Recurring Nightmare



Date: February 25, 2013


None given.

"Recurring Nightmare"

Unknown location

~Where am I? How'd I get here~

Had this happened before? She couldn't remember, it felt familiar
somehow, but she wasn't sure.

It was cold… Or at least, Tsumi was cold… it felt like she was wet
too, her arms felt all sticky, and there was a horrible smell in the air.
It smelled like blood. Tsumi sat up, her body shaking, her chest burning
mildly. The feeling was familiar, but she couldn't remember where it was
from. She looked down, to see why she felt so wet… Her arms were red,
caked with partially dried blood.

A surge of terror ripped through her as she stared at the blood… and at
the large pool of it beneath her. Was she hurt? She didn't feel hurt,
except for the burning in her chest. She felt her chest for a moment,
worried that there was something horribly wrong.


There were no holes, or any scratces or anything. She seemed fine. "So…
W-where did the blood come from?"

Had this happened before?

Her mind suddenly went wild, She pushed herself to her feet, looking
around in the dark. She couldn't see anything… She could barely see
herself, now that she thought about it. "My glasses… Where are my
glasses?" She dropped again, searching the ground, feeling for any sign of
her glasses… she needed them to see anything. She squinted, hoping that
it'd help, but it didn't… it was too dark, and too blurry to make out
anything but rough shapes in her surroundings. She thought for a moment
that she could see a path, faintly, through the tall shapes she thought
were probably trees… She stood to her feet again, maybe the path would
take her home… She was sure she had glasses at home, then she'd take a
shower and get this nastiness off of her.

…Had this happened before?

The burning in her chest was subsiding… that was good, that meant that
she was alright… But where'd the blood come from? She stopped, that
question ringing in her head again, and she almost turned around… but
then she stopped, something in the back of her mind telling her it didn't
matter, that she should just get cleaned up… that everything would be
okay if she just ignored the blood.

Had this happened before?

She listened and started to follow the path again, only the path seemed
really clear… Clear and familiar, as if she had taken it just
recently… perhaps while she was sleep walking. She was awfully tired, so
maybe that's what happened. This wasn't blood afterall! She must have
fallen into a mud puddle. A red mud puddle. It just looked like blood
because she didn't have her glasses.

Everything would be fine, as long as she didn't turn around. She'd get
lost if she turned around, the voice in her mind said so, and she believed
the voice. The voice was her, right? She had to believe in herself. Get
cleaned up, find glasses, go to work in the morning, same as always…

Same as always…? Had this happened before?

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