Reconstruction Blues - Team Kioko: Part 1


Freyr (emitter), Kioko, Kyuketsuki, Isura, Toshio, Zankuro

Date: March 4, 2015


None given.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Reconstruction Blues - Team Kioko: Part 1"

Village somewhere in the Land Of Fire

All of you were called into the Konoha Administration building via messangers. The messages were terse, saying only that you were requested for a mission of the utmost importance. When all of you arrived, you were greeted by the a Jounin who addressed you all:
"You've been called here today to help deal with a problem arising after the pacification of The Silence." The Jounin looks at all of you gravely, "As you may know, the war with the Silence took it's toll on all the lands, leaving villages in ruins and many people dead. We are endevouring to help the Land of Fire rebuild but there have been… problems." He pulls out a scroll and reads from it, "In certain villages, while rebuilding houses and buildings, several of them have been sabatoged with traps, mostly explosive tags placed underneath wallpaper and the like set to trip wires. There is no pattern that can be detected in this incidents, as there is no one company or group of contractors or sub-contractors who have been targeted. It seems to be random as to who and where and what is targeted." He rolls up the scroll and says, "As such, you are directed to investigate the next two villages slated to be rebuilt and find and disarm the traps and if possible, discover who is causing it and bring them to justice. This mission is to be in two teams lead by Kamizuru Kioko with Kataras Toshio, Uchiha Kyuketsuki and Isura and Sarutobi Zankuro and the other team will be lead by Uzumaki Tsukino with Inuzuka Hige and Kaido, Aburame Jade and Zori. Inuzuka Taiki will be in overall command of the mission and will provide backup and battlefield medic in case of emergency. This mission is of the utmost importance and the health and welfare of the village and Land of Fire lies in your hands. Remove the last vestiges of Yuuma and The Silence, so that our great nation can rise again from it's ashes."
The Jounin turns and bows to Taiki and offers him the scroll and says, "Godspeed Clan Head of the Inuzuka, and good luck." With that, he turns and opens the door to the Hokage's private office and walks in, closing the door to let Daisuke know that it is done.

Standing in the room, Kioko listens to all the details intently. She glances around the room at the team she's been assigned for this. Her ears perk at some familiar names, but they seem to all be on the other team. Oh well. Once the speech is done, she nods to the Jounin before turning to her team and smiling. "I'm Kioko if anyone hasn't figured it out yet. Glad to meet all of you." She peers to Taiki then, wondering how many people Konoha expects to get hurt given the number of medical ninja assigned to this task. "Let's get going, hmm?" she asks as she looks back to the others. "Gotta get this done before there are too many 'accidental' demolitions."

Kyu sighs quietly. Traps… Are not his forte. He looks at Kioko and listens. When she says 'let's get going' Kyu nods at her. Wasting time does seem like a bad idea. Kyu looks at the others, wow, he knows very few of these people, except Zankuro. Kyu nods to him. "Hello Zankuro." He says as he waits for the group to move out.

Isura would nod to the words of Kioko once she finished his eyes darted around the group before smirking, "at least Zankuro here…perhaps maybe the two of us still have it." Isura gave everyone the standard to finger wave before tying down his headband. Digging his foot into the ground he could feel his excitement rising, he held his arm before a smirk graced his face. Once there order to move out sounded he shivered with utter anticipation of what's to come from this mission.

It took every ounce of willpower on Zankuro's part not to fidget or crack a joke in front the serious looking administrator. The urge is especially bad today, what with that strange tingling in the back of his neck that told him nothing but bad news was going to be spoken of soon. He felt no joy in having his worries confirmed. If anything, Zankuro looked like he felt, and that was a wee bit on the quesy side. He just barely manages to hold his composure long enough for the Jounin to leave before finally slouching forward a little and rubbing his belly.
"I'm the ash… ugh.. just, Zankuro." He after covering his mouth with a hand. Zankuro blinks and rapidly shakes head and waves his hands all about as if to ward Kioko off. If a hot chick like Kioko thought he was feeling sick because of how she — no! He had to straighten out and put on his grr-ame face, so Zankuro did just that. "Mm! Hello again Kyu-san, and.. Isura-san." He says, the latter name coming out more somber. Zankuro is quick to turn his attention back to Kioko. As soon as she moved he would move to follow, no questions asked until the sickness passed and his mind got all squared away.

Toshio Simply looks to the others and moves with them. "So, as I am not a trap specialist, I would appreciate any advice on what to look out for." He says as he looks about.

Once everyone was gathered, Taiki called for everyone's attention. "Okay, listen up. We're going to split up. My team will handle the first village, the second team will handle the second village. I'll be primarily staying in the back along with my ninken. Tsukino'san, Kioko'san divide up the tasks as you deem appropriate. However, Inuzuka Kaido'san knows a great deal about traps, and thus would be best suited to remove them." He hands out a two flares from each team and then adds, "If you need my assistance and I'm not around, send up a flare. I have two different colors for myself. the Green means I'm coming, the Red means I'm delayed. If you see the red flare, act apporpriately." Every flare he hands out is yellow, so there's no chance of confusion.
Kaido and Bolt, before they head off with Tsukino, look to Kioko's group and says, "Here's some advice on disarming traps… don't set them off!!" He grins and gives them a thumbs up before he steps through the gates and is out of sight.

"Hai," Kioko says, nodding to Taiki and then taking the flare. She smiles over at Kaido when it seems he's about to be useful, but half smirks/half frowns when he makes a smart-alec remark. "Yeah, yeah, Kai-kun. Whichever team leader comes back missing parts has to buy the other one lunch," she says before turning to take off out the gates toward their destination. "If anyone's got questions about disarming traps, ask them while we're on the way. Setting them off while we're there isn't practice. It could mean death."

Kyu looks around at the others and rubs his arm nervously, "I'm sure I can learn but… My specialty is Genjutsu, not traps, nor anything physical." Kyu smiles nervously. "Sorry. I'll do my best not to get myself killed. Heh." Kyu really doesn't trust himself with this.

Isura pounders the thought for awhile before speaking boldly, "what's the best way of disarming them and also what are the likely traps we'll come upon?" Isura sighed as he shifted to keep pace with everyone else. His hands was tucked away into his pockets as he sorted a little pocket of chakra away for safe keeping; just incase chakra. Isura smiled at Kyu before allowing his recent excitement to subside with the realization someone can end up dead if he's reckless like he have been before in previous mission.

Zankuro perks up as soon as Taiki spoke up, and listened attentively. Or at least, as attentively as one can while still trying to hold the contents of his or her stomach in. The Sarutobi's attention inevitably drifts to the rest that were gathered. After just one lengthy look at both Jade and Tsukino, he looks forward again with a renewed fire in his eyes that dims only from Kaido's last minute comment.
"Baka.. She said ask while we're enroute, not immediatly." Zankuro pops Isura upside the back of his head, or tries to at least. "If I have anything to say about it Kyu-san, you won't be dying anytime soon! Same goes for you toshio-san." Zankuro adds grinning.

"So much for advice on disarming." Toshio says as he moves to the group he was assigned to and runs after them, keeping alert and watching the things going on. "So any of you know how to disarm some traps?"

It takes Team Kioko's group about a week or so to get to the village that they were to check out. It's near the border with the Land of Lightning and the ground is mountainous and rocky and full of places where bandits or mercenary shinobi could ambush unsuspecting travelers. Taiki has been confering with both team leaders every night and Team Tsukino reached their destination a couple of days before you did.
Kaido sent instructions on what Kioko's team would likely find, along with instructions on how to disarm them, complete with illustrations and diagrams.

"It sort of depends on the trap. If it's a trip wire, you simply snip it so it can't be pulled and then remove the dangerous bits. Others like hidden panels have to be done a little differently like carefully pulling the plates off and taking them apart," Kioko explains as the run along. Once they receive their instructions as they arrive at their destination, she'd look over them before handing them around. "Study these over. We need to do well, or I'm gonna end up having to buy Kaido and Bolt lunch… Not to mention avoiding injury." She then looks over the area around them, trying to decide the best course of action from here based on the environment.

Kyu listens closely to the instructions, then when handed the written instructions reads them over carefully, he would memorize as much as he can if it kills him. He didn't plan on dying on this mission and definitely doesnt wanna be useless. He is only focused the paper, at least unless someone directly adresses him.

Isura used his sharingan to read and re-read the paper making sure inscribe his mind with every word as if his life depend on it. He briefly looked up and about the group before surveying the environment for a route as well. He then slipped the paper into his pouch before fighting down the straps of his ninjas tools. "Zankuro I'll pay you back for that hit on the head earlier…I think it happen about a week ago now." Isura sighed as he waited idly for further orders to be given for now he bird watched.

Zankuro just couldn't resist. Whenever an opportunity arrived to be close to the members of the team of the female persuasion, the Sarutobi took it without a moment's hesitation. The same could almost be said of any orders given by Kioko. She hardly had to finish a sentence before he zips off to accomplish the task (much to the chargin of the others). He would eventually get around to reading Kaido's instructions about disarming traps, but most of what was seen could be glossed over. While not exactly an expert at the art, Zankuro did have a better handle on the subject. Oddly enough, it is one of the few things he didn't brag about.
"Don't worry, Kioko-chan. I will not fail you!" He exclaims happily and beams. After a second or two he looks to the others and ammends with, "-We- won't fail you! R-right guys?"

You arrived around nighttime and the shadows makes the area around the mostly abandonned village seem that more sinister. A quick reconnoiter might turn up something if you all are inclined to do so.

"Keep focus, everyone," Kioko says with a glance to all those in her party. "A false move could very well get you killed in this kind of situation. I'm a medic, so I can probably save you if something happens, but let's not take any extra chances, hmm?" With that she'd move each of her hands out, causing her hive of bees and wasps to fly out of the hidden pores in her skin to fan out around the area and begin searching for any clues of tampering with any of the buildings that might be found in their flight pattern as they go around as well as in an out of the buildings as they can without causing a disturbance.

Kyu nods at Kioko. "Hai." He then proceeds to move forward and scan the area, he moves slowly and carefully, watching his step and trying not to be the one that gets himself killed. 'A false move could get me killed' he thinks, 'you'll be fine.' Kyu sighs and keeps searching around the houses, and then inside.

Isura was rather calm now then he said was before, the orders given out all that was left for him was to execute them. Building up chakra he was make his way slowly through the village for now he wouldn't be using sharingan. His arms cross he found a build in which he felt would be a great place to start. The buzzing out the bees would catch his attention periodically as he search.

"Right-o!" Zankuro calls out enthusiastically. A few seconds later he covers his mouth for a brief moment before practically whispering, "Right-o~" The goofy smile that has thus far been constantly on the Sarutobi's face since the group mobilizied wanes a little at the sight of bees and wasps flying off Kioko's person. Zankuro tried to put a positive spin on the sight, but kept coming up empty or with questionable motives.
Zankuro wound up shaking his head clear of bothersome thoughts and focusing on searching for any signs of trouble, trap or otherwise. Nightfall made things tricky, but he held out hope. If possible, he doesn't stray to far from the others.

The search on the outskirts the village would turn up tracks and footprints of people who aren't construction workers. It's clear that several bandits have been around here and recently. The outside of the houses seem pretty safe and several have the same tracks/footprints around them. Kyu, as he steps inside… triggers off three explosive tags wired around the house, causing a huge explosion that levels the house. Isura does the same, getting even further in the house before fumbling in the dark, he steps on a pressure plate that also causes several explosions that also level the house he's in.

When she notices two of them going off toward the houses, Kioko blinks. Just as she's about to ask them to come back to the group, it looks like it's a bit too late. She winces as each of them are caught in explosions on their first go into houses. "Is no one paying attention?!" she calls out as enters a further state of connection with her insects and causes them to go into the houses where those two just went, or what's left of them, to be sure there are no more traps before she can go over and tend to their wounds.

Kyu walks into the house, looking around at the interior, he didn't catch the trip wire until after he feels his foot tug on it, Kyu panicks at the feeling and upon hearing, and feeling, an explosion he reflexively starts doing the seals for a replacement technique, not being quick enough and taking most of the force of the explosions, but escaping the rubble of the collapsing building, leaving a poor log in there. He poofs into the outside and looks at the house. He looks at the burns. Not terribly bad. But they don't feel nice. Kyu looks around at the others and scratches the back of his head nervously, "Oops. Didn't see the trip wire. Heh." Kyu looks over at the other collapsed house. Oh good! He wasn't the only one. Phew.

Isura was focus on the trip wire trap that he forgot about the pressure plates. More like the lack of light made seeing them harder. Setting one off he flashed from view to reappear long enough to notice the place was coming down. Pure speed launched him right out of the house onto the dirt once more shaking his head he sighed. "Rookie mistake Isura they always lay traps inside the houses. Noticing the other rumblings of an explosion he safely raced over to provide cover or to help. Isura frown with disappointment at what he.

Just as Zankuro had been considering stepping into the closest house for a closer look, the sound of explosion causes him to tense up at first, then spin around to look at the sight. "Uchihas!" Zankuro starts for the nearest exploded house (Isura's), but almost winds up tripping over his own feet trying to stop because of Kioko's words. The chuunin looks to Kioko and awaits for new orders, but every second that passed left him antsy.

The houses collaspe, but luckily both Kyu and Isura both manage to get out before they are buried in the rubble. As Kioko's bees roam further, it's clear the whole village is mined with explosive tags, and not just inside the houses. They all were lucky enough to have followed the same path the bandits did so they missed quite a few of the more dangerous traps hidden in the streets. It would probably be best to stick together and move very carefully and pay more attention to where one puts their feet.

As she searches through everything through the eyes of her insects, Kioko's eyes get a bit wider. "Mortar… This is a lot worse than I thought," she says, trying to go through all the information provided by the insects to figure out where the main junctions of the trap are so that they can figure out how to disarm it so they can make this place safe again. "The entire /town/ is booby-trapped. Everyone get back to me… NOW!"

Kyu looks at Kioko and starts to move but stops after the first step. 'The whole town', Kyu stops, looking around, he tries to tread lightly, watching for any traps, why does it have to be so dark?!

The rush of the previous explosion would be fueling the you Uchiha now as he made his way through the wave of tags with his new heighten awareness then before. He would be swiftly getting back to Kioko before scanning for the others. "These guys clearly had a ton of free time to see all this infrastructure up…so what's the next move from here?" Is thought to himself out loud unfortunately he would maintain his focus on the landscape before then as he awaited further orders.

Zankuro didn't need to be told twice, and thankfully he didn't have all that far to go. The Sarutobi keeps a sharper eye out on the way back for any traps that by seemingly fortune alone he may have avoided. The entire time he kept his mouth shut for fear of even breathing! Well, not really, but it helped keep the panic down. Relief doesn't flood through him until he finally saw the two Uchiha again. The youngest of which he immediatly rushed over to treat after summoning up extra supplies. "If the whole town is really rigged up, we probably aren't gonna be lucky again." Zankuro comments offhandidly.

The darkness, coupled by the ingenious and diabolical placement of all sorts of trip wires and pressure plates, plus something that Team Tsukino didn't encounter… a sensor set up to detect movement. Kyu is just unlucky enough not to notice it and so… multiple explosions start to happen and building after building start to fall as the sensor sets off all the rest of the traps at once. The streets are no longer safe as there are tags everywhere, the whole village will be uninhabitable at the end of this.

Kioko is only able to notice what Kyu's about to do just at the last second. Her eyes get really wide, and she wonders what she can do to save them, but there's no time. She has to stop herself from getting injured too badly, or she won't be able to heal them. "Hardhat," she growls out as she bends her knees the leaps backward as high as she can to get away from the force of the explosion, though it still sends her back a lot harder than her normal jump to skid back on the ground as she lands.

Kyu trips a motion sensor unknowingly and when explosions start going off he looks very confused. 'Who set it off?' He thinks to himself. 'I didn't trip a wire… what-' then the explosions engulf him, burning him badly as he just takes it and falls to the ground. He's now pretty badly burnt. He decides to just lay on the ground until the explosions stop. A bit disoriented from the explosions as well so he couldn't get up if he wanted to. Nor could he get his ears to stop ringing.

Isura tensed as the sounds of explosion rung through causing a reflex to activate his sharingan as he used it to aid with finding the best option to avoid damage. He flashed in and out of view over while keeping a great pace to avoid the backlash. Flipping during the last step he slides across the ground before looking back over his shoulder. Releasing a held breath he would wait for the commotion to die down before search for the others. "Great things aren't going as smoothly as I thought they would, wonder if I could spot the others chakra signatures…" Isura scanned the landscape once more searching g for the others the town now lay in ruins.

It happened between blinks. One moment his attention was on Kyuketsuki, and then in the next, Zankuro noticed the trap. He moves away from Kyuketsuki before he even fully registered the action, saving himself instinctively. Then came the explosions. One by one they the traps detonate, ensuring the town would not stand. Later he would be disappointed in himself for not doing better, but in the heat of the moment, all he can think of his to keep moving. A burst of fire from his own lips sends the Sarutobi soaring well above the worst of the explosions, though his landing is a rough bit of tumbling for a good few feet.

When the smoke clears and all the explosions end, the village is reduced to a pile of rubble. Nothing is left, although Isura notices that the tracks lead off onto a game trail leading further towards the border. After a bit of rest and healing, the group should be able to follow it to where the bandits have marched to.

Once the smoke clears, Kioko runs over to Kyu. "What did I say about being careful?" she asks, grumbling a bit as she stands over the boy and moves to her knees. She withdraws a vial with one hand, popping the cork off it and then using the other arm to lift him up by his shoulders to put it to his mouth. "Drink," she commands then looks up. "… Is there anything left of a clue?" she asks, seeming a touch exasperated. Two moves in, and this Genin last her her bet with Kaido!

Kyu doesn't fully hear what he was told to do but it didnt matter as he was forced to drink the honey, not that he particularly disapproved of the sweet taste, but still. Kyu feels much better almost instantly and can hear again! He looks at Kioko "What? Who triggered it? I didn't see anything.. It was me wasn't it?…" Kyu sighs. He screwed it up! The exact thing he said he was trying to avoid doing

Isura sighed before flashing down near Kioko and Kyu with his eyes still blazing red as he looked into the distance. "I found only one clue and that's the tracks heading towards that game trail over there heading towards the boarder. Hopefully it bears fruit, also are you two alright?" Isura crossed his arms to look down at the pair before smiling softly at the other Uchiha "You okay? Sorry I couldn't make it to you in time I swear to be faster." Isura smiled softly as he uncrossed his arms his attention would then return onto the path before releasing the built up chakra in his eyes.

Zankuro takes awhile to recover from his fall but he gets up eventually. He thoughtlessly began dusting himself off at first — a bit of a habit ingrained by dear old mom — when the blaze, his friends, and just all that important good stuff clicks in mind. Zankuro is off within seconds despite the complaints of his bruises. He ain't exactly the fastest teen, but he gets to the others eventually, panting and wheezing a little. "Good… everyone.. alright… whew~" Zankuro says, then straightens out and looks towards the blazing rubble. "So… what.. next?"

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