Refining the Tainted Fangs


Naoya, Yuriko

Date: February 3, 2015


A pair of Genin take precautions and isolate themselves before testing several new toxins and their effects on a living patient.

"Refining the Tainted Fangs"

Land of Water, Thick Woods

With the exams on hold as they review and evaluate those who would be allowed to join and who will be tested, a certain Okumo left a letter not on the window of the Kaguya manor but on the bed of Kaguya Yuriko. « It's still so easy to come in at will. Maybe I should take what I took last time for a giggle? We're waiting to see you in the burrow, how long will you have us wait? » Naoya himself wasn't in his chamber but within a side chamber, one with a bed of furs like his own but with additional measures for privacy. The young teen waited, sitting onto the edge of the bed but every so often snarls and mutters something to himself.

Half of the day goes by before the spiders smell the familiar scent of prey approaching their lair. The young woman calmly walking towards the shrubbery that obscures the entrance of the cavern. Brushing back a few branches, Yuriko dips her snowy head just slightly as she enters, a few waves cascading over her shoulder from the motion as she slips deeper into the tunnel, passing by the many eyes of the brood. Entering the main cavern, she arches a brow to herself and glances around, not seeing the Okumo boy and quickly concluding that he must be deeper still within the cavern. Eventually Yuriko finds Naoya in the room that is designated as hers and she gives him a peculiar look. "Do I really need to start setting up traps in my room? It would be such a bother." she murmurs. "And weren't you the one that said we shouldn't be alone together?"

"Yes, I did.. But some things can't be helped. Anyways.. who do you think keeps things aired out from this room, brings in the herbs to break and spread a more pleasing scent?" Turning to look towards Yuriko, his amber eyes were dull but rapidly brightening as his point of view began to shift to his own alone. Naoya grins softly and leans forward to ask, "Now now, would you rather have me in your mother's home doing tests, having her walk in or listen to us talking or even your other clanmates?" Arching a brow, a light smile was on his lips as he looks at the bed. "I'll try my best to behave."

Yuriko gives him a mildly flat glance. "I mean my room in the Kaguya village." she clarifies, though it does no good. He knew what she was talking about and clearly just wanted to tease her. As his eyes brighten, she meets his vivid amber gaze. "I don't care if people stumble in on us. If they have issues with it, they can challenge me. That's that." Exhaling a small breath through her nose, Yuriko crosses the distance between them and takes a seat on the edge of the bedding, tucking her legs underneath her as is proper. "So, how should we start the testing?"

"I do care though. If it's a mused that I could be a burden or a liability to Yu-chan I will fix it, there and then.. We can talk about the tests, or I can simply show you and explain as the runs its course." Holding out a hand, Naoya wiggles his fingers lightly, her initial clarifying only resulting with a grin and not a retort. "There are many we've been working on.. not all of them eat at your body, some eat at your thoughts." Turning his head away, he would wave a hand and the brood responded, not only to secure the main entry way but also the chamber they were in.

The young Kaguya blinks her bright eyes up at Naoya for a short moment before tilting her snowy head slightly, frowning with deeper thought. Her focus is broken and she blinks up at the entrance of the room, quickly being sealed off from the outside world. It made her wonder many things, most of all just what she might do that could possibly endanger the outside world while under the influence of Naoya's testing. Exhaling a soft breath, Yuriko turns her eyes back to him and reaches out her right hand, holding it on his. "Alright. Do I need to do anything?"

"To trust me.. Not to panic if things become odd or feel too odd. Understand?" Naoya's face no longer was smiling, but was focused, seemingly focusing on something even though he was staying still. With Yuriko's hand in his, he brings her hand to his lips to kiss it gently. "Choose.. do you want to lean on me, to lay on the furs? I can't have you tense or toppling over suddenly.. I also don't want you scared. This.. isn't a game, or something to play around with. I mean it."

Once more Yuriko blinks up at Naoya, though her frown is deeper. The teasing smile he had on since the moment she entered is now gone. He takes the hand cupping her and lifts it to his lips, kissing it lightly. Exhaling a soft breath, she shakes her head once. "Probably lay down. I don't want to accidentally spear you out of reflex." She shifts her weight and leans up, kissing his lips lightly, briefly before breaking away. "I trust you." Yuriko gives him a small, reassuring smile, but doesn't hesitate to lean back and plop onto the bedding. Her snowy hair gathering all around her head.

Even though her lips press against his, Naoya doesn't become lost in the brief embrace. The three words offered even more than the kiss causes him to visibly relax and move with Yuriko. He moves higher along the bed so that he stayed closed to her, facing her before picking up one of her hands to kiss her palm gently once. "This one should burn, like a weak fire within you.." was said softly but there wasn't a needle or cream to be seen. Making a face, Naoya soon snarles and shivers before lowering his head before biting just below Yuriko's wrist. Through the feeling of the bite could be felt clearly, venom is spread through, and from where it bit, it rapidly began to spread through her system.

Seeing as he gave her a warning how this particular poison would feel, Yuriko takes it as a further sign that this worried Naoya more than he let on. She dips her chin in a small nod, not bothering to brace herself as she simply watches. Instead of a needle or possibly drinking the venom, she blinks as she's caught off guard by Naoya bearing his teeth and biting down on her exposed wrist. The toxin spreads quickly, burning far more expected as it courses through her veins. Yuriko makes a face as she holds in a breath, curling in her fingers.

It would be a few seconds before Naoya withdrew his fangs from her wrist, gently lapping at where he had just bit. Using his lips, he applies pressure for a moment before her natural healing would mend the wound. Raising his free hand up, he gently brushes his fingers against her neck before stilling against Yuriko. "I can see.. you're already regenerating. This level of poison isn't much even when I inject it like this. How do you feel while it still flows?"

Yuriko makes a small sound, but the quick working of her regenerative abilities soon dull the pain to a lingering sensation. "Mm, it feels like my skin is burning underneath." Though as soon as she says this, the pain fades away completely. Her fingers uncurl and relax as she exhales another long breath.

Watching Yuriko carefully with his eyes and his chakra, he lightly nods his head. A light smile appears on Naoya's lips as he says, "There is a higher dose.. but that one isn't 'ready' just yet. There are two others I wish to try with your body, both are 'interesting'. One tries to control your body, one controls your mind." Once again the young Okumo began to explain things calmly, his eyes for now not leaving looking away from the bright blue ones in front of him.

Listening as he explains the affects of the other poisons, Yuriko lifts a pale brow curiously. 'Interesting'? "Hm. I can see how a poison effects the mind, but how is it supposed to control the body?" she asks, wondering about the mechanics of it. She hums again and uncurls her hand, offering it again for him.

Naoya accepts her hand but only kisses where he had once bit. "Oh.. 'Control' is a bad word.. 'Stops Control' would be more accurate. It doesn't effect most nerves but the nerve cluster along your spine. Turns it 'off'." Opening his mouth for a moment, the young Okumo bites down onto his teeth and shudder, causing a spider to crawl from under his chin out and into his neck before calming. 'Changing toxins rapidly.. is awkward.' "Are you ready Yu-Chan?"

Yuriko hums thoughtfully to herself, but says nothing as she absorbs the information offered. His fangs are bared again, and once more she sees him shudder. Perhaps it's an effect of the toxins. Taking a small breath, the girl dips her chin with a slight nod as she squeezes his hand. "Ready."

Nodding his head lightly, Naoya lowering his head, gently kissing her wrist then an inch below that point. There wasn't a third kiss but his own fangs sink into her flesh more slowly than the first time. When his fangs bottom out, he bites down some what harshly. Like before Yuriko could feel a mild burning within her veins but after a few second, any efforts to move to even make expressions was a little taxing. To move her limbs would only gain a tingling feeling as if they were sleeping, but other wise unresponsive.

Again his fangs sink into the soft flesh of her wrist, though the burning was mild compared to before and as it spreads, it numbs. The tingling of her arm falling asleep quickly spreads to her shoulder, and it isn't long before she's tingling all over. Glancing down at her fingers, she tries to curl them, move them even just a little, but to no avail. For some reason it earns a small chuckle. "I feel like a doll now. I can't move."

Once again is slow, careful not to cause Yuriko's wrist to bleed too badly. "That's the point you know." A mischievous smile appears on his lips as he moves his free hand lower, from close to her neck down to hook and stroke along her collarbone. "A toxin that leaves my victim putty in my hands. To poison them more.. bind them securely.. Just about 'anything'." Naoya focuses his amber eyes onto Yuriko's face, a grin soon shows off his fangs to her but he waited, timing how long she would be helpless from a single bite.

"Hm, I see." Yuriko hums. "So that's why you really wanted to do this. To test it and see just how potent you have to make it, though it also shows me your cards." Just as she says this, the Kaguya girl pulls her eyes from his and looks to her hand, elbow bending as the arm pulls in and fingers curl, testing against the last of the toxin. It had faded rather quickly.

A cluck of his tongue is made when Yuriko manages to combat the toxin sooner than he had expected. "I had planned for that one to keep you numb for at least a few minutes.. Hmm.. I guess I'm going to have to refine it further." Opening his mouth, Naoya strokes one of his fangs slowly, grumbling at the same time, trying to focus on where he might of went wrong.
Lowering his gaze, Naoya focuses onto her face quickly and says, "The next one is the opposite but the same in a way. The other toxin plays with your mind, causing nerves to become erratic, sending fake signals to other parts of the brain. It's meant to block higher thinking in short. I'll try to make this batch more potent for you."

Her eyes meet his as she listens. From the way he described it, it sounds as if the toxin might have a similar affect as genjutsu would. "Hm. Alright." Yuriko murmurs softly, dipping her chin with another faint nod as she waits for his fangs once more. Even if she anticipates the poison, a part of her still unconsciously braces herself.

Nodding lightly, Naoya closes his eyes briefly and laps at Yuriko's wrist gently, leaving it unmarked and clean before pausing. Then as suddenly as the first time, he bit into her wrist strongly, sending a pricking toxin into her veins. Rather than having a mild effect, all along her arm and later her chest would become tender to the touch along with covered with goosebumps. As the toxin travels, Yuriko would find her system didn't reject it. The true issue arose when it worked its way into her mind. False signals began to over flood her focus, every inch of her skin becomes increasingly sensitive. Worse of all, each command or command to move a section of her body causes the spot to feel as if it was stroked tenderly.

His fangs flicker with speed as they suddenly sink into her flesh again, striking a brief sting of pain. The third toxin didn't burn as the others, it moves swiftly through her veins and spreads quickly. The gentle wave of goosebumps along the back of her arm was unexpected and she blinks her bright eyes with surprise. It's effect is noticed belatedly, even the faintest breeze curling more goosebumps along her arm. A soft flush rises in her cheeks and for the first time that afternoon Yuriko averts her eyes from his.

You sense: Yuriko tries to avoid his gaze. Naoya would quickly notice however that the light brush of her yakuta has caused her young chest to perk unexpectedly.

While his fangs were still in Yuriko, his eyes watch her carefully, not able to tell much of a change at first. 'Hmm..' Soon his jaw tenses as he bites down onto the fresh wound, trying to cause her to flinch in either pain or.. Watching her reactions, it told him everything, causing him to grin widely and toothily. "Yu-chan. I trust you as well.. I want you to slap me." Withdrawing his free hand, he taps his cheek, knowing she would have to think quite a bit to hit him with her far hand.

Seeing his wide, knowing grin, Yuriko couldn't help but scowl as she burns just a bit brighter. Still he catches her by surprise by telling her that he wants her to slap him. Something she's never done before. Stabbing, punching, sure. But a slap? It takes her a brief moment to gather her whits, though when she does, her open palm slaps squarely across his cheek.

The wide grin on his lips disappears when she manages to slap him and jerk his head somewhat. While he didn't move much, a large reddening spot on his pale skin begins to brighten up as he hisses.. 'Every time.. The toxins are lasting too little, too short.. No I didn't plan that.. He was supposed to trigger ever nerve on that half of her body.. Told you..' As Naoya softly spoke to himself or rather his brood the hand that had patted his own cheek was quickly to work his jaw. "..Each one lack potency.. Something to work on."

Yuriko takes a breath as she closes her eyes, curling her hands into the sheets as she pushes to sit up in her seat. She makes a sound, but turns her snowy head to glance back at Naoya, muttering to himself. "Mm," she hums, quietly agreeing to his observation that each poison wasn't all that potent. "At least you found out for certain." She watches him curiously, pensive as the last of the sensitivity fades away. "So… why did you want me to slap you?"

"The toxin." Moving his hand to his cheek, stroking it slowly before nodding lightly to her hand. "If you had been under the effect, you would of hit me, but you would have nerve feed back." Moving his hand from his cheek, Naoya points to Yuriko's arm and then along her chest. "Every muscle connection, every inch of skin.. would set off a signal of bliss. The more force used, the stronger the signal loop. You'll end up lost in your own signals, no unfocused to be able to fight until you fight off the toxin." A smirk appears on his lips. "Your body would do my work for me."

Yuriko listens quietly, soon lifting a skeptical brow upon hearing his logic. "I guess that would work with subduing someone, but if it's for me specifically then…" she trails off and shrugs. "It seems like it would take the fun out of it." Pausing for a thoughtful moment, she glances away. "And you make it sound as if it's the most difficult thing in the world."

"That technique is one I had researched, but not for you. Normally used before an execution, it also has other uses." Moving a hand out and taps at the center of Yuriko's chest and says, "Or were you trying to hide how the last one shifted for you?" Grinning Naoya withdraws his hand and uses both to hold her closer hand, slowly massaging it as he begins to talk again. "If my plans end up working out.. I'll have to be hunting some who recover like you, or even better. For you? I wouldn't spar with you like that, I respect you too much.. also would be boring."

The young woman makes a sound, but doesn't quite reply to his teasing. Not willing to admit or deny anything. "Mm, could have fooled me." Yuriko murmurs lightly, nose wrinkling as he pokes her pointedly in the chest. He takes her hand in both of hers, seeming to cradle her palm as he begins to gently massage her fingers in a caring, tender way. Part of her softens as she watches his. "There aren't many that can regenerate like me. Maybe other Kaguya that have opened their kekkei genkai." Yuriko gently shrugs a shoulder. "And I didn't say that you would use it in a spar."

"One of the targets I may have to hunt does.. Also training with Kiji-san is annoying. When pressed, she mends herself much like you.. but not as well, but she does. Makes progress very slow." Tilting his head off to the right, Naoya continues to work Yuriko's hand in his, working his way down to use his thumbs to gently massage her wrist and then over where he bit her. "I know you didn't but.. some prey isn't about the fun of the hunt.. but completing the hunt.. Like the land of birds. I have a feeling we'll have more assignments like that but without the trickery."

He was being rather attentive to her after their experimenting. Perhaps a part of Naoya still feels guilty for using her as a guinea pig. At least that's what Yuriko suspects. She lifts a pale brow as she listens, a small smile touching her lips. "So you want to poison the prey and cause them pleasure so that they can't hit you without inflicting even more pleasure on themselves? You're really going to use that for combat?" As Yuriko as this, there's a little bit of a playful tease.

"You're trained to fight, endure and resist being tortured, being hurt, and pain in general right?" Turning his head to the side, Naoya looks directly into Yuriko's bright blue eyes, a smirk on his lips when he asks, "Who is trained to endure pleasure? How much does enjoying yourself distract you? Many will try to move through it.. only making the poison work better as their mind turns to other things as well." Moving a hand from massaging her wrist, he extends a curled finger to stroke Yuriko's closer cheek lightly. "Even if it runs its course, your mind is /still/ distracted."

"A sex slave. Or a really really good kunoichi." Yuriko instantly supplies without hesitation. "And as distracting as it might be, when it wears off the body will be more focused on survival. Living. It's basic human instinct. And that takes over everything." She exhales a light breath and shakes her snowy head. "You're plenty distracting all by yourself Nao."

Nudging Yuriko lightly with a curled finger, Naoya asks, "Aren't you supposed to be a really good kunoichi Yu-chan?" While it was subtle, when she only partially said his name, Naoya's ears perked, turning a little more towards Yuriko. "Though you're proof why it needs to be stronger. Luckily it had /some/ effect even though you were prepared for it. So.. progress."

Yuriko arches a high brow at him as he nudges her. "I haven't been trained specifically to charm and seduce while under cover." she murmurs, shifting enough to return the nudge to his shoulder. "You've said it yourself that I'm the exception to the rule. I'm stronger than most, so maybe what works on me could be lethal to others." A small giggle escapes her.

Rocking away when he's nudged, Naoya begins to grin but then he stops, lost in thought once again. "I.. I need to test these in the field more then." 'Can you kill someone with too much pleasure? ..I asked your gestation ..stop asking me.' A sigh escapes his lips before he shrugs his shoulders and looks down to Yuriko. "If they die then they die. Shouldn't be using toxins on someone weak when webbing alone will work. In a afternoon you saved me weeks of research, not many I want to know I'm working on 'this'."

The light smile that was lingering fades slightly as he thanks her, but after a pause she lifts her shoulders in a small shrug. "You asked, and I trust you. I'm just glad I can help. Though I guess it might be a while before I build up a real immunity to poisons, since it looks like the regeneration takes care of the weak kind on it's own."

"I could try higher doses after higher doses but.. If it ever becomes too much you'll end up ill for a while as it would seep into your normal bones." Shaking his head, Naoya tilts his head and draws it close to Yuriko's arm he had been holding and stroking. "You don't have antibodies, you simply are letting it run its course and repairing.. not naturalizing it. I'm planning to have quite a few doses varied slightly.. Trying to cripple the body and leave it tainted more than what can be mended outright. You'd /need/ antibodies."

A small frown knits her brow as she narrows her gaze, becoming thoughtful. "You think so?" Yuriko asks, sounding a little worried that one day she might encounter a poison that even she wouldn't be able to heal from. "What… about a poison that affects the chakra network?" She glances up to meet his gaze. "You can't train to defend your chakra, can you? I would think a poison directly affecting that instead of the body would work pretty well."

"I could try higher doses after higher doses but.. If it ever becomes too much you'll end up ill for a while as it would seep into your normal bones." Shaking his head, Naoya tilts his head and draws it close to Yuriko's arm he had been holding and stroking. "You don't have antibodies, you simply are letting it run its course and repairing.. not naturalizing it. I'm planning to have quite a few doses varied slightly.. Trying to cripple the body and leave it tainted more than what can be mended outright. You'd /need/ antibodies."

A small frown knits her brow as she narrows her gaze, becoming thoughtful. "You think so?" Yuriko asks, sounding a little worried that one day she might encounter a poison that even she wouldn't be able to heal from. "What… about a poison that affects the chakra network?" She glances up to meet his gaze. "You can't train to defend your chakra, can you? I would think a poison directly affecting that instead of the body would work pretty well."

Closing his eyes for a few moments, Naoya then just shrugs his shoulders lightly before turning to Yuriko. "We can't say. That effects something only I study.. They are clueless. Most beasts and those that focus on the body rather than the mind don't use that much chakra, let alone brew a toxin for that." Lowering a hand, the young Okumo begins to lightly poke at her cheek while asking, "How would you know if the poison was doing anything in the first place?"

As he pokes her cheek, Yuriko blinks up at him before giving him an odd glance. "I just experienced it first hand, didn't I?" she asks, confused. Then making a face the young girl shrugs again. "Regardless if beast or shinobi, a creature can't survive without chakra. Hyuuga Kaydin-san targets the chakra points in the body to disable his target. I don't see why you can't make a poison that could do that too."

"Hyuuga? I think you told me about him before.. the name feels familiar." Closing his eyes, Naoya soon grumbles and says 'shut up..' '..That one, okay..' '..We could try..' Opening his eyes slightly, he asks more clearly "..Did he by chance know medicial arts? I know you can disable the body itself with targeting the nerve clusters but.. I didn't think someone could really hurt the living chakra network, just slow the flow."

The Kaguya girl dips her chin slightly. "He's kinda like a steward I suppose. Kinda like a nanny? But he's the grounds keeper too. He's allot of things. But my mom made sure that he knew that he wasn't a servant when he was first sent to her." He question about the medical arts elicits a small frown from Yuriko. "Um, well from the way he explained it, his family's kekkei genkai let his eyes see the chakra networks and the chakra points of people. He can target specific points, and do enough of them it effects the person."

"Hmm.. A kekkei genkai to not just see them but mess with them directly?" This news causes Naoya to knit his brows together deeply before looking away. Moving his right hand in front of himself, he stretches out his fingers before tensing. The young Okumo's arm quickly becomes wrapped in a thin later of silk which only increased again with a new layer and then a third. Exhaling softly, the young teen's arm tenses again but then the muscles couldn't be seen as the silk hardens into plating. "I wonder.. Can he tough the network when it's armored?"

Yuriko once more shrugs her slender shoulders. "If chakra can get through the armor, probably." Her hand reaches up to lightly poke at the middle of his knitted brow, as if trying to soothe it out with the pad of her finger. "You shouldn't worry about Hyuuga. The chances of us encountering them is slim and you can't defend against everything."

"Hmm.. I can't see chakra, wouldn't be able to see if chakra could slip past it without having to crack it first. Maybe I.." While his brain was sparking ideas and tactics it as halted with a poke. Opening his eyes wider, they look upwards, focusing onto the annoying finger before listening to her comment. "You say that.. Give me time. We'll shape this body to be able to adjust and perfect things." It wasn't said as if a hope or a promise, Naoya spoke as if it was a given fact.

A small smile tugs at her soft lips, but Yuriko lowers her hand. "It's fine to get lost in the clouds every now and then, so long as you return to me here." A small giggle escapes her and instinctively she reaches up to brush back a few of his pale locks. "It was just an idea, the poison effecting chakra I mean. You don't have to take it so seriously."

"Just to you? Noone else? I think you're starting to get a little greedy, aren't ya?" A smirk begins to form on his lips as he looks down towards Yuriko. Closing his eyes briefly, Naoya shrugs his shoulders, soon looking at her again. "You're starting to make me think of how things work. I can start to effect other's chakra networks but.. I'm very good at it just yet. Something I'm working on."

The small girl shrugs lightly, not necessarily denying that she might be greedy. "Well if can help, then I'm glad that I thought it up for you." Yuriko murmurs, turning her gaze down to her arm as she flexes subtly. Everything was normal, not even a hint of the fire that itched under her skin just moments ago. "I guess that's it for tonight then?"

The armored hand lowers and gently begins to stroke his fingers along her arm. "You did.. though I'm not sure where to start. We've learned, collected and bred the toxins I'm using now. We've never created out own.. might be fun in a few gestations." A toothy grin shines as Naoya began to get lost in his thoughts again until Yuriko speaks up. "That's all but, you don't have to go if you don't want to. It should be safe as long as we aren't in each other's chambers for too long."

The Kaguya girl seems to hesitate for a brief moment. "You warned me about being alone together…" Yuriko mumbles. "If I stay too long… it might be too much of a temptation. And I don't… want to make you feel uncomfortable…" She purses her lips slightly as she glances away.

"As I said.. If we don't spend too long in each other's chambers. We should be fine." Turning away, Naoya moves his hands to his knees and pushes himself upwards, looking towards the chamber door. "I have snake chilled down below. I'll prepare it for supper, any complaints?" Turning his head back a bit, his ear points towards the bed.

Still uncertain, Yuriko pauses before her gaze is drawn towards movement, watching as Naoya rises from the bedding. A smile touches her soft lips and a hand reaches up to cover her mouth, as if trying to cover up the obvious smile. "Snake sounds good. Should I help with the preparations?"

"Should? No. If you want to, you can." Heading towards the entry way, Naoya easily parts the webbing, opening half of the doorway. "..Welcome home yu-chan" was said somewhat softly before ducking his head, moving forward and out of the chamber, not waiting for Yuriko to respond. A wide smile was on his lips while not daring to turn back, though a hummed tune could likely be heard.

A soft flush gently brightens her cheeks. Welcome home. Shifting her weight, Yuriko pushes herself to her feet. Her feet slip from her slippers and she wiggles her toes lightly before following after Naoya. Stepping through the tunnel she brushes her fingertips along the wall as she turns the slight bend.

Not once does Naoya turn around, but he doesn't move very quickly either, seemingly waiting for Yuriko to catch up to him before he moves to a lower chamber. "It's just a python I managed to find, a lazy one trying to warm up after getting past the river.. that water is still half frozen you know?"
Moving to the lower chamber shows that during his isolation, the lower chamber had expended significantly. The chamber he once mused keeping test subjects was expended but within the recesses of the wall were narrow and shallow shelves with large cocoons resting in them. It was clear these were not for storage as dozen after dozen of spiders, often small ones entered them or worked on leaving them, each one almost two meters long. The once small pool he held fresh fish was a longer basin with anchor weights causing items to be dragged down almost a meter but would be drawn up with a cord when desired.
To the far side, a solid stone was seated into a spot, but it wasn't cold but rather warm, heated by a spring they was bubbled and channeled from below. "Seeing as you're helping, why don't you collect it from the stream? should be.. cord three? It was gutted already, was soaking only two days after being bagged up."

Once she passes the entrance to the lower chamber, Yuriko pauses as her bright eyes glance around, absorbing just how much it had changed since last time she'd been down here. Seeing the wall full of spiders, her expression seems to light up as she quickly crosses the space and nears with beaming interest. The Kaguya girl is careful not to touch, much less disturb, any of the shelves as she peeks. No doubt cocoons full of baby spiders.
Yuriko holds back a giggle as she smiles to herself, glancing over her shoulder at Naoya as he gains her attention again. Looking from him to the mentioned spring, the Kaguya girl turns and nears, bending down and picking the mentioned third cord in both hands.

With the steady pull a loose water basket surfaces with a tense bag, weighted with smooth stones within surfaces. "Nice nice, bring it over here." Walking away, Naoya begins to open cabinet doors to pull out a few pouches as well as tubes of containers holding different things. "Now.. Rather than boiling, I think we'll have a flame cook this time. I'll show you how it works.. over here."
Moving to another chamber Naoya kneels down to a low fire piece that would hardly seem much of a flame, on top of it a smooth disk stone. "You don't have to worry about smoke, the room is grooved, the smoke should circle around this room before cooling into soot along the grooves.. might need to clean it next season though." Using a tinder box, he sparks the flame below it, and carefully feeds the fire. It would be a while as they cooked but Naoya limits how much he cooks seemingly on purpose, encouraging Yuriko to help him during the process to stay close to her.

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