Date: May 23, 2012


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(Note: Originally the scene-set for a scene between Fuyu and Amuro, I'm
putting this here and will come up with something else when we get back

The Sharingan sees all, regardless of whether its wielder can react in
time or not. Fuyu's Sharingan saw it, predicted the movements, and
still… That man… Yotsuki Ryuutai, Shima Sami, Serin… Whatever he
called himself, for one moment he stopped being someone or something that
could be seen. Neither muscle movement nor Chakra was visible. Instead,
the air itself was slashed open. Fuyu never even saw him reappear. After
all, when he stopped moving, it was a distance behind her. Instead, what
she saw was her blood spraying everywhere. The world tilted unnaturally.
The pain kicked in while the top half of her body was still seperating
from the lower, but she didn't quite comprehend what had just happened
even after her torso hit the ground — minus half of her left arm.
All the power that Fuyu had, all the suffering she had endured, all the
determination she had gained to protect those important to her, to not
work against the Hidden Leaf, to be a person strong by her own virtue —
the virtue of a defender…
It hadn't been enough.
Now the Uchiha Clan Head lies in a hospital bed in Konohagakure,
reflecting on how helpless and fragile she really is. In the end, she
saved Taji — Hiroko — from having to take a life. Yotsuki Ryuutai, Shima
Sami, Serin, whatever he called himself… He was dead now. Gone forever.
Fuyu had survived it all with that same girl's help as a Medic-Nin, but
she hadn't known at the time she acted that she even had a chance of
living through it. She did what she had to to keep her former student from
having to become a murderer like her.
She's alive, and she's healing. Funny how acting without concern for
herself was what allowed her to be here now, when all her determination to
be a new person had been centered on her own progress and had availed her
not. "I wonder if this is what being a hero is like," she whispers to the
empty hospital room.

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