Recovery from a Beast's Belly


Ryo, Naru, Issei

Date: February 13, 2012


A rich noble from Sunagakure has tasked the Trio of Uchiha on a mission to retrieve a family hierloom from their older child that perished along the border of Fire/Wind. Suspected to be the local gang, " The Scorpions" doing, instead the team of Uchiha stumble upon a massive snake beast that laid waste to their son… They group is faced with fighting a greater threat than expected, and hopefully a greater reward once they inform the nobleman a snake had got their son and heirloom…

"Recovery from a Beast's Belly"

Somewhere in the plains within the Land of Wind.

Logfile from Naruto.

Still residing in Sunagakure though under the radar there were still a plentiful amount of missions to be apart of; This one in particular managed to get assigned to a trio of Uchiha, of course their employer didn't quite know that much about them. A rich noble had given them the task of retrieving a blade lost by their family, the blade of Toyotomi. However the cirumstance at how the blade was lost in the first place was probably the most interesting matter. It was known than that the late son of the noble had been killed along the bordering river path which connected the land of Fire and Sand as one, the blame itself was put on the bandit gang known as the scorpions, though oddly enough acted in an area that is definitely not considered their territory. The mission itself was simple, eliminate the scorpion gang in the region and return the blade and the corpse of their son back to the original owners…

Naru yawned quietly as they traversed through "finally" green nature. Every now and then she would kneel down to place her hands along the smooth grassy plains, it had been a long time since she had last seen it. " Finally a mission that doesn't involve getting sand on my sandals…" Naru spoke up finally, yawning as they began to near their designation location for investigation. There didnt seem to be anything unsual in the area, just infinite serene terrain…

Ryo followed behind Naru quietly. He seems to be looking down towards the ground most of the time. He was use to working in Sunagakure territory. Undercover was starting to become fun. The boy was debating trying to get some type of job back home doing something like it. It was not about killing people but being able to blend in and having some type of challenge. Knowing that at any moment things could go south. It was exciting.
As Naru speaks, the boy seems to snap back to reality. "Uhh yeah. That is a good point." he states after only half hearing her statement. The boy then looks back towards Issei. There was a lot going through the boy's mind. It was a little difficult to focus on the task at hand. He did not even place the Toyotomi name when he heard it. To him this was just some guy, not a Daimyo.

Walking behind the two is an aura of doom and gloom- one can almost imagine the black lines in the air around Issei as he strolls along with his eyes closed. "Low blood pressure sucks. Low blood pressure sucks.. low blood…" etc, etc. He's been like that ever since he was woken up in the morning to go on some mission for some kind of noble Toyotomi or another. In short, Issei was a wreck.
"I think I got sand in my pants." Issei muttered out, as he hit a rock and stumbled, eyes still half-closed, or perhaps even entirely closed. The shadows made it hard to tell. "Stupid sand dune. I hate sand. I wanna go home."

"I thought you were suppose to be the entergetic one," Naru spoke up, hopefully to get issei's attention as for some reason she seemed to be taking the lead of things; she was dealing with a lazy Issei, whom she had rather mixed feeling about, and a detached Ryo. " Are you okay, Ryo-kun? You seem to be a little off," She states moving things along, looking around carefully she attempted to spot anything unusual, camp fire, broken branches, nothing seemeed to catch her attention at the moment. " Hmm you guys don't think im awful and selfish do you?" She brought up randomly, while idly moving forth; they were getting closer t and closer to the destinated spot.

Ryo looked away from zombie-man. He was pretty sure the sun had fried Issei's brain. The boy then gets hammered with an odd question from Naru. There was no way in hell he was going to tell what he really thought on it. It was not that he thought she was awful or selfish, but in general he found most girls to be that way. Most the girls he had run into never thought about a damn thing besides themselves. There was only one that he really could not say that for. "I'm ok. The sun just baked my brain a little bit. No. Not at all." It was a survival tactic. He knew better than to hurt her feelings or risk being punched in the head.

Issei jumped up a bit at the question, and looked towards Ryo for help. "Selfish and awful? What? Ahh."
He suddenly drops on the ground, "I cannot… go on… go… without me… uhh…. blah I am dead." Issei mutters out as apparently low blood pressure, desert heat, sand in his pants, and tough questions get the best of him— probably not, but that's how he's playing it (read: avoiding the question).
"I do not deserve to live— I am sure I did something wrong in one of my past lives. Let me die, I can't stand the desert anymore."

Naru seemed to be a little naive for once, nodding quietly to herself as she glanced at Ryo. " Hmm… I thought so too," she agreed with Ryo, though suddenly stops in her tracks as she glances back at Issei, who dodged her question but seemed to be… dying? "Eh…?" She groaned quietly under her breath, swiping a hand across her brow she applies a hand along the pouch to her left side, pulling out a small cantine she takes a knee next to the collapsed Issei, attempting to pour some of it on top of his head. " Hey, you're being a liability at the moment, do you enjoy being useless?" She muttered quietly under her breath, "Ryo-kun, mind locking lips with him? He might be having a difficult time breathing…" She states with a grin, proding at the elder uchiha's cheek…

As Issei fell over and asked for death, Ryo drew his shin gunto blade from his side. He stood over Issei's stomach and held the blade in both hands.
"I feel your pain. The desert is a cruel and horrible place. I shall show you mercy and the compassion that only… What the…?" the boy asks in disbelief as Naru asked if he would lip lock with Issei. "No way. I am not into your boy on guy dreams. Perv." Ryo then sheaths his blade and kicks Issei in the gut. "Get up. Its not funny anymore…"

Issei weakly nodded his head at the question, "Yes.. lazy is good.. useless is lazy… thus useless is good.." At Ryo's unwillingness to lock lips, and instead intent on fullfilling Issei's only wish. OH HOW DRAMATIC. Issei instead says, "Wait.. don't finish me yet… if… if.. Ryo doesn't want to do it…" His eyes half-open. "Naru… you have to do it.. I am counting on you!" He pouts his lips and closes his eyes- lying motionless… until he suddenly seems to come to his senses, sitting up. "What the..?" He puts a ear to the ground. "Am I really suffering heat stroke or is… something moving underground?"

It was at that moment something interesting would happen, the rumbling that Issei had heard began to tremor loudly, enough for them all to hear it, not only that, the ground began to crack and fissure like and earthquake from an unknown source. Right from underneath Issei a massive slender beast erupts right next to him, massive enough to hopefully knock Issei, Ryo and Naru to the side and bring them into a state of confusion. (30) The beast itself was snakely, massive, slender, and browned sandy flesh to easily stay out of sight, it definitely seemed like it was native here, and further down its body was a slight pooch to show that it had recently ate something, after the assault it rushes out of the ground towering high above them, hissing and threatening the trio with its massive fangs… This wasn't going to be good.

Naru herself is knocked clean away from her ground, caught by complete surprise by the beast that had come to be. Rolling on the ground and picking up dirt she quickly rises to a stand, not much damage had been done to her at this point; Hoping that everyone would get out in time she springs into action, her eyes forming up with the sharingan while she focuses chakra quickly throughout her body. " For some reason I don't think this thing will allow us to get out of here unharmed…" Naru called out, it was time for battle…

There's a faint brush of wind against the spot where Issei stood just a moment ago when he suddenly fades away and reappears skidding faaaaar from the spot he was at, overdoing it a little.
"Oh, good going Ryo! Very nice spread and potency I am pr— oh right, I have to fight? Aaaaaaaaa. Why?" Issei hangs his head a little bit in defeat.
When Issei looks up, his eyes are red, "You… you… You ruined my k-k-… YOU RUINED IT!" Issei slaps his hands together. "ENDAN!"

For such a massive beast snake like beast, its skin was as hard as the rock it had come from, the embers pelted against its flesh but seemed to bounce off without any harm as the snake shielded itself with its long coiled body, however the second attack was enough to finally lay a dent in the best, catching it completely off guard as the flame bullet smacked into the beast snake, however rather than turning into fear it went absolutely berserk, hissing into a fit while circling them at an alarming rate, with its mouth wide open it attempts to spit out an area of posionous venom at the trio (28) while attempting to wear down its enemies with lashes of its tail (36). Did i mention it had an oddly pointed sharp tail? Naru finally with her sharingan activated was able to react swiftly, sliping out of the way by replacing herself with a few near by logs, from the distance her hand sliped into her tool bag and picked up to double bars of her retractable fuuma shurikens, brandishing them and launching them at the snake while attempting to do a genjutsu link as well… Animals were not immune…

Defense Roll for Snake:(35)

Ryo easily evaded the poison by jumping backwards and landing in a three point stance. He then used his bent knees to push off the ground and jump over the tail. The boy now withdrew his shingunto blade once more and attempted to slice into the tail three different times. He feared it might dull out his blade with as hard as this snakes skin was.

Surely that was gonna be enough right? I mean, flame bullets hurt real bad. Haha. Hell no. The beast is fine— and spitting venom at Issei. Succesfully. And smashing it's tail into Issei. Also succesfully.
Issei was in a world of pain at this point as he finally rose off the ground after being knocked down and held his shoulder, "Ok, I am awake now. I am awake now."
He made a focusing seal and began focusing his chakra to not make the same mistake as he did just now.

Things didn't seem to be going entirely well for the group as a whole, first with Naru's attacks, the double barrage of fuuma shuriken simply bounced off the darn things flesh. " What the heck?" Naru spoke up, grinting her teeth, if its body was able to stop two massive stars there was definitely something wrong with the situation. The snake continued to deflect attack, batting away at Ryo's blade as it parried away with its own tail until finally a slice! Though not severing the the tail a nasty cut was able to make its way through the flesh, proving that it definitely wasn't impossible to beat, however this enraged the Snake, finally turning its attention to the strongest link, lashing out a Ryo with that same tail it attempted to wrap its body along Ryo (33), and if it worked literally squeeze the life out of him, taking away his breath and damaging his bones(26).

Naru herself cringed as she watched issei get attacked and the hits actually connect. " Are you okay? Issei-san?" Naru called out to him though quickly began to motion through her hand seals, sending out a barrage of fire bullets to pelt and get the Snake's attention back on them, and trying the link once omre.

Sticking to what he was good at the boy, dashed out of the way of the snakes tail wrap. He then watches Naru pelt the snake to get it's attention. "Damn it Naru, let the snake focus on me!" he yelled. It was a simple tactic. Use one person to keep the opponent busy and have the others hammer it from the sides. He knew she was worried about him, but this was his part of the job. Otherwise he would have learned genjutsu.
Once more Ryo rushes forward towards the snakes again. He was still attempting to cut the tail off. He was aiming for the spot he had previously sliced passed the defenses. "Once the tail comes off, the head is next."

"If fire doesn't work, let's try lightning!" Issei yelled out as his hands already crackled with the tell tale signs of chakra of the lightning nature— and at first there's just a few balls of lightning, nothing big, before being followed a static cloud, centered around the windmill shurikens Naru had thrown.
Issei leaps forward at that point, disappearing in mid-air and appearing next to the snake's head, in an attempt to kick it in the head.

Finally the flurry of attacks had hit its mark, causing the Snake figure to throw a massive massive fit. Thos time Ryo's slices though one simply bounced off, once had had focused his mind completely with two swipes of his blade the tail was sliced clean off, while Issei's hammering attacks slamed into the snake causing it to his franticly, which subsided after Issei slammed it in the head,it wasn't planning on giving up yet however, even being tailess it continued to protect itself though definitely acting more defensive at this point, he spewed out acid from all around its body, covering the area to keep its targets at bay. (35) (38)

Naru swept her way from the attack, however the last bit of venom acid narrowly splashed against her flesh, using her link to her advantage though she continued to help the assault, utilizing her genjutsu, she ws sure the snake would know no difference between genjutsu and regular attacks.

After claiming the tail of the beast, Ryo started for the head only to jump back as the acid was spewed. Since the acid was there, he had to resort to longer range jutsu. Ryo sheathes his blade before forming more fire style hand signs. Again the boy inhaled and exhaled smoke and burning embers. He used the smoke to hide his next jutsu. "Great fireball jutsu!" is yelled out from within the smoke. Soon a blaze was trying to engulf the creature.

The form of Issei shimmered in the face of the acid— only to be devoured by flames and ash as Issei reappeared near the spot where his flame bullet had first originated from, and where a small fire still burned, put out by Issei's sudden intrusion.
Issei lands on his feet, fully balanced and performs more handseals, quite obviously lightning, as he brought his hands together again.
"RAIKOUHIRA!" He yelled out and began a steady barrage of lightning orbs at this opponent, mercilessly intending to not only harm it, but tire it out through muscle spasms.

he large flame let out by Ryo this time didnt make much contact, it blew over the beast but still its flesh seemed to keep things together and keep it from getting too damaged, however if Ryo was to notice, with the tail cut off something shiney appeared to slip out of it, aswell as some mangled corposes which were about half decomposed at this point… The rest of the attacks hit the mark, muscle spasm and an infinte amount of blades slicing and cutting into the snake, its body jolted from side to side, reacting to the spasms until finally it slammed head first into the ground… Finally it appears to be out cold, blood spewing from its wounds, it didn't look like it was getting back up.

"Ha ha… We did it," Naru panted lightly, rubbing her hands together as she looked over at the group, everyone seemed to be okay, slightly bruised (except Ryo…) But okay.

Ryo watches the snake go down. He then moves towards the tail. "What is this?" he asks as he points to the shiny object protruding from the tail. He moved down to pick it up believing it to be the sword they were looking for. "Is this what we were sent out here to get?" the boy asks holding it up for people to see.

Issei still looks pretty much buzzed off about the ruined opportunity, but as soon as he ascertains that the Snake really isn't coming back, he returns to ultra lazy/tired/low blood pressure mode. "Oooooh. I wonder if I could catch another few hours of sleep. We have to walk all the way back to Sunagakure? I think at this point I might even defect and just go to uhh.. Land of Rain? Is there such a place? Land of Cold? Land of No Sand and No Heat? Land of Snow!"

"All of which exists you pin head…" Naru spoke up rather bluntly finally coming up to the both of them, She notes what Ryo has in his hand and simply nods her head. " It matches the picture we got… Gooey and disgusting but still the blade we were looking for…So much for scorpions, hopefully we will get a bonus for this mission," She replies back and simply shrugs her shoulders, though suddenly the snack wiggles its body, rises up and then leaps down into the ground, burrowing back under the earth to get away, after awhile the earth stopped shaking and everything turned back to normal. It wasn't the last time they were going to see this snake thing…

"Lets go back to Sunagakure…. As much as I would like to go to the Land of Rain, Cold, no sand , no heat and Snow… We have to stick around for a little bit longer ne?" She sums up with a smile, it seemed like things were finally working out….

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