Removing the Trash


Shuuren (as Tadashi), Suterusu

Date: January 18, 2013


Tadashi and Bashi deal with someone who insisted on trying to make more money then allowed

"Removing the Trash"

Undisclosed location within Fuuma Alley

With the fall of night, the insane night life of Fuuma Alley has picked up as it always does. One particular spot Ward 12 that had been setup to sell new types of soldier pills created by the leader of the Chitsujyo as black market items has been a bit busier than normal as of late, but not for its core purpose. The leaders of the place apparently decided to try to earn some extra money on side by making dangerous, cheaply made recreational drugs and selling them alongside what they are supposed to be doing. While some might think this is genius, this has proven disastrous in that some of the users of these drugs have turned up dead in the streets, and thus Tadashi's contacts in the police force asked him to handle the situation before they would be forced to investigate more than they wanted to. As a resolution to this issue, the masked man has decided to pay this group a visit and has invited his right hand man, Banshi, along to have a bit of… fun in cleaning up the mess. Since these men themselves are not actual shinobi, this task should be quite easy the man labeled 'Certain Death'. Expecting - and likely knowing with his abilities - that his stealthy partner is secretly in company, Tadashi steps up to the door of a house that has two men sitting on either side of it. They seem to tense up quite a bit, but he doesn't say a word to them, merely walking right past them up to the door. He simply lifts a hand to give a signal for them to be discreetly done away with before going to open the door and step into to look around at a large group of men and women sorting different groups of things, most of which seems to be things that have nothing to do with what they were hired for. Upon spotting him, every soul in the room freezes.

'T… Tadashi-sama," a man at the center of the room begins, seming a bit nervous. "What can we do for you?"

Stepping forward calmly and looking around, the masked shinobi says in his inflectionless voice, "You can explain to me just what you think you're doing here. I pay you well for a certain reason, and you've crossed the lines of our agreements. This is not how business works with me. It's the kind of thing that can put everything in jeopardy." He scans the room over, an eerie calm in his eyes until they meet with the leader of this group's and show a look of disgust. "So, tell me… What led you to believe that all these people's lives were only worth the price to turn the business I hired you for into trash?… You have twenty seconds."

That figure, once contacted and having met up with Tadashi would indeed be there, within the shadows. As the two tensed, the shadow clones were already out in place, 3 of them, beside the original figure, that would be surrounding that building as Tadashi walked up to it. At the motion from Tadashi, the wires that two of the clones had snaking out along the edge of the wall and floor of that porch would curl upward, almost like living things. A simple twist and both men had a wrap of barbed metal around their throat and with a harder tug, they were gone into the shadows. Dispatched cleanly and in complete silence due to the cutting off of their throat, the clones hid the bodies to look like natural byproduct of being in Fuuma. The figure itself and one more clone would shadow into the room behind Tadashi. Both going high into the rafters in that silent approach. Red eyes were unblinking, watching from above as he'd prepare for the next process. There was the sign to kill and the sign to scare. He was quite good at both really, just a matter of what Tadashi wanted. Afterall, he did pay well.

"B-But sir… I was just-"

"Fifteen seconds."

"We just wanted to try to make more money."

"Cheap money will get you killed as quickly as it comes. Ten seconds."

"But… Please…"

The man starts to shake nervously, sweat starting to bead down his forehead as he tries to think of any reason, any excuse he could give Tadashi that might save his life. However, ten seconds isn't long enough to devise any kind of plan for him, even if each second does seem like an eternity leading to his demise. Just as the guy is about to try to speak again, Tadashi interrupts, "Time's up. Farewell." And with that, the man's body would likely be lifeless from the touch of the figure called Banshi in a split-second. "Now, as for the rest of you," he begins as he looks around, scanning the room over. "Since apparently none of the men here were smart enough to get a message to me before things got out of hand, I guess all of them died in the fire. A dangerous thing, mixing chemicals when you don't know what you're doing." He brings his hands up into a seal, creating a shadow clone that appears directly beside him and walks over to one of the tables where the group was using chemicals to make their drugs. It studies them for a moment before retrieving a large beaker from a scroll in its coat and beginning to mix things into it while he expects his partner in this punishment to be killing all the males in the room. "As for the women, I will be gentlemanly enough to give you all a second chance. An associate of mine is quite good at rehabilitating young women, and she will be your new guide in life. I'm sure you'll enjoy learning to live better much more than burning to death with these fools, hmm?" Perhaps the most frightening thing in all this is that he remains completely calm, quite emotionless, as if this were just another day in the office handling paperwork, hiring, and firing. "If you will please exit the building, you will find her in a ramen stand just down the street if you turn left leaving here. Follow all her instructions and do not attempt to cross me again, or my friend will be paying you another visit."

The figure listened on passively. Obviously the man wasn't smart enough to handle the setup, otherwise they wouldn't be there to start with. At the words from Tadashi, that wire from clone and figure that had been snaked out between them would suddenly dip low, a twist from each had it looped about the guy's throat and with a hard pull from the shadows, that head came off much like a cork. The sickening crunch of metal going through bone was a loud counter point to Tadashi's words.

The whole place would suddenly blossom with those wires, each man getting tangled up quickly within the mesh that was summoned by the four shadows, the wrap quickly tying about them to leave them helpless for the impending fire. Once done, two clones would watch the women outside, any that might make a break for it would face a very similar fate, the living wire catching them and quickly pulling them into the building to go with the growing pile of struggling bodies. Once everyone was dealt with, would the shadows part to reveal that figure dropping down to land beside Tadashi lightly. A single nod was given, that voice a soft crooning tenor that would whisper out to him, "They are all bound. The wire will dissapate when they stop struggling. Ready when you are, Tadashi-san."

Tadashi seems very… uncaring as the man are all bound and soon to be silenced forever. Once the figure drops beside him, the masked man looks over to him and gives a simple nod in return. "Very good, Banshi. Let's get out of this filth then. I imagine you're as sick of looking at them as I am." With that, he turns to nonchalantly walk out the door and turn down the street toward the business district. "Keep an eye on them until they reach her. Once she has them in hand, meet me back at my office. I'll have your payment ready." While some would probably wonder why he doesn't just keep a certain amout with him, Banshi likely knows by now that he pays by performance, which means his pay will be very nice so long as he continues to perform as excellently as he has thus far.

The figure would nod in response, turning and walking out as well. One clone kept near the building until it did indeed burned enough that the men would stop struggling from being cooked alive. After that, the wires were dissapated as noted. The women had that watch of the two clones, as the figure would keep within range of both sets to make sure his clones kept up. Once the clean up was complete, the clones would vanish as he'd make his way to that office. He didn't bother to check in at the front desk, simply stealthing his way down to that lower floor where he was to meet up with Tadashi. While yes, it was important to continue performing well, it was also important to make people not know when he was there and when he was not. So it'd only be within 20 minutes of the start of the fire that the figure would step out of the shadows within Tadashi's office. The boss probably knew he was there instantly, but that didn't stop the pattern of actions from continuing as normal.

With the shattering of the beaker, the shadow clones disappears, and the flames start, and from there it is no longer Tadashi's problem. His police contacts can handle it from there. As the figure makes his way into his office inside the pleasure house, the masked man is sitting at his desk and pulls out a large bag of ryo from the drawer and places it on the edge of the desk. "Excellent work tonight, Banshi," he says before looking back to a clipboard that he is jotting notes on. "I'm going to be starting a new business soon that you may enjoy watching. I may request you at times to be there to observe what it is going on and be sure there are no issues. You see, I've an abundance of bandits in my labs that have tried their hands at hijacking my vessels and caravans. Since their minds have been washed away with all the experiments, I've decided to use them in a bloodsport to test their abilities and cater to my more wealthy clients who wish to view such an event safely. Perform well, and you'll be paid well as always." With that, he looks up and asks, "Is that something you'd be interested in?"

The figure ponders that for a long moment. "I think if I was to take up such a situation, it would need to be a different persona.. I try to avoid spotlight.. or indeed being seen, for most of my work. I'm sure you can understand why." The figure would laspe into silence for a long moment. "I could come up with a ronin persona, including helm and mask, that would still avoid me being able to be recognized.. as well as not engage this persona into that activity. With that in mind, would it be a valid entry for what you are seeking?" The figure would step forward as that soft tenor voice crooned, to take the bag of ryo, heft it to judge the weight, before putting it away within his gear.

Tadashi goes back to writing as Banshi begins to explain his ideas for a persona for that type of situation. "Of course," he says, his voice showing no inflection as usual. "That would be fine. Discretion is preferred. I'll inform you of when I'll need you for this and where this arena will be." With that, he looks up, asking, "Is there anything else you need or need to know from me? If not, you are free to go as you please. I appreciate you keeping up your pattern of excellent work."

There would be a pause for a moment before a final nod was given. "Just in case future endevors occur that I need to remove ties with Sunagakure, may I give you the designs for a safe house to be created? If needed, I can provide the metal for the cage work as part of the safe house, however the building of the place will still take funding. I would also be open to developing a way for you to be able to use it if needed. Basically, I want to make sure that I have a place to go to, if Sunagakure proves to be inadequate for my continued potential." The figure would pause, then shrug slightly. "I also have two persons of importance that I will be using this location with. I believe that is all of the relevant information for such accomidations?"

Listening to the figure's request, Tadashi ponders a bit and gives a nod. "That seems reasonable. Get me the designs when you can, and I'll look into a spot for it, unless you already had one in mind as well. There are a few locations I'm looking at for such places, so adding another to the list wouldn't do any harm." With a pause, he asks, "May I ask who these people might be? It is important that we keep security tight to keep this group underground until our power has grown enough for us to rise."

There would be a shake of his head in response. "I do not have a particular location picked out. I figured this would make it easier for you to establish at an appropriately safe location." Pausing for a moment, well, he's already put his time in with Tadashi, if the man wanted to screw him over, he easily already could have. "Jun and Nao. They are a set of twins that I care for. If one believed in it, I would go so far as to say love." He'd pause again, letting Tadashi digest that. "They know how to keep things secret. If they do not, I kill them. They know this as well." He'd give a small shake of his head. "I will not tell them how I have obtained the safe house, simply that it is another location that I deem safe."

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