First Promotion Exams - Rebound Ambush: Eremi vs. Haruko 2


Eremi, Haruko

Date: January 23, 2012


None given.

"First Promotion Exams - Rebound Ambush: Eremi vs. Haruko 2"

Unknown location

An indefinite amount of time had passed since the last time Eremi had
seen the cloth wielding foe. An opponent whom came out of nowhere only
to attack him and then disappear in a whirlwind of dust and the likes
moments later. It was quite weird to say the least, having to deal
with such. And yet, you'ld think the boy would learn to not be out in
the open if he wanted to avoid such things.

This however was not the case, as he was sprawled out across the
ground, not moving much as the time went by, save to start a fire. The
caves and exams were clearly taking a toll on his psyche where
normally he'd be more cautious about being spotted, lately he was
simply leaning closer and closer to not caring anymore when it came to
such simple things as, whether or not he would get another scroll or
if by him being in the open a more threatening force might appear to
deal with him.

What could be considered even stranger is that the cloth wielding girl
is returning even after having been forced to retreat this earlier
time. However, something is different this time around; and it's
obvious right away. The girl's cloth wrappings now come with several
lengths of cloth floating in the air; almost like extra limbs.
Further, Haruko is coming in by means of ceiling, trying to get at
least a bit of surprise in…

Lying on one side, Eremi was looking off into the distance, simply
staring as far as the light put off from his fire would allow. He knew
deep in the blackness was the cave wall, but wasn't sure exactly how
far it might be. Covered in the different types of moss, algae and
fungi, he had seen it before when the light was better and was only
curious if he could peer through the darkness.

Restless and bored, he rolled over on to his back and was now staring
up at the ceiling. The flames would lick at the air, causing the light
to extend further every now and then, giving him brief glimpses of the
stalactites and rocky surface above. At one point, he was sure to have
seen the reflection of eyes peering down upon him. Though he couldn't
have been sure if it was from a wet surface or that of perhaps, a bat.

Haruko is in no mood not to abuse this weakness, and jumps down from
the ceiling to just in front of Eremi. Wind gathering around the
Genin's floating ribbons of cloth just before two of them strike down.
Hard and rapidly, it's a sudden assault; but that makes it no less
dangerous. The Sunagakure Nin then jumps a few steps back in order to
gauche Eremi's response to this assault…

A sigh would escape the young teens mouth as he was beginning to
think that nothing eventful was going to come from this day, but just
as the thought finished in his mind, he saw what looked to be two
pieces of cloth heading straight toward him to pierce though his flesh
and pin him to the ground. Instantly he got to his feet, but even
still he was too slow. Each chakra infused cloth cutting deeply into
him, forcing him to scream in pain.

Knowing what was going on, Eremi had no need to try and figure out
why. He knew and it only infuriated him to think further into it. The
clothed opponent fell nearby and he spun to look the other in the
face. Though Haruko's was covered, it did little to prevent him from
glaring. "You attack me once and run away, now you attack me with an
ambush!" These alone were idle threats if he couldn't do anything
about it.

Focusing within, he concentrated only moments before force the first
of the chakra gates to burst open. It was invigorating at first, but
then he felt the toll. His wounds didn't like how it made his muscles
ache, but he would fight through it. Instantly he disappeared in a
blur of speed to appear beneath the other and launch them into the air
with an upper kick.

That was unfortunate. Haruko was kicked up and left mostly
defenseless, but she wasn't out yet, so she tries to look around where
the adversary was to see if she could defend herself against it
adequately. Who knows, it might or might not be possible… it's kind
of hard to tell at this point, isn't it…?

After kicking Haruko up into the air, Eremi waited as he gathered
himself up. Despite the situation, he needed to stay calm. Anger
wasn't something he normally showed…ever. So he took a deep breath
and when he released it, he leaped into the air to trail behind the
other for what few moments he had to hide within their shadow.

He saw that the other was trying in vain to look around and possibly
gain some momentum back before anything happened. Knowing this, he was
going to have to be quick. Starting off with one leg, he spun around
to kick at Haruko a few times. Being airborne she was sure to gain
some distance so Eremi allowed himself to fall to the ground before
leaping at her once again with the same succession of kicks.

Airborne, Haruko was easily hit. But once she hit the ground, Haruko
was ready to respond, hardening steel cloth and preparing herself for
the incoming assault, batting aside the kicks before punching Eremi.
Then, after that, Haruko would harden several ribbons of cloth while
surrounding them with wind; before sending them rapidly towards Eremi.
This seems to be a reasonably advanced move for a genin to use… oh

There was a look of surprise on Eremi's face when he went in to
connect a few more kicks only to be batted away and struck in return.
This wasn't the same level of skill this cloth-covered person had last
time, why had it changed so drastically and in such a short time. The
thought lingered on his mind far heavier then any of his wounds were
able to affect him. Trying to recover, he straighted up and shifted
into a stance, then held one hand out in front of him. To him, it
seemed like they were both relatively even in skill and he could still
possibly win this.

Swallowing hard, he readied himself to run forward and attack, but
before he could do so, several pieces of his opponents cloth began to
rise then shoot out at him with such continued speed there was little
he could do. He tried his hardest at avoiding the attacks, but slowly
they were starting to be too much for him and eventually when one
attack finally hit, the rest seemed to as well.

Beaten and bloodied, Eremi fell to his knees with head lowered and
face hidden from view. There were tears in the boys eyes that streaked
down his face before dropping to the ground and puddled much like the
blood was beginning to. For a few moments, he did little more then
that until he found enough strength to reach into a pocket and
retrieve a scroll. He clutched it tightly in his hand, not wanting to
let it go, then just like that tossed it ahead in the best effort he
could. He had no plans to stick around afterwards and in a last ditch
effort, disappeared in a blur of speed that headed for the darkness
hoping to be consumed by it so to not be followed.

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