Uchiha Hinotori, Senju Daisuke

Date: Feburary 12th, 2010


Daisuke wanted a rematch against Hinotori.


Konoha Lake

Late night when hardly anyone is around, most people having gone home for the night, and the forest was quiet. It was one of the perfect times for Daisuke and Hinotori to meet up for a training session or spar and having received word that his friend was back from his mission, Daisuke set this time to meet up and catch up while sparring his friend. Waiting around in the small clearing that they use for training, Daisuke looks up through the canopy of trees to the clear sky, the white moonlight illuminating the area. Now he just needed to wait for Hinotori to arrive and they could begin catching up.

Having gotten to rest quite a bit since coming back to the village, only a few knew of him being back, but then again thats how he liked it. He knew that his sister was gone on a mission. Concern was being felt, but he knew that she would be alright but it didn't take the worry away from him. Having received a scroll from Daisuke, he did smile a bit. A bit of training may be what he needed to take his mind off things. Finally reaching the training area and going through a clearing he smiles when he sees his friend, "Sorry for keeping you." he says easily as he came into the clearing.

"No problem." Daisuke says as he turns around, greeting his friend. "Lets dance a bit while we catch up. I wanna hear about your cool mission." he offers as he pulls out and readies his staff, spinning it once in his hand before gripping it with both in a ready position. "Too bad Kasumi-chan isn't here. She could watch her senpai finally beat her brother that she idolizes so much and I could gain a fan." he adds with a grin.

Hinotori chuckles, "There wasn't anything fun about it. Pretty boring, though I can't say I miss all the damn sand." he laughs as he looks to his best friend. Shaking his head as Daisuke wishing Kasumi was here so he could show off. "Whatev man." he laughs. "You didn't beat me the last time remember." he chuckles. "But anyways, lets see what ya got." he says as he begins to focus chakra through him.

Daisuke finishes focusing enough chakra for the fight at hand and grins, nodding his head to his friend. With another spin of his staff, he strikes out with the butt end of it towards Hinotori before spinning for an attempted strike against Hino's foot to try to send him to the ground. "Sunagakure, then? That sounds like a long and boring trip. Anything fun about it? Cute Wind girls?" he asks with a grin.

Quirking a brow and smiling, "Yeah there were some cute girls, older ones too." he chuckles but reacts to slow to fully evade the first strike which manages to graze him along the side. But he does bring his right arm up to block the second strike easily. He rushes forward and throws a quick open palm strike towards Daisukes solo plexus. He then spins behind him and throws punch towards Daisukes exposed back hoping to send his friend stumbling forward. "So how was my sister, hope she wasn't too much of a hyper nin." he laughs knowing his baby sister can get a bit obnoxious.

Daisuke manages to dodge any straight on jabs but still gets hit by both strikes from his friend. He regains his footing and speaks as he moves his hands in the moonlight. "Older ones? Hino-kun you dog…" he says as he jabs his staff-end into the ground and quickly spins the staff in a high-arcing circle, bringing a large chunk of rock down on Hinotori's location. "Your sis was ok. We are planning to make some kind of super combination strike with our different styles of taijutsu. You should join in so that no matter who's with us we can do it." he says as his staff begins to spin. Opening his mouth, a stream of fire erupts from within and catches the air currents that the spinning staff is creating, sending a whirl of flame towards Hinotori.

Grinning a bit Hinotori shakes his head, "What…" he asks as he steps forward bring his arms up in a x-block beneath the staff. The power from the blow stunned him slightly and he barely was able to keep the strike from hitting him. Pushing it to the side, Hinotori does a backflip then rolls back again as Daisuke sent the flame attack towards him. He almost avoided the fire but again he was grazed lightly, "Stepping it up already?" he asks as he gets to his feet. Hinotori stretches out and hops from foot to foot, then it was almost instanteously. Hinotori appeared almost a hairs breath away from Daisuke throwing a knee towards his stomach. He quickly spins to his left and does another spin, but as he does he snaps his hips hard in the spin throwing a back kick to Daisukes back.

Daisuke chuckles as his attack blows by Hinotori and is not harmless this time, a bit proud. His pride is short lived as Hinotori steps it up as well and sends him tumbling backwards, the monkey-nin rolling in a complete turn before popping back up to his feet. "You aren't talking, Hino-kun. This is how we catch up, right? I think it's your turn to talk. How do you like that cool combination attack idea?" he asks as he spins towards Hinotori, lashing out with his staff not once but twice to the side of the boy's body.

Watching his friend get up from the two strike, as he does he sighs. "Actually I do like it, it was something I brought up Kasumi-chan some time ago." he says to Daisuke as the monkey-nin came in towards him. Already forming seals with his hand, though as he completes the seals he tries to dodge and the staff strikes hard once, then twice. Looking pained Hinotori vanishes and a poorly beaten log with a frowny face appears and falls to the ground. Appearing from out behind a tree and already rushing towards Daisuke, he jumps into the air and spins quickly as he does a spin kick towards Daisukes chest, then as if he was still floating in the air, he kicks out again then backflips with the last strike landing back a few feet. He stands there looking to Daisuke, "Well I'm down, I just need to get the style i want to use down more." he chuckles.

Daisuke takes a tumble onto the ground, holding his staff up. "Still too quick to hit." he says as he sits up on his butt, looking around the clearing. "One day I will be flying around you in circles, Hino-kun." he says confidently as he picks himself up, dusting his butt off. "So, what's the deal with your sister? Seems she's just as quick as you and is undefeated in Genin spars." he says as he walks over to his friend, having taken enough damage for today's beating.

Hinotori chuckles, "Sorry man, it's just the training my sister and I have gone through. Our mother is a master taijutsuist, some of the things she can do is awe inspiring, but I"m trying to utilize both my parents while Kasumi-chan is focusing all of what my mother teaches." he says. "Granted, I think I'm following in those lines more as of late." he laughs. "Kasumi-chan trains more then I do." he shrugs as he shakes his friends hand. "I mean, we get up, and we train. I have to stop her, just to make sure she takes a break, but then again she does the same for me." he laughs. "I think you should train with us." he tells Daisuke. Then thinking, "You been checking out my sister?" he asks curiously.

"Pff, no." Daisuke says, a little red in the face though in the moonlight it was masked from view. "She said she beat you in a spar, Hino, maybe you need to step it up as well, hmm?" he teases, changing the subject to something personal to keep Hino's interest. "I suppose my problem is I focus on just a little of everything. I'm too spread out for my own good." he says with a sigh.

Hinotori chuckles, as Daisuke tries to lie to him. "Anyways, yeah she did beat me once." he laughs. "But then again I was taking it easy on her. Granted she is showing much more improvement." he states. "She has the drive to be a strong fighter." he laughs. Hearing his friend speak about his deliema, "Well what are you looking at doing?" he asks. "No bullshit, honestly. What are you wanting to accomplish and where do your strengths lie?" he asks.
"Really, I just want to keep going with everything I can. I can't focus on just one thing at a time or I just lose interest, it's just the type of person I am." Daisuke says as he chuckles at his own misfortune. "I'd like to eventually get a handle on that sweet power we used to create that hot spring the other day, along with other powers available to me, but really… the sky is the limit." he says with a shrug to his friend. "As you noticed already, I incorporate even ninjutsu into my taijutsu style."

Nodding his head, "Well good, I guess you and I have more in common." he laughs. "But my primary will always be taijutsu. But whatever I can help you with, all you have to do is ask." he says. Rubbing the back of his head he stretches out a bit. "So what are you working on now?" he asks trying to see what his best friend had in mind.

"Thanks." Daisuke says with a grin, patting Hinotori on the back. "Uh, right now I need a good defense to combat your quick strikes, I'd say." he says with a chuckle, thinking about it for a moment before he nods his head twice. "Definitely need that." he adds with a grin.

Grinning, "Well…." he starts to ponder, "guess I can help you with that." he says. "It's either you match my speed or better anticipate a speedster." he says. "Now, you've been sparring me for some time now and you should have a feel for how I fight." he says. "I'm more acrobatic, then fast, but my speed comes from constantly drilling my body for the need to be faster." he says. "I hope that makes sense?"

Daisuke nods his head though he looks uninterested in the 'constant drilling of the body'. "The ladies already like my body, I don't need to get all rock hard and muscular. I'm thinking of looking into a body flicker technique. Might as well use all that chakra, right?" he says with a grin. "Yeah.. I think that's the next thing I will look into. Know anything about it?"

Shaking his head, "You will not get all rock hard." Hinotori comments. "I'm not." he says gesturing to himself. Upon hearing about the Shunshin no jutsu. "Well it's a great defensive technique, helps you add chakra through your body to move you faster." he smiles. "I'm thinking of creating somethign similar." he grins.

"Yup, it's decided then. And you don't need to get any faster, Hino-kun." Daisuke says with a chuckle. He looks up at the sky before saying, "It's getting late, lets head home, ne?" With a beckoning wave, he heads for the trees to head home with his friend.

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