Remains of a Broken Land


Naru (Emitter), Kuoroke, Sogekihei

Date: May 14, 2012


Kuoroke and Sogekihei are sent off to investigate San Sara-Duruta after its destruction due to haunting hppening in the area, it turns out that something much more sinister is hiding in those sands, and perhaps more things had happened ever since the areas destruction

"Remains of a Broken Land"

San Sara-Duruta

The remains of San Sara Durauta remained almost virtually the same as it did before, the criminal masterminds and mercenary war lords of the sands had lost their main base of operations, as well as their main source of income when it came to funding their criminal deeds. There was still some remains which proved this village still existed, what use to be adobe style housing were just giant mounds of broken dried rock with a sandy foundation, walls which which surrounded the bulk of the village were literally crumbled to peices, paving the way for a ruined and very devastated sandy city scape.

The area had dead silence, even an unusual aura could be felt to anyone who would step into the entrance of the city, after all many lives were lost, innocent and enemy alike.. The reports on a possible haunting of this town, was definitely possible or perhaps… it was something else…
The hunter wasn't exactly nervous. The area had a slightly creepy feel to it that could be un-nerving, however he was in that point of focus that left emotions to be dealt with at another time. Heero wheeled above, a sharp cry given that seemed to pierce the quiet, then get swallowed by it. Soge's bow was already strung, one of those regular arrows notched to the string as they approached the edge of that run down area. The hunter was on high alert, looking for any activity in the area. This was a scouting mission, as well as having a councilman with him, Soge was going to do his level best.
"Councilman Kuoroke.. We seem to not be the first back here.. there are some signs of people.. but I would need to explore further to see if I can catch actual tracks. The mission was to scout for me. Is there anything further you were seeking here?" Soge would glance back at Kuoroke for a moment with the question. It's one thing to go on a scouting mission, it's another to have someone of importance with you on said mission.
Apparently, the files involving San Sara still being open has a good reason, Kuoroke notices. He had come here to close some of these down, particularly the ones that would do well to never leave his own desk. He looks from the remains of the once-strong heart of unethical behaviour in the region to Sogekihei. "Nothing in particular." He assures him. "I'll know if I'll find anything relevant to my purpose here. You focus on your mission, instead,"

There wasn't entire too much activity out in the area, aside from the normal display of Sand dunes and building remains Soge in particular would pick up a body off in the distance, or at least Hayato would notice from the sky above. The body itself was surprisingly fresh, perhaps someone coming out venturing into the sands, perhaps something else. Still things remain silent, not even the desert winds seemed to be blowing the area, it was a quiet stillness that was difficult to shrug off.
There was another call from above that had Soge look up. Studying how Heero moved, Soge would look towards where the body was at. Eyes narrowed as he'd study it for a moment before speaking up, "Councilman, there is a body ahead.. looks dead.. but fresh." The hunter would start moving that way, figuring that Kuoroke would keep with him as he'd move towards the body. Even if it was a trap, the only way to gurantee finding out what is going on, is to spring it. With that thought in mind, he'd continue scanning the surroundings as he moved closer to the body, not wanting to be caught off guard. The un-natural silence was starting to get to him, there was definitely something not right about this location. "Are you sensing anything extra here, Councilman?"
Kuoroke scans the area through his glasses, and then shakes his head. "No, nothing." He answers. "Go ahea- Hm." The Kuroki glances up, at the bird, with a slight frown. He lifts his hand in front of the boy, stopping him. "Actually, have Heero keep an eye out, stay here. I'll go see about this corpse." With that, he approaches the dead body.
The body remained motionless in the sand, adorned in a heavy blanket of scraves and clothing to protect him from the sun. Their hands however was deep into the sand, feeling the presence of someone near by had triggered a link to be established. The flushed dead body attempting to trap Kuoroke, utilizing a genjutsu link while still attempting to play dead if the body was to be messed around with. Genjutsu link (35) Playing Dead (30). If he wasn't able to detect pass the art of playing dead, he would still notice the body seemed to be freshly slain, though not from any lacerations or physical attacks, but rather rehydration and the desert elements.
Sogekihei would nod towards Kuoroke as he said to stay back. Heero would circle above where Kuoroke was at while Soge would flicker to the edge of a roof above. He'd take a knee, arrow drawn slightly further to be targeting that body. Considering the world of shinobi, nothing said the dead stayed down. So while basically covering Kuoroke with that bow, he would stay back, watch and wait.
Kuoroke approaches the corpse, which seems to be quite dead. Quite ironic, really, considering the origin of the slightly pink spot still visible on his throat. He kneels down, unaware of anything odd or uncommon happening, and examines the dessicated body, turning around and shouting, "Looks like he dried out. Just recently…" Without any further ado, Kuoroke turns the body over to through its pockets, checking for anything of value. Investigative value, that is.
The dead man didn't move, not even an inch, his breath was slowed to a point where his heart beat was very faint, so faint it was almost undetectable… " Kuoroke could suddenly feel his mouth water, and the impending heat of the sun burn against his flesh, almost as if the very desert he lived in attempted to turn against him and wear him down, The dead body grinned, he had managed to catch his target in a genjutsu, the only thing left was to drive this man insane…

" Do you feel thirsty?" The dead body began to speak, especially with begining turned over he began to dust himself off and rise to a stand… it was just him… Alone in this desolate village. " Welcome to my village… The village of agony and death," his face was spotted, eyes were black with sleep… For some reason it seemed like this guy was a dried out tired dead beat…. But soon enough his chakra levels rise and his link begins to expand to the shinobi with the drawn bow. " I've been here for many months…. trapped within the sand dunes bellow, sleeping within the graves…. I can hear…all their voices…" Asphyixation (30) To Kuroroke, 34 Genjutsu Link Sogekihei
As soon as Soge saw that body start getting up, those arrows would fly. Even with Kuoroke close by, it didn't matter to that archer, the three sets of three arrows would be aimed for each shoulder, then the chest of the guy who got up. Time to put him back down.
As soon as Soge saw that body start getting up, those arrows would fly. Even with Kuoroke close by, it didn't matter to that archer, the three sets of three arrows would be aimed for each shoulder, then the chest of the guy who got up. Time to put him back down. Soge didn't notice the link to him at all, he was focused on the kill. Heero above would call again, a warning that went unheeded by the hunter. When focused into that moment, Soge didn't really see much else.
As the air is sucked… no, rather, simply seems to vanish from his lungs without any good reason, his breathing paralysed, Kuoroke makes a grimace and tries to struggle through it, with little effect. When that doesn't work, he focuses on his tattoos. A few long strands, like fingers, separate from his skin under his clothing and draw four long, bleeding, burnt lines across his chest and stomach. Kuoroke's tanned face pales from the self-inflicted injury, but at least he can inhale again.
"Time for you to stop breathing." Kuoroke replies, looking at the man, as his breathing returns. The Kuroki goes for the genjutsuist's face, throwing a punch, then following up with a knee aimed at the solar plexus. While his breathing returns, he shouts, "Try to take him alive!" and then continues breathing deeply, so that if he is caught again, it will not be with empty lungs.
For such a tired fatigued man he seemed to react quickly, Sogekihei's attacks for the most part would prove to be admist, the arrows stabbed into his body but seemed to go right through him, though finally a few barrages of arrow lines themselves along his left shoulder blade, causing the man to cringe and double to the ground, lucky enough to duck under Kuroki's punch and roll out of the way from the well aimed need to the solar plexis. " Think again shinobi… The voices know me well… I won't falter…" The man protests, planting a palm on the ground and revealing a sinister tag of some kind… A tag of binding, chakra like tentacles exploding from the seal to tie down Kuro onto the earth below, legs arms, all wrapped with this mysterious chakra and eventually hardening into rock. Hopefully if the attack hit its mark the man continued on, smirking grimmly with one more tag tucked between his finger tips. " Die," was the only word left for him to say, tossing the explosive tag right on Kuroki and finally exploding.

As for Sogekihei, he began to formulate his genjutsu, this time it was more chaotic, voices, rinning in Sogekihei's ear, voices, screams, flashes of light, the intensity of it was enough to stern his concentration, and definitely feel at least mildly uncomfortable… Binding Seal (36) Explosive Seal ( 27) Genjutsu (28)
Sogekihei would blink, snapping out of that focus as the world went to chaos on him. Shaking his head to clear it, he would look around in confusion at the voices and the lights. Closing his eyes for a moment, the hunter tried to center himself again. Eyes opening, that chaos was still there, but squinting, he could still make out Kuoroke and the 'dead guy'. A hiss given in irritation at being messed with, he would grab one of those special arrows, notching and drawing on the man. Eyes narrowed in concentration, trying to tune out as much of the lights and sounds going on around him, he would fire that shot. The arrow head would immediately pop off the arrow after it leaves the bow, turning into a grappling hook. Which if that shot was successful, would latch on to the dead man and cause the trailing wire and weight on the shaft of the arrow to spin about him, wrapping him up within it's grip.
Kuoroke is rather caught off guard by the on-coming, reaching tentacles binding him down. He has barely time to reach into his cloak and grasp at one of the scrolls inside his cloak. A tangible sheet of chakra appears around him, creaking, bending, and finally giving beneath the pressure, until the Kuroki is entangled. When he's faced, helpless, with an explosion, the Kuroki growls helplessly, but doesn't seen too scared by the possibility of being blown up. After all, he's been in this almost exact position before.

Kuroki was burnt to toast… Well not literally but the explosive seal tossed on his body was everything but not painful, the entangling shot was once again swept through his body, almost as if he was a ghost. " Don't you see? I'm not really here…" The man whispers softly, he assumed
Kuroki was down for the count, especially since there wasn't a reaction from the man, " Easy too easy… And you will be next… you will join the rest of the voices in my head…" The man motioned quickly, his speed seeming to be instantenous as he reached out for Sogeheki, attempting to nab him by the throat, if it worked Soge would feel his energy literaly become drained from his body, the touch cold enough to drain his soul and fill his mind with chaotic shouts and screams, it would go on for quite some time also, perhaps long enough to drive him insane… Briefly. (32)

Not.. there? Soge would blink as it'd all click into place. A scrowl crossing his face. He figured it out, it's a genjutsu this guy is pulling and that just really pissed him off. Heero gave a cry, sweeping in front of the man lundging for Soge up on that roof top. The flicker was there, it was enough so that as the man reached that roof, Soge wasn't there, having already flickered to another roof near by. One of those arrows was pulled and he'd drag it along his arm, hissing at the pain as he tried to break the genjutsu. This guy was so going down as soon as he got rid of this illusion crap.
A bit of bloody foam appeared on the corners of Kuoroke's mouth after the wave of flame had washed over him. The gloves came off, in this case not as intentionally as usually: they fell off, smoldering pieces of cloth falling off a rather thoroughly baked man. "I'm -SICK- of people doing that." He growls, making a fist. "You're not going to any more." His fists clenched tightly, as he followed the man with his eyes. Starting from these
clenched fists, and over his back, the lines lit up along his limbs as back, while he gathered chakra for the counter-attack.
"I'll RAM the voices out now…" the light spread out to the flames on the back of Kuoroke's hands, flames which would not burn - at least not with heat. But they could dissolve flesh quite efficiently. With an enraged roar, the injured Kuroki lunged at the man.

Sogekihei managed to dodge away from the attack, basically flawlessly while the man grinned, " You move quick, but I will make sure you don't get away…" the man speaks softly, he seemed to be cocky, blood lusting, intent to torture until suddenly Kuroki bursts in from behind, the main reacts quickly, side steping from the first fist but the second attack nails him hard into the stomach, burning his flesh and causing him to double over briefly. " Geh…" The man tenses his stomach and almost fights the urge to vomit blood, especially on an empty stomach. "Seems like…you have a bit more fight in you than i anticipated…" The man grunted " The kids… they are telling me to kill you… to pull the limbs from your body…" The man soon began to reach out towards Kuroki, attempting to place a cold hand on his shoulder blade, he was moving very slowly though perhaps a bit worn out from the fight so soon.

" Earth Release…. Earth Trapping…" The man whispers quietly under his breath, soon enough the ground begins to crackle and attempt to latch around Kuoroke's feet…This man seemed determine to cease his movement… and have his way with him. Earth Trap (30) Defense Roll ( 28 )
Stabs his leg again, trying to break that link. A shake of his head, warding off some of the chaos as the guy was distracted with Kuoroke. Eyes narrowed, Heero giving a shrill cry to wing between Kuoroke and the guy reaching for him, Soge would pull another of those special arrows. The hunter would notch and aim once again. Potentially the guy is there, considering that was the same move he tried on Soge, so that entangling shot once again would be let loose to try and take down the annoyance that this guy has turned into.

The lines on Kuoroke's body do more than add to his strength and allow him to melt down enemies. The gentle pulsating of the lines, along with seemingly pointless waves and flurries woven into his motions creates a hypnotic effect. It seems that the corpse is not the only one who can pull mind tricks, as the Kuroki, without actually moving there, seems to stay stubbornly at the edge of the man's field of vision, somewhere just past where he aimed. When the former corpse finally attacked, that had implications for his aim: the hole opened up beside Kuoroke, and he merely gave an angry grin, coming back in.
The first retaliatory swing seemed to be mis-aimed, but that was because it was aimed past the man's body, as the fist was followed by the unfurling image of a snake, passing the man on the other side. Kuoroke grabbed hold of the snake's throat, trying to catch the man in the formed loop and then yank him over a tactically placed leg. The other hand then comes up in an uppercut, aimed at the ribs near the spine.

The cocky genjutsu elementalist seemed to lose his cockiness rather quickly, while his prowess in genjutsu was great his body was frail and weak, it was easily noticeable due to how well he could act like a dead corpse. Kuoroke's combo his home, breaking the poor mans ribs in the process while secondly the burning sensation began to evaporate away his flesh, causing his organs to become slightly exposed… " Ah!" The man girgled out in pain doubling over, the arrow spins off and supports, coning around the main and twirling him up in a captures stance. Intentional or not the wires tugged against his exposed flesh causing him to grumble and gasp in pain. "Let me go! you don't know what you are doing… The voices… they will control you too!" The man shouts out frantically, attempting to pull his way out of the wiring.

Soge would try another stab with that arrow. It was starting to get pretty painful, but he wasn't able to get that chaos to go away. Growling, he'd flicker, leaping back over to where the now tied-up man was with Kuoroke and would notch that arrow. Drawn, the point would come to rest just shy of the man's temple as Sogekihei all but growled out. "Get. out. of. my. head. NOW!!" Heero would mirror that last cry with a shrill call from above, winging down closer at the obvious distress that Soge is showing. Yeah, he was pissed and if the guy didn't let the link go, he was going to get an arrow to the temple.

Kuoroke grabs the man by the throat, and leans in closely enough for each of them to make a good estimate whose breath is worse. Kuoroke's not really that bad, so his chances are good at losing. "The boy told you." His voice is a growl, distorted because he's still very much in the anger that clouds him when he's beating someone up. "Get OUT of his head, or I'll grab that rib I can see and rip it out." Still holding him by the throat, the Kuroki even made a reaching motion behind the man. "Tell me about the voice. And COHERENTLY! Understood?"

"The VOICES! You hear them too now don't you? That thing…that was here is now go…But maybe now it is in you… I cann't stop it…you will become much like me…" The man gasps, almost clinging to his breath hence his kneck was thrown and he was being so vigorously taken cared of. " I have nothing omre to say… Killing me will be a better fate…Because they will not allow me to die…" The man went on to complain, he inched closer towards the arrow despite being handled by the neck. " Death yes… death is the only way to solve this!" The man seemed to be losing it…even his eyes seemed to be rolling back into his head…

Curses, violently and deeply. He'd pull back from the guy, lowering that draw on the bow. That arrow would be put away for him to get a spool of rope. While the guy was in that nin wire, it was as good a time as any to tie off his hands and then his feet, hobbling the man as Soge worked on keeping his sanity. The voices were annoying, yes, but ignorable like the desert sand. The lights however, were driving him nuts, especially with that increased perception from his link with Heero. Said falcon was still circling overhead. Not really sure of what to make of the going on's below, the bird for now stayed out of it and instead kept a watch for any other potential threats to his partner.

"Ohhh no you don't!" Kuoroke squeezes the throat and gives a light prod into the injury. "You. What's your NAME, dead guy?! What did you do before the voices!? Tell me!" He shouts, establishing how much the man's life is worth and if snapping his neck is not the quicker, cleaner solution. The voices in the head worry him, slightly, and he addresses his friend. "Just in case - when I get back, remind me to see Aki-" Maybe referring to her by her first name is not entirely appropriate, the Councilman realises. "Doctor Iga Akirasawa."

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