Relief mission to Sunagakure


Taree, Juushin, Naoya, Akane, Yuriko

Date: September 1, 2014


An urgent relief mission to Sunagakure to supply them with needed food and medical supplies after the successful attack by The Silence.

"Relief mission to Sunagakure"

The village of Kirigakure to the village of Sunagakure

Out of no where the mysterious group calling themselves the silence
had demanded that every ninja village give up all there secrets. The
dark techniques held in the shadows, covered up by dirty deed on top
of dirty deed. There first bold action takes everyone by surprised.
They attack and successfully raid on the village of Sunagakure,
dealing untold destruction and mayhem on the populous at large. The
Mizukage not surprised when the news came across the desk immediately
order a relief mission sent to Sunagakure. Bringing badly needed food
and medical supplies to the village.
In true Kirigakure fashion, do it now and fast or we use the whip; a
caravan of wagons is formed to immediately travel to help the
village’s allies. The orders were simple, get the supplies to Suna. If
there is any problems along the way, eliminate them. Keep your eyes
peeled for possible silence involvement. If anything looks suspious,
collect it for later study. To ensure the success of the mission a
plethora of Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin are sent, as must as a show of
force than anything else to cover the large caravan of badly needed
The jounin in charge, a dark brooding fellow always cloaked in a deep
black hood takes charge immediately. Each genin is assigned to a
different wagon to watch over and protect. The Jounin taking each
genin aside ordering them to stay alert. Most of the drivers and
laborers on this trip we know, but we could never be to careful. The
silence might be planning to infiltrate the caravan. And if anything
is let go amiss on a wagon the genin in charge of it will be held
personally responsible for it.

Walking along with the cargo, Juushin was looking at her assigned
wagon and then looks forward at the others here. She wasn't terribly
familiar with anyone here and only had recently earned her rank as a
genin. She seems a bit awkward as she walks along, occasionally
flexing her hands and looking about, this way and that, not terribly
sure how good she'd be as a spotter but trying none the less. She
ponders the various people about though, trying to see who they are
and if she recognizes any.

Sitting within one of the eastern wagons was a young teen, covered
from head to toe, protecting his skin from the direct sunlight, even
while under the wagon tarp. Within that wagon, small movement could be
seen dashing though the sunlight every so often, the size of small
scorpions that frequent the dunes. Naoya looked backwards, watching
the trail that they came from, at times muttering to himself, "..When
does this place cool off during the day? It's worse now than a month
A glare was set in the young teen's eyes but it was unfocused, more
annoyance than focused towards one thing. Moving his hands together,
he slowly begins to form two seals before opening his canteen, drawing
a tendril of water from it and into his mouth, not wasting a drop.
"Already turning warm." Naoya closes the canteen again before standing
up to move further to the front of the wagon, peeking out of the tarp
to glance at the other wagons as well as the trail ahead of them.

Doihara Akane was riding not walking, and there was a Jounin beside
her on the wagon's seat. He was silent the entire trip and had said
nothing to the medic that wasn't absolutely necessary. Akane seemed to
accept this silently but long-suffering. She didn't appreciate it but
she couldn't place which person had ordered it and she wasn't sure
that both of the suspects weren't guilty. She was one of the stronger
medics in Kirigakure and so she was being brought along for the ride.
And Ride was literal. There were whispers through many of the Jounin
and a few of the genin that she was pregnant and thus the treatment.
She wasn't wearing her leathers either. She was more properly dressed
in tans andloosefitting clothes so it was impossible to see if she was
showing a bulge or not. She tugged a hood down over her head and sat
back with a soft sigh. Hopefully they would be arriving soon. Her eyes
were hidden behind reflective glasses as well, keeping the secret that
she'd actually slept part of the way…

The wagon faintly rocks as it moves, the back flap hinting at the hot
desert behind them as each dune they cross becomes ever more distant.
Yuriko watches this in silence, a tiny hand visible through the flap
as she continuously rubs her fingers together, scattering minute
particles of bone in their wake catch on the wind. Thus enabling to
stretch her senses further. Despite it being a simple escort mission,
she felt paranoid. Perhaps it's because she was there when the Silence
kidnapped over a dozen people. They had secured every exit and planned
for everything to go their way. Not even Okumo Sei could hold his own.
Yuriko exhales a small breath through her nose, feeling her shoulders

This would be Taree's second trip to Sunagakure on a mission.
Preparing for the worse the desert sun could offer. Changing her close
to a light silk breathable mesh robe and carrying a large umbrella the
color of sand, wave lines shimmering in the fabric. Taking the time to
inspect the wagon she was assigned, She would liberally cover it with
cobwebs. Making any sign of tampering blatantly obvious. The sour look
on the jounin face made Taree think he was very serious about the
wagons being important, what little action he took was especially
grumpy. Each shake and shudder of the wagon the constant reminder to
keep their eyes peeled for danger.

Even as they move along, the new genin seems to prefer walking along
the sands, her gi top down to expose her to the desert sun and get the
heat out from under that gi. She sighs as she feels the heat beating
down. Her hand slides up through her hair and she looks at her hand
makes a face before wiping it off on her gi. She pulls forth a bottle
from under the gi, pulling it up to drink some water before putting it
back and letting out a sigh. Noticing another genin behind her, she
waves a hand and smiles at Naoya. She then looks forward and hmms
before peering further back to see who she can see, stuck by her own

The trip was uneventful to say the least. The oxen pulling the wagon
being traded off for teams of horses when the caravan finally got to
the desert proper. The dark jounin ordering the Caravan to veer off
course only slightly half way through the day. The mid noon heat
pounding down on everyone harder than any hammer blow could. In short
order the sun started to set, finally starting to give some relief to
the merciless heat. The course change of the caravan soon becoming
apparent as in the distance, nestled amongst a batch of rocks and
hills, a oasis can be seen. Ordering out scouts to secure the Oasis,
the would return quickly signaling the all clear.
"With a caravan this size I knew we would never make it travel in a
single day. We will be camping here for the night. With any luck we
will be at the gates of Suna mid day tomorrow. If we are going to have
any problems it will be tonight." Looking to all the genin around the
caravan he would grin showing stiff resolve. "Might as well get some
training into you on this wasted trip. Each of you tell me the best
way we should set up the camp around the little bit of water in the
Oasis." Looking over at the ample vegetation nestled amongst the rocks
and hills. Chuckling softly as the caravan held as much water as the
pond many times over. "Night comes quickly in the desert so best be
quick with your ideas."

A look at the Oasis as they arrive and she already lets out a huffing
breath. Juushin glances around at the others here before she finally
finds herself moving to near the water and bending down to touch a
finger to it when the Jounin starts asking questions. She blinks and
looks around before looking at the others. She really wasn't known for
her vaunted thought processes. She licks her lips and then looks
around, "Umm, put the carts near to the water so that they are umm,
behind the shinobi? Keep them safe?" She looks around at the others

Naoya began to relax as the sun set and a more sharp chill befalls the
group. The young teen would climb from the wagon and hop down onto the
shifting sands before looking around towards the other wagons, lastly
towards the Jounin that had been leading the operation. Glancing
towards Juushin, he arches a brow before withdrawing a kunai from a
hip pouch. Holding the hilt outwards, a pair of spiders crawl from
within the folds of his robes, quickly tethering the blade with
braided silk.
Walking over to the water, the young teen crouches down before quickly
launching the kunai into the water, testing if he could disturb
something or someone that might be hiding in the water. "Keep the
wagons away from the water.. Someone could enter this puddle from the
other side and sneak under, no scent if they do. If they are too far
out though there'll be issues too. Eight meters away from the water
line? Keep them as a rectangle, snug. Easier to watch movement around
it." Even though his tone didn't waver as he spoke, the young teen
looks over his shoulder towards the Jounin and then the others as

Akane had watched Juushin walk all day in the sun without proper
protection and had disappeared into the back of her wagon for a few
hours. As night fell she spotted the Oasis and recognized what the
course change had meant. She was about to get down when the Jounin
beside her grabbed her by the arm and kept her in place long enough
for the head Jounin to speak. She sighed and nodded, pulling her hood
off and exposing the mass of blood red hair piled up with six hair
sticks that had been hidden under it. She tilted her head as the man
queried the genin about how to set up camp. An oasis was a place
worthy of protecting and there were many factors to consider. She
tilted her head as Juushin spoke up with a suggestion of protecting
the water and Naoya countered that water could hide enemies.
She spoke up then, still sitting on the wagon's front. "Ah, but there
Are many earth users in the desert, Naoya-kun. They can move through
the sand and earth as easily as Yoichi-san can through water." How she
knew this? She wasn't about to tell.

Feeling the shift of the wagon, Yuriko turns her bright eyes towards
the frown to watch as the wagon nearing the end of the day, with the
sun setting on the horizon. The small girl moves closer to the front
as they approach what appears to be an Oasis, and it's only when it
wagon falls still that the Kaguya steps off the wagon and lands
quietly on the soft give of sand. Already people starting to gather
and move to set up a camp for the quickly coming night.
Yuriko wordlessly falls into place at Naoya's side, without so much as
a glance at present company. Her gaze instead looks to the water while
suggestions are put out in the open. "With the exception of Naoya-san,
the odds are that finding a shinobi with water ninjutsu is fairly
slim, so the odds that someone entering the water and emerging on our
side without being noticed is slim. It's more likely to find earth
users out here, which means that they would try to come from below."
Yuriko murmurs. "So I would bottle and purify the water for later, and
booby trap the wagons in case they're disturbed. Place the wagons next
to the water with the tents arced around the wagons."

Taree was very comfortable under her broad umbrella, getting baked
half to death with sun burn was good once in her life. Getting off her
wagon, she would look toward naoya cursory examination of the water.
Knowing she would have to do her own part with the water. Stepping
forward to the waters edge, Taree would set down her umbrella and call
up her brood. Slowly they would rise from the folds of her clothes and
hair, cranky from being out in this heat. Slowly the mass of spiders
would slip into the water. Nodding softly toward her cousin Naoya her
spiders infesting the little pond down to its bottom. "The mission is
to get the wagons to Sunagakure. So they are what needs to be
protected. The pond of water is mute. No sane dessert dweller would
harm a oasis. The wagons should be fanned out around the water.
Separate from each other. If they are boxed up together they are just
a big target for one big jutsu to wipe out. With the Shinobi between
the water and wagons. looking outward we can cover as much area. And
any damage will be kept to a minimal." Most of her brood would soon
return from the water and crawl back into her hair. Turning toward
Akane, Taree would sneak a look at her bulging belly, grinning. Seeing
her making her rethink tactics a little. "The jounin should be with
the med-ninjas in the middle so they could react quickest to any

The cloak jounin would watch each genin in turn give their answers.
Shaking his head at them, gritting his teeth softly musing over all
the answers behind them. "Some all very good points all of you. The
point was to make you think. Juushin you are right a line of shinobi
needs to be out there as the advance guard. Not all of them thou. That
would give away our numbers. And the light from any fire would
highlight everything easily. Noaya very glad someone actually thought
the enemy might come from the water. It is true many different clans
have different view of the elements. Each might use water, earth or
even wind to sneak up on us. Taree we is right the wagons needs to be
spread out to avoid catastrophic damage. Yet none of you thought of
where and how any fires should be built." Ordering the wagons spread
out around the water. One large fire near the water with the jounin
could keep watch on everyone. Everybody will take shifts on watch. Any
problems should be raise toward the jounin at watch near the fire.
After a short arrangement of the wagons the night would progress.

A look at the wagons as they are spread out, Juushin smiles that she
was able to think up something good though she felt that perhaps it
was a bit obvious. She glances at Naoya before looking over at the
others and then helping to set up her spot. The girl looks pretty
tanned already, despite being from Kirigakure, as if she spent a lot
of time in the sun. She sets up a bedroll for herself and then makes
sure her water is full before looking over at the others here,
pondering them before approaching the largest group. Juushin raises a
hand and waves it, "Hi." She states, hoping to greet more than one.

Yanking back on the silken cord, Naoya catches his kunai before
turning to Akane and then towards the ground suspiciously. When then
jounin mentions the wind, he looks up towards the sky with a furled
brow, "Just how would.." With a shake of his head, he levels his gaze
back down and listens to the orders. While he didn't say much else
afterwards, the teen curls his upper lip and sucks on a tooth, causing
a series of higher pitched sounds as he walks. In response a sizeable
troop of two dozen spiders slip from the wagon he left from and began
to skitter across the sand, some between the wagon and the water
though many look out towards the desert.
After the wagon was in it's new position, the young teen takes little
time before climbing not into the wagon but on top of it, gaining a
vantage point. Looking to the side, he looks down at Juushin and
raises a hand, returning her wave. "Okumo Naoya" was said, some what
expectantly waiting a response.

Akane raised an eyebrow as Yuriko repeated what she'd just said then
sighed softly. She yanked her arm out of the Jounin's grasp with a
dark look, hampered by her glasses, and jumped down from the wagon.
She wasn't immune to Taree's glance at her belly. She was barely
showing but a keen eye could detect it and it made her flush. Good
thing it was nighttime…. Akane wasn't here as a fighter and the head
Jounin had addressed the genin so she pulled a bag down from the wagon
and went to each of them as they answered, handing Juushin in
particular a small jar of what appeared to be salve, it would heal any
sunburn she'd received. Naoya and Taree and Yuriko all got one as well
with orders to drink plenty of water. There was no use for dehydrated
shinobi on this mission., They were there to help Suna not add to
their wounded.
The Jounin in her wagon, a man named Hiro, frowned a bit as Akane had
pulled out of his grip. He wasn't used to being ignored or defied and
Akane had a knack for doing both. He focused on moving the wagon,
however, as Akane went around delivering her medical care to those who
needed it. He wondered what was so special about this medic that she
was assigned a 'guard' like him, but he accepted his orders silently.
Once the fires had been lit he found her again, folding his arms and
watching the woman pull a large scroll from the wagon, laying it out
by the largest group and beckoning for Hiro to come closer. Great..
The woman knew some of his skills. Ishino-sama must have told her. She
smiled and motioned and with a sigh and a few seals he activated the
scroll, producing more than a dozen bento boxes. She grinned happily
and loaded the poor man up, leading him around to hand them out.
Yuriko got one, then she went to Juushin, offering one with a smile.
One for Taree as well. Naoya, though, on top of the wagon got a
chuckle. She would go to him, up the side of the wagon to offer it to
him before dropping back down. Hiro had one left and raised an eyebrow
offering it to Akane and she shook her head "that one's yours. For
putting up with me all day." She grinned and turned to look at those

Already the wagons are being moved, fires being built as night
descends deeper over the desert. The heat already starting to plummet,
the fire built high to starve off the building chill. Yuriko settles
on her own mat and exhales a long breath, blinking down at the salve
and the bento box she's been given. It felt like some sort of weird
camping trip rather than a mission. The Kaguya girl quickly discards
this thought as she takes a generous drink of water, bright eyes
flitting towards the open desert beyond the outermost edges of the
golden ring of light around them. "I hear lots of things come out at
night in the desert to hunt."

With the coming of darkness Taree would wonder about the desert. Such
a harsh environment during the day, and even at night just as bad
getting so cold. Very glad she did not live here all the time. Getting
back the tasks at hand Taree would weave up a bit of spider silk.
Stringing it between two wagons she would have a perfect hammock to
rest in off the desert sands. The darkness grabbing hold very quickly
Taree would smile and thank Akane for the salve and the food. In turn
offering her a little left over silk for a veil. Eating quickly and
quietly she would look at her other fellow genin and visit Juushin.
"Okumo Taree pleased to meet you. You seem to be the worse for ware.
Can I offer you a robe for the sun?" Producing a quick glob of silk,
deftly shaping it into a simple thin robe. "It might seem like its too
hot but you should always be covered completely." Heading back to her
hammock getting some sleep before it was her turn to keep watch. Just
before her turn on watch she would sneak away and take a walk around
the pond. Stealing a moment to admire the beauty of it all in the moon
light. Stepping out onto the pond, not leaving a single ripple on the
surface she would walk out to the middle and practice a few water
jutsu. Nothing taxing, just enough to wake herself up fully for her
watch. Walking back toward the fire across the water Taree would
assume her turn for the watch of the evening.

Night would pass very uneventful. The darkness only hinting at its
secrets as several strange animals would be heard out in the night.
All the precautions would seem to be for nothing at least until the
firs crack of dawn would break the eastern horizon. Then it would
happen. The sound of arrow on strings letting go from a far distance
nothing more than a twang on the air. The arrows afire arching high
landing in a line around the wagons. The arrows busting into overly
bright flashes as they hit the ground releasing smoke and a thunderous
boom. Dark heavily tanned men would charge the camp. Desert bandits by
the look coming form all directions at once. In pairs of twos and
With the resulting chaos the head Jounin would react almost instantly,
moving so fast he would leave his robe where he stood. Flashing
forward to protect the wagons, knowing the other Jounin would keep
watch. With a raise of his hand he would start to bring it down on the
fastest bandits head. A giant ice axe forming from his reach, Cleaving
into the guys skull. Moment passing as the bandit did not know he was
dead already, suddenly going still as he seem to freeze solid. "To
Arms!!! Defend the wagons and lets leave these fools for the vulture's
dessert." Fighting starting to break open every where as the bandits
finally made it to the wagon line.
Watching most of the night hidden in the dark sand dunes the hidden
assailant would wait for his chance. Smiling to himself fangs showing
from his lips finally seeing gleaming red hair of his target. Keeping
perfectly still not to reveal is position he spied the bandits ready
to attack. Yet he waited thin slits of eyes spying for the just the
right moment. The bandits attack came and when the leader moved to do
battle he knew it was time to strike. Sinking into the sand faster
than if it was water he would dart forward. The area near the fire
would explode upward a unknown black clad ninja springing forth. Even
faster still a twenty foot blank snake coming forth from the same
hole. With a single raise of its head it would fan out a giant cobras
hood. Eyes a glow as in a blink of a eye it would aim and shoot forth
venom at Akane's head.

A smile at Naoya and Juushin would nod to him, "Yamamoto Juushin." She
then gives a bow and a thanks to Akane for what is given to her. She
would immediately go about applying the cream to her exposed skin. She
would smile at the cooling feeling it would put on her before she
would look over to Akane again in thanks for the food. A glance at
Yuriko, she hmms and then starts to look around nervously, watching
the desert only to chuckle at Taree and nodding to her, "I guess I
should pull my gi top up but…it is really hot during the day." She
sighs and shrugs.
Then time passes and she is asleep when the attack comes. She
scrambles up to her feet, looking around in surprise only to blink at
all the incoming bandits and then suddenly the fire is bursting up
with an attacking enemy and an incoming snake. She takes a few steps
back and licks her lips, "That's way bigger than a werewolf." She then
looks over to the incoming bandits and goes into a fighting stance,
prepared just barely for their attack as she was rudely awoke from her

Naoya, sitting with only a slight slouch as he had been most of the
night, stayed high onto the wagon he traveled in. The truth was, the
young Okumo has nodded off now and then though it was hard to tell
from his position or the moving network of spiders around his wagon
which attempted to hunt down and kill anything that moved close,
including serpents. The flash of arrows detonating below stirs him but
the shout of orders focuses him, bringing him quickly to his feet.
An amber toned eye flicks to the center fire in time to watch the
display of not only an aggressor but also a massive cobra. Looking
back towards the dunes, and from the young teen's vantage point, he
could see partially how many more were charging to assault them. Naoya
flicks his right wrist outwards, quickly catching a set of shuriken
that were in his sleeve before whipping his arm forward towards
several of the bandits charging their way closer.

Akane was on the first watch, along with Hiro who kept quite a close
eye on her. She sighed and didn't say anything about it. Thus she was
still awake when Taree's watch came around. She watched the girl wake
herself up with a bit of jutsu practice, nodding at her progress. Then
the first attack hit and lit the night. She was on her feet instantly,
but she wasn't fast enough to defend from the attack at her back. The
exploding ground behind her made her spin and the cobra's attack would
have struck in her surprise… But There was Hiro, imposing himself
between them before he had time to call up a jutsu. Akane cried out at
the same time as Hiro and instantly disregarded the rules of
engagement set up for her by Ishino. She charged her poison lace
blades with a lightning attack that would usually have been thrown
like a bolt, but was now used to add to the lethality of her blades.
She spun, blades flashing, in an attempt to behead the cobra before it
could do any more damage.

The shift in watches makes sure that the group and wagons are safe
throughout the night, though Yuriko is almost instantly jolted awake
as she hears the voices around her. The flaming arrows lighting
through the sky to bury themselves in the sand at the foot of the
wagons, releasing smoke. Pushing herself to stand quickly out of her
bag, the Kaguya scowls and uncurls her hands, darting for the arrows
and the smoke. Every black clad shinobi that pops up in her line of
sight instantly becomes targeted, nails hardening into long claws that
slash at their throats.

Taree was rolling over in her spider silk hammock dreading the thought
of getting up and the rising sun. The chattering of Naoya's brood
would make her wonder what was happening. Then the instant later the
world would shake, in the flash of prosperous explosions. Tumbling out
of the hammock Taree would land in a crouched position glaring as the
world erupted into chaos. Bandits racing toward the wagons their
intent pretty obvious. Snatch and grab what they could, killing what
ever really got in the way, at least trying. Hand signing softly Taree
would gather her strength drawing water from the pool in back of the
wagons. Mist rising off the water edge flooding forward along the
ground. Turning to scan the line of wagons her eyes would go wide at
what was unfolding. The ground erupting, the giant snake spewing forth
venom, and the jounin hiro taking the blast meant for Akane. With a
leap upward onto the wagon, the swirling mists following in her wake
Taree would take position to defend. Hand signing sending off a burst
of carefully place water needles from the mist into the oncoming

The jounin leader would continue to move forward through the advancing
line of bandits. Just letting go of the ice axe. Letting the body of
the first bandit fall forward and shatter into a mess of bloody mess
of ice. With one large stride he would reach the next bandit, twin ice
swords forming in hands. Trails of water coming up from his belt to
each hand. The first sword swinging high taking the bandits weapon to
the side. Painful frost already traveling down the swords edge. The
second sword impaling itself into the bandits chest. Melting at the
tip sliding right through the bandit armor before resolidifying into
The second bandit to fall dead he would look to see the genins
progress in the battle. Two bandits would be flanking Juushin from
either side. Seeing as she was in a stance prepared to fight they were
hoping to use the reach of their swords to cut her down. Noaya seemed
to be fairing much better as the first bandit approaching him was
already bleeding heavily from shurikens wounds ripping into him. The
other bandit charging forward with a over handed slice, hoping to
slice Naoya in half before he can throw more shurikens. A gurgling cry
could be heard from the bandits attacking Yuriko with quick efficient
movement she would elongate claws catching the bandits totally by
surprise, as she slices their throats open.
Frowning and cursing inwardly the black snake skin clad assassin
should have known it would not be this easy. Watching Hiro's face
wither and shrivel under the cobra's burning venom. Blisters forming
almost instantly, gouging across his face and eyes, severe enough for
holes in his cheeks to start forming. Yet Hiro still stood his ground,
a credit to his jounin title. Hand signing before taking a step back
in pain walls of earth would rise in front of himself and Akane. The
rising wall would catch the cobra midstrike making it bounce backward
already to take another chunk of him. The unknown ninja only a hair
behind his snake. Hand signing a complex serious of movements, his
mouth opening in a grotesque fashion. the jaw dislocating wide as a
thick green smoke billowing forth. The smell of rancid poison come
forth in its wake.

The two on her would cause Juushin to look left and right before she'd
grin a little, looking perhaps a little to happy about this. She'd
make the first move even as they tried to surround her with swords,
her body going right and fast, the blade the man swings comes in from
the side at her and she takes the hit for a greater reward, both hands
hitting his shoulders as she all but tackles the man to the ground,
her feet coming up to slam into the man's chest as she rides him like
a skim board to the ground and through the sand a few feet before she
suddenly lifts off him and turns, foot spinning on his chest as she
pushes off and rushes the other guy who is attempting to slash at her.
She sidesteps him and her left hand shoots for his wrist while right
hand goes for his shirt to grab in a grip empowered by chakra and much
like a vice before she turns on her left leg using a basic hip throw
in a brutal method to try to slam the man head first into the sand.

Opening his right hand briefly, a spider drags a length of silken
webbing across his palm and across his knuckles before slipping back
within his sleeve. Rather than backing away, the bandit would watch
the young Okumo charge forward, closer towards but at an angle. The
slash wasn't completely avoided but it didn't manage to cut into the
young teen deeply across his lower ribs. Pivoting onto his right leg,
Naoya half spin kicks at the bandit's chest before following through
with an over hand blow. Contrasting his thin appearance, each blow
held the force of a man nearly twice his weight.

As the walls rose about them, Akane moved to Hiro's side. She had out
a syringe as fast as most shinobi pull out shuriken, stabbing him int
he arm to shoot a high dose of pain killer into his system. "Oh Sage,
Hiro-san!" There was not much time and Akane knew it. If they lowered
the walls they would be open to attack again. And it would not be long
before the snake and assassin broke through. Still, she took that time
to act. "I'll do what I can to remove it. please bear with me." She
gathered her chakra around her and used a technique she cad created
herself, one that would be painful (if the nerves had not already been
eaten away) but effective. She pushed fire chakra into her hands and
used that to sear away the remaining acid and stop the wounds from
spreading. She was clearly too late for one eye… Biting her lip, she
felt anger rise in her. She'd been nothing but trouble for Hiro this
entire trip and now he was seriously wounded because of her. She hated
to imagine what wounds she would have taken if she'd have been hit by
that attack…
Hiro steeled himself well and only groaned as Akane very nearly
branded the man with her flames. The pain was intense enough to cause
the wall behind them to fall, exposing Akane's back to the pond. Then
the medic cut her own shirt, unraveling a length from he bottom and
wrapping it around Hiro's ruined eye. She was fast enough to keep his
other eye unharmed, though his cheek would take a bit more time to
heal. For the time being she slapped a bandage on it to help him keep
control of his jaw. The pain killer was starting to sink in and he
nodded to her gravely, all the thanks they could spare as his walls
began to fall around them. Hiro was already going through several hand
motions before grabbing hold of Akane and disappearing into the
ground, traveling several dozen meters and popping back up near a
smaller group fortifying the wagons. He pointed at a fast looking
genin. "Run, tell the leader there's an assassin here as well. NOW."

Half a dozen bodies fall in her wake as Yuriko flies, blood streaming
in several ribbons in her wake. But she doesn't stop at this, whoever
is near, the enemy falls with smooth precision. Even Some falling to
the sand with bone senbon sticking out of their neck. Skidding to a
stop, the girl blinks up at the giant snake, a large cobra, and smirks
to herself with delight. Grinning much like a kid in the candy store.
Reaching up over her shoulder, Yuriko digs her fingers into her flesh,
a hand wrapping around the base of her spine to pull it from the
sheath that is her body. Her own spine becomes her blade as she dashes
at the cobra, trying to get as close to it's head as possible in order
to avoid being struck by it's fangs. Just as she makes the first
slashes does the rancid poison billows out of his mouth, forcing the
girl to skid out of range of the cloud.
Changing tactics, Yuriko goes long range, throwing the blade so that
it arches through the air and slash at the beast.

The green poisonous cloud starts to spread, at least that is what
Taree's burning nose is starting to tell her. Even farther away she it
is making her eyes water as she starts to hold her breath, thinking to
herself no telling what that will do if breathed in. With a leap off
the wagon Taree would shift her mists focus into the expanding
poisonous cloud. Watching Hiro wall slowly crumbling as Akane
desperate started to heal him Taree was prepared to jump down and help
defend the healing medic. Hiro beet her to it, using a technique she
had seen before something called the underground fish technique to
project oneself through the ground away from danger. It gave Taree the
opportunity she needed instead of pushing the cloud away with her mist
she would draw the mist downward restricting the mass of poison back
at the strange ninja and the giant snake.

The Shirayuki group leader moves incredible fast leaving a blur of
himself in his way as he appears next to the badly injured Hiro and
akane. Starting to shout out orders to regroup and face the would be
assassin in the back of the wagons. The bandits were all but
annihilated. Most of them bleeding to death and or frozen to death.
Turning toward Juushin would order the girl to keep those to alive and
restrained, he wanted answers and he would get some. Naoya's band was
fairing worse than Juushin after several overwhelming punches he was
blissfully seeing stars behind his eye lids, completely knocked out
With Akane's quick thinking and medical reflexes she has managed to
change Hiro's mortal wound into a mere crippling one. The burns across
his face were going to mark him probably for the rest of his life. The
giant black cobra would hiss loudly echoing to all that heard it. The
sudden feeling of Genjutsu being felt on the area. The snakes eyes
glowing the cobra hood opening up fully openly to be distracted by the
blade thrown by Yuriko. Ducking with impossible snake like reflexes
the cobra skids across the water surface sending ripples across the
pond. The ninja would turn to watch the field of battle start to turn,
squinting is snake like eyes he would hiss himself. Flickering forward
and across the remains of the stone wall, picking up the long blade of
Yuriko’s bone, before following his snake across the water. Quickly
racing into the rocks and the hills of dunes. The jounin orders the
wagaons quickly moved away from the water in the wake of the escaping

A look over at the others and she notes that this fight is coming to
an end. She hmms and nods to herself before glancing over to various
people she is only recently meeting and making sure they aren't
doomed. She then takes a breath before looking down at the men she had
just beat and axekicks down into one of them, slamming down on his
knee before she jumps up and lands both heels right on to both of the
knee's of the other man. Both give off sickening sounds of breaking as
she lands before shake takes a soft breath and nods her head to the
man in charge before she idly starts looking around, "Anyone have

Naoya draws back his right arm again to level a fatal blow to the
bandit but staggers as he heard the orders for Juushin, pausing his
own assault. With his amber eyes now focusing onto Akane and Hiro, he
sees how much danger they were in and sprints closer before moving a
hand to cup one of his ears as the genjutsu took him. "Bite!" was said
suddenly, in response, thin trickles of blood seeped from narrow holes
in his raised arm as he attempts to break free from the genjutsu.
Listening to the splash of water, Naoya turn towards the lake and
brings his hands together for the first time creating a chain of seals
causing a chain of three spheres from the pond to float in front of
him. The young teen would jab at each one, punching them into the lake
to cause a surging wave to flash across the pond.

Akane Drug Hiro down to the ground in a show of skill, forcing the man
to the ground s she began a far more complex healing jutsu to continue
patching him up, her expression was hard like stone and her jaw was
set. She was well aware what had just happened. Speaking tot eh Lead
Jounin she said, "He had to have been following us the whole time and
waited for another attack to cover for him… Hiro-san damnit don't
move!" She kept focusing, managing to regenerate skin over his jaw and
cheek, the eye was useless, she knew that, and the skin she could
bring back was scarred. It was draining her to work ont his level so
quickly but she did it. Finally after she seemed to get the wound
mostly closed Hiro grabbed her arm and stopped her. "Doihara-san, that
is enough. tend to the others." She looked up and around, taking stock
of who else was hurt. The assassin was running and that was enough for
her. Time to tend to the wounded as that was the most she could do on
this trip…. "Whoever is hurt come to me."

The snake recoils, much to Yuriko's delight, and the girl couldn't
help but smirk as it begins to flee. And what's better even is the
assassin, the leader of this group, dares to pick up the blade that is
her spine and start to flee with it. "Oh no you don't." She almost
laughs as she chases after them across the surface of the water. "My
bones, my rules."
As she runs after the snake and it's master, her senses feel the sword
in his grip and without warning the hilt lashes around his wrist in a
thick tangle of ivory vines, quickly growing up his arm to try to wrap
around his torso, thorns digging into his flesh just enough so to be
painful but not life-threatening. While he's busy struggling against
it, one such thorn buries into his flesh undetected, settling against
the bone structure of his wrist. Even if he gets away now, Yuriko will
be able to track him.

Taree would not worry about the captured bandits, she would head
toward the wagons and make sure there was no damage. The teamsters
were all unhurt, thank goodness, thinking to herself how many ninja
knows how to drive a heavy cargo wagon. Quickly moving to gather all
the scattered tents and supplies Taree would try to follow the jounin
orders, and get ready to get back on the road to suna. Watching Yuriko
run off across the water after the enemy combatant. She would watch
how fast she moved across the water estimating if she could catch him.

More concerned with stabilizing Hiro's condition then going after a
assassin to kill Akane. He was willing to let the Assassin to get away
to assure the wagons got safely to Suna and let the villages deal with
the escaping ninja at a later date. As Yuriko sailed off after him he
would yell a sharp command for her to fall back. It would be a foolish
endeavor to trail after a escaping Assassin. Akane with great effort
would finally get Hiro to a stable, ready to travel condition. He
would need far more treatment and probably be forced to wear a eye
patch with out some sort of replacement popping up.
Running off on the planned escape route the ninja would sale across
the boulders and rocks of the growing hilling dunes. Smiling to
himself as it was going to be a clean getaway. The bone in his hand
beginning to wither and move causing him causing him to stop and look
back and shake his head. Calling out "Do you really think your bones
are as limber as a snakes back?" The bone starting to wrap around his
torso before his body shudders. Image blurring as he falls into a mass
of slithering snakes. Only to reform some distance later. Reaching
down he would pick up a small snake withering in pain, placing said
snake in a bag he would continue away jumping on top of his cobra
using it almost as some parity of a mount. Slithering it away.

Grabbing hold of the arms of the men who's legs she broke, she starts
to drag them along toward Akane and states, "I need a bit of healing
and these two…I don't know if they'll survive for questioning
without some." The men start to scream as she drags them and she
frowns and looks down, "Stop being big babies, it's just your legs."
She nods her head and then looks forward as she drags them along, "You
two would never make it in the academy." She shakes her head and then
sighs as she drags them along, "If you are to question them, they may
at least need a pain suppressant." She then looks around at the
various people and idly smiles as her side bleeds, "So, who would have
thought this might be more of a fun adventure than I had anticipated.

Naoya snarls faintly, soon producing a high pitched whistle like
sound, which causes him to hiss afterwards and his cloak to wiggle
with movements. Turning to Yuriko, the young teen watches her before
turning back towards the place he was protecting before hand, his
movements slower than a jog. "How bad are the injuries here?" was
asked aloud as he nods towards a body laid down in the sands, the
bandit that was knocked out. The young teen would then kneel down
beside the man and pull back his sleeves, quickly rubbing his wrists
against the man's and then around the man's legs binding him in silken
fibers. "You.. you aren't allowed to relax for too much longer."
Akane stopped healing and wiped the sweat from her brow as she finally
stabilized Hiro enough for travel. She was thankful that she did not
have to deal with many other heavy injuries, but she felt responsible
for Hiro's condition. She looked up as Yuriko went after the assassin
and she was concerned for the girl's wellbeing, Kaguya or not that was
an impressive foe. She heard the Head Jounin call for her to fall back
and agreed with the decision though for more than just Yuriko's
safety. She was also concerned about the caravan. She had already
separated the skill levels in the bandits from the skill level of the
assassin. Their clothes had been of different grades as well.
Juushin's little show got her attention and she met the girl half way.
"That's good enough, Juushin-kun, thank you." She moved to bind their
hands first with spare rope handed to her by one of the others and
then moved to examine the injuries. She rested her hands on their
foreheads and soothed them mentally with medical chakra. "Be at ease."
Bending down she would inject both with pain killers and then turned
to Juushin herself, examining the wound.
Frowning, Akane motioned for her to kneel beside her and injected the
girl with yet another pain killer. She was starting to get low on what
she carried on her person, but there was more int he wagon. "Hold
still." Working from the inside out rather than the usual way (outside
in) she stopped the bleeding first then slowly, carefully melded
cells, nerves, remolding flesh. The cut was deeper than wide, but had
not nicked anything vital, thankfully. "You were lucky. But you fought
well." The cut closed and finally Akane sat back on her heels. She
still had a few legs to set and minor wounds to deal with and she was
already tired. She had left a small wound on Juushin's side, but
unless she neglected it there shouldn't be any infection. "Simply keep
salve on it which I will give you later." She turned then to the two
dazed men on the ground and sighed softly. She targeted their pain
centers, using her knowledge of pressure points to numb them rather
than harm them and proceeded to set the bones the old fashioned way.
With the aid of a Jounin of course just in case. She then set about
trying to mend the bones, one at a time. She would be at this for
quite some time. When The wagons were finally ready to go she would
ask that the two were placed in a cleared wagon and she would continue
healing the bandits as she could while they moved.

The assailant's body suddenly becoming a slithering mass of snakes, it
catches Yuriko by surprise. The snakes easily escape through the gaps
of the bone sword before reforming into a man. Though he antagonizes
her, the girl just smirks and skids across the water's surface to a
sudden halt, watching as he and his cobra escape. "You have my bone,
you have my dust. It'll only be a matter of time before I find you."
Yuriko murmurs softly to herself. It was just the start of this hunt
she knew. A dark smirk flickers through her expression before fading,
her otherwise young and innocent features returning as she turns away
and heads back to the wagons, joining Naoya and the others. "Eugh. He
could have been fun to play with."

Taree would get back on her wagon replaying the assault of he bandits
in her head. Analyzing every little detail she can think of to try to
improve the outcome next time something similar appears. The sand
dunes would travel quickly under the wagon from there. It being fully
morning before the caravan was back to being underway. Still feeling
under the weather for several long moments she would hop off the wagon
and make her way toward the medninjas wagon. Climbing up next to akane
she would look a little pale as she look her up and down. "I think I
got a little to good of a smell of that green gas back there. Got
anything for nausea?" Almost blushing as she just asked a pregnant
lady if she had anything for a upset tummy.

After the camp was picked back up and placed back on the road by the
team traveling to suna went quickly and almost uneventful. As the
journey turned to the last legs with the walls of Suna in sight there
was a little wagon trouble. Nothing more than a quick stop and a patch
of a wagon wheel, as the relief mission finally pulled into Suna's
The rogue ninja would smile to himself at his overly planned get away.
Watching carefully the little snake in his hand. The bone inside of it
still making it wither in pain. Laughing to himself he would pull out
a scroll and hand sign. Another larger snake appearing in a puff of
acrid smoke. The larger snake would peer at the little one for a
moment before swallowing it whole. In flash of smoke again the snake
would disappear. From a distance the sense of that piece of bones
location would get very interesting indeed.

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