Redeeming Upheavals


Akio (emitter), Michiko, Kasuya

Date: March 8, 2016


Michiko and Kasuya go on the hunt for an S rank criminal. After searching for weeks and questioning/threatening/bribing various people, they finally found the international criminal: Yuuko. All Michiko needs to do now is bring back his head so she can ‘redeem’ herself in her Raikage’s eyes.

"Redeeming Upheavals"

Land of Stone (between Earth and Lightning)

The Underworld is a dark and mysterious place. It's a place that involves dark dealings and hidden motives, assassinations and double-backstabbing. Whatever the heart wants, it can get… But only if the person is willing to throw away everything they might have. Michiko and Kasuya, as they hunted for their target, would have been able to dig up some, but not all the information on Yuuko. No last name. The man was an S rank criminal in the Bingobook, wanted by many for destroying a good portion of the naval ships in various nations just so he could get his loot. A pirate? No, all of his dealings have been on land. But the man was cunning, and he struck up many a deal to keep his hideaway safe. Hearing about the shinobi looking for him… High-ranking shinobi at that… Well, it should be safe to say that security measures are taking place.
Kasuya and Michiko would have to travel to an area in neutral territory near the Land of Stone (between Earth and Lightning). And from there they would have to explore. Their target would be around there, but it was never known when he would show up. This was just often a place that people did business with the man. And usually it was only his agents.
Yuuko was here now. And with him knowing people were after him he would be ready for someone to tell him the moment they got close. He was here dealing now with some man, and this man would be able to get him a part of what he needed to try and escape. He knew it wouldn't be simple to escape, but if it came tot hat he needed an out. If he couldn't beat them then he needed an ace in the hole. His eyes shifted now to the man before him, and passed over his payment for the briefcase that held what he was looking for. "Would you kindly show yourself out. I think a mess would surely be made soon." He grinned, and sat in a chair waiting.

It was all good and well to resolve that the Kumo nin would take down Yuuko. However, beating Yuuko meant finding him. Fortunately, finding those who were in his underground network was a little easier. Kasuya and Michiko started threatening his buyers, his suppliers, and started to shut down his ability to profit. It was soon known that affiliating with Yuuko was bad for business. Not because of a physical beating, but a financial one. People were much more willing to give up information if it meant protecting their assets. It'd make it harder for him to amass a force. Or to get word of their coming.
However, the last stretch of the journey requires pinpointing his exact location. And as eager as Kasuya was to go after Yuuko, Michiko has soon had to get used to Kasuya's incessant grumbling. Was he hiding? Or had he already gone? From what they heard they were drawing near. "It's enough for me to kill him for how long he's made us walk around," Kasuya says, as they draw near to his hideout.

RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a MASTERED-EARTHEN-SENSE…59

"It's not like we have to take him alive," Michiko would point out idly, sending a pulse of chakra through the earth. "Remember, we're right on his tail. I think we'll be able to find him around here…" The girl would frown a bit, trying to see if there was anything interesting. Admittedly, there was nothing above that she could see. Below was another story, but it was also a bit harder to sense what was going on. Michiko would tap a finger against her side. "I feel like we're close… There are too many pockets around this area for my liking. I'm just not sure where to start in this area…" Also, she wasn't getting any specifics. Go figure. The girl was just trying to get used to the place and map things out more than anything.

COMBAT: Michiko focuses 7230 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!

The man across from Yuuko would frown and nod. "By your leave." If Yuuko survived, he would have made a good deal. If not, then hopefully he can figure out a reason why he helped the man… Either way, the boat-owner and railway-controller would slip away from the hideout, using his bodyguards as shields for any potential incoming attacks. The clock was ticking for Yuuko… Would he make it??
Yuuko sat in the chair a bit before finally standing up. He stretched as is death was not possible today, and walked right up to the door that the man just left. He then worked to make a seal barrier around the room he was in, and that would allow him to both stop them from suddenly jumping him as well as hopefully see where they are coming from as well. The room would be moved around, and he would sit in the middle of the room. Waiting. His hands in a seal as he waited longer and longer for a fight to come.

"There's not a group of them?" Kasuya asks Michiko quietly. Intelligence said he was by himself at the moment. Intelligence also said that might be more than enough to beat both her and Michiko. What she didn't want was Yuuko jumping out at them along with a group of thugs. "Wait here." She gathers her chakra and would conceal herself in an illusion. Not true invisibility, just a powerful mental suggestion not to notice she's there. She approaches the bunker silently, only to see a barrier in place that seals off the entrance. She takes a moment to look around for cracks. None. So she'd go back to Michiko and say, "It seems like it's underground. Can you use your ability to, I don't know, bury him alive?" That'd be convenient. "Or find some way inside. Otherwise we'll just go through with a frontal approach."

COMBAT: Kasuya focuses 7291 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Kasuya attacks target 1 with FADE-II with a roll of: 36
RPCOMBAT: Michiko defends against with a MASTERED-EARTHEN-SENSE…67

Michiko takes a moment. The bunker underground was a bit more apparent, as things felt more… muted around there. The girl would wait for Kasuya for the time being, of course, as she focused on seeking a way to get in. "No, I don't think so… We probably have to draw him out somehow. Or I can attack the bunker and that might make it crumple. But if I know ninjutsu, I think he set up a sort of barrier." The girl sighs faintly and shakes her head a bit. "Well, what do you think? Go in all out right away, or should we take our time a bit?" She was of the mind for the former, admittedly, which is why a few handseals later, a white fox would appear at her side…

RPCOMBAT: Yuuko defends against with a DETECTION-SEAL…40

Yuuko sat in the room, and his eyes shifted to where movement could be detected. The seals glowing slightly, and a grin appeared on his face. "There you are." He stood up, and stepped back a bit. He waited for them to come through. Let them try to force through his barrier that was intentionally a bit weaker. Hoping they would overkill the barrier by forcing it open with more force than neccesary. All he could do now was wait and see if they could get in. Seals being made as he waited for the fight to happen.

COMBAT: Kasuya defends against SAFEROOM-SEAL(53) attack from Yuuko with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…49
RP: Kasuya transforms into DREAM-YUME-NO-JITSU.

Kasuya looks closely at the white fox by Michiko's side, and then smiles. "Lovely fur," she says. And to Michiko: "Okay. Let's go with the latter approach." She starts generating a great amount of lightning. It seems she's going along with his predictions after all. She can't detect his presence so she's aiming for the barrier itself. Streams of lightning arc out to hit the bunker in multiple places, both to test how encompassing the seal barrier might be, and if it can be penetrated.

COMBAT: Kasuya attacks target 1 with LIGHTNING-CRASH with a roll of: 67
COMBAT: Michiko defends against SAFEROOM-SEAL(50) attack from Yuuko with a MASTERED-EARTHEN-SENSE…62
RP: Michiko transforms into IMPERFECT-SAGE-MODE-HUNTER-FOX.
COMBAT: Michiko focuses 2136 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

Michiko would chuckle a bit at Kasuya's reaction. "Kasuya-san, this is Shiki-san. She's my partner when I wish to go all-out." The girl pauses, and the fox, who is quite small, would hop onto her shoulder, practically fusing. Michiko herself would undergo a change, storing up natural energy and growing fox ears and a tail. Incomplete transformation, but something that would help her in the long run. Michiko would watch as the lightning bolts came from Kasuya, shocking the barrier that she would have pointed out to the genjutsuist. "Heh…. Well, I suppose that works…" she would leave Kasuya to destroying the barrier, as her own skills were not very good at taking things down… In that way.

RPCOMBAT: Yuuko defends against with a SEAL-ENCAMPMENT-WALL…48

Yuuko heard the crash of lightning and he didn't try to fight it. It crashed through the barrier, but he didn't dare move yet as they broke into his bunker. "Oh look at that. You invited yourselves in." He slowly stood to his feet, and cracked a few of the bones in his body as he stretched. Then he formed some seals with another grin. "Thanks for coming by." And the seals he made activated tags at the opening formed by both of them. A cloud of poison shot upwards with a slight concussive force to try and surround them in toxics. Seemed he wasn't going right to the big guns.

COMBAT: Yuuko focuses 8627 stamina to turn it into 12000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against POISON-TAG(42) attack from Yuuko with a LIGHTNING-CLONE…64

Kasuya is looking at the fox curiously. "A summon," she says, as the fox fuses to Michiko's shoulder. She knows she shouldn't stare, but there's a fox attached like a furry appendage to Michiko. Kind of cute, but mostly bizarre. She turns away, back towards the bunker. The poison engulfs Kasuya, only to find it targeted a lightning clone that dispersed into the air. As Kasuya enters the bunker unharmed she says, "We're Jounin of Kumogakure. Give up now, Yuuko. We can make this quick and easy or longer and humiliating." She sounds it patiently, as if he might see reason.

RP: Kasuya transforms into CLEAR-MIND.
COMBAT: Michiko defends against POISON-TAG(39) attack from Yuuko with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…46

Michiko watches as the poison affects a mere clone. She would watch Kasuya enter, slipping in right behind so they were standing before the man they were sent to seek out. Or… Not really sent. They just sent themselves. "Yuuko-san, you are hereby arrested for destroying multiple arsenals of ships. If you do not wish to come forth without a fight, then we will use force to ensure you receive your punishment." Which could potentially involve death. Who knows. Michiko would chuckle just a bit at Kasuya's more blunt way of putting things. "I guess you chose the hard way, though.." she muses aloud.

COMBAT: Yuuko defends against FADE-II(66) attack from Kasuya with a DETECTION-SEAL…39

Yuuko frowned for a moment, and looked at the ground. "I see my trap failed to stop you. Who knew you were highly skilled. It was as if I wasn't prepared for such skilled shinobi. "But… In fact I really just wanted you to join me in the room. You see I planned for this fight to take place here. I couldn't run forever, so I decided that I wouldn't run. I would set up shop. You could call it my little house of horrors." He grinned and then quickly formed some seals before pacing his hands onto the ground. A barrier from a far out perimeter would shoot towards the center to move through the two shinobi before him. They would each get a sickening feeling like nausea or some type of vertigo. Either way it would prevent their actions and allow him to strike.

COMBAT: Kasuya defends against STUNNING-BARRIER-SEAL(69) attack from Yuuko with a MEMORY-LOSS…88

"It's fairly hard to horrify me," Kasuya says calmly, as he attacks with more seals. Kasuya would shimmer and then vanish when the seals surround her. And Yuuko would find himself inhibited as well. Water is rising around him, with such pressure that it'd be hard to move a finger, much less attack. The illusion is realistic enough to make it feel as if he were running out of air. Though by all rationality the amount of water it'd take to rise to this level would be enormous, much less difficult to summon from nowhere.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against STUNNING-BARRIER-SEAL(75) attack from Yuuko with a EFFICIENT-METAL-BARRIER…87

Michiko would form a simple shielding of metal around her, the seals climbing it and not reaching her. It was a very basic dome, in essence, though it was also extremely thin. "Hmm… Well, at least you aren't going to make this too easy. That might not be as fun, after all." Michio would suddenly disappear into the ground, not that the others would see thanks to her shielding. Once she was fully settled, Michiko would make a few handseals, and in addition to whatever illusion Kasuya had placed on the man, Michiko would add a hand of earth to that chase. Hopefully he didn't avoid it… It would try to follow him, of course, but the space was a bit tight. Should it grab Yuuko, though, it would fully encase him in earth.

COMBAT: Yuuko defends against STRANGE-MOTION(74) attack from Kasuya with a CHAKRA-PINCH-III…88
COMBAT: Yuuko defends against DEMON-GRAVES(83) attack from Michiko with a WALL-OF-WIND…101

Yuuko broked out of the chakra as he noticed it coming to get him, and swiftly made a wall of wind to block any attack that would come towards him. "Two of you makes this a lot tougher you know? I am sure I could take one of you on anyday of the week." He grinned. "More stepping it up I see." He formed more seals, and then suddenly the wind picked up. Blades of wind came from all over trying to cut into them, and the wind itself was suddenly causing little mini tornadoes to toss them around stunning them a bit if it hit. "You want to take me down? Then at least one of you are coming with me!" He growled, and forced the power of the attack even further and shot it full force at the both of them.

COMBAT: Kasuya defends against SICKLE-TORRENT(66) attack from Yuuko with a MEMORY-LOSS…98

Kasuya seems to have moved before the attack even starts. She's far to the left, so the momentary illusion of herself is scattered by the wind. She doesn't bother to respond to his taunts. An aura is emanating around her like an eerie, sickening dread. Underneath Yuuko's feet the ground is crumbling, spreading out inescapably. Soon a canyon has opened under his feet in which he'd fall endlessly in an avalanche that'd crush him with rocks at the end of it, shattering bones. It's clearly an illusion, but the sensation would feel real physically.

RP: Kasuya transforms into TRANSCENDENCE.
COMBAT: Michiko defends against SICKLE-TORRENT(97) attack from Yuuko with a FIRE-DODGE-II…114

Michiko would emerge from the earth at the wrong time, it seems. The girl just poked up to see if the man was trapped, and she ended up getting a bunch of slicing wind aimed at her! A burst of flame would propel her backwards, eating the very oxygen used to try and cut her. Michiko frowns just a bit. "I guess I'll have to be even more serious about this." Michiko would make a few handseals, then she would remove a block of metal from a pouch and throw it at Yuuko. The metal would, by her bidding, spring open into a net that would hopefully trap and poison Yuuko so that they could finish him off quickly.

COMBAT: Yuuko defends against PLUMMETING(100) attack from Kasuya with a CHAKRA-PINCH-III…87
COMBAT: Yuuko defends against POISON-METAL-NETTING(108) attack from Michiko with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…93
COMBAT: Yuuko loses the roll and sustains 1065 damage.
COMBAT: Michiko absorbs chakra from Yuuko

Yuuko sadly was too distracted by the metal nets to pay attention to underneath him as genjutsu took hold. He started falling…or thought he was, and then suddenly he was smacked with Poisoned metal. It was in a net shape, and it hurt cutting into him. He tried to stop it, but it did not do well as he was stuck in place now. Surrounded in a net and falling? Yep. Sounds like a fun day at least. Maybe he would die before he felt the splat at the bottom that would never come.

Kasuya winces when the metal netting encases Yuuko. She's been on the receiving end of that before, and it's an inhumane attack. Though she supposes inflicting horrific illusions of torment and death on someone might not be too humane either. She shoves aside this unneeded internal monologue and steps away from Michiko to start generating a huge amount of lightning. Streams of lightning curve out, to hit Yuuko from every side. It seems the time for demanding his surrender is over.

Michiko would glance over to Kasuya and raise a brow. They had him. Finish him? Apparently that was on both of their minds. As soon as Kasuya had launched her lightning, Michiko would add her own attack. Metal is an excellent conductor… The netting that had encased Yuuko suddenly grew spikier until it was made of larger spines. Rather than thorns, many thick needles that would pierce the skin and poison the man even worse than he already was. And Michiko drained a bit more chakra… Just in case.

COMBAT Yuuko is poisoned (9 rounds) and loses 392 health.
COMBAT: Yuuko defends against LIGHTNING-CRASH(78) attack from Kasuya with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Yuuko loses the roll and sustains 2636 damage.
COMBAT: Yuuko CHAKRA-PINCHS out of Kasuya's stun!

COMBAT: Yuuko defends against POISON-MAIDEN'S-BED(74) attack from Michiko with a DISPLACEMENT…77
RPCOMBAT: Yuuko defends against with a DISPLACEMENT…77

Yuuko was hit by that lightning, and oh it had hurt. But it gave him the ability to break free from all the traps he was set under, and he would land with the netting falling off to the side. "Poison huh? Poison and genjutsu. You two make a dastardly combo. She could simply get the poison in my system, and the both of you could hold me here until it kills me." He chuckled softly. "I am guessing you won't accept my surrender now? Should I try to run?" He makes a humming sound. "Nah. I think I want to try and kill one of you." Then suddenly wind is being formed into the shape of a wolfs mouth with fangs bared it seems. It would come down on the both of them to cut into them and tear them apart in place. Hopefully. It would be followed up by him jumping at them in a spin kick, but the kick itself wouldn't be what hit. It would be air slamming them both into the ground and holding them there. "I am gonna go down fighting or not at all."

COMBAT: Kasuya defends against HOWLING-WIND(54) attack from Yuuko with a MEMORY-LOSS…106
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against PRESSURE-KICK(59) attack from Yuuko with a MEMORY-LOSS…86

Yuuko would find it difficult to concentrate on Kasuya. It's as if she's not even important enough to draw attention or his attacks, which are launched just a little too late. She's not hit, not yet. But instead of attacking, Kasuya begins to draw on a large amount of chakra. They're getting the best of him, but not without rather a lot of chakra. She says, "There's not a single reason we should spare you, Yuuko." Her tone is cold and unfeeling.

COMBAT: Kasuya focuses 6738 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Michiko defends against PRESSURE-KICK(72) attack from Yuuko with a FIRE-DODGE…80

Michiko releases a blast of fire that would once again eat the fan. Said fan only fueled the very flames she used. Michiko would slip into the earth using that guise, apparently abandoning Kasuya. Unless the Genjutsuist can read Michiko's mind… The Iwata planned to try and trap the man again in metal, but she needed time to ready herself… In full so that there was for certain no escape.

COMBAT: Yuuko defends against UNDERGROUND-FISH-PROJECTION(69) attack from Michiko with a DETECTION-SEAL…66

Yuuko was hating how his only elemental attacks were set to the back as this girl countered with fire. If she was going to hide though then so was he. He used another seal of his to cover his back as he tried to hide. The invisibility seal would hopefully make it hard for them to pinpoint where he was via sight, but it wasn't impossible. He just had to use that to hopefully split them up. Maybe he could still deal with one alone? Sadly…it is possibly not going to happen that way, but he had to hope."

COMBAT Yuuko is poisoned (8 rounds) and loses 392 health.
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against INVISIBILITY-SEAL(89) attack from Yuuko with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…73

Kasuya blinks as everyone besides herself conceals themselves. This is the part where she kills Yuuko by blasting apart /everything/ but she may just as easily hit Michiko. So instead of concealing herself, Kasuya seemingly stands right where she is in the open. It could be mistaken for an illusion used to conceal her true location. As it is, it's no such thing. She's just standing there, looking around in silence. Well, not total silence. "Didn't you say we were going to kill one of us?" she asks mildly. "I'm beginning to think you wouldn't be able to take one of us…even on a good day."

COMBAT: Michiko defends against INVISIBILITY-SEAL(77) attack from Yuuko with a MASTERED-EARTHEN-SENSE…84

Michiko could tell that he was hiding… Or at least, she could tell where he had gone. It didn't change her plans that he decided to hide. The girl would make her handseals all the same, the earth adjusting itself so that when it popped up, perhaps there would be a nicely encased Yuuko within the claws of the demon… Michiko could only hope. The girl resurfaced beside Kasuya. "Are you holding up, Kasuya-san? He is quite tough… Not that I expected less from an S rank criminal…"

COMBAT: Yuuko defends against DEMON-GRAVES(87) attack from Michiko with a DISPLACEMENT…93

Yuuko stared both of them down now as he was forced to move again. "Gosh you two are some strong shinobi. I suppose this Raikage of yours was smart to send you both. Of course it is obvious he can't do it himself if he had to though." He grinned before focusing more chakra. "You two are pushing me to my very limits. I have to congradulate you both. Really. You are a fearsome duo, and I expect to hear of your many victories when…and if…you join me in the afterlife." And he focuses what he assumes will be the last of the chakra he is able to use in this fight.

COMBAT Yuuko is poisoned (7 rounds) and loses 392 health.
COMBAT: Yuuko focuses 1058 stamina to turn it into 1500 usable chakra!

Kasuya winces when Michiko says her name aloud. Now she /really/ can't let this guy escape. It doesn't seem like he'll be able to overcome them at this point. Kasuya watches solemnly as Yuuko gathers himself for what he claims to be his final attack. Since he is about to pass on, she decides to reveal a bit about why they're here. It sucks not knowing why you're killed. "Actually we're doing this to get on good terms with the Raikage. He'll be surprised. If he ever manages to get away from kissing the Leaf's…" She stops there, in preparation for the oncoming attack. Is it some all consuming blast to wipe them all out? Or maybe a tactic to duck and run.

If it's a tactic to hit and run, Michiko is ready for it. Though she herself cringes when Kasuya states why they are there. "Ahh… Trade secrets… I suppose we can't let you go now, Yuuko-san. Regardless of what happens next. Though if you escape, it'll just mean we can hunt you down again." Michiko flexes her chakra (and fist) a bit. "I wouldn't mind fighting against you again… It's been a while since I've been able to fight without holding back so much."

Yuuko winced as he stood a bit straight. "Yeah I bet. Between the both of you I have been worn down a lot. I imagine it is hard to find someone who can even scratch you. Let me ask. As a final wish. What do you want to happen to the poor ol' Raikage? And his village even more so? I mean if it is only him than I can…die with that in mind." He smirked even now. "Or escape if I can survive the wounds, and the poison." He formed more seals. "Tell me that at least. Or don't. Though it isn't like it matters now is it? Our little secret." A move from earlier shows up as blades of wind try to cut into them and throw them around the area hopefully giving him time to escape if he can. He doubts he could get far, and was already preparing some seals if he had enough chakra left to use em.

COMBAT Yuuko is poisoned (6 rounds) and loses 392 health.
COMBAT: Kasuya defends against SICKLE-TORRENT(94) attack from Yuuko with a INACCURATE-EVASION…112

For some reason, Kasuya relents. She's not known for her kindness, but his question might have struck a chord. "I want what I've always wanted from Kumogakure. For it to be too tactless to be corrupted by politics. Too obnoxious to ever shut up. And too loyal to ever abandon a comrade. Hiei-kun is just fine. He may be annoying sometimes, and arrogant, oblivious, noisy, eccentric…" And on. For some time. "…but Kumo is still the place to be. You should've chosen it too, Yuuko." That's when the wind slices her apart, only to reveal that it's yet another illusion. And now she's behind him, has been all along, aiming lightning bolts point blank to burn him down into a corpse.

COMBAT: Michiko defends against SICKLE-TORRENT(84) attack from Yuuko with a METAL-DOME…98

Michiko glances over at Kasuya as she starts talking about Hiei… A lot. A surprising amount, even, considering that she never knew the woman to be wordy. But it wasn't all that bad. The girl would allow the wind to attack her, but … It didn't actually. Instead, the blades of wind sliced against metal, which seemed to stand as fine as … well… metal. There was no way to describe it, though the screeching noise that came of it getting hit may not be pleasant. Michiko would lower the barrier, eyeing Yuuko for a few moments. "I hope you give the Devil my regards, Yuuko-san…" She says simply, and then the metal used to defend would seem to sink into the earth, springing back up as a bed of spikes to impale the man before her. Lighting + metal = Death, right?

COMBAT: Yuuko defends against LIGHTNING-CRASH(91) attack from Kasuya with a VANISHING-GALE…100
COMBAT: Yuuko defends against POISON-MAIDEN'S-BED(106) attack from Michiko with a DEMON-SEALING-TECHNIQUE…79
COMBAT: Yuuko loses the roll and sustains 2208 damage.
COMBAT: Michiko absorbs chakra from Yuuko
COMBAT: Yuuko left combat at 21.7 percent stamina.

Yuuko nods to Kasuya as he moves away from her lightning. "I see. Well maybe in another life I can stand side by side with you two lovely ladies." He smirked one last time before trying this last defense against the metal bed of nails almost. It struck him hard, and it drained him quick. "I…see.. You…are much…more..powerful than I could've imagined. And…Kasuya dear." Yes using the name he now knows. "You have…excellent genjutsu. Hone it. Because there.." He coughs up a bit of blood that splatters across his face and the ground. "One day..there will be..people plenty stronger than me. And they won't be as fun as I was." He closed his eyes, and the blood of his ran along the metal that sucked the last drop of life from him. Signifying his death.

Kasuya stands over Yuuko's fallen body, not smiling or weeping. She says, "I have nightmares of death. Since I was a small child. Dreams of those I've killed…of those I'm close to…and of those still living. Every night they die, in some accident, or battle, or by my own hands. It's why I can't sleep. I'm not being dramatic when I say it's every night, and I don't know why they come. Helping to save lives, ending them, surrounding myself with comrades, or staying alone doesn't help. All this man means to me is another person in the parade of dead tonight." Her voice is flat, almost emotionless. "Or maybe, since he was stronger, and worse than others, they'll be gone tonight." She lets out a bark of bitter laughter.

COMBAT: Kasuya left combat at 42.7 percent stamina.
RP: Kasuya reverts to her normal state.

Michiko would glance to Kasuya and frown slightly, but she moved to the body that was riddled with poison. The poison itself she extracted, storing it back into a vial with utmost care. Then Michiko would use a simple bit of metal manipulation that would allow her to slice off the man's head. Were she a scroll user, she would place that inside a scroll. Alas, she is not, so this bag will have to do. It is held delicately, as she would rather the blood not get on her… She had come so far without injury, it wouldn't do for her to be bloodied. "Good work, Kasuya-san. I hope you've no nightmares tonight." As Michiko spoke, she would release the energy she held that sustained her: natural energy. The fox on her shoulder would hop off, and the Iwata's ears and tail disappeared. So… Rest and back to Kumo, or shall we move right away?" she asks lightly, the fox disappearing with a puff of smoke.

RP: Michiko reverts to her normal state.

"That's a nice thing to say, Michiko-chan," Kasuya says. She rubs the back of her neck. "But it's affecting my health now. There's somewhere I need to go. No one in Kumo can help me, so I'm going for a bit of a trip. Maybe a rather long one. Very long. Keep the money and prestige for this mission, but if Hiei-kun comes back before me, be sure to tell him I'll be back…eventually." She glances at the severed head and makes a face. "Yuck." Then she would shimmer and vanish from view.

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