First Promotion Exams - Reluctant Opponents: Eremi vs. Sabaku


Eremi, Sabaku

Date: January 16, 2012


First day of the exams and competitors are feeling their way around the tunnels and caverns to become more familiar with them. Sabaku has already claimed an area for her own, even setting up camp there. While Eremi on the other hand is simply stumbling around hoping to run into someone he could take on.

"First Promotion Exams - Reluctant Opponents: Eremi vs. Sabaku"

East Shiren Caverns

Sabaku has spent some time exploring the caves and finally settled down in an area near some springs. The area may be humid and all but at least there is a good source of water and the irrgular nature of the cave makes it easier to hide her camp. But at the moment she's exploring some of the cooler pools, to see if there are any living things in them, as she scans the area nervously. She's not hidding right now, even if her camp is hidden, so she appears to be a lone figure in the steam and mist near a pool's edge. She found a stick of some kind and is poking the water.

The caves were probably the most nerve racking part of the test so far. Moving about from tunnel to tunnel, finally finding a wide open area only to wonder if you're going to be attacked and lose your scroll. Then being forced to get two more or simple give up. Yes, this wasn't enjoyable at all. Experiences they said, you'll have fun they said. Bah. The only thing Eremi is experiencing right now is an overwhelming case of paranoia as he moves through one tunnel, constantly checking behind him, then in front of him and all around him in general. Up ahead the tunnel comes to an end as he is hit with the extreme warmth this area gives off. Though for now it doesn't phase him, if you disregard the sweat trickling down him and assume that was there before he showed up, you'd believe him. His eyes are scanning about as he slowly continues forward until suddenly he stubs his toe on the making of an odd rock formation that causes him to trip and fall to the ground. "Oof." Coughing, he rolls away before getting back to his feet, glad that no one actually saw that c.c

Sabaku pauses, hearing something, but the darn gysers and water flowing from one pool to another make it hard to hear much in the way of strange noises as everything sounds strange down here. Sabaku slowly scans the area, "Hello?" She says, calling out to see if anyone responds as she drops the stick and nervously gets ready just in case there is about to be an attack. Nervous really does kind of set the tone here, as she's rather worried about being stuck in the caves for a week and having to fight to keep her scroll the whole time as well. The fact that there don't appear to be any monitors for the fights and that the Jounin canidates are in here too doesn't help.

As Eremi peered around it seemed the place was rather empty, then he heard it, the call from another. He didn't want to respond, that would be foolish, it could very easily be a trap. One that he isn't prepared for. So he says nothing at all and instead begins to make his way over toward the other. He's careful about his approach, watching where he places his feet this time to avoid another unfortunate spill. It would be bad to be caught face down in enemy territory. Then, just when he thinks he's safe, a geyser erupts just next to him causing him to jerk heavily in response and send him to the ground once more with a less then manly scream.

A scream? Sabaku startles and then without thinking heads in that direction quickly, looking worried. "Who's there? Are you okay?" She calls out as she hurries, rather counter intuitively trying to rush aid to the source of the scream. That's probably not wise for exam purposes but she can't really help who she is and she rushes forward, trying to find the source of the scream quickly, moving smoothly around rocks and pools with little effort.

Eremi sighed heavily at this point, wondering what he was even still doing here. He gave himself a moment to collect himself before rising to his feet and dusting himself off a bit. "Yes, I'm ok!" Instantly his eyes went wide with panic. What had he done? He responded and gave his location away for sure this time, that's what. There was no time to run away this time and with all the geysers threatening to go off at any time, it probably wasn't wise to do so either. So he prepared himself as best he could, taking a fighting stance and waiting until he saw whom it was that would most likely be his first competitor. He didn't have to wait long though when his eyes spotted a figure completely covered from head to toe running his way. Nervously, he swallowed hard.

Sabaku approaches the figure in the mist and hesitates as she sees he appears fine, well he says he's fine. She slows her approach, "You sure you're okay? You didn't get burned or breath in any of the really hot steam, did you? That could really hurt your lungs if you aren't careful." She notes as she continues to approach if just to avoid having to yell. She looks around then back to Eremi, "Ah, you're here for the chuunin exam, like me, right? You're not part of the jounin exam?" She asks, just making sure, as there apparently isn't any set marking to tell the difference and all.

Eremi simply nodded in response as he was some what unable to get any words to come out that he needed. He was too busy for words, eyes scanning the individual up and down as they continued their approach. Despite being completely covered, it was hopefully obvious with the sound of the others voice, that she was a girl…hopefully. He could be wrong c.c Slowly he shifted his feet, moving himself backwards just a bit as she still kept coming. It wasn't until the exams were brought up that he actually manages to respond. "Yes, I am." Taking away his stance completely he bowed in greeting, "My name is Satonezu Eremi, from Konoha." Then he straightened up, eyed the girl for a bit more then moved back into his stance.

Sabaku ahs a bit at the greeting and nods in response to the bow, "I am Sabaku no Hana, of the Land of Wind, Genin." She replies, which sounds a tad odd since she didn't actually say Sunagakure, even though she wears that head band. She clearly is a girl, the clothing isn't bulky, more like light weight linen that a desert nomad might wear. She considers the situation then says, "I suppose, well, we are supposed to fight then?" She finally manages, "You're the first person I've found down here since I entered. For what it is worth. Don't suppose you already have two scrolls?"

"It's a pleasure to meet you." It honestly wasn't. Under different circumstances sure, but right now Sabaku simply wanted to take his scroll. So he kind of felt ill will toward the girl. "Yes, I think that is how it works." Eremi shifted his feet once again, giving himself more room inch by inch. Then the young teen shook his head, "You're also the first person I've seen, so I only have one scroll. I don't know if I should count that as being lucky or not." He swallowed again as he let the silence fall in before adding, "Umm, I'm not really the aggressive type. So, if you want to fight we can. I hope you do, but I won't force you to."

Sabaku sighs, "Yeah, I hate this but it has to be done. I need a scroll, you need a scroll. One of us is going to not have a scroll shortly I fear." She shakes her head, "Please, accept my appology for having to fight, I am not someone who likes to fight either, and should I win I will make sure you are okay before I leave. I hope you will do the same should you win." She offers, in some kind of attempt to keep things polite. As best as she can that is. She takes a deep breath and attempts focus a bit of chakra, just to be ready in case, but not taking the first attack.

The well mannered Sabaku was a pleasant change from what Eremi was used to dealing with. It made him feel that much worse for having to fight the girl on the off chance, even though they are lands a part, could have been better friends. "Of course I will." Nodding in response a bit before watching the girl, trying to see if the other was truly ready. The deep breath was normally a sign of one calming oneself and focusing on the task at hand. Eremi would take that as the flag to start, "Ok, here we go." He started things off by instantly sprinting away, keeping in a circlular fashion around Sabaku. It was tricky as he did so, trying to avoid the geysers that were all around. A hand reached behind his cloak, into the holster attached to his belt and withdrew three kunai. Each one held through the loops at their end with a finger. He was going to start things off slow, test the waters if you will and flung his hand out, snapping each kunai at the girl at once.

After focusing chakra, perhaps it is odd but Sabaku just avoids the attacks, dodging as she leaps backwards, also avoiding the pools and loose rocks. Since Eremi seems to be circling around her, the moving backwards kind of leaves her back where she started. She watches carefully, simply avoiding things for now. Her eyes narrow in concentration and from one of the many hidden pockets in her robes she throws… two rocks? Well, they look like two rocks but upon closer inspection there are tags wrapped around each rock, uh oh. Yep, basic ninja weaponry here, two explosive tags thrown at Eremi, just wrapped around simple rocks to make them carry over the distance.

Eremi blinked at the girls surprising reflexes, something he definitely wasn't expecting from someone that seemed bogged down from all the clothing. Though it did let him test the waters a bit, he was going to have to kick it up a notch. Continuing to run around he only paused slightly when he saw the two rocks being hurled his way. For a second he thought about batting them aside until he saw the paper tags that were attached as well, slowly burning down ready to explode. Instinctively he came to a skidding stop and jumped backwards avoiding one, then tumbled from the next one. The explosions let off were small, but could still be enough to alert others in the area about their fight. A quick glance around the area to confirm it was still just the two before returning his gaze back to Sabaku with a nervous look. "That was close." He'd say, but give little to no time to hear a response as he darted forward at the girl. He reached for another kunai throwing it ahead before leaping in the air and following behind.

Sabaku is just too graceful and smooth in her motions. It is as if she's spent her entire life avoiding things thrown at her. In any case she swiftly avoids first the kunai and then the leaping attack behind that. She makes a quick hand seal and sends out two little darts of fire twoards Eremi, not quite spitting them out but more blowing them, as she lowers her mask to do so, her lips exposed as she sends the little blasts of fire towards Eremi, trying to catch him off guard with them. They aren't huge, no great fire ball technique here, but they will definately hurt if they hit.

This wasn't looking good for Eremi. It was starting to remind him of all his spars back at home. No matter the effort he put forth, how hard he tried, he was always back in this position. The worst was that the girl was making it look easy for her, but he couldn't give up just yet. He promised Naru he would give it his all and he couldn't say he wasn't trying, but there was always more effort he could put into it. Which he was going to have to do, for when he landed and turned around to face Sabaku, there was a brief glimmer of two small flames that his eyes managed to catch coming his way. He attempted to avoid them by flipping backwards a few times to hopefully get out of their range, but it wasn't enough. One hit and burned into his clothing and flesh with more intensity then he would have expected. A hand reached for the wound, it wasn't bleeding, but was badly seered. The young teen paused for a moment, collecting himself before shaking it off and running forward once again. He didn't hide his actions this time, but extended his hands out to his sides and clenched them into fists. The bandagings that wrapped his arms began to unfurl and flapped behind him. When the distance between the two was lessened he snapped forth his wrists to bind the girl in his bandages. Hit or miss he followed it up by leaping into the air and sending out a succession of kicks.

Well, Eremi's attempt seems to force Sabaku to kick up her actions a notch, and she moves with greater speed and avoids both attempts, the attempt to bind her and the attempt to kick her, simply by not being where Eremi might have expected. She moves smoothly and now that her mask is down from when she spit the fire darts out, her frown is evident. She watches these actions and seems to consider, trying to figure out her next plan. This gives a break in the combat for a moment, at least for Eremi as Sabaku seems to be considering what to do next, even as she tries to get a bit more distance between her and her foe.

With each attempt missing, frustration was starting to set in. Eremi knew the competition was going to be tough, but he was hoping his first opponent wouldn't have such a leg up on him. Landing on the ground where Sabaku was, he grabbed each loose bandage in a hand and simply tore it off, letting them fall to the ground. He watched the girl, as she remained at a distance now. She was excellent at both Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. If she pulled out genjutsu, he stood no chance. Before that could happen though, he had to finish this or at least try to. Extending both arms to either side, he began to focus, concentrating within just as he was shown. There was a brief change in his look, the pupils dilating and constricting. He could feel it now, all his muscles aching in response. Slowly he leaned forward, taking a sprinters stance and then he was off, with greater speed then before to make up the gap between the two in moments time. He jumped into the air once near the girl and spun around with a few kicks.

Well, a tactical error to say the least. Sabaku tries to counter the whirling spinning aerial attack with… a physical attack of her own, and fails, suffering the full brunt of the attack. She lets out a bit of a grunt and shakes it off, perhaps this might be a tad disheartening as despite the strength of the hit she doesn't seem that phased by it, not as she probably should be. She retaliates by tugging a small tag from her robes and throwing it towards Eremi, the tag is of course wrapped around a rock again. She follows this up directly with another flame attack, this time one quite a bit stronger than the other, a series of flame bullets head behind the tag, so that if the tag does its job Eremi won't be able to avoid them.

After landing the blow, even with Sabaku trying to counter it, Eremi was already off. Running about the area with his new increase of speed, getting faster and faster as he prepared himself for the next series of attacks he was going to use. One he had never used before, so was quite curious how it would work in conjunction with others. When he felt enough moment was built up, he was ready to charge forward again. Though another rock was coming his way, wrapped in paper like last time. He quickly sprinted away, only for a bright flash of light to appear behind him followed by a deafening sounds. His hands reached up to cover his ears and he slowed down some to look in the direction of Sabaku only to catch sight of a flaming bullet coming his way. It was fast, faster then he was and hit into him much harder then the previous attack. The flames were enough to engulf him completely upon impact, leaving him scorched and seering when they finally disperesed. He was on his knees now, shivering some from the pain and burns. He knew the fight was over, it was foolish to even continue on. Slowly he reached for the scroll and tossed it in front of him. Sniffling some, "It's yours now, I know when to give up."

Sabaku looks, well, sad. She walks over to Eremi and nods, scooping the scroll up and putting it in her robe as she approaches Eremi, "Here, please… let me help you." She says softly, as she approaches and reaches out her hand, "Let me try to heal that, if you will? If I heal you, perhaps you can go get some other scrolls." She sounds… well, appologetic! Her hand glows faintly as she places it on Eremi and starts a healing jutsu. Apparently Sabaku is a medic as well. Hopefully the pain starts to fade quickly, as the healing starts to take effect adn the burns start to heal up.

Eremi watched Sabaku approach from where he was on the ground. He wanted to just run away, scared she might finish him off even though she said she would help. Even if he wanted to though, he couldn't. The pain and burns were too much to deal with alone. "Oh, you can heal?" That would have been more then he could have offered were he to win. He just carries simple bandages in one of his pouches, "Thank you, I appreciate it really." When the healing begins, it was almost instantaneous how much different he felt. No longer shaking and the pain had almost completely left him. "You're really strong." He said, lowering his head, disappointed in himself. Wishing now he didn't invite his friends to come watch him in the tournament, if he won't even be a part of it. "It seems I have a lot further to go before I'm ready for a chuunin. Even if I was able to get two more scrolls from others. I don't think the odds are with me."

Noticing the lingering effects of the flames, Sabaku changes her healing technique and tries to deal with the burns and the damage at the same time, apparently intent on returning Eremi to full health. "Well, I have to admit, being a nomad I have learned a trick or two. and I must be what? Four or five years older than you?" She ventures, "So I don't feel too bad about being able to beat you, but… well, you saw most of my tricks. Maybe you can team up with some from your land and fight others to try to get some scrolls? We have a long time in these caves. I'm not looking forward to having to defend these two scrolls. I wish I could just leave now that I have two, but… I guess that's against the spirit of the thing." She admits, "Anyway, don't worry so much. Maybe they will promote those who 'lose' anyway. Its more about how you behave and act than just how strong you are, I bet. Sometimes the strongest people make the worst leaders after all." She points out.

Practically being restored back to the way he was before the fight, Eremi took a deep breath then rose to his feet. There were still some spots that still burned, but nothing that two weeks in a cave wouldn't solve. He smiled appreciatively, "Thank you for this, again. The healing and the experience I've gained just from this fight." His eyes gazed around, looking toward the next tunnel he might go down. Not carrying a scroll anymore, itt was a huge weight lifted off his shoulders as he figured he didn't need to watch his back and be so nervous about being attacked. "I'm not really looking forward to being promoted if I lost. I'm not the strongest and I'm definitely not leader material." Briefly he returned to look back at Sabaku, "You have a lot going for you though. You earned that scroll and I hope you keep on to it. My two weeks here will be spent trying to get two more now." He glanced back away, swallowing hard, "Assuming I can."

Sabaku nods and tries to be encouraging. "Well, at least you're not starting hurt. You know, as the two weeks go on, there aren't any medical bays around here, and people will get worn out. So that puts you up some, just be careful and think about things. I don't know how many other medics are out there but I suspect most won't be as generous with their healing. I have set up a small camp near here, so if you need to find me come up by the gysers here and just look around and I'll probably spot you. Okay?" She offers. "And be careful. I don't know who is watching or what not but I suspect we could die in here and… I'd rather not have that happen to you, okay?"

It was starting to sound like Eremi's best choice was to lay low, wait for others to be weak and swoop in for the victory. Which wasn't something he could ever do, "I will, thank you for the advice." He looked around the area, not noticing a camp before and still not seeing it now, "You've really prepared yourself for this." He turned to look at Sabaku, gave a smile and a nod, "Ok, I will be careful. If anything, you'll hopefully see me again in the stands cheering you on. It's the least I could do for you healing me up." He gave another nod before turning away, "I guess I should be on my way now though, need to see what else I can find." Waving he began to walk off.

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