at a steadier pace, still being careful but trying to be more efficient and quicker. He listens to the stuff happening on the other side but keeps on going, simply being quieter and a little slower until it seems okay then resuming his pace before that had happened.

Instead of breaking ground,
The comfort of it cocoons him further,
A guard only guards what is important.
He twists about,
Snaking his way through the Earth,
The hidden one takes his position.
A silent trap,
He's preparing now with a single hand up,
The Earth itself will be his trap if the man comes too near…
His smile is back.

Seeing the distorted chakra mixture in the air he knew a genjutsu was in the mix, rather then being bold and attacking he stayed and watched however he was still ready to act in a moments notice. He had his hands in a seal and his chakra swirling all around him, he was practically begging for them to break free and try something stupid so they can give him a reason. Isura watched as the seals where being taken off and turn his attention towards the locked down. "Hmm based on the noise levels there might be even more people inside…so I should get into a better position to flank if need be.

The guards stop as the Genjutsu takes ahold, struggling mentally as superiors and Naru engage within their brain. Who do they obey? It gives enough pause that they are easy to take out or speak to, whichever one Naru would want. Kyu would slowly take off each explosive tag, six in total. On the second to last one, though, something he did… A twitch? A touch? Whatever it was, that tag went BOOM!! right in the faces of those who were left behind. Each tag was triggered, so they had to deal with six explosions… Nasty things, those traps are.

Boom! The magic noise that Narusegawa was hoping she wouldn't hear. At this point there wasn't much need for stealth… Others would come to investigate assuredly but at least they were in the compound now. They had time to snag the scroll before their target slipped away. She looks back towards the door and gestures for them all to fall in. " Go ahead and break through! We need to move quickly now! The alarms aren't sounding but they /will/ investigate the area!" She reaches out to touch against one of the shinobi, a wave of chakra going through his body to keep him in place. "Where is the scroll room?" Narusegawa demands while she looks between the others and her subordinates. "Feel free to eliminate any other targets we come across…" She refered to the other two near by… Who would undoubtly feel her genjutsu fading pretty soon.

Hige is just /mindin'/ his own business and cutting through some locks when his senses are alerted to a failure. The soft sound of the tag igniting, the scent of it in the air. The Inuzuka doesn't hesitate as he turns and rams his body into Kyu, knocking him away from the danger before pushing away himself. A curse leaves his lips as he slides to a stop on all fours. Stupid stupid stupid. Well, their presence is known now! "Kyu, are you okay?" He asks as he stands upright again, moving to offer Kyu a hand up before looking to the now destroyed entrance and the team lead beyond. He offers a nod before bursting through the door, Konsho hot on his heels, the two fully alert and on guard now that the explosion happened. While Narusegawa tries to question the guards he'll make sure they aren't bothered.

Kyu will accept the hand up and rush over, looking at the two guards that were currently not seeing her as a threat due to a genjutsu, and not being interrogated, and using a genjutsu of his own, Out of Body Experience, he was going to try and knock them out, assuming he can get them in the initial genjutsu. And assuming no one uses their unawareness to kill them.

It was the deafening boom,
He immediately braced,
He had his body pressed to the foundation,
He heard an order,
He knew to wait,
As he was he was an asset.
Yoshomaru would take a deep breath,
He began to focus and release chakra slowly…
He was charging the ground around him.

Isura notice the chakra signatures and quickly put the formed chakra into practice, he poofed out two clones one pushed him forward and the other blocked the sure force of it. As for the real Isura he would be plotting the next stage of action, he had to make sure to make each and everyone of his moves count and thus he went all in. He flashed through seals he pulled onto the wire from between his finger tips and mouth as his sharingan flared he "let's tie them up," is said softly to himself as he looked on waiting for them to come into range.

"Down the hall. Left. Two rights. Then straight. The treasury is there," the man says quickly, something about Naru telling him he didn't want to mess with the woman… While the others she had Genjutsu-ed are captured by Isura's strings, that just makes two less to deal with. Guards from the outside are coming to see just what is going on. All the shouts were… Very attention-grabbing. "Get them!!" they shout, and ten comes a flurry of attacks.

"You will be coming with me. You /will/ die if you are lying." Narusegawa threatens rather promptly as the enemies begin to pour in their direction. Her fingers curl and snatch the man soundly in a tight grip as she begins to lead the way. " We are in the compound, careful not to bring the whole thing crashing down upon us!" Take down our targets but keep moving! We need to get what we came for. We cannot afford to stall!" With that she merely chucks a few kunai, perfectly angled to strike at their ankles, she wanted to slow them down, not necessarily kill them all at once… Not that she minded the later.

Hige doesn't let his guard down in the slightest. In fact now that they're in the compound he should be more alert, if anything. When the men start coming in the doorway he sidesteps the first blow, then gives a little hop backwards to avoid the second one. Being inside like this was a little limiting for some of his attacks, but the Inuzuka duo would make due. "Come on Konsho." He mutters. The two push forward towards their attackers, that lightning appearing again as they slash at their poor victims. Once that's done he makes sure the others are faring well enough, then makes after Naru and the rest to find the scroll. "You guys go ahead, I'll cover our rear."

Kyu sees the people come rushing out and does his ram seal, jumping to the side letting them still see him standing there through genjutsu, and doing the same thing again, this time jumping to the side and doing the seals for Out of Body Experience for the new threats, to keep them from continuing their assault.

Beneath their feet,
He still was shifting from side to side,
Never too far for aide.
He knew if he added himself in,
The mixture would be far too volitile,
Intelligently he waited unless called.
Keeping by the one he looked away from earlier,
He snakes beneath Naru's feet,
He knows he's doing his job.

Isura flailed with panic as the slashed came at him, it phased through him as if was passing through nothing. It was nothing not even Isura just a discared shadown of him. A false image of nothingness that simply beared his image. He however as a little ways away once again trapping them in wire just to bind them enough to get the scroll and bail. He saw no reason whats so ever to kill the poor guys unlike the others from the kidnapping ring…those got what was coming for them. "Is it time to leave yet or what?" Is asked since its clear that they where outted he didn't have to keep his voice down.

The man nods and he leads Naru to the vault, which holds the scroll. He was apparently telling the truth! Yay! Only the ones who actively try to get in Naru's way meet their untimely demise… Or pain… Meanwhile… On the outside, the shinobi are tearing up the guards. Many of the guards are sliced and diced by Hige's lightning-imbued claws while others tend to be just stunned… Curse Kyu's Genjutsu! Well, they get to experience some fun zero-G for a bit, at least. And while they're busy, Isura can tie them all up.

To Naru's surprise the man really did lead them to the vault. She turned to face him, perking a brow at first before a slight smile broadens about her lips. "Well done, today you will be spared," She then reaches forward, planting her palm against the edge of the vault, lightning forged along her finger tips until a vibrant spear of lightning forged and formed, cutting through the vault in a nice circle so they could slip in without needing a lock. "Yosho-san, mind getting the scroll? It is most likely the most interesting looking one," Narusegawa comments as she goes to take a look back at their "protectors". Hige, and Kyuketsuki really knew how to put the hurting on them. She takes a mental note of this and grins. "You all are alot more impressive than I imagined,"

While Naru and Yosho are led by the man to get the scroll Hige moves out the door with Konsho to prepare for some more death and destruction. The inside was cleared, now it was time to keep the outside free for their escape. With the bodies of those already dead laid out for the others to see the tiny Inuzuka raises his voice loudly. "If you want to live drop your weapons and run. Otherwise just keep coming." That warning given, Hige gives it a few beats before he and Konsho launch into the air, then come slamming down on anyone who might get too close, their spinning attack shredding one after the other.

Kyu nods and does the seals for Binding Illusion to anyone who seems to be being targeted by Hige's attacks.

Isura just watched as Hige took them all out bunches at a time, he was surprised however was to be expected it's Hige after all. For now Isura simply laid the ground work by trapping them in wire and allowing Hige strike them down as if they where bowling pins.

The Konoha shinobi, after killing off a majority of the guards, prevent any more attacks incoming. Yosho grabs the scroll for Konoha that Naru is to take back, and the compound itself is left in a state of panic and disarray since most of its forces were taken out and its vault was robbed… That man is lucky Naru spared his life, but that doesn't really mean the men on his side will be so allowing. Fortunately, he's able to get away. Overall, Mission Success! …. with a bit of destruction on the side.

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