What If? First Kiss - Reality of Nightmares



Date: May 18, 2013


None given.

"What If? First Kiss - Reality of Nightmares"

Unknown location

"Rise… chan…"

"Takeda… kun…"


Rise bolted forward in her bed, screaming at the top of her lungs for
good minute or two before being startled out of it by Ren, her father,
banging on the wall from the room next to her. After a few minutes being
used to catch her breath she sighed in relief and wiped some of the sweat
that had started to gather on her forehead. "Whoo… just, another one of
those dreams…"

Flash Forward - The Very Next Morning

Rise meandered without any real goal in mind for a destination. The only
thing that matter at all really was for her to stay as far as way as
possible from Takeda, Amani, Sekisetsu, Meruin, Banza, Tsiro, Hitoshi,
Hiroshi, Keiji, Ko—okay, just /stay/ away from everyone she's even
remotely close to for the sake of her chasity!… And Sanity, one can
never forget that sanity is /very/ important in the long run! She even
succeeded for the next few hours in satisfying these conditions even at
the cost of being a little… neglectful of her team. Unfortunately, a
certian Kumo genin with an over-eager, oversized (for a 'regular' dog of
his kind) pet saw fit to ruin everything via the former loosing his griip.
What happened next since Rise dared to snatch a few meaty snacks along the
way was, to be frank, an obvious thing to conclude.
The dog leapt…
Rise turned just in time to see a gaint shadow descend upon her…
Pavement cracked under slightly from too much pressure…
And lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of slobber and tongue descended
upon the poor chuunin.

"Mako.. *pant*.. No.. *pant*.. No, kissing… *pant*… strange..
people!!" Out of everything she managed to hear while trying to push the
slobbering beast off of her body, the bit about kissing promptly locked
her in place. 'My first kiss… to a.. to a-…' She passed out a second

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