Ration Reaping


Onimitsu, Chizuru

Date: May 25, 2014


Onimitsu and Chizuru are assigned guard duty over newly created farmlands for the sake of bolstering Kirigakure's supplies. Unfortunately, complications arise as a result of their clients previous connections…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Ration Reaping"

Forest Glade [Land of Water]


The Land of Water is not dense with trees and plants like the Land of Fire, but it does have a significant degree of forested areas for a landmass of its proportions. The trees are those appropriate to a humid and chilly climate, with vegetation that either has a high tolerance for salinity in the water or adaptations to filter salt from the local water supply. Further inland, the trees are almost completely well-suited to fresh water.
There are few established paths through this part of the forest, with only a single route and a few signs to indicate the way to Koumorite Village. Few people come this way for fear of being accosted by marauders, bandits, or wild animals.
The sound of running water comes from the south.


With the myriad of issues plaguing the shinobi nations at this time, including the pirates on the seas inhibiting necessary trade, supply stores are diminishing. To keep food at sufficient levels, farmland is going to be established within the Forest Glade north of the Chill River. With bandit and dangerous animal activity in the area, this would normally be a mission assigned to chuunin and senior genin. With assets starting to be stretched thin, however, Kirigakure's administration were forced to open up the mission to the less experienced and the untried. Which is why the still largely unknown variable that is Chizuru was partnered with one of Kirigakure's senior chuunin for the mission…

A weary emerald eye cracks open a little to survey the grounds for the third time today before closing once more. It has been three days since Chizuru and Onimitsu have been on the clock. Three days of nigh mind numbing watch over the new farmstead, its inhabitants, and the forest surroundings, since so far all has been quiet. Well, as quiet as any shinobi can hope for in any case. If the duo (Onimitsu and Chizuru) could hold out for one more day then tomorrow they would be relieved by another, more well established team. Until then, they were reliant on their own abilities. A cold mist hides everything from view today. The ground feels damp, and the early morning air is chilly. Although thankful for the store house providing an excellent view over most of the fog, the chill was that much more pervasive to the Oni. Chizuru would have it considerably easier. All she had to do was stand guard upon the porch of the main house, and endure the farmers hospitality; such as the blanket they provided, or would presumable if she hasn't ticked them off in some way.

Chizuru hadn't even been within the walls of Kirigakure for more than a few days before she had been contacted by them to see if she was interested in a bit of mercenary work. It came to her as a surprise as she was relatively unskilled. A sign of how things were within Kirigakure perhaps? She wasn't one to dig into that issue. Instead! She saw it as a multi-pronged opportunity! First and foremost, an opportunity to earn money to buy food and supplies. Mostly food though, she was hungry. And secondly, to earn some brownie points with the village she was going to try and affiliate herself with soon. Hopefully…

Thankfully, Kirigakure provided the golden eyed girl with some basic essentials. Not so cruel as to send her out with nothing but the clothes on her back. Outfitted with some basic protective gear and two hip mounted supply pouches that carried ninja tools and her rations(that were mostly eaten right away). Along with those supplies, Chiziru managed to get her hands on a couple of bargain bin discounted swords to use to protect herself with in the event that things tried to kill her back.

Back in the present, Chizuru was enduring day Three of this mission with nothing exciting to show for it. She was seated on the porch of the main building with a warm blanket wrapped about her and a warm drink in her hands. Nursing her drink, the girl kept out a watchful eye as she idly chit-chatted with the farmers who lived here. As she sat there, sipping away.. her stomach gave a rumbling growl that startled the nearby farmers. She was hungry… And even though she was on a farm, she couldn't just devour everything in sight to fill her stomach. Food was still a commodity and she had to earn her meals for now. "Auugh…" her gaze drifting over to the store house where her partner was keeping watch.

Onimitsu eyes began to droop to a close. While self-aware that even a sleep, his armor and position made him a formidable looking scarecrow to would be bandits, the man dared not allow himself to succumb to sleep. There were far too many things at stake to risk it. His eyes flicker to the forest edge upon spotting movement. After a moment of two of hard staring, a sigh escapes the chuunin's mouth. "Just the wind…" He murmurs quietly to himself, relaxing his grip on the katana in his lap.
Meanwhile, the farmers recover relatively quickly, though remain more wary of Chizuru now. They could all agree that she was a nice girl and plenty healthy by the looks of her, even though her eyes made her a difficult read. Unfortunately, with morning well on its way, the farmer and his hands needed to get started setting up. A dark-haired and handsome (for a farm boy) young man takes a seat next to Chizuru as the others disperse. He evaded Chizuru ever since their first meeting, but with her assignment time being almost up…
"Fine morning we're having he says." He says warmly with dark eyes focused keenly on sky just above the tree tops.

With her stomach requesting aid, one of the hands that was holding Chizuru's drink slips back into the blanket that's around her to fish around in her supply pouches.. Perhaps she had a bit of her rations left and forget to eat one or some of them on their way here. With her fingers feeling something that feels like food, she smiles a bit triumphantly and digs it out and pops it into her mouth. It wasn't much, but it let her poor tummy know she was still listening. However, it wasn't enough to stave off her hunger and she gave off a wistful sigh. Just one more day and she'd have a bit of money for food to fill her up.

Despite her distracting hunger pains, Chizuru still kept a watchful eye from her post on the porch. Not seeing a whole lot going on. At least until one of the farmhand boys plops down next to her and commences conversation. At his comment, she doesn't say anything at first but instead makes a bit of a face. "I guess… At least it's not raining? Still chilly though." she replies, making note to build up a tolerance for the cold. She's going to be staying here for a while.

'A few minutes, no more..'

The thought has been roaming about his mind for the past few hours. Onimitsu ignored it as best as he could. He still had another hour or so left before the cross-over portion of the teams watches passed, allowing him to finally rest. Unfortunately, it was gathering in strength with every passing second now…
"Hnn, It is indeed, tho' this ain't nuthin compared to where me and my folk came from. Did'ja know that when I first arrived, most folk out in these parts have never even heard of elks?" He asks, turning to her now with an enthusiastic glimmer in his eyes.

Shifting beneath her blanket as her limbs are growing a little stiff from just sitting in one spot for so long… Chizuru stretches a bit, "Nnngh…" sighing a little when she turtles back up beneath the blanket. Her attention is split between keeping an eye out and listening to the boy next to her. "What do you mean? Was it colder?… And what's an elk?" she asks, a curious tilt to her head. "Is it tasty?" she adds at the end, giving a little lick of her lips. Thinking about food again, totally doesn't help her resolve.

Onimitsu jolts to alertness, though at first he cannot see what exactly disturbed him. A glance over the fields reveal nothing to the man, but then he spots something along the edge of the forest again. The mist and brush obscured their forms. Unfortunately for them, not well enough to hide from his singular vision. Onimitsu risks a glance across the field to see if Chizuru hasn't spotted the danger herself. A growl emanates from the back of his throat at the sight of the farm boy distracting (or at least seeming to do so) Chizuru from her duties. He dares not call out to her, for fear that their adversaries might be alerted and change their attack patterns. Instead, the chuunin would divide himself between gathering his chakra and using more subtle signals to alert Chizuru's attention to the danger.

"You too?! Oh boy, you just haven't lived until you've gotten a taste of one of them." The young man says, licking his chops at the memory. Their a bit on the dangerous side to take on tho', SO.. here's what we — Oww. What in tar-nashun?" The youth tries to wave off the signal mirror's beam from being directed at his eyes (courtesy of Onimitsu) but to little avail.

Unfortunately for Onimitsu, the farmhand knew just the right topic to delve into to distract Chizuru a bit more than she was willing to admit to. The subject of food being very near and dear to her heart. Well, stomach really. The more the boy talked about how delicious this 'elk' was.. the more hungry she became. Was she… drooling a little? Nah, no way. "S-Stoooop, you're making me hungry. Super hungry even." she complains, just as the boy is cut off and blinded by something. Was that a light?

Jerking her head towards the store house where her partner was stationed, she spots him with the signal mirror up there. This meant there was something afoot. It was about time too, she was going considering if the farmhand tasted like elk if he had some before… Not good thoughts to have. .oO( Bad Chizuru, no. ) mentally scolding herself as she shuffles within the blanket.
Clearing her throat a bit, Chizuru goes to stand, shirking off the blanket and reaching for the couple of cheap-o swords she had brought with her for self defense. When she stands to her full height, she looks rather thin. Tomboyish even… Still wearing the simple t-shirt and jeans with the black sandals she had, but with her borrowed supplies added to her outfit.

"Sorry sir, but you should stay here or find somewhere safe. I think there's something out there. Or at least Mitty thinks so." she states while departing from the porch and heading in the general direction of warning and where Onimitsu was. Her stomach growled fiercely again, causing her to almost stumble. Chizuru grits her teeth to steel her will, at least for a little bit.

If he weren't still half-blinded by the reflected (refracted?) light, the farm boy might have found the look on Chizuru's face cute and boldly commented on such. But seeing how that >isn't< the case, the poor boy misses the golden opportunity. But in anycase! Alas, poor Chizuru, those she was to take care thought it best to try and get the jump on her first. So, with little warning outside of low, threatening growls from the shrubbery, four gray coated dogs bursts forth to attack. Together, they would hound her from all sides at the earliest opportunity, nipping when and where they can despite the danger of being cut to pieces in the process.
Another pair dashes out not long after their four compatriots. Tougher, meaner, and bearing what vaguely looked like armor fitted specifically for dogs. Their targets are the farm hands currently still stunned by the very sight of the larger, more hungry looking dogs. Onimitsu drops down from the store house, interposing himself between them and the farmers.

At the sounding of the growling that comes from the shrubbery, Chizuru could recognize the sound somewhat and knew that there were animals out there. She was pretty sure that nobody would mind if she disposed of those pests when she was done thrashing them for causing trouble… When they burst forth from the bushes, the girl broke into a bit of a run until she met up with her canine foes. They seemed to be trained if they knew how to surround her, or try too as they tried to lunge in and bite her several times. Each time one got close, Chizuru beat them away with her still sheathed swords, smacking them upside the head to re-direct their lunging maws to harmlessly pass her by.

At this particular juncture in time, Chizuru realized that with a sword in each hand.. she couldn't exactly draw them. So what does she do? Whips the blades so that the sheathes come flying off and sail into the direction of the dogs. The metal of her throw-away blades ringing as their coverings fly off at the behest of their mistress. With her katana now free, Chizuru goes to scissor cut a third dog. Hopefully they weren't very fast! "Bad dog!" she shouts.

While the attack dogs after Chizuru certainly boasted offensive power, defensively they were still just plain old pooches at heart. Only one out of three Chizuru's attack manage to scatter successfully out of range. Those that did get hit either goes yelping back in the woods, or crawls… presumeably if Chizuru gives the third dog a chance to try. Fear stricken as they were, it may come as a surprise that the two remaining attack dogs found enough courage or capacity to try and attack chizuru with a two pronged attack, let alone distract her from finishing off their fallen ally.
Meanwhile, Onimitsu weaves amongst his armored foes, luring them to him that much more by playing on their aggression. For now, it seems to work. But only so long as the swordsman can keep up the spinning dashes without crossing over to the main fields…

The air is filled with the sounds of yelping dogs in pain as they are struck with blade and sheath. The latter clattering to the ground some distance away after they did their duty. Chizuru doesn't stop to revel in her exemplary combat prowess, instead she goes and punts the maimed dog she had struck with her blades back into the woods with a pained yelp and a muffled thud in the distance. The girl cursing under her breath as one managed to flee before she could knock it out.
Yellow-gold eyes flash towards the two dogs that stuck around to try and catch her off guard while she was distracted. Sadly for them, their snapping jaws were stopped in their tracks. One dog is stopped with her foot sweeping the dog aside, while the other gets to latch onto the protective arm gear she had gotten before being shaken off and tossed to the ground.
After shaking off her attackers, she goes in for the kill and attempts to impale both dogs with her blades and finish play time so she can get back to work and help Onimitsu if he needs it.

The armored dogs attacks patterns shift. Onimitsu almost cannot keep up. Almost. By accelerating his own adrenaline production, the man is able to leap over the armored dogs, using one as a spring board over its following compatriot by a narrow margin. "Enough." He states, drawing the Yoshimitsu and discarding its sheath in one smooth motion. A second later the armored swordsman flickers in and out of existence, approaching the dogs rapidly to try and cut away both flesh and the straps binding their armor to the their body…

As for the doggy duo and sole remaining members of their pack, panicked scattering saves them from being impaled by their attacker, and goads them on when it comes to the counter attack. Tactics at this point are sacrificed for savage attempts to chew through whatever guards and flesh bits they can be. Only by happenstance do they attack from the front and behind Chizuru.

Expecting to hear the death cries of two dogs… Chizuru gives a startled ack as her blades find nothing but empty dirt as they sink into the ground a bit as the dogs literally scamper out of the way before being skewered. "Geh, darnit! I missed!" yanking at the blades until they come out of the ground. The girl's positioning was somewhat crouched as she saw the dogs try to take her out while she was trying to free her weapons. Unfortunately for them, their easy to read attack patterns proved to be their demise as she simply lunged one blade forward into the oncomming dog and the other got the same treatment with her other weapon. Did she just make shish-kabobs? With her blades heavy with limp critters on them, the girl strains for a moment before sending both of them flying in the same direction she kicked the other one. The air sounding with the sound of blade shearing flesh as the katana exit their foes, blood trailing down the blade.

With her canine foes dispatched, Chizuru stands there for a moment to catch her breath. That was tough! She began to wonder if Mitty was ok at this point… but then she looked in the general direction of where she threw the dogs. Biting her lower lip faintly, she sighs… "Later." she murmurs before turning to go find Onimitsu. "Mittyyyyy!? Where are you?" she calls out, looking for signs of carnage.

The first dog merciful dies within seconds of being skewered. Its partner doesn't fair so well, and would groan pitifully until its lung fill up with enough blood to turn them into gurgling mess. As for Onimitsu, his precision and high speed movement before earns him a reward and a punishment. Although wounded and armor-less, the dogs were now unrestrained by the weighty gear. Not to mention the fact that removing the armor seemed to press some kind of berserk button within the dogs, because their next blitzkrieg overwhelms even his enhancements. Blooded and bruised by the end of the assault, Onimitsu falls to a kneel and tries to take their pause to recover as his own to catch his breath.

While Chizuru and Onimitsu had been busy keeping the dogs off the main farm land as much as possible, the farmers that recovered during the scuffle and fled to safer ground watched. Eventually, The farmers had had enough. This was their lands for pete sake! And no mangy mutts were gonna ruin it for them. So, they gathered just about whatever equipment they could and rushed out from behind the house for a foolhardy charge after the two remaining dogs. If Chizuru or Onimitsu didn't act quick, their heroics may very well result in a lot of dead clients…

During Chizuru's quest to find her partner and make sure he was still alive… since if he died she's pretty sure to follow… The sword wielding dog slayer intercepts the group of farmers who rounded up whatever weapons they could so they could fight back. This of course was not OK for Chizuru, not one bit. They'd just get in the way! And it'd probably negatively impact her pay if they all died…

Skidding to a stop in their general path, Chizuru holds up a hand to stop them all. "Hold on there, everyone. Where do you think you're going?" she says a bit snappily. "We appreciate your desire to help out, but I don't want any of you getting hurt. It's our job to keep you safe, so help us out by staying somewhere safe." she points out, her frown attempting to turn into a smile.. but it's just a lesser frown. Nobody probably noticed.

The farmers are slow to halt their charge, but realizing that it's Chizuru halting their progress prompts the young man to aid in the endeavor. Even then, none of the farmers look ready to give up so easily. They clench their teeth and gripped their makeshift weapons all the tighter for being stopped, nonetheless. "Chizuru-san. You can't really expect us to just stand here and do nothing while those overgrown mutts tear up our fields, do ya?" The boy from before asks without turning to look back at the girl. Even without facing her, it would be obvious the boy is tense while awaiting an answer.

As for Onimitsu, the breathing room the dogs a lot come to an end. They charge in just as blood thirsty and coordinated. Instead of preparing himself to evade, Onimitsu sets the blade at his side and shift his stance, reminiscent of Iaido users. "Manji Style…" He bursts forward, spinning, slashing, hacking, the beasts to pieces before they land again. By moment their front paws touch the ground, both fall to pieces…

"KIRIGAKURE SHINOBI!!! You've slain the last of my pups this day! This we swear!!" Someone calls out from the forest, shocking all except Onimitsu (and perhaps Chizuru too). Even squinting in the direction that the voices came from would reveal no more than silhouettes at the moment…

Upon further inflection… Chizuru wonders to herself just why she jumped in front of all those people to tell them to stop. That didn't seem like her, or maybe she could do it all along… She didn't know. Living in seclusion for so long. The girl stared out at all the tense faces itching to help protect their land. The boy from earlier helping to keep them from just rushing past her. Both of her katana hanging limp towards the ground as she thought this over. "No, not really. But for your own safety, you should just keep safe. Mitty and myself are here to keep trouble out. And it makes it harder on us if we also have to keep our eyes on you while we work. As I said, we appreciate your sentiments. Well, I do at least. Not sure about Mitty though. But you'll help out the most by keep yourselves safe first. In a dangerous world like this, where dogs are trained killers… Numbers won't matter if you're not strong to back it up. And I don't want to see you nice people die in vain. So pl-…"

The girl is cut off by someone shouting something about Kirigakure shinobi and dog slaying. This makes Chizuru furrow her brow in agitation before she shouts back, "Hey! You're the idiot who sent his pets out here to try and take out the armed guards! And also! I'm not a shinobi! Not yet anyways…" she mutters at the end so nobody heard that last part. She was breathing kind heavy still, her lack of food energy sapping her stamina in the form of willpower to keep fighting. Hopefully the dog trainer person wasn't a super villain…

The fires of rebellion dim in the farmers eyes. Not by much, but enough to where that some at least begin to relax their grip on their weapons. The tension in the farmer's son who helped also eased until the call came out. The farmer strain their collective eyes to pierce the veil of forestry and fog. Their efforts turn out needless. The source of the voice steps to the fore, revealing themselves as one might expect out of your atypical land of water bandit. They were familiar. But by the way the farmers went from surprise to enraged, both sides seemed to share a history.
"I thought we told you and your crew that the next time yaw stepped on our lands, we'd see you hang, Jin." The patriarch of the farmer family steps forth amongst the rabble to say.
Jin laughs and shakes his head. "Daichi. As if we wouldn't get back what you owe." Jin says, drawing his blade. As if on cue, the rest of his five man band of brigands draw their weapons.
"Chizuru-san." Onimitsu states evenly, gesturing for the girl to join him at his side. Meanwhile, the swordsman turns to face his opponent, eye closed to focus on healing through chakra control and willpower alone…

Chizuru keeps an eye on all the farmers, seeing the tension ease from their faces brought about a bit of relief for the girl. She wasn't going to have to knock them all out and drag them somewhere… Thank god. But when the bandits make their arrival after she shouts at them angrily.. all the trouble she went to to calm everyone down was wasted as they all were ready to lynch the guy. An audible smacking sound is heard as Chizuru drags her hand over her face, "Dangit…" she mutters, "It's bad enough you guys wanted to fight the trained dogs… but now you want to fight armed bandits? Just… no." she says to nobody in particular.. but still loud enough for some to hear.

Upon hearing Onimitsu call out for her, Chizuru meanders over to her partner's side to see what he wants. A strange look on her face as she wonders what he's doing all of a sudden. "Yes Mitty-kun?" she asks before looking at the bandit underlings and their ring leader with scorn. Which fades quickly upon her stomach growling like a hungry animal. .oO( Aagh, I'm going to die of starvation here. I don't care anymore, first chance I get… I'm getting a bite to eat. ) thinking to herself as she checked for the weakest link over in the enemy group.

Onimitsu had no conscious idea of rather or not his plan would work, but the grumbling belly of his companion gives him hope. All he does is simply point to the three guys towards the far back. They were on the scrawny side compared to their leader and the other two, but the fact that they >were< in the back in the first place was all the proof Onimitsu needed to mark them as true small fry. "Oni-kun." He corrects, belatedly.

"Uh, boss. I think that guy just marked us."

"Quiet, Tenshin. I'm ruminating on just how we'll be paying those Kiri shinobi back for — " He doesn't get another word out before being forced to defend himself from the Yoshimitsu. Say what you will about the man's occupational choice, but do not mock his ability to wield the sword in his hand. He deflected Onimitsu first slash, but the man's follow-up would force him away from the group, placing those that were at the man's immediate backside behind Onimitsu. Naturally, the bait is far too tempting to ignore for them. Rather or not the last three are able to join in however would remain largely up to Chizuru. They were a little slow on the uptake after all.

As far the farmers, they haven't forgotten Chizuru's word of caution earlier. And would, if grudgingly, hold back on attacking themselves for the time being.

Standing to the side of Onimitsu, Chizuru squints over at the bandits that get pointed at… They seemed rather scrawny to be bandits really… "Are those the runts of the litter?" she asks curiously. A short laugh as she can just make out the runts complaining about them getting 'marked'. When corrected on what to address Mitty as she just makes a face, "But I like Mitty-kun better. Oni-kun makes you sound evil." not to mention cliche attempts at sounding cool! Tch.

There wasn't much time for idle chit chat as team leader decided to set the pace right away by assaulting the bandit leader right off the bat and pushing him back away from the group… leaving Chizuru's targets open for assault. She wasn't done talking to him! Ah well..

With a heavy sigh and an empty belly, Chizuru begins her offensive. The girl starts to leap forward, jumping side to side with increasing speed. Well, as much speed as she can muster for her ability level. Which is more than the average commoner! So it's still impressive! Her advance seemingly lurching forward with her swords at the ready, her killing intent evident in her yellow-gold eyes that bore down on her targets.

SNAP! At least until the strap on her sandal decided to give up the ghost from all the strain of her heightened movement speed. The loss of her balance went first as she cried out and almost fell forward. But this wasn't the first time something like this happened… And with a practiced grace, the girl whirled her body around to keep the sandal on just long enough to launch it full speed into the face of one of the bandits she was tasked with dispatching. Soon to follow was it's sibling.. the heels in both sandals were thicker and would hurt if they hit their marks. "Maaan, my favorite shoes!" she wailed… were those sandals whistling through the air?…
Minus her footwear, Chizuru resumes her advance, singling out the one bandit who wasn't going to get a sandal to the face hole. For him, her gets to meet her blades up close and personal… in the form of her attempting to skewer him right through his kneecaps. Nothing like hobbling her prey…. A rather frightening look in her eyes, a hungry look.

None of them notice anything outside of the dance of death between Onimitsu, Jin, and those that join him until Chizuru's shoe snap. And even then, only one of them is both fast enough and smarter enough to see what the noise was about WITHOUT getting whacked upside the head with the girl's thick heeled sandals! But the guy next to him? Nope. Not even remotely that lucky. He doesn't go down like a sack of potato, but complains and curses like the shoe damn near took his head off.
"You co.. coo…" The rest dies in his throat, for her turned at juuuuuust that right moment to see the third guy get skewered through both knee caps. The wails from that guy trumped his own without a doubt, though that's hardly a concern for the man. "Barley co — Tenshin! Did'ju just see that!!" His friend exclaims, grabbing and shaking his arm until the man shakes him off with a curse. "Yeah I saw. No-now ma-ma-man up and get her!" He yells, grabbing and yanking his friend forward before following up after.
They falter along the way. One of them even nearly trips as well before finally reach within stabbing, punching, and kicking range of the girl. Which they do, and with about as much gusto as a man facing down a hungry mama bear after unwittling disturbing her cubs.

Just as Onimitsu managed to mark Jin in the initial assault, Jin returns the favor in kind. Pushing past the pain, Onimitsu forces the blade pressed into the narrow weak points in his armor, knocking him back temporarily in the process. Then, as if he had eyes in the back of his head, he spins to the side, evading one stroke, and slitting the throat of the second guy to attempt it before returning his focus back on Jin. The man starts to speak. Onimitsu doesn't give him the chance to before disappearing and reappearing in front of him, kicking him full on in the chest with a side-kick.

Despite all that racket, Chizuru still managed to get the drop on those bandits! And now here she was, fighting barefoot even. Hopefully she didn't go and step on any glass… Or caltrops. With a sick wet noise, the two katana slide from their home within the bandit's kneecaps and snap free. As she pulled her weapons free, she licked her lips and muttered quietly just loud enough for the poor bandit to hear… "I wonder if you're tasty…" before turning to see the two she thwacked her her shoes recover and advance on her! What jerks.

Of course, Chizuru wouldn't stand for getting stabbed without trying her hardest to avoid it.. using both of her katanas to catch the blade and stop it at the guard piece. "Whoaaa there, no stabbing the innocent girl now." she stated flatly. However she just stood there as the other guy socked her good right in the face and sent her head snapping off to the side, staggering her footing only slightly.

For a few moments, Chizuru is silent as she holds off the knife bandit and the punchy one just stares at what he just did. Turning her head back, a bit of blood running from the corner of her lip. Slowly, her tongue licks the blood away from her lip and she fixes her gaze on the fellow who punched her in the face. "Ehehehehe…." what kind of laugh was that!? It wasn't cute at all…

Chizuru's foot quickly lashes out in an attempt to destroy the knife-wielding bandit's family jewels with a mighty kick to stun him… Afterwards, she spins around to lunge at the other bandit, dropping her katana mid-leap as she attempts to mount him like some sort of savage animal. But why?! If the bandit doesn't evade her, he'll be trapped within her rather strong hold. "You're shoulders feel tense, let me relieve some of that tension for you."

What happens next is something someone might see out of a horror movie involving zombies… but hopefully not zombie clowns. Chizuru opens her mouth wide and clamps down between the bandit's shoulder and neck. She was biting him!? But it was weird, at least for the bandit… because it hurt a whole lot more as everything that was in her mouth began to dissolve. What was left behind was a gaping wound where she had taken a bite out of him. "Eww… you taste gamey…" she complained, still latched onto the bandit. She wasn't done… was she?

The ground maybe hard in some places, but otherwise, Chizuru doesn't have to worry about glass or caltrops thankfully. Not that Mr. Kneeless has to worry about such things in the future. Or being conscious of the pain for much longer. Chizuru's last words to him did an adequate job of causing him to faint on the spot…

The punchy takes a step back… then another… then another. All the while wondering just what kind of demon he just pissed off with that lucky strike. "I'll stab whoever I d — " Is about all Tenshin gets out before the kick effectively removes him from the picture, and possibly any chances at reproducing in the future. Poor fool just didn't catch on time… But back to the punchy guy again. He manages to at least begin to turn and flee when Chizuru tackles him to the ground, pinning him in the damp, grass. "Nonono! Their fine. Their finetheirfinetheir — " But just like his ally, the rest dies in his throat. The sheer shock of the girl — a perfectly ordinary, if not extraordinarily tall girl — taking a bite out of him like some kind of cannibal keeps him silent. The pain and the disturbing look in her eyes soon register, causing the main to visibly pale and cry out…

Few farmers can hold in the sight of such brutality or carnage without eventually looking away or flinching at the sight. And this being just from the throat slitting and the destruction of future Tenshin. Those that can are at least fortunate. That is to say, most of them are. The farmer boy that talked with Chizuru the most earlier and Daichi can make out just enough in the fog to guess at what Chizuru has done.
Needless to say, any romantic interest he might've had just died. Not to mention any 'hope' of assistance from the farmers….

Despite Onimitsu best efforts to throw Jin off, the man sidesteps the kick and slashes back quickly with an upward stroke. A hasty deflection with the Yoshimitsu saves Onimitsu from the strike, but in doing so, he left himself off-balance. Too unbalanced, in fact, to mount a real defense against the series of feints and real slices with Jin's blade. At the very least Onimitsu makes it harder on Jin to slashes through the weak points in his armor by rotating rapidly from a chakra burst from his feet. He comes out of the spin just as Jin's back-up makes a poorly dudged attempt at revenge. For his efforts, dreamland awaits after quick pressure point strike from the swordsman.
Now, alone Jin remained. A fact Onimitsu hoped to change by stabing him in the arm, and use his weight to force him down.

Almost losing herself to the hunger that was pushing her forward, Chizuru pushes herself up from the bandit who she just took a good chunk out of. The pain and shock from such a thing knocked him out in moments. Licking her lips and then wiping her mouth with a sleeve cleans up most of the mess from that little spectacle! And as far as she could tell… only the boss man Jin was left standing.. facing Onimitsu and not even paying attention to his underlings being decimated by a girl.

Standing up slowly, a pair of hands dip into the supply pouches strapped to Chizuru's thighs and quietly fish out a pair of kunai. She knew this was probably a bad idea.. The man was fighting Mitty on even footing pretty much! Who's to say she even stood a chance? But she didn't want to just leave him by himself over there…

Blood, she wanted to see this man's blood.. and that perpetual frown slowly turned into a sadistic smile as she figured out what to do. As silently as she could, the girl stalked Jin until she was within striking distance. Before he knew what hit him, Chizuru leaped onto Jin's back and wrapped her long legs around his waist to hold on, her arms going around his neck. The kunai held dangerously nearby. "The world is an ugly place, full of terrible things. Take solace in the fact that you don't have to worry about it anymore~" she said quietly into Jin's ear.

The pair of kunai in the girl's hands twirl into the proper position before Chizuru's body starts to fall back as the kunai drag hard over Jin's throat and open him up like some sort of throat slitting euphemism! Sadly for the bandit boss, that wasn't all that was in store for him… As his life's blood began to spray from his now opened neckline, his attacker would continue to fall back until her hands planted into the ground with her legs still around him. Straining her body to its limits, Chizuru proceeds to yank Jin off his feet and slam him into the ground. The wet ground just soft enough that the man's neck doesn't snap… but it's still not good.

When it's all said and done… Chizuru drags herself off the bandit boss and stands up to dust herself off as if nothing happened… "Mitty-kun… you're all wet." she points out nonchalantly.

Chizuru's timing could not have been more perfect. In raising his guard to try and deflect Onimitsu's blade, the man left himself just that much more vulnerable for Chizuru's surprise attack. Coupled with his arrogance, anger, and refusal to acknowledge the outcries of his men, Jin was doomed to fall from the start. Onimitsu would keep up that added pressure Jin's sword arm, preventing the man from adjusting the blade and simply cutting the girl loose before she even started to speak.

In anycase, there would be no last words from the man. No last threats, curses, or entreaties on his part. Only an incomprehensible mess of gibberish and gurgling. Both of which end up silenced as well by Chizuru's continued brutality. It is a display of agility and strength that would impress any honest to goodness taijutsuist. His violet-tinged emerald for an eye took it all in cooly without any regard to Jin's blood coating his armor. At least… not until Chizuru kindly pointed it out.
"Indeed… A bath shall be required." Onimitsu states before finally drawing his gaze away from Chizuru's own to regard the farmers. By now some have seemed to recover, and tried to return to some semblance of their regular duties. The patriarch of the family however has to strong arm some of his hands into approaching the Kiri shinobi. More than likely to ask what shall be done about the bodies.
Onimitsu lets out a weary sigh and turns his attention back to Chizuru. After a quick use of diagnostic jutsu (with or without her consent) and the application of some first aid, the swordsman would then finally seem to crack an 'eye smile' and try and pat her on the shoulder. "See to it that you are cleaned up, young one. There is still the remainder of your watch to deal with." His gaze flickers to Jin. "This one shall see to the removal of the bodies. Then rest, until the next shift." He states.
On that note, Onimitsu would see to it that all the bandits (including the one struck in the family jewels earlier) would be properly removed from the farmland, and given a burial. They didn't deserve it in his personal opinion. But the patriarch was bound to feel some obligation to see them taking care of given some form of old tie with the men. About the only thing that might sway him to do otherwise would be an express wish from Chizuru. Although in which case, the man would ask that whatever her 'intentions' are to be exercised with discretion.

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