Rebirth of the Gobi: Release From Hell Island


Rie, Ishino, Akane, Tsiro

Date: December 14, 2016


A group of Kiri superiors come to Jigoku no Shami, where Rie is being kept, to evaluate her for release back into the Kirigakure populace and return to duty.

"Rebirth of the Gobi: Release From Hell Island"

Jigoku no Shami - Secret Compound

Six months without daylight can be a bit jarring. Day and night lose their meaning. One's sense of time can be lost, and the entire time can seem to blend together like one never-ending day or a dream one cannot wake up from. Still… Kirigakure needed this of her, and Rie gladly volunteered for this task for the good of the village. That she has accomplished the task that she was brought down here is all that matters.

Though she wouldn't really be fully aware of the current time, the Shirayuki woman given an amount of hours she had until she would have a visit from the village's leadership to evaluate her, and so she would be freshened up and well-kempt well before anyone would arrive just in case they came early. It's not like they're here to rate her hygiene and social skills, but, despite her feelings about her clan, being raised by them has influenced her to be properly prepared when important company is to arrive.

Adorned in her combat attire, Rie sits with her legs folded and a hand on each thigh in a meditative stance. There is no expression on her face, her eyes closed as she delves deep into her mind where the beast rests while she awaits the arrival of whoever will be visiting her this morning. In the realm of her mind, she stands before the giant cell door that the Five Tails sits behind, staring up at the beast, though he only lays in there with his eyes closed. Whether he is actually sleeping is questionable, as she can still feel the aggression from him, though he is at least not actively trying to escape at this point.

The sudden appearance probably doesn't really have the effect that Ishino would like it to on Rie… mainly because she's had her eyes closed up to this point so she really wasn't looking up to see their sudden appearance. It seems she at least detected it, however, as she does slowly open her eyes to look over the four figures that have appeared before her. Her eyes study over each of them briefly, along with a quick glance at Akane's bandages that imply wounds as well as her swords. She's not exactly the kind that became a Medic Nin out of the want to help others, but the instincts are still there.

A light bow of her head acknowledges the higher ranking shinobi as she finally rises to her feet, though the Shirayuki doesn't speak yet since she has not been spoken to. Minding one's manners in terms of rank seems best in this sort of situation, and so she will wait to be greeted or told the nature of this visit. Though one might detect some weariness in her, the young woman's posture is still flawless, the look of her determination overriding her fatigue.

Ishino does what he does because of who he is. The reaction to such things is always different, so he's quite use to it being ignored. It's the subtle things of art and that consistency that's important, afterall. Closing the folder, Ishino hands it off, his attention turning fully to Rie then with a small nod. "Taijutsu focus. Some knowledge of elemental usage. No sign of the ice manipulation. Reports show a steady control and positive response to the beast established within the host."

Ishino studies Rie for a moment, then finally, fully speaks to her, rather than mostly reporting to Tsiro. "Greetings, Rie-san. So far you seem to be handling everything as ordered. We are reviewing your activity to determine if it is appropriate for you to have social interactions at this time."

Akane listened to Ishino speak, reading off that file and nodded. She stepped forward and nodded her head to Rie again. Her voice when she spoke was soft and kind despite her mask covering her visage. "I am Doihara Akane. I'm here to check your medical condition." She lifted a hand and paused just long eough to silently request permission then rested it lightly on the girl's head, sending a diagnostic through her, checking on her physical condition and getting a feel for any other issues.

Tsiro remained quiet as the other two spoke. He was here mainly to observe. He knew very little about how this process was done or what the host went through before they could be released. For the moment though the girl seems like she is doing well enough. Like she hasnt launched a hopeless attack.

Ah, so it seems it's an evaluation. Rie listens to the details about her progress in the folder, noting they're basically correct except one detail. Still, she remains quiet as she simply glances between them while they speak. Ishino is given a brief nod to show she understands what he's saying before turning her attention to Akane as she steps forward to run her diagnostic on her.

"Social interaction, huh?" she asks as she glances back to Ishino, smirking just slightly as she speaks with just a bit of sarcasm. "So you're saying, if you let me out of here, I HAVE to talk to people?" Looking back to Akane, she says, "My body is adjusting well to the 'new addition'. I have no current injuries, and my chakra flow is normal. There have been no recent outbursts by the beast attempting to escape or rampage." Which is all information her diagnostic will tell her basically, but it's nice to have verification.

Ishino raises a brow, studying Rie for a moment. "Yes. You will be part of a team. You will have to obey orders from Jounin. You will have to speak to civilians. So talking is a basic requirement of the job. That said, you are more than welcome to be as brief and efficent in your communication as you deem fit. Afterall, you will be filling out the reports of the missions you are going on." Ishino glances to Akane, confirming that Rie is ok from her before looking back to Rie. "Any other questions?"

Akane nodded then turned back to Ishino, though remained where she was. "She is well and I feel no serious disturbances." The woman rested a hand on her hip, watching and cataloging the reactions in her own mind.

"… I suppose sarcasm is lost on some people," Rie says, quirking an eyebrow at Ishino slightly. "I'm aware of the details of shinobi duty. I'll perform them as I always have… just with a bit more power and caution to emotion than before." She looks toward Akane as she gives her evaluation, nodding to her in thanks before she returns her attention to the suit-clad man. "I have none other than what is next in my evaluation to resurface… and perhaps if I'll be able to use this facility for training when I want to practice but don't want to risk unleashing Hell on the village. Better to take out the Bijuu's rage on the monsters above us than civilians and fellow shinobi… Well, Kirigakure shinobi."

Ishino chuckles slightly, shaking his head. "The only other thing I could think of is a potential display of strength so I can accurately gauge with my own eyes your capabilities and place you on an appropriate team. Paper reports only convey so much." He'd motion to the report the old man had with a small smile to Rie. "As for sarcasm.. ask your compatriot about previous hosts.. There were some that it was a serious question. I just want to be absolutely clear on requirements."

Akane chuckled behind her mask at the reaction. "We have a lively one this time, Koi." It was affectionate in tone. Then Akane turned toward Rie and backed up several paces. Silently she gathered her chakra and behind the mask which kept her eyes completely out of sight through the lenses Ishino made, she activated her Sharingan. "You may attack me. Don't worry about hurting me. Be assured we will be able to restrain the beast if it rampages."

"Well, just to warn, more of my training was put into healing than offense so I could come back from my injury, but I will catch up quickly enough," Rie says before turning to face Akane. She goes through her thoughts momentarily before quickly bringing her hands into a seal. Opening her mouth, she breathes forth a wave of flame bullets at the woman. This serves the purpose of attack as well as a cover as the Shirayuki woman comes out of the smoke and flame and drives a side thustkick directly at Akane's gut, followed quickly in momentum as she kicks her foot on the ground upward to aim a kick at the side of her head.

Ishino watches from the side, raising a brow as he'd study Rie's attack pattern. He wasn't worried about Akane of course.. Although just to spite him she'd probably just take the hits, even with her previous wounds. Ishino raises a brow at Akane, speaking volumes to what he knows is going on as he'd do just as he said, watch Rie and judge how to put her in the teams.

Akane watched as the girl sent fireballs at her and they looked about to strike when.. they all seemed to suddenly miss by inches. Akane had shifted but only enough to avoid it, though the passing power made her dragon scale hair sticks jingle. Then she lifted an arm, easily blocking the first strike. Then she let Rie land a hit by putting both arms out and away, leaving herself open. She did, however, ensure that Rie would not strike her stomach which was previously wounded by the Mizukage.

The masked woman nodded. "Good. She has physical potential as well, Koi. Perhaps we shall spar sometime, Rie-kun. Only using taijutsu."

Rie blinks when Akane pretty much brushes off a direct kick to the head… She is going to have to catch up… and this monster that's leasing space within her soul is going to have to cooperate. There's no way she's going to be a weak link as a Bijuu. "Sure," she responds with a nod, then glances at Akane's stomach. "… Would you like me to heal that for you, or are you hanging onto the wound for a while?"

Ishino nods thoughtfully, smiling towards Akane, then chuckles at Rie's question. "She keeps them like pets. As soon as one is gone, she goes seeking another. They litter the house and everything." He grins ryly at Rie before nodding. "If you could, please go ahead and heal her. You spoke of your training being in healing. Show me." (re just in case)

Akane blinked behind the mask but relaxed her stance. She was about to agree but Ishino ordered it. his comments got him a shake of the finger from the Seven. She would harass him later. But for now she moved to sit down so Rie could have a stable access to the wound. Unwrapping the bandages, she allowed Rie to see a wound that would have killed a younger less experienced person. Like a drill had pierced her. Which was accurate, actually. But there were also deep burns from where Akane herself had sealed the bleeding. It was halfway healed already. (re)

Huh. Keeping wounds like pets. Seems ill-advised of a medical ninja due to factors like possible infections, likely really if she keeps them constantly. "Hai,"she says simply as she studies that gruesome wound over before bringing her hands into a seal. Just then water begins to rise from a pool nearby and form into a ball that floats over to Akane and covers that wound. Once there, it forms around it and begins to heal the wound from the inside out.

Ishino simply smiles oooohhhh so sweetly at Akane. Hey.. something she'd normally do to him! Chuckling to himself, he'd watch Rie carefully as she'd work on manipulating that water, using it to help further mend Akane's wounds. A thoughtful nod is given in response as he'd watch on. "Good. That is useful. So, fire and water for your manipulations then? Interesting."

Akane smiled behind that mask and lifted a hand. "There are ways to heal with fire as well." She held up just two fingers and the air around them shimmered from the intense heat she collected before touching her own wound to seal it further. Though it did leave behind a sizzle and a burn. Akane did not seem to care about the pain though.

She then nodded and stood up before moving closer to Ishino and lifting her arms. She was sure he had bandages prepped inone of his scrolls just for her.

"I have three actually," Rie comments with a glance Ishino's way. "Fire, Water, and Wind. Water and Wind were inherited from my clan. Fire, if I didn't already have that capacity, came from the sealing of the beast inside me." She then looks back to Akane, watching as she using her own jutsu to finish healing the wound. "Huh. I'll have to learn that one." She takes a step back then and watches as Akane walks over to Ishino again. "Technically I have may have a fourth element soon once I master more of the Bijuu's abilities… hopefully soon."

Ishino would be given a scroll by the old man that he'd promptly use to get the stored bandages and carefully re-wrap Akane with a small smile her way. Looking to Rie, he would nod thoughtfully. "Quite a range of capabilities. It will be interesting to watch your mastery blossom. Very well. I have concluded my examination and I determine you fit for general duty. You may use this place as a retreat as necessary. You'll begin to be sorted into missions shortly, understood?"

Akane relaxed her eyes and leaned up to touch the lips of her mask to Ishino's cheek. Then she removed it altogether, her eyes now a light jade green, though one had a scar bisecting one from the forehead down her cheek. She smiled at Rie. "Congratulations. You can come to us if you need anything."

Rie grins slightly at the news that she is officially being released from being bound to this place. "Understood… Thank you," she says, offering a light bow of her head. "And I may take you up on that, if for nothing more than training. I do not plan on lagging behind as a Chuunin for long. I will become everything the village could want out of a Jinchuuriki."

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